f(x)’s Sulli caught attention by finally making a public appearance.

On October 31, Sulli attended the press conference for the film Fashion King in Wangshimni CGV, about three months after her agency announced on July 25 that she will halt all activities through a press release.

At the time, SM Entertainment had sated, “Sulli will halt all activities for a while as she is emotionally strained from malicious comments and rumors.”

Sulli went public with her relationship with Dynamic Duo’s Choiza about a month after she halted her activities but did not make her appearance during press conference for the film The Pirates.

Aware of Sulli’s situation, the movie production team told the reporters, “We cannot answer questions that are not related to the movie.”

However, despite their concerns, Sulli stood in front of the reporters with a confident and cheery attitude.

She greeted them by saying, “I am Sullli, who played the role of ‘Eun Jin,” and added, “Did you enjoy the movie? I hope you can see me in a good light.” She couldn’t hold in her laugher in between the Q&A session, reflecting her current state of being in a more stable condition.

About how similar she is to her character ‘Eun Jin,’ Sulli jokingly said, “What Eun Jin looks like when she’s ugly is not different from how I look like at home. Eun Jin puts her priority in her school ranking but I tried to express her sincerity through my acting.”

She also said, “The reason I could film The Pirates and Fashion King the same time is all thanks to the director. I’m still thankful that he gave me this opportunity to work with him.”

In Fashion King, Sulli took the role of top student ‘Kwak Eun Jin.’ She will be actively attending promotional events for the film.

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Singer-turned-actress Yoon Eun-hye has closed down her online fan sites just a month after they opened.

After the actress launched Jayami Entertainment, an agency she runs on her own, she opened new websites in September to communicate with her fans.

But she saw a backlash from netizens after considering a lead role in the film “Saranghuae,” which roughly translates to “After Love.” People opposed her appearance in the movie because it also stars Park Si-hoo, who was accused of rape last year by a 22-year-old woman.

Several fans posted comments criticizing Yoon’s agency. The actress then left warning messages, leading people to speculate that Yoon is against her fans who have cheered her on and were worried about her.

Her agency stated that the posts were “only for the cyberbullies.”

Yoon reportedly said that she posted the warning message aimed at the online critics, not at her fans.

JoongAng Daily

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After a scandalous exit from the local entertainment industry, actress Han Ye-seul, 33, will make a comeback in the upcoming SBS weekend drama “Birth of a Beauty.”

Han took a break from acting after landing a lead role in the KBS drama “Spy Myeong-wol” in 2011. A lot of fuss was aroused when she did not appear on set and fled to her parents’ house in Los Angeles while the drama was airing. Due to her absence, the program was cancelled and she was criticized for her irresponsible behavior.

Although she said she had problems with the staff and had suffered under the hectic schedule, Han’s image was tarnished after her departure from the series.

“It was not easy to come back after three years,” Han said at a press conference for the drama.

“I’m not that old, but everyone undergoes ordeals throughout life. It was neither avoidable nor was it my decision. I think the past is not important. I hope the public will focus on my future instead of the past.”

In the series, Han’s character has a head-to-toe makeover including plastic surgery and weight loss after her husband cheats on her.

According to the actress, she chose “Birth of a Beauty” as her comeback because she liked the role. The character does not represent a desire to be beautiful but instead shows how a woman overcomes her husband’s infidelity by achieving beauty, Han said.

Joo Sang-wook, Jung Gyeo-woon and Wong Ji-hye take part in “Birth of a Beauty,” which will start airing Monday.

JoongAng Daily

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Super Junior successfully finished its sold-out concert at the Tokyo Dome in Japan.

Almost 110,000 fans gathered on Wednesday and Thursday at the Tokyo Dome to attend “Super Junior World Tour - Super Show 6.”

The group has held several large-scale concerts at the stadium since 2012. Tickets have sold out every time since the group’s first concert there in 2012.

The group entertained fans in Japan with an array of its hits, from “Sorry, Sorry” to “Mamacita.”

The band’s members also took turns performing solos.

The group also prepared Japanese versions of “Mr. Simple” and “Beautiful Girl.” While all the members tried to perform as best as they could, Japanese fans cheered on their favorite artist and sang along to the Korean songs. They also showed the same energy by holding up huge homemade banners.

The group revealed that its next concert in Japan will be held in Fukuoka on Dec. 20 and it will release the Japanese single “Mamacita” on Dec. 17.

In the meantime, the boy band is performing its “Super Junior World Tour -Super Show 6” in Hong Kong next Saturday at the Expo Arena.

JoongAng Daily

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Friday October 30, 2014 Hong Kong

Source: https://my.entertainment.yahoo.com/news/bobby-au-yeung-film-tvb-series-november-032200081.html






Hong Kong actor Bobby Yeung recently revealed that he will be filming another TVB series in November, entitled "With or Without You".


According to Singpao Daily, the actor, who attended a health event in Causeway Bay on 27 November, revealed that the new series will be a historical drama about Song Dynasty's poet, Su Dongpo.


Joey Meng, Vincent Wong, Alice Chan, and Jacqueline Wong will also co-star.


This is the first time Bobby will be working with Joey Meng, after he had to withdraw from their first project together, "Officer Geomancer", due to scheduling conflict and his previous health problem.


It will also be his first time working with rookie actresses Jacqueline Wong and Harriet Yeung.


Bobby said, "I feel responsible to take care of these little sisters of mine. I heard that they are goofy girls, Joey as well. You have to look after her or she will go missing!"


The 30-episode "With or Without You" is scheduled for broadcast next year.

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Thursday October 30, 2014 Hong Kong

Source: https://my.entertainment.yahoo.com/news/jacqueline-wong-denies-affair-lawrence-ng-060600636.html







 TVB actress Jacqueline Wong has laughed off rumours of an affair with Hong Kong actor Lawrence Ng.


According to Sina's Daily News, while it was rumoured that the actor's marriage failure with wife Shi Yangzi was caused by another man, a new report has surfaced saying that it was the actor who has been having an affair with his 25-year-old "Tomorrow is Another Day" co-star.


Jacqueline, who plays Lawrence's sister in the series, dismissed the rumours as ridiculous. "We are not in contact with each other outside of work. Since he played my brother in the series, we have been more familiar with each other."


The former beauty queen also stressed that she has no interest in married man, and added, "We had done nothing to arouse such suspicion."


Meanwhile, Lawrence stressed that there is no third party involvement in the issue of their marriage.

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Thursday October 30, 2014 Hong Kong

Source: https://my.entertainment.yahoo.com/news/hacken-lee-alan-tam-open-fourth-eatery-061300309.html






 Though their noodle shop in Causeway Bay had a recent drop in sales due to the Occupy Central protests, Hacken Lee and Alan Tam's business continues to soar with the opening of their fourth Starz Kitchen shop.


As reported on Oriental Daily, while speaking to the media at the grand opening of their new eatery on 28 October, located inside The City of Dreams along the Cotai Strip, Hacken said that he is delighted to finally be able to open his own shop in his hometown.


Hacken and Alan also revealed that they are planning to open at least another 20 branches of Starz Kitchen around the world and want to be listed on the stock exchange.


"I want to target Japan next," said Alan. "Japan's ramen is popular around Asia. Now it's the time for wonton as well!"


Starz Kitchen was first opened in Whampoa, in 2012. Its success led to another branch in Causeway Bay in January this year, while the third branch was opened in Shanghai.

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Moses Chan: I want my own football team!

Thursday October 30, 2014 Hong Kong

Source: https://my.entertainment.yahoo.com/news/moses-chan-want-own-football-team-061700370.html






While his wife Aimee Chan would want to wait before getting pregnant again after giving birth to their second son next year, Moses Chan hopes to have his own Chan's football team instead!


According to Mingpao News, the actor, who attended the premiere of his new movie "Dot 2 Dot" recently, stated that there is a likelihood that they will get a baby girl next time around.


"There's a great chance that the next child will be a girl. At this age, the more children the better, as it is a blessing from God. Having a football team would be the best!" Moses enthused.


Asked if his wife would share his enthusiasm, Moses laughed and said, "She is okay with it. It has always been part of the plan. But it's not like we're deliberately trying for a daughter. We just love children very much."


Moses also assured that Aimee will return to showbiz eventually, adding, "The love for her career is still there."

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Source: Wacow @ Blog163 
Translated by: Chloe.C @ http://asianuniverse.net 

Come On Cousin - 老表,你好hea! (EPS 1-5) - 26 PTS (Peaking at 29 PTS)

Tomorrow is Another Day - 再戰明天 (EPS 10-14) - 24 PTS (Peaking at 26 PTS)

Come Home Love - 愛.回家 (EPS 625-628) - 22 PTS

Tiger Cubs II - 飛虎 II (SUNDAY SERIES) (EP 02) - 22 PTS (Peaking at 24 PTS) 

Variety Shows 
TVB Lighting Ceremony 2014 - 創新景點 TVB邁向48年 - 20 PTS

Queen Feast - 女皇的盛宴 - 19 PTS

Scoop - 東張西望 - 18 PTS (WED TO FRI)

Guardians of Life 2 - 守護生命的故事2 - 17 PTS

The Voice 4 - 超級巨聲 4 - 15 PTS

Chef Nic - 十二道鋒味 - 13 PTS

(Nielsen TAM: 1 point represents 64,920 viewers)

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Thursday October 30, 2014 Hong Kong

Source: TVB.com / Jolly的今日星蹤 / HKChannel / KuangaiTVB
Translated by: Chloe.C @ http://asianuniverse.net/forum

TVB's Calendar theme for 2015 this time are the hit "main" series of each month. TVB's Deputy Director, Tsang Sing Ming, denied that the theme this year is due to the company reducing expenses: "It is not saving money. Every artiste took out the time to take these photos just for the calendar, and we even hired an external source for the design. We spent approximately a 7-figure sum for these photos." When the dramas come to air, they will still be making another official poster for the dramas. 26 fa dans and siu sangs head the cover of the calendar. 
Tsang Sing Ming responds: "The calendar can only print 12 dramas, but we have 20+ dramas every year. Like, Myolie's drama "Lady Sour", it will be airing in December, so we did not print it. So we placed her in the cover to make up for it. (Liza Wang, Dodo Cheng are not on the cover?) We have a few hundred people in the company, it is impossible to include everyone."

Myolie Wu, Charmaine Sheh, Ada Choi, Sharon Chan, Selena Li, Tracy Chu, Bosco Wong, Oscar Leung, Ben Wong, Bosco Wong, Ron Ng, Louisa So, Roger Kwok, Louis Cheung, Sammy Shum, Evergreen Mak, Michelle Yim, Nancy Sit, Louise Lee, Maggie Shiu, Samantha Ko, Timmy Hung, Rebecca Zhu, Jason Chan, Wong Cho Lam, Elaine Yiu, Chin Ka Lok




Drama: Young Charioteers 衝線
Him Law, Sisley Choi, Rosina Lam (Lin Xia Wei)




Drama: Come Home Love 愛.回家
Chris Lai, Joey Law, Tsui Wing, Lau Dan, Yvonne Lam, Florence Kwok, Kenny Wong




Drama: Rogue Emperor 流氓皇帝
Kenneth Ma, Benjamin Yuen, Mandy Wong, Brian Tse




Drama: Madam Cutie On Duty 師奶Madam
Edwin Siu, Priscilla Wong, Raymond Cho, Mandy ..... (article cut to save bandwidth)

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