1120-00282-025b3.jpg1120-00282-025b4.jpgcourtesy of on.cci_972x648_092318964.jpgAlbert Yeung
courtesy of singtao.comc467af5c96433dc125aeafae7d47a83e.jpg
c467d919ae771d4dc377cd6c13de83d3.jpgc467eb9ac4d8a98ab35400260c029f98.jpgJaycee Chanc467f9a8026be6fe8ecefe7d6887d27b.jpgStanley Tongc46808dfed628c2fdda78240c46298a6.jpgAndrew Lauc468209fc647b6b5ebc2eb3a46205657.jpgPang Ho Cheungc468382aedc1fa6a624552cab872dd80.jpgWong Jingc4684f5e0bba0b465fddf368078f1e6e.jpgLawrence Chengc468697bae2a9da0fd9ba14ceb476d42.jpgNora Miao
courtesy of mingpao.com
Film tycoon of a generation and the Golden Harvest founder Raymond Chow Man Wai passed away earlier this month at age 91. After a low key family funeral, Orange Sky Golden Harvest yesterday held a memorial at a hotel with about 200 family and friends to remember Chow Man Wai. Filmmakers who Mr. Chow cultivated and supported like Jackie Chan, Stanley Tong Kwai Lai, Andrew Lau Wai Keung, Ma Fung Kwok shared their memories. Jackie Chan praised Mr. Chow was the pride of the Chinese. Son Chow Chung Kei clarified, "I absolutely didn't hold any grudge for 40 years, I am very proud of this father!"

Yesterday at the memorial many film colleagues and celebrities came to pay their respects like Albert Yeung Sau Sing, Peter Lam Kin Ngok, Ma Fung Kwok, Wong Jing, Benny Chan Muk Sing, Fruit Chan Gor, Tong Kwai Lai, Jingle Ma Chor Sing, Stanley Kwam Kam Peng, Lau Wai Keung, Alex Law Kai Yui, Shi Nansun, Nora Miao. Jackie Chan and Jaycee Chan (Fong Cho ..... (article cut to save bandwidth)

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1118-00282-002b2.jpg1118-00282-002b3.jpgcourtesy of on.cci_345x576_028462005.jpgAndy Lau's appearance sends the crowd in a frenzyi_585x432_021043101.jpgRene Liu, Kara Waii_670x432_032011250.jpgHu Ge and Ang Lee congratulates LAST LETTER on its Best Film award
courtesy of singtao.com5db46f2ba3086f80e6e4eedc9fc9376e.jpg
5d9fa8b10c31edc47c2c7fd1f90fa678.jpgDespite 50 years of experience in the business, Xu Zheng is still nervous when he accepts his Best Actor award5d9fbe6aa8298f52d6e9611bba1cd48f.jpgXu Zheng happily embraces guest presenter Carina Lau5d9fd133b263e3ca2735944ab6f6a6e9.jpgHsieh Ying-Hsuan wins Best Actress5d9fe918b42dc0793fe544e619cad6a7.jpgVeteran stage actor Ben Yuen wins Best Supporting Actor with TRACEY5da017d29d9a8bbcfb4dec4fafe5418c.jpgZhang Yimou wins his first Golden Horse Best Director award at first try.  His film SHADOW also won 4 awards as the big winner.5da02e14f531827f5609f6031132a43d.jpgKaren Mok5da03dd1ef53db3819b36983b1576c40.jpgDeng Chao, Sun Li5da0563ca6e71c342a24ab32b34427f9.jpgEason Chan and Zhou Xun5da0ae729df1835d4e2b09542d403edc.jpgCarina Lau5da0c763cab0efab5acd4e215d89310d.jpgGong Li5da0e4fc072a2acbf53cf78bd75804fe.jpgVivian Hsu5da10276ba5538702571159f26c335e9.jpgKwai Lun-Mei5da11f0ee6e2228c303006abeb22d50e.jpgKara Wai5da13e91d62aa75f9f7378eadbf3741a.jpgHu Ge5da156efe20877a354abc905d4fd9cbc.jpgAndy Lau5da1723100ead0afa3b11c9495552c30.jpgSammo Hung and Joyce Godenzi
courtesy of mingpao.com
The 55th Golden Horse awards last night took place in Taipei. At 5PM guests began to walk the red carpet. Golden Horse executive committee president Ang Lee was the first to take to the red ..... (article cut to save bandwidth)

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Ron Ng Puzzled About Kenneth Ma Becoming a Different Person: 'Has Become More Humourous'

Saturday November 17, 2018 Hong Kong

Credits: to hyn5 @ http://hyn5-hyn5.blogspot.com



[Yesterday], Ron Ng attended the premiere of the movie "Tracey". The lead of the movie is Philip Keung. Ron said that Philip is his idol, so he definitely had to come show his support today: "He is an actor I really like. After filming "Shock Wave" with him and chatting with him, discovered that he is a high-quality actor. He is worthy of me learning from him".

In the movie, Philip had to dress up as a woman. Ron laughingly said that he also wanted to challenge it: "Nobody looked for me. Philip, well...he has a big contrast. Seeing such a dark and manly person wear fishnet stockings, in the comedy world, usually the fair-skinned do this type of character. [Them] finding Philip, I also feel that it is right because the contrast is big. Would resonate with viewers".

Recently, Bosco Wong flew to England to do location filming for "Flying Tiger", so Ron has taken the opportunity to use these few days to rest well: "Have been doing repairs on [my] house and car these few days. Certainly told someone else to do it". Ron revealed that it has been too long since he has filmed with Kenneth Ma, as he pointed out that he seems to have changed into a different person: "Saw him when working with him previously. Said to him, 'How come you have become so much more handsome?' Also, he has become more cheerful and humourous. Don't know what's the matter...do you know? (Dating.) I don't know. I just saw through newspapers and magazines".

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1117-00282-015b2.jpg1117-00282-015b3.jpgAngela Yuen, Charlie Yeung and Roger Kwok play a family
courtesy of on.cci_540x360_062208773.jpgcourtesy of singtao.com29e4bc11baa38be00d019a42e95815b7.jpgSimon Yam and Gigi Leung play brother and sister29e4d2fa03f7367cda32db2bf72b2354.jpgCharlie Yeung and Law Chung Him both need guide dog lessons before hand
courtesy of mingpao.com
Filmko purchased Japanese writer Kengo Ishiguro's book THE LIFE OF QUILL, THE SEEING-EYE DOG film rights to make the touching Hong Kong guide dog film LITTLE Q (SIU Q). The Japanese version QUILL already was released in 2003. LITTLE Q yesterday held a production start ceremony. Director Law Wing Cheong, actors Simon Yam Tat Wa, Gigi Leung Wing Kei, Law Chung Him, Charlie Yeung Choi Nei, Roger Kwok Chun On, Angela Yuen Lai Lam, JJ Jia attended. Yam Tat Wa in the film played a visually impaired person, the most difficult role in his film career.

Yam Tat Wa admitted that this was the hardest time in his decades in film. Aside from pretending to have no focus and looking lost in front of the camera, he also had to be led by a guide dog. Thus he could not be in control in many scenes. In one scene the guide dog led him across the road. Due to the noisy environment and the spotlights, it took six hours and 48 takes to complete. Was his Best Actor confidence shaken? Brother Wa said, "I grew up in hardship, and I also had to rely on myself to perform properly. Although the entire world knows ..... (article cut to save bandwidth)

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1116-00282-009b1.jpg1116-00282-009b2.jpgcourtesy of on.cci_540x360_120269210.jpgcourtesy of singtao.comf6d9a42bd33e8a47c1e31ab13f2439e8.jpgf6d9bca89f0161caa9815ace5bbd951a.jpgcourtesy of mingpao.com
The film KUNG FU MONSTER (MO LUM GWAI SAU) will open on January 3 next year in Hong Kong. Louis Koo Tin Lok, Chen Xuedong and Bea Hayden (Kwok Bik Ting) starred in the Andrew Lau Wai Keung directed and Derek Yee Tung produced film that was full of modern Hong Kong style humor, turning the martial art wold into a crazy party. Director Lau Wai Keung said, "This film looks like a costume film, but I made it like a modern film. It has a lot of funny lines and would satirize the present with the past. The martial art world on a certain level became the modern society. Whatever is happening with the society now, we would use different characters to express it."

The film released its official poster and first trailer. In the trailer the often talked about "monster" can be seen in full view. It looks more cute than "monster" like! The director said that actually whether it was a "monster" or not it only acted as a mirror. However you would treat the "monster" it would return in kind. The director also gave this "monster" a rather old school name, "Chiu Choi" (attracting money), because Hong Kong people resist that less. This "Chiu Choi" also took the director half a year's time before seeing the light of day. Thus for the director himself, this "Chiu Choi" has quite a heavy ..... (article cut to save bandwidth)

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1116-00282-033b4.jpg1116-00282-012b1.jpgPatrick Tam and Philip Keung
courtesy of on.cci_384x576_602069887.jpgcourtesy of singtao.comf6d8c3cfee0b659aac70cb88f8bf69a8.jpgf6d8dc96cc4f73a396eba43e240fc228.jpgcourtesy of mingpao.com
The film TRACEY (CHUI SZE) last night held a VIP screening. Lead actor Philip Keung Ho Man received support form friends Sandra Ng Kwan Yu, Ben Yuen Wai Ho, Wilfred Lau Ho Lung, Ron Ng Cheuk Hei and Kristal Tin Yui Nei.

Speaking of TRACEY's upcoming release, Hak Jai said that he was not nervous. Instead last night was like the premiere for him. Since he invited most of his friends, he definitely would hear real responses after the screening. Thus he was nervous and excited. Hak Jai's wife Kam Wai Ying last night also showed her support. He said that his wife actually has seen it twice already, but she did not have too much to say. Instead she was worried about his mood the most. Hak Jai said, "I remember when I was promoting in Japan, I was very happy in the first half hour. Then suddenly I started crying. My wife asked why I was crying! So after tonight I would let go, feeling that my job is done and I can wait for the result. Luckily all I heard have been comforting sounds!"

Ng Kwan Yu was already teary eyed when she arrived, perhaps expecting that media questions about her friend Yammie Nam Kit Ying's cremation yesterday. Kwan Yu held back her sorrow during he interview and praised Hak Jai's courage for playing a ..... (article cut to save bandwidth)

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1115-00282-016b2.jpg1115-00282-016b3.jpgcourtesy of on.cci_648x432_022103293.jpgcourtesy of singtao.comc361e585bb61026ecdf21b0572ff75a6.jpgcourtesy of mingpao.com
The film HAN KEI POR ONG (DEADLINE CASE BREAK) two days ago held its production start ceremony in Jiangmen. Emperor Group chief Albert Yeung Sau Sing, producer Han Sanping, director Lau Ho Leung, producer Leung Lam, leads Daniel Wu (Ng Yin Cho), Wang Qianyuan, Michelle Wai Sze Nga attended. Boss Yeung personally hosted the roast pig cutting and worship ceremony. He even gave away lai see on the spot for good luck! Ng Yin Cho said that the script lured him back for the production.

Living in the U.S., Ng Yin Cho admitted that because this script was outstanding he returned for it! "For now I can't spoil anything. After a few days at work, the director, Wang Qianyuan and I have had a very pleasant collaboration. Of course making U.S. series and Hollywood films were fun too, but I was born in Hong Kong. Filmmaking here is very professional, other nations can't make the Hong Kong flavor! In the U.S. jobs are divided very clearly, directors, producers, editors would only mind their own jobs, especially with television. Every two episode the director changes. You can't build lasting relationships. Coming back to make movies is much happier, I can study the script and the character with the director."

Daniel's unique look in HAN KEI POR ONG opened people's eyes. He said, "I think it's pretty handsome, pretty cool!" As for all the action ..... (article cut to save bandwidth)

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1115-00282-032b1.jpg1115-00282-032b2.jpgcourtesy of on.cci_648x432_701227534.jpgcourtesy of singtao.com
Michelle Yeoh (Yeung Chi King) after CROUCHING TIGER HIDDEN DRAGON in 2016 worked with Lord Eight Yuen Woo Ping again on the action film MASTER Z: THE IP MAN LEGACY (IP MAN OI JUEN: CHEUNG TIN CHI). Michelle in the film played the mob's big sister, who began conflict with Max Zhang Jin over her brother Kevin Cheng Ka Wing. The team in order to bring back the 60s style invested heavily on the construction of the Cheung Lok company, as a lot of effort was put into it like interior decoration to be close to the feel of the era. When Michelle stepped onto the set she praised as though she went back in time to the 60s.

After years in film Michelle even appeared in a Chinese dress this time. She revealed that the team spent a lot of time to prepare for this look. "This is my first 60's film. At the time women all wore Chinese dresses and hairstyle like this. If I couldn't appear that way in an era film then this chance would truly be wasted. Luckily everyone liked the result. Lord Eight said, 'OK' because he has never seen me in a Chinese dress either. Lord Eight even said not to wear the Chinese dress for a fight. I said if I had to fight I wouldn't dare to wear it!"

In the film Michelle also had to try calligraphy, which to her was a huge challenge since she did not know Chinese. ..... (article cut to save bandwidth)

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1114-00282-029b1.jpgcourtesy of on.cci_432x288_000859364.jpgcourtesy of singtao.com8fb8cec4a639928a7cd6cf68308b9bf8.jpgKara Wai is nominated for Golden Horse Best Supporting Actress8fb8e5a5d70fd9e5b2441ed22e803a84.jpgKara Wai and Philip Keung play a couple in an arranged marriage
courtesy of mingpao.com
Philip Keung Ho Man in the film TRACEY decided to become transgender after years of marriage with Kara Wai Ying Hung. He admitted that he knew nothing about transgender and lacked the confidence to perform. Thus he first did his research with a dozen or so transgender people. Hak Jai even said that he bullied the "more feminine" male student a school. Running into the classmate again on the MTR as an adult, he was already a pretty girl. "She" was proud of being reborn again. Looking back, Hak Jai also got his motivation and confidence to take this role.

Hak Jai in order to play "Tracey" had to impersonate women's movements, "crossing his legs" and curling up his body, leg trimming and facial treatments, wearing woman's lingerie and silk robes, shaving to become a real woman. However his wife Kam Wai Ying watched him becoming very feminine. Hak Jai said, "She was the most worried that the mood swing would be too much for me and I wouldn't be able to leave the character!" He even remembered after shooting the break up scene with Wai Ying Hung as he wanted a sex change, he hid in the bathroom and cried for a hour and released all of his suppressed emotions. Thus TRACEY was not just about how he dressed up like a ..... (article cut to save bandwidth)

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1114-00282-036b1.jpg1114-00282-036b2.jpgcourtesy of on.cci_270x360_850035872.jpgcourtesy of singtao.com8fb833c6bbdd873b2d9008d5b59e4ca2.jpgEkin Cheng wins the Most Popular Male Star while Chin Kar Lok wins Best Action Director
courtesy of mingpao.com
The 2nd China Korean International Film Festival two nights ago took place at the Seoul Olympic Park Olympic Center. Hong Kong film THE GOLDEN JOB (WONG GUM HING DAI)'s Dior Cheng Yi Kin was the "Most Popular Male Star", director Chin Kar Lok the "Best Action Director" and film composer Chan Kwong Wing won the "OST" award.

Ekin revealed that about ten years ago before mobile phone was popular, he was already a spokesman for the first generation mobile phone for a brand there. When he accepted the award, he greeted everyone in Korean then gave a speech in Putonghua. "I believe this year I won this award because of the film THE GOLDEN JOB's success. Thank you to the team and everyone for your support. Today's weather is great, Korea's scenery is very beautiful." The film's music producer Chan Kwong Wing thanked his family and colleagues. He once recorded a commercial song with Korean star SE7EN.

Director Chin Kar Lok revealed that the first draft of THE GOLDEN JOB's scrip was cooked up in Seoul by him and producer Eric Tsang Chi Wai. He did not except for the film's first award would be won in Seoul as well. He felt very wonderful and happy. He greeted everyone in Korean and introduced himself. Although he was not fluent the audience applauded in support. ..... (article cut to save bandwidth)

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