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[TVB][UPCOMING] The Exorcist's Meter 2.0 降魔的2.0

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Posted 04 January 2019 - 06:00 AM

English Title:
The Exorcist's Meter 2.0

Chinese Title:



Chinese Pinyin: 
Hong Moh Dik Yi Dim Ling

Costume Fitting Date:
January 3, 2019


Fong Chun Chiu

Filming Location:
Hong Kong

Filming Length:




Kenneth Ma

Hubert Wu

Mandy Wong

Susan Tse

Ram Chiang

Moon Lau



Additional Info:


- 25 episodes long.

- Kenneth Ma's character is continued from the first installment. He will get entangled in a love triangle, as Zoie Tam will contend with Mandy Wong. He has a strong romantic rival in C Kwan, who will pursue Mandy.
- Hubert Wu will play Mok Wai Ho (莫偉豪), Kenneth's childhood friend, but he already died when he was younger, so he will be his spirit. This installment will explain what happened to him. He is not an evil character; he is a tragic character. The things that he does are not of his own free will; thus, he is not a mean person in his bones, but he experienced unhappy things. He slightly goes against Kenneth, and there is also the feeling that he is secretly helping him. He does not have a romantic storyline with Moon Lau; they are rivals. He is both good and evil. Zoie is his elder sister.
- Mandy will continue her doctor character, but she is more cheerful. This installment will have more comedy because her partner is C Kwan. She has supernatural powers to help Kenneth exorcise demons.
- Ram Chiang will return as Ngai Tit Man (艾鐵文), a netizen. In "Ghost of Relativity", he was a pseudo-scientist who invented a spirit detector. He and Susan Tse will have a 'three days, two nights' plot.
- Moon will continue playing Bui Bui Na (貝貝娜), but she will appear as a spirit. Although she has already died, she will continue as Kenneth's admirer and 'female soldier' who silently guards him.
- Kayee Tam will wear winter clothing. She will continue being on Moon's side.
- Iris Lam is pregnant with a demon baby. She will continue being pure with slight evil.
- C Kwan will play Fung Si Ye, a lustful fairy who likes to peep under people's skirts. He has strong magic powers and is the best fighter.
- Zoie will play Fa, who always encounters Kenneth when hailing a taxi; they have a romantic storyline.
- Gloria Tang will play Liz Loi Si (萊斯). She and younger twin brother Alex Max are human exorcists. Her usual look is pure, but she will show her long legs when she is exorcising demons. She has a romantic storyline with Hubert.
- Alex Mak will play Lo Si (勞斯). He and Gloria are rich exorcists who drive a Rolls-Royce to catch ghosts, strongly contrasting with Kenneth.
- Tsui Wing will play a producer. He has a romantic storyline.
- Penny Chan will play a veterinarian.
- Julian Gaertner will play Billy, a painter.
- Hugo Wong will guest-star, continuing his demon character.


Credits: to hyn5 @ http://hyn5-hyn5.blogspot.com

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Posted 26 March 2019 - 02:03 AM

Wants to See Mandy Wong Being Sexy, Kenneth Ma Lucky in Love with One Tugging Two

Monday March 25, 2019 Hong Kong

Credits: to hyn5 @ http://hyn5-hyn5.blogspot.com



Artistes Kenneth Ma, Mandy Wong, Moon Lau, and Jeannie Chan were in Shek Kip Mei doing location filming for the TV series "The Exorcist's Meter 2.0". Kenneth revealed that, this time, he is dating two at once: "Although it is two people dating, it is a gathering of three people. It is a very special scene because it will talk about Moon possessing Mandy's body and playing with me for a day". Mandy said that Kenneth is very lucky in love in the series. Apart from girlfriend Mandy and Moon, who has a crush on him, there is also Zoie Tam, who has newly joined.

In the series, Mandy plays a doctor; she happily revealed that, in this installment, she gets a kind of ability, fulfilling her wish to join the ranks of exorcizing demons: "Seeing them exorcizing demons in the previous installment, thought that it was very cool". Kenneth said that, if there were another new installment, [he] suggests that Mandy exorcize demons in a sexy look. She immediately poured cold water on the idea: "You're thinking too much!" However, Kenneth revealed that, later, there will be a scene that talks about Zoie and Mandy both appearing in a sexy look: "I also really want to know how sexy it is!" Mandy expressed that that scene is only a plot of Kenneth's imagination in the series. Upon hearing this, Kenneth said, "Well, you will not appear wearing a turtleneck!" Mandy laughingly said, "Can also be very sexy wearing a doctor's coat". Kenneth immediately humourously said, "Well, unless nothing at all is worn inside!"

Would Rather Be Single Than Have Hubert Wu

Moon frankly said that this scene is very important for her character, so she was so nervous that she could not sleep the night before. When asked whether she wanted the producer to arrange a partner for her, she said with a big reaction: "I am scared that Hubert Wu will be arranged for me again because [we] previously filmed a few series and [we] were also being a pair. Blissfulness cannot be forced. Sometimes being alone is even happier". She even laughingly said that she and Hubert can play mother and son next time.

In addition, Jeannie is cameoing as a ghost; she is happy to collaborate with her good friend, Moon. She revealed that she will later be visiting orphans in Myanmar and is currently considering what materials she should donate to the local children.

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