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Kenneth Ma Can Eat and Sleep, Looks for a Place to Take a Breath When Doing Location Filming

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Posted 07 May 2019 - 08:42 AM

Kenneth Ma Can Eat and Sleep, Looks for a Place to Take a Breath When Doing Location Filming

Sunday May 5, 2019 Hong Kong

Credits: to hyn5 @ http://hyn5-hyn5.blogspot.com



Kenneth Ma has been filming the new series "The Exorcist's Meter 2.0". Last Thursday night, Kenneth had to film a scene where he and Mandy Wong brought Ho Yuen Tung's 'Hung Mau Jai' up to the mountain to catch a fairy. Because the child actor could not get off work too late, the series crew had to work quickly. Kenneth and Mandy were extremely professional and did not NG much. 'Lung Mau Jai' had to take more time and kept shooting. Kenneth, who was always on standby outside of the camera, suddenly wandered off while waiting, and walked to a watchtower alone. It was dark, and you could only see him staring at the sky and looking at the ground in deep thought. After taking a breath, Kenneth quickly returned without affecting the progress of filming. The reporters could see that Kenneth was more silent than before. When he did not have to be in position, he would only stand on one side or go on his phone, and look at the blank playback monitor. Upon seeing this, Mandy also did not dare to bother him. When changing the location, Kenneth also walked to a nearby pavilion to be in quiet thought alone; the air was filled with sadness.

Working Hard to Make Money Is the Most Practical

When Kenneth was asked whether he deliberately walked away to take a breath, he emphasized three times that he there was nothing with him: "Did not walk away to escape the silence. Just never went there. Just walked there to take a look. There is nothing with me. Why would there be something? Okay. Feel okay. Everything is okay. Can eat and sleep. Everything is normal. Also no problem with filming emotional scenes. Ha! What problem would there be? Why would you ask that? (How about your emotional life?) Normal. All in all, I am working normally. No response for everything. Would get written about whatever I say. Do not give topics for people to write about. (You looked very haggard in your previous selfie in the taxi!) I intentionally shot it so that I would look thinner. Ha Ha. There is nothing with me".

When Kenneth was asked whether he was throwing himself into his work, Kenneth's mind was clear, laughingly saying, "Have to work normally every day. The series has not completed filming yet". He even revealed that "Exorcist's" has to film for another month-plus before wrapping up. Afterward, he will not be taking a vacation and will immediately be filming a new series: "The company is telling [me] to film another series, so filming it. I have always filmed if there is a series. Not really special. Just letting the matter pass quickly. Making money is the most practical. (More practical than love?) Well, [I] have to eat". Mandy also highly praised Kenneth as being a professional actor. Even if the two have to film emotional scenes, there is no problem.

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