0722-00282-050b1.jpg?t=1405977394481Shawn Yue and Louis Koo takes a break from the heat0722-00282-050b2.jpg?t=1405977371807666 tattoo0722-00282-050b3.jpg?t=1405977342683Wang Xuebing0722-00282-050b4.jpg?t=1405977339656Tong Liya
courtesy of on.cc
Shawn Yue Man Lok, Louis Koo Tin Lok and Mainland star Tong Liya starred new film HUSTLE (MAI SING) earlier shot in Tsim Sha Tsui. Director Ringo Lam Lan Tung called in a favor as famous Mainland actor Wang Xuebing flew to Hong Kong to guest star for a day. The temperature reached 35 degrees Celsius. Ah Lok and Goo Jai had to wear jackets and pants. During rehearsal they were already sweating bullets. Working on two films as of late, Goo Jai due to lack of rest had no expression. An avid tattoo Fan, Ah Lok removed his long sleeved shirt and showed off the "666" tattoo on his arm.

Director Lam was very tense throughout, running back and forth to rehearse and study the story with the actors. When Wang Xuebing finished and left, Director Lam flashed a rare smile, hug and conversed with him. Sam Lee Chan Sam earlier while working on the film was injured and bleeding. He did not respond when the reporter called but finally replied with a text message, "I am fine, please relax." Later he revealed his injury online, "Even an injury can't stop our progress."


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0722-00282-020b1.jpg?t=1405978835133Jeana Ho enjoys watermelon0722-00282-020b2.jpg?t=1405978820976Jeana Ho sticks her chest in Philip Keung's face0722-00282-020b3.jpg?t=1405978781518Philip Keung and Jeana Ho are full of expressions in a car0722-00282-020b4.jpg?t=1405978757024Patrick Kong produces for the first time and does everything himself0722-00282-020b5.jpg?t=1405978753879Jacquelin Chong visits the set
courtesy of on.cc
The small budget romance specialist Patrick Kong (Yip Lim Sum) produced new film SIU JEH YAU SUM (MISS TEMPTING HEART)'s subject involved the recently increasing third party phenomenon, as he asked rumored girlfriend Jacquelin Chong Si Man, Jeana Ho Pui Yu, Philip Keung Ho Man, Annie Liu (Lau Sum Yau) and Pakho Chau to play two stories. In the former Jacquelin, Jeana and Blackie played a love triangle that was a typical story of a third party due to the lack of communication between city couples.

Two days ago Jeana and Blackie's car rocking scene was shot. Jeana first climbed onto Blackie and put her chest to his face, then Blackie took the initiative. Jeana arched her back and gave an expression filled performance. She also stuck her had out the window to moan and scream. Afterward they were soaked. Producer Yip Lim Sum immediately bought watermelon for them to cool down. Jacquelin also visited the set to cheer them on.

Jeana later said that seducing Blackie was not as embarrassing as Yip Lim Sum making fun of her for being a size fatter. She said, "I spent two weeks to lose 16 pounds, I am back in shape! Actually Brother Black and I earlier worked together on a RTHK series and I played his mistress too. This time is almost a ..... (article cut to save bandwidth)

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0722-00282-023b1.jpg?t=14059779113160722-00282-023b2.jpg?t=1405977908606Lawrence Cheng
courtesy of on.cc
When shooting the theme song music video DON'T SAY BREAK UP AGAIN that Ivana Wong Yuen Chi performed, the leads raised their hands and asked to appear in the music video. We could not ask for more!

Chrissie Chau Sau Na was too into this character of "Siu Lan". As soon as Wong Yuen Chi opened her mouth, her tears fell like rain......


Cold Coffee
How Long Has This Cup Been Here
Its Bitterness Is A Little Too Much
Between us
No Matter How Many Times We Break Up We Always Think
Flood Water Can Recede.....


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_22MC007_.jpgSung Yu-Hua and Giddens Ko
courtesy of mingpao.com
Taiwan writer Giddens Ko yesterday along with star Sung Yu-Hua promoted their new film CAFE. WAITING. ALONE. Song Yu-Hua at the event revealed that every time Giddens Ko got to the set and saw special guest star Vivian Chow Wai Man, he would not blink. Giddens Ko could not be more embarrassed.

Later Giddens Ko admitted that the he has liked Vivian since he was little. Her poster on his wall at home. He also took the chance to praise Sung Yu-Hua's acting and felt that she would have a chance to compete for the Golden Horse Best New Actor Award. He also said that before casting he was already certain that Sung Yu-Hua would play the female lead.

In addition, earlier he announced online that his other film KUNG FU would have to halt preparation. Giddens Ko explained, "March to May next year will have been scheduled anew. Because it will be a co-production, it will have to wait for Mainland approval first. Earlier when I made CAFE and YOU ARE THE APPLE OF MY EYE, we shot as we waited. Ultimately we have to follow the Mainland rules of the game. (Did you feel bothered?) Luckily the film was not suddenly halted in production, otherwise the loss would be enormous."

As for first time actress Sung Yu-Hua, she said that many people liked Giddens Ko's novels. Thus at first she felt stressed, but later the more she worked the happier she got. She hoped that the box office would be able to break NT$100 million and even surpass APPLE's box office.

Sung Yu-Hua continued, she was very honored to have worked with Vivian ..... (article cut to save bandwidth)

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_22MC002_.jpgIvana Wong invites Chrissie Chau and Ekin Cheng to relive their film experience
courtesy of mingpao.com
The Dior Cheng Yi Kin and Chrissie Chau Sau Na's first collaboration, the romantic film BREAK UP 100 (FUN SAU 100 CHI) also starred Ivana Wong Yuen Chi. In the film she played with split personality, playing cute at a moment and violent at another. She also sang the film theme song DON'T SAY BREAK UP AGAIN. Earlier she even went to the 7 figure but soon to be demolished outdoor cafe set with the leads for a music video shoot.

In the music video, Ivana like her character appeared as a third party. When Ekin and Sister Na sat across from each other silently and Ivana sat between them to sing the sad lyrics, the air seemed to be frozen. Ekin tearfully and helplessly looked at Sister Na, whose queen like presence gradually turned into sorrow. Finally tears covered her face. Although they had no dialogue, all three were very in character. Later Ivana thanked the leads for sacrificing their bodies and tears for the shoot. She even revealed that she had an another motive for putting them into the music video. She joked, "Because in the film I was their background, so in the music video I gave them to be my background, haha!" Ekin was very reluctant to part with the cafe set that had to be demolished that night. All three agreed that the most memorable was the cafe's "break up mini storage". Ivana blurred out that it was a "break up columbarium", Ekin felt that everything that was left from a break up was "junk". Sister Na jokingly asked, "Then isn't ..... (article cut to save bandwidth)

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As expected from one of the biggest stars of 2014!

On the first broadcast of Channel A's "Dominant 7," actress Jun Ji Hyun's income was featured, showing that the top star has earned more than 20 billion won (~$20 million) from advertisements alone since the conclusion of her drama "Man From The Stars."

Jun Ji Hyun advertises a variety of items, from cosmetics and home appliances, to food products and clothing, showing her dominance in the field of entertainment.

In addition to her popularity in Korea, she is also considered a top actress in China, with her drama "Man From The Stars," and films "The Thieves" and "The Berlin File," gaining massive attention from fans.

Even with controversies surrounding the actress, like modelling for a water brand in China that caused backlash from Korean netizens, and starring in an advertisement that was rumoured to be plagiarized, her status as the advertisement queen is unparalleled.

Advertising professionals state that Jun Ji Hyun is popular among young women because she is looked up to as a role model, and popular among those in their thirties because she pulls off the balance between having a personal life and a professional life.

Currently, Jun Ji Hyun is taking her time resting while filming for commercials every now and then, and it's only a matter of time before she shows her fans another unforgettable performance.

Source: KDramaStars

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Heartthrob actor Jo In-sung, 32, will star with actress Kong Hyo-jin, 34, in SBS TV's upcoming romantic comedy drama, "It's Okay, That's Love," which will go on air from next Wednesday.

As Jo reunited with star director Kim Kyu-tae and renonwed drama writer Noh Hee-kyung, who also worked together in last year's slipper hit romance "That Winter, The Wind Blows," there have been tremendous expectations for "It's Okay" from drama fans.

The 16-part drama is a love story between a mystery writer and radio DJ Jang Jae-yeol (Jo) with obsessive-compulsive disorder and a psychiatrist Ji Hae-su (Kong). It will be the fourth drama of the Kim-Noh combo.

Jo said he chose this drama just because he wanted to work with Kim and Noh pair again, following "That Winter."

"When I was offered this role, and I feel lucky that I can show a different side of me through this drama," Jo said to reporters at a hotel in Nonhyeon-dong, southern Seoul, Tuesday.

"The relationship between Jang and Ji is as real as an actual couple in your everyday life," Kong said.

The writer of "It's Okay" said she wanted to counter prejudice against mentally psychiatric patients.

"Breaking such prejudice will be the main theme of the drama," Noh said.

For supporting characters, Do Kyung-soo of popular pop boy band EXO will feature as a high school student, who dreams to be a novelist, actor Lee Kwang-soo plays Park Soo-kwang, who suffers from neurological disorder and veteran actor Sung Dong-il stars as a Ji's first love.

The Wednesday-Thursday drama, "It's Okay. That's Love" airs at 10 p.m. from July 23rd.

Korea Times

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Actor Park Seo-joon, of the tvN drama “A Witch’s Love,” and actress Baek Jin-hee, who currently stars in the MBC sitcom “High Kick,” are not in a romantic relationship, the stars’ agencies said yesterday, refuting local reports that the two were linked.

“It is true that they have become good friends, as they filmed [the miniseries ‘Pots of Gold’] together for some time,” said Keyeast, an agency for Park.

“Since Park is currently abroad with a local shooting schedule, it might take a little time to confirm.”

After rumors broke out, Baek’s agency, Snow Ball Entertainment, said yesterday that the 24-year-old actress confirmed that she and Park were, in fact, “not dating.”

Last September, the pair appeared as a married couple on the 50-episode MBC weekend drama series “Pots of Gold.”

The local monthly magazine “Woman Sense” reportedly published an article in its August edition stating that the stars had been dating over the year. That story quickly spread, going viral across the Internet.

JoongAng Daily

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At a group interview Monday at a CJ E&M studio in Ilsan, Gyeonggi, singer-actor Seo In-guk, who stars as Min-seok in the tvN drama “High School King of Savvy,” explained that his character was charming both in his “candidness and boldness.”

The show, which currently airs Monday to Tuesday, traces the life of a varsity ice hockey player who is one day forced to join a circle of high-ranking executives at his father’s company by impersonating his older brother, who is nine years his senior.

“When I first read the script, I couldn’t figure out the exact intention behind the character,” Seo said. “However, now, I think that showing viewers Min-seok’s way of handling embarrassing or uncomfortable moments at work - which is not being afraid to face problems directly without giving excuses - was his purpose.”

When asked about the chemistry with his on-screen love interest Soo-young, played by actress Lee Ha-na, Seo answered that it feels “natural” to act with her.

“Even when the camera is off, we treat each other as if we are still in character,” he added.

JoongAng Daily

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Cable channel tvN’s Mon-Tues drama “High School King of Savvy” confirmed yesterday that it will add another two episode to the original 16-episode series, according to local media yesterday.

The 17th episode will be an add-on to the original drama and the 18th one will be a special episode that summarizes the whole drama series, which aired its first episode on June 16.

“High School King of Savvy,” starring Korea’s up-and-coming actors like Seo In-guk, Lee Ha-na and Lee Soo-hyuk traces the story of Min-seok played by Seo who leads a double life as a popular varsity ice hockey player and an executive at his father’s company impersonating his older brother nine years his senior.

The last episode will air on August 12.

JoongAng Daily

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