0305-00282-016b3.jpgPeter Pau, Dante Lam0305-00282-016b4.jpgMartin Laing
courtesy of on.cci_640x360_020125160.jpgcourtesy of singtao.com
The film GUNG GUP GAU WOON (EMERGENCY RESCUE)'s director Dante Lam Chiu Yin worked with producer Leung Fung Ying again on another blockbuster after OPERATION RED SEA, with stars Eddie Peng Yu-Yan, Ian Wang, Xin Zhilei, Lan Yingying, Wang Yutian, Xu Yang, Li Mincheng to make the Mainland's first sea rescue film. The film involved a lot of visually shocking effects. GUNG GUP GAU WOON since its production began in Xiamen has kept high confidentiality in a completely closed production. This film the production cost over HK$ 800 million. the director invested heavily on 4 extremely shocking rescue scenes, each could be an international rescue blockbuster's ending on its own.

Lead actor Peng Yu-Yan has worked with director Lam Chiu Yin 4 times. Eddie said that the director would always be able to see different sides of him. Through the director's hellish training, Eddie kept challenging his limits. He had an even more systemic grasp of rescue skills and even more in depth understanding of the rescue spirit; while working with the director, Eddie has been learning new skills and never be pleased with himself.

Courage is the center of the film. Everyone in the rescue team faces hardship, accepts challenges during crises to gain courage and growth. Since the film started production, some of the rescue scenes have already been completed. Many complicated and difficult explosions, fire rescue scenes have ..... (article cut to save bandwidth)

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Real Bobby Au Yeung Films Clip to Show Support, 'Kwan Jeh': 'Really Want to Film "Lo and Behold" with You'

Monday March 4, 2019 Hong Kong

Credits: to hyn5 @ http://hyn5hyn5.blogspot.com



In "Lo and Behold", 'Kwan Jeh' is a superfan of Bobby Au Yeung, frequently queuing up, exchanging stamps, etc. at all costs to collect Bobby's limited edition souvenirs, and almost being scammed in an online romance by a netizen who resembled Bobby. Bobby, who is known as TVB's 'Lucky Star', specially filmed a short clip for [Hui] Si Man. Bobby is actually a fan of "Lo", even saying that he hopes that there is an opportunity to return to TVB to cameo in an episode or so.

Upon receiving the surprise, Si Man immediately could not stop smiling. She said that it could not be expressed in words, hoping that there really is an opportunity to have a little bit of partnering scenes so that she and 'Kwan Jeh' are able to fulfill their dream of seeing their 'male god'. Si Man said, "Hope to have a little bit of partnering scenes. No need for romance. Continue saying that I worship him is enough. Bobby is really great. Did not think about it...very surprised. Made me ten years younger immediately. Definitely the biggest surprise and the best gift for me in 2019".

Since the character 'Kwan Jeh' appeared in episode 106, it has already been more than 400 episodes. Si Man's relationship with 'Kwan Jeh' is almost inseparable. When she walks in the street, everyone calls her 'Kwan Jeh' or 'Isabella'. Recently, [she] has been named the champion goddess of "Lo" by netizens, beating Hung Yeuk Sui (played by Koni Lui), 'Eat Poo Housewife Chan' (played by Helen Suen), and Chi Mei Lai (played by Kitty Chung). Si Man said, "The entire ..... (article cut to save bandwidth)

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0304-00282-013b1.jpg0304-00282-013b2.jpgToby Chan
courtesy of on.cci_432x648_203229907.jpgHins Cheung
courtesy of singtao.comb06248539d6ccdea99c7d4a9bb9701d0.jpg
b062580d0418c1c3ab66bc4a7f4a25d8.jpgcourtesy of mingpao.com
"The Strongest in the Universe" Donnie Yen Chi Tan was named to the Po Leung Kuk Youth Services ambassador. Two nights ago he with his wife Cissy Wang and their children attended a Po Leung charity dinner and dance. The family was dressed in black and white. Yen Chi Tan at the end of the month would work on a new crime film. He has been working out in hopes of getting back into shape, but during the Lunar New Year he constantly had family dinners so he got a lot fatter. At the same time he was worried that he would have difficulty getting back into shape due to his age.

Yen Chi Tan revealed that he will work on the Benny Chan Muk Sing directed crime film, which will start production at the end of the month. He has already tried to convince the director to shoot in Hong Kong so he would be able to spend more time with his family. This film would have stunt after stunt and fights like in SPL (SAT POR LONG). Thus Chi Tan was working hard to get back into shape.


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0304-00282-032b1.jpg0304-00282-032b2.jpgcourtesy of on.ccb0621042cef790048dfeae28e9fe66df.jpgb0621f1b9270092e5fdbc4465f593c34.jpgG AFFAIRS received 6 Hong Kong Film Award nominations
courtesy of mingpao.com
The Alan Luk Chun Kwong, Hanna Chan, Kyle Li Yam Sun and Lam Sen starred G AFFAIRS (G SAT) began with a headless murder case, in which the letter G connected six empty city souls. Playing a pretentious teacher in the film, Luk Chun Kwong developed a relationship with the Hanna Chan played student. They even had an "under the desk deal", a performance that was daring conceptually. Hanna Chan admitted that when she first read the script she felt very awkward.

Hanna Chan played a high school student from a complicated family. Although she was well behaved and excelled at school she was not popular. With her Asperger syndrome classmate Li Yam Sun she even had a "passionate scene". Li Yam sun said that it was not the intimate scene, but the emotional one. Because his heart ached for Hanna Chan and sympathized with her, he had a scene in which he had to break down for a release.

Lam Sen played a student who loved to play the cello. After being bullied at school no one helped him. He admitted that he was able to play the role on a certain level because he knew how to play the cello. His character had a crush on Hanna Chan but did not dare to come in touch with her. Was he like that in real life? He admitted, "Probably, I am not dating. ..... (article cut to save bandwidth)

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0304-00282-008b4.jpgcourtesy of on.cci_480x720_012217913.jpgi_240x360_603227779.jpgcourtesy of singtao.comb0935de0ba37228bff9bed398e32f4cf.jpg
b061bc86027cd7bf45636e8b4c5d5866.jpgBest Actress nominees Chloe Maayan, Charlene Choi, Jennifer Yub061d7c2e5eea70c5c05e2267a155555.jpgKara Wai
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Many Hong Kong Film Award nominees like Anthony Wong Chau Sun, Francis Ng Chun Yu, Kara Wai Ying Hung, Charlene Choi Cheuk Yin, Chloe Maayan and others two nights ago participated in the Federation of Hong Kong Filmmakers spring banquet. Speaking of the Best Actor race being between Chau Sun and Chun Yu, Chau Sun admitted that he would be just as happy no matter who would win. He only used his head to act while Chun Yu used his entire body, thus he believed that he would lose to Chun Yu. Best Actress nominee Choi Cheuk Yin said that Best Actress would be an actor's ultimate goal, it would be impossible for her not to long for it.

Best Actress nominee Choi Cheuk Yin had no idea what she would wear. When suggested that she could design her own clothes, Ah Sa said that many people were very superficial; they would only look the label and the style. Thus she had to follow the trend. Luckily her boss Albert Yeung Sau Sing's wife would loan her her own jewelry for the event. As for how confident she was, Ah Sa said, "If I say none then I would be very fake, but ..... (article cut to save bandwidth)

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0304-00282-011b1.jpgcourtesy of on.cci_240x360_902319361.jpgKearen Pang advises Sunny Chan Wing Sun to enjoy the red carpet
courtesy of singtao.com
Anthony Wong Chau Sun, Ben Yuen Fu Wa, director Sunny Chan Wing Sun and director Kearen Pang Sau Wai yesterday attended the "Elite Alumni Sharing Session: the next years of Hong Kong movies" forum at the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts. Nominated with STILL HUMAN (LUN LOK YUN) for the Hong Kong Film Award Best Actor, Wong Chau Sun was asked whether he took the chance to campaign for votes when he attended several events recently. He stressed that he did not campaign for votes, just for the box office. "I made this film without any salary. If I can campaign for the box office then it would be good, I would have a bonus. That's what we used to say, I don't know whether it counts or not."

Chau Sun said that STILL has not been officially released yet, but he learned that many viewers who have seen advanced screenings laughed and cried. He was very pleased since he did not misjudge this team. Would he work with the team again? He admitted, "Not for free, if I would get paid next time, it means that this time we made money." He also joked that 20 years ago he fought for Hong Kong film, but its future development would be none of his business as it would depend on the younger generation to try. Speaking of STILL's good reaction, did it mean that his career had another sunrise? He said, "It's not up ..... (article cut to save bandwidth)

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0304-00282-008b5.jpgcourtesy of on.cci_240x360_071825288.jpgcourtesy of singtao.comb06170f7b31ea847dc248b7ffc47c315.jpgAnthony Wong picks his co-star for Best Actress
courtesy of mingpao.com
Anthony Wong Chau Sun, Crisel Consunji and Sam Lee Chan Sam two nights ago attended the film STILL HUMAN (LUN LOK YUN)'s promotion. Chau Sun and Crisel both were nominated for the Hong Kong Film Awards; Crisel also received a New Performer nomination. She was happy and honored to be nominated and said that she never thought about winning. She also praised Chau Sun as very professional and constantly advising her.

Chau Sun had a lot of confidence in Crisel. Although she had two nominations she did not need to win both. As long as she would win Best Actress she would be fine. He said, "At first when I learned that she was a new actor I was a little worried and didn't know whether she would be able to adjust. I didn't expect her to be very smart and we had a pleasant time working together. (Are you confident about your award?) It doesn't matter whether I win or not, whether I will attend or not it will depend on my schedule. I am very busy, I have a lot of international affairs to attend to. If I have time I will go. You know how flammable I am it, I don't want any needless trouble."

In the film Chau Sun played a wheel chair bound person. He stated that at first he was not too used to it and needed time to learn to control the ..... (article cut to save bandwidth)

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0304-00282-017b1.jpg0304-00282-017b2.jpgcourtesy of on.cc
In the Emperor Motion Picture SEI YUN MO HOR YI (CAUSE OF DEATH NOT SUSPICIOUS) Kathy Yuen (Tong Yi) and her INTEGRITY (LIM JING FUNG WON YIN MOK) co-star Carlos Chan Ka Lok worked on a bed scene for hours and she admitted that the shoot was exhausting. Was she afraid that their rumors would be worse? Kathy said no. "If so it wouldn't have to wait for after a decade! He has so many rumored girlfriends, I am just one of them."

She praised how attentive Ka Lok was, as he gave her mouthwash before the love scene. "He is too experienced! However the shoot was very pleasant, I get to work with a handsome guy! After editing the bed scene is probably around two minutes. It started on the ground, then in the air then in bed, with touching and kissing. I was a little tired. (Isn't it more tiring for the guy?) Why would the guy be more tired? The girl is tired too. He is the one who got taken advantage of, haha." Although they were friends, their first intimate scene was awkward. Kathy felt that she was grown up and had to make new attempts. After the break up with Ken Hung Cheuk Lap was she able to go even further? She admitted, "I can give my all!" In SEI she again worked with Karena Lam Ka Yun and Anthony Wong Chau Sun.


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0303-00282-013b1.jpgcourtesy of on.cci_540x360_705208234.jpgcourtesy of singtao.com7d10758f93e610977fec646ea58520de.jpgcourtesy of mingpao.com
The Artist Training Alumni Association on March 7th will hold its 30th anniversary dinner at Kowloon Bay. Yesterday it held a press conference. Wayne Lai Yiu Cheung, president Ronald Yan Mau Keung, vice president Brian Wong Chak Fung, Tang Ying Man, Chuk Man Kwan, Yuen Tak Cheung and Tam Yuk Ying attended.

Wong Chak Fung was very happy to bring together a group of classmates, so far the association has over 400 members and hopefully more. The only membership qualification was a TVB training class students. Later a play will take place for more unity. Cheung Jai said that the Artist Training Alumni Association was more low key before. The high profile promotion this time was to remind everyone that it was still in operation.

Wong Chak Fung also revealed that the evening would have musical performances and auctions. He would be responsible on drums. Permanent honorary president and founding member Chow Yun Fat might attend. He said, "Fat Gor handed the association to us, he wouldn't just leave us."

Cheung Jai said that he might have to work in the Mainland but would try to attend. He said that the it was rare for have an organization of people who all came from TVB training calss. "Artists all want to contribute to society, but they worry that outside organizations would swindle them. However working with the Artist Training Alumni Association is different. All of the proceeds would be donated. ..... (article cut to save bandwidth)

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0303-00282-001b1.jpgMiss Chinese International Hera Chan (Hong Kong)0303-00282-001b2.jpgHera Chan has a mishap on the hula hoop0303-00282-001b3.jpgSecond runner up Stephanie Wang (Hawaii)0303-00282-001b4.jpgSecond runner up Gina Wu (New York)0303-00282-001b5.jpg
0303-00282-001b6.jpgMiss Friendship Tavee Meesang (Bangkok) 0303-00282-001b7.jpgMorgane Yueng lands in the top five0303-00282-001b8.jpgLisa He0303-00282-002b1.jpgStitch Yu0303-00282-002b2.jpgLouisa Mak0303-00282-002b3.jpg0303-00282-002b4.jpgSammi Cheung0303-00282-003b1.jpg
0303-00282-004b1.jpg?t=15515674063840303-00282-004b2.jpg?t=1551567362477Karl Ting (left) asked candidate Kitty Huang for her Intergram during question and answer0303-00282-005b1.jpgAll the awards were presented by last year's winners except second runner up.  Juliette Louie was absence so Joe Ma presented in her place.
courtesy of on.cci_480x720_021644131.jpgcourtesy of singtao.com7d1d09ee001567b9d9457763a00faa13.jpg
7d0efa30d72b65a291fdbb3b656f43e8.jpg7d0f29b79da4b2abaae187977f2aba17.jpgHera Chan7d0f4ce991f7fbc31c4d6bf3691171ed.jpgHawaii's Stephanie Wang7d0f6ed0a199bac0f1dd208701da4785.jpgNew York's Gina Wu denies having a tattoo and claims it is a birth mark.  The event asks her to cover it up with make up7d0fc417f8102864989e5d7ff554c080.jpgSammi Cheung7d0fdd4bda0950e1113f89919378a47f.jpgJoey Law and old flame Roxanne Tong7d0ff1ec9f5a18f7f5e614d66a27c414.jpgMoses Chan, Kelly Cheung, Christine Kuo, Rebecca Zhu and Joe Ma form the "diamond jury"
7d100082ef93b4a81859c97fda9aedda.jpgRumored couple Dickson Yu ..... (article cut to save bandwidth)

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