_28MF005_.jpgcourtesy of mingpao.com0128-00282-014b1.jpg?t=14223926691470128-00282-014b2.jpg?t=1422392664890courtesy of on.cc
The Herman Yau Lai To new film SARA (CHOW GEI) will open on March 5. Since the trailer release, Charlene Choi Cheuk Yin's breakthrough performance surprised many people. Ah Sa in the film played a righteous reporter who valued justice and hoped to uncover all the ugly truth of society. At the magazine she had a boyfriend, played by Ryan Lui (Lau Chun Kong).

Ah Sa in the film put herself in danger in hopes to uncover the masks of some well known celebrities. In order to understand people who were willing to sell their bodies to obtain even higher social position, she made herself into the same type of people. Known as the News Prince Lau Chun Kong in the film played himself, which reduced a lot of pressure to perform for him. As for playing Ah Sa's "boyfriend" in the film, he was surprised and said that he never thought that he would have such an opportunity.

Ah Sa said that when she first read the script, she already wanted to play the character very much. She hoped that no one would focus on her performance and through the film story bring more attention to places that we have overlooked in society. Actually something unfair has always been happening.


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_28MC007_.jpgcourtesy of mingpao.com0128-00282-031b1.jpg?t=1422391889640courtesy of on.cc
Sexy Korean star Clara, Nina Paw Hee Ching, Taiwan singer Prince Chiu starred in the film GOR GEI WONG JI (CORGI PRINCE) two nights ago held a wrap banquet. Clara attended wit her mother and carried the film's star Corgi Prince in a group photo with the entire cast.

Clara revealed that the shoot has been completed. Working on a film in Hong Kong has been a great experience. Speaking of not being as sexy as Rainky Wai Yu Sam earlier, Clara pouted and said, "My swimsuit design was very unique. It looked like a bikini, but it wasn't. (Did you lose to her?) Right right right, she really is very sexy, very pretty, her figure is great. I lost to her. However she and I are of different types, each pretty on her own."

As for working on a film in Hong Kong for the first time, Clara said, "My impression of Hong Kong is great, the shoot was very pleasant and I knew many new friends. The shoot was very comfortable and very enjoyable." She also aid that this was a new beginning, through which she hoped to open up the Chinese language film market. She said, "My dream is to make movies in Hong Kong or China, I especially like Zhang Ziyi and (Andy) Lau Tak Wa. I hope to have a chance to work with them. (What kind of film would you like to make?) My athletic genes are great, I believe I can face the action film challenges."

Clara also revealed that she was interested in staying in Hong Kong or China for awhile to ..... (article cut to save bandwidth)

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_28mf301.jpgcourtesy of mingpao.com0128-00282-020b1.jpg?t=1422392443857
0128-00282-020b3.jpg?t=1422392365222Chapman To and Dominic Ho's facebook interaction seems to hint at something0128-00282-020b4.jpg?t=1422392361428courtesy of on.cc
The film THE GIGOLO (NGAP WONG) two nights ago held a premiere, during which Jeana Ho Pui Yu and Dominic Ho Ho Man hug and kissed on the stage three times. Jeana even got flowers from a female friend and got more of the spotlight than lead actress Candy Yuen Ka Man, who looked very upset.

Jeana denied that she deliberately "planned something", only that she and her friend of many years Dominic felt like it. Whether they would develop into something further she would let it take its natural course. Did she deliberately isolate Yuen Ka Man? She said ambiguously, "No, collaboration depends on destiny, but it depends on if we are destined not to be together, haha!" Dominic added, "I don't know if it's destiny or done?"

Yuen Ka Man insisted that she was not being neglected and said that they were hugging and kissing as a formality. She asked if she had to pull them apart instead? As for the number of her bed scene going from two to six, she admitted that the sudden additions caught her off guard. "The director is new, of course there is addition and removing. Yet some of the last minute love scenes are beyond my expectation, so at the time I really cried. (Was it a way to get more out of what they pay?) Because the contract is confidential, I am not at liberty to say. I can only say that ..... (article cut to save bandwidth)

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_28MF004_.jpg_28MF003_.jpgcourtesy of mingpao.com0128-00282-030b1.jpg?t=1422392178072
0128-00282-030b3.jpg?t=14223921423480128-00282-030b4.jpg?t=1422392138583courtesy of on.cc
The Wong Jing directed, Andrew Lau Wai Keung produced, Chow Yun Fat, Nick Cheung Ka Fai, Carina Lau Ka Ling, Shawn Yue Man Lok, Angela Wang Shiling starred FROM VEGAS TO MACAU 2 (DOH SING FUNG WON II) will be released in the Lunar New Year. Fat Gor and Sister Ka Ling reunited 20 some years after RICH AND FAMOUS (KONG WU CHING) and NOW YOU SEE LOVE, NOW YOU DON'T (NGOR OI NAU MAN CHAI), Ka Ling thanked Wong Jing and Lau Wai Keung for giving her the chance to work with Fat Gor again. Speaking of her character Mo Chau, Lau Ka Ling said, "'Mo Chau' is a gambler in life, she can gamble with her life, love, career. She either succeeds or fails. She and Chow Yun Fat's Ken are old flames, they may have split at a fork in the road of life. This time after running into Ken agagin, she even wishes to be able to drop everything and run away with Ken. I rather like this character, she is beautiful, mature and a very strong woman."

Lau Ka Ling in the film played Fat Gor's old flame. The film arranged for them to be romantic on the beach of Pai Island, the Sanctuary of Truth and Chonburi Province. They were able to pick up where they left off like a real couple. Ka Ling said, "Earlier director Wong Jing said that he wanted ..... (article cut to save bandwidth)

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0128-00282-051b1.jpg?t=1422391636735Ayaka Tomoda, Carlos Chan
courtesy of on.cc
Artist Carlos Chan Ka Lok recently worked with Japanese adult video actress Ayaka Tomoda on the Emperor Motion Picture DRINK DRANK DRUNK (SAM TIU YAU JUM JUI JAU). Drunk in the film, Ka Lok held his "goddess" and made his feelings known. Tomoda admitted that he held her very tightly. "It rarely happens in life, my heart beat very much." Ka Lok praised how cute she was. "It was the first time I worked with someone so petite, when I held her it was like holding a little sister." Tomoda also called him happy, tall and handsome, she would like to work with him again. In the film they even sang a Japanese song together.


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0128-00282-001b1.jpg?t=14223979902390128-00282-001b2.jpg?t=1422397960481Tony Leung Ka Fai, Ho Ka Kui, and Chow Yun Fat's PRISON ON FIRE remains a classic0128-00282-001b3.jpg?t=1422397929569Brother Kui slapped Justin Cheung in the film0128-00282-001b5.jpg?t=1422397877370Tommy Wong0128-00282-001b6.jpg?t=1422397872359Brother Kui (right) often participated in charity work0128-00282-002b1.jpg?t=1422396673576Wong Ka Kui again played Big Mike in IMPRISONED0128-00282-002b2.jpg?t=1422396670048Ho Ka Kui0128-00282-002b3.jpg?t=1422396648045Ashina Kwok ,Coffee Lam0128-00282-002b4.jpg?t=1422396603965Gregory Wong, Stephen Shiu Jr., and Justin Cheung regret the passing of Brother Kui0128-00282-003b1.jpg?t=1422396413351courtesy of on.cc
Veteran artist William Ho Ka Kui yesterday morning passed away at age 66. In the 80's Ho Ka Kui in his first film PRISON ON FIRE (GAM YUK FUNG WON) played the villain "Big Mike" rose to fame. Coincidentally his final film IMPRISONED: SURVIVAL GUIDE FOR RICH AND PRODIGAL (YUT YUK YUT SAI GAI) also played "Big Mike" in the "prison". His silver screen journey seemed to "begin with prison, end with prison" and brought his show business life came to a perfect end.

Known as one of the "Four Great Villains" in the business, Ho Ka Kui with artists Shing Kui On, Tommy Wong Kwong Leung and Lee Siu Kay were famous for being "mean". In recent years Brother Kui has been commuting between China and Hong Kong for work, but he has always had diabetes. Earlier he suffered from pleural effusion, which due to improper treatment turned into pneumonia. His condition did not improve as he continued to work while ailing. Earlier he had an accident in Shenzhen and did not notice ..... (article cut to save bandwidth)

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Television hitmakers Kim Woo-bin, Lee Min-ho and Lee Seung-gi have expanded their sphere of influence by becoming major ticket sellers at the box office.

The three 20-something actors have long been TV’s favorite stars, and now they have proven that their popularity is not limited to the small screen.

Of the three, Lee Min-ho has made the biggest splash.

Director Yoo Ha’s “Gangnam 1970,” the first movie in which Lee Min-ho had a lead role, jumped straight to the top of the local box office and has been seen by 1.2 million audience members.

Although Lee Seung-gi’s “Love Forecast” and Kim’s “The Con Artists,” big-screen debuts for both actors, did not rise to the top of the box office rankings, the movies took in more than 1.6 million and 2.5 million viewers, respectively.

With their large fan bases contributing to their success, the three are expected to dominate the local movie industry, in which older actors held sway until recent years.

Their popularity abroad has also laid the groundwork for movie exports.

“Gangnam 1970” was sold across Asia even before it was released in the local market, while “The Con Artists” was exported to four Asian nations.

Lee Min-ho’s movie is scheduled for release across Asia within the next two months.

The producers of “The Con Artists” are already reviewing plans for a sequel, and are said to have received investment offers from a China-based company.

KPOP Herald

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K-pop trio JYJ claimed the No. 2 spot on Japan’s Oricon weekly chart with its Japanese single on Wednesday, the music site said.

JYJ’s first Japanese EP “Wake Me Tonight,” released on Jan. 21, sold 134,556 copies for the week of Jan. 19-25, according to Japan’s largest music chart.

The album shot to the No. 2 spot on the Oricon daily chart upon its release last week while topping Japan’s Tower Records and HMV 24 Hours chart as well.

JYJ has enjoyed the steadfast popularity in Japan despite what the group called obstacles that have deterred them from pursuing activities at home and abroad.

The trio and their fans have claimed that their former label SM Entertainment has wielded undue influence to hamper JYJ’s engagement in the K-pop scene.

They filed a lawsuit against the nation’s largest agency to terminate their contracts and depart from then-quintet TVXQ.

The boys’ first Korean album “Just Us” nabbed the top slot on Tower Records’ monthly chart and No. 2 spot on the Oricon daily chart last year, though it was not officially released through a distributor in Japan.

KPOP Herald

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 The Korea Entertainment Management Association on Wednesday called on entertainer Clara to refrain from professional activities and warned of possible penalties.

“The issue is all the more serious because it concerns a sensitive issue of feeling sexually degraded, and it is having an effect on the public,” the organization said.

Clara is currently in a legal battle with her agency. She claims that the agency’s chairman made lewd suggestions, while the company argues that she continuously violated the contract.

Saying that she is a public figure at the center of a controversial law suit, the organization said that Clara should act responsibly.

Citing the organization’s earlier ruling on two exclusive contracts that Clara signed in 2012, the organization said it was very unfortunate that she continues to work while the issue is still outstanding.

According to the Korea Entertainment Management Association, Clara signed an agreement that she may face penalties if she causes similar problems in the future and that she forfeits the right to raise objections.

Clara, however, appears unfazed by the developments.

“What could get worse in this situation? We have nothing to say at present,” an associated of Clara was quoted as saying by a local news outlet.

“If there is an official response, it will be coming from the law firm (representing Clara). For the time being, Clara will conduct overseas projects including a film in Hong Kong.”

KPOP Herald

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K-pop boy band EXO’s official fan club surpassed 3 million members on Wednesday.

The fan club now has 3,003,949 members as of Wednesday morning.

EXO-L, the band’s first-ever official fan club, saw its membership growing at an unprecedented rate since its launch in August 2014.

The fan club’s name EXO-L is a shorter form of EXO-Love. The alphabet L comes between K and M, meaning EXO, composed of sub-units EXO-M and EXO-K, and their fans are one.

The immense popularity of the 10-member band prompted overseas fans to flock to the fan club site (exo-l.smtown.com), which led to its temporary shutdown.

Those seeking to gain membership to the fan club should go through an application process on EXO-L’s official website or mobile application.

Only the members can access EXO’s schedule of activities and can participate in some of the events, according to SM Entertainment.

Meanwhile, EXO will attend the upcoming Gaon Chart K-pop Awards along with other K-pop acts on Wednesday.

KPOP Herald

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