Wednesday November 26, 2014 Hong Kong







 Hong Kong divas and former rumoured couple Joey Yung and Denise Ho will be competing for the coveted Favourite Female Singer award at the CRHK Billboard Music Awards.


According to Mingpao News, on 24 November, Commercial Radio announced the result of fans' first round of votes, and revealed that both Denise and Joey have made it into the top five.


Aside from the two powerhouse vocalists, three other female singers who made it into the round are Kay Tse, Miriam Yeung, and Kary Ng.


Whereas the top five male singers that have been voted are Eason Chan, Pakho Chau, Hins Cheung, Adason Lo, and Julian Cheung, while the Favourite Group will see competition among C AllStar, Dear Jane, Mr., Rubberband, and Supper Moment.


The second round of voting will continue until 1 December 2014.


The Commercial Radio Hong Kong Billboard Music Awards will be held on 1 January 2015 at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre in Wan Chai.

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Wednesday November 26, 2014 Hong Kong







 "I don't want to be a 'bridezilla'!" says Cantopop singer Ella Koon, in regard to her wedding preparations.


According to Mingpao News, while speaking to the media at Metro Radio on 24 November, the recently engaged singer disclosed that she has yet to finalise anything in relation to her wedding day.


"A lot of brides turn crazy when they are in the preparatory process. I don't want to be like that," said Ella.


The singer also planned to hold a low-key wedding ceremony in Hong Kong, and therefore, will have no need to focus much on preparation.


"I don't want it to be complicated. So before the wedding, I will have no problem to focus on my work," she said.


Asked when her wedding will be, Ella said that it may only be held in the middle or end of next year.

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Wednesday November 26, 2014 Hong Kong







Hong Kong actress Rose Chan has recently dismissed rumours saying that she is dating supporting actor, Michael Wai.


As reported on Mingpao News, the actress, who attended an audience appreciation event alongside her "I Sell Love" co-star Pakho Chau, stated that the two of them are no more than friends, unlike what was reported by the tabloids earlier.


"I am only 22, how is it possible that I supposedly have dated him for many years? I don't understand it," said Rose.


The actress also stressed that she will only focus on her career for the time being.


On the subject of the man of her dreams, Rose said that she will choose a person who has the characteristics of Pakho Chau's role in "I Sell Love".


"I want a guy who can change me," she said.

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Jennifer Tse denies conflict with ex-boyfriend's mother

Wednesday November 26, 2014 Hong Kong







Hong Kong actress Jennifer Tse denies rumours saying that she has a princess syndrome, which led to her breakup with boyfriend, Sean Dai.


As reported on Mingpao News, the actress, who attended a jewellery event on 25 November, said, "Every time a couple breaks up, this kind of rumours will emerge. I have always been independent, thus, it would be impossible for me to have these so-called princess attitude."


In regard to rumours saying that she disregarded Sean's mother, socialite Li Guilan, Jennifer said that her relationship with the socialite has been very good.


"Why would I be rude to her? My brother and I have always been taught to respect our elders," said Jennifer.


In a separate interview with Li Guilan, the socialite also defended the actress, saying, "She has always been nice to me. She is friendly and sweet, a thoughtful person indeed."

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Source: Wacow @ Blog163 
Translated by: Chloe.C @ 

Come On Cousin - 老表,你好hea! (EPS 20-23) - 26 PTS (Peaking at 28 PTS)

Overachievers - 商戰 (EPS 11-14) - 24 PTS (Peaking at 26 PTS)

Come Home Love - 愛.回家 (EPS 644-647) - 22 PTS (Peaking at 24 PTS)

Tiger Cubs II - 飛虎 II (SUNDAY SERIES) (EP 06) - 19 PTS (Peaking at 21 PTS) 

Variety Shows 
TVB Anniversary Gala 2014 - 萬千星輝賀台慶2014 - 25 PTS (Peaking at 28 PTS)**

Working Golden Holidays - 超齡打工假期 - 18 PTS (Peaking at 21 PTS)

Scoop - 東張西望 - 18 PTS (Peaking at 21 PTS)

Queen Feast - 女皇的盛宴 - 15 PTS

The Voice 4 - 超級巨聲 4 - 13 PTS 

Chef Nic - 十二道鋒味 - 13 PTS

Sidewalk Scientist - 學是學非 - 11 PTS

(Nielsen TAM: 1 point represents 64,920 viewers) 

*NOTE: Episodes of the Mon-Fri dramas were not aired on Wednesday due to the TVB Anniversary Gala. 
**Wong Cho Lam's proposal peaked at 26 PTS, Ram Tsang and Rita Carpio's duet peaked at 27 PTS and Chris Lai winning the grand prize peaked at 28 PTS.

- The Telecommunications Bureau received 10 complaints regarding the TVB Anniversary Gala. People complained that personal matters have nothing to do with the audience (such as the proposal and winning prizes), the clothes are too revealing, the show is boring and pointless, frivolous intentions, makes people uncomfortable. 

- There were speculations that the card Chris Lai picked out is actually '9889' turned around and not 6886. When he entered 6886, the password still worked. Tsang Sing Ming denied the accusations of fake results as there are accountants there to supervise.

Personal Comment: IMO, the 9889 vs 6886 thing is really just the font type issue..... If the other card numbers were observed, the 6's look the same as the one on his card. Plus 6 and 9 often look the same in certain fonts when turned around anyways =.=

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1127-00282-016b1.jpg?t=1417051077542courtesy of on.cc_27ME010_.jpgcourtesy of
The 6th China Image Film Festival took place in London. Bosco Wong Chung Chak with the film GOLDEN BROTHER (NAM YUN NG HOR YI KUNG) won his first Best Actor award; the film also won the "Best small to medium budget film award". Bosco said that the audience could strongly relate to each character in the film. The film's social influence and value were worthy for young people to be concerned with and to learn from.


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1127-00282-013b1.jpg?t=1417051173336Jessica C. says that she will not move in with Andy Tien1127-00282-013b2.jpg?t=14170511461681127-00282-013b3.jpg?t=1417051143217Nick Cheung tries a little magic trick_27MB007_.jpgcourtesy of
Nick Cheung Ka Fai yesterday attended a Christmas lighting ceremony. Ka Fai is busy with a new horror film preparation. Speaking of directing the same genre again, he said, "This time I am taking more risks in hopes of doing better. I will perform as well. Because horror films can't pass Mainland inspection, I hope to find a local actress for the lead. (How about your wife Esther Kwan Wing Ho?) We are too close so that's not too good, it's too early to say." He revealed that he will spend Christmas on a family vacation.

After losing the Golden Horse Best Actress, Gong Li blasted the Golden Horse Award for being unfair and announced that she will no longer participate in the Golden Horse Award. Former Golden Horse Best Actor Ka Fai said, "I have no comment on whether it is fair or not, but I feel Gong Li is pretty cool because she has already made several foreign films. She is an actress with depth and creativity, a point that everyone agrees with. An award would be added bonus, she in everyone's heart is already an actress of certain caliber." He has not seen Gong Li's nominated film COMING HOME, but he has seen her other films. "With Gong Li's sincerity, experience and skills, she is already an international quality actress. Whether she wins or not it is unimportant, I hope she will continue to make films that people appreciate."


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1127-00282-034b2.jpg?t=14170509195571127-00282-034b3.jpg?t=1417050915494With so many people in the team, Annie Liu is not afraid of making a horror film
courtesy of on.cc_27MA013_.jpgAnnie Liu and Shawn Yue will spend Christmas at work
courtesy of
Annie Liu (Lau Sum Yau), Shawn Yue Man Lok yesterday attended a Starbucks Christmas event in Tsim Sha Tsui. Annie said that this Christmas she will have to work, but perhaps before or after Christmas she and her co-workers will hold a Christmas party and exchange gifts. She said that last year some co-workers only brought sponsored gifts so this year a limit was set for gifts to be between HK$ 300 to 500. She hoped that everyone would put some sincerity and thought into them. Annie revealed that she will work on a Carrie Ng Ka Lai directed horror film. Earlier Annie has already performed in the Nick Cheung Ka Fai directed horror film. She said that this time she would also play a ghost. She said, "Actually I don't have to imagine the horror too badly, this time I will work with BabyJohn." Annie said that she learned that the film will shoot on location in a funeral parlor. Would she be scared? She said, "I would be, but I won't let myself think too much. When I go to the bathroom I would get a co-worker to go with me." She said that this time she would have rather grotesque looks,which she too looked forward to. The more grotesque she would be the more she liked it.

Yue Man Lok said that he will work on a new film that a ..... (article cut to save bandwidth)

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1127-00282-041b1.jpg?t=1417050534667courtesy of on.cc20141127fp04.jpgcourtesy of singtao.com_27MA004_.jpg
_27ma404.jpg_27ma405.jpgLeanne Li and Wong Cho Nam take wedding photos at Disney_27ma406.jpgMax Zhang never complains about how busy his wife Ada Choi is
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Wong Cho Nam, Max Zhang Jin, Alex Lam Tak Shun and Stephen Shiu Jr. two nights ago attended the film RISE OF THE LEGEND (WONG FEI HUNG ji YING HUNG YAU MUNG) premiere. Director Roy Chow Hin Yeung did not attend because his wife TO Chi Long was in the delivery room about to give birth. Cho Nam said that in this action film he only had ten seconds of fight scene. He said that his appearance was to relax everyone. In the film he hit 24 Herbs member Phat, but he had no fight scene with Eddie Peng Yu-Yen. He only molested him and rub his chest, much to the envy of many female viewers. Speaking of his TVB series' COME ON, COUSIN rating drop and his marriage proposal at the TVB Anniversary show also did not help the rating, Cho Nam said that he was not certain about the series rating, but the online hit rate was very high. Did he feel Hong Kong Television's launch has affected the ratings. He said, "Knowing your enemy's and your own strength (is the surest way to be invincible), I don't know about their air time, if they broadcast with boxes I believe they won't directly affect rating. Television is another matter." He said that sometimes he would watch HKTV series. He revealed ..... (article cut to save bandwidth)

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20141127fp05.jpgcourtesy of
The John Woo (Ng Yu Sum) directed romance THE CROSSING I (TAI PING LUN) two days ago held its press conference in Shanghai. He explained how he chose the more compatible coupling for the three kings and the three queens. With Song Hye-Kyo for example, he put other actors' photos next to hers to see which one was the most suitable, the best looking. However Ng Yu Sum admitted that often casting was based on inspiration.

Song Hye-Kyo was asked in real life would she choose Takeshi Kaneshiro (Gum Sing Mo) or Huang Xiaoming for a boyfriend? She said that both were extraordinarily charming. She was greedy too and hoped to choose both. Gum Sing Mo was asked about his mysterious whereabouts in the past 3 years, he explained that it was only because he made less movies lately. As long as he ran into a good chance he would try it, he never planned on how many movies to make. Thus everyone felt he was more mysterious.


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