Rumour has it that Elva Hsiao is already leading a semi-cohabitation lifestyle with her new beau


Taiwanese singer Elva Hsiao's love life seems to be going smoothly since her breakup  with actor Kai Ko in June.

The 34-year-old was reported to be in a relationship with Vanness Wu's brother-in-law, Elroy Cheo, in July, soon after her split with Kai, who is 12 years younger than her. Her new beau is a billionaire heir, whose family's assets are valued at NT$129 billion (approximately S$5.3 billion).

Yesterday, Elva was spotted shopping at a high-end supermarket with Elroy at around 5p.m. in the evening, dressed in casual clothing.

The singer made sure to seek her beau's opinion on anything that she wanted to buy. While they filled their shopping basket with seasonings and pre-cooked food, the couple kept their bodies leaned against each other, acting just like a married couple.

After paying for eight bags full of their purchases, Elva was approached by a few fans who requested for photos. She stealthily pushed her boyfriend aside as she posed for photos with the public, and hastily disappeared into the crowd.

She was later seen driving back to her mansion with Elroy in the passenger seat, leading to speculations that they are semi-cohabiting.

Elva responded to the rumours through her manager yesterday: '[They] bought a lot of food together celebrate a friend's birthday.'

At the same time, an insider revealed that Elroy was initially supposed to return to Hangzhou, China for his work the day before, but pushed back the date of his departure in order to attend yesterday's party. Reports also claim that Elroy makes trips to Taiwan whenever possible ever since he started dating Elva.

Additionally, Taiwanese horoscope expert Vivian An revealed that Elva's luck had started to change for the better in July: 'She will reevaluate the things that ..... (article cut to save bandwidth)

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