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Song Jae Lim Talks About His 19+ Image as a 30-Year-Old


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Posted 25 January 2015 - 12:53 PM


Sitting down with fashion magazine Singles, Song Jae Lim talked about his recent popularity as well as his image.

Featured in the February issue of Singles, Song Jae Lim participated in a very honest interview, titled, ′Song Jae Lim′s Real Face.′

With his playful and sexy image on We Got Married, the interviewer noted surprise at his quiet and sincere image.

Regarding this, Song Jae Lim answered, "Of course, the image shown on We Got Married is me. It′s just one of my many images. As We Got Married is a variety program, there′s a different theme with each shoot. When we talk about sincere topics, I become sincere. When we talk about simple topics, I get playful."

He continued, "The image shown on We Got Married isn′t 100 percent me. That′s because broadcasts only show fragments and snippets. In a private setting, depending on the area and my mood, I become quite different. When I talk about work, I become very rational, while during a fun setting with alcohol, I get very talkative."

When asked if he predicted that he would become popular from We Got Married, Song Jae Lim answered negative.

"I went in not expecting a thing. My partner is a huge reason why [it turned out well]. When I go into a variety program, I let everything go and begin," said Song Jae Lim.

"Ever since the beginning, people have been very clear on whether they like or dislike me based on their first impressions of me and my actions. People who hate me will hate me even if I lift a spoon, and people who like me will like me even if I sit still. That′s why I let everything go, without trying to create an image and decided to go with the flow of that moment."

Regarding the erotic and sensual image he also posesses, Song Jae Lim answered, "We Got Married first went down the 19+ track...but that′s only because I play a lot of mischievious jokes."

He added, "I think because only the things on the surface level get published into articles, I got this 19+ image. But I′m over 30 now, so I think 19+ isn′t fitting. It′s not like I′m 18-year old, and there isn′t a reason for me not to be 19+. It′s not like I′ve never loved."

The full interview and pictorial will be included in the February issue.