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[UPCOMING][TVB] Brothers 兄弟


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Posted 28 September 2017 - 10:56 PM

English Title:

Chinese Title:


Costume Fitting:

September 27, 2017


Lam Chi Wah

Filming Location:
Hong Kong

Filming Length:




Vincent Wong

Mat Yeung

Philip Ng

Rebecca Zhu

Kaman Wong



Additional Info:


- There will be location filming in England and the Philippines.
- Vincent Wong, Philip Ng, and Mat Yeung will play biological brothers who have been separated from each other and have lost in touch with each other for many years. Because of 1997's financial crisis, the three went their separate ways. When they grow up, they reunite but discover the reason their family was broken apart, which is hiding a great conspiracy....
- Vincent Wong will play a successful KOL. He has a high income, so he has hired many bodyguards to protect himself, in which Kaman Wong is one of them. He vents on Kaman, using her as his punching bag, and later developing into a romantic storyline. He, Philip, and Mat have telepathic abilities. He does not know how to box, but when he encounters a crisis, he receives Philip's boxing ability so that he knows how to handle the crisis.
- Philip will play a cop. He does Western boxing.
- Rebecca Zhu will play Ching Ching, an Interpol. When she was younger, her father had some relations to the three brothers, Vincent Wong, Mat, and Philip, but when she was younger, her father passed away. When she grows up, she becomes a cop and discovers that her father's death is related to Shek Sau, the big shot behind the scenes.
- Kaman will play a security guard who later becomes a Vincent Wong's personal bodyguard. Lily Leung is her paternal grandmother.
- Tiffany Lau will play a Western boxing coach. Her father (played by Savio Tsang) is a butcher who sent her overseas to study, but she ended up falling in love with boxing; however, later, because of some reasons, she could no longer box, so she returns to Hong Kong. Later, she boxes with Philip and Mat, and ends up training Philip in boxing.
- Toby Chan will play a bodyguard who is the best fighter. Her boss is Mat. She is always partnered with Quinn Ho. She does not talk much, as she mostly fights.
- Shek Sau has two identities: the Vice President of the Monetary Authority in the earlier portion and today's media tycoon.
- Albert Cheung will play Vincent Wong's adoptive father.
- Lily will play an old woman who always has to be pretty.
- Rosanne Lui will play Philip's godmother. She used to sing for a living at Temple Street.
- Amigo Choi will play a Chinese Filipino boxer.
- Lena Li will play Chun Wong's personal bodyguard and secretary. She is a good fighter.
- Chloe Nguyen will play a clever bodyguard who uses her beauty to protect Chun Wong. She is a villain.
- Snowy Bai will play a bodyguard who uses her beauty to protect Chun Wong. She is a villain.


Credits: to hyn5 @ http://hyn5-hyn5.blogspot.com

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Posted 15 October 2017 - 10:13 PM

Vincent Wong and Mat Yeung resemble each other and are acting as brothers in new series

Sunday October 15, 2017 Hong Kong






Vincent Wong (王浩信), Philip Ng (伍允龍), Rebecca Zhu (朱晨麗), Kaman Kong (江嘉敏), Tiffany Lau (劉穎璇) and others attend the worshipping ceremony of TVB new series, Brothers (兄弟) on 11 October. Kaman acts as Vincent's love interest in the series and he feels relieved there is no kissing scenes so as to stop circulating new rumours. Also, his wife, Yoyo Chen (陳自瑤) has complete trust in him: "My wife has absolute trust in me and we have no idea about how the rumours begin to circulate around. Anyway, I am concentrating on showing my best workpiece."

Vincent reveals the series theme focuses on illustrating the brotherly ties between Mat Yeung (楊明), Philip and himself. Mentioning about Mat resembles him since joining showbiz and finally acting as brothers this time, Vincent says: "I think we have 80% resemblance. He is older than me in reality and looks younger on the surface. No choice as I look haggard easily after filming series."

Philip expresses he will be fighting from the beginning to the end and hoping to use his Western boxing this time. He has been fighting for real all the way and feeling dizzy when beaten up by his good friend, Andy On (安志杰) before. He receives compliments from choreographer, Yuen Woo Ping (袁和平) as Philip really feels dizzy at that time.

Source: Ming Pao (HK)
Translated by: tvfan @ Asian E-News Portal