Nicholas Tse prepares for second season of "Chef Nic"

Tuesday September 2, 2014 Hong Kong







 With the success of his food travelogue, "Chef Nic", Hong Kong multi-hyphenate Nicholas Tse revealed that he is already in negotiation for a second season.


As reported on Mingpao News, speaking to the media at the promotional event of his new movie "But Always" in Kowloon Bay recently, Nicholas revealed that the second season will have a different format than the first one.


"I have spent ten months on post-production of the first season, so now I am considering shooting the programme in restaurants instead," he said. "We will be searching different food culture this time around."


Asked if he will be inviting superstars in the second season as well, Nicholas said that he hope that his guests would not feel that they have made the wrong show.


"I hope they would feel like they are the main feature of the programme, and isn't on the show just for play," he said.


The first season, filmed in several countries including Singapore, Australia, France and Italy, already featured some of the most popular guests, including Joey Yung, Jackie Chan, Fan Bingbing, Nick Cheung and Nicholas' own father, Patrick Tse.

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Source: KuangaiTVB
Translated by: Chloe.C @ 

Black Heart White Soul - 忠奸人 (EPS 26-30) - 29 PTS (Peaking at 31 PTS) 

Rear Mirror - 載得有情人 (EPS 6-10) - 27 PTS (Peaking at 31 PTS)

Come Home Love - 愛.回家 (EPS 580-584) - 24 PTS 

Shades of Life - 我們的天空 (EP 06) - 20 PTS (SUNDAY DRAMA)

Variety Shows 
Miss Hong Kong Pageant 2014 Semi-Finals - 2014香港小姐競選準決賽 - 23 PTS (Peaking at 25 PTS) 

Eating Well with Madam Wong - 吾淑吾食 - 21 PTS

Nowhere Girls - 沒女大翻身 - 20 PTS

Scoop - 東張西望 - 20 PTS

Street Sorcerors 2 - 街頭魔法王2 - 17 PTS

Neighbourhood Ghost Stories - 區區有鬼故 - 11 PTS

(Nielsen TAM: 1 point represents 64,920 viewers)

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20140830fp04.jpgcourtesy of singtao.com_30MC003_.jpgChin Kar Lok performs with his daughter in his arms_30MC002_.jpgKar Lok kisses his daughter_30MC001_.jpgJordan Chan, Jerry Lamb, Ekin Cheng, Michael Tse and Chin Kar Lok show up in superhero costumes
courtesy of
The two show "Summer Pop Live in Hong Kong 2014 Young and Dangerous Concert" two nights ago wrapped up at the Hong Kong Coliseum. On this rare occasion for the YOUNG AND DANGEROUS quintet to be together, everyone was very reluctant to part as they broke down in tears on the stage. In the end they even had a water gun fight on the stage. Chin Kar Lok even brought his daughter to the stage and publicly thanked his wife Angela Tong Ying Ying.

This time the concert coordinated with the Summer Pop theme, as the quintet performed Alan Tam Wing Lun and Leslie Cheung Kwok Wing's classic hits. Jordan Chan Siu Chun even made fun of Alan's dance steps. The quintet then took turns break dancing and then impersonated Aaron Kwok Fu Sing, as they performed IRON CURTAIN TEMPTATION they took turns being propped up. When Siu Chun made a pose he accidentally hit Michael Tse Tin Wa. The five also mentioned that the Hong Kong Coliseum was everyone's collective memory. They gave special thanks to "Father of Concerts" Cheung Yiu Wing and dedicated the song GOOD SONG DEDICATED TO YOU to the late Uncle Yiu Wing. During the encore segment, the five turned into the "Justice Avengers" as they wore Batman, the Flash, Iron Man, Superman and Spider-Man costumes to perform EXTREME SPEED. They also flexed their muscles for poses. Siu Chun ..... (article cut to save bandwidth)

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0830-00282-002b1.jpg?t=14094996606300830-00282-002b2.jpg?t=1409499657856Mother Ko breaks down in tears0830-00282-003b1.jpg?t=14094996366580830-00282-004b1.jpg?t=1409499590863Manager Angie Chai asks the media to raise their left hand to be sworn in0830-00282-007b1.jpg?t=14094995330000830-00282-007b2.jpg?t=1409499520296When Ko Chen-Tung arrives at the hotel he ducks to avoid cameras0830-00282-007b3.jpg?t=14094994883380830-00282-007b4.jpg?t=1409499485391Ko Chen-Tung remains silent in the vehicle20140830fp01.jpgcourtesy of singtao.com_30MA003_K.jpgKo Chen-Tung gets choked up as he says, "This is an ugly scar that will be with me for the rest of my life."  _30MA002_K.jpgKo Chen-Tung deeply regrets using drugs and promises not to anymore_30MA007_K.jpgKo Chen-Tung got no sleep at the hotel the night before as he blamed himself for his wrongdoing_30MA001_.jpgAfter 14 days under administrative detention, Ko Chen-Tung bows in apology as soon as he appears in his Beijing press conference_30MA005_.jpgKo Chen-Tung does not blame Jaycee Chan, only himself for making a wrong choice_30MA009_.jpgKo Chen-Tung sobs several times as his father comforts him with tissues_30MA004_.jpg_30MA601.jpgKo Chen-Tung waves and bows to the media as he and his parents ..... (article cut to save bandwidth)

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The actor is said to be seriously considering enlisting after investigations conclude


Taiwanese actor Kai Ko has remained under the constant scrutiny of the media ever since news of his Taiwan after being released from his two-week detention.

Newest reports have confirmed that the 23-year-old was summoned to provide hair and urine samples to determine if he has abused any other drugs. The star admitted to having his first taste of marijuana two years ago and has tried it on eight occasions, all of which were in the confines of bosom buddy Jaycee Chan's home.

The test results will be released by the Criminal Investigation Department of the Taipei City Police Department in a week's time. After which, Kai will be tried accordingly. He will be ordered to attend psychological and drug treatments if the test results show that he has only used marijuana and he will have to bear all costs.

If any other substances are detected, he faces a two-month stint at rehab and up to three years in jail.

His manager Angie Chai has expressed that regardless of the result, Kai is highly likely to step out of the spotlight for the time being and either return to his studies or enlist in the army.

While rumours of his two-year ban from the Chinese entertainment industry have yet to be addressed, it has been confirmed that movie Tiny Times 4, of which he plays a main role, will hit the big screen as scheduled.


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The S.H.E member is set to take up the task of hosting the prestigious annual event


Looks like things are going Selina Jen's way. The S.H.E member, who has bravely returned to showbiz after solo concert are in the works.

With the 49th Golden Bell Awards just around the corner, the question of who will be hosting the prestigious event was finally answered when Selina and Taiwanese entertainer Sam Tseng were announced to be the emcees of the annual event.

The 32-year-old was reportedly surprised after finding out about the appointment, declaring that 'it feels unreal and as though I'm dreaming', gushing that she looks forward to collaborating with Sam. The two have previously worked together to host Taiwanese variety show Super Citizen and were lauded for their great chemistry on-set.

The Golden Bell Awards is considered the Taiwan equivalent of the Emmys and will take place on October 18 and 25 for the broadcast and television categories respectively. All nominations will be announced on September 18. Sam and Selina will host the second show.

This year's ceremony will be produced and broadcast by China Television and be held in Taipei's Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall.

Sam hosted the glitzy awards show with fellow television host Janet Hsieh two years ago but the pair was slammed for their apparent lack of chemistry, with Janet being blasted for her aloofness. He also hosted the ceremony four years back.

The 46-year-old quipped, (I'll take the appointment) with a calm mindset and will strive to give the audiences an eye-opening experience while treading carefully to remain in Selina's husband's good books.'


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20140902fp04.jpgcourtesy of singtao.com0902-00282-040b1.jpg?t=1409633876857Karen Mok climbs onto the piano for Uncle Yiu Cheung to relive the moment0902-00282-040b2.jpg?t=14096338731950902-00282-040b3.jpg?t=1409633816741Alan Tam reveals that every time back stage at the Hong Kong Coliseum, Unlce Yiu Wing would talk about horses with him.0902-00282-040b4.jpg?t=1409633793145Joyce Cheng shares the Hong Kong Coliseum stage for the first time with Adam Cheng0902-00282-040b5.jpg?t=1409633790428Miriam Yeung opens the show
courtesy of
The two show Father of Concerts Yiu Wing Hong Kong Coliseum Show two nights ago performed its final show. Many singers participated on this two night event. Two nights ago Alan Tam Wing Lun, Hacken Lee Hak Kun, Miriam Yeung Chin Wa, Andy Hui Chi On, Karen Mok Man Wai, Mayday, Sally Yeh, George Lam Chi Cheung, Adam Cheng Siu Chau and his daughter Joyce Cheng Yun Yi. Andy Lau Tak Wa even closed the show. Alan and Hacken performed many classic fast songs to bring the show to its climax.

Lam Chi Cheung performed EVERY MINUTE NEEDING YOU. He said that he missed Mr. Cheung's raspy voice the most and even impersonated Uncle Yiu Wing on the spot. He flt that everyone should follow Mr. Cheung's example in life. He felt that he has gone to Heaven and Ah Lam performed TRIUMPH IN THE SKIES. Tai Chi and Maria Cordero jammed. Fat Ma joked, "You organize concerts for (Anita) Mui Yim Fong, (Roman Tam) Law Man, (Leslie) Cheung Kwok Wing, (Danny) Chan Pak Keung and others first, there are a lot of singers down there waiting for you. I will be down there soon?!" Chau Guoon two ..... (article cut to save bandwidth)

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20140902fp07.jpgcourtesy of
The Ann Hui On Wa directed, Tang Wei starred new film THE GOLDEN ERA has not been released yet but already has been invited to be this year's Venice Film Festival closing film and selected for the Toronto Film Festival "Master Class" segment. To coordinate with the film's October 1 simultaneous global release, they earlier met with the media in Hong Kong and shared their production experience.

The film was about the short life of one of the four great female writers of the Republic era, Xiao Hong. Tang Wei admitted that playing a real legendary figure was difficult. "Because Xiao Hong was a real personality, she experienced everything that a woman would experience. With that era's backdrop, the performance was somewhat difficult." Ann added that the so-called real referred to no gimmick and no exaggeration, thus the role was hard to play. Tang Wei of course was able to meet her demands. Tang Wei mischievously said, "Thank you!" Speaking of Tang Wei, Ann said, "Tang Wei's appearance is very gentle and graceful, she also has quite a character and a very unique aura. Her acting has always been publicly recognized as good. Thus the writers, the producers and I already have her in mind long ago. (You once said that Tang Wei's personality and aura resembled Ruan Lingyu?) My meaning is not referring to any resemblance in appearance. Her fate also absolutely has no connection to Ruan. I only suddenly thought of Ruan in sorrowful films like THE GODDESS with a rhythm that was a little like Tang Wei's; she would not have any expression for a very, very long time, suddenly she would be able to perform ..... (article cut to save bandwidth)

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20140902fp06.jpgcourtesy of singtao.com0902-00282-004b1.jpg?t=14096333111560902-00282-042b1.jpg?t=1409632995161courtesy of
Aaron Kwok Fu Sing, Maggie Shiu Mei Kei, Elaine Jin (Kam Yin Ling), Patrick Tam Yiu Man and Yeung Sze Man yesterday attended the Philip Yung Chi Kwong directed new film DAP HUET CHUM MUI (STEP IN BLOOD TO FIND PLUM) production start worship ceremony. Playing a veteran cop Sing Sing wore glasses, dyed his hair white, grew facial hair and hunched over a little. The complete opposite of his usual handsome image, he also said that the costume brought him into characters even easier.

Sing Sing said that this was the first time he grew his facial hair out this long in his film career. He grew it for two or three weeks. Everyday he had to spend a lot of time on dying his hair white. His character would be different from his usual energetic self. Thus he reduced his exercise rate in half so he would be a little more solemn. He said that the great sacrifice this time was no big deal because he loved film and this script was good. However acting with glasses affected his vision and made his farsightedness worse. Would this look affect his courtship after work? He said that he would be very focused at work and would not have much personal activities. However this was the oldest look in his film career, he joked that no one would recognize him if he went to the supermarket and department stores like this. They might even lend him a hand!

Sing Sing has already completed the film THE MONK, which Jaycee Chan (Fong Cho Ming) was also a part ..... (article cut to save bandwidth)

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0902-00282-051b1.jpg?t=1409632857746Max Zhang, Tony Jaa
courtesy of
SPL II (SAT POR LONG) after many months of production from Hong Kong to Thailand finally officially wrapped. The team arrived in Thailand in mid June, director Soi Cheang Po Shui, producers and actors worked in the heat. Although the production was tough everyone got along very harmoniously and established trust. Under a cheerful atmosphere they completed the production as scheduled. As everyone knows, Thai food has a lot of varieties. Aside from the traditional Thai dishes, Thailand also had fresh seafood. Thus even with the tough production the team still received a lot of good food in return. When the production neared its end, everyone was a little reluctant to part because it was very rare to run into a production team that was like a family. Everyone could not miss a big group photo as they looked forward to the film release.


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