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How AF gets it's finance done is a non-profit website for all who are interested in Asian lifestyle to use. However, it does costs a lot of money to keep the site running. is running on 3 dedicated server with upgraded hardware, which is not cheap at all (if you calculate the upgraded hardware into it, just renting one server costs us 200-240 dollar a month, 3 is more than 600 dollars!). Eventually we also needs to buy the software that the site is using and we also need money for the prizes we give out for future contests (because AF-members are scattered around the world, the mailing costs can be quite high).

Therefore, we need all the money we can get. As you can see, there are Google advertisement on the site. Google pay us to advertise here, for every visit on one of the advertised sites through the advertisements displayed on AsianFanatics, we get a small revenue from Google. This, however is a very low amount and in a month, it can just barely pay the server's bill. If you feelt that you want to help to keep AsianFanatics in the air, you can help us out through the following ways:

How does use the money

All money AsianFanatics gets through Google advertisements, donations and affiliateprograms will solely be used for The server rent will be paid with the money, so will future upgrades, software and to finance contestprizes.