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[TVB][UPCOMING] Yakuza Weirdo 極道怪咖

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Posted 01 January 2019 - 10:19 PM

English Title:
Yakuza Weirdo

Chinese Title:


Chinese Pinyin: 
Gik Do Gwaai Ka

Costume Fitting Date:
December 27, 2018


Lam Chi Wah

Filming Location:
Hong Kong

Filming Length:




Vincent Wong

Owen Cheung

Crystal Fung

Samantha Ko



Additional Info:



- Vincent Wong will play an actor. He is an orphan. After he grows up, he joins an American troupe as the male lead. He is very stubborn about acting. When he goes to Hong Kong for a movie role casting, the cops and the triads come to believe that he is the descendant of a triad boss. He is told to play a triad boss to calm down the triad disputes; however, he becomes a key figure for the cops and the triads. In the beginning, he and Owen Cheung are enemies, but Owen later becomes his underling when they both go undercover. He has seven girls surrounding him.

- Owen will play an undercover cop in the Organized Crime and Triad Bureau (OCTB). He meets Vincent Wong, who gets entangled in his undercover world, as he teaches him the principles of acting and how to be an undercover. He has many kiss scenes with Vincent Wong.
- Crystal Fung will play Rachel Koo Yan Yi (顧欣頤), the daughter of a wealthy family. She is Shek Sau's daughter. She is a gentlewoman who becomes a cop because she has a great sense of justice. She ends up doing "Police Report", but she is not satisfied, as she wants to become a Senior Inspector of Police in the OCTB and solve big cases. She encounters a triad boss murder case, so she enlists the help of Vincent Wong in going undercover; she becomes his handler, and he has to listen to her. She and six other girls are in love with Vincent Wong. She does not like Samantha Ko.
- Samantha will play Chong Ming Lai (莊明麗), a headstrong and straightforward celebrity. She does a lot of things for her career. She seems as though she stops at nothing in hopes of furthering her performing arts career, as she gets close to wealthy businessman Shek Sau, but she actually has an original aspiration for acting; because of Vincent Wong, she has to find this original aspiration back. She has a romantic storyline with Shek Sau, but she also tries to force Vincent Wong to like her. She has a bed scene with Vincent Wong where she seduces him to test whether he likes men.
- John Chiang will play a sick triad boss, so he does not fight to become the boss and leaves it to his daughter. He has a cane.
- Winki Lai will play Cheung Chin Ha, the eldest daughter of a triad family. She has to find the enemy who killed her father. She can handle 30,000 disciples at one time; however, at the bottom of her heart, she thirsts for love. Her love interest is Owen; there is a scene where she knocks him out with a drug, and she wants to take advantage of him. She and Owen have a kiss scene.
- Angel Chiang will play 「水姐」, a sexy triad boss lady. She and Tsui Wing are partners; he lets her manage a lot of the pornography business. She does not sell her body, as she excels at using coquetry to seduce men into making them do things for her. Otto Chan loves her. After Vincent Wong becomes an undercover, she falls for him, but he owes a debt of gratitude to a few women at the same time. She initially found Vincent Wong to be quite simple and pure, but she later finds out that he also wants the triad boss position; thus, she wants to love but cannot love. She also has to help Tsui Wing handle the triad boss position.
- Kelly Fu will play Mandy Cheung Chin Yu (蔣千瑜), the second daughter of a triad family. She is a triad career woman who is good with numbers. She manages the finances. She also has to handle the pornography business, managing the pimps' and the prostitutes' amount of business. She is calm, introverted, and cooler. She has a calm appearance but goes crazy when she returns home. She does not have to fight; she is a math genius. She has a crush on Vincent Wong.
- Serene Lim will play Cheung Chin Wai, a university student who is studying journalism. She is rather well-behaved and pure. She is the third daughter of the Cheung family.
- Kathy Yuen will play So Chi San, a high school teacher. She is rather old-fashioned and preachy. She is John's daughter; he forces her to become a triad boss.
- Otto will play 「鐵頭」. John is his father, while Kathy is his younger sister.
- Jack Hui will play Szeto Sun (司徒信).
- Eddie Pang will play a mean person.
- Lawrence Lau will play 「細寶」.


Credits: to hyn5 @ http://hyn5-hyn5.blogspot.com




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