After Girls′ Generation′s Taeyeon′s accident, the Seoul Music Awards organization committee made an official apology.

On January 23, the Seoul Music Awards organization committee posted an official apology on its official website regarding the accident that happened a day before.

The following is the apology letter.

We sincerely apologize for Taeyeon′s accident.

On January 22 at the 24th Seoul Music Awards, held at the Olympic Park Gymnastics Stadium, Taeyeon, member of SNSD′s unit group Taetiseo, was hit with an unexpected accident while leaving the stage. Regarding this, we deeply apologize to Taeyeon, her members, her agency, and fans.

The accident occured after Taeyeon and her members performed Holler upon receiving a bonsang. As they were exiting the stage, the lift, installed on the stage floor, suddenly fell. The signals of the production stage team didn′t match, and the lift dropped about one meter from the 1.8-meter high stage, causing Taeyeon to stumble and fall into the space. Seeing this, Taetiseo members, Tiffany and Seohyun, as well as the backdancers, pulled Taeyeon back up onto the stage. The stage production team explained, ′The event was getting delayed, so in the process of hurrying things up, a mistake happened.′

Following the accident, Taeyeon came down from the stage with the help of the members and was sent to the hospital to get examined. After a close examination, she was told, ′There aren′t major injuries, but her muscles around her waist are a bit startled.′

On January 23, a high ranking Seoul Music Awards organization committee member contacted Taeyeon′s agency, SM Entertainment′s rep once again and deeply apologized to Taeyeon and the members, and promised to cooperate with follow-up actions that need to be taken.

SM Entertaiment replied, ′Taeyeon′s injuries are not that severe, but thank you for your concern.′

The organization committee of the Seoul Music Awards worked hard ..... (article cut to save bandwidth)

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Actor-singer Ryu Si-won's five-year marriage ended on Wednesday as a local court ruled in favor of his wife in a divorce suit, judicial sources said.

The Seoul Family Court ordered Ryu to pay 30 million won ($27,700) in alimony to his wife surnamed Cho, recognizing the actor's responsibility in the marriage's demise, they said.

The 42-year-old actor was also ordered to give 390 million won or 15 percent of the property that he accumulated during the marriage to his wife, according to sources.

The couple married in October 2010 and have one daughter, but began divorce proceedings about two years later.

In 2013, he was accused of planting GPS tracking devices on his estranged wife's car and mobile phone to track her whereabouts, and then assaulting her when she protested the surveillance.

In September last year, the Supreme Court upheld a 7-million-won fine imposed on him for the assault and blackmailing his wife.

Korea Herald

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Actor Lee Min-ho’s first feature film “Gangnam Blues” topped the daily box office upon its release Wednesday.

According to the Korean Film Council, the action-noir film set in the 1970s opened at 684 theaters nationwide and attracted about 152,500 moviegoers on the first day of its release, pushing aside another hit film, “Ode to My Father.”

Unlike “Ode to My Father,” which is rated PG-12, “Gangnam Blues” is rated R.

In “Gangnam Blues,” Lee plays the role of Jong-dae, an ambitious yet impoverished youth who lives through a time when the nation was under a city redevelopment project.

The film, directed by Yoo Ha, is also the finale of a trilogy that illustrates the history of Gangnam, which has now has become synonymous with wealth.

The other two movies that are part of Yoo’s “Gangnam” trilogy are “Spirit of Jeet Kune Do: Once Upon a Time in High School” (2004) and “A Dirty Carnival” (2006).

JoongAng Daily

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The original creator of the TV drama “Hyde, Jekyll, Me” accused the screenwriter of “Kill Me, Heal Me” on Wednesday of plagiarizing his work.

“I was the first to come up with a story about a woman who falls in love with a man who has multiple personalities,” Lee Chung-ho, the creator of the cartoon series the drama is based on, said on his Twitter account.

Lee also described that “Kill Me” was the result of “stealing.”

Both the Wednesday-Thursday drama series center on male protagonists who are suffering from multiple personality disorders.

Actor Ji Sung of “Kill Me” has seven different personalities while Hyun Bin, pictured below, of “Hyde, Jekyll, Me,” an adaptation of Lee’s web cartoon series, has two starkly different personalities.

Lee’s webtoon was first published in 2011.

“The planning stage for our drama series began about a year ago,” MBC, the broadcaster behind “Kill Me,” told the Korean news agency Edaily on Thursday.

“And last fall, we came to realize that there would be another drama similar to ours. That was when we heard about the webtoon series [of Lee].”

The production team of “Hyde” released a statement on Thursday that said Lee’s Twitter message is his own personal opinion and does not reflect the stance of the whole production team.

The first episode of “Hyde,” which aired Wednesday, has been greatly anticipated because it features actor Hyun.

The last drama Hyun starred in was “Secret Garden” in 2010.

It earned 8.6 percent of the nationwide viewership rating, slightly lower than “Kill Me, Heal Me” at 9.5 percent, which airs in the same time slot.

JoongAng Daily

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Despite a recent romantic scandal for actor Hong Jong-hyun, Hong and his fictional love counterpart Yura, a member of girl group Girl’s Day, will keep appearing in the reality TV show “We Got Married,” in which celebrities pair up and experience imaginary marital life.

Sun Hye-yun, a producer of the TV show, did an interview with a local Internet news agency Mydaily on Friday and said, “Hong said he is not in a relationship. We have no plans to postpone a scheduled shoot next week for Hong and Yura.”

On Thursday night, some local news agencies reported that the 25-year-old actor is dating Nana, a member of girl group After School.

The news outlets added that the two have been dating each other for seven months and they could develop their relationship further. The two both began their careers as fashion models.

But both Hong and Nana have denied the romantic rumors by saying they are just friends.

Celebrities who star in reality shows like “We Got Married” sign contracts to confirm they are single and will not be seeing someone during the production of the show.

But one of the show’s previous stars, actress Oh Yeon-seo, walked off the show in 2013 after photos of her with actor Lee Jang-woo were published by a local news agency.

The actress was appearing in the reality TV show paired up with Lee Joon, a member of K-pop boy group Mblaq.

“We Got Married” first began airing in 2008.

The Saturday prime time reality TV show is considered a rite of passage for gaining stardom for newbie actors, actresses and singers.

JoongAng Daily

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Actor Kim Young-kwang of the drama series “Pinocchio” and Sandara Park, a member of girl group 2NE1, will pair up for a new online drama series, according to Kim’s agency.

Web drama “Dr. Mo’s Clinic” is a joint project by Korean and Chinese production companies. It is slated to be unveiled in March.

The show will be televised through Naver TV Cast in Korea and will air on Youku in China, the nation’s largest video-streaming website.

Each episode will be between five and 20 minutes long.

Since online dramas are usually seen on smartphones, they are often called mobile or web dramas.

In the joint venture, Kim will play the role of Mo Yi-an, a psychiatrist who runs his own clinic. A romantic comedy unfolds when he begins to counsel a lovelorn woman named So Dam, played by Park.

Park has played supporting roles in a few films in the past, but this is the first time she has acted in a lead role.

The mobile series will be directed by Kwon Hyuk-chan, who has produced hit dramas including “A Gentleman’s Dignity” (2012) and “Secret Garden” (2010).

JoongAng Daily

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It's been one fine start to the new year for CNBLUE's leader Jung Yong-hwa! After the release of his first solo album, "One Fine Day", Jung has topped iTunes charts all over the world.

Following the album drop on January 21st, "One Fine Day" was at number one on iTunes charts in Hong Kong, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, and Thailand. It was number two in Japan, and number three in Indonesia.

The music video for the song "One Fine Day" also topped the Chinese video site Yin Wei Tai's V-Chart. He also collaborated with Singaporean singer-songwriter JJ Lin for the song "Checkmate", which topped the Singaporean music site KKBOX.

KBS Global

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After being under the suspicion of harming his ex-girlfriend, Kim Hyun Joong has been summarily indicted.

On January 19, Seoul District Public Prosecutors′ Office revealed that it has summarily indicted Kim Hyun Joong for causing physical harm to former girlfriend, A, and is seeking 5 million won in fines.

An affiliate of the District Prosecutors′ Office told Newsen, "Kim Hyun Joong has been summarily indicted after he hit his girlfriend, A, in May of 2014, requiring two weeks to recover, and again, in July during a verbal dispute, leaving her with an injury requiring six weeks to recover."

"In July, he was charged for these two accounts of assult, but the lawsuit was dropped."

The affiliate explained, "While the overall assault case was settled, the two accounts of assault that can′t be prosecuted by law were not indicted, and regarding the injuries and harm caused by the attacks, they were summarily indicted."

In August of 2014, A filed a lawsuit against Kim Hyun Joong for repeated assaults. Kim Hyun Joong initially countered A, but in the end, apologized, leading the ex-girlfriend to drop the lawsuit.


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 MS Team Entertainment announced Monday that Lee Min-jung, the wife of Lee Byung-hun, is 27 weeks pregnant.

“(The agency) was cautious in announcing (Lee Min-jung’s pregnancy) due to the recent unsavory developments,” the agency said in a statement.

“(Lee Min-jung will) try to do what is best for the family.”

Lee Min-jung is due to give birth in April, and she plans to stay in Korea to make preparations, the agency said.

The news comes as the scandal and court case revolving around her husband head to a conclusion.

Lee Byung-hun was recently at the center of a highly publicized court case in which he was blackmailed by model Lee Ji-yeon girl group GLAM member Kim Dae-hee.

The two, who were sentenced to jail terms, attempted to extort 5 billion won ($4.6 million) from Lee Byung-hun using a video clip in which he is heard making lewd advances to the model.

The model said that she had been romantically involved with the actor, but the court threw out her claims, saying that she had only dealt more damage to Lee Byung-hun by sticking with the story.

KPOP Herald

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Korean actor Hyun Bin said his role for the forthcoming television drama “Hyde Jekyll, Me” would be more demanding than his previous stints, citing the absence of a reference character.

Hyun touched upon his role at a news conference for the drama held in Seoul on Thursday, together with his counterpart Han Ji-min.

Hyun, one of the leading actors in Korea, boosted his public profile with his role in the SBS drama “Secret Garden,” for which he took Ha Ji-won’s acting as a reference.

Unlike “Secret Garden,” Hyun said there is no reference character he could rely on, which he believes will make it tough to play. As the title suggests, “Hyde Jekyll, Me,” portrays the life of a man with split personalities, with its first episode slated for Jan. 21.

KPOP Herald

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