_28MC005_.jpgcourtesy of mingpao.com20140728fp07.jpgcourtesy of singtao.com0728-00282-024b1.jpg?t=1406507474879BabyJohn Choi and Eddie Cheung form a supernatural investigation duo0728-00282-024b2.jpg?t=1406507469131Eddie Cheung has won two Best Actor awards with TWILIGHT ONLINE
courtesy of on.cc
Eddie Cheung Siu Fai earlier with TWILIGHT ONLINE (HUNG BO JOR SIN) won the San Diego IndieFest Best Actor again won Best Actor at the Accolade Global Film Competition. Currently working in Xian, Brother Fai was surprised. "My original intention was to support new directors and local creativity, I never thought about winning awards. In addition this time I picked a ghost film because I wanted to try the feeling of making a horror film and test my own courage." Brother Fai recently also made a horror film. He joked, "Perhaps I made the right choice and have to try a new ghost road? However don't call me ghost king!" Brother Fai thanked everyone for their love and support and would make even more good films to thank everyone.

Eddie Cheung Siu Fai earlier with the film TWILIGHT ONLINE won the Accolade Global Film Competition Best Actor, another good news after he won the San Diego IndieFest Best Actor. This time he paired with Babyjohn Choi Hong Yik to play a supernatural police duo. Cheung Siu Fai said that ghost film has always been a big challenge to him because normally his hair would stand on its ends when he listened to ghost stories. "Seemingly this time I have created a ghost road."

The film originally was scheduled for a September 4 release, but the film company has arranged for advanced screening on the Ghost Festival on the Lunar July 14th (August 9th).


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_28MA012_.jpg_28MA013_.jpgcourtesy of mingpao.com0728-00282-032b1.jpg?t=1406513620107courtesy of on.cc
Celebrating his 40th birthday yesterday, Eason Chan Yik Shun and his wife Hilary Tsui Ho Ying took their daughter Hong Tai overseas. Yesterday Ah Tsui posted online a photo of her and Eason on the lawn while daughter Hong Tai sat on her thigh. Some said that they were in Hyde Park in London. Fans wished Eason a happy birthday.


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_28MF006_.jpg_28MF007_.jpgcourtesy of mingpao.com0728-00282-008b1.jpg?t=1406514437768Brian Chu and Angel Chiang have broken up but working together does not seem awkward0728-00282-008b2.jpg?t=1406514395994courtesy of on.cc
TVB artists Samantha Ko Hoi Ning, Angel Chiang Ka Man and Brian Chu Man Hong yesterday attended an event in Kwai Fong. Angel announced that she and Brian have broken up for several months but working together was not awkward for them. They even crossed arms to prove that they were still friends.

Ko Hoi Ning joked that she will save her bikini appearance for the film FROM VEGAS TO MACAU 2 (DOH SING FUNG WON 2). Ko Ling revealed that in the film she will play a female killer and have to learn kung fu. She will appear in a special way. Will she seduce Chow Yun Fat? She said, "It's not that simple." Will she have to kill in a bikini? She joked, "I don't have enough guts! I am afraid something may fall out."


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_28MC001_.jpg"From the film BREAK UP 100 I learn about break up left over items, I believe many still hold on to gifts from their old flames."
courtesy of mingpao.com
Because of BREAK UP 100 (FUN SAU 100 CHI), I learned a new term "Break Up Left Over". When a relationship ends, everything about it becomes "left over". Each person has a different attitude toward "left over". Some would immediately toss it out; some cannot stop taking it out everyday to mourn; some would quietly hide it. One day when they move and it is found, they cannot help but bring up those momentary memories. Since I belong to "letting go" type, I do not have too many romantic left over items. At most I only have some love letters that I have already forgotten where I put them. One day when they are found, I will tell you how I feel.

Friends tell me that they really like the "Break Up Mini Storage" concept and even feel that it can be a viable business concept. The most attractive part of the entire concept is "anonymous sharing", everyone can thoroughly observe other people's break up stories. They do not need to know the true identity of the main characters but can share in all the details and feelings of the entire story. They can also touch this real story that is solid to the bone. Users can look at their break up left over items as a visitor and at the same time share in other people's stories. They may get new inspirations that can be considered a type of soul therapy.

I also have a friend who used an alternative storage method to handle her ..... (article cut to save bandwidth)

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Sunday July 27, 2014 Hong Kong

Credits: to hyn5 @ http://hyn5-hyn5.blogspot.com



zn64w4.jpg 2z7gd4z.jpg 25gdm51.jpg



Kenneth Ma and Selena Li, this golden boy and jade girl, frequently collaborate, acting as a couple in many series, even recently reuniting in the TVB series "Ghost Dragon of Cold Mountain". Although there are non-stop sparks, with many topics on and off screen, the two both emphasized that there was never any spark, and also said that they are not in rush to date, even mutually exposing many secrets in the interview!

Love at First Sight

Kenneth and Selena, who collaborated again in "Ghost", have already been an onscreen couple five times, already officially collaborating in the TVB series "The Herbalist's Manual" in 2004. Both already had a good impression of each other when meeting for the first time. Selena even revealed that Kenneth 'fell in love' with her a few times!

Kenneth: "Initially, thought that she was a pretty girl...also petite and dainty. I like petite girls. I think that she is very suitable for filming ancient--not saying that her modern is not pretty".

Selena: "Back then, he did not sweet talk as much as now...very quiet. He is a guy who is very enthusiastic in his work. The first day I met him, already thought that he could really endure. Now, more cheerful, and knows how to joke around, so he would tease girls a bit and hug guys a bit".

Kenneth: "You also have a big difference now. Now, your acting has gotten much better...really put in effort to think about how to make the outcome of the series better. Sometimes, would help think for me...then, I do not have to think as much".

Selena: "My first ancient back then, he told me that he already really liked my role. Today's 'Ghost'...he also says that ..... (article cut to save bandwidth)

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TVB crime thriller "Line Walker" will premier on August 25

Sunday July 27, 2014 Hong Kong

Source:i hktv.com
Image: dramapot.com
Translated by: R.E.D @ http://asianuniverse.net/forums/





2j0ysd1.jpg amxv2s.jpg



TVB’s new crime thriller Line Walker will be broadcast on August 25. The cast of the 31 episode series are Charmaine Sheh, Raymond Lam, Michael Miu, Sharon Chan, Benz Hui, Elena Kong, Sammy Sum , Oscar Leung , Toby Leung, Mary Hon, Rosanne Lui, Patrick Tang, Samantha Ko and Ankie Beilke.

Michael Miu plays the role as Cheuk Hoi, the Chief Inspector of Hong Kong’s Criminal Intelligence Bureau. One of his close colleagues died in suspicious circumstances and the 5 undercover agents who were in constant contact with his dead friend also disappeared. Eventually, he managed to trace one of the undercover agents Ting Siu Ka (Charmaine Sheh), the boss of a foot massage parlour. In order to restore her own identity, Siu Ka agrees to infiltrate the triads. She manages to get close to an important member of a gambling group Sit Ka Keung (Raymond Lam). The two develope a relationship based on lies and deceit. When the truth is nearly unfold, Cheuk Hoi orders her to stop the operation, instead, he asked Mok Sin Yan (Sharon Chan) from the Independent Commission Against Corruption bureau to take over the case. Through Sin Yan, Cheuk Hoi has to chance to meet her sister Mok Sin Ching (Elena Kong). At the same time, triad head Tam Foon Hei (Benz Hui) is released from prison. His assistant, Lin Ho Kan (Sammy Sum) catches Cheuk Hoi's attention. The police and the triad are entangled in a series of cat and mouse game in the fight for justice, but who is really the one in control? 

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Chinese actress Tang Wei and husband Kim Tae Yong exchanged vows in Sweden two weeks ago


It was a flash wedding for the Lust, Caution actress and South Korean director Kim Tae Yong. After announcing that they will tie the knot this fall, the two were said to have held a simple banquet at a farm in Faroe islands, Sweden on July 13 (Swedish date), and their agencies have confirmed this news.

The two held a simple and private affair with just a table full of candles, and only invited their Swedish friends. Their family members will join them at the official wedding this fall.

They chose the venue as it was where famous Swedish director Ingmar Bergman previously lived when he was alive and the lovebirds, both from the movie industry, wanted to create a special memory.

Netizens have spotted Tang Wei on a wheelchair yesterday at the Sydney airport with Kim pushing her from behind. As the former appeared radiant at her recent event in Shanghai and had no reason to be on a wheelchair, this raised further doubts over the rumours of her two-month pregnancy.

However, several reporters have noticed bandages around her right leg in the past two months and suspected that she might have injured herself slightly while filming.

Tang Wei's ardent fans also refuted these speculations and said, 'She has hurt her leg once and even visited the hospital. It must be a relapse this time round.'



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Hong Kong singer Eason Chan 'does not want to work anymore' and will exit the industry two years later


Eason Chan, who has debuted for 19 years, recently announced that he will leave the industry two years later. The Hong Kong Mandopop legend said he 'does not want to work anymore' and shocked fans with this piece of unexpected news.

The 39-year-old, who has been weighed down by work in recent years, decided to make the announcement through a radio programme. Asking listeners to be his 'witnesses', Eason hopes he will not waver in future because of monetary benefits.

With the music industry in a slump and 'fans preferring to download songs instead of buying the actual albums,' he revealed one of his albums released last year sold less than 1,000 copies.

The singer, who released his 'Rise & Shine' album this year, is still contracted to company Cinepoly Records. He is scheduled to release two more albums and sees himself gradually leaving the industry two years from now.

Rumour has it that Eason have been slogging his guts out to give his wife a good life ' going on performance tours every Friday and the weekends, and attending filming and promotional activities for the rest of the week.


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Kenneth Ma and Selena Li Continue to Be Lovey-Dovey: Best Couple in "Ghost Dragon of Cold Mountain"

Saturday July 26, 2014 Hong Kong

Credits: to hyn5 @ http://hyn5-hyn5.blogspot.co






Kenneth Ma and Selena Li is the pair with the most chemistry in front of the camera, having already been rumoured when collaborating in "A Fistful of Stances". In "Ghost Dragon of Cold Mountain", Selena portrays two characters, Kenneth's wife, as well as his confidant. The two have collaborated over six times. Although they have been rumoured, their level of lovey-doveyness in front of others has not decreased. Selena was only full of praises for this partner: "Kenneth is one of TVB's very best 'hot properties'. Good at making money, has a career, considerate, he is buying a flat and buying a car...hope that he also gets 'TV King' this year!" Kenneth also does not avoid Selena. When seeing each other, he would happily yell, "Wife, you're back!" Rather than the confidence toward competing for 'TV King', Kenneth thinks that Selena is able to win the 'Most Improved' award. The two also suggested instituting the 'Best Onscreen Couple' award.

The two are the best partners when filming "Ghost". Kenneth particularly loves his wife 'To Fa' in the series. In real life, the qualifications of his ideal wife are to be adorable and happy like 'To Fa', and to have no pressure when getting along would already be enough. They are very immersed in the series. Regarding the plot arrangement for the latter part of the series, they made an appeal to the producer. Kenneth said, "We cannot leak the plot. All in all, when receiving the script, Selena and I went silent. The mood was so heavy that [we] needed time to take it in...could not hold it in, so [we] made ..... (article cut to save bandwidth)

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_27MB701.jpg_27MB702.jpgThe 90 year old Tsi Law Lin _27MB703.jpg
_27MB006_.jpg_27MB704.jpgPhilip Keung_27MB705.jpgJames To_27MB008_.jpgMak Kei started with the Shaw training class.  Mona Fong and the Shaw Studio sent a floral arrangement
courtesy of mingpao.com0727-00282-029b1.jpg?t=1406429831169Phyllis Man, Au Kam Tong0727-00282-029b2.jpg?t=1406429827474Mak Kei's widow Sabrina carries out of the photo
courtesy of on.cc
Shaw film star Mickey Mak Kei (Au Kwok Leung) earlier passed away at age 79. Yesterday morning a funeral took place in a Tseung Kwan O church. Mona Fong Yat Wa and everyone at the Shaw Studio sent a floral arrangement. Film stars Philip Keung Ho Man, artists Au Kam Tong and his wife Phyllis Man Si Man, Joseph Yeung Shui Lun and Cantonese film star Tsi Law Lin attended.

Au Kam Tong and his wife were teary eyed when they left. Keung Ho Man stayed until the end. However both declined interviews. The ceremony was Christian. The photo used for the funeral was Mak Kei's photo from the 50s. His widow reportedly selected it. After the ceremony Mak Kei's remains were transported to Cape Collinson Crematorium for cremation.


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