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Posted 14 April 2011 - 03:52 PM


Welcome to Part 7 of Calvin's Thread

Posted Image

Let's continue to show our love for Calvin...

Part 1 §Part 2 § Part 3 § Part 4 § Part 5 § Part 6

(place for images)

And here's a nice video that says just how precious Calvin's smile is...



Real name: Chen Yi Ru 陳奕儒
Stage name: Calvin Chen Yi Ru 辰亦儒
English name: Calvin
Profession: Actor/Singer/Host
Birthdate: 10 November 1980
Birthplace: Taiwan
Height: 184cm
Weight: 65kg (as of July 2009)
Measurements: 37, 31, 36
Star sign: Scorpio
Zodiac sign: Monkey
Blood type: A
Languages: Mandarin, English, Hokkien and Cantonese, Korean
Band: Fahrenheit

Calvin's Name in Different Languages and Scripts

Posted Image

"What's in a name? That which we call a rose
By any other name would smell as sweet."

~ Juliet in Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet

The credit goes to all who contributed to this list - Flamengo, englishrose85, sweetiekv, GwennyWu, Caldy05, Inaara and nastyhobbit.( add more later)
Special thanks to Caldy (Caldy05) and Inaara who wrote Calvin's name by hand in Arabic and Hindi, respectively.
Thanks to (red) for the banner! *hugssssss*
And thanks to ax_pil for the video! *hugssssss*
Cupcakes rock!

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Posted 14 April 2011 - 04:53 PM

Calvin's Family

“We cannot destroy kindred: our chains stretch a little sometimes, but they never break…”

~ Marie de Rabutin-Chantal, Marquise de Sévigné, on a letter to her cousin Bussy in 1670

Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image


Posted ImagePosted Image

During their trip to Quanzhou last December 2009, Calvin admitted that his hometown/ancestral hometown was Quanzhou. So that means his father's ancestor originally came from Quanzhou.

His paternal grandparents are farmers in Wu Gu. Calvin lived with them until he was nine (Wu Gu Primary School was the first of three primary schools he attended). Calvin claims he got his curly hair from his paternal grandpa. Calvin claims that Lin Zong Ren (aka Uncle Mao) who acted as Calvin's dad in Momo Love, bears a resemblance to his paternal grandpa.

Calvin said he goes to their home in Wu Gu for Chinese New Year's. Calvin is their first grandson, and as such, he was their favorite.

They both attended the FRH concert in Hong Kong in February, together with his parents and paternal aunt. His grandmother had surgery done in March this year because of chronic back pain resulting from lumbar spinal stenosis. Which meant that she attended the concert under considerable pain. After the successful operation, Calvin called to congratulate her. Her name is Chen Zheng Yan.

His maternal grandfather has already passed away.


Posted ImagePosted Image
Posted ImagePosted Image

Calvin comes from a traditional strict-dad-caring-mom family.

His dad is the general manager of an automotive supplies company in Taiwan. And even though his dad was already successful in his career, he still finished a master's degree and is currently a lecturer at the National Taipei University of Technology.

His dad initially disapproved of his choice of career. When he found out that Calvin came back from Vancouver to pursue a career in show business (and thereby abandon his budding career in banking/finance), he was so mad, he told Calvin to fly back to Canada immediately. But Calvin did not budge and pursued his career anyway. They have since reconciled and he even went to Comic Productions to film a special video message for Calvin during the launch of Fahrenciti. And Calvin specially made a cake and decorated it himself (with instructions from the chefs at KT Bakery) to celebrate his dad's 56th birthday. Calvin's dad loved the cake and was still eating it for breakfast the next morning.

Even though Calvin admitted that his dad, being traditional, had high expectations of his only son and so was especially tough on him while he was growing up, he talks often of how well his father raised him, that he taught him to appreciate Western food, that he taught him to be a gentleman at all times, that he taught him the value of family.

Calvin's dad is so serious, even Arron was afraid to talk to him in the beginning.

Calvin learned the value of saving money from his mother. She taught him to save 10 TWD per day and keep it in the bank when he was in primary school, so by the time he graduated from Jianzhong, his bank account had 160,000 TWD in it.

Calvin's mom has always supported him. She, Calvin's aunt and Calvin's grandma cried at the airport when Calvin was about to leave for Canada. The touching scene made Calvin cry too. During those 7 years in Canada, she (but not Calvin's dad) came to visit him and he took her to high tea at the famous Hotel Vancouver.

When he came back from Canada in secret, he did not return home, so he lived with a classmate, as he knew what his family's (especially his dad's) reaction would be. But during this time, the first person in his family he turned to was his mother. Although she was surprised at his career choice, she understood him. She visited him while he was living at his classmate's home during the time. She eventually urged Calvin to confront his father and not keep his return to Taiwan a secret from everyone.

Since his sister got married, Calvin has been getting pressure from his parents to get going in that regard as well.


Posted ImagePosted Image

Calvin has an older sister (by two years). She got married in October 2008 and has since moved out of the Chen family house in Tianmu. When they were kids, his paternal grandparents favored Calvin because he was their first grandson, so they would give him more money in red packets during Chinese New Year, which annoyed his sister. He also admitted that when they were younger they would fight a lot. But since living abroad, he and his sister have learned to appreciate each other more. She came to support him during Fahrenheit's autograph signing event in October 2006. This touched him very much, and when she went onstage to get his autograph, he introduced her to his fans, and he cried because of the emotional moment.

Aunts and Uncles

Calvin has a paternal uncle who lives in San Francisco. When Calvin failed his university entrance exams in Taiwan, one of the choices was for him to live with his uncle and study there.

Calvin also has a paternal aunt, who came to watch him perform in Hong Kong in February 2009.

April 2008: Calvin makes birthday cake for his dad (ad from KT Bakery)
December 2009 Music 12350.com performance in Quanzhou
February 20, 2010: Calvin Chen suggests that the money given during New Year should be deposited in foreign currency
Calvin Chen: A Prince's Wanderings, Chapter 1
Calvin Chen: A Prince's Wanderings, Finale
Play October 2009 interview
2009 Chinese New Year interview
March 14, 2009 Calvin's blog entry
September 25, 2006 Apple Daily News
December 18, 2009 Apple Daily News
October 2009 ERA News 360° interview with Fahrenheit
April 7, 2009 UDN article
November 2006 e-News interview

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Posted 14 April 2011 - 06:01 PM

Calvin’s Nicknames
(needs editing for the links... for some reason AF won't let me post some of them so I had to remove them for now @@)

Nicknames stick to people, and the most ridiculous are the most adhesive.
~Thomas C. Haliburton

Xiao Mi Lu 小麋鹿 (little reindeer)
For the Christmas season, the RHYYF set was festooned with Christmas-y stuff - Christmas tree, Santa Claus, etc. Of course Calvin didn't miss out on dressing according to the season. His gimmick was to wear antlers and put a leash on his neck. He even joked that he was "lost" (迷路 milu). 小麋鹿迷路了 Xiao Mi Lu mi lu le.

Chen Yi Lu 辰亦鹿
During the most recent guest appearance of Fahrenheit on Kuai Le Da Ben Ying, they had to play the "No NG" game, they all had to act out a scene from the drama "Princess Pearl". The role Calvin picked was the deer (鹿 lu). He played a very good deer, too! He got the innocent character of the deer down pat!

Hanawa 花輪
For obvious reasons, Calvin's hair looks like the hair of Hanawa Kazuhiko, the rich kid in the manga Chibi Maruko-chan. He said so himself in the December 1, 2010 episode of RHYYF.

Mr. Magic
Telling jokes is not Calvin's only party trick. Apparently, he also does magic tricks. He has performed magic card tricks on RHYYF, as well as during an interview at a radio station. And not only that, during a cocktail-mixing promotion for Super Hot, he joked that the cup must've a hole underneath because the drink disappeared, and Da Dong asked him if he was Xiao Zhong, a Taiwanese celebrity known for doing magic tricks.

Big Brother Mango (Manguo ge-ge)
For his 30th birthday, Calvin decided to make it more meaningful by making a charity drive for a children's foundation and spending his birthday with the kids, celebrating and playing with them. The children gave him a thank-you card addressed to "Calvin shu-shu" (Uncle Calvin), but Calvin would rather be called "ge-ge" (big brother), and joked that he is Big Brother Mango because he was wearing the bright yellow birthday t-shirt.

Tai Re
RHYYF had a contest for SHINee fans. During the show, staff member Saku Liang would wear a mask of one of the SHINee members. Once, she wore Tae Min's mask. So Calvin introduced himself as Tai Re. And Tai Re danced to Tai Re. :P

It's not because Gucci's his favorite brand. During RHYYF recording, some SHINee fans went to play some games. As one of them introduced herself as Tiffany, Calvin introduced himself as Gucci.

Sara, a ZE:A fan
When ZE:A came to Taiwan to be co-ambassadors of Taiwan along with Fahrenheit, Calvin and Da Dong teased Kwang Hee for being hairy, making jokes about mosquitoes getting lost in his hairy legs, making Kwang Hee go, "Calvin, I hate you!" But when Calvin interviewed ZE:A in RHYYF, Calvin made it up to him by pretending to be a ZE:A fan called Sara. And when asked who her favorite ZE:A member was, she said Kwang Hee, making Kwang Hee go, "Calvin, I love you!" They hugged and made heart hands together. :)

Dancing stick

Calvin has really improved his dancing skills. He's no longer the Invincible Robot, nor just a walking stick. He is now Dancing Stick! During his skit (Sept 14 RHYYF) with SHINee member "Minho" (someone wearing a mask with Minho's face) to promote MTV's contest "Search for SHINee dance champion", Calvin said he isn't "dance king" (wu wang) because he is "dancing stick" (wu guan).

Moist Pancake 鬆餅潤 a.k.a. Sumochi Jun
In the July 21 episode of Ri Han Yin Yue Feng, the question of the day (Calvin Chen, Mission: Must Reply) was, "If you are given the chance to be a star, which Jpop/Kpop group do you want to belong to the most, and why?" Calvin's answer was that if he joins a Japanese group, it would be Arashi. Because Arashi has Matsumoto Jun 松本潤 (pronounced Song Ben Run in Mandarin). Previously he sported long hair and some people thought he looked somewhat like MatsuJun, so gave him a similar-sounding name 鬆餅潤 Son Bing Run (moist pancake). The other members lof FRH later teased him about it and also started calling him Son Bing Run. If given a Japanese reading, 鬆餅潤 can be pronounced as Sumochi Jun. (Too bad it doesn't read as Matsumochi Jun. lol)

Ah Ru
The whole cast of Love Buffet spent a couple of months intensively filming the drama starting in June. So after some time, they have bonded together, shopped together, and even got nicknames. Calvin even helped Qiao Qiao practice her driving[/url] and gave her one of his WOW caps[/url]. Qiao Qiao called Calvin, “tender Ah Ru”[/url]. They have become friends and sometimes go out for dinner in their Tianmu neighborhood (Qiao Qiao lives in Tianmu, too).

Xiao Mei
During the autograph-signing event for their third photobook, Fahrenheit were making updates on what they were busy doing. Calvin said that now he’s filming Momo Love with Jiro. He asked Jiro, “What’s your character’s name?” Jiro answered, “Tao Hua”, to which Calvin added, “And I’m Xiao Mei. Actually this is my second time to play Xiao Mei. During the first time, Chun was Gong Zhu.”

Little Jiro
Ever since training (and with a 300-sit-ups-a-day routine) for his dramas and concerts, Calvin has developed 6-pack abs. He and Jiro joked that now Calvin is “Little Jiro” in his abs, and someone who will touch his abs will suffer concussions from the bumps.

Calvin may be skinny, but he’s no slacker. In his childhood, Calvin was a member of the athletics (track and field) team. He could run very fast so his fellow classmates called him “飛毛腿”[/url] (literally means flying hair and legs). And after finishing high school when he went into selling polo shirts in roadside stalls with a couple of his friends as a summer job, he got to practice his running by evading the policemen who patrolled the streets against illegal vending. He was especially proud that during the period they were selling shirts, they never got a single ticket from the police!

Baby Long Legs
It seems older women’s attraction to Calvin started early. When Calvin was younger, one of his school seniors liked him a lot and called him “長腿寶寶 Baby Long Legs”[/url]. That time, whenever he passed by that girl’s classroom, everyone called him “Baby Long Legs”.

Sunshine Boy
Calvin was Vancouver’s Sunshine Boyz 2004 champion. It was the start of his life in show business and the prize was a ticket to Hong Kong (but he changed it to Taiwan) and a chance to be in a drama. He is always teased for taking part in a pageant, but he’s proud of it. Years on and he’s still doing the Sunshine Boy pose. As he wrote in his Fahrenciti blog when he returned to Vancouver as a special guest in Sunshine Nation 2008, he may be Fahrenheit Calvin now, but he will always be Vancouver Sunshine Boyz Calvin.

Honey, Baobei
Guess who called him these names. And actually Calvin wanted to be called “Sweetheart” instead. Another clue: This person has seen Calvin completely naked. *wink wink*

The guy from Canada
It’s no secret that Calvin came to Taiwanese showbiz by way of Canada. So in Fahrenheit, Calvin was always the guy who studied in Canada. When the Fahrenheit boys celebrated Jiro’s birthday during the filming of Chu Shen Ru Hua MV, each of the boys talked with Wang Mama on the phone, Calvin introduced himself as “the one from Canada.”

Invincible Robot
Tall and lanky, Calvin looks quite awkward when he’s dancing, like his body doesn’t quite know how to coordinate his limbs. He was teased as being the robot of the group. He even poked fun at himself for being like the robot mascot for a PetroChina commercial.

“CC” does not only stand for Calvin Chen. Or Cupcakes. In the drama Romantic Princess, the director often scolded Calvin for being too feminine, and called him “CC” (sissy). Genie Zhou, his co-star, also teased him about it. And actually, she revealed that everyone also called Calvin "Xiao Niu" (Little Girl) but it's "CC" that stuck. Haha.

Urban Warrior Thunderman
For the 2008 Cardanro fall collection ad campaign, the theme was a post-apocalyptic world of chaos, with Fahrenheit having superhero personas. So each Fahrenheit member had a superhero nickname. Calvin was “Thunderman”.

Walking stick
It’s not just because Calvin is the skinniest guy in Fahrenheit. When Jiro was still rehabilitating his leg, Calvin (being the tallest in Fahrenheit) was used by Jiro for support, thus becoming his “walking stick”. Well as they say, form and function come together.

Mr. Potatohead
Calvin’s blond hair wasn’t a big hit with some of his fans. Shocked by Calvin’s new hair color, some fans who saw the SHE + Fahrenheit concert in Hangzhou called him “Potatohead”. Their exact words were, “Before, he was very good-looking, now he looks like a potato head.”

Chairman Chen/President Chen/CEO Chen/Boss Chen
Calvin has always been the group’s finance expert. And he’s always been teased for having “investing in stocks” as a hobby. Last 2008, Calvin finally applied his training in economics to good use – he launched his own clothing label “WOW” which was at first sold exclusively online but has since been sold in Zhe Ye stores in Taipei as well as in Boutique 21 store in Fahrenheit 88 mall in Kuala Lumpur. From being a two-man enterprise, Calvin now has employees who call him Chen Zong Cai (Chairman Chen). And ever since he started hosting MTV Taiwan's Ri Han Yin Yue Feng, even some of the MTV staff call him Boss Chen. So it's not just fans who call Calvin, Boss.

Dr. Chen/Prof. Calvin
Calvin has never denied his intelligence and academic achievement, and is very proud of them. His ability to reason and explain his opinions at length made Fahrenheit's company staff to call him "Dr. Chen". So on occasion, he jokingly refers to himself in the third person as “Dr. Chen.” And actually, when he joined Sunshine Boyz 2004, he had planned to pursue a PhD the following year. Of course it didn’t happen because by that time, he had returned to Taiwan to pursue his showbiz dream. During Calvin's first solo visit to Japan in December 2007, instead of a normal presentation, he made it look like a lecture, where everyone called him "Calvin-sensei" and he also gave some advice on investments. But more than being praised for being smart, the nickname “Dr. Chen” might have another angle to it. When Calvin was a kid, his dream was to be a doctor. In senior high, he even belonged to the group of students that was geared towards having a career in medicine. As Calvin didn’t pass the university entrance exams in Taiwan, that dream was scratched.

Taiwanese Black Hawk
For the Ji Mo Bao Zou music video, Calvin’s costume was a tasseled black poncho with skeletal dinosaur prints. During the filming of the MV, he and Jiro were making fun of their costumes. Jiro, wearing a fur-lined black coat, was the legendary Taiwanese black bear, while Calvin claimed to be the Taiwanese black hawk (and Black Hawk Down’s lead star). Calvin and Jiro had fun playing BEAR vs. HAWK.

Xiang Xiang Prince
During their appearance as guests in Da Xue Sheng Le Mei, university students tested how suave the Fahrenheit members were in many criteria. At one point, they sniffed the Fahrenheit members one by one and Calvin was named the Xiang Xiang Wang Zi (Sweet-smelling Prince). Trivia: Calvin wears Bvlgari Aqva pour homme deodorant.

Underwear Prince
Or does “Calvin Underpants” sound better? He acquired this nickname during the album promotion event in Ximending last December 28, when his jeans got too low and his fans were treated to a sight of his ass + his blue CK boxers. In a later promotion event, a fan even made a board with a picture of Calvin's public exposure, which Calvin saw. Being an easygoing person, he just laughed at himself. The underwear incident became a hot topic during their later promotion events, where Fahrenheit and the host kept teasing Calvin about being the “Nei Ku Wang Zi (Underwear Prince)”.

Elvis Chen
Well, besides wearing hoodie with Elvis's face for the Zui Jia Ting Zhou MV, he actually signed his name as “Elvis Chen” for a fan!

Shan Cai
I'm kidding. But when they were promoting their third album in Shanghai, the cast of the Chinese "Meteor Garden" remake was still not revealed and Wu Chun was rumored to have been offered the role of Dao Ming Si. So during the interview, Chun was asked who he would like to play the role of Shan Cai. Any actress's name would have surely gotten him into trouble so he jokingly said, "The role of Shan Cai is most suited for Calvin Chen! Haha!" Well, had it been true, that would not be the first time Calvin played a girl. lol.

Lao Chen
During the album promotion in Taichung, before the show began, the event’s host was working the fans, asking them which nicknames they can give to the Fahrenheit members. Calvin fans gave him the nickname “Lao Chen”.

Calvin the Brat
During the gaiban promotion for YLYA in Ximending, Calvin wanted to play-act something (another one of his brilliant ideas), so he shortly whispered his plan first to Jiro and Arron, then to Chun. But the two naughty guys abandoned Calvin to do the play-acting by himself. When Calvin realized he was all by himself, he threw a tantrum like a little kid. All in good fun of course.

Calvin the Go-numb Lover
During the Valentine’s Day fan meeting this year, each Fahrenheit member was asked by the host to think of a nickname representing each of them as a lover. The host at first wanted Calvin to have the nickname “Big-talking Lover”, but Calvin protested because it sounds like he’s boastful. In the end Calvin thought of the nickname “Go-numb Lover” because he can sweet-talk anyone until her knees go numb/weak. LOL. Did Patty Hou's knees go weak? Find out as Calvin tried to sweet-talk her during their appearance in Azio Superstar with the line, “If there is a next life, I don’t want to be a human. I want to be a goldfish. This way, even when I am sleeping, I can keep looking at you!”. Even Chun needed some of Calvin's skillz to sweet-talk the female host of Happy Camp, as she asked Chun if he'd pick her or the popcorn, Calvin whispered to Chun to give her the ultimate line, "You can eat the popcorn and I can have both." *wink wink*

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Posted 15 April 2011 - 01:07 PM

Little Extras about Calvin

by celsiusgirls and Flamengo

Calvin and studying
When asked why he likes to study so much, he said that there is a lot of competition today and he felt that he needed to study to give him an edge. Also, he felt that working hard to achieve one's goal is a good feeling plus his studies increases his knowledge and changes the way one thinks.

Calvin and his dancing
The other guys described Calvin's dancing skills as completely robotic. The good thing about Calvin is that he remembers all the steps really well. He knows each step and what should come next but that can result to a robotic dance.

Calvin and gay guys
There was an interview before about gay guys liking Calvin. Jiro mentions that Calvin drinks his water with his pinky lifted up. He has no qualms about it and is actually very open joking about it during one Valentine's day when he went out with friends who were coupled together. He said to the last single guy in the group, nothing wrong with this, gay guys celebrate Valentine's too. Also, the director for Romantic Princess calls him "sissy" because of him being too feminine but he says that he's definitely not the type that gays like. But then Calvin has had experiences being approached by gays and he got so scared he ran away.

Calvin and his little wife
Calvin even brought his little wife over from Canada. Little wife? He said, his little wife was bought when he was studying in Canada. It is a silver Honda Accord car JWG101 (it now has the Taiwanese license plate number 2111EY). He couldn't even bear to leave his car in Canada so he spent a huge amount of money to bring it to Taiwan. And he has little rules with regards to his LaoPo, like no one in FRH can borrow his car, not using automatic car wash (he washes it with his own hands), never using outdoor parking space and no eating in the car. But of course he shares his ride with his friends when they need it, such as going home from location shoots.

Calvin and his health
Early last year, there were news of Calvin's problem with his stomach. He suddenly lost a lot of weight. His pictures showed him stick-thin, almost skeletal. Of course, this happening made us worry a lot. Its a good thing that he is slowly regaining back his weight and we are supporting him to get back to his normal healthy self. This August, Calvin was required to do his service for the national military. He is unqualified to serve the full term due to his health. It has been released that because of his sudden weight loss, he developed a heart condition called Mitral Valve Prolapse (MVP). Recently it was discovered that Calvin also has Meniere’s disease, causing feelings of dizziness due to the imbalance in the fluids in his inner ears. Calvin made light of it in his blog by saying it’s because fans have been shouting so much support for him that he got dizzy. LOL. Jia you, Calvin! Always take care of your health.

Calvin and talking
All of us here know that Calvin loves to talk and almost all the articles we've read mention the guys' first impression of Calvin is that he's very talkative. Chun says that Calvin loves to talk even when they all want to rest. He loves to discuss anything and everything. Calvin also has this manner of poking and poking people when he wants to catch their attention.

Calvin and girls
We all know that Calvin is the perfect boyfriend, husband, suitor, best friend anyone can have. He once gave a girl 99 roses and professed that the 100th rose is the girl. Sweet. He even went on a road trip from Canada to America with his ex-girlfriend. Calvin had his heart broken when he was in high school. He was dating a girl who broke up with him because her parents did not allow her to date but only to focus on her studies. Calvin then found out that the girl was actually dating a friend of his. Awww. Poor Calvin. No problems, there are many of us out there willing to give you our own hearts. Calvin says that he wants a simple girl and he claims that the important part of finding the right girl is the feeling that he gets when he's around her. He has to be comfortable with her, no apprehensions about sharing anything and everything with her.

Calvin's first drama
I remember someone was talking about his first acting in Taiwanese drama, an umbrella boy in ISWAK. While I was searching for old stuff, I found it was shot on Jun03, 2005. Since it was the last episode and aired in 2006, Calvin's drama aired first was KOone.
appledaily Jun05, 2005 see pics 4/6 and 5/6

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Posted 15 April 2011 - 03:25 PM

Calvin in cyberspace

Posted Image.......Weibo - Our primary source of Calvin information straight from the source himself.. :D

Posted Image

Posted ImageMTV Taiwan

Posted Image
日韓音樂瘋 JKPOP Facebook Fanpage

Posted Image
MTV Taiwan RHYYF Forum

Posted Image.......Factorysev7n

Posted Image
Factorysev7n weibo

Posted Image
Factoryse7n guestbook

Posted Image
Factorysev7n Facebook Fanpage

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Posted 15 April 2011 - 04:12 PM

Calvin in Photobooks

Posted Image

Fahrenheit First Photo Album
海角一樂園 (Voyage to Paradise)

Published June 20, 2007

Calvin's message:
(translated by Tiffany@FahrenheitGloba1)

In these few short days, we walked through many kinds of places. Actually it is not far from the Taipei that I grew up in, yet there is so much good scenery in front of me. At this instant, so many memories or things that I want, and wish, are all here.

Enjoying the sunshine on the beach, closing my eyes, imagine I’m right on Vancouver’s English Bay beach, so many summers, me and my friends wearing beach shorts, slippers, bringing along our dogs, enjoying the sunshine that brings us our tan bronze skin, this is an enjoyment.

Coming to the train station that is filled with historical and ancient aura, imagining myself to be a passer-by, lonely journey, Oh no… I’m indeed a person who’s afraid of loneliness, no matter where I am, I will always need the care and concern from friends and family.

Mid-ancient like Euro-style infrastructure, it was as if I came to another world; imagine myself to be speaking another kind of language, born in a wealthy and royal family, with the pursue of new knowledge as interest, researching and exploring consistently, the evolution of human. In the past, I always feel that the old and ancient should always be replaced and overtaken, but ‘now’, which is also the past of future, it will need many people’s unity and hard work, to be able to keep innovating, keep improving, turning the impossible to something possible.

My friend once told me a proverb that I like a lot, “If you don’t succeed at first, try try and try again.” At the ancient infrastructure, I took in the new knowledge slowly. This feeling is just like enjoying the time off on a sunny afternoon, be it silently digesting a book that I love, or chatting with a buddy. This spiritual nourishment and upbringing has indeed rejuvenated a lot of my energy and motivation to welcome future challenges.

Once, now, western, eastern, serenity, rowdiness, all the different kinds of opposite extremes cross and link up together, scenes keep changing from here to there, my mood also keeps changing, the space and environment is able to change one’s mood and feelings. And in this world, it is also because of this varsity and changes that make one find life adorable and enriching.

I’ve been to many places, the scenes keep changing yet I can still remember each and everything clearly, summoning my past memories that had been sealed for a long time and also cleared my thoughts. I anticipate, look forward to the lifestyle I want in future, it’s becoming clearer and clearer. I finally understand, I will remember fondly, I cherish, I anticipate, let us encourage each other in our endeavours.

Posted Image

Fahrenheit in Japan
飛輪海 in 日本

Published March 30, 2009

Calvin’s message:
Dear fans from Japan

I do feel and receive the warm welcome from you guys all the time.

Japan is a special place for me and Fahrenheit. We love the food, scenery and the friendly people here.

We will keep on doing our best, no matter on drama or music (including Japanese EP). Fahrenheit need your support!

Nothing can be perfect but we should always have the attitude to pursue perfect[ion].

Everyone please give a lot of support.

~Calvin Chen

Q and A:
(translation by ~chris~)


Posted ImagePosted Image

The beginning, Fahrenheit 原点, 飛輪海
A Prince’s Wanderings 王子的流浪

Published September 4, 2009
(translations by nastyhobbit)

Chapter 1 Starting off at Vancouver


Chapter 2 The Best Trip of a Lifetime


Chapter 3 First Experience of Singapore


Chapter 4 Calvin’s English Lessons


Chapter 5 Finale



If you think Calvin did a great job writing his part of the "The beginning, Fahrenheit" photobook, he releases his first personal photobook. He describes it as not just a book with pretty pictures, but also a reference book for those who are interested in studying abroad, especially in Vancouver.

Posted ImagePosted Image

The Incredible Journey of Calvin Chen

release date: May 21, 2011
(Translations by nastyhobbit)

"The 17-year-old me was holding on to my large suitcase as I set foot on Vancouver, completely clueless on what lies ahead, not thinking it would be long-term. Being in a foreign land all by myself, I had to confront everything by myself, realized I had to redouble my efforts to mature and become independent, as well as plan for my future... I walk into an unfamiliar country to start afresh... A foreign student's life trained the independent me. Experiencing the local culture opened up my sense of perspective. Come with me and experience for yourself my years as a foreign student in Vancouver!" - Calvin Chen

Sample images:

Order online here:
Normal version (with postcards)
Yesasia - 24.74 USD
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Messages by colleagues and friends


Chapter 1 - 時光逆旅

Chapter 1

Time is like a lullaby watching over you, it makes you inadvertently forget what you were laughing or crying about, as well as remind you to cherish what you have. The six years of studying in Vancouver turned me from a fun-loving YiJu Chen (*he used his real name 陳奕儒) who knew nothing of the world to a responsible and independent Calvin Chen (*he used his stage name 辰亦儒) who embraces the world.


Chapter 2 - First look at Vancouver

If you describe Vancouver like you would a person, I think Vancouver should be at the prime of its life. Modern, intelligent, understands how to treat people with respect, and able to show concern towards this world.

As far as my first impressions of the city goes, it was like when the plane touched down that first time, and I raised the cabin windows, it was like a scene from the beginning of life, sunshine passed through layers of cloud to illuminate all below, and it looked perfect.


Chapter 3 - Unfinished eighth class

Canada is maple leaf country, studying here is like the air, similarly fresh and clean, similarly free.

My experience as a foreign student in Vancouver changed my attitude, as you can choose the field of study that you like, in much the same way that you should have the power to choose your own life. My learning became even more active, and my perspective became even wider!


Chapter 4 - Four-square-meter stage

Every student studying abroad knows how to maximize a limited amount of space, as accommodation is a big issue.

My student life, because I tried living in a homestay, dormitory and apartment, step by step, made me become more independent. And at the same time, I got to experience different lifestyles.


Chapter 5 -

Chapter 6 - Both active and passive

After breaking away from the so-called “fresh off the boat” label, I got used to life in Vancouver more and more. Aside from being a good boy and doing well with schoolwork, I also became more and more adept at all aspects of life as a foreign student.

I’m also a person who keeps himself busy, doing all kinds of things in school and everyday life. As I got used to life, I decided to challenge myself at something different – part-time work.


Chapter 7 - I am Sunshine Boy

Every person’s life there are inevitably several important turning points. In my twenty-odd years, I had made my first life-changing decision – to join the “Sunshine Boyz” competition and, at the same time, enter show business.

What career was made for me after studying, nobody can say for sure, as the affairs of the world are always hard to predict. The path that I had originally considered, certainly turned a corner as I entered show business through the competition, and I arrived in a different world.


7 more chapters to go...

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Calvin’s Cold Joke Collection

Posted Image

They say, laughter is the best medicine.
If Calvin makes you laugh, hurrah! You're cured!

October 4, 2011 - Backstage at Apple E-news

During that day, Calvin was wearing a necklace with big red beads. He asked, "Who is Ah Da's good friend?" Using that necklace as a makeshift nunchaku, he answered, "Ah da! Bruce Lee."

May 28, 2011 - Book signing event

There was a bear, a rabbit and a monkey. The three didn't want to serve in the army. The monkey said to the rabbit, "Hey rabbit, your ears are so long! Cut them off then you'll fail the physical exams, so you don't have to serve in the army!" The rabbit said, "Okay! Oh, so painful!" Then after a few days, the rabbit met his friends again and said, "Yeah! I don't have to serve in the army!" So the monkey said, "I also don't want to serve in the army! What should I do?" The rabbit said, "Your tail is so long, cut it off then you'll fail the physical exams, so you don't have to serve int he army!" So the monkey cut off his tail and went back saying, "Yeah! I don't have to serve in the army!" Then the bear said, "What about me? I also don't want to serve int he army. I don't have a long tail, I don't have long ears. What should I do?" The rabbit said, "Your teeth are big! Get rid of them!" The bear said, "Oh, okay." Then after some time the bear came back and said, "Hu hu hu, The platoon leader said I was too fat, I don't have to serve in the army."

May 13, 2011 - Appearance on Bai Wan Xiao Xue Tang

~ 0:20

The question is whether the sun revolves around the galaxy's center, does it rotate on its axis, or it doesn't move at all. Calvin said, "The universe is so big, for sure the sun revolves around something. And besides, I'm very familiar with the sun because I am Sunshine Boy!"

The question is: "Ørsted (transliterated E Si De in Chinese), who is considered "the father of electromagnetism", is from which country?" Calvin said, "Electromagnestism... I previously learned many physicists and astronomers are from Russia (E Guo). And his name has the letter "E". So... Russia?"

May 12, 2011 - Substitute host for Wan Quan Yu Le

Calvin: Previously Fahrenheit played table tennis and I was champion!
Harry: For real?
Calvin: Yeah!
Harry: But it doesn't matter. Today, the table tennis we're playing, we're gonna use three different rackets.
Calvin: Why is it 3, not 4? And besides, why are we only 3 people? Why not 4? Because... with three people, we are getting right to the point! (*開門見山 (kai men jian shan = get to the point), 三 san = 3)

Harry: We still have more games! At the moment I win one, Yoga won one, and Calvin has zero.
Calvin: It's okay I get zero. Because we are Taipei 101.

They played basketball. Calvin's basket got jammed with 3 balls. So Calvin made a joke.
Calvin: Why does my basket have 3 balls jammed inside? Because we are 3 people competing. And besides, we are in SETTV (San Li).

Since Yoga won overall, he gets to eat three dishes.
Calvin: He should be called Lin Ying Jia. (ying = win; Yoga's name is Lin You Jia)

May 2, 2011 - guest on WQYL

Harry: If our group (Da Mouth) has a collaboration with Big Bang, it's gonna be...
Calvin: Da Bang.

Calvin: If Fahrenheit collaborates with Girl's Generation, we're gonna be called Hai Dai (sea weed).

Love Buffet as Xing Da Ye, episode 10
Posted Image

Da Ye to Xiao Feng: Hey, this fish pastry looks like it wants to say something. It wants to say something important to you. "If you don't mind that I'm a fish pastry, would you like to go steady with me?" (與 yu = with; 魚 yu = fish)

March 25, 2011
During Fahrenheit's visit to Malaysia to promote Canon IXUS cameras, they were also interviewed by the media. The reporter asked them if they would ever strip naked for a commercial. Calvin replied, "As the saying goes, don't bow down for 5 sacks of rice. But maybe for 10, it's possible."

March 21, 2011
Let’s talk about scenes that are often seen in idol dramas. Car crash! What about if someone has cancer? What about extramarital affairs? Jumping into the sea! Of course there’s also amnesia scenes. But the one who gets amnesia is always the male character. Do you know why? Because there’s a Shi Yi Nan, there's no Shi Yi Nu. (*施易南Shi Yi Nan is a Taiwanese artist. It sounds like 失憶男 shi yi nan (amnesiac guy)). That’s the cold news for the day. Thank you!

January 19, 2011
During a promo event for Love Buffet, Calvin, Arron and Reen were bbq-ing scallops and oysters. True to form, Calvin did not miss out on the opportunity to tell cold jokes.

(~0:19) He made a toast (乾杯 gan bei), using dried scallops (乾貝 gan bei).

(~1:50) Calvin and Arron had an oyster-picking contest. Calvin was terrible at picking oysters, he only picked one, while Arron picked a lot! Not to be outdone, Calvin said, "Hey, this oyster is trying to tell me something. He said, one of me can beat 10!"

January 12, 2011
(thanks to elvenstar87 for the translation)
In response to Xiao Zhu's comment about Calvin not being able to tell a joke right because he's an idol, this was Calvin's reply.

January 1, 2011
The Love Buffet cast went on 100% Entertainment to promote the drama. Show and Xiao Gui hadn't forgotten the "wo bu yao zai xiang" joke. For the talent competition, Calvin's talents were beatboxing and... telling cold jokes!

Joke 1:
Calvin: I don’t know if you know a city abroad that’s never got a phone call.
Show: I don’t know.
Calvin: You really don’t know?
Show: Am I not cooperating with you? If I said I don’t know then I really don’t know.
Calvin: Fine. Then what city hasn't got a phone call? The communications are so bad!
Arron: Harbin.
Calvin: Wrong.
Show: Shanghai!
Calvin: How can Shanghai not have got phone calls?
Xiao Gui: Shenyang?
Calvin: Wrong.
Show: Ningbo?
Calvin: That’s it! How did you know?
Show: Is it really Ningbo?
Calvin: Yeah.
Show: Why is it Ningbo?
Calvin: The phone number you are using cannot receive any signal at the moment. Please try again later. (*sounds like “Ningbo’s phone cannot receive any signal at the moment. Please try again later.”)

Joke 2:
Calvin: Where can you find the most number of Korean people outside of Korea?
Show: Canada!
Calvin: No!
Show: Kaohsiung?
Calvin: No! When you do this specific sport, you’ll see the most Koreans.
Show: Baseball?
Calvin: Wrong! It’s a water sport!
Arron: Water polo!
Calvin: (makes swimming motion)
Show: Swimming? Why?
Calvin: Anyang haseyo, you’re also swimming here! (*“ni ye lai zhe li you” (you also came here to swim) sounds like Korean :P)
Xiao Gui: Hit him!!!

Joke 3:
Calvin: Japan… Where can you find the most number of Japanese people outside Japan?
Show: On TV!
Calvin: No! Why on TV?
Show: On DVDs!
Calvin: What kind of DVDs?
Show: Educational DVDs.
Calvin: Like what?
Show: DVDs teaching the Japanese language.
Calvin: Spoken Japanese, right?
Show: Yeah, spoken Japanese. So are you finished?
Calvin: Not yet. So apart from these, when you do a specific exercise, you see the most Japanese. It’s a very relaxing exercise.
Xiao Gui: Massage!
Calvin: Correct!
Show: Why? How so?
Xiao Gui: Massage is like kimochi.
Show: Wait a second! You’re an idiot! (scolds the fans)
Xiao Gui: So why? Why massage?
Calvin: (prepares himself to be hit) You also came here to massage, and to get massaged. (受得斯捏 shou de si nie (to get massaged) = sounds like Japanese “so desu ne” (isn’t it so?))

November 24, 2011
Calvin also celebrated by having a party at a children’s home, and donating money to the foundation. He got a book of cold jokes as a gift. And he also obliged by telling a new joke. The joke goes:

Jay Chou is a very cool guy. He went on an African safari. He was driving his jeep, then he came across a lion. The lion said, “RAWR! Jay! I’m so hungry, can you give me a lift? I want to go to the grassland at the other side, there’s more food there.” Jay said, “Lion! That’s so cool! Get on! Just don’t eat me, okay?” Then the lion was well-behaved. Then they were driving around and a tiger came up to Jay and said, “RAWR! Jay! I’m so hungry! Can you give me a lift?” Jay replied, “Tiger? Not bad. So cool! Get on, just don’t eat me, okay?” Then after a while an elephant came up and said to Jay, “Jay! Can you give me a lift to the other side? I’m so hungry and thirsty.” But Jay said, “I don’t want to!” The elephant asked, “Why? You gave a lift to the tiger. You gave a lift to the lion. Why not me?” Then Jay replied, “Because… (to the tune of Tornado) I don't want to give a lift to an elephant... I don't want to give a lift to an elephant*!”

(*Tornado’s original lyrics: 我不要再想 wo bu yao zai xiang = I don’t want to think anymore; 我不要載象 wo bu yao zai xiang = I don’t want to give a lift to an elephant)

November 9, 2010
For his 30th birthday, Calvin celebrated with his fans in Hong Kong. During the event, fans gave Calvin various presents, one of which was a huge gold medallion with a dollar sign. According to one fan (t.sina.com.cn/shin0223), 个时候辰国王不忘刷冷,说,这样是要告诉大家要做钱的主人,不要做钱的奴隶~~~次嘴型为奴隶的奴…… This time King Calvin didn't forget to tell cold jokes. He said, "This is to remind everyone to be masters of money, and not be slaves to money."

September 25, 2010
Da Dong was trying to bend the power bar. The female co-host was asking Da Dong if he was all right. Then Calvin said, “I know! I know! Are you in labor?”

September 17, 2010
On Bai Wan Xiao Xue Tang, Chun and Calvin were teamed up. They had to pick a primary school student each time. Of course Calvin didn't waste the opportunity to tell cold jokes. And tease Chun at the same time.

Chun and Calvin picked a student named 河豚 He Tun (=balloonfish).
Calvin: Do you know why we picked you?
He Tun: I don't know.
Calvin: Because big bro Wu Chun's stomach is hungry. He wants to eat balloonfish.

Chun and Calvin picked a student named 小西瓜 Xiao Xi Gua (= little watermelon)
Calvin: Do you know why we picked you? Because big bro Wu Chun is hungry again.

September 14, 2010
video thanks to 77Amika
Calvin: (imitating Jacky Cheung) Hello everyone, I'm Jacky Cheung! (his Chinese name 張學友 is pronounced Zhang Xue You in Mandarin) *silence* Oh it doesn't sound like him. (uses the same tone as before) Hello everyone, I'm Jacky Cheung's big brother 新學友 Xin Xue You! *staff laugh* This set has a long punch line. Okay okay. You think that's so funny? Here's Xin Xue You's friend. *uses the same tone as the Jacky imitation) Hello everyone, I'm Xin Xue You's friend 血友病 Xue You Bing! (血友病 = hemophilia) It's not so funny, sorry. *staff laugh anyway*

August 27, 2010
video thanks to 77Amika

Translation by UNRSD:
Calvin: Today’s cold jokes surround the animal kingdom. Did you know? The animal kingdom actually know how to talk, it’s just that you guys don’t knows how to translate it. Coincidentally, Professor Chen learned biology before, so I know how to translate a little of their language. So first, [I’m] going to tell the cold jokes of the animal kingdom. The first when is:
One day, a little ladybug was flying, and when he was tired, he landed on the tree. Then the little ladybug smiled, Do you guys know why?
Everyone: No
Calvin: Because tree has branches. (Branches = 梗 (Geng). 梗 can also mean punch line). Now, the tree also laughed, do you know why?
Everyone: Don’t know
Calvin: Because the ladybug has spots. (Spots = 点 (Dian). 点can also mean point / point of interest.)

Calvin: Seems like there is not a great reaction…Ok the second one:
One day, the shrimp and fish wants to race to see who can swim faster, and when the fish met the shrimp, he said: “Hey 虾 (Xia, "shrimp").”
Then the shrimp said: “I’m not 瞎 (Xia, "blind"), you are.” (虾 has the same sound as 瞎, which means blind.)

OK…not really funny. Give me another chance. The third try:
One day, the shrimp and fish want to race again. This time, they chose a fair judge, the sea turtle. And the turtle said: “Don’t fight anymore. It’s about to start. Ready? Go! Ready? Go!”
So the fish said: “Who’s an idiot? I think it’s you.” And then, left.
(Ready? Go! In Taiwanese has the same pronunciation as idiot / dummy )
Calvin: OK, no problem if anyone doesn’t find it funny. Professor Chen will think of new ones that are funnier. Now let’s go find RHYYF’s host (takes off glasses).
Hello! (In Korean) Welcome to RHYYF. I’m the host, Calvin.

August 24, 2010
During LB’s wrap up party, everyone of legal age was drinking to celebrate. Arron said everyone was removing their inhibitions. Then Calvin suddenly said, “Bridal chamber? Nobody got married, how come there’s a bridal chamber?” (新房 xin fang = bridal chamber; 化解心防 hua jie xin fang = remove inhibitions)

July 30, 2010
video thanks to 77Amika

Calvin: I have 3 English questions for today. The first one is what "room"? Room... R-O-O-M. What room can't people live in? Does somebody know? Come on, students!
Students: Don't know! Don't know!
Calvin: What is it? There's restroom, bathroom, there's also bedroom. But they're all incorrect! It's mushroom! Mushroom is something you eat. Mushroom.

Calvin: Okay, the second question is... what "ship"? S-H-I-P. What ship can't people use for traveling? It's... what kind of ship? There's merchant ship, there's warship, there's also fishing boat. But they can all be used for traveling ah. Of course the answer is you and your friends. It can't be used for traveling... friendship! That's right, it's a ship that cannot be used for traveling! It's a very wonderful ship.

Calvin: Okay, next is the third question... what "deer"? D-E-E-R. What deer you can't see its eyes? What deer will get lost? Can't see... can't see...! What deer is it? There's reindeer, there's also elk, so what deer is it? It's not red deer (or idiot in slang lol). What deer is it? Does everyone know?
Students: Don't know!
Calvin: You already said it! Each one of you has already said it. It's "I don't know". "I have no idea." No idea. No idea is no-eye deer. Deer that can't see!

July 8, 2010
Before recording the SHU-I interview on Ri Han Ying Yue Feng, Calvin was chatting with the chosen SHU-I fans.

Calvin: Ai! It seems all Korean groups have representative colors!
All: Yes!
Calvin: I will test you guys! SHU-I's representative color is purple, true or false?
All: True!
Chen: Correct! Then Super Junior is what color?
All: Royal blue!
Calvin: SS501 is what color?
All: Green!
Calvin: TVXQ is what color?
All: Red!
Calvin: So good!!! Then! Fahrenheit is what color?
All: Huh???
Calvin: Hehehe! You don't know! It's... 情qing... 色se!!! (everyone LOL) (*青色qing se = blue green, 情色qing se = sexy/erotic/porno)

June 4, 2010
fan video thanks to nonnonzora

During the press con of Love Buffet at Ming Dao University (~2:00)
Calvin: Yesterday when I was recording for a show, I met one of your distinguished alumni.
Host: Who?
Calvin: Ming Dao

March 27, 2010
fan video thanks to 皇甫少龍 and jiroforever

During their most recent trip to Beijing, there was a stampede at the airport, mainly because Calvin started to run. So Chun and Da Dong followed suit. Then the fans saw them running so the fans chased after them. When a fan in Guangzhou later asked Calvin why he ran, Calvin said, "Because there were many people lah!" Then he later said, "Because I bought new shoes, I didn't want them stepped on!"

March 26, 2010
fan video thanks to Calvin's Cat

During Fahrenheit's trip to Korea as Taiwan's tourism ambassadors, Calvin spoke a lot of Korean during the press conference, impressing the host. The host asked, "How come you are quite proficient in Korean?" Calvin answered, "Because my Ah Ba (father) is Korean."

January 17, 2010

During Da Dong’s intro (~4:20)
Calvin: “Do you know why Da Dong is wearing sunglasses? Because your lightboards are so bright, really too cute. That’s why Da Dong is wearing sunglasses.”

During Wu Chun’s intro (~4:50)
Calvin asked everyone if they knew the title of Chun’s new movie, what was his character’s name. Of course Chun’s fans knew so they answered. Then he pointed at Chun’s fans and said, “Pan Guan (magistrate), I saw some of Pan Guan’s lightboards over there.”
Calvin: “That Pan Guan looks like Pan Gong.”
Chun: “It’s Pan Guan.”
Calvin: “Are you sure?”
This makes Chun hesitate.
Calvin: “You really made a mistake. Actually you’re Pan Gong all along.”
Chun looks at Calvin suspiciously, but Calvin was still confident.
Calvin: “It’s really Gong and not Guan.”
(*Okay I don’t get the joke… is it coz the characters for Guan 官 and Gong 宫 look similar? LOL at Calvin...)

Then when picking the song, Calvin said he wanted to sing Romantic Princess’s theme song, then asked everyone which song it is. Everyone said Xin Wo. But Calvin suddenly said, “Wu Chun, it’s Xin Wo, not Chi Yan Wo (bird’s nest soup).” Chun said, “Yes, it’s Xin Wo.”

January 17, 2010

(~5:00) The second fan was beside Arron...
Calvin: Don't be nervous. Arron can sing along with you.
Arron sings along but the fan's voice was too soft... can only hear Arron's voice.
Calvin: Hey, you sing so well. You sound a lot like Arron, ah!

January 17, 2010
First fan: “I’m Su Dan.”
Calvin: “Su Dan, is it? Isn’t Brunei’s king also called sultan (*sultan = 苏丹, has same characters as the girl’s name)? Then you’re the king. (to Chun) Come quickly and bow to your king. Come here.

January 12, 2009

While Fahrenheit was creating their own New Year scrolls, Chun was writing 十全十美 (perfection), but Chun's brush slipped on the 美(beautiful), making it look like 羹 (soup). Calvin asked, "You must be hungry, right?"

Jiro mentioned that he wants to emulate his idol Rain. Calvin said, he can be called "Little Raindrop".

January 10, 2010

They were all joking about Chun finding all sorts of food delicious or something... then
Calvin: Wu Chun wants to eat a tiger. Why? Because he's 扮豬吃老虎 (pretending to be a pig in order to eat a tiger). (*It's one of the 36 Strategems of warfare in ancient China... means to play dumb, lure your opponent into underestimating your ability until, overconfident, he drops his guard. Then you may attack.)

January 10, 2010

The host was introducing the members, then she called Calvin: Yan Yi Ru. Calvin went along with it and said, "The surname came from my husband," and put his arms around Arron.

September 28, 2009
(credits to jcjjica for the subs)
Because he has been working out, Calvin now has a 6-pack, which makes his abs “Little Jiro” abs. Anyone who touches his abs will suffer from brain concussions because of the bumps.

September 21, 2009

Translation by (NotHello)Kitty

Joke #1
Calvin's supposed to distract Jiro by asking questions and he asked some really "mild" ones......... When Jiro gets 10 beans, Calvin went: "Wow, you're so good at it! You must have been a crab in your past life!" (The Chinese verb for the chopstick action and pinching action of the crab is the same word)

Joke #2
Calvin makes a clever remark about him and Jiro (十拿九穩) a chinese idiom containing "10" and "9" -- the number of green beans Jiro and himself managed to pick out.
All: Wow........
Cal: I'm sorry.... *Proudly repeats his idiom十拿九穩 *
Crew: Did you think for very long?
Cal: Ok, ok
Jiro: No wonder just now you weren't talking. You were scheming this up!
Cal: I thought for very long!
Gaby: You fake ABC!
Cal: *puts on ABC accent* Chill, I came back from Canada....
Jiro: Fake ABC, real sentence composition
Cal: I tell you, if you want to show your support for our TV station (GTV is ba da, which is literally translated as "eight" "big" in Chinese), you must get 8 ..... straight (8, 9 ,10) ....

September 13, 2009
(namiegan@Calvin's FLHCN for transcription, shinotwilight777@Youtube for the video)
Joke #1: (~1:05)
Calvin: I've been busy filming "Tao Hua Xiao Mei"(Momo Love) with Da Dong.
Da Dong: Oh, I know this. I know this.
Calvin: Da Dong, what was your role?
Da Dong: I'm "Tao Hua".
Calvin: I'm "Xiao Mei". This is my second time to play "Xiao Mei". During the first time, Wu Chun was "Gong Zhu".

(*He was making a play of words with Momo Love and Romantic Princess titles in Chinese - Tao Hua Xiao Mei and Gong Zhu Xiao Mei)

Joke #2:
Calvin: My auctioned magazine cover, help me to read aloud: "Endangered Species, Xin Hao Nan Hai (Good/Gentlemanly Boy), Chen Yi Ru".
Arron: So in our group we have a protected animal.
Calvin: Don't feed (this animal). If you want to feed (someone), feed Wu Chun.

May 25, 2009
(thanks b068383666 for the video, oiyase@FLHCN for Chinese transcription)
One day, Xiao Ming wanted to go to sleep but a mosquito came flying over him, it was so annoying so he decided to catch it with both hands (Calvin made motions imitating catching the mosquito in between his hands), but then the mosquito said, “Xiao Ming, Xiao Ming, don’t kill me, today is my birthday!” Then Xiao Ming said, “Your birthday? Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday to you!” (made motions to clap while singing, killing off the mosquito)

February 2009
Host girl: You haven’t been sick, right?
Host guy: Yeah, I’m sick to death.
Host girl: Your reply was very handy.
Calvin: You must have acted in Top Gun.
Host girl: Why?
Calvin: 捍衛戰士 Han Wei Zhan Shi (Top Gun’s Chinese title). (*汗味 han wei = sweaty smell)

February 14, 2009
(credits to lixss for subbing)

November 15, 2008
(credits to lixss for subbing)
May 1, 2007
(credits to FFahrenheit)

Calvin's joke:
There was once a rabbit and a bear who were good friends. One time they had the urge to sh*t so they went behind a bush to do so. After a while the bear asked, “Rabbit, are you bothered by the sh*t staining your fur?” The rabbit answered, “I don’t mind.” After hearing this, the bear was very happy, then picked up the rabbit and used it to wipe his ass.

October 24, 2007
Calvin, Eric and George were in a library choosing children’s books to donate. Eric picked a science book “Journey around the human body”.
Eric: How many muscles does a human body have?
Calvin: Too many!!
Eric: Just an estimate. There are roughly 600.
Calvin: Eric ge-ge says, maybe it’s because of the recent typhoon, and the bird flu, so chicken meat is very expensive, chicken meat costs 600 dollars. (*肌肉 ji rou = muscles; 雞肉 ji rou = chicken meat)

Happy Camp: September 2006

Spider jokes
Calvin: What kind of person do you think is Spiderman?
He Gui: He’s a good guy. A successful guy.
Xie Na: A heroic, chivalrous person.
Calvin: Wrong! He’s a loser!
He Gui: Why?
Calvin: Because he is spiderman! (*失败的man = shi bai de man = loser)

Calvin: Black, red, blue, green, what color is he?
He Gui: In the new season/episode, he is black.
Calvin: Wrong! He’s white.
He Gui: Why?
Calvin: He is spiderman (*是白的man = shi bai de man = white man).

Sources: (1, 2)
Unless otherwise stated, translations were done by me and my best friends Google and MDBG.
Thanks to Kaylie and Christina for corrections!

  • There was a male deer that was running fast on some street. He ran faster and faster, ran faster and faster… until finally he came to the highway.
  • Wahaha! Something was very funny, laughed for 10 minutes… suddenly discovered many wrinkles, so ugly!
  • Heehee and Haha were good friends. One day Haha died. When Heehee saw Haha, he said, “Haha! You’re dead!”
  • Q: Flying car. Guess a type of drink.
    A: Coffee… (*coffee = ka fei; car = ka; fly = fei)
  • Q: How do you transform a drink into a big cup (da bei)?
    A: Say a greatly sad chant (*大悲咒 da bei zhou)!
  • Why stop smoking at all? I’ll have to do it twice. Why twice? Once is to stop with the right hand, the second time to stop with the left hand.
  • Q: Why is a fox always slipping?
    A: Because it is sly. (*sly = jiao hua; foot = jiao; slip = hua)
  • One time, a white cat and a black cat were walking along the riverside. Then suddenly the white cat fell into the river and then was gone. After a while, the white cat resurfaced and climbed up the riverbank. It said something to the black cat. You know what it said? He said… MEOW!!!
  • If you meet a bear, what should you do?
    A. Run away, going faster than the bear.
    B. Run away, going as fast as the bear.
    C. Run away, going slower than the bear.
    If you pick A, and you’re better than an animal. If you pick B, you’re exactly like an animal. If you pick C, you’re worse than an animal.
  • This was during one of their appearances in YLBFB.
    Show: Now we are giving you an opportunity to redeem yourself, tell a cold joke! The coldest one you can think of!
    Calvin: I can! I will! Within 10 seconds, I can give you 74 poses of death!
    Chun: This is the coldest!
    Jiro: I need to go sit on that carpet over there, where it’s warmer.
    Xiao Gui: Spread a blanket first!
    Everyone: Then we start timing!
    Calvin: This is gonna be easy. First one, Lao Zi (*Lao Tze, the philosopher).
    Everyone: 10, 9, 8…
    Calvin: Second one, Kong Zi (*Confucius, the philosopher).
    Everyone: 7, 6, 5…
    Calvin: And 4 seconds to go, the final one [lies down on the sofa], Huang Jia Gang’s 72 martyrs!!! (*In April 1911, Sun Yat Sen led the Chinese United League in a revolt to overthrow the Qing dynasty. The uprising failed and some leaders of this uprising were martyred. Actually there were 86 martyrs but only 72 were accounted for. It’s also called the Yellow Flower Mound (Huang Hua Gang) revolt because the dead were buried in a mass grave called Yellow Flower Mound.)
    Everyone: Very decomposed! Too decomposed!
    Calvin: Furthermore, there are 2 stages. Within 10 seconds I can still adopt 802 poses of death!
    Jiro: Calvin Chen, please control your temperature!
    FRH: This is too embarrassing!
  • Once upon a time there was a bird. He passed through a stretch of cornfield everyday. But quite unfortunately, one day the cornfield broke into a fire and all the corn turned to popcorn. The little bird flew over it afterwards… thought it was snowing and he would suffer a cold death.
  • There was once a stubborn child. He asked his father, “Father, am I a foolish child?” His father answered, “Foolish child, how can you be a foolish child?”
  • One time a horse said, “My company is releasing a new product, Horse Fart 3, abbreviated MP3.” (*horse = ma; horse fart = ma pi)
  • A polar bear was all alone in the North Pole. He was awfully bored and thought of looking for a penguin meimei to play with in the South Pole. It takes 20 years to walk from North Pole to South Pole. After walking for 10 years all by himself, the polar bear started to miss his home. So he once again spent 10 years walking back to the North Pole. After that, he once again started to go southward. This way, the polar bear spent 40 years to come to the South Pole in July. When the polar bear finally knocks on penguin meimei’s door, penguin meimei cheerfully said, “Let’s go to your home to play, ok?”
  • A fat guy plunged to his death from the 12th floor. What’s the result? The result is a dead fat guy.
  • A well-done steak and a medium steak pass each other on a street. Why didn’t they greet each other? Because they don’t know each other!
  • Two guys who fell into an animal trap/pit/snare. One lived, the other one who died was his life-saver.
  • On an airplane, a flight attendant asked a little girl, “How come airplanes fly this high and not bump into stars?” The little girl replied, “I know! Because stars can ‘dodge’!” (*I’m not sure which one of these is the correct reason: 1. to dodge and to spark are the same word in Chinese 閃; 2. to dodge閃 is pronounced ‚shan’, sounds like shine? lol )
  • Four guys were playing mahjong in a room. The police came and arrested 5 people. Why? Because the four guys were beating up a guy called Ma Jiang. (*mahjong = ma jiang)
  • There was a fisherman who caught a squid. The squid pleaded, “Please can you roast me?” The fisherman said, “I will roast you. Ask me several times.” The squid happily said, “Roast me, ok? Roast me, ok?” As a result, the fisherman immediately took it for roasting.
  • Q: What animal lives in darkness?
    A: Doraemon… (*Because he cannot see 5 fingers! Doraemon has no fingers – his hand is only a circle.)
  • Q: 1,3,5 are odd numbers. Give an example of an even number.
    A: Hsu Chun Mei. [matching drip action] (*Hsu Chun Mei is an overly made up, loud-mouthed self-professed Taiwanese socialite who became notorious for abandoning her child (and wouldn’t take her back) because her child annoyed her. One of her infamous quotes is 偶是上流社会的人 (An idol hails from high society). She pronounces 数 as shi (是). Even number = 偶数ou shu; idol = 偶 ou)
  • Q: What is a banana’s illness?
    A: Scoliosis!
  • Q: What two English letters when joined together can explode/burst?
    A: OK… (*My guess… 漚可以 ou ke yi = bubble can... ???)
  • Q: Which letter is the most sorrowful?
    A: F! Because of FBI. (*sorrowful = bei ai)
  • Q: Why are mermaids especially loving?
    A: Because they cannot split their legs. (*pi tui = literally means split legs, actually means be unfaithful, cheat on somebody)
  • Q: When an onion is cut into 4 pieces, what is it called?
    A: Cong cong cong cong! (*onion = cong)
    Q: So when ginger is cut into 4 pieces, what is it called?
    A: Jiang jiang jiang jiang! (*ginger = jiang)
  • Q: How much does an orangutan weigh?
    A: 8 grams… because of Starbucks! (*orangutan = xing xing ; gram = ke; 8 = ba; Starbucks = xing ba ke;)
  • Once a little drum got angry… because somebody hit it…HAHAHAH! [he finished the sentence himself and laughed]
  • Q: Which festival should not be celebrated?
    A: Umbrella Festival (*Umbrella festival = yu san jie; also means the poisonous snake called “many-branded krait” Bungarus multicinctus that is found Taiwan)
  • Q: Which letter can kneel?
    A: The answer is D. Because D can kneel. (*D會跪 = di hui gui = pig’s blood cake in Taiwanese)
  • Q: Of the 26 English alphabet letters, which is the coolest to wear?
    A: C is the coolest to wear. (*西裝褲 = xi zhuang ku = Western-style clothes; pronounced the same as “C裝酷” = C zhuang ku = C clothes cool)

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Calvin's Formal Education (by Fla)

Calvin's Formal Education

by Flamengo

Chinese wiki, Google, and Calvin's "Wandering" photobook (thanks to Corina for translations)

五股國小 WuGu/WuKu elementary school
西門國小 XiMen elementary school
明德國小 MingDe elementary school

明德國中 MinDe junior high school

臺北市立建國高級中學 Taipei Municipal JianGuo High School
the famous 建中 JianZhong, the leading boys senior high school in Taiwan.
He was in a class of 第三類 醫學系 group 3 (medicine)
In some Taiwanese high schools students are classified into 3(or 4) groups depending on what their interest lie. In other words, it depends on the departments of university of which they are going to take entrance exams.
Group 1 humanities and sociologies
Group 2 science and technology
Group 3 medicine
Group 4 agriculture

From Sep1998 studying in Vancouver Canada.

Language school of private Christian university for 1yr
First 6months he stayed at his friend Shawn’s house, later he moved to the dormitory of the university.

A college
learned at a college for 1yr, getting straight As, an honor student

Simon Fraser University
transferred to Simon Fraser University as a 2nd year student in economics. finished the course in 2yrs.

University of Victoria graduate program in economics
Finished the graduate courses in 8months

Feb 2006 國立政治大學財政學系研究所 National Chengchi University Department of Public Finance graduate school

Graduated from high school at the age of 17
Taiwanese children generally enroll elementary schools at the age of 6. For example, children born between 2002.09.02 and 2003.09.01 entered elementary schools in Sept 2009. According to the law of 1999, there is an early entry system and skipping grade system in Taiwan. Calvin finished 12th grade and graduated from senior high school at the age of 17. Assuming there were same systems when he was a child, he probably entered primary school before his 6th birthday or skipped one year. Anyways as we already know, our boy was a brilliant child!

Calvin learned at three elementary schools
According to what Calvin said at the filming of 百萬小學堂 elementary school quiz show, he was living in WuGu (where his paternal grandparents live) when he was a child and entered WuGu elementary school first. But his parents thought the school there was not good and let him transfer to XiMen. XiMen is far from WuGu and it took time and was very hard to go to there every day. At last he transferred to the third school. Chen family moved to TianMu where they live now and he learned at MingDe elementary school until graduation. This is the legendary "Chen mother’s three moving."
Thanks to reiyi @CC thread
ref. my post about "mother's three moving"

The private Christian university he leaned at first in Canada was most likely Trinity Western University. Coz I can't find any other Christian college/university in British Columbia except for one bible school. (*Confirmed in Ni Xiang Lu Cheng)
Chun also learned at Trinity College in Melbourne 墨爾本三一學院.
appledaily 2007.10.27
I remember Chun also said he had lived in a dormitory, but don't know it was of this college or not.
This can be another thing CC have in common.

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Calvin As A Singer____♫
~Sw33tz(with minor tweaks by SongOfDarkness)~

Calvin was the third member to join boyband Fahrenheit in 2005. Together, with 3 other group members, they are the most successful Taiwan boyband after F4, conquering the hearts of those in China, Japan, Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Phillippines, Australia, Canada, USA, UK, Vietnam etc. He represents Warm Spring, at 77 degrees Fahrenheit. He also represents Handsome.

It isn't only his smile the melts the heart of those who meet him, but his voice also. His voice stops beats and breaths, sending shivers down our spines as we focus on that soothing voice in the background. Calvin's voice is a baritone to tenor and is therefore one of the more predominant in most of their songs. If it so happens that another member was away, he would take over.

In the X-Family soundtrack, his solo titled Ni Shi Wo Suo You De Hui Yi or You Are All My Memories left lasting impressions amongst the audience as his soothing smooth voice perfected the pain and sadness the song conveys. Links to his live solo are provided below.

Version 1 ● Version 2

Discography (with Fahrenheit)

Love you More and More (越来越爱) 6 January 2009
Treasure - Japan 20 August 2008
Stay with you - Japan 21 May 2008
Two-sided Fahrenheit (双面飛輪海) 4 January 2008
Fahrenheit (飛輪海 首張同名專輯) 15 September 2006
The X-Family OST (終極一家 電視原聲帶) 31 August 2007
Hana-Kimi Original Soundtrack (花樣少年少女 電視原聲帶) 1 December 2006
KO One Original Soundtrack (終極一班 電視原聲帶) 27 December 2005
Tokyo Juliet Original Soundtrack (東方茱麗葉 電視原聲帶) 16 June 2006
Romantic Princess Opening (公主小妹片頭曲) September 2007
Momo Love Ending (桃花小妹-很安靜) October 2009

You can also hear him sing in Love Buffet (愛似百匯) 2010 - including a version of Chao Xi Huan Ni with a modified version of the rap saying he's Sunshine Boy.

Loving Calvin's Voice
(by lyricalp)

Calvin has an amazing, smooth voice - and he uses it not only to sing, but to make us laugh and of course express his thoughts to everyone. At events you'll hear him do a major portion of the talking, answering questions and explaining.

Links to some videos that show off his voice...

如虹音樂會─飛輪海3 @8:00 Wu Hui, Calvin's solo at 9:00! Pure, beautiful and (mostly) no other sound - no background music, no other voices. Superb.

20070119飛輪海@超級大贏家(5/8) @6:28 (fast forward) Calvin sings A-Mei's song, Yuan Lai Ni Shen Me Dou Bu Xiang Yao (You actually don't want anything) This is a really nice example of the tone of his voice, you do hear Aaron add some harmony.

Sunday Best - Oct 24, 2010 (three clips from this same episode)

周日我最大20101024飞轮海 @32:56 The entire show. 77 minutes version will contain this piece where Calvin imitates Jacky Cheung, then Jacky combined with Wu Bai (Taiwanese artist). Incredible tidbit really showcases his voice, amazing! Other versions are 66 minutes and do NOT contain this clip.
飛輪海@周日我最大20101024 3/4 @5:30 Fahrenheit plays a game and Calvin loses right away to sing the rap for Sexy Girl with his hands on a big block of ice.
20101024周日我最大 飛輪海2 @9:20 Beatboxing

2010-09-18綜藝大國民:飛輪海3-2 @1:30 The guys sing Shou Hu Xing on Jacky Wu's Super King. Calvin's solo parts are really nice in this clip!

Xie Xie Ni De Wen Rou - S.H.E and Fahrenheit (Thanks for your gentleness) This is a music video so it is not live but still wonderful. Subbing by JenEm subs/translation by Aspire of Only Fahrenheit Forum. Calvin's vocals are highlighted in orange. In this collaboration between Fahrenheit and S.H.E with refrain taken from a Mayday song, the guys show off their lower ranges. Calvin's voice shows emotion and comes through beautifully.

Other singing clips where you can hear him sing

OnlyFahrenheit-Xia Xue LIVE Calvin sings Aaron's part for Xia Xue in this clip.

飞轮海自由演唱会-「留下来」深情Live版 @1:57 Liu Xia Lai live performance (solo bit) and @3:35 (teeny bit)


There are tons of clips from JKPOP, so you just have to muddle through some to discover them Posted Image Here's an example:

MTV日韓百年好聲(亦儒主持) @9:35 A bit of SJM's Bonamana and Sorry Sorry and a bit of beatboxing.

A few fun clips

我猜 炎亞綸對丞琳唱情歌 20061007 @2:34 few seconds of Calvin and Jiro singing Zhi Dui Ni You Gan Jue after they're supposed to be done Posted Image

2009.10.12 Fahrenheit on YLBFB - Part 3/5 [Eng Sub] Calvin breaks out in a line of song and then does a bit of beatboxing. You can also see here that Xiao Zhu (Show Luo) chides him a bit for adding stuff to the show. Imagine what happened when he hosted YLBFB with Xiao Gui (Alien Huang) in 2010... it's impossible to curb his enthusiasm!

大東跟亦儒的模仿秀 @1:00 Calvin refuses to imitate Jacky here but he does just Wu Bai with Tai Re.

2010-09-19完全娛樂:飛輪海(新聞資料片+專訪)4-2 @6:00 Want to hear Calvin speak Taiyu? He's a Taiwanese boy, after all. Here's a fun word guessing game on Wan Quan Yu Le where it seems all the phrases take up too much time to convey. Has Traditional subtitles so you can learn Taiyu too.

There are tons more - as we know, Calvin loves singing and loves to talk, so you'll hear him prominently in any program, whether hosting JKPOP, guest DJ-ing or guest hosting, or doing interviews or promotions of any kind. So, open your ears and prepare to smile when you hear his voice!

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Calvin As An Actor ♥

By ~Sw33tz~ and calvin21 (2011-2012 updates by lyricalp)

Calvin's acting career started when he starred as Ya Se Wang in KO One back in November 2005. Here, he re-immortalised the famous saying of Shakespeares' Hamlet "To be or not to be, that is the question." There, his character was one with a rich background, an arrogant student with a slightly cold demure, yet possess a warm and loving heart. His fierce loyalty to his friends made him unforgettable.

Next, he was The X-Family's Lan Lin Wang, Ya Se Wang's alternate self in a simultaneous universe. A sequel to KO One, yet here, he captured the hearts of many as he portrayed the life of a man, destined to live without the love of his life and family. Here he improved his acting skills as he carried out such scenes with sorrow, which caused tears amongst the viewers, especially his fans.

Soon, he returned to the screen in September 2007 in Romantic Princess. Portraying the elegant lives of the rich, a playboy who mesmerizes others with his good looks and alluring smile, with good intentions though. Nan Feng Cai became the ideal boyfriend of many as he smiled away and charmed the audience with his natural acting, just being Calvin Chen. Many more fans needed glasses or eye sight worsened as our eyes never left the computer screen as he flashed his mega watt smile, which might have also led to some emergency calls as severe nose bleedings and severed vocal chords from squealing happened when he bared his top half in episode four.

After waiting for a good chance, he returned again in November 2009 in Momo Love with Jiro Wang. A romantic guy who is willing to give everything for his love. Xue Zhi Qiang captured the hearts of many, especially his fans as he portrayed the life of a real man. Being honest for the feeling of love , he took lots of attentions from the viewers in episode six onwards with his lovely word “You’re my only choice..”

He warmed our hearts in his first leading role in Love Buffet with Arron Yan and Reen Yu as Xing Da Ye, a sunshine boy encountering the ups and downs of first love. Calvin is always reviewing scripts, so hopefully, we will be able to see more of him in dramas!

When Love Walked In 爱情闯进门 (traditional 愛情闖進門) - 2012 (airing August 2012)

Qin Yu Jiang (秦雨江)

Love Buffet [愛似百匯] - 2010
Xing Da Ye (邢大業)

Momo Love [桃花小妹] - 2009
Xue Zhi Qiang (薛志強)

Romantic Princess [公主小妹] - 2007
Nan Feng Cai (南風彩)

The X-Family [終極一家] - 2007
Lan Ling Wang (蘭陵王)

KO One [終極一班] - 2005
Wang Ya Se (王亞瑟)

Calvin has had cameos in two dramas - K.O.3an Guo (終極三國) (Reprise of Wang Ya Se) and in Sunshine Angel (陽光天使) as "Calvin" (not playing himself.) His first appearance in any drama was in It Started With A Kiss (惡作劇之吻) while he was visiting Jiro on-set during the wedding scene.

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Calvin as a Host

MTV's JKPOP - 日韓音樂瘋 (Ri Han Yin Yue Feng, or RHYFF) (see Calvin on the Internet above for links to JKPOP )

News on RHYFF first taping: http://asianfanatics...n-yin-yue-feng/ (translated by nastyhobbit)

MTV's JKPOP (known in the Bakery as RHYFF), is an hour long program reviewing the huge waves of Japanese and Korean popular music that are hot in Taiwan with news clips and music videos. Calvin began hosting the show in 2010. His first taping was 6/24/2010, his first airdate 7/1/2010. Since then, fans can see him five days a week! Super-faithful fans (that we are grateful to) post full and clipped versions of RHYYF on the web so that users can easily view the show with and without the news and videos - meaning about 15 minutes solid of Calvin TV!

If you search the internet, you'll find news of RHYYF all over Asia. His show is a great way to give these musical groups excellent exposure in Taiwan! Calvin has even had sumo wrestlers from Japan on the show. Ultra-popular groups such as Super Junior-M, CNBlue, FTIsland and SHINee have appeared, giving Calvin a chance to show off his language skills, speaking English, Korean and Japanese. RHYYF is truly a showcase of Calvin's talents, as he will often break out singing, beatboxing, rapping and dancing in addition to talking up a storm and adding plenty of personal notes and cold jokes! (See Calvin's Cold Jokes section for some good laughs!)

Calvin has additional personalities to add to his hosting fun. (see Calvin's Nicknames for history on Professor Chen)
He'll sometimes start off his show by introducing himself as one of these characters, and then reintroduce himself again as himself, when he's ready for the rest of the program.

Professor Chen ( 辰教授 chén jiào shòu = professor)
For this character, Calvin usually stands by the rotating wheel with very smart black-rimmed glasses on.

Anchor Chen ( 辰主播 chén zhǔ bō = TV anchor)
For this character, Calvin dresses a bit more formally and sits behind a small desk with a small screen behind him that shows clips as he talks.

In addition to continuing his contract for JKPOP, Calvin is also now hosting Apple Entertainment News (show with multiple hosts), showing weeknights.

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Calvin’s Career 7 Highlights

Whatever Calvin does, he always give his best. And we have witnessed his hard work through these years.
Let's see Calvin's 7 Highlights in his Career, the 7 best selections that made Chen Yi Ru became Calvin Chen nowadays. clapclap clapclap


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    Calvin は ダイヤ で す!

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Posted 23 April 2011 - 04:16 AM

Evolution of Calvin's Skillz
Crazy Cupcakes' Collection of Classic Calvin Chen Capabilities

~nastyhobbit and sweetiekv~

Posted Image

Love is not blind - it sees more, not less.
~Rabbi Julius Gordon

Admittedly, Calvin is not the best mover in Fahrenheit. But what he lacks in flexibility, he more than makes up for in effort. So he may not be the best mover, but he's the least likely to miss a step. During promotion events, he's always the last one left standing dancing. Just goes to show that when he does something, he gives it 200% plus interest! Go Calvin, go! And during the second half of 2008, he trained in dance, beatbox and DJ-ing for his solo act in the Fahrenheit's Fantasy concert. These series of videos should show just how his dancing has evolved through the years.

April 2006 (Invincible Robot Dance)
September 29, 2006 (the dorkiest dance battle ever)
November 21, 2006 http://www.tudou.com...iew/t9U2ESHrLpo (WYWDY solo)
January 19, 2007 (WYWDY solo)
March 28, 2007 (dancing while tied to a chair)
August 12, 2007 (CSRH)
October 22, 2007 (CSRH)
January 3, 2008 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JCw0ohfH7cw (CSRH)

March 17, 2008 Dancing the waltz to "Moon River" (Romantic Princess promotion)
TVB News http://www.56.com/u8...3MzAyMzg.=.html
Sina news http://you.video.sin...1184559712.html
Fan vid (Calvin-focused) http://www.56.com/u3...zEyMjc4ODE.html

June/July 2008 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lLs2M26wSoQ (in cow costume)
September 26, 2008 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8qlG5mO6kdw (concert solo)
September 27, 2008 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uG0xG2nDn1Q (concert solo)
September 27, 2008 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fbljX5cjs8c (concert solo)
December 19, 2008 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9dIuB3BHnx8 (concert solo)
December 31, 2008 http://v.youku.com/v...E3NTAwNDg=.html? (concert solo)
February 27, 2009 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E4JCtZJRHWE (concert solo)


Calvin likes hip-hop music, so it's not really a surprise that he has the rhythm to do rap. But he's definitely improved and keeps on improving.

Sometime in 2006 http://www.tudou.com...ew/vcs-gt_pwH0/ (Chao Xi Huan Ni)
September 16, 2006 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lm5zsZRRUF4 (free-style rap)
September 29, 2006 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WSgezQqjOWs (Back At One)
August 11, 2007 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RfaYBLzBi-A&fmt=18 (CSRH with Dong Cheng Wei)
September 26, 2008 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JAaKAnshbsM (CSRH)
February 27, 2009 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0HR-lERklTM (XLYS)


From his infamous hilarious "Back at one" rendition to the sweetest "You are all my memories" remake, bear witness to Calvin's singing moments. Being the most versatile of the four, if one of them is not present, Calvin takes over his part.

September 29, 2006 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WSgezQqjOWs (Back At One)
January 19, 2007 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jaIpXfLfbWU (原來你什麼都不想要)
September 7, 2007 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pd7yR3fUIUE (你是我所有的回憶)
September 8, 2007 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vERyxNBNE7Q&fmt=18 (你是我所有的回憶)

August 11, 2007 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RfaYBLzBi-A&fmt=18 (CSRH with Dong Cheng Wei)
September 8, 2007 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pd7yR3fUIUE (Bu Hui Ai with Jiro)
August 29, 2008 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cjaNzyRH_xo&fmt=18 (Bu Hui Ai with Arron)
August 29, 2008 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o55-ljZFsWw&fmt=18 (Wei Ni Cun Zai with Arron)
August 29, 2008 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SWM8flF1hFQ&fmt=18 (Xin Wo with Arron)
July 13, 2008 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u8tsYhwg51Q&fmt=18 (Xin Wo with Chun)


As one of the three solo parts that he has for their Fahrenheit's Fantasy concert, Calvin learned beatboxing. In fact his beatbox teacher praised his efforts so much in his blog, was the proud teacher. Check for yourself how good he's become!

August 1, 2008 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7HDa9JzjP6U (while getting his haircut before going to the army)
August 28, 2008 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kS4VCR2MYco
September 26, 2008 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pn4nKmxhsPQ
September 27, 2008 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T-tjGOA5J00
December 19, 2008 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2CNCmLHE7Q4
December 31, 2008 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c-Xyp4KmAzU&fmt=18
February 27, 2009 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ltf6Ulgvb9k


As these videos will show you, Calvin isn't really the domesticated type of guy.
He'd make a great host, though. *wink wink*

Sometime in 2007 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6XDzUaFMYpc
August 29, 2007 http://www.tudou.com...ew/7Tu8MbHqzOo/
January 18, 2008 http://www.tudou.com...ew/_rx6Sn_xxFs/
August 29, 2008 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4QhhZMLeras
January 21, 2009 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dMY__op-8_M
January 25, 2009 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dtvKE8aTQwQ
January 25, 2009 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v0lti4Y7FD0


Okay so we know Calvin's no workout junkie...
but that doesn't mean he doesn't exercise at all. Right? lol

He admits he likes running, tennis, and swimming.

He can play billiards (8-ball)! And do normal push-ups!

He even taught Abeko how to play it. <3 And she even won the match. lol.

His basketball skillz ain't bad either. Standing at 184 cm, weighing 65 kg, wearing Michael Jordan's Wizards jersey... Calvin Chen for the lay-up! YEAH!

He can also do triceps push-ups!

And WOOT! One-arm push-ups! Not just one, but he did TWO!
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MCWHtzrGhdM (~4:37)

He can also do some chin-ups!
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yqeYpztwXIg (~5:23)

Okay so he lost horribly to Jiro at arm wrestling. On both arms.
But who needs the muscles when he's already got a pair he can rely on?
*cough*Chun*cough* lol
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yqeYpztwXIg (~4:10)


We all know that Calvin worked as a teaching assistant when he studied at the University of Victoria. And we also know that he taught English while he was still looking for jobs in showbiz when he came back to Taiwan. Since then, here are some hilarious examples of Calvin being a teacher.

December 2005
What if Calvin were to each kindergarten kids the song "Liang Zhi Lao Hu" (Chinese version of Frere Jacques)?

December 2007

During his visit to Hiroshima in December 2007, instead of a normal sing-and-dance routine, Calvin made *drum roll* a lecture! And everyone called him Calvin-sensei!

March 2009

During the promotions for the Fahrenheit's Fantasy concert in Kuala Lumpur, Fahrenheit were guests in Malaysia's FM98.8 radio program, teaching some English phrases. Guess what kind of phrases Calvin taught?

And guess who coached Jiro? *wink wink*

December 2009
Fahrenheit returns to Singapore for the Music Showcase, mini-concert/fan event. During the interview with YES 93.3 FM, Jiro shows some of the English phrases he knows by heart, some of it thanks to Teacher Calvin:

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Posted 26 April 2011 - 01:34 PM

Calvin the Economist


Investment record

Investment experience: 6 years
Main investments: Stocks, funds, real estate
Asset allocation: 50% cash, 30% real estate properties, 20% stocks and funds

2005: First investment in the stock market
2008: Bought first property, at the present time collecting rent
2010: Spent 3 million to buy property with friends, recovered 3.5 million after 3 months, in the future

will continue investing in properties in Tianmu


Excluding his idol status, Calvin has been business-minded since childhood. After graduating from the Taipei Municipal Jian Guo High School, he received his economics bachelors' and master degrees in Canada. He even passed the exam to be an analyst at the Bank of Canada. Unlike most idol singers, Calvin has a completely different background.

Calvin did not put to waste what he has learned in college. In fact, Calvin has become known as Fahrenheit's de facto “finance commissioner". And every chance he gets, he tries to give the others tips on how to wisely invest their hard earned money making the other members of Fahrenheit joke that investing in stocks is Calvin's favorite hobby.

Budding Entrepreneur
Way before Calvin came up and established WOW Designs, he was already showing signs of his being a budding businessman as early as highschool. In an episode in Kang Xi Lai Le 康熙來了 when they were promoting X-Family, Calvin recounted the story of him and his 2 other friends from high school where they spent one summer vacation selling polo shirts on roadside stalls. However, what they set up was illegal and were often chased by the police. Eventually, they mastered the art of evading the police by coordinating themselves on how to pack up their stuff and running really fast so they never got any ticket from the police.

Calvin and WOW
In 2008, Calvin finally applied his training in economics by launching his own clothing label “WOW” which was at first sold exclusively online. After expanding to what is now known as Factorysev7n, the brand now carries 2 lines with the addition of "GO" and has since been sold in Zhe Ye stores in Taiwan as well as in Chapter 8 botique in Fahrenheit 88 mall in Kuala Lumpur.

Calvin and the Stock Market
Calvin wanted to have his own property before he reached 30. So he learned how to trade in the stock market and in other long term investments. Calvin admits that at first he didn't understand the stock market, so he took his laptop to the bank and asked the commissioner to guide him. After 5 years of investing in the stock market, Calvin decided "abandon" it due to the fluctuations in the stock market and inflation. He discloses that in these 5 years, he practically just broke even (no loss, no profit) though he still has investments on blue-chip stocks.

Real Estate Investments
Calvin got the idea of investing in real estate from his Dad. His father told him that "Buying real estate is like raising children" reasoning that even if he has to make a loan, it will eventually pay off in the end. So at the start of 2008, Calvin brought his first property and is currently collecting rent from it. Buoyed with the success of that first real estate investment, Calvin raised 9 million TWD with 2 other friends in 2010 next. It was again successful because he made a profit of 500,000 TWD after just 3 months. He now plans to continue investing in real estate in the future.

Calvin's nuggets of wisdom in investing:

* First, pay off debts - The first step in managing finances is not to incur debts. So when you receive money, it's best to first settle debts. Otherwise it will be like a credit card's high interest rates. After paying debts in full, you can move one step forward in knowing what kind of investor you are. Then you can choose which venture to take, such as investing in stocks, hedge funds, bonds, fixed deposits, or foreign currency.

* Start saving early - He revealed that when he was in primary school, his mom taught him the habit of keeping 10 TWD each day, and to open a bank account. So when he graduated from Jian Zhong (senior high school), his bank account then had 160,000 TWD.

* Save in foreign currency - Calvin proposes to also save money in another currency. He points out that having money in another currency would also be convenient if one decides to study abroad.

* When investing in real estate - Calvin has 3 rules when investing in real estate - location, familiarity and affordability. He advises to look at the area first and it would also be better if one is familiar with the location. About the value, the most important thing is to find the range that you can afford. If the pressure to maintain it is too much, then better not buy something too expensive.

* When investing in stocks - Research on the background of the company first before actually investing in them. He reiterates that one must really study ones investments and only invest in what you can.

* Live within your means


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Calvin and Factorysev7n / WOW

Posted Image

Posted Image

Social networking sites

Factorysev7n Weibo: http://t.sina.com.cn/factorysev7n
Factorysev7n Facebook: http://www.fans.factorysev7n.com/

Online stores

Factorysev7n main website: http://www.factorysev7n.com/home.htm (Rest of the world)
Taobao: shop60509796.taobao.com/ (for Mainland, HK, Macau)
Yahoo Kimo: tw.user.bid.yahoo.com/tw/booth/Y3866002892 (for Taiwan)
*For the Taobao and Kimo sites, just copy and paste the links. For some reason, AF doesn't allow me to post the links..

Online ordering information
(for those who cannot use the Yahoo Kimo and the Taobao site):
Just send an e-mail to Mr. Lin at
factorysev7n@yahoo.com.tw indicating the product that you want to buy as well as the size.
*Word of advice, though... e-mail Mr. Lin in Chinese. Cause, if you e-mail him in English, he'll answer in English... but the English is usually just online translated... :wacko:

Physical stores:


Posted Image

這也 Zhe Ye stores:
東區總店 East district head shop (Taipei)
板橋誠品店 Banqiao Eslite shop
基隆店 Keelung
.32;竹店 Hsinchu
台南FOCUS店 Tainan FOCUS shop
高雄左營店 Zouying, Kaohsiung
花蓮店 Hualien
台東店 Taidong


Fahrenheit 88 Mall, Chapter 8 Boutique - Kuala Lumpur


Posted Image

Neihu's Halar Cinema partnered with Factorysev7n and asked him to make joint t-shirt and caps for the employees to wear.
For a time, they had one wall advertising his goods, and even organized activties where customers who buy tickets can win WOW and GO items for free.

Posted Image
Salt iWrappa

S.A.L.T's iWrappa provides fashionable casings/housing for Apple products, specifically iPhones.
Factorysev7n collaborated with S.A.L.T. and has designed different casings for iPhone 3 & 4. It has also released a co-branding series collection for iPhone 4 which comes with matching shirts and exclusively carries Calvin's signature.

Posted Image
WOW x Fitness Zone

CC!! Designed together with Wu Chun, inspired by his love for fitness.
This limited edition shirt is already sold out online but its still available in Zhe Ye stores in Taiwan.
Unfortunately after this initial collaboration, no word on whether Calvin and Chun will do another...
(anyone want to request the boys for another one? :P)


Putting his Economics degree to good use, Calvin opened an online store he simply calls WOW. Together with his highschool friend and business partner, 林彥儒 Lin Yen-Ju or who we all more fondly refer to as Mr Lin, WOW was launched on October 18, 2008. Starting initially with the Ruten account, WOW Designs added Yahoo blog where updates on the products and ordering information are provided catered to those living outside Taiwan.

WOW was first hinted when Calvin wrote in his blog entry (posted in both Fahrenciti and HIM and aptly titled WOW) before the start of the Fahrenheit Fantasy World tour that they were tasked to design their own logo on the ear monitor they will be using for the concerts. With the words "Creativity makes life more fun!", Calvin gave us a preview of this creativity when snapshots of the ear monitor with the WOW logo was posted by fans on the internet. By the middle of October 2008, the link to the WOW store was put up when he posted about it at the HIM forum.(translated)

A little over a year later, WOW expanded and moved to a new home now called Factorysev7n on February 2010. With the launch of the new site came another design named GO. Where the first slogan tells "WOW AS A GREAT SUCCESS", the new logo carried "GO WHEREVER YOU WANT".

Calvin advertises his label by wearing the clothes himself. In fact, he even got to wear his birthday candles T-shirt in the 越來越愛 Yue Lai Yue Ai MV. Most recently, his WOW & GO designs have had major airtime when he filmed his ratings winner drama "Ai Si Bai Hui/Love Buffet"

At present, Factorysev7n releases limited edition designs for different holidays or special occasions.

Credits to the Factorysev7n sites (including Taobao and Yahoo Kimo), S.A.L.T., Halar Cinemas, and AF.

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What if Calvin didn't become an artist?

by Flamengo

Calvin's "Wandering" photobook (thanks to Corina for translations)

Fahrenheit @Main Focus 360 degree Pt2 [eng sub]
thanks to lixjie for the video clip and translations

A Date with LuYu
credit to lilylovesjiro

At the Sunshine Boyz competition Aug31, 2004, he said he was thinking to go for PhD next year. this video at 2:20
On the other hand, he started to look for a work in finance/banking. He was interested in trading bonds and stocks. He had a job interview with 加拿大中央銀行 Bank of Canada and was accepted. His plan was to work for a year and then decide whether to stay on or return to Taiwan for a work. If he didn't join the showbiz and worked for the bank, he would be a manager now.

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    Calvin は ダイヤ で す!

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Posted 01 May 2011 - 08:39 AM

Let's Talk About Calvin

Calvin's High School Friend
Translated by sweetiekv and nastyhobbit

December 23, 2005
Hello everyone!

I was a close friend of Calvin's in high school. Yesterday I went out with Calvin to eat 薑母鴨 (duck cooked with ginger) and I finally saw how popular he is. Within two hours, there were five fans who came up to him and asked for an autograph and group picture!

Anyway, I want to share a bit with you guys about Calvin's high school days.

His academic achievement was top-class, and he was very caring to his friends.
We were frequently punished for chatting during class, and after school, we would hang out with some senior students to do some mischief. We played ball together, went out and had fun together, studied together. Even though it is already almost 10 years ago, everything turns up clearly in my mind.

Calvin is near-sighted/myopic and cannot estimate depth/distance, so during high school he often stumbled/tripped on tables and chairs. This “often” meant almost everyday!

Furthermore, he was well-liked by girls, so we helped out schoolmates to seek their good fortunes using his connections. Although he didn't want to, he still did in the end! This spirit of brotherhood really touched us.

My eyes have known Calvin for 10 years already, and he is exactly like he was 10 years ago – he hasn't changed at all, still the same shuai, the same caring Calvin.

I sincerely wish that one day you will find your own place in the world. We will always support you.

Hey! Don't talk about the cold – you cannot be cold la! We cannot stand the 10° Taipei weather, but for you it's no big deal – uncle had extensive practice! And I even caught a cold!


Calvin's Father

April 2008

Calvin was a very filial, cute and smart kid when he was young. After graduating from Jianzhong, he studied abroad in Canada on my request. But surprisingly, he kept his return a secret from Papa. I was very upset for a long time because I was looking forward to a great change in his future. After that, I saw his steps on the entertainment circle. I continually felt the warm welcome of his fans and saw his reputation increase. Now the sadness is lessened. I changed from objection to support. However I am very worried that sometimes Calvin returns home very late. I can't sleep well because of worrying about him.

Yiru, Papa really cares about you, loves you and supports you.
Hope that you can grasp Papa's love for you.


Abeko, Calvin's Japanese Date
Translated by Flamengo

May 2, 2008
A date with a language barrier

I experienced something shocking recently. I had a one-day date with a Taiwanese talent who doesn't understand what I say.
Well, it was a job of course.
He, very popular in Taiwan, was a very friendly, reliable, bright gentleman, even when he was not in front of the camera.
It was the first time we met, we didn't understand each other....I didn't know what kind of person he was....honestly, I was nervous. Before we met, I could hear the sound of my heart beating. "Hey, what's this? It's a job!! I'm on location!!" I told myself, but the beating didn't calm down.
At the TV program 'Koisuru Hanikami' people say,‘'I'm nervous~' before the first meeting. It's really true. Really get nervous. It was a job, but I felt like a O-MIAI (matchmaking) and a first date coming together....tensed!!
Dating with a camera working, surrounded by about 30 staff members....is really....very embarrassing!!
I wanted to hide the 'real me', but felt like everything was exposed. I was irresistibly embarrassed.

The program will be aired in Japan and Taiwan from July for 3 months. Seems like a drama series.
I heard the DVD would also be released.
I will buy the DVD but watch it maybe in 10 yrs. Just remembering that date makes me blush, so I am afraid I can't watch it right now.


Pony C, Calvin's Beatbox Teacher
Translated by nastyhobbit

[*I only include the parts that mention Calvin, it's a long blog post, Calvin's mention is in the middle, so there are lots that came before and lots that came after]

November 8, 2008

Then came the second teaching experience
With none other than the famous idol group Fei Lun Hai.
I actually call them Feng Huo Lun (Hot Wheels).
But I only taught one –
He has the highest academic record among them,
And also the one who least needs to work in this business – Calvin Chen.
His ability to absorb new things,
I can't help but praise all at once.
It is even stronger than that of a sanitary pad. [*actually he used the word眠 (sleep), which is a homonym of綿 (pad/wadding)]
Within 2 short months,
He made every fan in Hong Kong wet her underwear.
In the end, teaching him made me realize a few things –
That when I was somebody else's student,
Maybe I ought to have made great efforts just like him
And made my teachers proud.


Zheng Xiao Yu, Calvin's tour guide to Archeological Excavations

Translated by nastyhobbit

February 6, 2009
Too cold

The fourth of February's pleasant surprise
I came to work early in the morning
Saw a group of people in the plaza outside the place
Saw their elaborate sets (that includes a piano!)
I felt I needed to record it somehow
Later that morning
I learned that Fahrenheit was at Shihsanhang to shoot a music video
Although I know that the group is very popular
I didn't feel so excited about it
Because I was on duty
I couldn't just leave my job and join in the excitement
But I have to admit I joined in the chatter!

That day, my duty was in the first floor – the Discovery Center
I just opened the special exhibition room
As I was walking away from the room, I turned around and at once saw a Fahrenheit member
He was looking at the archeological excavation introduction in the corridor

I only knew he was a member of Fahrenheit
I could not even remember his name
Yet I had this indescribable feeling of excitement
But I nevertheless pretended to be calm = =
I only nodded at him (this is basic courtesy)

Only later did I again think about it
I was in pins and needles, my goodness!
So I took the initiative to go ask him, “Please, may I take your picture?”
He smiled quite shyly and said, “Sure, you can.” (Haha just the past few days I carried a camera in my bag! Just perfect!)
Afterwards when I was taking the picture
He prudently said, “Because this suit has not been revealed to the public yet, can you just take a picture from the waist up?”
(In order to do this special request, I took another picture then cropped it properly!)

(Haha I still have a photo with him! But these days my face is too fat, I'm embarrassed to show it XD)

I had a little chat with him
And even gave him an introduction to the Yuanshan archeological excavations (it hadn't occurred to me that he would be interested in archeological excavations)
Thinking about it, he must have felt like he ran into a confused little deer

Later I saw him holding a piece of paper
Which were actually the song lyrics
He was already adjusting his frame of mind for the final preparations!
So I let him prepare well

I forgot what I actually said
Maybe “jia you” and other words like that
I finished and then returned to my work in the exhibition room
Later I once again thought
Should I ask for an autograph?
But I don't even know his name…
Like this, I would have to ask for the others' autographs as well
It's really a little ridiculous!
No matter!
I was in pins and needles so much ~ but what to write his autograph on?
Then I took out my beloved notebook = =+

Then and there, I saw an assistant calling out, “Chen Yi Ru, your turn!”

Now the riddle in my mind was answered!
That's right! He's called Chen Yi Ru!
I faced the assistant to give directions; he should be in the Archeological Excavation special exhibition room
He went in but did not find him

So the assistant went in the men's toilet, he was there after all
As the assistant stood outside the toilet to wait for him
The assistant thanked me, I smiled and said there's no need la
Then I followed after the assistant in the hallway to wait for Chen Yi Ru to appear in the flesh
I didn't dare to directly ask the assistant if I may ask for an autograph

Because he already appeared = =+
I thought that if I ask him directly, I'm rather likely to succeed
So I waited for him to come out
I asked right away, “Please, may I ask for your autograph?” (nervous)
He just smiled graciously and said, “Sure, why not?” (I jumped for joy)
I at once gave him my pen and notebook to sign ~~
The assistant said, “Must keep it low-key, yeah?”
I nodded, “Sure! Hope everything goes well with you! Jia you! Bye bye!”
Then they said goodbye.

Truly… it made my heart happy!
Haha XD
To date, this is the one thing that made me happiest!

2/4 On this day
It was very cold in the morning
The sky was also quite overcast
Come noon, suddenly the skies cleared
Blue sky, white clouds
I was convinced they were shooting an upcoming MV
It will surely be very beautiful! (looking forward to it)
Quite a lot of fans turned up in taxis to see them

I originally thought that they would just shoot quickly and leave
I never thought that they would arrive in the morning before the museum opened, and then in the afternoon when the museum closed would still be shooting
They certainly paid attention to every single detail!

Seeing such a process
Made me think
That an idol
Had better have a high EQ
Since each and every move is the focus of public attention
Maybe as a result would also lose one's right to privacy
Must always take into account of one's image
So cannot just walk out on the streets looking sloppy
I suppose
This kind of life is also quite exhausting
You win some, must certainly lose some ~ be able to smile as if everything is going well.

I had thought that the feeling to pursue celebrities is behind me
But seeing a celebrity still made me feel so happy!

Later, I came home
I went online
Checked out Chen Yi Ru
To find that
He graduated from Jianzhong, studied abroad, and is also a Public Finance master's student at the National Chengchi University
Really admire him greatly!
No wonder he found archeological excavations and this kind of cultural stuff interesting!

Chen Yi Ru's blog: http://www.wretch.cc/blog/ckchen777


A Showbiz Reporter

translated by nastyhobbit and Elvenstar

Calvin Chen: Something that words cannot express

A lot of people say that the one who gets along the best in Fahrenheit is Calvin Chen. Because his face always makes people smile, and can suddenly make people laugh hilariously with just his cold jokes, or can answer reporters' sharp questions, and in the same way resolves embarrassing situations, making the whole audience applaud.

But I don't know why, truly, Boss Chen's impression on me can only be “unidentifiable”. I always felt that he is not the kind to be exactly what he is at the surface. He must have a lot of sides – passionate, bureaucratic, silent and persevering… It seemed that after finishing my first interview with Fahrenheit, I could feel that he's a guy with no worries. After the second interview, I felt that he's not pretentious but absolutely tries his best to reach his goals. After the 3rd time, I again felt that Boss Chen actually had a bit of a bureaucratic hidden quality in him. After the 4th and 5th interviews… every time I interview him, he makes me think: that I actually don't understand anything about the idol i've taken responsibility for, for 4 years feeling defeated … In the end, which “him” he is now at present, maybe only he knows?!

Boss Chen xD Small Reporter
Similar to that introduction, no matter if it's face-to-face interview or telephone call, I must have had more than 5 times of contact with Boss Chen. Breaking down several interviews, I list my top 3.

No. 1
First interview
The One with the Most ‘Happy Ending'

The interview made me have so many parts to remember, not only was it my first time to become an official reporter from being merely an intern, it was my first time to conduct an interview by myself, and still the first time to see those 4 handsome guys. At once I seem to remember Ah Bu teasing my nervous shaking hands. I remember Da Dong say, “Don't be nervous, we will take this slowly.” I remember Wu Chun because when he didn't understand the interview content, he would shyly say, “Sorry, but what does it mean?” Of course I also remember, on that day the one who made me feel most comfortable was the one with that Sunshine Boyz signature smiling expression.

“Calvin, although your birthday already passed, and this is late by several days, I still want to greet you Happy Birthday. Don't forget to ask Da Dong for the present he owes you !”

“Hahaha! You knew! Right, it was missing Da Dong's signature my birthday suitcase would of been perfect.”

Perhaps this is a pretty good topic, so we can start the interview this way, “Wow, the other day you were extremely handsome, black and white really suits you!”

“Then I say, I suit black and white very well.”

When that interview finished, my summary went: Having Calvin is good.

No. 2
Fifth time to cross swords
Coolly staying out of things

The 5th time to interview Fahrenheit came just several days after the 4th, in between the two I saw them once but never interviewed them. As a result, before the interview felt a little embarrassed because of the previous article, luckily Chun and Da Dong enthusiastically greeted me and somewhat removed the awkwardness, it was quite touching. But the present interview left the small reporter yet another kind of understanding of Boss Chen. Previously a Calvin fan always told me, “We always feel that our family's boss is the kind of guy who keeps things out, he cannot be like the other 3 who leave remembering a lot, leave caring a lot, maybe he really only cares about himself ba.”

During that interview, I asked Boss Chen a question (because it was an exclusive, I cannot disclose the question la), and to my surprise his face looked confused and asked: “Uh? What? Then?” Right then I had a strong feeling, maybe my understanding of Boss Chen did not even reach 20%. The colleague who likes Calvin boldly said, “Actually we seem like we don't understand Calvin, is it that we should completely start afresh to understand him.” “Yes, his aura seems to hold a heavy sense of being cool and staying out of things.” “Right. Just like the other day, another small reporter and I had experienced the feeling.”

No. 3
2nd phone interview
The glory of keeping a low-profile

This was the first time to have a one-on-one talk with Boss Chen, liking how even through the telephone, I could hear within his voice a cheerful mood. He is the type who talks a lot, and also the type who understands sometimes to give you some exclusive to increase the interview transcript. Just like he said, “This is the first time I'm revealing my concert solo performance!” “Wow, then I scooped a big exclusive?” “Hahaha… that's right!” And then maybe he was saying to Chun who was eavesdropping during our talk, “Wu Chun, she knows, I said your child is local!” As a result we ended up in laughter and hilarity, and our interview once again deviated from the original subject.

Boss Chen xD Reporters during their trips

When reporters get together, we always like to discuss a bunch of gossip, perhaps some popular artists' amusing incidents. On the basis of Fahrenheit's popularity level, they're also a regular subject of gossip. I remember Fahrenheit in Shanghai promoting their new album “Loving you more and more”, when their autograph signing ended, Fahrenheit and Shanghai reporters took part in the record company's annual year-end dinner for employees.

“Upstairs that kid is really pitiful, he has a fever reaching 39°C. Yesterday, we filmed until the morning, so today I really can't continue to hold on, can only tell everyone ‘sorry'.”

“Money fortune is one sided, just like upstairs, he and Selina can form a 2-person mahjong group, they both super love playing mahjong…”

“Financial crisis? I'm studying the economy. I'm convinced the bear market will pass and the bull market will immediately rise.

“I have investments and shares, recently I made some small profits, so I'm quite happy…”

“Sales volume target? I don't know the standard in the mainland, but very well, if our album sales break 100,000, the kid will swim naked in the Huangpu River. Is this break point enough or not? Hahaha… Who's fault is it that Arron's not to be here, any stakes passing it onto him will be fine.

During the year-end dinner, the presence of Boss Chen was able win the support of reporters. After the event, “Calvin Chen is quite knowledgeable, in the end was born to be a graduate student, eh?” “Calvin Chen is quite talkative, what ever is said he knows the subject, and knows what shouldn't be said, stopping here will be enough, he even has criticisms but being an artist is like this." These kinds of assessments, were dialogues coming out of the crowd of reporters, it seemed as if during this dinner party, Boss Chen left behind a super good impression on quite a few reporters.

Boss Chen xD Fahrenheit

Because this is a group, I think all the journalists will ask this, “You and the other 3, who do you get on better with?”, “If you have a problem, who would you discuss it 1st with?” or possibly “Normally with whom do you go out more?” Questions like these, small repoters are not exempted in asking.

Wu Chun: "If I have something to discuss, the first person I look for is Calvin, sometimes he is really mature beyond his age, he can help me analyze a problem and then afterwards I will see the essence of the matter. Maybe because if I have a problem I will want to ask him for help, so everyone feels that two of us get along better."

Da Dong: "Normally I go out more with Calvin. If I needed to exchange identities, I will exchange with Calvin. Why? Because he always gives people the feeling of pistachio (fruit of happiness), even if he is not like that in private, at least everyone sees him as that. To have that kind of image is quite good."

Arron: "I admire Calvin very much because he can always find ways to take care of the mood in the moment, making it easy. Even if he's not feeling happy, he is still dedicated to his work to do it well."

So in this way, Calvin is not at all like what we know of him normally. All of a sudden I feel that he must have many, many secrets, many, many yet undiscovered facets. So we might as well explore together, right?


Fans of Kgroups who met him during RHYYF recording

Translated by nastyhobbit

November 12, 2010
MTV 錄影 Recording at MTV studio

11/11 November 11
下午一點 In the afternoon
錄日韓音樂瘋 Recorded for Ri Han Yin Yue Feng

錄影棚超像住家的 The recording studio looks like some residential area
在一個小巷子 In a small street
哈哈 Haha
進去就有一種親切的感覺 When we went inside there was a very friendly feeling
工作人員人都很好 Staff members were all very nice
棚設計的很可愛 The studio's set design was very cute
主持人是辰亦儒 The host was Calvin Chen
本人很高很瘦 In person he's so tall and skinny
錄影的時候很輕鬆 When we were recording he was very relaxed
還會跟我們聊天 Even would chat with us
人整個不錯 跟偶像形象不一樣 The guy was pretty good, very different from what one would think of idols
哈 改觀了 Haha, I had to revise my point of view

MTV SHINEE創意舞王 第一名 和辰亦儒合照 MTV's SHINee creative dance champions, posed with Calvin Chen

Translated by nastyhobbit

September 10, 2010
不可思議-改觀(日韓音樂瘋-介紹神起周邊) Incredible – change in point of view (RHYYF – introducing TVXQ goods)


對一個人,真的相處之後會對他的第一印象跟舉動改觀 Towards one person, truly after having interacted with him, I have changed my first impression
辰亦儒先生,就是讓我改觀的一位仁兄 Mr. Calvin Chen, is that person
99年9月9日突然北上,跟璨鬼去錄製”日韓音樂瘋”-介紹神起周邊 On Sept 9, went to Taipei with Can Gui to record for “Ri Han Yin Yue Feng” - to introduce TVXQ in a segment
也很謝謝UR姐姐幫我趕出三組口罩 Also thanks to UR sister for driving me
地點真的很隱密,好難找…..也因為睡眠不足也暈車= =+ The location is really very concealed, difficult to find… and also because I didn't sleep enough I got carsick
搞的我想吐+頭暈!!現在回想當初的情況 Wanted to throw up+ dizzy!! Now thinking back at those circumstances
自己怎麼完成整個錄製過程的?!自己當初是一點都不緊張 How did I ever get through the recording?! At the time I wasn't even nervous
9/29號那天大家就可以看的到我眼睛超無神的在介紹周邊了吧!(無奈) On Sept 29 everyone can watch me introduce TVXQ!
剛到目的地的時候,整個就是在旁邊等…. When we arrived at the place I was just completely at the side waiting…
也默默的看到辰亦儒先生~看著他吃飯(超快速) Also silently watched Mr. Calvin Chen ~ saw him eating a meal (super fast)
讓我看到不一樣的他!人很親民,也很努力認真 Made me see a different him! He is very personable, also very hardworking and serious
只要有時間就會看看自己手邊的資料 Whenever he has time he would take a look at his notes
在超小的地方錄製也不耍大牌 In that small studio he didn't act like a big celeb
也跟工作人員相處的很融洽~甚至一起討論韓流 He worked quite harmoniously with the staff ~ even discussing Korean wave with them
然後我跟璨鬼因為他的冷笑話噗ㄘ的笑出來 Then Can Gui and I would laugh so much because of his cold jokes , really so funny
知道自己的梗~看到我們在笑~抬頭對著我們笑 He saw us laughing~ he turned his head towards us and smiled
當他坐下,在我們那超大堆的神起周邊時 When he sat down, it was our turn to introduce TVXQ
他也大叫了~”東方神起阿~”並對著我們笑 He shouted ~”TVXQ ah~” facing us smiling
當時也有SHINee的歌迷去錄製舞蹈比賽 There were also SHINee fans recording a dance contest
聽到錄製過程….真的不知道辰亦儒的梗在哪?好冷@@ When I heard them recording… really dunno where Calvin Chen gets his jokes? So cold @@
辰亦儒也錄製告一個段落,準備要去換衣服 Calvin Chen also recorded one section, and then prepared to change clothes
聽到SHINee的歌迷在等待他~要跟他合照 Heard SHINee's fans waiting for him, wanted to pose for pics with him
原本要去換衣服的他,二話不說就是立刻回頭 So he who originally wanted to change clothes, just turned around without any fuss

說拍完照他再去換衣服!! Said when they finish taking pics he will again have to change clothes!!
原本說七點錄影,最後搞到九點多才進去錄影~~ Originally said will record at 7, but in the end we started recording at past 9
這個我只能說不是辰先生的問題!!因為他也沒休息 This I can only say was not Mr. Chen's problem!! Because he didn't rest at all
就拖著大包小包的周邊進去攝影棚 Just dragged a big suitcase of stuff in the studio
首先是介紹學園的周邊~一拿出手繪口罩(還沒說要送給觀眾) In the first place was for introducing the goods ~ a mask (even didn't say he wanted to give it to the audience)
工作人員跟辰亦儒就是直呼”好可愛” Staff frankly called Calvin Chen “so cute”
璨鬼是一直忙著從那一大堆的周邊分類 Can Gui was busy with the big pile of stuff
而我是把周邊拿去擺設&跟工作人員還有辰亦儒講細節 I was busy taking the accessories to decorate and talked with the staff and also Calvin Chen about details
也默默的跟辰亦儒聊起這些週邊~ Also silently listened to Calvin Chen chatting
分兩部份介紹-第一部份學園&韓國周邊 第二部份日本周邊 The segment was divided into two parts- 1st part was Korean goods, 2nd part was Japanese goods
終於十點多結束了錄影!! Finally at past 10 we finished recording!!
辰亦儒還問我們是從哪邊來的?我們就說”台中” Calvin Chen asked us where we came from? We said “Taichung”
就對我們說”從台中上來啊!會去也有點晚了!回去路上要小心唷~” He answered “You came up north from Taichung! It's a little late now! Be careful on the way~”
也大概跟我們說謝謝我們來錄影之類的話 And also thanked us for coming to record
之後辰亦儒也就預錄下一段~我跟璨鬼就在攝影機後面收周邊 Afterwards Calvin Chen still recorded the next segment, me and Can Gui were behind the camera collecting the goods
在收周邊的時候,我突然跟璨鬼說~應該可以跟辰亦儒合照吧?! While tidying up the stuff, I suddenly told Can Gui ~ maybe we should take pics with Calvin Chen?!
璨鬼就說不知道耶~應該可以吧…..我就馬上對著攝影棚裏面的辰亦儒說 Can Gui said she didn't' know ah, if we can… I quickly rushed over to Calvin Chen and said
“請問我們可以跟你合照嗎?” “Please can we take pics with you?”
他人很好馬上就說”沒問題~當然可以阿!!” He very quickly said “No problem ~of course you can ah!”
璨鬼先跟辰亦儒拍~之後就換我(我還真的很不上鏡耶) Can Gui first took pics with Calvin Chen, then it was my turn (I really didn't look at the camera)
拍完之後~辰先生就拍著我的肩膀說~回去要小心唷 After that Mr Chen tapped my shoulder and said “be careful when you go back”
我們又再次回去收拾那些週邊~又突然想起工作人員好像沒說哪時候撥 We went back to tidy up ~ but the staff didn't say when they're gonna air it
所以我就又再跟璨鬼確認~工作人員確實沒告知 So I confirmed with Can Gui~staff really didn't tell us
我又再問工作人員~~他就看了一下節目表說”9月29號” I again asked the staff~he just said “Sept 29”
最後終於收好周邊了~走出攝影棚準備回台中 Finally we finished and went back to Taichung
在車上就跟璨鬼在那邊講起辰亦儒~讓我們兩個改觀的事情 In the car I talked with Can Gui about Calvin Chen ~ the matter that made our opinions change
也打算送他專屬的手繪口罩~ And also planned to give him an exclusive hand-drawn mask
去一趟真的很累!!這天我凌晨三點多才睡!!晚上又加班到九點才到家 Going on a trip is really tiring!! I slept at past 3AM!! That evening worked overnight until 9 and then went home
但是這一趟….真的讓我心情很複雜 But this trip… really made my mood complicated
雖然神起現在五個人無法一起活動 Even though now TVXQ's 5 guys are unable to have activities altogether
但是卻能這樣介紹著神起的周邊 But the segment presenting TVXQ
讓我覺得很開心!!因為對我來說……神起是一種驕傲 Made me feel very happy!! Because as far as I'm concerned… TVXQ is pride

而點播的歌…….是我心目中甚至是仙后想對神起的一種信念吧!! And the broadcasted song… was the kind of faith Cassiopeia want for TVXQ!!


Calvin's Fahrenheit Brothers

Da Dong

Translated by sweetiekv

I occasionally think that Calvin has two faces: one is an honest guy, another is an independent man. One day he woke up, he was upset about his hair. Then we took him to the salon to have it done. Unfortunately there was no salon open because it's too early, but he gotta have his hair done… (hahaha). Frankly he is a cute guy. He has lived on his own for seven years. So manly!
When he's dancing, it's really funny, just like a robot. He can do the popping everywhere!! Maybe he has never learned to dance before.

Translated by sweetiekv

Among the four of us, Calvin's way of thinking is the closest to me because he also studied abroad like me. And he is a year younger than me, yet he made a deep impression on us: a mature guy.

Every time I see him, I almost burst out laughing. He is an optimistic guy. Moreover, he likes to tell jokes and funny ideas. I think that after talking with him, everyone feels better and happier.

Translated by sweetiekv

Calvin has high self-respect. He always feels down when he did not do well, and gets angry at himself. But this is only in his mind. Thus no matter what he does, he is very serious and does his best. He can share all kinds of stuff with us, definitely an upright and lovely guy.

Calvin la! He has the longest legs among us. So when dancing, it's pretty cute. Can't help laughing! No matter what happens, he is an impressive guy to me.

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Calvin’s Love Life

Is Calvin dating?

In an interview with China Times magazine, Calvin admits that he is currently single, though he does go out on dinner and movie dates with girls. In the June 4 episode of Lian Ai Bai Fen Bai, Calvin said that the lack of a girlfriend at the moment is not because he's very busy with work, but more like he hasn't found his soulmate.

Calvin’s showbiz crushes

Posted Image Posted Image Posted ImagePosted Image
(left - right: Hebe, Kelly Lin, Angelina Jolie, Patty Hou)

At different occasions, Calvin has admitted to having showbiz crushes, or women in showbiz that he thinks are beautiful. These include SHE member Hebe Tien, Kelly Lin, Angelina Jolie and Patty Hou, of which only Hebe Tien remains single, as Kelly Lin and Patty Hou recently got married this year, and of course Angelina Jolie already has Brad Pitt.

Calvin's Past Girlfriends

Calvin had (in July 12, 2008) admitted to having had 4 girlfriends. His first love was in high school. Two he met in Canada, one was Korean, the other was Taiwanese. The other one is still *cough* unaccounted for.

The most documented experience he had is probably with his first girlfriend. He was a student in the boys’ school Jian Zhong, she in the top girls’ school Zhong Shan. (When Calvin pretended to be a girl to join a beauty contest as a joke in senior high, he wore a Zhong Shan uniform. Hers? :P)

Calvin has told his Valentine’s Day experience many times. Calvin had scrimped and managed to save more than 4000 TWD and bought her 99 roses with 3 cards. He waited for her to finish class and stood outside her school gate. Every girl who saw him looked at him because of his conspicuous Jian Zhong uniform. When she finally came out and saw him, she was so shocked when she saw the roses. On the first card he wrote, “Count how many roses there are.” She counted 99. He told her to read the second card, “There are 100 roses there, right?” She counted and counted and still got 99. Then he asked her to open the third card. It said, “The hundredth rose is you.” She was moved to tears. She went home clutching the roses and took pictures with the roses and showed the pictures to him.

On a romantic Valentine’s date together in Danshui, they were wearing matching clothes, letting everyone know they were a couple.

She made a bracelet made of blue and white beads on which was written his English name “Calvin”. During the time they were together, he wore it everyday. During their anniversary, she made 365 paper stars representing each day she thought about him. And during his first birthday when they were together, she gave him a thousand paper cranes to wish him all the luck in the world. (In Japanese legend, anyone who makes 1000 paper cranes is granted a wish.)

His first girlfriend's father opposed their relationship because they were neglecting their studies and their families, so he called up Calvin’s home and talked with Calvin’s dad to not let Calvin be with his daughter anymore. The sweethearts weren’t allowed to talk on the phone either. But Calvin and his girlfriend were stubborn and found ways to be with each other. But they eventually broke up.

And although they weren’t together anymore, she spent 3 days and 3 nights knitting a scarf for him to take to Canada. She went to his home that morning he was to leave and gave it to him.

During promotions for his idol drama "Love Buffet", Calvin said that if the drama became #1 in nationwide ratings, he would date his first love and let people take pictures of them. Although "Love Buffet" did take #1 at the ratings chart for some weeks during its run on FTV, the date never appeared.

He has remained friends with his first girlfriend. He texted her to watch "Love Buffet", saying that the story reminded him of his first love. She texted back that the drama was pretty good.

These are some details Calvin has shared about his former girlfriends in Canada:

- One girlfriend was Taiwanese. She was his last girlfriend in Canada, and they broke up a year after he entered showbiz. She and Calvin were together for five years. Calvin said that he had always thought that they would get married eventually. But she eventually married somebody else within a year of breaking up with him. That loss has devastated Calvin until now. Calvin said in an interview that if he meets her again, he would ask her, "Are you doing okay? Are you happy?" but that if she was with her husband he would just avoid greeting her, as it would be really awkward to introduce himself as her ex.

- Another girlfriend in Canada was a Korean, who is 4 years older than Calvin. He confessed to her by standing on a table and singing a Korean song to her in the middle of the cafeteria. That was the first time he had a girlfriend who did not speak Chinese. She taught him to speak Korean. When she went to visit him at his place, she would cook for him. Calvin has taken her home to Taiwan to meet his parents. Calvin's mom said she was very earnest during their meeting.

- One girlfriend was introduced to him by his friend Shawn. She was Shawn’s girlfriend’s friend so they went on double dates together.

- Calvin gave a ring to one of his girlfriends in Canada. She was very surprised and quite moved by his gift. She was willing to consider him for a long-term partner but they broke up eventually.

- When he was 21, Calvin went on a road trip across North America with his then girlfriend, and 2 other couples. This was the trip that Calvin considers the trip of a lifetime. He wrote about it in his photobook, Calvin Chen: A Prince’s Wanderings. They spent 21 days on the road from Vancouver to Seattle, then Portland, Sacramento, San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Diego, the Grand Canyon, Yellowstone National Park, Salt Lake City, Ohio, Montana, Spokane, Seattle and then finally go back to Vancouver. They had an adventure of a road trip, from being flagged down by road police for exceeding the speed limit to almost running out of gas in the middle of a desert.

- When he was studying for his bachelor's degree in Simon Fraser Uni, he had a girlfriend who also studied at SFU but had a different major. He used to walk with her to and from school, and wait for her to finish class and then buy her coffee.

- Every year on July 1 (Canada Day), Calvin would go with his girlfriend and a group of friends to Stanley Park, stroll on the beach, watch the fireworks and eat hotdogs.


Posted ImagePosted ImagePosted Image

Currently Calvin is single. But 2009 became the year for rumored girlfriends. Which continued to 2010 and 2011.

In March, a Hong Kong tabloid took photos of a girl who was supposed to be Calvin’s girlfriend (reportedly a Malaysian named Joyce Teo) attending the Hong Kong concert. Calvin was vacationing in the USA at the time the rumors spread. When he came back he denied the rumors in his blog. He also denied having a friend by that name.

In October, after doing some promotional work as Taiwan’s Tourism Ambassadors and recording for the Momo Love promotion in Variety Big Brother, Calvin had dinner with his Love Buffet co-star, Joanne Zeng Zhi Qiao (Qiao Qiao of Sweety) in Tianmu. They were caught on camera by the paparazzi and were consequently rumored to be dating. Calvin denied the rumors and stated that they were friends eating out together, and that they shared an umbrella because he didn’t bring one and so had to share with hers. Calvin and Qiao Qiao both live in Tianmu.

Calvin and Qiao Qiao remain friends and during the first recording for Calvin's gig as MTV Ri Han Ying Yue Feng host, Calvin's bandmate Jiro Wang, himself also a host by then, came to cheer him and gave him a quiz on Jpop groups, as well as bring a special surprise guest - Qiao Qiao. Calvin and Qiao Qiao hugged but despite being egged on by the reporters present to kiss, they did not.

The press haven't forgotten their rumored relationship, so when Calvin was promoting his new book "The incredible journey of Calvin Chen", the press asked him questions about his relationship with Qiao Qiao. He said that they were good friends, and they haven't seen each other for two months because she's in mainland for work. Asked if he has a love relationship with her, he also said that they didn't reach that stage in their relationship. Asked if Qiao Qiao would be angry because he denied having a relationship with her, Calvin said he didn't deny, but added that it's because there was nothing to deny. Gentleman that he is, he did text Qiao Qiao to apologize for having dragged her into the mess.

As for Qiao Qiao, she was asked by reporters about what she thinks of Calvin. She was very positive and said he's the type of guy she would like at first glance, because he's very sunshine and would make her smile. She's hoping they can collaborate on a project again.



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Calvin's Moles

Posted Image

Sources of pictures:
Fahrenheit First photobook
Romantic Princess photobook
Calvin Chen: A Prince's Wanderings
Angel@Calvin's baidu bar
New Monday

Source of Mole Readings:

On the eyelid
Tend to have conflicts with family, and have problem keeping money.

Right side of the face, just a bit below the lips
Tend to have problems related to diet or food.

Right side of the face, just a bit above the lips
Tend to have foot problems. Need to prevent water-related accidents.

On the back
Indicates a person with outgoing personality with strong communication skill.

On the back below the shoulder blades
Will invite backstabbing and lots of politicking. You will have a hard time escaping the slings and arrows aimed at you unless you remove this mole. It is no fun being betrayed, so it is much better to remove this mole.

On the neck near the Adam's apple
Implies the person has hard time to get along with family.

On the side of the neck
A person who is easily stressed. Remember to take a deep breath each time you feel unbearably pressured by your loved ones.

Close to the middle of the front chest
Indicates you must be careful about your eating habits, especially if the mole is black and prominent. On the plus side, if the mole is light-coloured, it means your husband/wife loves you a lot.

On the upper breast
Suggests a happy life with few worries. But you need to take care of your health when you are in your fifties.

Near the armpits
A sign of good fortune luck for males. If the mole is hidden deep inside the armpit, it means you will attain a high rank in life.

On the upper arms
Suggests that you need to work hard for everything you get. You could also be involved in a very physical kind of work.

On the outside lower arms
This person has a tendency to be slovenly and messy.

Most moles inside the body are good ones, since they are hidden.
So if Calvin's got more moles hidden somewhere, they're probably all good ones. *wink wink*

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Calvin's Body Parts ♥

By celsiusgirls

Posted Image

Every inch of Calvin is perfect. God created perfection in him. Still, we want to see more naked half naked pictures of Calvin!!!
Please credit and re-upload if you want to take this picture.




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Calvin's Buddies

"A brother is a friend given by nature"
- Jean Baptiste Legouve

CC- Calvin Chen & Chun Wu
Being very close in age, Calvin and Chun is a very popular pairing within Fahrenheit. When asked about Calvin, Chun admitted that, among Fahrenheit, Calvin was the closest one with himself.
Calvin's sunshine nature has brought Chun out of his shell, and now the two go at each other every chance they get.
The constant bickering and teasing among these two also showed the fans that they are indeed very close.
Being stuck together for 2 months filming Romantic Princess had brought the two of them even closer.
During the filming of 不会爱, CC had mercilessly teased each other about their rumors.

These signs shows that they are becoming of like brothers.

So is this pair like what they say?
Credits to Maricon for the idea!

RuDong- Calvin Chen & Jiro Wang

Both boys have indeed come a long way to achieve their dreams. In one interview, Calvin and Jiro said that before they were famous, they would constantly meet up, and talk to each other about their problems.
Both Calvin and Jiro are the "comedian" type. In the latest episode of Happy Base Camp, the two boys were playing wildly, and forgot that they were idols.
Their bond evidently became stronger after filming Momo Love together. In a Behind-the-Scene video, it was said that Calvin and Jiro were filming a fighting scene between the two all night. Both of them admitted that if they weren't such good brothers, things would have turned out quite awkward.

So is this pair like what they say?

RuLun- Calvin Chen & Aaron Yan
It seems to fans that due to the age gap between the two, Calvin is more like a big brother taking care of his younger sibling.
It's true that in a recent interview, Aaron admitted that he is not use to working by himself. Since before, he would be very dependent on Calvin in telling him where to go and what to do for their hectic schedule. He also said that he did not know what to say by himself, since Calvin was the one who did a lot of the talking before.
So has Love Buffet brought them closer? I would say so.
Afterall, how the heck do two busy bees catch a cold from the other if they weren't together often?

So is this pair like what they say?


Calvin Chen & Eric Lin
This pair has got to be fate. Both boys competed in Sunshine Boyz in Vancouver during the same year, and both came back to film dramas.
If that's not enough, Calvin and Eric share the same birthday!!!

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Calvin's leading ladies

Over the years Calvin has been paired with several ladies in his dramas.Now it's time to analyze the ladies who have been linked to him,and the possible outcomes if ever Calvin ends up with any of them in real life.

Three things to write:

History (their characters in the drama they they were in)
Compatibility (based on their horoscopes)
Possible outcomes (what if they end up in real life)

Horoscope posts are fully credited to http://www.horoscope...-compatibility.

Calvin Chen and Genie Zhuo
Nan Feng Cai and Gong Mo Li
Romantic Princess (2008)
Scorpio and Aquarius

Cai is a known playboy in the household.Mo Li is a daughter of a rich family,who is in love with him for 10 years.She lets her feelings be known when she entered the picture.She had the same birthmark and birthdate as Xiao Mai(Angela).Later on it was discovered that Mo Li and Emp has a plot,and that is to make Xiao Mai and Jin admit their feelings to each other,and actually Mo Li is in love with Cai.As seen in the ending,Calvin and Genie's characters ended up together,but left the fans asking if there would be a sequel since they can't get enough of their pairing.



Possible Outcomes:
This pairing has the highest chance of ending up in real life,since they are known to be close friends,and even follow each other on weibo.Out of the guys Genie has been paired with,it's Calvin who she's closest to.Same thing with Calvin's FRH brother,Jiro Wang.

Calvin Chen and Angela Zhang
Nan Feng Cai and Xiao Mai
Romantic Princess (2008)
Scorpio and Capricorn

Xiao Mai is the long-lost granddaughter of Emp.Cai is one of the Nan Feng boys.Problems arise when Mo Li arrived in the household,and was said to be the "real" Xiao Mai.


Possible Outcomes:
They have a sparkling chemistry,and might share some things in common.They definitely have a different kind of understanding.

Calvin Chen and Cyndi Wang
Xue Zhi Qiang and Chen Tao Hua
Momo Love (2009-2010)
Scorpio and Virgo

Zhi Qiang was "hired" by Tao Hua's brothers in order to distract her from Shi Lang.He began liking her after seeing her perseverance when it comes to pursuing Shi Lang.He teamed up with the brothers in order to separate Tao Hua and Shi Lang.His father is using his position to indirectly force Tao Hua to be engaged to Zhi Qiang.


Possible Outcomes:
Calvin being known as the sunshine boy,could put smiles to every girl.Cyndi is known for having a cheerful nature,and the two of them being in a relationship could bring much happiness towards one another.

Calvin Chen and Reen Yu
Xing Da Ye and Hu Xiao Feng
Love Buffet (2010)
Scorpio and Libra

Xiao Feng falls fo Da Ye,but he doesn't feel the same way.Da Ye treats all the girls in their school the same way,although Xiao Feng feels that she is receiving a special treatment from him.


Possible Outcomes:
Reen,being a Libra woman,could be someone that is passionate and affectionate.

Calvin Chen and Cynthia Wang
Xing Da Ye and Teng Qiu Ying
Love Buffet (2010)
Scorpio and Cancer

Despite being mean,Qiu Ying is different when it comes to Da Ye.She showed interest in him,but then he doesn't feel the same way.
Calvin and Cynthia worked together twice,first in Momo Love and second in Love Buffet.


Possible Outcomes:
Opposites do attract,and so does their characters.What more in real life?Cynthia,being a Cancer woman,is kind,emotional and sensitive.Calvin will surely be attracted to Cynthia who is seen to have a fierce personality.


Other Ladies linked to Calvin:

Joanne Zeng (Qiao Qiao)

She was supposedly set to be the female lead in Love Buffet,and unfortunately some delays happened.She was replaced by Reen Yu.Before that,Calvin and Qiao Qiao had rumors of them going out in real life.


Possible Outcomes:
There were rumors about them going out in real life.There's even a news about it,and we still have to hear from the boss himself about his relationship status.


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Calvin's Style

**Fashion Police**
Don't worry Calvin, no matter what you put on, we always love you. Just making some fairly comments. :tricky:


Calvin Fashion Report
A perfect guy can have best and worst fashion moment. Let's see what they are.


1. Half-undressed (Topless/ Tanktop)
He's well-dressed when he's half-undressed, HaHaHa. Probably Not-So-Often we could see in the past, but thanks to superhot concept and LB script, we can witness this best look over and over again. The tanktop

Posted Image

2. Foreign Graduate
No matter Calvin wears, he is a foreign graduate nonetheless. But these glamorous trench coats, stylish scarf and over-all accessories even make him look completely perfect.

Posted Image

3. Casual Chic
Everyone must have dreamed to meet a cute boy while walking in street on a sunshine day. Look this way! That boy is right in front of our eyes. Calvin in casual jacket and t-shirt can easily make ones fall in love with his natural beauty.

Posted Image

4. Cute and Quirky
Have you ever experienced smiling or chuckling at someone's clothes? I do. But in a good way, I might add. Sometimes Calvin decides to enjoy us by wearing a quirky thing that turns out to be very cute. HaHaHa Prove it >>> Click

5. Sunshine Cowboy
Cowboy on the run! Calvin wore this look often during FRH DVD concert promotional events. It's a nice adaptation of cowboyish style and today's casual outfits.

Posted Image

6. A Heartthrob Playboy (cai)
Or you can call it “Nan Feng Cai” style. It's the perfect combination of dashing shirt and a mesmerizing scarf finely tied in undercoat method. All are from good quality fashion brands. It's fabulous and flawless.

Posted Image

7. Something Beautiful
Now this is what we call soul mate, some nice matching between shirt and tie or shirt and sweater. These two duos can create a lot of wow moment for our Calvin.

Posted Image


1. A curtain?
Enough said. It's supposed to be "high-fashion" Gucci, but NO!

Posted Image

2. Someone should be sacked!
Who on earth put a sack on Calvin's fabulous figure? These clothes should be sent for eco-friendly costumes competition. See pics @ below links

Sack No.1
Another sack

3. Chaos Theory
Someone might think that just throws a bunch of random pattern clothes on handsome body would turn out to be effortlessly stylish. Sorry, this is boo! And even more reason to be extra critical since it's there for posterity and album costume. Sigh.

Posted Image

4. Too weird
Their costume designers are way too creative. Who knows a cabbage can be a design inspiration for costume.

Posted Image

And what's this...black wings thingy on a ladies' blouse! I will let you decide whether the ladies' blouse or the wings is a worse offense.>>>Click

5. Perfect for flood area
Wearing too-short pants without socks, Calvin didn't have to bother folding the pants walking in flood area. Sometimes fashion does give a useful function though it doesn't look nice at all showing his skinny legs like that.

Posted Image

6. Ambiguous
What's that? The suspenders that were supposed to look like a vest. See pic >>>Click

7. Fantasy Si-fi plus traditional tribes.
This complicated creation reminds me of Thai ancient costume. See the comparison picture and you will understand what I am saying. Obviously it's far from good adaptation. Those style of ancient plus safari pattern together with space theme pants made Calvin perfectly look like a tribe chief, especially when he held that CCRH bar.

Posted Image


Guess me from behind

Well, we don't have to guess “who” from these pix since we all know it's Calvin. Calvin from behind can give us more 360 degree view of his fashion. Thanks to Chun who always provide us photos. Now, why don't we try to tell Calvin's front guessing from his back?

Posted Image


B*tch stole my look

Well well well, Calvin and FRH brothers sometimes share their wardrobe. So it's not strange to see them take turns to wear these and those. Here are some evidence. Don't worry, I will not critic or make comparison between them. One looks nice in his own way. It's a cute thing of FRH we always capture these.

Posted Image

Anyway, there are some more evidence of the same costume Calvin and others used to wear. >> Click

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    Calvin は ダイヤ で す!

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Posted 18 May 2011 - 11:00 AM

Calvin’s Cars

Everything in life is somewhere else, and you get there in a car.
~E.B. White

Calvin has had his Honda Accord a.k.a. The Little Wife for eleven years now. So far he has kept loyal to that car. But recently,Fahrenheit bandmate Arron Yan revealed that Calvin recently bought a new car. Arron describes it as his dream car also, and it's very shuai. ;)

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image


June 22, 2007
Calvin Chen spends 400,000 transporting his car back to Taiwan


February 14, 2008
Calvin Chen tenderly washes his little wife until it’s nice and smooth


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    Calvin は ダイヤ で す!

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Posted 18 May 2011 - 11:41 AM

Calvin's Animal Farm

Posted Image

Whatever goes upon four legs, or has wings, is a friend.
~ George Orwell, Animal Farm

Posted Image

Need milk?
Posted Image


Kamen Rider Calvin to the rescue!

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#26 RM1314



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Posted 18 May 2011 - 10:55 PM

Calvin's Hairstyles ♥
By celsiusgirls

Posted Image
Posted Image

Calvin has been both safe and daring with the choices of hair he has sported. But no matter what happens, be it him turning bald or growing white hair, we'll support him all the way. Hair is just one teeny, tiny aspect of him as a person. The rest blows us away.

Please credit and re-upload if you want to take this picture.

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Posted 19 May 2011 - 12:14 AM

Calvin’s Eyewear ♥

By Calvin21

I have looked into your eyes with my eyes. I have put my heart near your heart.

~ Pope John XXIII

Posted Image

Posted Image

Everything that he wore, he still looks really shuai!! *thumbs up*
Please credit and re-upload if you want to take this picture.

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Posted 27 May 2011 - 05:29 PM

Calvin's Shoes

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

#29 nastyhobbit


    Calvin は ダイヤ で す!

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Posted 27 May 2011 - 05:38 PM

What's in Calvin's Bag

I love things that age well - things that don't date, that stand the test of time and that become living examples of the absolute best.
~ Giorgio Armani

October 12, 2006


- Fahrenheit pictures given to Japanese fans
- Calvin's solo pictures :P
- Calvin's student IDs (JianZhong, SFU, UVic) :P
- Tiffany money clip + money
- Gucci key chain + keys

January 12, 2009

- Bvlgari Aqva pour homme doedorant
- a lot of money that went missing :P

May 27, 2011


Rough translation:
May 26, 2011
Calvin Chen has two pairs of sunglasses, has fake iPhone for absorbing oil

Fahrenheit member Calvin Chen usually puts all his stuff in his bag, when it's opened, many things come in two's, such as glasses, sunglasses, mask, and even cellphone. The funny thing is, even though he has two iPhones, one of them is a fake one with a hidden compartment. When you open it, it has a compact mirror and oil-absorbing sheets.

Calvin Chen said, "Lots of things in my bag has to be double, this way, I can still choose." He insists his bag has to have 2 pairs of glasses, 2 pairs of sunglasses and 2 masks, because they're in different styles and he can use them in different circumstances. He says, "One pair of glasses and sunglasses is low-key, the other pair is more stylish. I can use one pair to match my outfit."

Only has 300 TWD, humiliating

The popular idol Calvin Chen's wallet only has 300 TWD, making him say "How humiliating!" until he took out a paper envelope with 1500 TWD appearance fee, and he was slightly appeased, and tried to explain, "When I was studying in Canada, I was more used to using a credit card rather than cash, so my wallet usually doesn't have more than 2000 TWD inside."

What's in Calvin's bag:
The Incredible Journey of Calvin Chen - 399 TWD

Swarovski earrings - 2000 TWD
Posted Image

BV (Bottega Veneta) bracelet - 20,000++ TWD

Cartier watch bought in Singapore - about 190,000 TWD
Posted Image

Ring - 1000 TWD

Gucci necklace - 20,000 TWD

Compact mirror with a picture of Fahrenheit six years ago, given by a fan

Two black-rimmed glasses - about 500 TWD

Fake iPhone given by fans

Two sunglasses - Gucci (right) - about 9000 TWD, Ray-Ban (left) about 5000 TWD

Kiehl's lip balm - 300 TWD

Gucci wallet worth 12,000 TWD, with 300 TWD cash

Appearance fee 1500 TWD

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Posted 27 May 2011 - 05:42 PM

Calvin's Hats

Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image

*Will edit this later...

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Posted 06 June 2011 - 04:36 PM


We, Calvin's most dedicated and loving fans, like to call ourselves cupcakes. Cupcakes are sweet and fulfilling. A perfect combination to a the bittersweet-ness of loving and being totally addicted to Calvin. We love to call ourselves Calvin's lovers, girlfriends, wives and bimbos. We support him, we cheer for him, laugh with him, cry with him, adore him, fantasize about him, and most importantly love him.

The Bakery is our little slice of heaven in AF, filled with a variety of cupcakes, each unique and carefully baked with Love. Every cupcake is special, as none of them are ever the same, reflecting the difference amongst all the fans of Calvin, who come from many corner of the earth, yet all unite in the Bakery by the love, the addiction and the passion for Calvin.


The Lovely and Sweetest Calvin's Cupcakes [2011]

[color="#9932CC"] #1 - lilazn26 [a.k.a. Cindy] - Canada
#2 - Caro [a.k.a. Caroline] - France
Chocolate Mousse Cake with White Icing
#3 - mynecklace [a.k.a. Vicki] - Australia
#4 - jenhz [a.k.a. Jennie] - U.S.A.
Godiva tuxedo chocolate cheescake cupcake with mint chocolate chip
#5 - *Angela* [a.k.a. Angela] - U.S.A.
Angela Apple Flavor
#6 - maiphia [a.k.a. Lilian] - U.S.A.
#7 - oCh3llo [a.k.a. Chelle] - Malaysia
#8 - muilvsdonglunzhe [a.k.a. Mui] - Malaysia
Banana Cupcake with Chocolate Chips with Mozarella Cheese in the middle
#9 - your vagee [a.k.a. Vagee]- Sri Lanka [currently in U.S.A.]
Double Chocolate with Cherry on Top
#10 - CelsiusGirls♥飛輪海 [a.k.a. Tala and Noelle]- Philippines
#11 - aivilo! [a.k.a. Olivia] - Singapore
#12 - fahrenheit2012 [a.k.a. Winnie] - U.S.A.
#13 - BlueSnowflake♥ [a.k.a. Jinny] - U.S.A.
Blue Frosting with White Sprinkle Cupcake
#14 - TheQueenMab [a.k.a. Paola] - Italy
The Maple-Frosted Maple Cupcake
#15 - lostinlove [a.k.a. Sunny] - U.S.A.
#16 - dy0531 [a.k.a. Diana]
Chocolate Chip Cupcake with Rainbow Icing
#17 - chiaroscuro [a.k.a. Rach] - Singapore [currently in the Philippines]
Dark Chocolate Cupcake with Purple Vanilla Frosting
#18 - the_little_mouse [a.k.a. Moussie] - Vietnam
#19 - faeru [a.k.a. Fae] - Singapore
Banana Cheese Cupcake with Chocolate Frost
#20 - timmy [a.k.a timmy] - Philippines
cookies and cream cupcake with purple frosting
#21 - ~Sw33zt~ [a.k.a. Jenny] - Australia
#22 - xuevana [a.k.a xuevana] - Vietnam
cookies and cream
#23 - PisangMistress [a.k.a Lei] - Philippines [currently in Taiwan]
Dulce De Leche
#24 - a-li [a.k.a. a-li] - Malaysia
Mint Chocolate Chip Cupcake with Strawberry Bites
#25 - minnies_mini [a.k.a Giselle] - USA
Red velvet cupcake with blue frosting
#26 - xHerlyn [a.k.a - herlyn] - USA
cookies and cream
#27 - sweetiekv [a.k.a - kaylie] - Vietnam
Chocolate Chip Cupcake with Rainbow Icing
#28 - caLvinxcore.kanonxcore [a.k.a yumiko] - Japan [currentLy in Philippines]
white chocoLate cupcake with chocoLate fudge river and stik-o
#29 - Maricon[a.k.a Maricon]-Philippines
Apple Caramel
#30- iloveyalun [a.k.a Joeven] - Philippines
yellow pudding cupcake
#32 - Kyyra [a.k.a Sabrina] - Germany
Cinnemon and sugar frosted strawberry cheese cupcake
#33- brilliantmoon7 [a.k.a Geraldine] - USA
Vanilla with Chocolate Frosting and Rainbow Sprinkles
#41- janelz10 [a.k.a Janella]- Philippines
pudding flavored cupcake with green and brown frosting
#42 - .just_smile* [a.k.a. Emily] - USA
Chocolate cupcake with strawberry frosting
#46 - Marauders [a.k.a Ariss] - Indonesia
White chocolate cupcake
#47 - ~chris~ [a.k.a Chris/Christina] - Sydney
coffee cupcake with vanilla frosting and orange sprinkles
#56 Flamengo - [a.k.a Fla] - Japan
lemon cupcake
#57 - Caldy05 [a.k.a - Caldy] - Philippines
Vanilla Milk Chocolate
#64 XoXo_CalvinChen_XoXo [aka Michelle] - Malaysia
77 Wonders of Berries Cupcake
#70 UNRSD [a.k.a. Helen] - Canada
Peach cupcake with vanilla ice cream
#72 - ivy077 [a.k.a. Ivy] - Malaysia
Chocolate cupcake with strawberry frosting
#73 - !sabel:D [a.k.a. Isabel] -
#77 - Kitsie [a.k.a. Kitsie] - Malaysia
Coffee Cupcake with Yellow and White Icing
#78 - th_lils [a.k.a. Thalie] - France
Cheese Cupcake with Potato Sprinkles
#80 - nastyhobbit [a.k.a - Corina] - Philippines [currently in Switzerland]
Chocolate zucchini cupcake
#81 - CHOCOJIROx` [a.k.a. Choco] - Hong Kong
#82 - DESIREE♥ [a.k.a. Desiree] - Singapore
Cheese Cupcake with Potato Sprinkles
#87 - Rhejz [a.k.a Rhejz] - Philippines [currently in Italy]
Chocolate Mango
#88 - Calvin21 [a.k.a. Lishea] - Indonesia
Chocolate cupcakes with Orange Frosting Flavor
#92 - shellstarx. [a.k.a. Shelley] - Canada
#97 - sweetybunny [a.k.a Jaye-m] - Philippines
Mint Chocolate Chip Cupcake with Strawberry Bites
#99 - kara_gabrielle [a.k.a Kara] -
Mango cupcake with chocolate sprinkles
#100 - Astraea Mérieux [a.k.a Inaara] - India
Raspberry & Lemon cupcake with whipp cream topping and chocolate filled center
#101 - SongOfDarkness [a.k.a Tiffani] - UK
pudding flavoured cupcake with green and brown frosting
#102 - Zunjiwu [a.k.a Phenphen] - Philippines
Peaches and cream cupcake
#107 - Anggun [a.k.a Anggun] - Brunei
chocolate cupcake with swirls cream and cookies
#115 – AkuenKigahen [a.k.a Mary] – California
Ube cupcake with rainbow sprinkles [/font]
#117- (NotHello)Kitty[a.k.a Kitty] - Singapore
Strawberry cream cupcake
#118 - Ax_pil [a.k.a. Ax pil ] - Thailand
Green Tea Cupcake with red bean pasty
#119 - Atha [a.k.a. Atha ] - Thailand
Green Tea Cupcake with red bean pasty
#137 - SweetHeartChen [a.k.a. Joanne] - Philippines
Chocolate cupcake with chocolate icing
#177 - ruzhen- [a.k.a. ruzhen] - Indonesia
Vanilla Crystal Cupcake
#179- lyricalp [a.k.a lyricalp]- USA
chocolate lava cupcake
#182 - Daisy_deer [a.k.a deer] - Thailand
mochaccino cupcakes
#226 - Redcupcake [a.k.a [b]Red
]- Vietnam
Red cupcake

will edit more...tell me whose missing...:)

*will edit later for the new cupcake list.

credits: ~Sw33tz~,Ivy, timmy

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#32 ~chris~



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Posted 07 June 2011 - 08:01 AM


By three methods we may learn wisdom: First, by reflection, which is noblest... ~Confucius

People are dynamic creatures. They are influenced by their surroundings and strive to improve themselves. Cupcakes are dynamic creatures. They are influenced by Calvin and strive to improve themselves by integrating him into their daily life.

On the 15th of October 2007, I began a mission. At the end of every year, I wrote down my experience and my progress in the form of a reflection. And I am only one in the gang of cupcakes from all across the globe who love Calvin dearly. Let our mission continue...


· October 15th 08

This day, almost the whole world was longing for…

Last year on the 15th of October I became obsessed with someone I thought was perfect: Calvin Chen



· October 15th 09

It's been another year

I feel I've spent it well

I'm still breathing optimism that once didn't belong to me
I still love Calvin Chen


· October 15th 10

It's finally the third year.

Sounds like I've gone a long way,
And everything has become a habit.
But sometimes I think that it was just yesterday
That I first noticed that pretty boy with a nice smile.
Calvin Chen.


P.S. I actually wrote the original reflections in Chinese because I thought it could express my thoughts better, so the English translation may be slightly off...


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Posted 07 June 2011 - 05:19 PM

Born To Be Calvin

As we all know, Calvin is a very unique guy who cannot be copied, imitated or cloned.
These are just the short list one must have in order to be Calvin Chen.


That's why we love him so much. However, the complete list of "100 Reasons Why We Love Calvin" will explain everything.

#34 RM1314



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Posted 08 June 2011 - 12:27 AM

100 Reasons Why We Love Calvin ♥

Credit to Calvin's Chen Bakery

1) obviously his sunshine smile
2) his super duper friendly character!
3) he is TALL! I like guys who are tall.
4) his lame jokes!
5) he can sure ACT!
6) he can SING!
7) he is HANDSOME!
8) he's smart
9) because his laugh melts my heart
10) because he's able to make me smile whenever I see his face, be it wherever, whenever.
11) because he always works hard, and never gives up
12) because he works for his dreams
13) because his English is soooo smexy
14) because of his warm attitude, and the fact that he doesn't only go for looks.
15) because I can converse with him in all the languages he knows. XD
16) he is caring for his friends
17) his gentle and soft voice
18) his double master degree
19) he is romantic
20) he knows his weaknesses and tries very hard to improve
21) he can rap
22) he remembers all his fans name once you tell him ....amazing
23) he loves pets lol....(I remember he has 2 cute dogs back in Vancouver)
24) he is loyal to Fahrenheit and always defends them whenever there's bad news bout the group
25) he is humble and willing to learn
26) he has nice chest, as seen in RP episode 3
27) he never fails to make my day.
28) he is willing to help Jiro with his English!
29) because he has absolutely sweet thoughts when it comes to a GF. *melts*
30) his eyes, though not as electrifying as Da Dong's or Ya Lun's, is able to melt ME!
31) Calvin has a degree in Finance (like me)
32) because of the way Calvin looked when he realized that he said "making love with you" and tries hard to cover that little slip of words! :D
33) sure he can't dance, but he sure looks SO cute & happy dancing!!
34) he doesn't care that he's NOT the MOST popular guy in Fahrenheit! ^^ (Cause he knows that there are PLENTY of fans girls that are willing to kill for him! )
35) cause he's just AMAZING like that
36) his hair! =) (what? I think it's cute! ^^)
37) WITHOUT him, Fahrenheit wouldn't be the SAME anymore!!!!
38) he's an EXTREMELY good TALKER (and a sweet one as well )
39) he once gave a girl 99 red roses and then said that she was his 100th rose!! :D (haha, I'm glad that they are no longer together, lol)
40) his SMILE will ALWAYS ALWAYS make your DAY better NO MATTER what happens!! ;D *faints* That SUNSHINE SMILE!!! <333
41) he's the ONLY reason why I LOVE Fahrenheit nowadays!!!!!!
42) he does CRAZY & CUTE faces!! :D
43) he pretends to like Chun a lot!!!
44) Calvin's so freaken CUTE that even if he dresses up like a girl, he will STILL win a beauty pageant!!!!
45) [Ahem, Jinny's last one didn't count] Calvin's way of kissing -- it's not the best but the best for the girls who LOVE HIM! Ha!
46) his eyes -- give you the goosebumps! (in a good way)
47) Calvin is the SMARTEST IN FRH! (well, at least to me!)
48) Calvin's dress sense is ADORABLE!
49) Calvin is optimistic, no matter what!
50) he is a succeeder!
51) he's adorably goofy! he's not afraid of acting silly =)
52) because he's incredibly charming and devastatingly cute
53) he's confident, and he knows it.
54) he oozes with capability, and he gives a sense of security.
55) he has a good voice, and developing skills in his electrifying eyes. He melted me away in CSRH, and in RP too. XD
56) because he knows what he wants, and stands up for himself.
57) because he isn't afraid to chase his dreams.
58) because he's different, unique and optimistic
59) he's got these cuuute dimples when he smiles widely
60) because his bright smile makes him unique
61) because he has an equally smexy accent in Jap.
62) because he sounds REALLY good no matter what language he speaks.
63) because he can look princely, and playboy-ish, childish, and cute!
64) because he currently is one of the FRH members with the brightest personalities.
65) because he is a good talker, and never fails to amuse everyone.
66) because he looked HAWT HAWT HAWT in his Chu Shen Ru Hua outfit
67) he is able to keep his calm, no matter in what situation
68) because he is caring for his fans, as with all FRH members
69) because his voice calms me down no matter what
70) because he is able to slip into any acting role given to him (To me anyway. XD)
71) his attentiveness towards everyone around him.
72) because he has a long breathe, able to kiss Wu Xiong for so long without suffocating in KO One.
73) because his composure is always smooth and cool
74) because the way he sleeps is extremely cuteeee He can sleep anywhere, anytime (if he has a chance to do)
75) because he never had any rumors about arguing with other Fahrenheit members.
76) because he can pass every difficulty he had with his sunshine smile (although he's very tired)
77) because the way he came back and carried Arron in his back (in Hana Kimi Chinese New Year Special, you remember that?) while Arron thought that everyone had forgot him.
78) because he is willing to try new things.
79) he tells really good stories
80) because he is honest with his fans
81) because he cares and cherishes his fans like no other star would do
82) because he has a happy-go-lucky attitude.
83) because he is from Fahrenheit!
84) he can sing AND act.
85) because he is the FIRST and ONLY FRH member to have a fan made song specially written for him.
86) he is good at talking, and knows how to put his words in a way that it sounds good and not offensive.
87) because he's good at giving piggyback rides.
88) because he's willing to drive out to where ever Chun is and eat dinner with him
89) because he has a sweet looking signature!
90) because he made his fans fall in love with the brand "Calvin Klein" (CINDY DID! Jinny did toooo ^^)
91) because he's just cute in his own way.
92) because no matter what he does, it always brightens our day.
93) because he makes us feel all sweet and fuzzy inside.
94) because Calvin will ONE day WRITE about his AF Harem in his BLOG POST!!! <33 lol
95) because just when you think a pic of him is THE hottest.. you see a hotter one!
96) because he gave us a flying kiss.
97) because he gives us all the inspiration to strive on!
98) because he gives us the sun in our lives, and makes us all happier and we get more friends as well!
99) although he likes to trick people, he is caring as well, and knows his limits.
100) Because he is CALVIN CHEN.

#35 RM1314



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Posted 08 June 2011 - 11:31 PM

♥ You know you love Calvin when....
~SongOfDarkness & contributions from various cupcakes~

There are many reasons why our cupcakes love this man so much, and any cupcake you meet can spin off a hundred and one unique reasons why CALVIN in particular.
However, apart from these widely known obvious reasons, loving Calvin, for each of us, has different quirks and happenings....and so...by these things, we show ourselves that we are hopelessly head over heels in luuurve with one very special boy~~~

Posted Image

SO You know you love Calvin when:

"After resisting your whole life in learning Mandarin, you now enroll in Mandarin class just so you'd have an idea on what he's saying!" - Kara

“...you start the day checking his forums for news and pictures... and end the day doing the same... and then when there's really exciting news about him, you can't sleep right. lol.” – Corina

“You know you are in love with Calvin when you eat a cupcake and the first thing you think of is Calvin!” - Mary

“...when you see him *just see his pictures*, see his killer smile, and remember all the moment and what he has done for us, you will know that you're in love with him!!..” – Lishea

“You jump at every opportunity to hope that Calvin Chen is involved whenever you hear a "Calvin".
And you would get excited whenever you think of him while you are sad.”
– Helen

“…when you stalk random guys just because their name's Calvin, when you giggle hysterically at cupcakes or anything Calvin-related, when any mention of Calvin during a sad moment can make you smile like a greatest wish come true~~” – Tiffani


Have you experienced any of these symptoms? If so, check out our Calvin-related diseases and find out JUST how far gone you are in teh Calvin love ♥

#36 nastyhobbit


    Calvin は ダイヤ で す!

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Posted 09 June 2011 - 03:35 AM

Cupcakes' Flowers for Calvin

Since most Cupcakes don't live in Taiwan, there aren't many opportunities to interact with Calvin in person. But for the Taipei leg of the Fahrenheit's Fantasy concert tour, even though Cupcakes didn't get to go in person, Cupcakes also gave Calvin a flower basket with a short message. Thanks to Calvin Chen IFC for organizing it for us.

Posted Image

And Calvin posed in front of our flower basket! YAY!

Posted Image




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Posted 10 June 2011 - 12:28 AM

Cupcakes' Wishes for Calvin

" I hope that Calvin will have his dream life, as he described it, in the future" - Helen/UNRSD

" to go get that PhD and go on to be truly Prof. Dr. Chen someday" -Cornia/nastyhobbit

"To have a great success in his hosting career, as he is an excellent entertainer/talker, I wish he would win some awards in this category." -ax_pil

" wish for him is to have more drama of him, and wish him success in hosting and acting career - Carol1646

I wish Calvin to more blessings in his career and hope find the perfect girl that will take care of him and make him very happy. -Timmy

"Wishing Calvin all the success and happiness with whatever he set his heart on" - Kara

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#38 timmy



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Posted 11 June 2011 - 01:52 AM

Calvin Cupcakes Disease List

Posted Image

Calvin Cupcakes Suffers From These Diseases :

made by: michelle

1) Calvinitis Chenaria
► emotic and depressed cupcake

2) YiRunatis
► overly high and crazy over Calvin cupcakes

3) Xiao-C-Ratus
► have to see Calvin everyday or else they would go insane

4) WoW-Chen Frenzy
► the urge to have all WoW designed items

5) Little-CC-Sleep Disorder
► can't sleep without thinking of Calvin or perhaps dreaming of Calvin

6) PiCalvinTures
► to paste Calvin's pictures all over the room, to release stress

7) Calvinstalkermania Type I
► stalks Calvin in the internet - reads his blogs, watches videos, lurks in most Calvin forums (especially the Chinese ones) to get any and all kinds of information

8) Calvinstalkermania Type II
► the advanced and most dangerous stage of the Calvinstalkermania disease (currently uncurable)

9) CC-Hearing-Failure
► Can't hear anything else except anything about Calvin..

10) 'C'evenitis
► tend to put the number 7 in all things (example : in usernames, passwords, emails)

11) Smiling-Cal-litis
► the power of Calvin's smile.. tend to make all fangirls fall for him

12) Conscious-CC-ness Syndrome
► uses Calvin's voice as alarm tone to wake up, as SMS alert, and as ring tone and etc.

13) 'Calvañol'
► feels the desperate urge to speak words of love to Calvin in Spanish[/font]

* Please properly credit if you want to post this list elsewhere.. If we found you posting the list without properly crediting, actions will be taken against you.. *




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Posted 11 June 2011 - 05:50 PM

Calvin’s Fiction

These Fan Fictions were posted on www.winglin.net.
*Credits goes to the authors of these stories.

Title: Title of Story
Author: Author who wrote the story
Starring: Calvin Chen & The girl who is starring in the story with him, which might be a real star or someone fictional.
Link [URL]: The internet link where you can read this story, (www.winglin.net/fanfic/_____)

*NOTE: Some of the stories have posters and backgrounds. But since they are from PhotoBucket, some of the pictures get deleted if the account is inactive. Therefore, some stories are not legible. To Fix This, you need to highlight the text when you are reading.


- These Stories are finished and the main focus are on Calvin. But some of the stories are starring both Calvin and the Others too, here, I’ll only put who is starring with Calvin.
There are ones where Calvin is co-starring, and I left them at the end.

Title: Autumn Leaves
Author: 3k5_rebelliouslove
Starring: Calvin Chen & Selina Ren
Link [URL]: http://www.winglin.n...c/AutumnLeaves/

Title: **Help Me**
Author: 3k5_RebelliousLove
Starring: Calvin Chen & Genie Zhou
Link [URL]: http://www.winglin.net/fanfic/HelpMe/

Title: **Unknown**
Author: 3k5_RebelliousLove
Starring: Calvin Chen & Hebe Tian
Link [URL]: http://www.winglin.n...nfic/Unknown_2/

Title: My Spouse
Author: Genna_C
Starring: Calvin Chen & Selina Ren
Link [URL]: http://www.winglin.n...fic/Music_Love/

Title: Twists and Turns
Author: Genna_C
Starring: Calvin Chen & Selina Ren
Link [URL]: http://www.winglin.net/fanfic/MS2/
*Note: Sequel to “My Spouse”

Title: .x. * After a Hundred Years * .x.
Author: .x. babby melon .x.
Starring: Calvin Chen & Hebe Tian
Link [URL]: http://www.winglin.net/fanfic/lurrve/

Title: One Shot - Winter to Spring
Author: purplepinkorange
Starring: Calvin Chen & Fictional
Link [URL]: http://www.winglin.n...anfic/jironme4/

Title: Open Wounds
Author: SleepiiDreamer
Starring: Calvin Chen & Hebe Tian
Link [URL]: http://www.winglin.net/fanfic/owcm/

Title: Bargain With The Devil
Author: jigglypuff726
Starring: Calvin Chen & Selina Ren
Link [URL]: http://www.winglin.n...anfic/Bubbly_M/

Title: The one who made me fall…
Authors: silent_writer / stalecookie
Starring: Calvin Chen & Cassandra (fictional)
Link [URL]: http://www.winglin.n.../silent_writer/
*Note: Some chapters might be rated!!

Title: My Secret Love
Authors: SelineAngeline, JoselleMae, MalditangXanta
Starring: Calvin Chen & Hebe Tian
Link [URL]: http://www.winglin.n...ic/angelselene/

Title: Stay By My Side
Author: `!___Missy Annaa
Starring: Calvin Chen & Rainie Yang
Link [URL]: http://www.winglin.net/fanfic/MAS1/
*Note: Background problem so the text have to be highlighted in order for it to be legible

Title: Prince Charming Looking For His One True Love
Author: bobbyjack
Starring: Calvin Chen & Rainie Yang
Link [URL]: http://www.winglin.n...ic/bobbyjack_7/

Title: It Takes Time To Forget
Author: KuTiE_sTaRs
Starring: Calvin Chen & Genie Zhou
Link [URL]: http://winglin.net/fanfic/fOrGeT/

Title: The Four Seasons of Love:
Author: weepingangel
Starring: Calvin Chen & Christine (fictional)
Link [URL]: http://winglin.net/f.../weepingangel2/
*Note: These are one shots, and Calvin is only starred in the first chapter.

Title: Once a Playboy Always a Playboy
Author: bobbyjack
Starring: Calvin Chen & Rainie Yang
Link [URL]: http://www.winglin.n...ic/bobbyjack_2/

Title: If Only You Knew
Author: lil_selina
Starring: Calvin Chen & Selina Ren
Link [URL]: http://www.winglin.n...c/lil_selina_6/

Title: Devils vs. Devils
Author: Half_Angel_Me
Starring: Calvin Chen & Genie Zhou
Link [URL]: http://www.winglin.n.../contents.shtml

Title: Please Love Me!!!
Author: HidayahF
Starring: Calvin Chen & Genie Zhou
Link [URL]: http://www.winglin.n...c/ArronxGuiGui/
*Note: I haven’t read this either, so I’m not sure if it’s really focusing on Calvin

Title: AHH!!! Messed Up Fairy Tale
Author: Shadow [A]ngel
Starring: Calvin Chen & Angela Zhang
Link [URL]: http://www.winglin.net/fanfic/muf/

Title: Clumsy
Author: catNhat
Starring: Calvin Chen & Hebe Tian
Link [URL]: http://www.winglin.net/fanfic/clumz/

Title: Do You Believe In Second Chances?
Author: *mwuah*^_^ posted by:~cupid's angel~
Starring: Calvin Chen & Angela Zhang
Link [URL]: http://www.winglin.n...cupidzangel_03/

Title: A Thousand Miles
Author: Leeyx
Starring: Calvin Chen & Phoebe Han
Link [URL]: http://winglin.net/fanfic/leeyx_2/

Title: Love…Something That Can’t Be Stopped
Author: bobbyjack
Starring: Calvin Chen & Rainie Yang
Link [URL]: http://www.winglin.n...ic/bobbyjack_4/

Title: Fall In Love All Over Again
Author: Sweet_love_23
Starring: Calvin Chen & Selina Ren
Link [URL]: http://www.winglin.n.../sweet_love_1_/
*Note: Some chapter might be rated!

Title: 99 Paper Cranes
Author: weepingangel
Starring: Calvin Chen & Kit (fictional)
Link [URL]: http://www.winglin.n.../weepingangel5/

Title: If you love someone…
Author: im-me
Starring: Calvin Chen & Selina Ren
Link [URL]: http://www.winglin.net/fanfic/imma4/

Title: Don’t Fall In Love With Me
Author: bobbyjack
Starring: Calvin Chen & Selina Ren
Link [URL]: http://winglin.net/fanfic/bobbyjack_8/

Title: Holding Out For A Hero
Author: drama fan
Starring: Calvin Chen & Selina Ren
Link [URL]: http://www.winglin.n...anfic/dramafan/

Title: Escaped- Heartless Hope
Author: Zaire
Starring: Calvin Chen & Ariel Lin
Link [URL]: http://winglin.net/fanfic/EHHope_Z/

Title: Truly Escaped?
Author: Zaire
Starring: Calvin Chen & Ariel Lin
Link [URL]: http://winglin.net/fanfic/TEscaped_Z/
*Note: Sequel to “Escaped- Heartless Hope”

Title: When an Old Flame is Revived
Author: Kitsie_chan
Starring: Calvin Chen & Kitty (fictional)
Link [URL]: http://winglin.net/fanfic/Kitsiechan/
*Note: Sorry, I haven’t really read this one yet, so I’m not sure how much if the story is on Calvin

Title: A Captured Heart
Author: MIzconfuz3d
Starring: Calvin Chen & Mei (fictional)
Link [URL]: http://www.winglin.n...acapturedheart/

Title: Random Stories, Music & Thoughts
Author: Anne
Starring: Calvin Chen & S.H.E members, Joanne Zeng, Genie Zhou, Angela Zhang, Rainie Yang etc.
Link [URL]: http://www.winglin.net/fanfic/Anne608/
*Note: These are many One-Shots On Fahrenheit & S.H.E, so the people starring with Calvin may vary

Title: The English Princess
Author: englishrose85
Starring: Calvin Chen & Lily (fictional)
Link [URL]: http://winglin.net/f.../contents.shtml
*Note: There is violence in some chapters.

Title: My Fiancé’s Best Friend
Author: Ice Queen
Starring: Calvin Chen & Rainie Yang
Link [URL]: http://www.winglin.n.../contents.shtml

Title: An Unwanted Marriage
Author: chibijen
Starring: Calvin Chen & Rainie Yang
Link [URL]: http://www.winglin.n...anfic/chibijen/
*Note: I’m not sure about this story since I haven’t read it yet, so I‘m not sure if Calvin is Starring as a minor or not. .

Title: Is It Love?
Author: yummikiwi
Co-Starring: Calvin Chen & Hebe Tian
Link [URL]: http://www.winglin.n...nfic/yummikiwi/
*Note: Background problem so the text have to be highlighted in order for it to be legible

Title: What happens when you fall in love?
Author: Aaron_Fanatic_3
Starring: Calvin Chen & Selina Ren
Link [URL]: http://www.winglin.n...aron_Fanatic_1/
*Note: Not sure about this one.

Title: What happens when you fall in love? (2)
Author: Aaron_Fanatic_3
Starring: Calvin Chen & Selina Ren
Link [URL]: http://www.winglin.n...aron_Fanatic_3/
*Note: Sequel to the story above

Title: Mistress At Your Service
Author: tee
Starring: Calvin Chen & Genie Zhou
Link [URL]: http://www.winglin.net/fanfic/tee04/

Title: Lost Memories
Author: yummikiwi
Co-Starring: Calvin Chen & Angela Zhang
Link [URL]: http://www.winglin.n...ic/yummikiwi_7/
*Note: Background problem so the text have to be highlighted in order for it to be legible

Title: Love Life At School
Author: ratana and Brenda
Starring: Calvin Chen & Angela Zhang
Link [URL]: http://www.winglin.n...fic/ratana2205/

Title: High School Agents
Author: Sheepoling
Starring: Calvin Chen & Selina Ren
Link [URL]: http://www.winglin.n...ic/Sheepoling1/
*Note: Background problem so the text have to be highlighted in order for it to be legible

Title: You’re the Key to My Heart
Author: *mwuah*^_^ posted by:~cupid's angel~
Co-Starring: Calvin Chen & Selina Ren
Link [URL]: http://www.winglin.n...cupidzangel_02/

Title: Secret Affection
Author: SeasonsChange
Starring: Calvin Chen & Hebe Tian
Link [URL]: http://www.winglin.n.../SeasonsChange/
*Note: Background problem so the text have to be highlighted in order for it to be legible

Title: Magic in the alley
Author: puff
Starring: Calvin Chen & Rainie Yang
Link [URL]: http://www.winglin.n.../contents.shtml
*Note: Rarely Updated, but the author does occasionally write a chapter or two.

Title: Stay Away From The 6th Floor
Author: Sunshine_Girl
Starring: Calvin Chen & Selina Ren
Link [URL]: http://www.winglin.n...unshine_girl01/

Title: Wrong Timing
Author: Cahjin
Starring: Calvin Chen & Selina Ren
Link [URL]: http://www.winglin.net/fanfic/Cahjin/


- the author is still in the process of writing the story. These Stories are mostly starring Calvin. Also, some of these stories are rarely being updated, But I though they still belong in this category.

Title: In Her Shadows
Author: didi
Starring: Calvin Chen & Hebe Tian
Link [URL]: http://www.winglin.net/fanfic/Shadow/
*Notes: This is an awesome fan fic, Calvin is a major side character here, but I highly recommend it. Ideal for all Fahrenheit pairings. Although the author updates very slowly, but there is quite a bit to read in each chapter.

Title: Elemental Disconnect
Author: didi
Starring Calvin Chen & TBA
Link [URL]: http://www.winglin.n...nfic/Elemental/
*Notes: You already know this author updates slowly, and this is her new project so...

Title: Key of Hearts
Author: sunshine_girl
Starring: Calvin Chen & Vikki Lu (fictional)
Link [URL]: http://www.winglin.n...unshine_girl04/
*Notes: Rarely Updates.

Title: The Story of Us
Author: weepingangel
Starring: Calvin Chen & Hebe Tian
Link [URL]: http://www.winglin.n...c/thestoryofus/
*Notes: Rarely updates

Title: Following Happiness - Romantic Princess Sequel
Author: L.T
Starring: Calvin Chen (Cai) & Genie Zhou (Moli)
Link [URL]: http://www.winglin.n...fic/followingh/
*Notes: Calvin as minor

Title: Forever and Always
Author: Maricon
Starring: Calvin Chen & Genie zhou
Link [URL]: http://www.winglin.n.../calvingenie07/
*Notes: N/A


- A lot all of these stories are incomplete but it’s still worth a read. Some of them only star Calvin as a minor. These are just something to do when you are bored, but some of these are really good.

Title: Love In Chances…
Author: themorningshines
Starring: Calvin Chen & Wu Xiong
Link [URL]: http://www.winglin.n.../loveinchances/
*Note: Use to update occasionally, but stopped.

Title: Because of You
Author: W99
Starring: Calvin Chen & Selina Ren
Link [URL]: http://www.winglin.net/fanfic/bou/
*Note: Stopped updating

Title: Remembering You
Author: KuTiE_sTaRs
Starring: Calvin Chen & Genie Zhou
Link [URL]: http://www.winglin.n...anfic/rEmEmBeR/
*Note: Sequel to “It Takes Time To Forget”, still in progress, Stopped updating

Title: Cupid’s Angel
Author: ~cupid’s angel~
Starring: Calvin Chen & Angela Zhang
Link [URL]: http://www.winglin.n...cupidzangel_07/
*Note: Stopped updating

Title: Night Slayers
Author: afhilangie
Starring: Calvin Chen & Wu Xiong
Link [URL]: http://www.winglin.n.../contents.shtml
*Note Stopped updating

Title: Changes in My Life
Author: afhilangie
Starring: Calvin Chen & Cammy (fictional)
Link [URL]: http://www.winglin.n...hangesinmylife/
*Note: Stopped updating

Title: "MAID" In Heaven
Author: afhilangie
Starring: Calvin Chen & Helen Cheng (applied girl)
Link [URL]: http://www.winglin.net/fanfic/maid/
*Note: Stopped updating

Title: The Day You Went Away
Author: bobbyjack
Starring: Calvin Chen & Rainie Yang
Link [URL]: http://www.winglin.n...ic/bobbyjack_3/
*Note: Stopped updating

Title: Tell Me Where ?It Hurts
Author: bobbyjack
Starring: Calvin Chen & Rainie Yang
Link [URL]: http://www.winglin.n...c/bobbyjack_10/
*Note: Stopped updating

Title: If I Die Tonight [R]
Author: Sweet_love_23
Starring: Calvin Chen & Selina Ren
Link [URL]: http://www.winglin.n.../sweet_love_22/
*Note: Use to update regularly but stopped recently, Rated.

Title: Love That Started With A Note
Author: Ice_Cupcake / Helen (That’s Me!)
Starring: Calvin Chen & Jessica (fictional)
Link [URL]: http://www.winglin.n...ic/Ice_Cupcake/
*Note:Stopped updating. I'm going over some stuff, and might repost this one.

Title: + I Control My Fate+
Author: Jazzie
Starring: Calvin Chen & Reader
Link [URL]: http://www.winglin.n...anfic/hiyukiri/
*Note: This is an interactive one where you can choose who you end up with. Stopped updating

Title: My First Kiss
Author: Jowyn
Starring: Calvin Chen & Selina Ren
Link [URL]: http://www.winglin.net/fanfic/jowyn02/
*Note: This stars Calvin as a minor, but it Stopped updating

Title: The Silent Winter Serenade
Author: Colour
Starring: Calvin Chen & Hebe Tian
Link [URL]: http://www.winglin.n.../contents.shtml
*Note: Stopped Updating

Title: Don’t Promise A Promise You Can’t Promise
Author: bubble8
Co-Starring: Calvin Chen & Rainie Yang
Link [URL]: http://www.winglin.n...c/Dont_promise/
Status: Complete
*Note: Background problem so the text have to be highlighted in order for it to be legible. Stopped updating

Title: Never Say Goodbye
Author: lil_selina
Starring: Calvin Chen & Selina Ren
Link [URL]: http://www.winglin.n...c/lil_selina_5/
Status: Incomplete
*Note: Although this story stated as incomplete, the last chapter the author wrote has an almost ending like tone.

Title: Complicated Love Of Varsity Players
Author: aiCkxiEaiCa
Starring: Calvin Chen & Genie Zhou
Link [URL]: http://www.winglin.n.../contents.shtml
Status: Incomplete - Stopped Updating

Title: In The Shadow
Author: Charcoal_Donkey34
Starring: Calvin Chen & Genie Zhou
Link [URL]: http://www.winglin.n...in_the_shadows/
Status: Incomplete - Stopped Updating

Title: Letting Go
Author: 3k5_Rebelliouslove
Starring: Calvin Chen & Hebe Tian
Link [URL]: http://winglin.net/fanfic/Unknown3/
Status: Incomplete - Stopped Updating

Title: Beings With An End
Author: azngrl1359
Starring: Calvin Chen & Hebe Tian
Link [URL]: http://www.winglin.n...c/azngrl1359_6/
Status: Incomplete - Stopped Updating

Title: Nothing Ordinary
Author: moscow
Starring: Calvin Chen & Megan (fictional)
Link [URL]: http://www.winglin.net/fanfic/moscow/
Status: Incomplete- Stopped updating

Title: A Light in the Darkness
Author: KuTiE_sTaRs
Starring: Calvin Chen & Genie Zhou
Link [URL]: http://www.winglin.n.../contents.shtml
Status: Incomplete - Stopped Updating

Title: Intolerable Cruelty
Author: jigglypuff726
Starring: Calvin Chen & Selina Ren
Link [URL]: http://www.winglin.n...nfic/Bubbly_M6/
Status: Incomplete - stopped updating
*Note: Same author as “Bargain With The Devil”, but this is set in ancient times, so you’ll have to know the Chinese names.

Title: The Fairy Tale Returns
Author: [S]hadow [A]ngel
Starring: Calvin Chen & Angela Xhang (???)
Link [URL]: http://www.winglin.net/fanfic/tfr/
Status: Incomplete -stopped updating
*Note: Sequel to “AHH!!! Messed Up Fairy Tale”.

Title: My Personal Maid
Author: wicthyina
Starring: Calvin Chen & Angela Zhang
Link [URL]: http://www.winglin.n.../contents.shtml
Status: Incomplete- stopped updating

Title: Love Vending Machine
Author: Ah Fei
Starring: Calvin Chen & Hebe Tian
Link [URL]: http://www.winglin.net/fanfic/AhFei1/
Status: Incomplete - very rarely updates

Title: Complicated Love
Author: detay
Starring: Calvin Chen & Reader
Link [URL]: http://www.winglin.net/fanfic/whatevv/
Status: Incomplete- stopped updating

Title: On The Set Or Off
Author: =JGurlz= / W99
Starring: Calvin Chen & Selina Ren
Link [URL]: http://www.winglin.net/fanfic/Set/
Status: Incomplete
*Note: This is the same author as “Because of You” and she stopped updating, but it’s still very recommended to read it. Background problem so the text have to be highlighted in order for it to be legible

Title: The English Princess Part 2
Author: englishrose85
Starring: Calvin Chen & Lily
Link [URL]: http://www.winglin.net/fanfic/EP2/
Status: Incomplete- stopped updating
*Note: Sequel to “The English Princess”

Title: Love, Friendship, and Family
Author: baboi
Starring: Calvin Chen & Rainie Yang (???)
Link [URL]: http://www.winglin.net/fanfic/baboi/
Status: Incomplete -stopped updating

Title: Always and Forever
Author: weepingangel
Starring: Calvin Chen & Ella Chen
Link [URL]: http://winglin.net/f.../weepingangel7/
Status: Incomplete -stopped updating
*Note: Haven’t read this one.

Title: One and Only You
Author: avic & sweet_love_23
Starring: Calvin Chen & Hebe Tian
Link [URL]: http://www.winglin.net/fanfic/oaoy/
Status: Incomplete -stopped updating

Title: Love Entanglement
Author: KimiAngel
Starring: Calvin Chen & Selina Ren
Link [URL]: http://www.winglin.n...ic/Sweet_Angel/
Status: Incomplete - stopped updating

There are many other stories starring Calvin Chen as minor, so please browse around the site.


*Note: If any of these Links are incorrect, please tell me and I will correct them. Also, if you have more to add to the list, please PM me and I will add it to a list.

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Posted 12 June 2011 - 04:25 AM

The Calvin's ultimate 7's list

(updated April 4th)

1/Calvin studied in 7 schools including the primary school.Wow!! it’s very interesting

2/In Sunshine Nation contest, his ordered number is 7.And finally he won this!!!

3/When he was in military service, he is in group 7, and he is the group leader

4/If u guys look at his military service pic carefully, he stood in the 7th place( from the right to left)

5/This year, Calvin will turn 28. Which is 7 x 4!!!

6/Calvin's birthday is November (11th month) 10. If you add these numbers, you have 21. Which is 7 x 3

7/this year (28) to 21 (November (11) + 10), you'll get 49!! Which is 7 x 7!!! Double 7!!!

8/And if you count the number of strokes in the character 辰 (Chen), which is Calvin's screen name, you have... 7!!!

9/The only character from Calvin's birth name that he uses in his screen name 儒(ru= scholar) has 16 strokes! Add the digits and you have... 7!!!

10/Calvin Chen Yi Ru and add them up...you get 14!! That's 7x2!!

11/Calvin revealed his new blonde hair to the public on September 26, 2008. If you add 9 (September is the 9th month) and 26, you get 35! Which is 7 x 5

12/Calvin's famous quote in KO One was "Shakespeare shuo, 'To be or not to be, that is the question'." That quote has 14 syllables! 7 x 2!!!

13/calvin's representation in fahrenheit degree is 77 - 2 seven's

14/Fahrenheit + SHE =7 people

15/Fahrenheit used to endorse 7-11

16/The latest blog entry from WOW is November 7th!

17/There are 7 consonants in CALVIN CHEN

18/Calvin's CDs (well, they are FRH's, but I don't care) released in 19/Taiwan are,

20/Tokyo Juliet OST

21/KO-one OST

22/Hana-Kimi OST

23/X-Family OST


25/2 Faces
So, the coming one is the 7th!!!

26/his WOWcalvin777 and his wretch user name ckchen777.

27/“the number 7 organization” start in November 7

28/Scorpio has 7 letters. And Calvin's a Scorpio having been born on the 10th of November

29/ Calvin lived for 7 years in Canada

30/ Fahrenheit canon and concert at is broadcasted on NTV7 in Msia

31/In this pic during SSN in Vancouver, he's actually holding a #7 necklace

32/ the statue of liberty with that hand gesture which stands for 7 also if you flip it upside down

33/ his lucky 7 pose

34/Dec.11.08 I-Weekly No.580 MAG: there are 7 fantasy thingies which were mentioned about

35/ Dec 8th, 2008, FRH’s 3rd anniversary, FRH held 4 little “ brides” and they are all 3 years old, (4 brides+ 3 years old( their ages)= 7)

36/The newest version of Album Yue Lai Yue Lai( HK edition), there are CD+DVD and the 7 MVs

37/Calvin wore a 7 necklace when taking a pic with his mates.
(If anyone who wants to see this pic, contact me)

38/When Calvin took a shoot in very first FRH's photobook. He was reading a book named:""Great Expectations" by Charles Dickens
"Great expectations" has 17 letters!
AND... "great" has 5, "expectations" has 12... you subtract them, you get... 7
chapter 54 was set in 1829!!! 8-1 =7!!! 9-2 = 7
39/ the place where Calvin shot the first photobook is Rita house and this is the Address18, Alley 40, Ln 181, Zhongxiao E Road, Taipei (台北市忠孝東四路181巷40弄18號)
8-1 =7
Telephone: (02) 2772-2798
40/ He wrote word with 7 letters:” Freedom” on the sand in the first photobook

41/ Nanaji’s favorite number is 7 ( nanaji is the author of Parfait Tic)
42/in parfait tic, daiya was voted best-looking in the school by 105 votes (7x15)
43/Momo love started in 1987
44/The author of Momo Love was born in 1957
45/Momo Love has 7 volumes!
46/they shot in lingtung uni thursday (7/16) and dong hai uni (7/17)... making a total of 7 universities where LB shot scenes!!!
47/ Calvin and Aaron did go the “ 7th heaven café” in Aberdeen, Vancouver last year for SSN.
48/Calvin represented for May and September in Yeli’s new Calendar’s collection
Note: 5+9=14=7x2
Posted Image
Posted Image
49/ Calvin chose “ Lucky 7” at the show” "Love Singing can be the winner?" in Hangzhow
50/ Calvin took this pic in Singapore
Posted Image

Notice: Please credit AF cupcakes if you post anywhere else.This is our collection.
We spend a lot of time and thoughts on thinking about this!!
Don't claim it as yours
Thankss you
Respect others and respect yourself

HAHA we are very happy if you love this list!!


The 7-related blog collection

April 7, 2006


April 17, 2006


April 21,2006
Explanation: 2+1+4= 7

July 4,2006

July 11,2006

July 21,2006

Explanation: 26-(minus)9=17
September 26,2006


October 3,2006

Explanation: 11+10=21=3x7

Explanation: 19+10=29, 9-2= 7
October 19,2006

Explanation: 31-10=21=3x7
October 31,2006

Explanation: 22+12=34, 3+4= 7
December 22,2007

October 4 2007
Explanation: 4+10= 14=2x7
Posted Image


Explanation: 18+9=27




FahrenCiti Fan Club 08 Sept, 2008 00:57
Explanation: 8+9=17 and 00:57

Explanation: 21+8=29, 9-2=7



October 17,2008

Explanation: 11+6=17
November 6, 2008



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