Wednesday September 17, 2014 Hong Kong







Hong Kong actress Carman Lee recently revealed that she lost RMB 1 million (approximately USD 162,591) in a phone scam in China.


As reported on Apple Daily, Carman disclosed that the incident happened to her manager Ali, who received a call from a person claiming to be an official and saying that Carman was suspected of money laundering and drug trafficking.


The person also provided a telephone number of the Security Bureau for her to call, and after failing to get through to the number, Ali then received a call from a person who identified himself as an investigation officer.


The person requested Ali to log on to a website that showed her the accurate details about Carman, including passport number and date of birth, and told her that the actress would be arrested the moment she arrived in Beijing.


After being asked to assist in the investigation, Ali followed the instructions of the so-called investigator, only to realise that all of Carman's savings were stolen from her account not long after.


The actress revealed that she has already made a police report, and reminded everybody not to fall victim to such a scam.


"A lot of people said that it would be hard for me to get my money back, but I do harbour ..... (article cut to save bandwidth)

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Ella Koon diagnosed with Bell's Palsy

Wednesday September 17, 2014 Hong Kong







Ella Koon revealed that she has been diagnosed with Bell's Palsy.


As reported on Phoenix News, the singer recently captured the media's attention when she appeared at an event looking stiff on the right side of her face. She was also seen tearing in one eye from the strong spotlights.


Ella then revealed that she suffers from Bell's Palsy, a type of paralysis that resulted in facial drooping due to a damage of the facial nerves.


The singer pointed to the right side of her face and revealed that she cannot even blink her right eye, let alone make a lot of movement.


"It happened last week when I woke up to drink water and realised that the water trickled to the floor. I thought I had a stroke and was so scared. But after visiting a neurologist, I was told that one of the nerves was damaged," Ella disclosed.


"Aside from not being able to close my eyes, I also have difficulties eating and drinking water. I have to put on surgical tape on my eyes when I have to sleep and can't pronounce certain letters, like B and P," she said.


According to Ella, who has been having flu and fever recently, the doctor told her that it ..... (article cut to save bandwidth)

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Felix Wong denies raising funds for wife's treatment

Wednesday September 17, 2014 Hong Kong







Hong Kong actor Felix Wong have been making a lot of public appearances recently, sparking rumours that he has been working hard to raise money for his wife Leung Kit Wah's medical bills. However, the actor recently said that this is far from the truth.


As reported on Mingpao News, while speaking to the media at the press conference announcing the SAA Marathon, Felix revealed that his wife is already insured and that they didn't need to spend a cent for the cancer treatment.


"My wife has worked in insurance for 20 years and the whole family has bought insurance. Everything, from the surgery to hospitalisation, as well as the treatment, will be borne by the insurance company," he said.


Daughter Adrian also clarified that the reason her father has been appearing in a lot of commercial events was because he received more offers to do so.


"I think that's how the misconception started. But as a family, we all work very hard. Even when my mom is home, she would be working away," said the actress.


On the subject of Leung Kit Wah's health, Felix said that his wife is getting better, though it will take her a while along with a lifestyle adjustment to recuperate.

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Wednesday September 17, 2014 Hong Kong







After being romantically linked to actress Ankie Beilke and Linda Chung, Ruco Chan is now rumoured to be dating Chinese actress Katy Kung.

As reported on HK Channel, speculations of their relationship sparked recently when it was reported that the "All That is Bitter is Sweet" actor has turned down an offer to appear at a Buddhist function and has chosen to go on a date with the 24-year-old actress instead.


On 9 September, the two stars were spotted having a meal at a hot pot restaurant, along with good friends Matt Yeung, Jason Chan and Sarah Song.


Though they were observed to be enjoying each other's company, both Ruco and Katy's mood changed when they noticed the presence of paparazzi. Ruco hurriedly left the premise with Katy without finishing his meal.


Allegedly, Ruco pursued Katy after failing to court Linda, his co-star in both "Brother's Keeper" and "All That is Bitter is Sweet" due to her relationship with martial arts actor Phillip Ng.


However, when asked to address the rumours, Ruco denied that he and Katy are in a relationship. "We are only friends. It's impossible for me and Katy to be together."


The actor also revealed that the so-called hot pot date was arranged by Jason Chan and was just an ordinary get-together.


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Stephen Chow selects six candidates for "Mermaid"

Wednesday September 17, 2014 Hong Kong







After stage after stage of casting processes, Stephen Chow has finally chosen the final six candidates for his upcoming new film "Mermaid".


According to Mingpao News, on 15 September, the last stage of the casting was held in Shenzhen, with 13 selected actresses preparing to wow the director and the casting crew with their talent.


The audition was divided into three parts. The first part entailed the actresses to show various expressions and movements according to instructions, the second part involved them wearing mermaid costumes to show off their physique, while the third part required the actresses to remove their make-up and show their natural faces.


After the auditions, Stephen presented awards to six of the candidates, Chinese actresses Yinyin, Lin Yun, Xu Zhenzhen and Sun Jialing, as well as Hong Kong's very own Kabby Hui, and Japanese star Linah Matsuoka.


The director also complimented the actresses for their performances and eagerness to show their best. He revealed that his favourite audition was the make-up removal segment, saying that some girls looked prettier without cosmetics.


However, Stephen quickly left the audition and did not hear questions about his conflict with movie producer Tiffany Chen and her husband, China Star's Charles Heung.

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South Korean boyband EXO members Tao, Sehun and Suho spent the recent Mid-Autumn Festival together on a holiday to Sanya, China. However, their vacation was interrupted by 40 stalker fans who followed them throughout the trip.

Frustrated, Tao took to Weibo to reprimand these fans. He wrote: 'Happy Mid-Autumn Festival. I really don't know what to say anymore. Following us from Korea to our destination? Fine. But now you are following us all the way to our accommodations. Don't go overboard!'

Tao's post drew both supportive comments and criticism. Some people agreed that 'stalker fans have no right to invade their idols' privacy', while others felt that the singer, as a public figure, should not publish such remarks. The 21-year-old deleted his post shortly after.

According to Hong Kong media, Tao was so angry that he got off the car and waved a wooden rod at the fans. Yesterday, a netizen who claimed to be an eyewitness of the event gave an account of the incident. 'The person who held the rod was a paparazzo. The photo [of the rod] circulating on the Internet was also taken by the paparazzo,' she explained.


Screenshot of Tao's Weibo post.



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The Hong Kong actress-singer returned to her ex-beau after her affair with Oxide Pang was exposed


After disappearing from the public eye for more than three months after her affair with Hong Kong director Oxide Pang was exposed, Liddy Li was spotted with her ex-boyfriend last Friday in Hong Kong.

The two spent more than 40 hours together including dinner at The News Room Diner. Her ex, who coincidentally looks like Oxide, was also seen giving her a kiss on her hand. They then retired to the actress' apartment, which was reportedly rented by Oxide previously for their rendezvous.

The couple, who have seemingly reconciled, went on another date the next afternoon where they were seen behaving intimately. It is believed that Liddy has decided to make a clean break from Oxide.

In May, murdering his neighbour, who accused Liddy of being 'a third party'.




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BEIJING: Action star Jackie Chan’s son Jaycee Chan has been formally arrested, announced Chinese authorities on Wednesday (Sept 17).

Investigations are ongoing, reported Chinese media. Chan has been charged with providing a venue for drug use, a criminal charge which carries a penalty of up to three years in prison.

Jaycee Chan has been in police custody for over 31 days now. Taiwan actor Kai Ko, who was detained alongside Chan on Aug 14 and charged with drug consumption (a civil charge), was released at midnight on Aug 28.

Ko has reportedly decided to go back to school following his release, after holding tearful media conferences in China and Taiwan to apologise for his actions.


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Rumors based on Instagram postings have spread during the last few days concerning the alleged attempt to blackmail actor Lee Byung Hun. The rumors focus on an alleged relationship between the actor and one of the two women blackmailers. There is also speculation based on an Instagram posting by Lee Byung Hun's wife, actress Lee Min Jung.

The alleged blackmailers were said to have asked Lee Byung Hun for $5 million or they would reveal video footage of a conversation that he had with them. In this conversation, he reportedly discussed comments of a sexual nature. Lee Byung Hun reported the incident to the police

The two women were later identified as GLAM member and actress Dahee and model Lee Ji Yeon. The women claimed that the blackmail attempt occurred because Lee Byung Hun had a three-month relationship with Lee Ji Yeon and suddenly broke it off. The break-up, they say, prompted her to act emotionally.

Lee Byung Hun denied the relationship, saying the women were merely mutual friends of one of his friends. He said that he met them in June but became wary of their ongoing financial problems and decided not to see them again. He said that he never met Lee Ji Yeon alone.

However, Instagram photos surfaced in the past week that some say support the model's claim to a relationship. They show gifts that were supposedly given to her by the actor. They include a wine bottle from a South American winery he was known to visit and a phone model that he advertised for. Whether the gifts were actually given to her by Lee Byung Hun cannot yet be confirmed. Nor do the photos confirm the nature of their relationship. The account owner does say that every time "Lee Santa' comes over, he brings presents. When ..... (article cut to save bandwidth)

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Hallyu actress Park Shin Hye made headlines for being seen visiting her friend Lee Eun Sung, the wife of controversial 90's singer Seo Tai Ji.

On September 15, several reports were released stating that actress Park Shin Hye was seen visiting her friend Lee Eun Sung in a postnatal clinic.

Lee Eun Sung is the second wife of 90's musician Seo Tai Ji, who was previously married to actress Lee Ji Ah. Following their divorce, Seo Tai Ji married Lee Eun Sung on June 2013, and they became parents on August 2014.

Due to the controversial nature of her friend's marriage and pregnancy, Park Shin Hye was lauded for staying by her friend's side regardless of the negative press surrounding her situation.

According to a representative from Park Shin Hye's agency, "Park Shin Hye and Lee Eun Sung have been friends since Park Shin Hye acted in 'Stairway To Heaven,' and Lee Eun Sung acted in 'Sharps.' They became close friends because of their similar ages."

They added, "Park Shin Hye is the type of person who maintains her friendship, and she still keeps in touch with Lee Eun Sung after all these years. We are aware of their close friendship."

Finally, they said, "We confirmed with Park Shin Hye that she indeed visited her friend Lee Eun Sung in the postnatal center, and although she did not discuss the trip in detail, she said that she enjoyed her visit, and she made wonderful memories."


Meanwhile, Park Shin Hye is confirmed to star in the upcoming drama "Pinocchio."

KDrama Stars

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