Taiwanese actress Barbie Hsu and husband Wang Xiaofei celebrate their daughter's 100th day of birth at a party


Following a gave birth to a baby girl, named Wang Xiyue, in Taiwan on April 24 this year.

Barbie, who has yet to lose her pregnancy weight, was dressed in a black top and red skirt at the party, which was attended by many celebrity pals from the industry.

While Barbie's little girl was the main star of the banquet, her mother-in-law Zhang Lan was also in the limelight for wearing a low-cut red dress which showed some cleavage.

In other related news, Barbie's husband Xiaofei openly declared his wish for a second baby at an event he attended on Chinese Valentine's Day last Saturday. 'I want to work hard to fulfil more duties of marriage and forming a family,' he said.

The couple have generously donated approximately S$250,000 to aid the relief efforts for the gas pipe blasts which hit Kaohsiung, Taiwan, last Thursday. Barbie revealed to have several family members and friends living in that area, all of whom were fortunate to escape unscathed.

She added, 'My heart aches for my fellow countrymen who are affected by the tragedy. I pray for Kaohsiung to tide over this crisis.'




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