Actress Nam Sang-mi is set to co-star in the upcoming television drama “Joseon’s Gunman” opposite actor Lee Jun-gi.

The new drama is expected to start airing on Wednesdays and Thursdays on KBS in June, following “Golden Cross.”

This is the first reunion in seven years for the two stars who also appeared together in the 2007 drama, “The Time of Dogs and Wolves.”

In the new drama, Lee will play the last swordsman of the Joseon Kingdom (1392-1910) who goes on to become a hero after he embraces the use of a Western rifle.

Korea Times

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Kim Jae-joong of the K-pop group JYJ will return to the small screen in “Triangle.”

The new drama is expected to air after the current MBC drama “Empress Ki” ends in May.

The first official teaser for “Triangle” was released showing Kim, who plays one of the three brothers, along with actors Lee Bum-soo and Im Si-wan. The drama depicts the story of the three who meet each other again 20 years after being separated at a young age. Kim’s character is depicted as a third-rate gambler in the drama. His last drama, “Doctor Jin” in 2012.

Co-starring actresses include Baek Jin-hee, who recently concluded her role “Empress Ki.”

Korea Times

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Hallyu star Bae Yong-joon, famous for starring in “Winter Sonata” back in 2002, is heading to the Chinese variety program “Take You to the Star,” according to local reports yesterday.

Bae will appear on the first episode of the program, where he will talk about his past work and acting principle.Actor Kim Soo-hyun, of the megahit drama “My Love From the Star,” will also appear on the first episode.

The rest of the five-episode program will shed light on Korea’s entertainment industry by showing interviews with Korean actors and revisiting classic dramas.

Industry insiders are speculating that Bae’s recent decision to appear on the Chinese variety show implies that he is intent on entering the Chinese market in the future.

Previously, the program confirmed the appearance of Song Seung-heon, Kwon Sang-woo and Kim Hee-sun.

JoongAng Daily

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Actress Ha Ji-won has joined the list of celebrities who have donated W100 million (US$W1,039) each to help the victims of a ferry which capsized last week, according to the Community Chest of Korea on Monday.

"Ha was especially saddened by the fact that most of the victims were teenagers," her management agency said, adding that the actress hopes her donation can help the bereaved families in some small way.

Chosun Ilbo

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The 15th Jeonju International Film Festival has canceled its main red-carpet event and various street performances in line with the somber mood across the nation after a ferry tragically sank off the southwest coast last Wednesday.

"As a way of extending our sympathy and condolences to the victims of this tragedy and their families, we will scale down the film festival," a spokesperson said on Tuesday.

The Sewol was carrying over 470 passengers when it capsized in the waters off Jindo on April 16. About two-thirds of those on board are feared dead, with about 150 still missing as of Wednesday.

"The major events we decided to cancel have been organized for over a year by our hardworking staff. But as the nation is in a state of mourning we feel duty bound to show our support for the families in the face of such a massive loss of life," the festival staffer said.

The opening ceremony on May 1, a red carpet event scheduled for May 7 and receptions following the opening and award ceremonies have all been axed. Street performances were supposed to be held throughout but have also been canceled. The film festival will run from May 1 to 10.

Chosun Ilbo

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While the entire nation is swept up in the tragic Sewol ferry sinking, Leessang's Gil was caught drinking and driving.

The 37-year-old rapper had his license revoked after being caught drinking under the influence in the Hapjeongdong area of Seoul on April 23rd at around 12:30 AM KST. His BAC was reportedly at 0.109%.

Gil issued an apology, stating that he would take some time off to reflect on his disappointing actions, especially actions that come at such a sensitive and somber time.

Shortly after, the production team of the variety show "Infinity Challenge" announced that Gil would be leaving the program that he had been a long-time regular cast member on. The network apologized for the negative news during a time of mourning and further explained that Gil was the one to announce his departure from the show for a period of self-reflection.

All future episodes yet to be aired with Gil will be edited to not trigger any more negative reactions. The program will continue with just six members for the time being.

KBS Global

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Wednesday April 23, 2014 Hong Kong
Source: The Sun
Translated by: Chloe.C @

On Monday night, Eric Tsang treated the "The M Club" cast including Loletta Lee, Carmen Ng, Lawrence Ng, etc to a banquet, eating hot pot while watching the first episode broadcast of the drama. Eric promised that if ratings are good, he will treat the cast to a vacation: "If ratings break 40, round the world trip. 35 PTS, we go to Europe, 30 PTS, Asia. 28 PTS, we'll go to Cheung Chau! If its 26 PTS.... find Chow Chow! Find "Chow Gong"! (means to go to sleep)
(Will there be a sequel? ("tim sik" 添食) After a round the world trip, there won't only be a sequel ("Tim sik"), they'll even have more children! ("Tim Ding" 添丁)" (play on words in Chinese)
Loletta Lee laughed: "I wouldn't mind! But I better just wait for grandchildren instead!" She expressed that her daughter is already 17 years old, currently studying in Canada. She does not mind if her daughter dates. Venus Wong, who plays the younger version of Loletta Lee, was not able to attend the banquet, however the day before, she was caught making out with Eric's son, Derek Tsang on the streets; therefore she was accused of only getting this drama opportunity because of her boyfriend. Venus' manager did not deny that the two were dating, but expressed that Venus does not know Eric personally. Yesterday, Derek accepted a phone interview and admitted that he was indeed dating Venus, but supported his girlfriend by stating that she earned the opportunity with her hard work. Asked why they did not publicize their relationship? He said: "We didn't hide it ..... (article cut to save bandwidth)

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After he shot to fame as 'Professor Do' in hit drama You Who Came from the Stars, Korean heartthrob Kim Soo Hyun has been shuttling all over Southeast Asia for fan meetings and numerous work commitments.

His schedule is nothing if not jam-packed. In a span of two days Soo Hyun attended Samsung's promotional event for the Galaxy S5 in Beijing last Friday, made appearances at a Hyundai car show in Beijing, and attended an event for a skincare brand in Vietnam on April 21.

The 26-year-old will be resuming his promotional activities for skincare brand BEYOND in Hong Kong today, and has been paid TW$39 million (approximately S$1.65 million) to do so.

Numerous fans were waiting to welcome their idol when Soo Hyun touched down in Hong Kong at night yesterday. However, the actor did not pause to interact with his fans and only bowed to acknowledge their presence before he left the scene hastily in a vehicle.

Before he checked into the presidential suite at The Mira, a hotel located in Tsim Sha Tsui, the management team booked two whole floors in order to ensure that he would not be disturbed.

Soo Hyun is slated to appear at a fan meeting today, after which he will do a store visit in Causeway Bay. To ensure his personal safety, the Hallyu star has 150 security personnel escorting him around during his five-minute visit to the store.

Soo Hyun is said to be pocketing an estimated TW$876 million (approximately S$3.7 million) in earnings from his stopover in Hong Kong.

And it doesn't end there. After he completes his activities in Hong Kong today, Soo Hyun will be setting off for Indonesia, where he has a fan meeting in ..... (article cut to save bandwidth)

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Taiwanese girl group S.H.E member Selina Jen turned up as the spokesperson for a facial product yesterday. Having recovered from burns she sustained from an accident in 2010, she revealed that she has recently been into exercising, and that her waist has even slimmed down by two inches.

She was in such a jovial mood that when a reporter commented that she lost weight, she thrust the microphone in front of the person and jokingly asked her to repeat the comment again.

Selina revealed that she has recently fallen in love with working out, and would cycle for 30km, run and play badminton once a week with her husband. 'I feel good!' she exclaimed.

The actress would stare at herself in the mirror every day and imagine herself having abs. What's more, her husband has secretly entered the 'slimming competition' with her, and has also been hogging the mirror.

Although she did not weigh herself, an act that she dislikes, she proudly said that her stylist found that she could no longer fit into the clothes that she lent her previously.

As the spokesperson for facial products, Selina admitted jokingly that despite her natural beauty, she still has to battle the ravages of age, and will not rule out doing minor cosmetic surgeries in future, if the technology used is advanced enough.


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Tuesday April 22, 2014 Hong Kong

Cantopop singer-actress Stephy Tang recently joined the Habitat for Humanity China organisation to build homes for the families in Guangdong.

As reported on Singtao Daily, the singer joined Chinese singer Terence Siufay and Macau-based singer Vivian Chan to participate as a volunteer for the "Youth Build 2014 - Guangdong Build", a project that is committed to raising awareness and taking action to tackle poverty housing in the region.

Working hard on the project with 150 other volunteers at the construction site, the Hong Kong star, who has no complaints for all the hard work she has been doing, said that this is the time for young people to learn be responsible for the needy.

"We are encouraging people to help those in need. The other volunteers and I work together to rebuild homes for these villagers so that they can have a place to call their own and regain hope," said Stephy.

Stephy also revealed that she has learned a lot of new skills while working with Habitat for Humanity, including how to build homes and digging ditches.

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