Korean actor Kim Woo-bin is Calvin Klein Watches + Jewelry’s first East Asian model, it was revealed Sunday.

The ad campaign with Kim will begin this month.

The 25-year-old is the face of domestic fashion brands such as Giordano and SIEG Fahrenheit and international labels like Merrell.

The campaign was shot in Hong Kong by world-renowned fashion photographer Karim Sadli and also features Polish model Anna Jagodzinska.

Kim models the new Calvin Klein Infinite and Calvin Klein Alliance watches, marketed for release on Valentine's Day.

KPOP Herald

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Actor Lee Byung-hun’s scandal is playing havoc with the release schedule of his movies, industry officials said.

According to industry reports, the scandal coupled with the scheduled release of the latest Terminator movie -- in which he plays an evil terminator -- is fueling the dilemma for local distributors over the timing of his Korean movies.

Lotte Entertainment is set to distribute “Terminator Genisys,” but the timing of the Hollywood movie will push back the release of “Memories of the Sword,” a local film the company has invested in.

Although the company had planned to release the movie by end-2014, it was postponed following Lee’s scandal.

Last year, Lee was involved in a blackmail case in which a model and a member of a Korean girl group demanded a large sum in return for a video showing him in an inappropriate situation with one of them.

In addition to Lotte Entertainment, Showbox is said to be contemplating the right time to release another film with Lee in the lead.

In the film, “The Insiders,” Lee plays a lackey of corrupt politicians who then turns on them.

With the Terminator film scheduled for a summer release, Showbox is said to be weighing whether to release “The Insiders” before or after the Hollywood film.

According to the local film industry, releasing it before the new Terminator film will leave “The Insiders” open to the aftereffects of Lee’s scandal, while releasing it after the U.S. film would result in the film overlapping with “The Memories of the Sword.”

KPOP Herald

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K-pop boy band CNBLUE member Jung Yong-hwa, who recently returned as a solo artist, claimed the top spot on the TV music show “Inkigayo” on Sunday.

The singer-turned-actor topped the music program with his latest track “One Fine Day,” outpacing female duo Davichi and rapper Mad Clown.

This marks his second trophy on major TV music programs since he made a comeback as a solo musician. More recently, Jung topped KBS’ “Music Bank” on Friday.

Jung attributed the honor to his fans, family and management staff.

“I love fans as well as FNC family, bandmates and family by my heart,” he said during the acceptance speech.

Written and composed by Jung himself, “One Fine Day,” from its 10-track eponymous EP, is about a man’s emotions in the face of a breakup with a loved one.

In a departure from CNBLUE’s iconic boy band style, the track showcases the rock singer’s ballad vocals.

For the album released on Jan. 20, he teamed up with veteran musicians such as rocker Yoon Do-hyun, rapper Yang Dong-geun and producer-guitarist Peter Malick, Taiwanese star JJ Lin, to name a few.

“One Fine Day” is on a roll abroad, positioning itself at No.1 spot on Billboard’s World Albums chart on Thursday, unseating “Base” by SHINee member Jonghyun.

The live music show “Inkigayo,” which airs every Sunday on SBS, also featured a host of K-pop stars including SHINee member Jonghyun, Noel, U-KISS and G-Friend.

Meanwhile, Jung will tour six Asian countries including Japan, Hong Kong and China for his solo concert tour after kicking off the show on Feb. 28 at UNIQLO-AX, eastern Seoul.

KPOP Herald

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K-pop quintet Big Bang will sing eight of their hit songs on Shanghai’s Dragon TV’s “Lunar New Year Special,” according to a Chinese media report on Wednesday.

It is seen as a rare special treatment for a Chinese TV station to allow a team to sing more than three songs for its biggest show of the year.

Big Bang is reported to be in Shanghai at the moment for pre-recording the program.

“Lunar New Year Special” will air on Feb. 19, at 7:30 p.m. on Shanghai’s satellite station Dragon TV.

American pop star Michael Bolton is also on the list of celebrities to join the show.

KPOP Herald

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 Hip-hop artists Zion.T and Crush released the cover of their upcoming collaborative single “Young” on Friday, in which the two show off some tough hip-hop swagger.

The cover picture, unveiled on the artists’ agency Amoeba Culture’s official SNS pages, shows the artists leaning against a wall, looking into the distance thoughtfully.

They are striking slightly different poses and wearing different attire, reflecting their unique musical styles.

“‘Young’ aims to showcase the different colors of the artists under the common theme of ‘being young,’” the agency said.

The track will be released online at noon on Feb. 2.

KPOP Herald

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A new variety program will be filmed set in India.

KBS 2TV’s Pit-a-Pat India (translated) will feature six close friends facing a new challenge in India.

It will Lee Ye Ji PD’s new variety program in 2015. She also directed Hello, Our Neighborhood’s Masters of Variety and Sports and more.

Lee Ye Ji PD, who opened a new door in entertainment by producing variety shows about celebrities interacting with citizens, will challenge herself with a new form of variety show showing the stars’ interaction with local people in India.

The six idols who will head over to India are TVXQ’s Max Changmin, Super Junior’s Kyunyun, SHINee’s Minho, Infinite’s Sung Kyu, CN Blue’s Jong Hyun, and EXO’s Su Ho.

Kim Ho Sang CP stated, “The strength of Lee Ye Ji PD is that she makes heartwarming variety shows about stars interacting with citizens based on her matchless production capabilities.”

The CP stated, “Anticipation has been gathering on whether a combination of Lee Ye Ji PD’s ideas and the land, which has been thought of as the place impossible to conquer in Korean entertainment industry, will produce a new variety show.”

He added, “Max Changmin, Kyuhyun, Minho, Sung Kyu, Jong Hyun, and Su Ho are good friends, also known as ‘Kyu line,’ but they are also competitors in the entertainment industry with different personalities, who have never worked on the same variety show. Their combination will present unforeseeable entertainment in unexpected situations.”

Lee Ye Ji PD in charge of directing Pit-a-Pat India also said, “The members are all really close to each other so they voluntarily recommended one another during casting process.”

“Since they have never appeared on the same program until now due to busy schedules, they were happy to be working together for a meaningful project The production team has already finished all field study last ..... (article cut to save bandwidth)

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As the leader, A Pink′s Park Cho Rong sent encouragement to the members.

On January 30, A Pink held the press conference for its first exclusive concert, PINK PARADISE at the Olympic Hall in Olympic Park, where Park Cho Rong sent a message to the members who worked hard for the concert.

"Because we prepared so hard, our bodies suffered a lot, but I think a good concert will come out from all of our hard work," said Park Cho Rong. "I hope we see good results that will show our efforts."

"Since we′ve been waiting for this concert for four years, we hope it′ll be a day when we become one with the fans. You′ve all worked so hard, and through today′s events, I hope that we can become A Pink that will grow even more."

On January 30 and 31, A Pink will hold its first concert PINK PARADISE. The group debuted in 2011 with I Don′t Know, which earned them New Artists awards at various ceremonies. A Pink continued with success with My My, Bubiboo, NoNoNo, Mister Chu, and Luv, settling in as a popular girl idol group.

PINK PARADISE sold 7,000 seats in two minutes, earning attention. At the concert, A Pink will show more than its innocent concept on stage.


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Actress Son Ye-jin will star in a Chinese film tentatively titled “A Bad Guy Must Die,” according to her agency Msteam Entertainment.

The 33-year-old actress will advance into the Chinese film industry with the movie, Son’s agency said Friday.

The film is fully funded and will be distributed by Huayi Brothers, one of China’s major entertainment companies. Korean filmmaker Kang Je-kyu of “My Way” (2011) and Chinese director Feng Xiaogang of “Personal Tailor” (2013) will participate in the joint project as executive producers.

The film will be located on Jeju Island and is about a group of Chinese men who run into a mysterious Korean woman during a trip to Korea.

Son will play the role of the Korean woman while Taiwanese actor Bolin Chen will act as the male lead in the action-packed black comedy.

Huayi Brothers said in a press release on Friday, “We’ve been asking Son to be a part of our project for so long because she is one of a few influential Korean actresses who can act and attract moviegoers.”

Son debuted in the entertainment scene in 1999 and has had a successful career in both films and dramas.

Most recently, however, she’s been focusing more on movies.

Her recent films are “The Pirates” (2014), “Blood and Ties” (2013) and “The Tower” (2012).

JoongAng Daily

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Song Joong Ki′s reps have released a statement regarding reports of the actor′s appearance in the movie Martial Arts (Translated).

On January 30, Song Joong Ki′s agency, Blossom Entertainment, told Newsen, "We have received an offer to appear in the film Martial Arts, but it′s just one of the many projects that were offered to us." The agency added, "We haven′t decided on anything."

"He will be getting discharged in May. There′s still a few more months left of his military life. We′ll decide on a follow-up project once he gets discharged," continued the rep. "As of now, it′s not time to be deciding on projects. Getting discharged is first."

Taking place in the future where energy is being depleted, Martial Arts is a sci-fi fantasy action movie about a high school teenager who ends up living in a town full of criminals and protecting the secret to infinite energy.

Korea′s CJ E&M and China′s CFG, China Film Group will be producing the 20,000,000 dollar movie, and it will be distributed by Pegasus & Taihe Entertainment.

Martial Arts was initially supposed to be Zo In Sung′s comeback project after he was discharged from the army, but as production became delayed, Zo In Sung left the project. In April of 2014, there was news that Yeo Jin Goo was confirmed to take the role, but the Chinese investment company wanted Kim Soo Hyun, who was rising in popularity due to You Who Came From the Stars. Yeo Jin Goo was suddenly cut from the project, causing much controversy.

When Kim Soo Hyun′s appearance also did not pull through, Martial Arts was put on hold for several months. With Martial Arts offering the role to Song Joong Ki, the public is looking to see what will happen.


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Actor Cha Seung-won will star in a new period drama series in April, according to his agency YG Entertainment.

YG said on Friday that Cha will play the role of Gwanghaegun, or Prince Gwanghae, one of the rulers of Korea’s Joseon Dynasty (1392-1910).

Gwanghaegun is a historical figures who has received mixed reviews from historians. Some see him as a realist who attempted to balance the great powers of Asia during his time, but others say he was a tyrant.

In the new drama epic titled “Hwajeong,” Cha will play the ruler of Joseon. Actor Kim Jae-won of “May Queen” (2012) is cast as power-thirsty Injo who later becomes the 16th king of Joseon Dynasty after staging a coup to get rid of Gwanghaegun. Actress Lee Yeon-hee of “Miss Korea” (2014) will appear as Gwanghaegun’s half sister.

The drama series will be about power struggles, jealousy and chaos against the backdrop of the Joseon Dynasty.

Cha’s last drama series was “You Are All Surrendered” (2014). He is currently appearing in a spinoff of popular reality TV show “Three Meals a Day” set in a small fishing village.

JoongAng Daily

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