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Jang Dong Gun Confesses He Fell into a Slump for Years


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Posted 01 June 2014 - 02:07 PM

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Jang Dong Gun surprisingly confessed that he has been fighting a slump for years.

Jang Dong Gun held an interview on May 26 at a café in Samcheong-dong, as his film Crying Man is about to premiere.

When asked what Crying Man means to him, Jang Dong Gun unexpectedly answered, “It’s a project that I filmed at the time when I was fighting a slump and mannerisms that have been constricting me for years. It’s what I liked the most as I filmed the movie.”

Jang Dong Gun continued, “I think I had fallen into habit, if I look back and think about it. So I’ve been reflecting on myself. Every actor experiences a slump. It doesn’t necessarily come from the result of a project. There are times when I experience it within myself. When that happens, I feel separated as I act out a character and cannot concentrate on acting.”

The actor explained, “To be honest, I’ve been experiencing that for the past several years. I think the reason comes from having falling into monotony. I tried hard to get away from that as I filmed this project. Crying Man is the project I chose to do at the time when I became aware of the fact that I fell into monotony, realized something and wanted a change by reflecting upon myself.”

When asked if he is still experiencing mannerism and slump, Jang Dong Gun nodded and said, “I think I have been slowly getting over being stuck in my habits, since the moment I realized it, but I don’t know about my slump. I think it was at an award ceremony. I heard So Ji Sub sharing something similar to this. I didn’t know what he was talking about at that time but now I completely understand. I thought, ‘He must be going through that. It came to him.’"

About any advice he received from his seniors, he said, “I don’t think there is an answer to how you get out of it. There are probably actors who don’t even know that they are experiencing a slump. I’m glad that I’m self-aware and recognized it now. A change and development can only take place after you accept your current situation. So I feel fortunate.”

Still in the process of growing, Jang Dong Gun’s change has also affected how he chose projects.

Jang Dong Gun shared, “Right now, I want to do the projects that I feel attracted to. I don’t want to think about anything else. I am actually looking at two projects, even though I haven’t confirmed my appearance. They are not big movies.”

He continued to hint at his next projects by saying, “If I hadn’t gone through an internal change then there′s a big chance that I wouldn′t have chosen the project. I cannot tell you much since it hasn’t been confirmed but even if I don’t end up acting in it, it would be for a different reason than before. There’s no drama that I’m attracted to now. The ones I’m considering are movies.”

Meanwhile, Crying Man is set to premiere on June 4.

Source: MWave