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"Forensic IV" Losing Ten Million to Reshoot Jacqueline Wong's Scenes

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Posted 07 May 2019 - 08:42 AM

"Forensic IV" Losing Ten Million to Reshoot Jacqueline Wong's Scenes

Sunday May 5, 2019 Hong Kong

Credits: to hyn5 @ http://hyn5-hyn5.blogspot.com



Artiste Jacqueline Wong's cheating scandal with the married Andy Hui enraged the entire city, greatly damaging her image, and has also caused the two's work to come to a complete halt. Her theme song, 《在心中》, for "Lo and Behold" was immediately removed, and the four new series that she already completed filming, including "The Offliners", "Maid Alliance", "Lower Ngau Tau Kok Soprano", and "Forensic IV", have also been affected. "Offliners", which was supposed to air after "The Defected", was the first to be removed. According to a reliable source, it has already been decided that TVB anniversary series "Forensic" will be reshot, which includes the seven days of location filming in Taiwan. There is a total of 50 filming units in Taiwan and Hong Kong, in addition to having to rent the filmmaking equipment again. The loss is over $10 million!

Previously Considered Digitally Altering the Face

The reason for the reshoots is the fact that this series has already signed a contract with Mainland, and will be simultaneously broadcasting in Hong Kong and Mainland in mid-November. It has to be approved in order to broadcast series in Mainland. The relevant party has always been strict with artistes who have a negative image; therefore, if an actor is involved in a love and sex scandal, the chance of approval is almost zero. Thus, in order to avoid affecting the broadcast date, TVB has decided to reshoot. Jacqueline, who portrays an Internet reporter in the series, is considered the third female lead. The affected portion is one-third. Because reshoots take time, the series crew has already swiftly contacted the affected artistes, Raymond Wong, Selena Lee, Shaun Tam, et al. Fortunately, everyone understands and is immediately making accommodations. The team is expected to start work next month, but it is not known who will be replacing Jacqueline's role.

"Forensic" producer Mui Siu Ching admitted the matter of reshoots in an interview with on.cc: "Very thankful to the company (TVB) for its support in terms of money, manpower, and material resources. All the actors are very good. When the incident just occurred and [we] did not decide what do yet, they already WhatsApp-ed me, saying that they would support all the decisions I make. When it was decided that scheduling had to be done for the reshoots, they swiftly agreed to it". She continued saying that the Mainland party is also very supportive of this series, previously presenting her with many ways of remedying the situation, which included digitally altering Jacqueline's face. She said, "Was also slightly flabbergasted upon hearing this method. In the end, still felt that reshooting is the best".

Selena Lee's Farewell Becomes 'Comeback' Project

Series lead Selena frankly said that she would accommodate with the reshoots: "Will definitely do the entire thing well. It was very labourious to film the series. Before, fans also said that they were unhappy about my TVB farewell project not being able to be broadcasted, so [I] also want it to be able to be broadcasted. (Is there an effect on your schedule?) Actually, the filming schedule has not been confirmed yet. I also already accepted some work outside but will do my best to accommodate". Regarding having already left TVB and filming again this time, will it be her new fee? She laughingly said, "What?! I also did not think about this issue. However, if it is filming in June, I think that I am the actor who is making the fastest return!" Regarding being burdened by Jacqueline's matter, would she be unhappy? She said, "Also cannot say it that way. It is also such an unpleasant matter. Do not look back. Have to look forward...how everyone can make the entire thing better".

As for Shaun, he expressed, "Also just received the notification. Reshoots definitely have a problem piling on top of another problem. They are still having a meeting. Temporarily do not know when the reshoots will happen. Not too much of an impact for me because I am on vacation and resting at this time. The only thing is that I have a concert in July...will have less time to practice my singing".

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