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Chik Chak Ultimate Song Chart Awards 2013 Results

hong kong chik chak awards 2013 joey yung hong kong

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Posted 02 January 2014 - 12:40 PM

Chik Chak Ultimate Song Chart Awards 2013 Results
Wednesday January 1, 2014 Hong Kong
Source: Oriental Daily
Translated by: aZnangel @ http://asianuniverse.net

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Last night CRHK's Chik Chak Ultimate Song Chart Awards 2013 was held at the HKCEC. Eason Chan, Hacken Lee, Hins Cheung, Denise Ho, Fiona Sit, Edmond Leung, Kary Ng, Pakho Chau and nearly 50 other singers attended. CRHK gave out 44 awards last night, Eason and Joey were again the big winners of the night, sweeping 5 and 2 awards respectively.

Although Joey was still holding her concert in HK Coliseum when the awards ceremony started, but as promised she ended her concert about 2 hours earlier than usual just so she could attend the concert. Joey rushed from HK Coliseum to the HKCEC in Wan Chai and got to the ceremony at around 10pm. Before Joey's arrival, her Sky Window (天窗) already won an award, as part of the Top 10 Songs (rank 7).

Joey arrived at the ceremony just in time to announce the Female Singer Gold Award. This is Joey's 7th consecutive year and her 9th time getting this award. When she got on stage and had a deeper voice. She joked and said she just went through a "change in gender" and fears Chik Chak might accidentally give her the Male Singer award instead. Joey had a hoarse voice because she had a throat infection and the flu, she expressed it was tiring rushing from the concert to the awards ceremony. "Its truly exhausting going to two different parties in one day, but both parties gives me a different feeling. As long as I could do this 1314 (lifetime), then I'm not afraid of any difficulty." Then Joey started tearing up as she gave her acceptance speech, she said she must thank her mother who had been so supportive. When she performed her song, she started sobbing so much, she couldn't continue. Denise Ho won her first "My Favorite Female Singer" award and had teary eyes during her acceptance speech. She performed a cover of her mentor Anita Mui's The Song of Sunset.

When Eason won first place in the Chik Chak's Top 10 Songs, he was surrounded by hugs and kisses from the DJs. Eason laughed: "I noticed DJ Alton Yu had the most gentle kiss, makes me have feelings!" Before Eason started performing 遠在咫尺, he said: "Today I'm going to do something really unprofessional, I want to concentrate." Then Eason took out his phone, it appeared he was reading the lyrics off of his phone. Near the end, Eason shook his head and expressed he was dissatisfied because he sang the wrong key.

As for "Male Singer Silver Award" winner Pakho Chau, he expressed his love on stage to his girlfriend Stephanie (not from industry). He exclaimed: "She's been with me to get through all the tough times, so I could run faster, run to our finish line. I love you!"

Winners List:


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Posted 04 January 2014 - 02:02 PM

Posted ImageEason Chan becomes "Free to Feel" for the female DJs

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Posted ImageWyman WongPosted ImageEdmond Leung
courtesy of on.cc

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Posted Imagecourtesy of singtao.comPosted ImageEason Chan wins his 9th My Favorite Male Singer, laments that he is old at age 39 and is upset his lackluster performance this eveningPosted ImageEason Chan seems reluctant to get kisses from all the male DJsPosted ImageJoey YungPosted ImageDenise Ho wins My Favorite Female Singerhttp://ol.mingpao.co...1/_02MH019_.jpgFiona Sit raises her Female Singer Silver Prize high as she crieshttp://ol.mingpao.co...1/_02MH018_.jpgIvana Wong is pleased with her Female Singer Bronze Prizehttp://ol.mingpao.co...1/_02MH008_.jpgPakho Chau wins Male Singer Silver Prize and Creative Singer Awardhttp://ol.mingpao.co...1/_02MH017_.jpgAlfred Hui cries tears of joy over his Male Singer Bronze Prizehttp://ol.mingpao.co...1/_02MH010_.jpgHacken Lee's HOUSE OF CARDS wins sixth place songhttp://ol.mingpao.co...1/_02MH004_.jpgAndy Hui's LOVER A wins second place song awardhttp://ol.mingpao.co...1/_02MH013_.jpgStephanie Cheng is happy about her tenth place song EXTRAORDINARY LIFEhttp://ol.mingpao.co...1/_02MH011_.jpgShiga Lin turns into a crybaby when she accepts her ninth place song awardhttp://ol.mingpao.co...1/_02MH009_.jpgKary Nghttp://ol.mingpao.co...1/_02MH012_.jpgIvana Wong also falls on the stairs, luckily others assist herhttp://ol.mingpao.co...1/_02MH006_.jpgEason Chan is quite a gentleman as he lends a hand to Denise Hohttp://ol.mingpao.co...1/_02MH002_.jpgSoft Hard pokes fun at the Lifsig toy
courtesy of mingpao.com
Commercial Radio's Ultimate Song Chart Awards presented 44 awards last night. Eason Chan Yik Shun won the Male Singer Gold Prize for the ten straight time, and Joey Yung Cho Yi won her ninth straight Female Singer Gold Prize. Eason won 5 awards to become the big winner. He publicly thanked his wife Hilary Tsui Ho Ying and even said that last night he was upset because his performance was lackluster. Joey started her concert early in order to personally accept the Female Singer Gold Prize. Denise Ho Wan Si won her first "My Favorite Female Singer". Pakho Chau who won 3 awards publicly expressed his love but did not mention for whom.

Eason has become the strongest in history as he won his tenth Ultimate Male Singer Gold Prize and his ninth My Favorite Male Singer. He even with FREE TO ROAM won the Ultimate Song Award, My Favorite Song Prize, Ultimate Record to become the big winner. However he looked serious all night and did not smile too much.

When Eason accepted the Ultimate Male Singer Gold Prize, he made an exception and thanked his wife, daughter and parents. He seemed to want to prove how important his wife was. Each of Eason's thank you speech exceeded 10 minutes, even guest host Carol Cheng Yui Ling could not help but praise Ellen Loo (Lo Hoi Tung) for keeping her thank you speech brief. Do Do took the chance to take a jab at Eason, "Some singer's speech is as long as an entire song!"

Joey began her concert early and arrived around 10PM to accept her award, but she was six or seven seats away from her former close friend Ho Wan Si. Winning the ninth straight Female Singer Gold Prize, Joey also won a song award. She sounded a little hoarse when she gave her speech, "Attending two parties in one night is very tiring." When she performed she even mouthed that she had "no voice". Joey described that she was the happiest about seeing friends who she has worked with this time winning awards. Years ago when she accepted the Female Singer Award she was jeered. Last night she received many cheers. Joey tearfully said, "I am very happy that something I once couldn't get on this stage today everyone has given to me, it's cheers."

Ho Wan Si waited all night for My Favorite Female Singer. Winnie Yu Tsang said, "Your mentor is definitely smiling in Heaven." Seemingly she meant for her to take Anita Mui Yim Fong's baton. Ho Wan Si earlier was upset with the Commercial Radio judging standards and became at odds. Now she crushed Yung Cho Yi to win the award for the first time.

Winning 3 awards, Pakho Chau seemed to be expressing his love to his girlfriend. "I want to thank one person, I never thought that I have to thank her. I don't have much self confidence, every time I wrote a song I would ask her. Every time she would say the song was good. Actually recognition from someone you love was very important. Today I am very happy to be able to come on the stage three times, thank you very much to her! I grew up with her and got over a lot of hardship with her. I will run faster, run to our destination. I love you! Thank you for your patience, thank you!"

Lacking luck with Ultimate over the years, Hacken Lee Hak Kun won a song award with HOUSE OF CARDS. He also accepted the award in person, but he did not appear until his award was announced. "Today I am sick, I am more or less off key. My 2013 resolution was to make a popular song so I could be in My Favorite Song top five, in the end it was fulfilled already in my heart." Andy Hui Chi On with LOVER A won second place Gold Song, but the DJ mixed up the title to make it sound like Matching Lover. On Jai smiled and praised the DJ for his quick wit. Was he prepare to wed? On Jai said, "No, for now I haven't had the thought. Later I would again, we have an understanding." Speaking of Sammi Cheng Sau Man's preference for the title "Sup Soh", On Jai said that he still called Sammi as "Ah Mi". He would not call him Sup Gor or Sup Long.

Leung Hong Man who has not been on the Ultimate stage for a long time jumped twice and screamed "yeah" when he won his song award with HALF A LIFE. He said, "I really want to share this award with my wife. Earlier I was thinking, I haven't been up here for a few years. The last time was ten years ago, but I pressed the delete button. I want to erase anything unpleasant."

Lyrics creator Wyman Wong Wai Man yesterday sat away from other song and lyrics creators. The event said, "Wyman called the radio station and asked to be seated in the front row." When Wyman's disciple Abrahim Chan Wing Him won the Lyrics Awards he thanked Wyman on the stage. Wyman was moved to tears.

ULTIMATE as usual became a tear filled award show. When Joey won her ninth Female Singer award she accepted it in tears. Fiona Sit Hoi Kei took out a tissue to wipe away her tears. First time Male Singer Bronze Prize winner Alfred Hui Ting Hung cried as soon as he got on the stage. Shiga Lin Si Nga won her first song award and became a crybaby.

The stage had a long flight of stairs that singers all descended from. Female singers all wore high heels and were in danger. Ivana Wong Yuen Chi also tripped, luckily Hins Cheung King Hin caught her in time from behind. Hin Jai later deliberately waited for Kary Ng Yu Fei to descend together to keep her from tripping. In a short dress, Ho Wan Si got a hand from Chan Yik Shun when she came down.

In checkered suits, Soft Hard last night held the recently popular Lufsig and Granny dolls. Jan Lamb Hoi Fung joked that Lufsig didn't have an Ultimate ticket as he was thrown in. He also said that this doll was even more popular than Chan Yik Shun. They both imitated Timon Chu's performance of NEVER LIKE TO BE ALONE and cracked everyone up.

2013 ULTIMATE SONG CHART AWARDS Professional Recommendations Ultimate Top Ten
Ultimate Song : FREE TO ROAM (Eason Chan)
Second Place: LOVER A (Andy Hui)
Third Place: SONG OF YOUTH (Alfred Hui)
Fourth Place: IMPERFECT (Pakho Chau)
Fifth Place: HALF A LIFE (Edmond Leung)
Sixth Place: HOUSE OF CARDS (Hacken Lee)
Seventh Place: SKY LIGHT (Joey Yung)
Eighth Place: LIVE MY LIFE (Kary Ng)
Ninth Place: SAY IT ONCE (Shiga Lin)
Tenth Place: EXTRAORDINARY LIFE (Stephanie Cheng)

Gold: Eason Chan, Silver: Pakho Chau, Bronze: Alfred Hui
Gold: Joey Yung, Silver: Fiona sh*t, Bronze: Ivana Wong
Gold: C AllStar, Silver: Supper Moment, Bronze: Robynn & Kendy
Gold: Pakho Chau, Silver: Pong Nan, Bronze: Ellen Loo
Gold: AGA, Silver: J.Arie, Bronze: Lillian Wong Ho Lam


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Posted 02 January 2014 - 03:06 PM

Low production music award and damn boring with ugly dj.tv in Hong Kong no longer telecast this chik chat award.so basically no one watch

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Posted 02 January 2014 - 04:51 PM

Low production music award and damn boring with ugly dj.tv in Hong Kong no longer telecast this chik chat award.so basically no one watch

Chik Chak is one of the biggest music awards, and probably the most biggest/important amongst them, in HK. The award show just kind of bland this year due to lack of speeches and performances from DJs, however, it was fine in my opinion. Especially the ending, where the four biggest awards were presented, was so hurried because of previous winners' speeches. And if I recall correctly, they have always broadcasted the show on television, just not live.

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Posted 02 January 2014 - 05:18 PM

Rubbish radio award ceremony , no calibre and no credibility. Brocolli are u staying hk?please clarify your fact. This rubbish award no longer broadcast in tvb nor atv since 2010. Basically this award are on demise . With no tv money to improve the budget of the award ,everything was so low budget and dead boring .but you can watch it online

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Posted 03 January 2014 - 02:16 AM

Where can u watch it online?

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Posted 03 January 2014 - 03:09 AM

no one cares.

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Posted 03 January 2014 - 04:56 AM

the award already happened? sounds like a lame award and another biased radio station. boring.

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Posted 03 January 2014 - 06:18 AM

It will broadcast later based on tvb schedule. The award ceremonies normally held before showing them on tv like metro hit & rthk award ceremony.

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Posted 03 January 2014 - 06:33 AM

This biased tiny small radio station please close shop...HOCC to win best female singer ....you must be kidding ....her album flop and her negative image is annoying. Alfred that faggot to win bronze male singer .....he kiss with his boyfriend in public garden ....hk cantopop is finish...and eason wore sleeping pyjamus to this award ceremony and press con ....he don't fell like attend this rubbish award ceremony

only metro hit awards ceremony , RTHK top ten & JSG Top 20 award ceremony are aired in TVB channel

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Posted 03 January 2014 - 09:15 PM

I watched the whole thing on the TVB channel, I must be blind then.

Alfred that faggot to win bronze male singer .....he kiss with his boyfriend in public garden

Whether you agree with the results or not there is no need to be this disrespectful and use personal attacks on the singers, they're just doing their job and you have no business in their personal lives.

Just stop. You're being terrible.

only metro hit awards ceremony , RTHK top ten & JSG Top 20 award ceremony are aired in TVB channel

EDIT: open your damn eyes and look at that logo at the top right:

Posted Image

Posted Image

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