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04. Entertainment Section

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General Topics & Replies Rules

- Use the Search function before you are starting any topic! Similar topics will be merged or deleted.
- Do not start "listing-topics", which only invites short replies. Depending on the state of the topic (has it developed some discussion ground) we will decide whether just to weed it out or move it all together to the Slowchat Fiesta.
- Write a descriptive topic title, which clearly explains what your question/problem is. Use the formats for topic title provided in HK entertainment rules to all entertainment sections.
- Explain further in your first post what you want to ask.
- State your own opinion in your topic if you aren't asking for advice.
- If possible ask posters come up with an explanation or to state reasons.
- Start the topic with good information about the artist. Add things such as recent pictures, useful links, movies/series, etc.
- If your topic is an a continuation of an archived thread, Pls provide the link(s) to the old threads.
- Use the Youtube-tag to post up videoclips, trailers. Only 1 youtube embedded video per post. The rest just leave in links.
- Use the Spoiler-tag to hide spoilers.

- Give good answers and if possible find external articles whenever it's needed to backup your statement.
- Do not flame or offend other members. You will receive warning points if you break the rules.
- Stay on topic and write constructive posts, something that is really useful or meaningful.
- Don't give short replies, reply with a reason or argument.
- Posting the same advice or suggestion which is posted before is not allowed.
- Do NOT put links to illegal software, movies, sexual, racist or any material that is frowned upon.
- Generally, chats should be posted in Chillin Lounge Room. However, chitchats can be allowed if put in spoilers and if they're not "over the top". If a topic has like 10 chitchat posts after eachother, it will be de-spammed. In short, occasional offtopic chitchats in long running threads will be forgiven, as long as it doesn't get too much. If you put some interesting info before chitchatting, it would help a lot already.

Special Entertainment Section Rules

Picture Posts:
- Make sure that the picture hasn't been posted before. Always check to avoid repost.
Thumbnails are preferred. If you want you can upload the pictures in our GALLERY.
- When you take pictures from other sites, make sure it's allowed to copy and post it at AF.
- Only 3 big images per post is allowed. The rest should be in links only OR in thumbnails. Thumbnails limited to 10 per post. Anything more than this would be considered picture spam. Same rule applies even if you use the spoiler tags or whether the images are from same set or different from each other. To be plain & simple : 3 big images + 10 thumbnails + any no. of image links per post ONLY.

On Quoting Posts:
- Just leave the headers of very long posts..no point in quoting a whole 1000-word post.
- DO NOT QUOTE IMAGES. This only adds up to the number of pictures which causes slow page-loading for people who do not use broadband. Remove the [img] tag or the whole image-link.

Download Related Posts:
-The entertainment forum is for discussion about the movie/tv shows only. No download questions nor requests are allowed. Those questions should be in the Download section.
- It is allowed to post song Mp3, short clips like Mv/commercial inside the Entertainment Section, all other links will be deleted.

Other Languages:
- When posting other languages, please post up the English translation too.
- Posting up someone else translation or articles, always provide the source-link and credit the original submitter/translator. Also only post it up when you are sure that you are allowed to do that.

"VS" threads:
Example threads : Jang Ri In -vs- Boa, It Started with a Kiss -vs- Devil Beside You
- Those threads are ok to be posted in the entertainment sections as long as there are good reasons for the choice made. Please make good informative start posts so replies will also be good and informative.
- If your topic will only answer to one-liners like : "I love Boa!" or "ISWAK is the best", please start your topic in POLL ROOM section.
- DO NOT start a "VS" thread in CRITICS HANGOUT section because it is not the place for fans to flame each other or to defend each other's idol. Critics hangout is for the ANTI threads. (ie. Anti Angela Zhang, Anti Gillian Chung).

Hong Kong Entertainment
* HK Series, Movies, Male and Female Celebs, etc. can be discussed in here.
  • - Here you can start topics about the HK entertainment in general. Discussions, comparing anything about the HK entertainment are allowed. Shows, contests and also joint-production series can be started here.

Subforum: Hong Kong Movies
* This is where all HK movies can be discussed!
  • - When starting a movies topic, state the english name and if possible also the chinese name and the production year. As description state at least 2 cast names.
  • Example:
  • Topictitle: Dragon and Tiger Gate 龍虎門 (2006)
  • Description: Donnie Yen, Nicolas Tse, Shawn Yue
  • - Start the topic with enough information about the movie, for example to post pictures or screenshots. Providing information about the cast, director etc. Adding a sypnosis and review to make it perfect. If you don't do that your post can be discredited and topic starter will be someone else if that member do provide more and better information.

Subforum: Hong Kong Idols
* Hong Kong Male and Female celebs can be discussed in here.
  • - Only start fan threads here. Hate-threads belongs in the Critics Hangout.

Subforum: HK Female Artists
* Hong Kong Female Artists profiles.
Subforum: HK Male Artists
* Hong Kong Male Artists profiles.
- Provide enough information and pics to start a profile
- For pictures on your favorite artists checkout the AF Gallery.
- State the artist english name with Chinese Pin Yin and the Chinese name in the topic title. As description post the artists occupation.
Topictitle: Aaron Kwok Fu Sing (郭富城)
Description: Singer/Actor[/indent]

Subforum: Modern Time HK-Series
* Only HK Modern Time Series discussions.

Subforum: Modern Time HK-Series Archive
* All past series which were honoured by having a subforum on AF is archived here.

Subforum: Ancient Time HK-Series
* Only HK Ancient Time Series discussions.

Subforum: Ancient Time HK-Series Archive
* All past series which were honoured by having a subforum on AF is archived here.

In the main forums when starting a topic about a series, you should use the following format:
Topictitle:[TVB/ATV] Seriesname in English and in Chinese
Description:At least 2 castnames

If series is still filming, add the [Upcoming]-tag.

Topictitle: [Upcoming][TVB] Casino Crisis 賭場風雲
Description: Bobby Au Yeung, Jessica Hsuan, Bosco Wong, Tavia Yeung
Provide the following in the first post:
Title (English)
Chinese Title (Mandarin/Cantonese Pinyin if available)
Cast list
Status (filming, upcoming, airing, aired, etc. Also, release date if possible)
Number of episodes
Character Info
Pictures, if possible
Use the [spoiler][/spoiler] tags to hide spoilers

For recent series there is a series subforum for it. Here you can discuss anything about the certain series.
When starting a topic in the series subforum, also add the series name on the topictitle.

-Episodes 1 -5 of At Home With Love 樓住有情人
-Yoyo Mung and Raymond Cho in At Home With Love 樓住有情人

Taiwanese Entertainment
- Taiwanese Series, Movies, Male and Female celebs can be discussed in here.

Subforum: Taiwanese Male Artists
- Taiwanese Male Artists profiles.
Subforum: Taiwanese Female Artists
- Taiwanese Female Artists profiles.
Subforum: Taiwanese Series
- The central place to find a list of all your latest/past taiwanese series informations.

China Entertainment
- Chinese Series, Movies, Male and Female celebs can be discussed in here.

Subforum: China Male Artists
- China Male Artists profiles.
Subforum: China Female Artists
- China Female Artists profiles.
Subforum: China Series
- China Series discussions.

Korean Entertainment
- Korean Series, Movies, Male and Female celebs can be discussed in here.

Subforum: Korean Male Artists
- Korean Male Artists profiles.
Subforum: Korean Female Artists
- Korean Female Artists profiles.
Subforum: Korean Series
- Korean Series discussions.
Subforum: Korean Movies
- Korean Movies discussions.

Japanese Entertainment
- Japanese Series, Movies, Male and Female celebs can be discussed in here.

Subforum: Japanese Male Artists
- Japanese Male Artists profiles.
Subforum: Japanese Female Artists
- Japanese Female Artists profiles.
Subforum: Japanese Series
- Japanese Series discussions.

Other Asian Entertainment
- This is the forum about entertainment in the rest of Asian like Philippines, Vietnamese, etc.

When starting a topic use a "country-tag" to state which country the entertainment is about.

Subforum: Other Asian Idols
- Male and Female Other Asian Idols can be discussed here.

When starting a topic also use the country-tag and as description state the artist occupation:

Topictitle: [Vietnam] Trish Thuy Trang
Description: Singer

Non-Asian Entertainment
- American, British, Dutch, etc Series, Movies, Male and Female celebs can be discussed in here.

Use the following formats for all the topics in the main forum:
[Movies/Series/Show] Name (year)
At least 2 castnames

Topictitle: [Movie] The Departed (2006)
Description: Leonardo Dicaprio, Matt Damon

Subforum: Non-Asian Females
- Non-Asian Females profiles.
Subforum: Non-Asian Males
- Non-Asian Males profiles.

Music Entertainment
- The place to discuss lyrics, and music-related topics.

Use the following format when posting a new lyric.

Topic Title: [firstname lastname]song title
Description: firstname Album title^-^gender^-^translation(yes/no)

Topictitle: [Jay Chou] Simple Love
Description: Still Fantasy^-^male^-^yes

No need to say thank you or comment on any of the lyrics, if you want to request a translation or identification, request it at the appropriate thread.

Lyrics Requests
-Only members or above can request
-Post up the lyrics or link to the lyric
-Provide the name of the song, the singer of the song and the language of the song)

disclaimer: all translations are not 100% accurate

[Song Help] What's That Song/Singer/Language?
-Upload and post up a clear sample of the song.
-Post at least 3 or more lines of the lyric.

Piano Sheets, Guitar Tabs, Other Sheet Music
-State clearly the name of the song, the singer and language of the song.

All requests MUST be in the request thread. Any threads or posts requesting lyrics will be deleted/moved/edited accordingly.
For the rest of the forums:
-Song title as topic title
-Artist name as topic description

Anime and Comics
- Talk about anime and comics in here. Nothing else.
Provide as much information as you can when starting a topic about a manga or anime.

Critics Hang-out
This forum is where you can provide your constructive criticism about movies, stars or series. Anti-fans can hang here and let out their frustrations about a celebrity

This is a place where you b!tch about celebrities, movies, series, etc.
Fans can defend their idols with good reasoning.
No swearing and personal attacks at the other haters.
Foul language will not be tolerated.

Gossip Cafe
- You can gossip about any stars and celebs here if you do not have the source of news, but it will be nice to have one.

Remember: Besides the rules mentioned for each forum, the Global Rules also applies in every forum!

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