Actress-singer Vivian Hsu and husband will start working hard for a baby after their wedding celebrations




Taiwanese actress-singer Vivian Hsu and her husband Sean Lee returned to Taiwan to hold a second wedding banquet after a romantic poolside wedding in Bali last month.


The 39-year-old wowed the crowd in a Vera Wang gown, TASAKI Balance pearl necklace and a diamond ring worth approximately S$8,200, S$14,600 and S$47,500 respectively.


Vivian lovingly held her husband’s hands during the interview, which also marked the Singapore-based businessman’s first ever media appearance. Sean appeared nervous as he smiled and complimented his bride, “She is caring, beautiful and sincere.”


Not leaving Sean out, Vivian also showed her appreciation for her husband. “He fills the bathtub for me to bathe, and blows my hair when he’s free!” she said.


She even revealed how they would massage each other, “unlike how they do it in spas.”


“I will kneel on his waist and he will use his elbow on me,” she shared.


The radiant lady also sheepishly admitted to gaining 7kg since February which caused her mother-in-law to suspect that she’s expecting. “She said I was skinny and told me to eat more. My husband loves food so he took me on a food tour around Singapore,” explained Vivian, who had registered her marriage in the city-state in February this year.


Following the ceremony, the couple intend to work hard for a baby. Vivian hopes to bear him a son as Sean already has two daughters from his previous marriage.

The filial daughter-in-law will also live with her in-laws in Singapore, whom she said treat her like their own. Vivian has been ..... (article cut to save bandwidth)

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