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Jerry Yan and Lin Zhi Ling's romantic photos

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#1 m1ss



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Posted 04 March 2005 - 02:33 AM

The stealing of Jerry Yan and Lin Zhi Ling's romantic photos uncovers their relationship

Photo from 2002 when Jerry and Lin Zhi Ling were caught seeing a movie together.

The rumors between Jerry Yan and a Taiwan model Lin Zhi Ling have boiling hot and they've been once caught on camera seeing a movie together. Recently when Lin Zhi Ling's was getting repaired, someone actually revealed photos stored inside the cellphone of her and Jerry in robes to the public. It seems that their relationship isn't an imagination.

Jerry and Lin Zhi Ling's rumors have been going on for a while. The new issue of "Yi Zhou Kan" published Lin Zhi Ling and Jerry's intimate photos taken by a cellphone. According to reports, a man wanted to sell these photos to the media for NT$500,000 (about HKD$126,000). This man said that his friend that worked at a cellphone repair shop gave him the pictures after seeing them.

Nesting in robes

In one of the images Lin Zhi Ling and Jerry were wearing robes snuggling and they were probaby in a hotel room. And the this photo was entitled "JC Macau," probably standing for Jerry and Chiling (Lin Zhi Ling's English name) and the place was Macau. In another photo, entitled "JBB Driving" Lin Zhi Ling's head is leaning on Jerry's shoulders with a glittering smile. Because the driver was on the right, they were probably not in Taiwan.

Regarding the exposure of these intimate pictures, there was news saying that when Lin Zhi Ling's cellphone was being repaired 2 photos were stolen. Lin Zhi Ling's Taiwan manager Jiang Yi Rong said, "We will think of a way to find this culprit and file a lawsuit."

Culprit scared to death

Jiang Yi Rong expressed that last month Lin Zhi Ling indeed needed her cellphone to be repaired. She said, "We've already found a lawyer to take care of this. That man who did this has already contacted our company saying that he was scared to death. He wanted to know what actions would be carried out, but we haven't contacted him yet." As for the robe photo Jiang Yi Rong said, "It should be from 3 or 4 years ago."

And Jerry, through his manager, Yao Yi Jun, said, "How'd this happen? The two of then get along well, everyone knows that. These photos shouldn't be regarded as odd. A group of friends playing poker and taking picture isn't anything big."

Source: Apple Daily

Translated by Amy of Faithful 4ever - http://f4ever.azn.nu Please give the proper credits when posting this elsewhere.

#2 Jessie86



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Posted 04 March 2005 - 09:25 AM

so................ are they still denying their relationship to the public then??
.. doesnt the pictures really speaks for themselves?
and.. why deny?? dating should be a wonderful thing :P

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Posted 04 March 2005 - 09:43 AM

In the robe photos where's the rest of the friends playing poker with them? I only saw two people in the frame. Why don't they just admit they have a relationship so that they will have their 15 sec. so fame and then they will be yesterdays news when the next couple of the moment admit they are together. Ask Jay Chou he was the talk of town till this scandal broke. Next couple please.

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Posted 07 March 2005 - 07:12 AM

Why do they have to denied this relationship? I just don't understand them and don't they find it tiring when they're doing this. Hopefully they'll admit one of this day.

#5 Guest_Guest_*

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Posted 07 March 2005 - 08:04 AM

this is not good. it will definitely make jerry's reputation dirty. that's just the way it is. the culture is not forgiving for these kinds of stuff. he has fans who are still kids. so say bye bye to them now. hmmmm.... better get ready. chiling's coming up with a new book. what a coincidence?! don't think so.

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Posted 09 March 2005 - 07:22 PM

they cant admit it because it will seriously affect their careers badly or maybe in another sense, this is just a way of arousing the public`s interest on them, so they`d sell. just imagine how can they make it succesful when theres another chance for jerry to team up with an actress `romantically on the screen` in a way that management earns well, likewise for lin whose career is lobbying only in the modeling world...and nothing more!