BEIJING: Actor Kai Ko, who was arrested for smoking marijuana on Aug 14, was released after 14 days of administrative detention in Beijing at midnight on Thursday (Aug 28), Chinese media reported.

A large crowd of reporters and photographers gathered around the police station as Ko left the building, accompanied by a small group which included his parents. Ko and his party quickly departed but were greeted by more reporters at their hotel, and had to jostle their way past the crowd to reach the lift to their rooms.

"Smoking marijuana is illegal and harms both you and the people around you. I don't want to make the people around me sad again," said Ko, in an interview with a Chinese media outlet, his first following his arrest.

"I'll never smoke marijuana again, and hope the people in my life won't have any more contact with drugs. I feel there is no cause or reason for this. I made a mistake. I have to face up to it, accept responsibility for it and correct my mistakes."

Ko will hold a media conference to apologise for his actions in Beijing on Friday afternoon, and is scheduled to return to Taiwan in the evening. He will hold a similar media conference in Taiwan the following day, and may have to meet with the Taiwanese authorities to assist them with their investigations into the matter.

Unlike Ko, Jackie Chan's son Jaycee Chan, who was arrested with Ko on Aug 14, faces the more serious charge of providing a venue for drug use. It is unclear when he will be released from detention.


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The king of K-pop, Super Junior, is back with a seventh studio album: "MAMACITA." The album is the band's first in two years.

The 10 active members ― Kyuhyun, Ryeowook, Siwon, Donghae, Eunhyuk, Sungmin, Shindong, Kangin, Heechul, and Leeteuk ― said they were excited and more nervous than ever as they looked forward to celebrating the group's 10th anniversary next year.

"This is a time I have been waiting for," said Leeteuk at a press conference at the Imperial Hotel in southern Seoul, Thursday. "I wondered when I could perform with the other members."

"Our goal with this album is to have a good time," said Lee, the leader, who returns to the group after completing his two years of military service.

"We have prepared hard," said Eunhyuk. "My heart is fluttering more than ever and we are anxious to show you our music."

As for the name and concept of the album, Heechul said, "'MAMACITA' means a cute little girl in Spanish."

"In English, it would translate to ‘She's gorgeous,'" said Leeteuk. "We have added more maturity as men, I guess," he added.

The leader said that members participated more in development of the album where Donghae co-wrote the song "Shirt" and members such as Eunhyuk did some of the choreography along with renowned choreographer Tony Testa.

The group still lives together, which contributes to the sense of teamwork.

"Frankly, we've fought a lot, but over the years that has created love too. I don't know if that is the right word to use for men, I guess loyalty among the members," said Leeteuk.

The group's goal is to "give hope and have good influence," said Siwon on those who listen to our music.

The album's title track "MAMACITA" is a new "jack swing" genre based on Indian percussion rhythm, drum sounds and a DJ remix. Foreign musicians ..... (article cut to save bandwidth)

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K-pop boy band 2PM will have a comeback performance on Sept. 15, its agency JYP Entertainment said Friday.

“2PM will have comeback with a full set of members on the 15th next month, a week after Chuseok,” JYP Entertainment said in a statement.

“Since this is a return after 15 months, (2PM) will be carrying out lots of music and television entertainment activities,” the music label added, asking for fans’ support.

The boy band originally sought to stage a comeback showcase in April, but delayed it due to the national tragedy of the Sewol ferry disaster and the need for more preparation for the new album.

In the meantime, 2PM’s members have been engaged in individual entertainment activities on television shows as well as solo performances here and overseas.

The announcement came after Nichkhun recently signaled 2PM’s upcoming comeback in a television show, saying, “We are done working on the album. … All we need right now is practice and performance.”

The boy band is also scheduled to set out on a world tour to Korea, China, Japan and the U.S. on Oct. 3.

Korea Herald

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Music & New, Lyn’s agency, released images teasing the singer’s upcoming album yesterday on Twitter and Facebook.

One photo shows an invitation with the words “Lyn Home,” while another photo shows what’s written on the inside: an announcement about the singer’s new album, “Home,” which will be released on Sept. 12.

“Home” will be Lyn’s first live album. The performances recorded on the record are from a concert Lyn performed in May at Ewha Womans University, Seodaemun District, western Seoul.

All of the songs Lyn sang at the concert were put on the album, including many hits such as “Love… It’s All Lies,” “Breakable Heart” and “We Were In Love.”

It is also said that Lyn plans to add two new songs to the upcoming album, according to local media reports.

While the new album will be released online on Sept. 12, the hard copies will hit the stores on Sept. 16.

JoongAng Daily

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xpectations were very high when YG Entertainment launched its new boy band Winner because the last two K-pop groups to debut with the agency - Big Bang and 2NE1 - became globally renowned stars.

And Winner hasn’t disappointed. The group’s debut single “Empty” hit No. 1 on many local music charts after the album “2014 S/S” was released two weeks ago.

Winner’s inception was unusual. Last year, YG split its trainees into two separate teams and had them compete against one another on the reality TV show “Win: Who Is Next.” Viewers voted for the squad they preferred and the top choice earned the name “Winner.”

Although the show ended in October, the five-member group waited another year to release its first album. And to get more onstage experience, Winner traveled and performed with Big Bang during its international tour.

The members, who finally get to call themselves professional singers, sat down with Ilgan Sports, an affiliate of the Korea JoongAng Daily, to share what it’s like to be on top.

Q. Did you think you would get the No. 1 spot on many music charts?

A. Kang Seung-yoon: It could be natural for some [fans] to think that the new group from YG is sure to get the top spot. But we didn’t think that such [a record] would obviously follow. We thought it would be great just to rank high. We’re delighted, but it also feels very surreal. We’re already feeling some pressure for our next album.

Does the fact that YG hasn’t introduced a boy group for about eight years weigh on your shoulders?

Kim Jin-woo: It’s extreme pressure, but at the same time it works as a stimulant so that we won’t settle and we won’t loosen up.

Many say people change after they get popular. Will that happen to you?

Kang: I can’t ..... (article cut to save bandwidth)

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Song Hye-kyo has been dealing with her biggest crisis since debuting in the entertainment industry after it was reported she had evaded taxes for about three years.

The actress said that because she had a company handle her taxes, she didn’t know that were problems with her payments. She explained that her negligence to keep an eye on the process meant some of her payments were not made.

Song paid the National Tax Service 3.8 billion won ($3.7 million) in total to fix the situation and later delivered a public apology after her new movie “My Brilliant Life” screened last week.

But the tide has not turned in her favor, with a few netizens saying they will boycott the movie, while members of the public say they feel particularly cheated because Song’s frequent charity donations have given her an angelic image.

“I just feel so sorry for my colleagues and the people I worked with to make the movie,” she said during a question and answer session with local media.

Q. How do you feel about the issue?

A. Everything happened because of my carelessness and ignorance. I have nothing else to say but sorry. I think I was so foolish, and I’m disappointed at myself for thinking that I just need to ask a professional to take care of it because of my lack of knowledge. I’ll make sure nothing like this ever happens again. I’m so sorry to my disappointed fans.

Was it stressful to stand in front of media after the issue surfaced?

I really have debated whether it is OK to be here. I wondered whether it would be more helpful for the movie if I just didn’t show up. But such a decision wasn’t something I could make alone. The movie isn’t something I made alone - many people have contributed ..... (article cut to save bandwidth)

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Seo Tai Ji embraced the happiness of being a father.

On August 27, at 11:10 AM, Seo Tai Ji′s wife and actress, Lee Eun Sung, gave birth to a healthy daughter. Both infant and mother are doing well.

"I′m simply happy and unable to put this amazing feeling into words," said Seo Tai Ji. "The mother and child are both healthy."

"I′m only thankful to my wife and daughter, and I′ll become a great dad. Thank you to everyone who worried, and and especially to my dear fans who waited with me."

Meanwhile, Seo Tai Ji and Lee Eun Sung met on the set of Seo Tai Ji′s music video for Bermuda Trianglein 2008. They eventually became a couple, overcoming their 16 year difference, and got married.

Lee Eun Sung debuted in 2003 through KBS′ Sharp, Evasive Inquiry Agency, The Game, National Athlete, and more.


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Boy band g.o.d. will embark on an overseas tour in November. The group released its eighth full-length album “Chapter 8” last month after it launched the EP “Ugly Duckling” in May.

After a national tour, the group is gearing up for its overseas arrangements. After performing in Gwangju, Daegu and Busan earlier this month, g.o.d. is now looking to have two-day concerts in Daejeon starting Saturday.

According to g.o.d.’s agency SidusHQ, the group will start in the United States and will then head to China and Japan. As of now, the group is confirmed to perform in two cities in the United States and is still in talks with a local agency there to add more concerts.

Before leaving the country, the group decided to go on a TV show. All five members will attend a recording session of the KBS music show “Yoo Hee-yeol’s Sketchbook” on Sept. 2.

JoongAng Daily

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Actress Jo Yoon-hee of the SBS drama “Lie to Me” has confirmed her role in a period drama tentatively titled “King’s Face,” an entertainment industry insider told Ilgan Sports, an affiliate of the Korea JoongAng Daily.

In the Joseon Dynasty (1392-1910) drama, Jo will play Kim Ga-hee, who is stuck in the middle of a love triangle with King Seonjo and his crown prince, Gwanghae.

The report said Jo’s representative also confirmed that discussions about the role went well and that a final meeting with the drama’s director was scheduled.

It’s been about a year since the actress has appeared on the small screen, ever since the MBC drama “Scandal,” which ended in October.

The drama tells the story of how Gwanghae fights to become king after 16 years of murder threats. Actor Lee Sung-jae is currently being considered to play King Seonjo, while Seo In-guk may play Gwanghae.

The drama is set to air in November.

JoongAng Daily

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Singer and actor Kim Hyun-joong will be questioned by police in early September over accusations that he assaulted his girlfriend.

Songpa police in southeast Seoul said they have finished questioning his accuser and sought an appointment with Kim, who so far avoided questioning, citing his overseas schedule.

Kim's girlfriend filed an assault complaint last week, claiming that she sustained injuries requiring six weeks of treatment due to repeated beatings from the star.

She added they have been in relationship since 2012.

But Kim's management agency KeyEast denied her claims, saying they had known each other since 2012 but started to go out only recently, and it was not an assault that caused her injury but that she broke her rib while the couple were "just messing around."

Kim returned to Korea after concluding a worldwide tour in Thailand on Sunday.

Chosun Ilbo

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