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06. Creative Corner

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Posted 24 March 2011 - 05:25 PM


Creative Boutique

* For all your fanfics, poems, wallpapers, avatars and artwork. Come in and show your talents!

Everyone who loves graphics would love to show their artwork to other people and get feedback from them. But, there are few rules that you should bear in mind before you start a thread, or post a reply.

- Please make sure that all work is yours and nobody elses.
- All artists/members are only allowed to start ONE thread per person to present your artworks. Updated artworks can either be posted as a reply in YOUR own thread, or you edit them into the first post in your thread. There is no need to make a new thread when you have a new artwork.
- For those that accept requests, please specify what graphics you do, and if you do not want to accept a specific request for a member, do not be mean about it, just say no and tell them why. Also, please check your thread often and do not leave the requests aside for a long time. If you have reasons, let them know that you are going to delay their requests.
- If you have received your requested graphics and want to thank the artist, send them a friendly pm, or thank them by giving them AFz, whichever you wish. DO NOT spam in the thread.
- Please provide CONSTRUCTIVE comments to the artists/members so that they could improve their work. Short liners/replies like "thank you" "awesome" "great artwork" will ALL be deleted as they are considered spamming. These are just examples. If our crews think that your comments/replies are considered as spam, they have the right to delete it.
- There is no need to comment few times in one thread, just because there are updated artworks, UNLESS you have a good feedback to give them so that they can improve.
- If you want to quote other members' replies, please remember to REMOVE the IMAGE tags (if there are any) before you add your reply in the thread. Just change the tag to URL tag instead. Too many images will just slow down the loading time for a thread and this will be a hassle to members who have slow connection speed. Note: Crews are allowed to edit your posts if you quote the replies along with the IMAGE tags in your reply.

Image Tag:[IMG][/IMG] 
    URL Tag:[URL][/URL]

- If you get any resources from other people/sites and use them on your artwork, please remember to credit them. If you don't remember where you get that from, leave a friendly note on your post and ask them to inform you if it is theirs. This goes to EVERYONE, whether you're the artist, or the member who requested any graphics from anyone.
- You may start challenges if you wish to, PROVIDED that you MUST be available throughout the challenge period because you'll be fully incharged on the challenge, unless you need any help from the crews/designers team, then send them a pm and let them know. Be responsible in the challenge, otherwise the challenge will be closed without any warnings.
- Lastly, if you want to create any tutorials for the members, you may start a new topic on that, but please include in your topic, what kind of tutorial you're providing and which program it is for. Also, you MUST add the [TUTORIAL] tag on your title to make it clear for the members. There is no need to add anything on the description, unless necessary.

Eg: [TUTORIAL] Animated banner of Tavia

This is a graphics section, so there are alot of images around. So, please cooperate and follow the rules to keep Creative Boutique clean and neat so that everyone can browse happily.

AF Recording Studio

* Enjoy music/singing? Share your talents in here!- Post up recordings, do duets with others, share your written/composed music etc.. or just come in to listen and comment.

Sharing Recordings/Lyrics/Composed music

- Share YOUR Works, not someone elses'
- Do NOT post mp3 clips by proffesional artists here, these belong to the Music Downloads Section.
- ONE thread PER USER - NOT per song.


- Comment NICELY ! - No Profanity

You Suck! Harsh comments like these will be deleted, and may result with a fine.

- ALWAYS include constructive criticism - or it will be considered as spam and deleted.

Nicely sung! Hope to hear more of your recordings soon! -- is considered spam.

You sung well, I like how you harmonised and did the background vocals - would be considered OK.

Remember not everyone's a born talent in singing! That's the point of commenting, provide constructive criticisms/tips/advices to help them improve.

Where to host recordings?

- yousendit 1GB, expires after 25dls or 7days
- megaupload 250MB
- rapidshare 50MB
- turboupload 70MB
- sendspace 500MB
- savefile 60MB

Starting own account at:

- SoundClick
- D Music


* Are you a master with making things with your hands? Teach others how to make things like origami, building things, etc. Show off your creations here!

General Topics & Replies Rules

- Use the Search function before you are starting any topic! Similar topics will be merged or deleted.
- Do not start "listing-topics", which only invites short replies. Depending on the state of the topic (has it developped some discussion ground) we will decide wether just to weed it out or move it all together to the Slowchat Fiesta.
- Write descriptive topic titles, which clearly explains what your question/problem is.
- Explain further in your first post what you want to ask
- State your own opinion in your topic if you aren't asking for advice.
- If possible ask posters come with an explanation or to state reasons.

- Give good answers and if possible find external articles whenever it's needed to backup your statement.
- Do not flame or offending other members, you will receive warning points if you break the rules.
- Stay on topic and write constructive posts, something that is really usefull or meaningfull.
- Don't give short replies, reply with a reason or argument.
- Posting the same advice or suggestion which is posted before is not allowed.
- Do NOT put links to illegal software, movies, sexual, racist or any material that is frowned upon.
- No chats in any of the forums other than Chillin Lounge Room.

Remember: Besides the rules mentioned for each forum, the Global Rules also applies in every forum!