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Already 19 Years! Original Lineup of "A Step into the Past" Filming Movie Version

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Posted 25 March 2019 - 10:06 PM

Already 19 Years! Original Lineup of "A Step into the Past" Filming Movie Version

Thursday March 21, 2019 Hong Kong

Credits: to hyn5 @ http://hyn5-hyn5.blogspot.com



Artiste Louis Koo attended a presentation for his company, One Cool Film. At the event, movies planning to film this year and those already completed were announced. This time, the movie version of "A Step into the Past", "Back to the Past", will star the original television cast from back then, including Jessica Hsuan, Raymond Lam, Michelle Saram, Sonija Kwok, and Joyce Tang, who also appeared at the movie presentation and even shared their feelings about the reunion. Louis said, "The series back then is already a matter from the year 2000. Many people also want us to film a movie version. Initially did not think about using the original actors, but later felt that it would only be good to watch if the original lineup was used".

Jessica said that she knew that Louis said that it would be filming, and she has already been happy for a few years. Very excited to have now finally waited for the day that shooting starts. Michelle is very happy because it has already been many years since [she] has seen this group of friends; the feeling of seeing each other again is very sweet. Sonija said, "The series 'Step' was my first project upon entering the industry; it is very important to me. Thus, [I] was very excited upon knowing that the movie version would be filmed. Thank you, Louis". Joyce said, "Got frightened by Louis backstage. Said that there would be a lot of fighting, so I hope that he gives more money to hire more stunt doubles for me". Raymond said, "Heard Louis say that this movie would be filming for a long time. Every time [I] see him, he would say that the script is getting revised again. All in all, very brilliant".

Afterward, Louis, Jessica, and Raymond were interviewed together. Regarding having many movies filming this year, what is the total investment? Louis said, "For these, have to ask the film company. (You are the boss!) Not saying...these are secrets". When asked when "Back" officially starts filming, he said, "Really fast!"

Synchronized Growth of Characters, Louis Koo: Do Not Have to Put on Makeup

This is the first time that the cast lineup of the movie version of "Step" has appeared, and it is also the first time disclosing the outline of the story. Louis: "The story will happen 19 years later. Emperor Qin has already unified the six countries. Everyone does not know what happened afterward. There is a lot creative space. Because it is a time-travel plot, there are a lot of sci-fi elements in the movie. Talking about things after 19 years, the biggest benefit is that everyone does not need to put on makeup".

'Hong Siu Lung''s Son Will Appear

Regarding the script, Louis attaches great importance to it and has always kept it confidential. Raymond, "Every time [I] discuss the story with Mr. Koo, he would say that it has been revised again, did you know? Then I would constantly go to get an understanding". Louis revealed that the story and the television version are two independent creations. Even if the actors are the same, the characters' identities may also change. The only sure thing that is connected to the television version is that 'Hong Siu Lung' has a son. As for whether it is the Xiang Yu that was mentioned in the series, it cannot be disclosed.

Regarding the movie beginning filming this year, Jessica also expressed excitement and even suggested to Louis that the plot could have some changes: "We have been together for 19 years. Should be able to speak more modernly...no need to memorize ancient language". However, Louis repeatedly answered, "Cannot! Cannot!" Completely K.O.-ed Jessica.

As for Jimmy Au, who played General Manager Tao in "Step", many netizens also said that they also want him to return to the team. He said that [he] has temporarily not received the news, but Jimmy expressed, "If needed, I can take a leave to film it!"

Joyce Tang Calls for Louis Koo to Sing Theme Song Again

In an interview, Joyce frankly said that she already rarely films ancient series in recent years; the last one was already 2005's TVB series "The Prince's Shadow". She said, "'Step' is many people's childhood memories. So rare to get everyone together and we really did not change much. Only became more awesome, so really very excited to film again. Already found that type of feeling from back then". Joyce frankly said that Louis also expressed to her that, this time, her character has to fight a lot; thus, she frankly said that she has to exercise during this period of time.

Taking on this film, Joyce also asked the series crew of TVB's "Lo and Behold" to get a slot in [her] schedule and has fortunately gotten the accommodation of the company. Regarding the theme song of "Step" being sung by Louis back then, Joyce frankly said that someone did ask before whether it would be sung by him again. Joyce laughingly said, "If everyone wants to have that type of childhood memory again, I also think that it should be sung by him again".

Sonija Kwok Filming "Back to the Past" and Being 'Qin Qing' Again, Netizens Are Greatly Supportive

In an on.cc interview, Sonija said, "Very happy! Have an opportunity to be 'Qin Qing' again. Have not seen so many former colleagues again in many years. This time, the movie version is a continuation...greatly anticipating it".

She also said that the story and all sorts of things are still in the middle of discussion: "'Step' is my first series after debuting. When filming, did not know anything. Luckily, everyone liked 'Qin Qing'. Hope that, after many years of honing, there is even better acting that can be seen by everyone!" Netizens also highly praised Sonija; although [she] is already a mother, [she] has still kept [herself] well...still awesome being 'Qin Qing' again after 20 years!

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