The Chinese diva took the train in Taiwan to the airport before returning to Hong Kong


Despite the media attention given to the reconciliation between Hong Kong celebrity Nicholas Tse and Chinese diva Faye Wong, the latter was spotted taking the train in Taiwan yesterday without chartering the entire carriage.

Although bodyguards stood by, the public was allowed to move freely throughout the carriage unlike her pregnancy rumours with only a smile.

The actress stopped at Songshan station before transferring to a mini van which took her to the airport. She then travelled to Hong Kong and coincidentally, Nicholas was at the airport there.

When asked where he was flying to, he said, 'I don't know,' leading to speculations that the lovebirds will be spending time together in Hong Kong, especially after it was said that Nicholas has taken a month's leave from work.




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The prosecutors did not find any evidence of Lee Byung Hun's alleged affair with Lee Jiyeon


GLAM's Da Hee and Lee Byung Hun

GLAM's Da Hee and model Lee Jiyeon have been charged by Seoul Prosecutors' Office for blackmailing actor Lee Byung Hun, reported Korean media.

Earlier reports stated that the two girls had threatened to release a video clip of him drinking and engaging in 'sexual conversation', in exchange for 5 billion Korean won (approximately S$6 million).

Investigations showed that the trio first met during a dinner gathering on Jul 1 and they hung out together for drinks after that. Da Hee and Jiyeon then devised a plan to obtain money and a house from Byung Hun by recording a video of his drunken behaviour.

Refusing to cave in to their threat, Byung Hun immediately informed his agency and reported the girls' actions to the police.

Sources further revealed that Da Hee and Jiyeon had been cash-strapped due to the lack of work opportunities. The GLAM member is said to owe her company 300 million Korean won (S$360,000) for the prolonged period of non-activity.

In addition, the prosecutors did not find any evidence of Byung Hun's alleged affair with Jiyeon. The 24-year-old model previously claimed that she had blackmailed the actor out of spite, after he suddenly called it quits on their three-month relationship.

To prevent complicating things, Byung Hun has chosen not to reveal more details of the case. The IRIS star is expected to attend the hearing in court.


Lee Byung Hun and wife, actress Lee Min Jung


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Hong Kong actress Sonija Kwok was spotted outside a gynaecology clinic with her mother last Thursday. However, it seemed that Sonija did not make an appointment as she was unaware that the clinic was closed that day. After making a phone call for confirmation, the 40-year-old left for lunch, but appeared to have poor appetite.

Afterwards, Sonija and her mum met up with two property agents to view a luxurious apartment on Prince Edward Road. Half an hour later, the company of four moved on to check out another unit which is valued at an even higher price.

Despite donning on black baggy pants, the actress, who appeared to have put on weight, was seen with a small baby bump, sparking rumours that she is in the early stages of pregnancy.

Earlier this year, Sonija told reporters that she would be trying for a second baby with her husband, Chinese martial arts choreographer Zhu Shaojie when filming wrapped for her new drama Under the Veil. The couple tied the knot in 2011 and gave birth to their daughter Kylie in the following year.



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The former Girls' Generation member told her side of the story in an official statement


Following her shocking exit from popular Korean girl group Girls' Generation yesterday, Jessica released an official statement via her fashion label BLANC this morning.

In the statement, the 25-year-old singer said that she was 'one-sidedly asked to leave the group' due to the conflict of interest between her newly established business and Girls' Generation activities, despite previously coming to an agreement with her agency S.M Entertainment and fellow members, one month ago.

According to Jessica, while she was planning for the launch of BLANC in August, the aspiring designer had sought permission from S.M and understanding from her fellow members. In early September, however, the eight members allegedly held a meeting and told Jessica to choose between her business and Girls' Generation.

Emphasising that she had 'never neglected Girls' Generation's activities', Jessica explained that she could not pull the brakes on BLANC just one month after its launch, due to the contract with her business partner. Jessica had another meeting with S.M. on Sept 16, to gain approval for her continuation with both her business and Girls' Generation.

However, despite her best efforts to come to a compromise, she was suddenly served a notice of departure from Girl's Generation on Sept 29, which prevented her from attending a fanmeet in China on the next day and subsequent Girls' Generation activities from then on.

In the press release, Jessica reiterated that Girls' Generation is "the best thing that ever happened to me" and was heartbroken to have been forced out of it after she devoted 15 years to it. She added that her exit was an outcome which she did not wish for and apologised to the fans for causing concern.

'I've always treasured Girls' Generation and I will continue to do so. Thank you ..... (article cut to save bandwidth)

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The couple does not rule out flash marriage, and are said to be looking for an apartment in Hong Kong


Following the attention-grabbing reconciliation between Hong Kong actor Nicholas Tse and Chinese diva Faye Wong last week, the two are said to be looking for an apartment in Hong Kong in preparation for a flash marriage ' something they did not rule out.

Nicholas and Faye had reportedly gone to see a fortune teller 14 years ago, when they first dated, who said the latter was rescued from a river by the former, and Faye never doubted that.

After her divorce with Li Yapeng last year, the 45-year-old went on pilgrimage to India where she was enlightened that her marriage with Yapeng was 'to repay her debts from her previous life'. There is someone else ' whom she believes is Nicholas ' waiting for her.

Now that they have reunited, Nicholas will be taking a month's break to spend time with Faye and to find an apartment which will be convenient for their future dates.



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Jessica has issued an official statement on being ousted from SNSD.

On October 1, Jessica revealed her own statement about SNSD through a press release.

"On September 29, I was told by the company to leave SNSD, and I couldn′t hide my confusion and pain," said Jessica. "Despite my hard work and dedication for the team, I was given a notice to leave the team from the company.′

Regarding her new fashion business, BLANC, Jessica stated, "Since the beginning stages of the business preparations until recently, I have sufficiently discussed and received understanding from SM and the members on more than one occasion."

"I′ve received agreement and permission to do business at the same time, and began my business while receiving congratulations from the members."

"However, a month after the launching, the members suddenly changed their stances early September and called a meeting, and without a proper reason, told me to either quit my business or leave SNSD."

"More than anything, I was greatly hurt and couldn′t hide my sorrow after being told to leave SNSD by my company and members, with whom I′ve poured out my passion and affection for more than 15 years, just because I started a business."

The following is the full statement.

Hello, this is Jessica.

On September 29, I was told by the company to leave SNSD, and I couldn′t hide my confusion and pain, so I decided to reveal my stance.

During my time as a SNSD member, SNSD promotions have always been my top priority ahead of my personal life or business. But despite my hard work and dedication to the team, I was given notice to leave the team from the company.

Since the beginning stages of the business preparations until recently, I have sufficiently discussed and received understanding from SM and the members on more than one occasion.

From early ..... (article cut to save bandwidth)

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Two young women accused of blackmailing acting star Lee Byung-hun will face trial. They are a member of a K-pop girl group identified by her surname Kim (20) and a model surnamed Lee (25).

The pair allegedly threatened to publish a video clip in which the actor is heard to make lewd remarks unless he paid them W5 billion (US$1=W1,056).

Prosecutors say the two women met the actor through a mutual friend who runs a club. They were in need of money. Two days after they first met, they secretly recorded the actor while drinking at the model's house.

Since Lee met them several more times, the model became convinced he was attracted to her. Prosecutors learned that the women believed Lee would agree to buy the model a home and give her cash if she went out with him.

On Aug. 14, the actor visited the model's home and she asked him to buy her a house where they would be able to be alone together, but Lee sent her a message instead saying they should stop seeing each other.

On Aug. 29, the model invited Lee to visit her home and concocted a scheme to videotape him hugging her but was unable to get him to do that.

The two women then told Lee that they had videotaped him making lewd comments and warned that releasing the images would damage his reputation. They showed Lee a portion of the video and placed a large bag in front of him, telling him to pay them W5 billion.

Lee immediately left the house and called the police. The two women were arrested on Sept. 1.

Chosun Ilbo

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After news of his hospital discharge, Seungri of Big Bang has reportedly been checked back into the hospital.

According to insiders, Seungri's doctors had recommended for him to stay hospitalised last weekend. However, due to ongoing police investigations for the car crash he was involved in, not to mention necessary preparations for Big Bang's performance at the 2014 Incheon Asian Games, he was discharged early. The singer reportedly fainted due to a high fever, and was readmitted into the hospital for emergency treatment.

Due to his health, Seungri will not be joining his group mates for the 17th Incheon Asian Games closing ceremony performance. He will focus on receiving the necessary treatment for his car accident injuries for the time being.

KBS Global

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1001-00282-025b1.jpg?t=1412114564911Before this scene both Chau Sun and Ah Sa have to drink to calm their nerves1001-00282-025b2.jpg?t=1412114562088Tough guy Anthony Wong gives flowers to Ah Sa1001-00282-025b3.jpg?t=1412114498364Charlene Choi is paired with Anthony Wong again due to Lee Po Cheung's new film
courtesy of
Artist Charlene Choi Cheuk Yin and Best Actor Anthony Wong Chau Sun in the Lee Po Cheung directed film GANGSTER PAY DAY (DAI CHA FAN) played a couple with an age distance. Ah Sa stated that she had certain pressure from being paired with Chau Sun. "Playing a couple with Brother Chau Sun I of course had a lot of pressure. At first I was a little worried. Luckily his acting was amazing. As soon as he took his mark he was able to provide me with very manly and very tender look, which immediately triggered my romantic feeling."

In one romantic scene at a bar, Ah Sa needed to lean on Chau Sun's lap. The atmosphere was warm. She said, "This scene was very challenging. I had to speak to him from the heart without holding back. Before the shoot we had to drink to settle down. Chau Sun's famous good acting very easily brought me into character. Actually after the first take the director said fine, but I felt I could do even better. So I asked for another take." Chau Sun even said that shooting this romantic scene was even more difficult than shooting the fight scenes.

With his tough guy image, Chau Sun in GANGSTER played his tender side. He not only was romantic with Ah Sa but also gave flowers. He said that he ..... (article cut to save bandwidth)

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1001-00282-007b1.jpg?t=1412115211629Nick Cheung predicted that Nicholas Tse and Faye Wong would get back together.  Nicholas Tse jokingly calls him "more accurate than Mak Ling Ling".20141001fp04.jpgcourtesy of singtao.com_01MA005_.jpgNick Cheung wears black, saying that as a pure Hong Kong kid he cannot ignore the protests
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Best Actor Nick Cheung Ka Fai yesterday appeared at a watch exhibit. He revealed that he was preparing to direct again, as he planned to make another horror film. He said, "The subject would be the same as the previous one, both are about ghosts. However it will add in comedy and human elements. I want to focus on directing so I haven't decided whether I would perform."

Reportedly Ka Fai will work with Nicholas Tse Ting Fung on the film. Ka Fai said that he was still reading the script and has not confirmed production.


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