HKTV's political drama The Election wins the youth vote


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Hong Kong's first publicly elected chief executive is killed on the night of the poll; a candidate for the top job is caught having extramarital affairs; the leader of a pro-Beijing party tries to manipulate his way to victory despite being turned away by forces from north of the border.


The plots sound familiar but this political reality exists only in HKTV drama The Election, which is already wining the hearts of critics and young viewers. The series premiere was uploaded on Wednesday when the internet television station was launched and has been hailed for delivering an alternative to the output of major free-to-air player TVB, often criticised for staid dramas.


Critics said the drama, which touches on the dark side of politics, is a breakthrough after a decade of lacklustre television.


"Although political shows are common in American and Japanese TV, politics has been a taboo in Hong Kong's television entertainment," said Saville Chan, producer of award-winning film The Way We Dance. "The show's subject matter itself is already a breakthrough. And the fact it is set in Hong Kong creates a lot of room for imagination."


The Election charts the chief executive race in 2022. One of the candidates is the leader of the patriotic party and Legislative Council chairman Sung Man-shan, played by Liu Kai-chi. He was promised by forces above Hong Kong that he would be made chief executive, but the promise was never delivered as a seemingly weaker candidate was elected, despite being caught cheating on his wife. Sung then plots to turn the situation around to realise his ambition.


On the other hand, Yip Ching (Angelica Lee Sinje), widow of the chief executive who died in a car crash on the night he ..... (article cut to save bandwidth)

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Saturday November 22, 2014 Hong Kong







 "Tiger Cubs 2" actress Linda Chung has recently been awarded with the Long-Term Employees' Service Awards of Excellence.


According to On CC News, the actress, who made her TVB debut after winning the Miss Chinese International Pageant back in 2004, received her medal of honour for her decade of loyalty to the station.


Quoting the character Chai Kau from "Rosy Business" in her speech, Linda expressed, "How many decades are there in a lifetime? When I arrived in Hong Kong for the first time, I thought I would only be staying for a couple of years and returned to Canada to pursue teaching."


"But Hong Kong is my home now. I might have remained the introverted person that I was if I returned to Canada back then, but now I have become much more talkative," Linda added.


Aside from Linda, other stars who received the ten-year medals include Natalie Tong and Queenie Chu.


Meanwhile, Carlo Ng, Chin Ka Lok, and Lau Dan received the medals for their twenty years of service.

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Saturday November 22, 2014 Hong Kong







Hong Kong-based Cantopop singer Yumiko Cheng has announced that she is more than three months pregnant.


As reported on Wenweipo News, the singer, who married make-up artist Andy Leung in Thailand last year, announced the good news last night at a Christmas event in Times Square.


Unable to conceal her joy of becoming a mother, Yumiko revealed that the first trimester of her first pregnancy has been very smooth with no case of discomfort or nausea usually experienced by first time mothers.


Yumiko also disclosed that her husband has been treating her like a queen since her pregnancy, and while she has yet to experience any cravings, Yumiko joked that she loves the fact that she has the privilege to ask for anything.


Asked if she prefers a daughter or a son, Yumiko said that her husband wants a son, while she hopes to have a daughter.


The singer is scheduled to give birth in April.

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Saturday November 22, 2014 Hong Kong






 Martial arts actor Donnie Yen has recently debunked rumours of conflict between him and "Kung Fu Jungle" director Teddy Chan.


According to Mingpao News, previously, it was reported that Teddy was unhappy with the actor for being absent from the movie's promotional activities.


However, while speaking to the media at a Gucci event in Hong Kong recently, Donnie said that no such thing has happened and that Teddy has even called him to apologise for the rumours.


"Teddy has already clarified the issue, but why didn't the media write about it? There are a lot of more important things out there, so why would you write false reports about me?" asked Donnie.


The actor also stressed that he will definitely make time for promotional activities as it is a part of his responsibility.


In related news, Donnie said that he is currently preparing for his new movie, "Ip Man 3", which will begin filming after Lunar New Year next year.

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Saturday November 22, 2014 Hong Kong

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Last night, artistes Linda Chung, Jess Sum, Natalie Tong, etc. attended a 'Long Service and Outstanding Staff Awards Presentation' held by TVB. Louis Koo, Chin Ka Lok, Carlo Ng, and Lau Dan received a 20-year service award. Linda, Jess, Natalie, and TVB Chairman Norman Leung received a long service award. TVB executives Sandy Yu and Virginia Lok were also in attendance.

Originally Planned to Stay in Hong Kong for Two Years

Linda, who has been working for TVB for ten years, felt happy to receive an award, frankly saying that, in these ten years, she had previously laughed, cried, fallen, risen, and suffered. At the time, after taking part in the pageant, she originally only planned to stay in Hong Kong for two years...did not think about being in TVB for ten years in a flash, even laughingly saying that, if she had returned to Canada then, she should have become a teacher. Linda expressed that, in the next ten years, she hopes to not only perform even more different roles, but also get married within ten years. She said, "Will also get married. In ten years, I am also 40 years old!" Regarding whether seeing Wong Cho Lam propose to girlfriend Leanne Li at the anniversary gala made her feel the need to speed up in getting married, she said no with a chuckle. She thinks that no one can compare to Cho Lam's proposal, laughingly saying that she would get frightened to death if she were to encounter it.

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Friday November 21, 2014 Hong Kong







 Gaile Lok has recently addressed rumours of breakup with alleged New Zealander boyfriend, Cuz.


Previously, the Hong Kong media reported that the former Mrs. Leon Lai has called it quits with her new man, who is also her business partner in Bali.


Allegedly, the model decided to keep herself busy with work in Hong Kong in order to move on from her failed relationship.


However, according to Mingpao News, when asked to comment about the rumours recently, Gaile said, "I don't always talk about my relationship. It's in the past and I will not answer."


When asked if 'in the past' means that they have indeed broken up, which means that they had been dating, Gaile only replied, "No."


In regard to speculations that she deleted her Instagram because of the breakup, Gaile said that she only deleted it because she wanted her photos to be personal.


Asked if she would return to Bali, Gaile laughed and said, "I have many friends there, but it's rainy season there right now, so I haven't returned to Bali."


On the topic of a possible reunion with ex-husband Leon Lai, Gaile said, "I would like to focus on my jewellery business."

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Alan Tam: Let GEM Tang grow and learn!

Friday November 21, 2014 Hong Kong







Hong Kong singer Alan Tam urges the media to give GEM Tang a chance to improve her interpersonal communication.


As reported on Mingpao News, the singer, who attended a press conference for the upcoming 37th Top Ten Chinese Gold Songs on 20 November, made such statement in reference to the controversy surrounding GEM Tang's supposed diva behaviour recently.


Previously, the songstress was accused of being an arrogant diva, not only for her expensive concert tickets that surpass even the likes of senior singers such as Miriam Yeung and Sammi Cheng, but for the attitude of her manager, who threatened to cancel her interview with the media at her recent press conference announcing her upcoming concert.


"It's just a misunderstanding," said Alan. "She is a very good singer, but she still has a long way to go in regard to her social skills."


"She is learning slowly. Give her the opportunity to grow and learn," he added. The singer also gave his two cents about the issue, saying that her management should also learn to be flexible, as she is a public figure who lives in the public eye.


"There are different approaches for different occasions," said Alan, adding that artistes should learn how to face the media and public.


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Friday November 21, 2014 Hong Kong







"Rigor Mortis" director Juno Mak recently revealed that he is currently busy writing the script for a new movie and has plans to invite more senior actors to star in it.


According to Mingpao News, the singer-turned-director, who attended a fashion event on 20 November, revealed, "I will do the screenwriting and also directing for the new movie. It's a crime drama and will be using a lot of CGI."


"We are expecting the filming to begin in summer next year in Hong Kong," he said.


When asked if "Rigor Mortis" senior stars Nina Paw and Anthony Chan will also participate in the film, Juno said that Anthony will serve as the film producer.


"Right now, it's quite a headache, because there are more than 30 roles and I want to distribute them all equally," he added.

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Leanne Li couldn't stop thinking about proposal

Friday November 21, 2014 Hong Kong







Overjoyed by boyfriend Wong Cho Lam's marriage proposal at the TVB Anniversary Gala recently, former beauty queen Leanne Li admitted that she has not been able to sleep thinking about the happy event.


According to On CC News, speaking to the media a day after the actor popped the question, Leanne enthused, "Last night was like a dream. I even watched the broadcast rerun again to relive the feeling."


Leanne laughingly confessed that she may need a week to pull herself together.


Flaunting her 3-carat diamond ring yet again, Leanne said that she wouldn't want to take it off.


"I even went to sleep with the ring on last night. I want to be reminded every day that he proposed to me, though I am also afraid that I might lose the ring because of my carelessness."


It was revealed that the couple will be holding their wedding in Hong Kong.

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Friday November 21, 2014 Hong Kong






While the 48th TVB Anniversary Gala ended with a good note on 19 November, with Wong Cho Lam's marriage proposal becoming the highlight of the event, it was revealed that the Hong Kong Communications Authority has received ten complaints from viewers about the annual TV event.


According to Mingpao News, most of the complaints were about the stars' dresses, as many of them wore low-cuts and backless dresses that showed off their legs and cleavage - deemed unsuitable for public TV.


Aside from criticisms about celebrities' style, many also complained about the show's content being dull and dreary, and was badly produced.


In regard to Wong Cho Lam's surprise proposal to Leanne Li - while it was a touching moment for the couple as well as the audience at the event, viewers cast their suspicion about the proposal's supposed 'surprise' nature.


Some said that Leanne has recently discussed about her wedding preparation in an interview with a wedding magazine prior to the event, and doubt that the proposal was surprising to her.

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