The Hong Kong actor, who recently reconciled with Faye Wong, still believes in love


In a recent interview, Hong Kong celebrity Nicholas Tse, who recently reunited with Chinese diva Faye Wong after 11 years, said that he still 'believes in and seeks love'. The 34-year-old also expressed his wish for his lover to be his life companion. 'I am the kind of person who believes in fairy-tale romances,' he added.

After news of the reconciliation broke, Nicholas attended events in Beijing and Sichuan, but did not comment on his relationship status. However, the singer-actor's appearance at the 64th anniversary celebration of Beijing Bureau of Radio, Film and Television was cancelled yesterday, as the organiser was concerned that media attention would be diverted.

According to Hong Kong media reports, the songstress is believed to have purchased new furniture for her Beijing apartment, where she was photographed behaving intimately with Nicholas, during her recent shopping trip to IKEA.

While speaking at an interview last week, Faye hinted that her life is 'pretty good' at the moment. 'There's nothing particularly upsetting. The ideal situation is to live without regrets of the past or worry for the future,' she said.




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A Chinese programme, which was scheduled to feature Qin Han's proposal to Annie Yi, was banned from airing


Taiwanese artiste Annie Yi has reportedly been blacklisted by Chinese broadcasters, following her show of support for the Southern Weekly incident, a conflict between the newspaper and Propaganda Department of Guangdong Province regarding press freedom last year.

Last Saturday, an episode of Chinese variety show Happy Camp, which was supposed to feature Chinese actor Qin Han's proposal to Annie, was allegedly banned from airing. Previously, the singer-actress' parts in China's Got Talent were edited out after she was dropped from the programme last year.

Responding to queries on Happy Camp, Hunan TV explained in a Weibo post that the broadcast of a programme is dependent on the channel's schedule. Although the statement dismissed rumours that Happy Camp has ended its run, it did not make any mention of Annie's role in the station's decision to cancel the broadcast.

Unaware that the programme did not air on Saturday night, Qin Han wrote on Weibo: 'Having fried chicken with beer. It's a pity that I can't watch Happy Camp in Korea.'

Shortly after, Annie replied to the post: 'I can't watch [the show] in Taipei too. Let's watch it together when you are back, Qin oppa.' However, the singer-actress was found to have deleted her comment after learning that the programme was not aired.


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Hong Kong celebrity couple Cecilia Cheung and Nicholas Tse went separate ways in 2011 and their sons Lucas Tse, 7, and Quintus Tse, 4, have been living with their mother since then.

Lately, it was revealed on Cecilia's Weibo by a netizen that Nicholas chooses work and social life over spending time with Lucas and Quintus even though Cecilia does not object to his visits.

Cecilia feels that children from a broken family should be showered with even more love, but she has given up on Nicholas and said, 'A man like this is not worth loving.'

Last Saturday, her ex-manager, Tiffany Chen, received a call from the actress who cried and told her she felt her sons were deprived of their father's love.

'I talked to Cecilia and she wept. I asked if it was because she still had feelings for Nicholas, she said no and shared it was because she felt sad for her sons. Their father does not care about them and they rarely met this year. She told him he was always welcome to visit but he finds excuses with work and do not spend time with them,' Tiffany shared.

Following reports of Nicholas and former lover Faye Wong's reconciliation, Tiffany also shared on Weibo: 'Their reconciliation does not concern me, but all of a sudden, I feel so sad for Cecilia and her sons'.

Cecilia was reportedly hospitalised recently due to acute gastroenteritis while filming reality show Star To My House and was suspected to be due to the shock of the reconciliation news.

As for Nicholas, he attended activities as scheduled but did not respond to those speculations. He was spotted wearing a Buddhist beaded bracelet which he previously claimed was 'from a friend' but netizens guessed it was from Faye, who is a Buddhist.


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The Taiwanese singer and her Korean husband held a celebration in Taiwan after their wedding banquet in Korea


Taiwanese singer Valen Hsu and Korean husband Choi Jae Sung threw a belated wedding banquet in Korea two weeks ago, with showbiz BFFs such as Angelica Lee, Charlie Young, Tanya Chua and Angela Chang in attendance.

The newly-wedded couple then flew to Taiwan on Sunday (Sept 21) for a celebration with Valen's family and friends.

The event was held at Hotel Royal-Nikko Taipei where her father-in-law and sister-in-law specially attended as well.

When Valen and Jae Sung knew that members of the media were outside the private ballroom, they came out to pose for photographs and even kissed each other lovingly.

The bride happily shared that her relatives were very satisfied with Jae Sung and her grandmother even praised him for being 'so handsome'.



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Aaron Yan reportedly claimed that Fahrenheit went their separate ways due to internal conflict


Taiwanese singer-actor Aaron Yan revealed in a recent interview that he only keeps in touch with former Fahrenheit groupmate Wu Chun these days because the latter truly treats him as a buddy, and that he is 'no longer friends' with Jiro Wang and Calvin Chen, reported Taiwanese media.

During the interview, Aaron also exposed the real reason behind Fahrenheit's split in 2011. The 27-year-old allegedly claimed that Jiro and Wu Chun's 'fight' to be the group's leader caused internal conflict which eventually led to the latter's departure.

Back then, Wu Chun was touted as the most outstanding member in terms of looks and popularity, a situation which made Aaron feel sidelined. As the youngest member in the group, the Fall in Love with Me star felt neglected when his bandmates expressed their wish to shed the 'idol image'.

'Did they consider my feelings? Did they think about how am I going to survive [in the industry]?' Aaron cried.

Shocked by his revelations, some fans harshly criticised the singer-actor for his comments. On Sep 22, the heartthrob addressed the controversy with a Facebook post.

He wrote: 'Will you continue banging on a wall after getting hurt from knocking on it for years? All emotional ties, including family, romance, friendship or even relationships with your pets, need to be managed and maintained. If you are the only one taking initiative, it would be like banging on a wall.'

His post left die-hard Fahrenheit fans disappointed, with some slamming him for playing victim. 'I wasn't trying to point fingers. If I sounded like I was, that is your own interpretation. Don't take my words out of context,' Aaron commented in response.



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The manager of the Chinese diva denies pregnancy rumours but indicates that she has reconciled with Nicholas Tse


Following news of their reconciliation on Saturday, rumours that Hong Kong actor-singer Nicholas Tse and Chinese celebrity Faye Wong were expecting a baby surfaced yesterday.

A member of the Chinese media had posted on Weibo: 'Faye is pregnant again, Nicholas will be a father once more and they have reconciled, it's a double blessing.'

However, the pregnancy rumours were denied by Faye's manager. She joked, 'They reportedly reconciled the day before yesterday, and she was said to be pregnant today. Will there be speculations days later that the baby is born?'

Her manager also added that the 45-year-old has been single for years and wishes her happiness, seemingly indicating that Nicholas and Faye are back together.

The two started dating in 1999 but broke up four years later and got married to their respective partners. Faye wedded Chinese actor Li Yapeng in 2005, gave birth to their daughter Li Yan in 2006, only to part ways last year, while Nicholas married actress Cecilia Cheung in 2006.

Nicholas and Cecilia have two sons Lucas Tse and Quintus Tse, and he carved a name for himself in the entertainment industry thereafter, but the two split in 2011.

The actor had previously expressed regret over the failed relationship with Faye after his divorce, and it seems the two have decided to rekindle their love after their failed marriages.




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The Taiwanese diva's new song 'Phone Star' was leaked before the scheduled release date in November


Taiwanese singer Jolin Tsai planned to release her new album this November, but her new song 'Phone Star' was leaked online recently.

Despite keeping production and recording under wraps, her new image for the album as well as music video set was leaked last week. That was followed by full and high-definition soundtracks of 'Phone Star' which were available for listen and download.

The culprit who disclosed the images was found to be the assistant designer of the company appointed to film the MV and has since been fired.

Jolin, who was in New York when the news broke, was helpless and at her second leak after the first ' her new song title ' last month. But her manager and record label, Warner Music, dismissed the possibility of it being done by the same person.

As promotional activities have yet to begin, her manager was evidently frustrated and said, 'We are really angry and upset as we have been preparing for this (album) for a while and wanted to give everyone a surprise. With the infiltration of the Internet, it is easy for such incidents to happen. For future releases, we will increase protective measures to prevent similar cases from occurring.'

Currently investigating the matter, Warner Music have requested netizens to take down the song and will take legal action if need be.





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The two have reconciled after separating for 11 years and are reportedly expecting a baby


Hong Kong celebrity Nicholas Tse and Chinese diva Faye Wong have reconciled after breaking up 11 years ago. Nicholas was spotted spending four days with Faye in her Beijing apartment recently and the two behaved intimately, showering each other with hugs and kisses.

Nicholas, who is , specially cooked for Faye and they were photographed kissing each other at the balcony.

The two did not deny their reconciliation and it seems they have already gotten back together as far as six months back. This March, Nicholas was in Paris with Chinese actress Vicki Zhao for a filming session for 12 'Feng' Taste and she had arranged for him to meet with Faye.

The 34-year-old actor-singer also recorded and posted a video of him singing 'Let Us Live Together' on Faye's 45th birthday last month, seemingly indicating his affection for her. He even offered words of advice to her eldest daughter, Leah Dou, who stepped into showbiz recently and thus contacted Faye frequently in private.

Carina Lau, a good friend of Faye, expressed joy over the reignition of the May-December romance and said, 'Love is a beautiful thing so I will congratulate them from the bottom of my heart.'

While their reconciliation came as a shock, Faye was said to be two months pregnant as of yesterday. Insiders revealed she spent millions to request for 10 monks to chant for a stretch of seven days to pray for the unborn baby. Crew members around Faye has also confirmed this and revealed she has been taking tonics to care for her health as she is of advanced maternal age.




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Kim Jun Su, Kim Jae Joong, and Park Yoo Chun are notable artists in their own respect, but together, they are the legendary boy group JYJ.

On September 20, JYJ held a recent conference for their tour series "2014 JYJ Asia Tour The Return Of The King," and the trio talked about their senior artist in the management company, C-JeS Entertainment.

Kim Jae Joong, who had just concluded his drama "Triangle," said, "Whenever our dramas end their broadcast, our seniors would approach us and tell us that they watched our drams, and congratulate us on doing well."

He added, "Senior Kim Kang Woo told me that he watched our drama, and he's a fan of JYJ. Similarly, I talked to senior Lee Jung Hae, and he told me that even though he doesn't want a lot of dramas, he watched my drama from the beginning to the end. Hearing this gave me a lot of strength, and I was greatly encouraged."

Meanwhile, Kim Jun Su, who had just finished his tour for the musical "Dracula," revealed that since the company has over 20 artists, they can only communicate through online messaging applications.

He said, "There was a time before when senior Ra Mi Ran sent me a message on the phone, and told me, 'I passed by Shinchon, and I suddenly missed you, Junsu.' It made me feel warm and happy."

In addition, he shared, "I was really intimidated when I started training in the workshop, because there were big senior actors there, like Sol Kyung Gu, Choi Min Sik, and Kwak Do Won; however, when  I got to know them better, I learned that they were kind and accepting."

Finally, he said, "Everyone in the company is like my family."

JYJ moved to C-JeS Entertainment in 2010 following the termination of their contract with SM ..... (article cut to save bandwidth)

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My Sassy Girl′s sequel, My Second Sassy Girl, starring Cha Tae Hyun and f(x)′s Victoria will begin shooting.

As the sequel of My Sassy Girl, which started the hallyu boom in 2001, My Second Sassy Girl, a Korean-Chinese production, will begin filming at the end of September in Busan.

The Cha Tae Hyun-Jun Ji Hyun starring movie started the My Sassy Girl syndronme, being raved about in Korean, Japanese, Chinese and South East Asian markets.

The production company, SinCine, cast Cha Tae Hyun to continue his character as Geon Woo and Victoria as the second sassy girl. Just as the movie′s title states, the sassiness of Geon Woo′s second lady will be shown.

My Second Sassy Girl is a romantic comedy about a crazy newlywed life. Victoria will appear as Geon Woo′s first love from elementary school, who was made fun of due to her lack of Korean skills.

Unable to forget his sassy girl who left, Geon Woo ends up running into his first love again by fate and marrying her, despite the objections of those around him. While he succeeds in marriage, he soon finds himself in a newlywed life that no man would be jealous of. As the character of the lovable sassy girl, who is not so good in Korean, was being written in in the scenario creation process, Victoria was naturally suggested for the role for her bright optimistic image.

Having held the goal of expanding the grounds of Korean movies for the past few decades, SinCine will finally be taking steps into creating a global project.

With its start in 1989 with the movie Happiness Isn′t Based on Scores, SinCine has seen a 80 percent success rate in its films, naturally planning and producing the upcoming movie as part of a Korean-Chinese Asia Project for the Asian markets.

As of ..... (article cut to save bandwidth)

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