After Girls′ Generation′s Taeyeon′s accident, the Seoul Music Awards organization committee made an official apology.

On January 23, the Seoul Music Awards organization committee posted an official apology on its official website regarding the accident that happened a day before.

The following is the apology letter.

We sincerely apologize for Taeyeon′s accident.

On January 22 at the 24th Seoul Music Awards, held at the Olympic Park Gymnastics Stadium, Taeyeon, member of SNSD′s unit group Taetiseo, was hit with an unexpected accident while leaving the stage. Regarding this, we deeply apologize to Taeyeon, her members, her agency, and fans.

The accident occured after Taeyeon and her members performed Holler upon receiving a bonsang. As they were exiting the stage, the lift, installed on the stage floor, suddenly fell. The signals of the production stage team didn′t match, and the lift dropped about one meter from the 1.8-meter high stage, causing Taeyeon to stumble and fall into the space. Seeing this, Taetiseo members, Tiffany and Seohyun, as well as the backdancers, pulled Taeyeon back up onto the stage. The stage production team explained, ′The event was getting delayed, so in the process of hurrying things up, a mistake happened.′

Following the accident, Taeyeon came down from the stage with the help of the members and was sent to the hospital to get examined. After a close examination, she was told, ′There aren′t major injuries, but her muscles around her waist are a bit startled.′

On January 23, a high ranking Seoul Music Awards organization committee member contacted Taeyeon′s agency, SM Entertainment′s rep once again and deeply apologized to Taeyeon and the members, and promised to cooperate with follow-up actions that need to be taken.

SM Entertaiment replied, ′Taeyeon′s injuries are not that severe, but thank you for your concern.′

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