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Competed with Nick Cheung for Music Industry's Newcomer Award, Louis Koo: 'Want to Take Part in an Athletic Contest'

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Posted 12 January 2019 - 04:13 PM

Competed with Nick Cheung for Music Industry's Newcomer Award, Louis Koo: 'Want to Take Part in an Athletic Contest'

Monday January 7, 2019 Hong Kong

Credits: to hyn5 @ http://hyn5-hyn5.blogspot.com


'Movie King' and 'TV King' Louis Koo won CRHK's viewer-voted 'My Favourite Male Singer' earlier, becoming the entertainment industry's first 'grand slam' person to dominate the music, film, and television industries. Francis Ng revealed that, back then, Louis and Nick Cheung competed for the newcomer award; the latter said that he does not have the ability to challenge a grand slam, and would be focusing on his posts as a director and an actor. Francis laughingly said that the music industry is tolerant of people, but it cannot become random; thus, [he] does not dare to randomly make a charge again.

The new movie "Line Walker 2", starring Nick, Louis, and Francis, was filming in Kwun Tong. Louis, who was in a good mood, expressed being very happy after receiving the 'My Favourite Male Singer' award, but [he] has been busy filming, so [he] has not had the time to celebrate. Earlier, [he] only received a cake when there was a meeting for the Performing Artistes Guild. It is said that he seemed to have cursed when he was on awards presentation stage; Louis laughingly said, "No comment". Are there any plans to return to the music industry in the coming year? He said, "I want to take part in a 13-event athletic contest!" Joey Yung wants to compose a song for him to support him in becoming a dance singer? After hearing this, Louis said 'ha' and then said, "Filming movies first! Have to film two movies during this period of time. 'A Step into the Past' will begin filming soon".

Advance Payment for Lo Hoi Pang's Surgery Fee, Louis Koo Not Willing to Say More

Lo Hoi Pang was admitted to the hospital for surgery earlier. It is said that Louis advance paid the $200,000 bill, and has been praised for being affectionate and loyal. Louis was not willing to say more: "It's okay! I have no comment". Regarding Ringo Lam's death, he revealed that his family wants to have a low-key funeral. Later, Johnnie To is responsible for Director Lam's memorial service. If needed, the Performing Artistes Guild will be providing assistance...waiting for Johnnie to announce the details. Louis said seriously, "Director Lam and I have known each other for 20-plus years. Collaborated a lot in the '90s. He left too suddenly. Have not been able to accept it in such a short time. Have to slowly adapt".

The Performing Artistes Guild Holding a Charity Fundraising Party at the End of March

It is said that, after Louis became the president of the Performing Artistes Guild, there is the intention of holding a fundraising event in March, as well as holding a music awards presentation with recognition for the music industry. Louis said that there was no comment at the time...will talk about it again when the time comes. However, recently, [he] has assisted singers with doing street performances, and has come to understand that there have been problems with the venues and the performance methods...will gradually find the perfect way to help them. He admitted that the Performing Artistes Guild will be holding a fundraising party on March 30th...will be in the format of a stage. Hope to raise as much as possible to help those in the industry in need and do charity. It was suggested that he perform last to raise funds, completing the second half of his song, 《男朋友》, that he did not sing on the CRHK stage. Louis laughingly said, "The performance segment will be mainly new singers. (Your singing is missed by netizens?) Thank you!" When it was mentioned that he and Nick had competed for the newcomer award in the same year in 2000, he said in surprise, "Really? I don't remember. Have even forgotten the newcomer awards that I have gotten".

Francis Ng Suggests Dueting a 'Hehe' Version of "Boyfriend"

Regarding Louis Koo becoming a grand slam in the entertainment industry, Francis humourously said, "So good! The music industry is very tolerant. Created a lot of noise". Will you challenge Louis? He proudly said that he previously received good results in the music industry: "Gallen Lo, Jessica Hsuan, Maggie Cheung, and I put out an album for 'Old Time Buddy' back then. Had double platinum sales. Shared the seven-figure profits among the four of us". However, he does not plan to sing again: "Everyone is tolerant. Do not ruin other people's reputation. Tolerance does not mean randomness. If I go, it will become random!" He would rather compete with Louis in acting in movies, and laughingly said that [he] can take the opportunity to sing with Louis and Nick: "We will wear bathrobes and create a 'hehe' version, singing 《男朋友》 together! Quite erotic!"

Regarding Director Lam's death, he said teary-eyed that he was very shocked to hear the news. Collaborated a lot back then. Ringo was a very special person...really liked working with newcomers. Really wanted to collaborate again but could not say it out. Has become a regret, so now, [he] really cherishes the people [he] works with.

Invited to Be a Concert Guest, Nick Cheung Says That He Actually Does Not Want To

Nick is happy for Louis for winning a music award again. He feels that he does not have the ability to challenge a grand slam, so [he] is still focusing on being an actor and a director. Does he, who previously released albums, feel that the music industry owes him? Nick said, "Louis is not afraid of the dark or ghosts! Although I like to sing, frequently singing in the bathroom of my house, [I] do not dare to sing in front of people. When other people invite me to be a concert guest, I appear very excited, but [I] actually don't want to sing". He said that he is old. [He] does not intend to overcome this problem. Afraid that forcing himself will make him die even earlier. Jacky Cheung will have a concert at the Hong Kong Coliseum; he will be going to show his support but will not be going on the stage as a guest.

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