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Last year, after news broke out about Sire Ma being the third party of Wang Zi Qi and wealthy upper-class woman, Laura's relationship, she was immediately frozen by TVB. Who knew that shortly after Sire resumed work again that a video of her doing a sexy dance would be leaked. The video appears to be filmed in a hotel, with Sire doing a sexy provocative dance. In the half-minute clip, short-haired Sire Ma is wearing sexy lingerie, which reveals all two "private parts", using all she has to "tease". With the background music, Doris Day's "Perhaps Perhaps Perhaps", she danced to the camera, and even spread her thighs, twisted her hip, touched her breasts, etc. A series of sexually flirty actions, definitely very daring. Afterwards, four more photos of her baring her "three points", and a photo with Sire Ma's head on a half naked body, lying on a bed, touching her own breasts were also leaked onto the internet. Some people suspect that the photo of Sire lying on a bed may be photoshopped, and that Sire's body doesn't seem to be as "plentiful" as the photo's. 

This afternoon, TVB's Commercial Communications co-director, Tsang Sing Ming expressed that he was in a meeting all morning, so he is not clear of the situation. Until dawn, Tsang Sing Ming faced reporters again, and expressed that he has already spoken with Virginia Lok about the situation, and said that standing in TVB's perspective, the company also feels that the situation is very serious: "Although the photos and the video happened in the past, but we still have to handle the situation." He admitted that they have immediately stopped all of Sire's jobs on hand, including hosting her entertainment ..... (article cut to save bandwidth)

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0724-00282-033b1.jpg?t=1406147073739Ekin Cheng, Lawrence Cheng, Jase@C AllStar
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Finally the cafe scene has been completed. As we evacuated from Po Hing Fong, we realized that the neighborhood was already used to having our team there. They missed us even more than I missed them, as countless photos were taken. Neighbors of Po Hing Fong and Pound Lane, thank you for accepting us......


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_24MB001_.jpgChin Wa plays a principal who insists on continuing despite only having 3 students left, Chu Nui (left), Kitty (second right) and Jenny (right)_24MB002_.jpgChin Wa cools down with a little fan in yesterday's high heat_24MB005_.jpgFor Chu Nui's 5th birthday, her parents, Chin Wa and producer Benny Chan present her with a birthday cake_24MB004_.jpgThe only 5 or 6 years old girls in the film are energetic and cute_24MB003_.jpgChin Wa takes a bicycle for a joy ride
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Miriam Yeung Chin Wa yesterday worked on the film NG GOR SIU HAI DIK HAU JUENG (FIVE CHILDREN'S PRINCIPAL) in Tsuen Wan. Bonnie Wong Wai Man who played a cleaning lady made fun of her for only having three students in the scene. Yesterday the temperature reached 34 degree Celsius. Playing Principal Lui in the film, Chin Wa and her students Chu Nui, Jennie and Kitty had to wear long sleeve clothes for winter scenes. Thus they immediately cooled down with a little fan when they were not in the shoot.

Chin Wa worked on the film in Tsuen Wan. When she was not in a scene she took a bicycle for a fun joy around the set.

Yesterday was one of the child actor Chu Nui's fifth birthday. Chin Wa and Chu Nui's parents, producer Benny Chan Muk Sing and the team presented a birthday cake during lunch to celebrate with her. "Little classmates" Siu Suet, Jennie, Kitty and Ka Ka also sang birthday songs. Chu Nui was all smile and even gave Chin Wa a kiss.

With five children, Chin Wa admitted that at ..... (article cut to save bandwidth)

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The Nick Cheung Ka Fai directed and starred HUNGRY GHOST RITUALS (YU LAN SUN GUNG) after less than two weeks in release accumulated HK$10,191,113 at the box office, successfully broke the 10 million mark and many ghost film box office records. With Macau, its box office reached HK$11,183,891. As the director Ka Fai was very excited and thanked Hong Kong viewers for supporting domestic creativity.

Ka Fai recalled last year when he shot a night scene in which a female ghost in red appeared in a building, a group of students happened to pass by. Suddenly he pointed at the building and yelled, "Behind you!" The students saw a female ghost in red in mid air, screamed and ran. Ka Fai said, "This sudden scare is exactly the feeling that I want! Now I have pulled it off! This first filmmaking experience that received everyone's support was truly very encouraging. I hope next time will be even better." HUNGRY GHOST RITUALS not only received Hong Kong and Macau audience's enthusiastic support. Earlier an advanced screening was held, not only viewers showed their support with facial masks but also film critics praised the cast for their outstanding performance.


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International superstar Donnie Yen Chi Tan's father Yen Wan Lung earlier celebrated his 75th birthday and 52th golden wedding anniversary in Boston. 300 friends and family members from around the world came to celebrate. Papa Yen before retiring worked at the Sing Tao Daily Boston office. Sing Tao News Group CEO on the day of the party sent a thank you letter and an "excellent achievement award" to honor Papa Yen's 34 years of contribution to the Sing Tao Daily Boston office.

Yen Chi Tan, his wife Cissy Wang and sister Yen Chi Ching planned this party for two months, inviting around 300 friends and family members from Hong Kong, Europe, Canada and California to Boston to share the joy with Papa and Mama Yen. Cissy Wang's parents also attended to congratulate their in laws.

Before Papa Yen retired he worked at the Sing Tao Daily Boston Office for 34 years and deserved a lot of credit for the newspaper's increasing advertising business. Even after retirement he still provided a lot of valuable suggestions to the Group. Sing Tao News Group thus on the day of the party sent Papa Yen a thank you letter and an "excellent achievement award" to honor him for his tireless and devote contribution of excellence to the newspaper content and business for 34 years. Papa Yen was elated and it was joy upon joy for him.

Chi Tan's three children Jeff, Jasmine and James attended. Jeff at Cissy's encouragement was the host and even sat next to Cissy all night. Jasmine and James sang and dance. James even entertained the guests with kung fu.

Chi Tan thanked his father for raising him during the speech. Since childhood he ..... (article cut to save bandwidth)

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The Hong Kong actress reportedly does not intend to marry her boyfriend due to her mum's objection


Three years into their relationship, Hong Kong celebrity couple Tavia Yeung and Him Law was recently rumoured to be tying the knot soon. However, Tavia emphasised during an interview last week that she is prioritising work at the moment and will not be walking down the aisle anytime soon.

After Tavia and Him started dating in 2011, the latter's ex-girlfriend, Cantopop singer Theresa Fu, publicly accused the actor of his abusive and philandering behaviour. At that time, Tavia actively spoke up in defense of her new beau, shedding light on their budding May-December romance.

Since then, the lovebirds have been in a stable relationship and are said to be cohabiting currently.  Him, whose parents divorced when he was young, had always wanted to settle down early. In a recent interview, the 29-year-old hinted that wedding bells are ringing soon as 'preparations are underway'.

Following Tavia's denial of their wedding plans, many believe it to be Him's one-sided wish. Sources further revealed that the TVB actress lacks a sense of security due to her boyfriend's mediocre career and his reputation for being flirtatious. But the biggest objection is said to have come from her mother, who has yet to accept Him as a future son-in-law.



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Jolin Tsai's name was craftily inserted into Vivian Dawson's new endorsement by the advertisers


Taiwanese diva Jolin Tsai recently made a free 'appearance' in her boyfriend, model-actor Vivian Dawson's property advertisement.

The couple has been dating for four years, since Vivian, 30, was still an unknown male model. This year, he finally had his first big break through the popular Chinese movie Tiny Times 3, which garnered favourable response in Mainland China.

His new-found popularity helped bag two endorsements in China, which are estimated to bring him TW$29 million (approximately S$1.22 million) in earnings.

As the pronounciation of his Chinese name, 'Jin Rong', is similar to the name of a housing estate in Kaohsiung, he was offered a million-dollar endorsement deal for the property.

The ad was printed on newspapers recently. In order to attract attention, the advertisers sneakily inserted Jolin's name into the body copy through a clever pun ' thus getting the singer to 'endorse' their product without forking out the TW$8 million (approximately S$330,220) that Jolin, 34, usually gets for an endorsement.

When Vivian found out about this on Monday, he declared that he was not told of the advertiser's crafty move. His manager also claimed that they have already contacted the other party; the advertiser has agreed to pull the advertisement and change the body copy.

Jolin is currently busy preparing for her new album, and her manager declined comment on the issue.



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Barely four months after Taiwanese sweetheart Rainie Yang and boy group JPM member Prince (Qiu Shengyi) ended their relationship in March, it seems the two lovebirds have found their way back to each other.

An insider revealed that although Rainie, 30, initiated the breakup as they have been spending most of their time apart, Prince did not give up on her. In fact, he became even more persistent in wooing her than before, paying extra attention to her news and inviting her to his birthday party in April. Rainie eventually appeared at the special event, sparking rumours of their reconciliation.

On July 9, reporters spotted the 25-year-old heartthrob bringing supper to Rainie's house late at night, only leaving at 2p.m. the next day.

That's not the only time he was spotted there. After Rainie attended a party with her friends on July 10, Prince personally drove her home, and once again stayed until 2p.m. the next afternoon. A day later, he returned to Rainie's home, where they stayed together for the next three days.

When asked to comment on the matter, Rainie's manager responded that the singer is currently single. She claimed that Prince's presence at Rainie's home was due to a housewarming party that she was holding after moving house recently, while Prince's manager declined to comment on the artiste's private life, claiming that he is not clear about Rainie and Prince's current relationship status.


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He dabbles in magic tricks and occasionally performs them for fans at his concerts or on TV programmes, like CCTV's Spring Festival Gala in 2011.

Jay Chou is reportedly so fond of the craft that he intends to throw a magic-themed wedding in January next year. A move which was said to be inspired by his judging stint on Chinese reality show, The Great Magician, which is set to air this weekend.

The show will see nine magicians pairing up with nine celebrities, and participants will learn magic tricks and perform it with their mentors. Jay, the magic enthusiast, was said to have met with six magicians in private to discuss the details of a performance too.

When Jay's manager was asked to verify rumours of his plans to throw a 'magical' wedding, the latter confirmed that the superstar is currently preparing for a magic segment in the CCTV show, but did not comment if he'd be showcasing his talents during his wedding.




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SEOUL: Actor Kwon Sang-woo and his wife of six years, actress Son Tae–young, are expecting their second child, reported Korean media.

Son’s management agency confirmed that the actress is 11 weeks pregnant and will give birth sometime in February next year.

The baby is the couple’s second child - Kwon and Son already have a 5-year-old son.

Son had just completed work on a drama and will reportedly take a break to prepare for the arrival of her child.

Kwon is currently in the midst of shooting the drama Temptation alongside actress Choi Ji-woo.

He plays a married man who is stuck with a massive debt after his business fails in the drama. His character agrees to submit completely to the will of a wealthy heiress, after she promises to pay off his debt in return.


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