Linda's: All That is Bitter is Sweet Plagiarizing Jewel in the Palace?

Sunday September 14, 2014 Hong Kong



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Linda Chung's role in "All that is Bitter is Sweet" was tailor made for her by the producer. She thanked TVB's senior managers and executives and the producer for giving her the role.  The drama started airing this week and in there, Linda plays as a female pharmacist and her character will be undergoing a lot of hardships. When asked what she feels about the drama being rumoured to have copied Korean drama, "Jewel in the Palace", Linda says that she think the two has a different storyline, time setting and the characters are also different. She is not worry that the drama will be criticized because of this. The drama's focus is different too as it features Chinese medical.  Linda does not mind the comparison though and if anything, she hopes that the ratings for "All that is Bitter is Sweet" will also do well like "Jewel in the Palace".

Since "Brother's Keeper", rumours has been circulating between Linda and Ruco Chan.  Is she worry that more rumours would emerge between the two?  Linda says she is not worry and it is getting old anyway.  Towards Ruco, Linda praised his ability to immerse into character and stated that he is a very serious and hard working actor.

For the Best Actress Award this year, Linda modestly expressed that she will continue to work hard and try her best with confidence. As for Linda having less productions aired this year? Linda says the number of dramas this year are around the same. The broadcast time though is determined by the company and not within an artiste's control. She expressed the this year is a happy one and that it's not ..... (article cut to save bandwidth)

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Sunday September 14, 2014 Hong Kong







 Hong Kong actress Irene Wan applauds Sammi Cheng's intention to follow her and Angie Cheong's footsteps in adopting a baby.


As reported on Tencent Entertainment, in an interview with the media at the commercial shoot of a skincare brand she endorsed, the actress said, "I would encourage Sammi to do so. Ever since I adopt my son, others have been very motivated to do the same."


"I am very happy with this development, as a child will really brighten up your day. When my son says "Mummy, I love you", it really touches my heart," said Irene, who adopted her son Xavier back in 2010.


On the subject of her acting jobs, the 48-year-old actress revealed that she will begin filming two movies in the near future.


"I will return to mainland China to film a movie called "70,80,90" and play one of the girls from the '70s who learns everything about love and life. Then I will be shooting another movie, with a new director, called "Love in Deep Autumn"," said Irene.

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Sunday September 14, 2014 Hong Kong







Jackie Chan, who once stated in an interview that his passion for music has never stopped, recently revealed that he is considering singing the theme song for his upcoming film "Dragon Blade".


As reported on Tencent Entertainment, the actor, who attended the Chinese Film Festival held in Bucharest, Romania recently, stated that the theme song for the movie has been composed and ready to be recorded, but the singer has yet to be determined.


"I was considering whether I should sing it myself or not. I hope to surprise you all," said the actor during an interview.


Jackie also spoke about the production of the movie, saying that he has invested more than RMB 400 million (USD 65.2 million) for the project, and that the movie is scheduled for release during the Lunar New Year next year.


In related news, the actor has been awarded the Honorary Ambassador of Chinese Film alongside Zhang Ziyi at the festival.

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Ruco Chan finds filming "Cheung Po Tsai" hard

Friday September 12, 2014 Hong Kong







Ruco Chan recently lamented the harsh filming environment for upcoming big-budget series "Cheung Po Tsai", saying that Raymond Wong has made a good decision to walk away.


As reported on Oriental Daily, Ruco, who attended the promotional event for his recently premiered series "All That is Bitter is Sweet", revealed that he has already filmed several scenes before Tony Hung, who was called to replace Raymond after the latter was diagnosed with Behcet's Disease, starts filming his parts.


"It was difficult. I was standing in the sun ten hours a day," said Ruco, when asked about filming progress. "Though I have not passed out yet, I am physically drained. A few actors had even fainted on the second day of work!"


Ruco revealed that he has already lost four to five pounds and is half dreading going to Shanghai in November for some outdoor filming.


"It should be snowing by then, so it's like we are battling ice and fire for the drama. I just can't take this anymore and I hope Tony will start working as soon as possible," said Ruco.


Meanwhile, the actor expressed his happiness that "All That is Bitter is Sweet" received favourable rating of 28 points since the premiere, and promised to wear small swimming briefs at Linda Chung's poolside party if the series ..... (article cut to save bandwidth)

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Friday September 12, 2014 Hong Kong






Despite movie producer Tiffany Chen's legal threat, actor-turned-filmmaker Stephen Chow seemed unfazed with the recent issue that stemmed from an article written about his personal life and career, and continued his focus on the casting progress of his upcoming film "Mermaid".


According to a report on HK Top Ten, the director, who was given ten days to clarify the infamous article that made allegations about Charles Heung's ties with the mob, clearly has not been affected at all by the threats or even the backlash from other celebrities.


Concentrating his full attention on the pre-production of his upcoming film, Stephen will also be attending the next elimination round to find the perfect girl to play his mermaid.


Meanwhile, 13 actresses who have been selected for the next stage of the audition have begun the special mermaid training at a Shenzhen hotel.


Actress Barbie Liu, one of the actresses selected for the next stage of audition, said that the training was quite difficult, as they had to learn to swim using only their hips and legs like a mermaid. However, she is confident with her talent to get through to the next round.


Four will be chosen from the elimination round and only one will finally get the coveted role in the end.

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Taiwanese singer Cyndi Wang sparked plastic surgery rumours when she posted a selfie on her microblog. Netizens commented that her jawline looks significantly sharper and smaller as compared to her past photos.

Her boyfriend, Yao Yuan Hao, declared at a sports brand's press conference, '(she) really hasn't gone under any plastic surgery!' sharing that he also looks significantly different from five years ago. 'I've seen my female friends go under the knife and they always have wounds on their face. Plastic surgery requires a recovery period and her schedule is so full that she definitely has no time for it.'

Cyndi previously admitted that plastic surgery rumours affect her, with Yuan Hao admitting that she has been feeling rather low as of late. As a dutiful boyfriend, he has been consoling with her with his words, 'They're jealous that you're too pretty and take too good care of yourself.'

He shared that he does not oppose girls going under the knife, as long as it gives them more confidence and does not affect their health. The two admitted to rekindling their romance in 2013 but Yuan Hao stressed that the two are putting the focus on their respective careers and that marriage is not yet on the cards.

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The jury is still out on the fate of Kai Ko's entertainment career, with the spotlight being put on his upcoming movie, Tiny Times 4. The actor starred in three prequels in the wildly popular franchise, which also stars actresses Yang Mi and Amber Kuo.

Director Guo Jingming attended the press conference of an upcoming Guangdong Television reality show, Road to Star, on which he will be one of the three judges. In response to queries on whether Kai's scenes will be retained in the final version, he expressed that no decision has been made yet but that there is a possibility that his scenes may be partially or even fully cut from the film. He stressed that they will do their best to allow viewers to watch the full movie.

He also revealed that he has spoken to Kai recently, but it was on a wholly personal context. He declined to comment if he had found a replacement for the 23-year-old actor.

Taiwanese singer Annie Yi, who divorced Harlem Yu in 2009, was also revealed to be one of the judges. In her first public appearance after her high-profile proposal from fiancé Qin Hao, she was grilled on whether she got pregnant deliberately in order to force the marriage on him.

She rejected all rumours and declared that she will not give birth to any children outside of marriage. When probed further on her wedding day, she coyly quipped, 'I won't tell you.'

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The heartthrob, who recently registered his marriage, met his ex, Janine Chang, at a movie press conference


We bet Taiwanese-Canadian actor Mark Chao wished he could avoid attending the press conference for upcoming movie Black & White: The Dawn of Justice, in which his ex-girlfriend Janine Chang also has a role in.

The two, who were present at Wednesday's press conference in Taipei, appeared awkward throughout the session and did not speak to each other at all.

It is the first time former couple, who had dated for a year, are meeting since Mark registered his marriage with Chinese actress Gao Yuanyuan in June.

When speaking with the media, Mark, who has been playing the role of 'Hero' since the first Black & White drama in 2009, revealed that his secret to maintaining his looks is to 'remove make-up well and completely'.

Speaking of his 'weight gain', the 30-year-old explained it was due to 'swelling from the lack of sleep' but he feels happy despite his busy schedule lately.

The actor also revealed he has been seeing less of Yuanyuan due to work but they call and text each other and meet up whenever possible.

The couple has yet to hold a banquet but Mark shared that it won't be anytime soon as he is still busy.

He added, 'We will find time and let you guys know,' then joked that he is open to inviting everyone present to the banquet.

While Janine gave her well-wishes to her ex-beau on his marriage, she is not keen on getting married yet.

She said, 'It's too early for me but I'm happy for him. If time permits, I will (attend his banquet) but if I have work then I can't.'

Mark Chao wants to have babies soon
Mark Chao and Gao ..... (article cut to save bandwidth)

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Korean boy band BIGBANG's youngest member Seungri was reported to be involved in a car accident at 3.34am this morning (Sept 12). According to Korean media KBS, the 23-year-old singer-actor was driving his Porsche along the North Riverside Expressway in Dongbuichon-dong, Seoul, when he collided with a Mercedes Benz. The impact caused Seungri's car to hit a guardrail and overturn.

Seungri, along with three passengers in the Mercedes Benz who sustained light injuries, were rushed to a nearby hospital for treatment.

After news of the accident broke, BIGBANG's agency YG Entertainment quickly released a press statement: 'It is a relief that Seungri was unhurt in the accident. But just to be sure, he will be admitted to the hospital to receive a full check-up.'

The YG representative also emphasised that the accident was not caused by drink driving.

Prior to the accident, BIGBANG attended the launch party of 'NONA9ON', a new apparel brand collaboration between YG Entertainment and Samsung Everland.

The popular quintet is slated to perform with their labelmates, including PSY, 2NE1, EPIK HIGH and WINNER, at YG Family 2014 Galaxy Tour: Power in Singapore concert this weekend.




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<p><img src="" width="300" height="300" alt="Lee Min Ho" title="Lee Min Ho" class="img1"/></p>
<p>Korean actor Lee Min Ho, who recently became the ambassador of massage chair brand OSIM for NT$40 million (approximately S$1.68 million), arrived in Taiwan last night, after attending an event in Shanghai during the day.</p><p>Greeted by throngs of fans at the airport, <em>The Heirs</em> star headed for the hotel Grand Hyatt Taipei, where he was housed at a presidential suite worth NT$200,000 (S$8,400) per night.</p>
<p>According to Taiwanese media, Min Ho's fans reportedly had to purchase OSIM products to attend an exclusive fanmeet held today. As a result, over 1000 OSIM products were sold, raking in NT$59.8 million (S$2.51 million) worth of sales revenue for the company.</p>
<p>After making his appearance at the press conference and fanmeet, Min Ho will fly to Thailand for an event organised by a Korean fried chicken chain restaurant tomorrow.</p>
<p>The actor will be in Singapore for an OSIM Meet &amp; Greet session at Causeway Point on Sept 27. Stay tuned to xinmsn for more updates!</p>
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<p><img src="" width="533" height="400" alt="Lee Min Ho" title="Lee Min Ho" class="img1"/></p>
<p class="abs">Min Ho gave a big hug to an excited fan in Shanghai.</p>
<p><strong>Related story:</strong><br/><a class="opennew" href="">Lee Min Ho wants to play a 'sunny character'</a></p>
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