Although actor Lee Byung Hun was the victim in a blackmail attempt that he reported to police, the surrounding publicity resulting from the scandal has prompted a petition to remove him from TV ads. The petition also cites his BH Entertainment labelmate actress Han Hyo Joo, whose family is involved in a separate controversy.

Lee Byung Hun's scandal began on Aug. 20 when he reported a blackmail attempt by two women, later identified as GLAM singer Dahee and model Lee Ji Yeon. The women asked for $5 million or they would release video footage of the married actor having an inappropriate conversation about sexual preferences.

Lee Ji Yeon's attorney later claimed that the blackmail attempt was an emotional reaction to Lee Byung Hun wanting to break off their three-month relationship. He denied that he had a relationship with her and claimed that he only met the women because they knew a mutual friend. After a police search found the smartphone that the conversation was recorded on, both women were arrested and charged with blackmail.

The actor issued an apology for any responsibility he had in creating the scandal and causing his family pain. He married actress Lee Min Jung in a lavish celebrity wedding last year.

Despite his apology, the publicity is still having a negative effect on the actor's career.

A few days after the arrest a petition with a reported 4,000 signatures was posted on the site Daum Agora. It stated that while the petitioners could choose not to see movies and dramas, which featured the actor, they could not avoid seeing him on television in advertisements. The petition requested that he be suspended from all advertising activities.

According to an article in 10Asia, some of the commercial production companies have responded to the petition by halting his ads. Others are still ..... (article cut to save bandwidth)

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Kwon Sang Woo has left his agency.

According to multiple broadcasting affiliates, Kwon Sang Woo recently ended his contract with Bell Actors Entertainment, which he was affiliated with for the past six years. It has been reported that Bell Actors and Kwon Sang Woo′s decision was mutual.

Kwon Sang Woo’s availability has been spreading quickly among affiliates in the entertainment industry. As a hallyu icon who is still popular in many Asian countries, Kwon Sang Woo has reportedly been contacted by numerous large sized agencies for a new contract.

About this, one affiliate stated, “Kwon Sang Woo is an actor who has his unique acting style, which has already proven its value in terms of box office success. As an actor who is popular in Japan and other Asian countries, it has been said that many agencies overseas have been sending him love calls as well.”

Since debuting through drama Delicious Proposal in 2011, Kwon Sang Woo has starred in numerous hit projects, such as Stairway to Heaven, Dae Mul, Yawang, My Tutor Friend, Once Upon a Time in High School, Pain and more, becoming a top star in Korea.


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Choi Jin Hyuk and Baek Jin Hee have been confirmed for Pride and Prejudice.

MBC’s upcoming drama Pride and Prejudice confirmed the casting of Choi Jin Hyuk and Baek Jin Hee and began the production process.

Pride and Prejudice will depict the story of ‘loser prosecutors,’ who try to fight for innocent, poor, and powerless people by using love, laws, and principle as their weapons.

The drama will be directed by Kim Jin Min PD, who also worked on Time Between Dog and Wolf and God of War, and written by writer Lee Hyun Joo, who wrote School 2013.

Choi Jin Hyuk will be acting as the male protagonist ‘Gu Dong Chi,’ a high school graduate, who becomes a prosecutor after passing the bar exam at a young age. He encounters ‘Han Yeol Moo’ when she comes to work as a junior examiner under his command.

Having acted as a sweet and romantic guy in Fated to Love You, Choi Jin Hyuk will be acting as a soft hearted but sharp-minded genius prosecutor in his new project.

Choi Jin Hyuk shared, “I’m happy to be greeting you as genius prosecutor ‘Gu Dong Chi’ from Pride and Prejudice. I think he wil be a new and charming character. I ask for your love and support.”

Baek Jin Hee will be acting as the passionate examining prosecutor ‘Han Yeol Moo.’

Having acted as the villain in Empress Ki and the girl who is loved by two men in Triangle, Baek Jin Hee will be showing her easy-going and boyish charms through the upcoming drama.

Baek Jin Hee said, “I’ve been preparing to film with an excited and happy heart as I will be acting opposite Choi Jin Hyuk, who is one of the most popular actors these days. Even though this is my first time acting as a ..... (article cut to save bandwidth)

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A U.S. version of “My Love From the Star” could be broadcast in the near future as ABC has bought the rights to remake the much-loved Korean drama.

Moon Bo-mi, head of HB Entertainment, confirmed yesterday that news reports about a possible remake were true.

“ABC has been preparing for a remake of this Korean hit,” Moon said, adding that she “very much appreciates that the Korean television drama could be reproduced into an American drama.”

Moon said she wants to maintain a “cautious stance over the issue until the season order early next year,” and she also stressed that she will work hard so that numerous seasons of the hit drama could be produced in America.

On Thursday, the Hollywood Star exclusively reported that ABC’s take on the drama is “described as an epic supernatural love story about a world-famous actress, Lark, and her anti-social neighbor, James, who happens to be from another planet.”

According to HB Entertainment, Sony Pictures Television, which produced hits like “Breaking Bad,” has been confirmed for the remake. Elizabeth Craft and Sarah Fain will reportedly pen ABC’s version and are said to be currently writing a screenplay for the pilot. Moon and Park Ji-eun, the drama’s original writer, will participate in part as executive producers.

JoongAng Daily

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One of the biggest domestic k-pop events, the 2014 Hallyu Dream Concert will be taking place on September 28th at 6 PM KST. The festival will be held at the Gyeongju Civic Stadium in North Gyeongsang Province, featuring some of the biggest names in k-pop.

This year's hosts for the spectacle will be Goo Hara of KARA, Dasom of SISTAR, and Seo Kang-jun of surprise. The lineup includes EXO-K, SISTAR, 4minute, KARA, VIXX, SECRET, BAP, BTOB, T-ara, Block B, Dal Shabet, Crayon Pop, Ailee, BESTie, GOT7, Red Velvet, Topp Dogg, F.Cuz, Dick Punks, HALO, Boys Republic and LU:KUS.

KBS Global

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Actress Lee Min-jung is reportedly living separately from her husband, Lee Byung-hun, who is currently involved in a scandal with an actor and a model, according to local media yesterday.

Lee Min-jung is at her parent’s house in Gangnam District, southern Seoul, and will stay there for the time being, said a report by Ilgan Sports, an affiliate of the Korea JoongAng Daily.

“[Lee] usually visits her parent’s house after finishing a work project,” the actress’s agency said, according to Ilgan Sports.

“We don’t know precisely when she will return, but we assume it will probably take a while.”

The agency warned not to pay “too much attention” to the actress’s location.

Two women are under investigation for allegedly threatening to release a video clip of Lee, 44, drinking with them and using lewd language in exchange for 5 billion won ($5 million).

One of the suspects turned out to be Da-hee, 20, a member of the girl group GLAM. The other, 25, is reportedly a model.

Lee posted a handwritten apology on his homepage on Sept. 6, which read: “Regardless of whether it was intentional, or whether I was threatened, this is all due to my imprudence from the very beginning.” He added, “I will do my best to no longer disappoint my wife and family, who are now in so much pain.”

The couple tied the knot last August.

JoongAng Daily

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Wednesday September 18, 2014 Hong Kong

Source: https://my.entertainment.yahoo.com/news/joyce-koi-denies-opera-troupe-trouble-034500981.html






Hong Kong singer-actress and prominent theatre performer Joyce Koi recently dismissed rumours saying that she had a mental breakdown due to work and financial pressure.


According to Mingpao News, previously, Hong Kong tabloids reported that Joyce had a breakdown trying to balance her hectic schedule – filming TVB's "Romanic Repertoire" and simultaneously managing her Cantonese opera troupe.


The tabloid also published a photo of the actress looking haggard while rehearsing her script on set to prove that Joyce was indeed stressed out by her job.


In response to the reports, Joyce, who attended a press conference announcing her upcoming musical play, "Scars of the Sea" recently, stated, "It's all fabricated. That day, my assistant was reading the script with me, but her face was cropped from the photo. At the time, my waist was in pain, so that's why I was the way I looked."


"But if that's how they want to portray me, there is nothing that I can do," said the actress.


When asked if she was indeed stressed out with work, Joyce replied, "Of course I am, but that's because I am passionate about my work!"


In regard to rumours saying that Joyce has been having trouble managing her troupe's finances, Joyce said, "The way the article is written is as if ..... (article cut to save bandwidth)

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Thursday September 18, 2014 Hong Kong

Source: https://my.entertainment.yahoo.com/news/harlem-yu-hospitalised-heart-problem-041000419.html






Taiwanese singer Harlem Yu had recently gone through heart surgery after being diagnosed with arrhythmia.


As reported on Apple Daily, the 53-year-old singer-songwriter was admitted to the hospital after experiencing a sudden chest discomfort and quickly underwent a minimally invasive heart surgery.


Though Harlem has always been active in sports, the doctor said that the condition might have been caused by a long-term stress.


Reportedly, the singer was diagnosed with irregular heartbeat earlier this year, but decided to delay surgery due to his hectic schedule.


In an interview with the media after his surgery, Harlem admitted that the operation had actually been arranged a while ago.

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"Line Walker" peaks at 33 PTS on Monday's episode during Typhoon Kalmaegi

Thursday September 18, 2014 Hong Kong

Source: The Sun / KuangaiTVB
Translated by: Chloe.C @ http://asianuniverse.net/forums






The story of TVB drama "Line Walker" is moving faster and faster. The passionate kissing scene between Raymond Lam and Charmaine Sheh will be broadcasted this week! Apparently, when Charmaine had to film the kissing scene, her old injury with her tailbone relapsed. She had to wear heels for the scene and turn her body for the shot. In the scene, Raymond pulls Charmaine to him and kisses her. This warm, loving scene also leads into a few jokes.

"Line Walker" announced good ratings results, as Monday's episode peaked at 33 PTS, and averaged at 32 PTS. The drama is also the drama with the highest rating (in an episode) up till now. Benz Hui, Samantha Ko and Oscar Leung celebrated the success with champagne at Tseung Kwan O TVB City yesterday. On Monday night, there was a typhoon, which helped the ratings peak at 33 PTS. Samantha joked saying she will need to do a rain dance and hope for another typhoon. She also revealed that there will be more injuries and deaths as the story progresses. Netizens have commented that Oscar Leung's acting in the show is just like 7-time film king, Nick Cheung. He laughed saying he realized that he is very funny when he is drunk, so he purposely used those elements and put it in his character. Benz Hui's acting received a lot of acknowledgement, asked if he hopes to get the Best Supporting Actor award with this character? He said: "Nah! Leave (the award) for the younger ones!" Regarding reports of Kwong Chor Fai diagnosed with cancer, Benz, who had cooperated with him before, expressed that he does ..... (article cut to save bandwidth)

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Wednesday September 17, 2014 Hong Kong

Source: https://my.entertainment.yahoo.com/news/carman-lee-falls-victim-phone-scam-055900690.html






Hong Kong actress Carman Lee recently revealed that she lost RMB 1 million (approximately USD 162,591) in a phone scam in China.


As reported on Apple Daily, Carman disclosed that the incident happened to her manager Ali, who received a call from a person claiming to be an official and saying that Carman was suspected of money laundering and drug trafficking.


The person also provided a telephone number of the Security Bureau for her to call, and after failing to get through to the number, Ali then received a call from a person who identified himself as an investigation officer.


The person requested Ali to log on to a website that showed her the accurate details about Carman, including passport number and date of birth, and told her that the actress would be arrested the moment she arrived in Beijing.


After being asked to assist in the investigation, Ali followed the instructions of the so-called investigator, only to realise that all of Carman's savings were stolen from her account not long after.


The actress revealed that she has already made a police report, and reminded everybody not to fall victim to such a scam.


"A lot of people said that it would be hard for me to get my money back, but I do harbour ..... (article cut to save bandwidth)

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