The Taiwanese singer revealed that she once prayed to 'God of Marriage' before her debut


Mandopop star Jolin Tsai's mother was recently reported to have offered prayers at a fox fairy temple for the singer to have a smooth love life. While speaking to the media at an event on Monday, Jolin commented on the reports, saying, 'This is hilarious. My fans are my fox fairies.'

However, the 33-year-old let on that she once prayed to the 'God of Marriage' before her showbiz debut. 'I stopped praying for relationship matters after entering the industry. I have a smooth-sailing career and I don't have any special wish for my love life,' she added.

Also, Jolin did not seem to be affected by the string of marriage news in showbiz, including rumours of her ex-beau Jay Chou's impending wedding. Although she has been in a stable relationship with model Vivian Dawson for four years, the singer does not intend to walk down the aisle yet. 

When asked on her dream wedding, Jolin admitted that she 'has not considered that much'.


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