_02ME004_.jpgCalinda Chan and Wilson Chin
courtesy of mingpao.com
MCDULL ME AND MY MUM two nights ago held its premiere at the Kowloon Bay Exhibition Center. Wilson Chin Kwok Wai and his girlfriend Calinda Chan Yuen Wai attended. The Stephen Chow Sing Chi directed new film MERMAID will have Chin Kwok Wai as its executive director. Chin Kwok Wai revealed that most of the cast has been confirmed and the production will start around mid October. Mainly Mainland and Hong Kong actors will perform.

Chow Sing Chi earlier was criticized online for being hard to get along with. Most who have worked with him would neither work together for too long nor become friends. Chin Kwok Wai said, "I don't feel this way. . When I went to work in TVB, it happened to be the end of his TVB life. When I got into the business I have played the 'black and white vampires', I have shared the stage with him. Later we ran into each other once or twice on the street." He pointed out that with every film or production, co-workers would normally argue. Also, TVB earlier downsized fifty people, including long time employees. He said, "I heard that the entire children department was removed, which was regrettable. The children department more than cultivated Sing Yeh, (Tony) Leung Chiu Wai, (Margie) Tsang Wa Sin, (Dior) Cheng Yi Kin and other stars, I hope Hong Kong would have its own children's programs." Chin Kwok Wai pointed out that some former co-workers were affected. If they asked for his help he certainly would.


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1002-00282-020b1.jpg?t=1412224054028Frankie Lam, Kathy Yuen, Pinky Cheung, Rachel Lam, Patrick Tam1002-00282-020b2.jpg?t=1412224051273courtesy of on.cc_02MB011_.jpgFrankie Lam, Kathy Yuen, Pinky Cheung, Patrick Tam attend the wrap banquet. Kathy Yuen and Patrick Tam both wear black.
courtesy of mingpao.com
Frankie Lam Man Lung executive produced and starred in the new film NGOR MOON TING JIN BA (LET'S STOP FIGHTING), which held a celebration two nights ago. Other attendees included screen writers Rachel Lam Hei Tung, Patrick Tam Yiu Man, Pinky Cheung Man Chi, Ai Wai, Kathy Yuen (Tong Yi) and Charles Ying Cheung Yau. NGOR was about the Hong Kong situation. Lam Man Lung pointed out that the story coincidentally matched with the latest Hong Kong situation. As for the recent "Occupy Central" movement, Lam Man Lung said, "I haven't supported it, the matter has no right or now. Each side has its own stance, both sides have right and right. I can't comment over an individual event. Many people flock to do something, but we must isolate our own thinking to look at the entire matter." Screen writer and actress Lam Hei Tung said that she said something that she wanted to say so she wrote the story. As for the current situation of Hong Kong, Lam Hei Tung said, "Everything is cyclical, I believe each place would have something like this happening. I would express my opinions on the streets. I understand that a nation has something it has to be concerned about, but when you go to the streets you would know the students' stance."

Tam Yiu Man played a teacher in the film and had intimate scenes with Kathy Yuen (Tong Yi). He ..... (article cut to save bandwidth)

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20141002fp04.jpgcourtesy of singtao.com_02MB003_.jpg_02MB002_.jpgcourtesy of mingpao.com
People have made Andy Lau Tak Wa "the people's Chief Executive". Yesterday on his official site he gave his opinion on the recent "Occupy Central" protests. Wa Jai hoped that Hong Kong would be peaceful and protesters would pay attention to their own careful.

Wa Jai titled the post "Peace For Hong Kong" on his official site. Wa Jai wrote, "Hong Kong people all love Hong Kong. When fighting for appeal, everyone should care about themselves and mind the general public. No one should be emotionally provoked by a few. No tear gas, no violence, no abuse. Students, protesters, everyone have to be concerned with their safety. You should know that their families are worrying about your safety. I wish Hong Kong peace. Wa Jai"


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1002-00282-017b2.jpg?t=14122242022681002-00282-017b3.jpg?t=1412224190367Liao Fan, Kwai Lun-Mei (BLACK COAL, THIN ICE)1002-00282-017b4.jpg?t=1412224178626
1002-00282-017b6.jpg?t=14122241249601002-00282-017b7.jpg?t=1412224118638Doze Niu's PARADISE IN SERVICE receives six nominations
courtesy of on.cc20141002fp01.jpgcourtesy of singtao.com_02MA008_.jpgTang Wei (THE GOLDEN ERA)_02MA017_.jpgGong Li (COMING HOME)_02MA018_.jpgKwai Lun-Mei (BLACK COAL, THIN ICE)_02MA009_.jpgVicki Zhao (DEAREST)_02MA006_.jpgLiao Fan (BLACK COAL, THIN ICE)_02MA005_.jpgSean Lau (THE WHITE STORM)_02ma402.jpgChang Chen (BROTHERHOOD OF BLADES)_02MA004_.jpgMasatoshi Nagase (KANO)_02MA019_.jpgChen Jianbin (A FOOL)_02MA014_.jpgBest New Performer nominee: Zhang Huiwen (COMING HOME)_02ma403.jpgBest Feature Film Nominee: BLIND MASSAGE_02MA011_.jpgLast year's Golden Horse Best Actor Lee Kang-sheng and Best New Performer Kuo Shu-Yau announce the nominations _02MA016_.jpgAaron Kwok
courtesy of mingpao.com
The 51st Golden Horse Award will take place on November 22nd in Taiwan. Yesterday the event held a press conference to announce its nominations. The 64th Berlin Film Festival Golden Bear prize winning Chinese film BLACK COAL, THIN ICE received eight nominations to become the most nominated film. Hong Kong film THE WHTIE STORM received six. The Hong Kong representative for a Best Foreign Film Oscar nomination, THE GOLDEN ERA, received five. Sean Lau Ching Wan became the only Hong Kong actor to receive a Best Actor nomination, challenging the first Berlin Chinese Best Actor ..... (article cut to save bandwidth)

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Wednesday October 1, 2014 Hong Kong

Source: https://my.entertainment.yahoo.com/news/ada-choi-supports-her-children-participating-protests-061000133.html






 Ada Choi has no qualms about her children participating in protests in the future, provided that they understand the motives of their action.


According to Mingpao News, the actress, who attended the Orbis Superpower Festival recently, expressed her concern over the students who are involved in the Occupy Central protest for a fairer election.


"Students were injured by pepper sprays, and though I am not their family, my heart feel for them when seeing this," she said.


However, unlike Anthony Wong, who expressed his dissatisfaction with the police, Ada said she understands that they were only doing their job and not necessarily wanted to hurt students.


"I wish they can find a peaceful way to resolve this. Don't let people fight against each other. The chief executive should listen to what the students have to say," she said.


Asked if she would let her own children, Zoe and Shun Yee, participate in such a rally in the future, Ada replied, "As long as they know what they're doing and understand the motives of their action, and as long as it's for the purpose of justice and righteousness, I will give them my full support."

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Anthony Wong slammed police's use of tear gas

Wednesday October 1, 2014 Hong Kong

Source: https://my.entertainment.yahoo.com/news/anthony-wong-slammed-polices-tear-gas-061800803.html






Actor Anthony Wong expressed his anger over the recent occurrence that involves the police and protesters.


According to a report on HK Top Ten, the actor turned to Facebook to express his fury after hearing the police announcing the deployment of 7000 officers and the use of 87 tear gas canisters against unarmed students and citizens to end the protest two days ago.


He wrote, "That's enough for a war! Do the protestors have any weapon? Are they Wong Fei Hung, who can use a minor thing like an umbrella as a weapon?"


"87 tear gas bombs against umbrellas... Hong Kong is truly amazing. Amazing!" he said.


He continued mocking the police, saying, "This just in, due to the effects of Occupy Central, the 1 October fireworks show has been cancelled and will be replaced with the launch of tear gas and smoke bombs! Don't forget to bring your umbrella when you go out!"

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Wednesday October 1, 2014 Hong Kong

Source: https://my.entertainment.yahoo.com/news/charmaine-sheh-no-thoughts-winning-tv-queen-062500720.html






While her "Line Walker" co-star, Raymond Lam, is confident that he can make it as one of the top five contenders for this year's TV King title, Charmaine Sheh has no thoughts about winning TV Queen.


As reported on Oriental Daily, recently rumours are rife that the actress may have a good chance in winning the coveted title at this year's TVB Anniversary Awards, even though she may be facing a stiff competition from Linda Chung and Tavia Yeung.


However, Charmaine, who attended a promotional event for the series recently, said that she has not put much thought into winning the award.


"The list of nominees isn't even out yet. This drama is my first since making my comeback, and I am just happy with the positive responses it has been receiving. That's enough for me," she said.


Meanwhile, the drama has recently reached a new peak in its rating, with 33 viewership points that totals to over 2.14 million live viewers, for its latest episode.


The TVB Anniversary Awards will be held on 19 November.

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Wednesday October 1, 2014 Hong Kong

Source: https://my.entertainment.yahoo.com/news/denise-ho-joins-hong-kong-protest-063200499.html






 More and more celebrities are joining and supporting the Occupy Central protest in the movement's attempt to thwart Central Government's influence in Hong Kong election.


According to Mingpao News, aside from Anthony Wong and Liddy Li, Hong Kong singer and LGBTI activist Denise Ho has also turned to the streets to join the rally.


The singer, who went to Admiralty to join the protest before her trip to Paris, turned to her Facebook later on and expressed, "Our generation, the late 30s who were born in Hong Kong in the '70s, has never experienced any storm. At this historic moment, the crowd came to witness the rise of Hong Kong unity."


Denise also urged the students to ensure their safety during the protests, and to remain calm and rational as a lot of other parties will use the opportunity to create chaos.

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Wednesday October 1, 2014 Hong Kong

Source: https://my.entertainment.yahoo.com/news/gem-tang-space-063400417.html






 GEM Tang has been chosen to be the first ever Chinese star to fly into space.


According to Mingpao News, the singer was recently appointed the first global Chinese ambassador for the XCOR Space Expeditions, the company that makes a business out of space adventure travel.


GEM, who donned an astronaut gear at the press conference in Macau on 30 September, expressed her delight with the appointment and enthused, "Music is my dream and I want to take it to more places. But never have I dreamed of taking it to space! It's so wonderful."


Asked if she was worried about safety issues, GEM said that she is confident that she will enjoy the space trip, and has full trust in the organiser.


GEM also revealed that she will begin her space training in the Netherlands this month.

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Wednesday October 1, 2014 Hong Kong

Source: https://my.entertainment.yahoo.com/news/nick-cheung-direct-another-horror-movie-083700615.html






 Award-winning actor-turned-director Nick Cheung recently revealed that he is planning to helm another movie.


As reported on Mingpao News, the actor, who attended Piaget's "Watch and Wonder" exhibition on 30 September, stated that he is planning to direct another horror movie after the success of "Hungry Ghost Ritual".


"The subject would be the same as the previous one. Both are about ghosts. But this time around, there will be more comedy and human elements," he said.


However, Nick has yet to decide whether he would also perform in the movie.


Regarding rumours saying that Nicholas Tse will be playing a role in the film, Nick said that everything has not been confirmed just yet.

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