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Wu Zun (吳吉尊) ❥ Ella Chen (陳嘉樺) .::PART 12::.

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Posted 19 August 2010 - 04:54 AM

Wu Zun (吳吉尊) ❥ Ella Chen (陳嘉樺)

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Previous Homes:


Welcome to Chun and Ella's Xin Wo Part 12 also known as “P-CE Kingdom”!!! Yup, yup, yup, we're on part 12 already! Congratulations to us, CE Angels! If there are newbies wanting to join us, please don't hesitate! We love having new Angels~

When joining the thread we always take The Oath. Though on my opinion that's not the only thing we do now when joining. Make sure also to get ready, fasten your seatbelt, and enjoy the roller coaster ride of CE!

The Oath

“I do solemnly declare that I am one of CE fanatics and nothing in the world could give me doubts about CE. Anyone who dismisses CE's interactions will deserve a good kicking by me”

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Chun and Ella first met each other at Ella's birthday party in 2005, but didn't become friends until later on. It was from that birthday party, and many other events to come, that we learned that Chun was an introvert. During this party, his attention was focused solo on the food, not on the people around him. But it was not long before the two had the chance to work together.

In 2006, the two began to work together in a drama called [Hua Yang Shao Nian Shao Nu] (aka. Hana Kimi). When filming began, the two were total opposites. Ella was hyper and Chun, being new to the entertainment industry, was quiet and shy. At first Ella kept her distance from Chun because he looked "too pretty" to her, but after a while, she began to tease him and the bud of a new friendship began. Chun's personality wasn't that of a person who would allow such teasing, so he began to tease her back.

By the end of filming, the two had become good friends. Chun had opened up more and was even beginning to tease people, just like Ella. During the promotions for HK, their friendship only strengthened; Ella was constantly teasing him about his chinese and he was constantly teasing her about her being "miss mo ka cheng." In the BTS of Zen Me Ban filming, we can see all the teasing that goes on between them because there is rarely a moment when they aren't bickering in that MV, that is unless he was too busy staring at her in her dress.

In spite of having only one drama together and just a few commercials together with their group, the two are still being linked with each other a lot of times. CE Angels are still finding many hints between ChunElla. Want to find out what are those hints? Join us then!


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There are many reasons why we love CE. If it's not the way they constantly give out hints, it's the way they copy each other. Because the two are always copying each other, we have dubbed it the Copycat Effect of theirs. They not only copy each others expressions, but also the accessories they have; they have the same sneakers, bags, watches, braclets, rings, etc. You name it and they've probably got it.

For more examples of this, you can check out this site:

http://chunspanksella.blogspot.com/ <--thanks to summersnow@CEFC and AF

But here are a few for your eyes to feast on for now...
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There are many theories that surround CE. One of the major ones is how we believe that the two are sharing a lot of their things. Or else the two just buy two of everything and give one to the other. Some examples of this are in the blog that I shared above by summersnow.

But here is one that involves the ring that we see hanging around Chun's neck in THIS picture. I believe that this ring is a ring that the two share because we can see Ella wearing a ring that seems to fit the design of the ring around his neck in THIS picture and maybe even THIS one. What makes it even more interesting is we've never seen Chun wear that ring around his neck on his finger, he's always worn in that way. And if you look at the Meng Niu BTS picture, you can see that Ella's wearing the ring on her finger and Chun's not wearing it around his neck.

Then if you take a look at the pictures of the two on this date [2009 Jan 11], CHUN and ELLA, you can see that Chun's wearing the ring and Ella's not.

Is this real? Whether you believe it or not is up to you. If you want to know more about these things, join us and ask!


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The two not only share facial expressions common with each other, they also share the same thoughts. They like many of the same things; their idol is Michael Jordan and they both like basketball. When looking at their list of criterias, they both even share almost the same thing they're looking for in their ideal partner. What's more important is they both match each other's criterias too.

Another thing thought they have in common with one another is marriage. The two are amongst the top artists that are commenting on settling down and starting a family soon. Both Chun and Ella's age for getting married and the number of kids also seem to match up. When Chun changed his plan of getting married at 28 to getting married at 35, Ella also changed her plan. Now she's looking to get married at 30 or not at all. The number of kids Chun wants is 3-5 and Ella, she has decided however many kids her husband wants. Aren't they fitting together perfectly? It's like the two talked out their plans and goals in life, which isn't very unlikely since the two are constantly hang out with one another whenever they have the time to.


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- Ella said in the I-weekly interview that Chun loves to ask everyone to quiet down while he lets out a fart to let everyone smell and Chun retaliated back by showing an action of using his hands placed at his back and bringing it to Ella's nose for her to smell. Ella then said that he did not let everyone smell but still let her smell, so it was still disgusting.
- During the RP period, Ella stated she had a boyfriend, naming him DJ for Dear Josh. But as we later discovered, Chun's actual English name is Jacky. Connection?
- At a promotion for Barbie Cosmetics, Chun as asked by a reporter to congratulate Ella on her relationship with DJ. Chun kept saying that he wouldn't until she, Ella, had said that the relationship was real even when she had already stated so herself. In the end, he ended up saying he would congratulate her if the news was real. But last year when reporters asked him how he felt about Mr. Sky, Angela's rumored boyfriend, he immediately congratulated her on her relationship.
- A photographer for one of the magazine shoots commented on how good CE's chemistry is. Ella would make a pose and Chun would match her pose perfectly in less than a few seconds.
- When FLH played a little Q&A game with HITO FM Radio, Chun was asked several questions, one of them being what Ella's rank in her family was. He answered that question without hesitation, but prior to that question he was asked for his own body measurements and was hesitantly answering the question.
- Ella is very observant. While drawing a cartoon pic of Chun, she drew 2 small moles on the face in the exact same position where Chun's real moles are. The moles are so small but yet she noticed it.
- During SHE's promotion in Azio Entertainment, Ella said the Chun is the co-star that she contacts the most. She also said he is a very considerate person.
- Chun admitted that Ella is her "best friend" in the e-circle. He said that Ella has the best skin and since he was endorsing Ponds at that time he said he'll recommend the product to Ella and his future wife.

(Visit our previous homes for more goodies such as a list of why we love CE and their pervy moments~)


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These are a compilation of all our messages for Chun. When we want to say something to him we just call his attention! We have over a hundred messages for Chun so they're all under spoiler, click to see!



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The "CE Language" refers to anything/something which describes CE in a direct or indirect way and CE Angels are the only ones who can understand them. It could be a word, thing, food, place, person, etc.

Banana - CE's favorite fruit. Chun was caught sneaking, going to Ella's room and gave a lame excuse that he was going to get a banana in her room. Ella particularly asked for a banana during shE is The One's concert in Hong Kong because she told the reporters banana can rejuvenate her strength. (zunhua1810)

Bell and Ross (B & R) - CE's infamous couple watch that up until now, both of them are wearing it. Coincidence or not, the watch was worn whenever, it's either they were too happy (Ella was in Beijing for the concert then both of them were spotted in Guangzhou the following day) or they need reassurance from each other (from the recent rumors). The B & R watch became not only one of CE's most priced accessory but it also served as one of the means in which CE conveyed to their millions of fans specifically the CE Angels that amidst the rumours here and there, promotional romance, made up relationships etc. "there is nothing to be worried about...CE will always be together..stronger than ever!!!...the B & R watch is one way to remind HER of HIM that SHE'S loyal to HIM (Mcleen, part 11/post #20). (zunhua1810 / am_starstruck2CE)

Mushroom - Ella totally loves mushroom! She has a mushroom of everything. Chun had a guesting in Da and Xiao S's show and he asked them to say "mushroom." Chun asked them again to say mushroom in a funny way then the sisters asked why. He revealed that Ella loves saying "mushroom!" (zunhua1810)

(Please click the spoiler to see the rest!)


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Timeline of CE
(Links for pics or vids on some events are provided)

Posted Image
Jun - Rumors begin.
18 Jun - Ella's birthday, the two disappear for an hour.
25 Jul - HK's wrap up celebration dinner, Chun consoles Ella when she begins to cry.
12 Aug - Fahrenheit and SHE guesting on Guess Guess Guess.
18 Nov - Special outdoor preview of HK.
23 Nov - Filming of [ZEN ME BAN] MV, Chun is caught saying "sexy" several times when seeing Ella in her black dress. BTS 1 & 2.
25 Nov - HK promotion in Hsinchu.
26 Nov - HK promotion in Tainan.
27 Nov - HK cast attend "Kang Xi Lai Le", the two kiss because of a mistaken favorite dish.
28 Nov - Charity event.
01 Dec - HK cast attend "Lian Ai Bai Fen Bai" (aka. 100% Entertainment), Ella chooses Chun as her ideal boyfriend. Subbed part 1, 2, 3, 4, & 5 (i know it says, WQYL, but that's a mistake)
04 Dec - HK cast attend "Wo Ai Hei Se Hui" (aka. Blackie Show), CE were in their own little world for the majority of the show and Chun caught stealing glances of Ella.
09 Dec - HK promo in Taipei, K-Mall.
10 Dec - HK promo in Kaohsiung.
16 Dec - FLH as guests in SHE's "Yi Dong Cheng Bao" in Taiwan, Chun blushes from some teasing.

Posted Image
02 Jan - [ZHUAN SHU TIAN SHI] MV filming. BTS from Tank's Album 1 & 2
27 Jan - FLH as guests in SHE's "Yi Dong Cheng Bao" concert.
29 Jan - HK press conference in Singapore, the infamous smack-heard-around-spores happened. Full 1 & 2.
29 Jan - HK promo on YES 93.3 FM.
29 Jan - HK promo in Singapore, Tampines Mall.
01 Feb - Filming for Chinese New Years Special program (Summer X Summer vs. Hana Kimi), Chun was spotted nudging Ella's back/arm. Also, CHUN WAS SPOTTED HELPING ELLA BUY SOMETHING ON A STORE. Full 1, 2, & 3.
Mar - Filming of 7-11 advertisement; SHE and FLH.
10 Mar - HK promo in Hong Kong; Chun, Ella, and Danson. CE spotted whispering to each other during airing of ZSTS MV. PIC & CLIP.
Apr - Ella accidental slip of tongue (the “It's only work” when questioned about Chun working with Angela), Chun starts filming his new show “Romantic Princess”. Ella chooses Chun as her love choice on “The Blackie Show”, saying: "Ah Zun Zun , I miss you so much!" and kisses his picture.
06 Apr - Filming of 7-11 advertisement; Chun, Ella, and Arron. CLIP
May - News of Ella having a secret boyfriend (DJ) start to appear. Filming and premier of [XIE XIE NI DE WEN ROU] MV, CE act very distant with each other. BTS 1 & 2
Jul - DJ news disappear, Chun finishes filming his new show (RP).
27-29 Aug - 3 day HK promotion event in Korea. Also attends the Seoul Drama Award where Chun repeatedly says how "hot" and "sexy" Ella is in her dress. CLIP
28 Aug - Chun suddenly slips about the way Ella pronounces "mushroom", even asking for Da S and Xiao S to say the word in Ella's cute way, with the expression too, while he was shooting for <Da Xiao Ai Chi> program while promoting “Romantic Princess” with Calvin. FULL CLIP (other subbed parts from that visit: TALKING ABOUT ELLA (<--notice how much he's got to say about ella, but when they talk of angela, he gets all quiet and calvin takes over. lol) and MUSHROOM part (subbed))
06 Sep - CE spotted at a basketball game in Taiwan, the two are talking non-stop till Ken, who accompanied them there, had to make way for their talking.
25 Nov - Filming of [Xin Wo] MV. Yahoo BTS 1 & 2 (there are more BTS clips).
01 Dec - FLH as guests in SHE's "Yi Dong Cheng Bao" concert in Malay, Ella posts up a picture of her and Chun holding the jelly cake version of them.
02-06 Dec - SHE and FLH in San Ya, Hainan Island for a filming of an advertisement.
18 Dec - Premier of [XIN WO] MV.

Posted Image
12 Jan - Wild Day Out event in Hong Kong, Chun points at CE sign?
15 Jan - Meng Niu press conference, Chun leans very close to Ella in the group photo. FANCAM 1. (more)
30 Jan - Chun guests on an episode of [Nu Ren Wo Zui Da], first time calling Ella his "di di." Before calling her that, he also was the first to quickly say her name as her picture was being shown (which he had not done for any of other girls' pictures) and answered "dui" for the question "She's cute, right?"
04 Feb - MN interview on [Zui Jia Xian Chang] with SHE and FLH, Chun passed over Hebe to do a handshake with Ella even though Hebe was sitting right next to him. Also, during BTS, Chun being protective and trying to point out how her shirt collar was a little low!? Interview 1 & 2. BTS.
1 Mar - Hito awards. CC and SHE perform XW, CE share many glances between each other. CLIP
24-27 Mar - Filming of another MN CF in Hainan Island.
1 May - Super Supau handshake event, CE as endorsers. Part 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, & 6. (more)
6 May - Rumors swirling around CE, stating that CE once dated for 1 year plus.
18 Jun - Ella's birthday; Chun spotted at the airport, rushing back to Taiwan with just 10 minutes to spare before the day of Ella's actual birthday.
21 Jun - Chun told reporters that he does not care what others say about Ella and him. They are really good friends, he even called her on her birthday and whenever the both are free, they go out to eat together.
Jul - RP promotion in the Philippines, Chun and Calvin. Chun comments on HK and says how "Ella is his girlfriend...in HK," with "in HK" as an after thought.
16 Jul - Appearance of Ella and Baron Chen rumors. Was reported that Chun became the unlucky scapegoat and the person in the Apple Daily article was actually Baron and not Chun, but Ella quickly denies the rumors she has with Baron. Chun denies the rumors of him and Charlene, co-star in Butterfly Lovers, dating for three months, but otherwise stays neutral.
Aug - BL wrap up, more rumors of Chun and Charlene, though these rumors are quickly squashed when BL promos are over.
31 Aug - HK promotion in Japan; Chun, Jiro, and Danson. Chun says "oishi" (delicious) when watching the scene of him and Ella kissing.
16 Sept - [Suan Tian] MV VERSION 2 is released, Chun caught stealing glances in Ella's direction in the MV. BTS 1 & 2
Sept-Nov - Meng Niu Concerts. A lot happen during these 7 concerts; Ella teases Chun, Chun flicks Ella's hair (@ 2:18), etc.

Posted Image
5 Jan - New Meng Niu CF and BTS
13 Jan - CE attend HIM end of the year party - the two disappeared together towards the end of the event?
Feb - Articles of Chun going house shopping appear, most relate back to Ella because Ken, Ella's sister's boyfriend, was tagging along with him - Reporters say Chun is buying a house for himself and Ella.
11 Feb - CE rumored to be in a new drama (Parfait Tic)?
18 Feb - Chun shows his undies at a FLH event and reveals that he names his undies too, and that undie just so happens to be "Hong Yun Dang Tou," the same name Ella used to name her undie that she spoke about at the Singapore HK press conference event.
20 Feb - Chun's Super Supau event - comments on the rumor: he's not sure, but hopes to work with Ella again.
22 Feb - New Meng Niu BTS released, STRAW edition.
15 Mar - SHE & FLH film new MN CF. BTS 1 & 2 <--must watch!!
21 Mar - SHE act as DJs on Pop Radio Station. Ella mentions Chun several times (unsure about how many times, but at least once). @ 47 mins, Ella speaks of Chun and his pronunciation problems. [quote from babyval22: She was talking about Sandy Lam(Lin Yi Lian) then Ella said that Chun called her Lim Yi Lian. haha~ and she mentioned that that incident left an impression on her. lol~]
1 Apr - SHE go to a school to help sponsor children education [Bread of Love], one of the little girls asks Ella whether she has kissed anyone and Hebe teases her by bringing up Chun. CLIP
27 Apr - Meng Niu Radio Music Award, SHE and FLH attended; Chun teased Ella about her height, saying how she was still short even when wearing four-inch high heels...earning himself a punch in the chest. NEWS CLIP FULL (@0:36, pay attention to @1:36, and also note how excited he gets when his seniors (SHE) and junior (yoga) comes) & HQ EXCERPT of teasing with subs.
28 Apr - News of only CE losing their luggages when traveling with others.
8 May - New MN CF released, not a lot of CE interactions. CF & BTS 1 & 2
30 May - Chun asked about Ella and Jerry's rumors, his response: [He laughed and said that no matter who Ella worked with, she'll be on very good terms with them].
25 Jul - SHE and FLH perform at the Mobile Festival Concert in Xi'an, Shanxi Province, but separately?
20 Aug - CE attended a private Nike "The IAM1 Journey" exhibition for VIP members, several pictures:: 1, 2, 3, & 4 <--CE are only in the same shot in pic 2.
22 Aug - SHE and FLH performed at the same concert in Beijing, but didn't perform on stage together. According to fans at the event though, Chun looked happy when he was staring at the CE signs that they had up.
10 Oct -SHE wished Chun a happy birthday through a VCR. And Chun had this sweet, shy smile on his face. CLIP and PIC OF CHUN WHILE WATCHING ELLA
31 Oct - During an SHE concert in Shanghai, Ella said "Thank You CE" at the end of it? (@ 0:23)
20 Dec - On an interview at China Mobile Awards, the host asked SHE where would they be on ChineseNewYear. They answered at home but Ella added it will be good to bring other half to meet parents. The host gave her choices on whom she would bring, when the host said Won Bin Ella immediatelt said Won Bin and then Selina said Wu Ji Zun and Ella ptted Selina. Translation | Clip
28 Dec - Chun attended the Human Charity Foundation. During the interview he was asked about the ring pendant in his necklace and if he have a girlfriend. Chun was very clever, instead of answering he just avoided it and said "your question is very good" Clip | Translations
31 Dec - SHE & FRH attended 'Taipei City, The Most HIGH New Year's Eve'. Though the two groups didn't perform together. But like we always, CE in the same venue/event is already enough.

Posted Image
05 Jan - SHE & Fahrenheit went to GuangZhou to film the next Meng Niu CF for four days. It was also reported that Chun's father was in GuangZhou at that time also.
13 Jan - Jiro said he wants to draw a Q-version (cartoon) of him, Chun and Ella on her(E) hand (or maybe the truth is he only wants to draw CE on Ella's hand xD) CLIP (TRANS ON DESCRIPTION BOX)
22 Jan - During the presscon of [SHE Is The One - Malaysia], the MC asked SHE if it's possible that they'll sing a Malay song in the concert. Ella said it's impossible and she only knows a few lines from some folk songs. The MC suggested that she could look to Chun for lessons and Ella asked in return "Doesn't Wu Chun speaks Brunei language instead?" only to reliaze that Brunei's Malay and Malaysia's Malay are fairly similar. Ella declined the suggestion and said "Wu Chun should be busy"
02 Feb - In an exclusice interview of Chun, he said that Ella is a candidate for being his girlfriend. He said that Ella is a caring and responsible girl. He also added that "because i don't like girls who are pretentious, being a little innocent would be better, she would then be willing to share with me anything."
02 Feb - In a BTS of Down With Love, Zhang Shan Wei (a friend of Ella) teased Ella about her liking guys with bigger muscles. Ring a bell, huh? Anyone you know with big muscles, well-trained, and have a fit body? *wink wink* (@ 2:45)
13 Feb - During a radio program where FRH were the DJs, Chun and Calvin reenacted Jack and Rose (of Titanic) and said "Chun: You jump - Calvin: I jump". If you can remember Ella & Selina acted as Rose and Jack also during the 2008 HITO Awards BTS and Ella started the "you jump, i jump" thing. CLIP
24 Feb - In an interview of FRH, they were asked what girls they like. Chun said it doesn't matter if she's gentle or not. The important thing is she is herself. If she wants to be rough, she is. If she wants to be gentle, she is. Then Jiro said, So, in the entire entertainment industry, who is able to fulfill this criteria, Wu Zun? (ELLA! lol XD)
25 Feb - A news about CE. It contains lots of hints about CEs relationship. TRANSLATED NEWS
01 March - Release of new Meng Niu CF and BTS. Not much CE interaction. CF | BTS
March 10 - Release of the new Meng Niu BTS. Just the same but a longer version. CLIP
March 11 - Wu Zun shares his thoughts about Ella's new look. He said that Ella asked for his opinion and he told her bluntly that "her androgynous look that she had previously looks better". Translation
April 07 - In a program where SHE were guest they showed clips from their previous dramas. When the "monster kissing scene" from Hana Kimi was shown, Ella felt really shy, ask them to "change the channel" and even turned away from the screen! CLIP
May 11 - Meng Niu released a new, very unexpected commercial. CE as the lead! CLIP
May 22 - In a recent interview of SHE, Chun was brought up twice. Ella said that he`s the costar she contacs the most, he`s very considerate, and after a long time, we finally heard her say "Ah Zun Zun" again! CLIP 1 | CLIP 2
June 03 - New CF from Meng Niu. CE as the leads again!!! CLIP
June 21 - A new CE fan visited Chun on set a few days ago. She manged to glimpse inside Chun's bag when he was taking a "fan" that the other fan gave to him. The new CE fan saw a picture of Chun and a "short red haired" inside his bag. Who could be that short red haired girl huh? Hint: E-L-L-A MORE INFO
June 28 - In Chun's Ponds Event at GuangZhou, he took the initiative to mention Ella and admits that she is his best friend in the E-circle. He also said that Ella has the best skin and would recommend Ponds to her. PS: He said that he'll recommend the product to his future wife, too... CLIP
July 2 - Selina teased Ella in one of their events. In the event they played a game with audience to answer questions related to SHE. For S, Show's name appeared, for H, Jay and Mike. When it's Ella's turn, S said for sure Wu Zun will be there. And sure enough Chun's face suddenly appeared on the big screen. CLIP (starts @ 7:12)
July 14 - Rumuors of Ella having a new boyfriend appeared. Ella has been asked about the news but she refused to respond and just said that they are good friends.
July 17 - Chun was asked about Ella's rumuors during his event. He said he'll congratulate Ella IF the news is true. Chun was worried about Ella when he knew that the guy is accused of cheating. He said if the man is no good, she should watch out. CLIP
23 Aug - During a talk show, Ella described Chun as a durian! AF - ELLA
Boards - ONLY ELLA (Chinese)
ELLA BAIDU (Chinese)


Wu Chun Fever
CHUN BAIDU (Chinese)


CE BAIDU (Chinese)
Chun Ella Fanatic Craze (English)
ChunElla.cn (Chinese)
5i-CE (Chinese)




Okay Angels! Go fasten your seatbelts and enjoy the roller coaster ride!!! And don't forget your oath! :D

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Posted 19 August 2010 - 05:13 AM

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We are full of LOVE!

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"I,mizuki1121, do solemnly declare that I am one of CE fanatics and nothing in the world could give me doubts about CE. Anyone who dismisses CE's interactions will deserve a good kicking by me"

Posted Image

mariane~!!!!! Thanks for building this super duper lovely xinwo for us!! kyaaaa~ looks more than perfect!!! I admire you!!!

CE Angels~ yaaaaay!!!! We DID it!! PART 12, can you believe it?! This is a feat and love for CE!! Do you know any other couple threads reached part 12?! It's been over 4 years..The thing is it's not how fast you can go but how long you can last and how much cherish your couple, right? No one can Beat CE!!!
ah..so touching..feels like wanna cry..really speechless..again,CONGRATULATIONS, everyone!!

I'd really love to see again the pics from the BTS of MN CF? you shared in your last post..can you share them again here? Please...*wink* ooh, I noticed mariane brought them here..anyway,thanks for the pics, lieann:)

Angels~Let's support and enjoy CE coaster ride in Part 12,too~!!


mariane~ aww..you brought those pics here already!! super thanks!!

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Posted 19 August 2010 - 05:38 AM

OMG. Part 12 already?! I just have to celebrate part 12 by posting in here. YAY! I've got to say that their first beginning page just gets longer and longer everytime there is a new thread for them. But I like it. That means there's a lot ChunElla gushing. Congratz ChunElla lovers for making it to part 12!!!

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Posted 19 August 2010 - 05:43 AM

Yay! Our Xin Wo feels nice and spacious. Looks like we have to buy new furniture for our xin wo. Gosh I'm so glad we made it and is going to part 12. Mizuki I like your expression too. It's now how fast you go but how long you last. I know that CE will last forever.

Mariane: great job on preparing our Xin Wo. You did a wonderful job. I also have a question, the last picture that you posted. What was the situation about since Ella seemed angry and everyone else seemed dead serious like there was some kind of tension going on. I'd like to know the scenario.

#5 enairam11


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Posted 19 August 2010 - 06:02 AM

Peppermint, I actually don't know why Ella seemed angry. I think Hubby did something wrong to make Wifey angry. LOL :loool: Poor Chunnie. What did you do to make Ella so angry? XDD Oh well, we should just wait for the BTS video to know exactly what Hubby did wrong. =DD Haha!

Picture to share :D

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Posted 19 August 2010 - 07:41 AM

just dropped by..lol..Posted Image

pepper~ About the last screenie, I don't know either what's happening to CE..lol..but look at Cal, he's laughing,so judging from his expression, CE are having a lover's= marrieds' bickering..lol..

Anyway, wanna share my yyings about the screenies above..lol..

The first one,

E: Honey, it's been a long time since we had a collab on cam..

C: Yeah..

Then, the second one,

E: Are you listening? If not, I'll do this...(pinching his ear or cheek..)

C: aww..stop it!! They are watching us,ok?..lol..


nongshim~ Welcome back!! Hope you'll visit here more oftenPosted Image

mariane~ waaa~ love your collage for xinwo part 12!!

OK..I'll go:D Keep on happy posting, Angels~!!

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Posted 19 August 2010 - 08:05 AM


woOoOhH!!! latest page for CE congratz angels... lal i've been missing all of you..

mizuki i'm busy with my studies and i'm geeting near to the finish line

im glad that you still remember our old topics about japanese drama's. there is no latest drama that has been aired in phils. but i'm hoping that they would. am now addicted with kpop!

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“I, SHAHAYA, do solemnly declare that I am one of CE fanatics and nothing in the world could give me doubts about CE. Anyone who dismisses CE's interactions will deserve a good kicking by me”

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Posted 19 August 2010 - 08:06 AM


This morning I woke up and on the computer and those picture brightens me up!!!! The mushroom pic is really a pic to miss his baobei, isn't he?

Woah, before I post it hasn't reach 2000 but when I refresh it, lol, I can't post anymore!

By the way, CONGRATS!!! We're now in our new Xin Wo! Haha, seems like my post has been deleted. LOL.

I think I haven't make my oath in my previous thread so here's mine:

"I, Betty, do solemnly declare that I am one of CE fanatics and nothing in the world could give me doubts about CE. Anyone who dismisses CE's interactions will deserve a good kicking by me."


A short replies~ (to the Part 11 page 50 of our thread)

mariane, thanks for opening our new Xin Wo!!!

mizuki, thanks for sharing the video!!! It indeed is a memorable summer for CE! Can't help but giggle seeing their reaction!

precious, haha! Chun is really addicted to his wifey huh?! He can't help but pose like his wife! And the Zhuan Shu Tian Shi pic is also funny! Maybe he wants to play Hide and Seek with her!

Leslie, Haha! And love the CE GIFs!!! I'm so crazy about the pictures this morning! I think this is the first time I've seen this too! CE looks so cute!!! And agree. It's impossible for Ella to be so good in terms with Chun if he really hurts her! Ella should avoid him if this is real! But instead they are still so close, close till like a real couple in love!

#9 starburn



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Posted 19 August 2010 - 08:28 AM

"I, Keleshia aka BuRn aka Starburn, do solemnly declare that I am one of CE fanatics and nothing in the world could give me doubts about CE. Anyone who dismisses CE's interactions will deserve a good kicking by me."

ANGELS!!! OMG! Wee! Part 12!!! -buckles seat belt- let's hope that this goes on forever and we get to update one another till we are old!!! Hahahahaha.... and it will be continued with regarding about their kids...akkakakaka.

Just a recap in case many of you happen to miss since i posted at the last page of part 11 and additional. Hope you guys love it as much as i do!

Posted Image
Credits: Weibo

Posted Image
Credits: weibo (who is our dear chun thinking?..hee)

Posted Image
credits: weibo

doesn't that expression and action resembles our baobei? ^_^

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#10 Meepee



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Posted 19 August 2010 - 09:36 AM

CE Angels! I'm not happy, but ELATED with our Xin Wo! Congrats everyone!

I was panicking of where to post since our Xin Wo Part 11 didn't give any sign of where you guys are now... but luckily, I looked in the main section and tada! We're on the top of the list! :D

You are such a good thread starter! I love how organized and how colorful our first page is :D

The photos you shared are awesome! :D Especially the...
1st one - LOL. They're in their own little world again. S.H. and the rest of FRH are staring at both of them.
3rd - Haha. Eh, it isn't just Chun who copied Ella's angry post... also Ella, since that's Chun's "serious" position! Haha!
6th - :iloveyou:
the last - HOLDING HANDS! :thumbsup :iloveyou: *faints happily*

CE Angels: Just found this on YouTube. Haha.

"Around 1:03, it was Chun's turn to speak and Ella caught his attention. But instead of speaking, he just smiled at his baby!" -uploader

“I, Meepee, do solemnly declare that I am one of CE fanatics and nothing in the world could give me doubts about CE. Anyone who dismisses CE's interactions will deserve a good kicking by me”
Happy posting CE Angels! :D

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#11 starburn



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Posted 19 August 2010 - 09:37 AM

whoops! Didn't know about posting 3 images only.
well, in that case let me post the remaining few here.

Posted Image
credits: weibo (woooo, how similar can they be!!!)

Posted Image
credits: weibo (Eye contact? hee^_^)

Posted Image
credits: weibo (chunnie, aw..how sweet.. although, the camera should be the front..but i love that!!!)

credits: weibo (btw..isn't that a little too close?? but i know its comfy!!! hee)

credits: weibo (seriously guys! I love this most! look at the watch, and their hands together!!! AH!!!!)

#12 purplemonster101



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Posted 19 August 2010 - 10:05 AM

OMG!So happy! Mariane, I knew it, you making our thread starter is and will always be a great idea!

Our thread is so freakin awesome! It looks so good! I can't stop staring at the first post, literally. :loool:

Wait need to make my oath, as usual. :harhar

“I, Marika, do solemnly declare that I am one of CE fanatics and nothing in the world could give me doubts about CE. Anyone who dismisses CE's interactions will deserve a good kicking by me”

And as I promised, I guess I'll be back on my usual self and post more often.

Secondly, the MENG NIU SCREENCAPS! Now who said Chun is a "married man" and Ella is taken by another man now? The screencaps explains it all. If they were really taken, one of them got cheated by the other half, or whatsoever rumors you say so, then how can anyone explain the screencaps? Or to make it more direct, how can they even interact like that? And once again, if people would still be blind or pretend to be one, then I guess it's their lose. They get the end of the strong. :loool: I'm so high because of the screencaps and really can't wait to see the video. This is just too awesome.

Before, I was like asking myself on when a MN BTS would arrive with CE tidbits in it and yet summer ended, school's 1st quarter exams passed by and nothing. But BAM. This happens. It's so surprising and so much of a mood lifter. :iloveyou: :thumbsup

Which reminds me, JMM! Ate Jo and Mira, and all the other comrades to our Kidnapping Mission. Don't tell me you forgot about it? Is it just me or do I remember that we all said that our mission will continue once something biggie happens? :tricky: Should this be included? The Opening of our new home and the MN screencaps and a BTS on the way is so much of a very good news already. So I guess, we need to review our plans right?

And Mommy M, You promised! A P-CE pic for me! :harhar clapclap clapclap :thumbsup

Betty Jie
, awesome work as usual. :thumbsup

Haven't done even 1/4 of my hws. Still so happy.

#13 josellezkiee



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Posted 19 August 2010 - 12:08 PM

Hi Angels! hows everyone? still remember me? hehehe...

Congrats to our 12th Xinwo! yipeee.. anyway, I`ll take my oath.. lolz..

“I, Joselle, do solemnly declare that I am one of CE fanatics and nothing in the world could give me doubts about CE. Anyone who dismisses CE's interactions will deserve a good kicking by me”

and lolz.. I was really churprise about the screencaps.. unsual.. no one can beat their own world lah..hahaha

Marika... oh.. I dinn forget about it.. hahaha!

mariane.. love love our new home. always THE BEST ever..hehehe

mommy!.. miss you! how are you? can you give some of your perverty stuffs of CE? lolz.. miss miss it! muahhh!!

baby betty!.. baby..wow.. awesome creation as always.. saw it on FB! wapak!

hi to all Angels from xin wo 11... esp. on the last pages of part 11.. hehehe.. I`m joselle by the way. welcome to our xin wo! muaahhh!!!

#14 lourence(^.^)



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Posted 19 August 2010 - 12:34 PM

kyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!! :yeah :drool congratulations to all of us for the new chapter!! I'm so happy lah!
thanks to mariane for the starter! I'm really touched! NO ONE CAN BEAT CE! :pleh

I'll gonna take my oath again! hehe

I, Lourence, do solemnly declare that I am one of CE fanatics and nothing in the world could give me doubts about CE. Anyone who dismisses CE's interactions will deserve a good kicking by me!

leslie and keleisha: wahhh...thanks for sharing the screencaps! it really made my day! Gossh..so there's a BTS? kyaaa...I'm excited to watch it!

ok guys..I need to end my post here! I'll be back later! ( I need to review for our exams 2moro)


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#15 mcleen


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Posted 19 August 2010 - 01:22 PM

yeayyy!!! finally we're in our 12th Xin Wo .. huhuh !! now , before anything ..let me take my oath first

" I , Leen do solemnly declare that I am one of CE fanatics and nothing in the world could give me doubts about CE. Anyone who dismisses CE's interactions will deserve a good kicking by me!"

I still can't do any reply , will have to leave after to do something very important , but then just can't help posting right now ..

Mariane~ thanks a lot for the amazing thread opening .. you did such a good job as usual , dearie .. love all the gifs and infos included .. *huggles* ..btw , if it's possible can u please include my CLP that I posted in the previous thread ? huhuh..I've checked the CLP in the spoiler and seems that mine is not included yet.. since it's already posted recently , I'll include it in the spoiler below ..


reading all the CLP contributed by Angels touched my heart dearly coz they bring back lots of sweet memories on CE ... huhuh..

Angels~ huhuh..seems that we're now waiting patiently for the latest MN's BTS to be released..I've just checked out ce,cn and wheee!! Fahrenheit and S.H.E has another new MN's CF , so I guess tonight we'll get to watch both new CF together with the BTS .. only the radio version is out at the moment , once the video is out I'll try to post it right here or maybe Mariane , Leslie or other Angels that is online would post it right here .. here's the audio for the latest MN's CF

Fahrenheit and S.H.E's Latest Meng Niu CF ( audio only)


credits : ce.cn and uploader

based on what I've listened to ,it's seems that our beloved CE are still the main lead for the new CF ..huhuh!!! if only I can understand what was mentioned in the CF ..ok , Angels!! keep on posting , kay!

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#16 Precious Pua

Precious Pua


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Posted 19 August 2010 - 02:19 PM

Congratz Guys! We are now on PART 12! :yeah

Before anything else, here's my oath!

“I, Precious, do solemnly declare that I am one of CE fanatics and nothing in the world could give me doubts about CE. Anyone who dismisses CE's interactions will deserve a good kicking by me”

Btw, I just want to shared this pic! Wahh~ I can just imagine CE having a concert together. Only the two of them... Having a duet together! And maybe Chun can propose! That's so gonna be so sweet! :iloveyou:

Posted Image

Mariane , You did a great job! It's so cute! I love how you made the part 12! CE rocks!

btw, love the MN CF BTS pics! OMG! Wahhh~ Why is Ella smiling cheekily there?! Something happened im sure! I so can't wait for the video! Wahh~ Why can't they just release it?!

Oh and I wonder what made Ella angry? I think Chun really did something. Unless they are acting? Coz from what I see, H and S are kind of worried and shock? Now I'm just not sure with Calvin's expression. It's quite blurred. I think he's about to say something.

Mizuki , Love the pics you shared! And I so agree w/ you! It really doesn't matter how fast we can move on the threads but it's how long we can have faith and love CE!

btw, love the lines you made from those pics! hehehe...

chunellagurl3 . Love the cute pic of CE! Tnx for sharing!

starburn , Tnx for sharing the pics! I'm really wondering what happen to CE right there... I mean the first pic. Are they acting or is it real?

CE are just so cute! I love it when Chun copied Ella on what she did on ZSTS mv bts. They can't even help but take a glance at each other.

Meep , Tnx for sharing the vid.! Indeed Chun lost his words! :loool: Well I'm not pretty surprise since whenever Ella is there or when talking about her, he often lost his words and stutter. LOL

Betty Jie , Love the artwork you made! It's so true... No one can beat the one and only CE!

Leen , Ohh~ Another MN CF? And the BTS is out soon? OMG! I'm so excited to see it! and the latest CF! CE are the leads again! hehe... Love it!

#17 enairam11


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Posted 19 August 2010 - 02:40 PM

Angels, I am really glad to know that you all liked our TS for Part 12! ;)

Some reps...

Betty Jie, as usual, your works are amazing!!!

Precious, I am also wondering what made Ella angry or is she acting only. Hehehe. Well, we will all know once the BTS is released. I'm so excited to finally watch it!!

Leen, omg, I'm sorry I forgot to include your CLP ^_^* I will add it ASAP!!! And wow, another CF huh? Can't wait!!!

Here's the YT version of the clip Leen posted. And as Leen said it's only audio. Hope to see the real CF and BTS soon! =DD

credits: ninazmm @ youku / kimuchi08

#18 ~Betty~



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Posted 19 August 2010 - 02:53 PM

Ahhh!!! Leen and Mariane! Thanks for sharing! I hate youku cause it never plays the video completely everytime! And when I try going youtube to search for it, haha, Mariane had uploaded it!

Here's a bit of trans about the recording: (somehow similar to the previous mengniu clip)


SHE: Wei! Fei Lun Hai! Why did our vegetables gone?

Calvin (I think it's Calvin's voice or maybe Aaron, not sure): Wu Zun, S.H.E arrived here!

Wu Zun: Hah? This is my Meng Niu Suan Suan Ru oh, the vegetables inside are not yours!

(Here comes the sound of narrator...)

Ella: Hmp! I say it's mine means it's mine! Faster hand it over!

(Narrator again...)


Gaaaaaaahhhhh! After the screencap, here comes the recording! Today is my day! Haha! CE is the lead again~! Meng Niu loves CE so much!!!

#19 enairam11


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Posted 19 August 2010 - 03:19 PM

You're welcome Betty Jie! And thank you also for the translation!!! :cheekkiss: Hehehe, yes, it's quite the same as the previous CF but this time not only Ella's MN drink is missing but also SH's :P LOL. And it's really funny how Aaron (I think it's him) calls Chun when shE suddenly search for their vegetables. Well, who do you search for when your food/drink goes missing?! Of course it's Chunnie! :loool: And who's the only who will dare to snatch Chunnie's food? Ella!!! :lol: I really really want to see the CF and BTS now!!

#20 ~Betty~



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Posted 20 September 2010 - 05:01 PM


I’ve been waiting for so long and finally our NEW XIN WO is unlock again~! So happy we finally reached here again! Forget the bad times and look forward to our future happy times! CE Angels~, please start posting here soon okay? I know there aren’t a lot of us have time to come here but at least post once in awhile okay? I miss so many of you who are so busy with their studies...

"What matters is not the amount of posts you posted but the amount of love that you put in on our lovely couple~!" Stay healthy CE Angels~!

I will be back to reply the comments from our part 11 soon~!


Here’s one to share about Chunnie’s blog before I go to sleep:

Posted Image

I’m sure everyone is going to scream when Chunnie posted another mushroom pic again~! And this time additional, ‘Fav. Mushroom soup make my day:-)’ with the pic! It seems that baobei is only Chunnie’s medicine that can cure his illness and troubles!

Posted Image

Another one! Chun with a baby picture! (I think I got the wrong meaning that Chunnie carrying the baby but I think it was Calvin the one carrying it since it fits Calvin's clothes more than Chun's. Probably Chunnie's the camera man~! Love taking baby pics!) But either way, Chun still posted a picture up like this! I’ve merged it with Ella’s version carrying a baby in her recent heme event~! Oh my god, I was shocked to see Chunnie uploading a picture like this just right after baobei carried a baby and now he wants to copycat her? And it’s also a sign that saying, ‘I want to have a baby with you!’. And he even adding saying he wants his baby to be like that baby on the pic? Kyaaaaa~! Chun never fails to amaze us isn’t it? He surprised me so much in a day by uploading hints here and there and EVERYWHERE!


Calling the attention of Chun!

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#21 starburn



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Posted 20 September 2010 - 05:01 PM

Yay! First to message from a fresh new re-opening of Part 12! ^_^ Remember to take the oath sweeties!!! (edit: Betty beat me to it! hee!! way to go!!)

moar love of updates!


Posted Image
How similar can that be huh? And how similar! Both of them were taken today!! ^_^ telepathic...
Or are they sending to one another messages this way??? =XXX

Posted Image

Posted Image

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Posted 20 September 2010 - 05:21 PM

Hi CE angels! how's everyone here? hehe.. still remember me? I missed everyone! hehe

BTW, I`ve always visit AF whenever I have time.., but not posting..sorry.. hehe... and FINALLY the new thread is open! :) I`ve been always looking forward for this..for updates of course..and sorry for being away for months? hehehe...

anyways, for newbies.. I`m Joselle.. you can call me jo for short. thanks for making CE thread ftw! hehe.. *huggles*

baby betty! omy! major major love your post..so cute.. chun posted that in his blog? i feel that, he really wants to have a baby soon.. ehem, i think, ella and chun should talk about having a baby..maybe after, Ella movie yea?..hahaha! chuvachuchu! <3

starburn..awww.. thanks for the Copycat effects of CE.. how I missed this one. the last one, eating a bread? major major like!!! thanks for sharing! <3

to my buddies here, mommy, marika, mira, ate les, leen jie, and everyone..,..IMY all.. hehe..keep CE thread FTW! nanayt everyone..

now signing off.. :D

#23 am_starstruck2CE



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Posted 20 September 2010 - 06:43 PM

Good morning CE Angels!...Whoa, I'm so overwhelmed we're back to Part 12! - OUR NEW XIN WO!...This is my first post here (I was kinda disappointed before when I was not able to post so...Hope, I'm not dreaming)....everyday, I always visit our new home if it was already unlocked...so this is it, I'm not dreaming anymore...our hard work have paid off!...miss you all guys! Thanks also to the mods!

Well, before I got so intoxicated from happiness, here's my oath:

"I, May a.k.a. am_starstruck2CE do solemnly declare that I am one of CE fanatics and nothing in the world could give me doubts about CE. Anyone who dismisses CE's interactions will deserve a good kicking by me!"

Burn: I agree, the B & R strikes back again, it seems that Ella is indeed wearing the B & R at Sydney...

Betty: Mushroom soup, again???...Chun surely miss her Baobei so much...


CE, you always surprised us with your endless hints....the baby pictures!!!...so love your hints both of you!...Ella carrying a baby in her recent Heme event and Chun taking lots of baby pics and not only that uploading them just right after her Baobei's pics of carrying the baby!!!...Hhhmmm, I bet both of you can't deny it...could it be you're both already preparing for parenthood????....and Chunnie, you don't have to be so obvious about your baby being born to be chubby 'coz I'm sure , the baby will inherit Baobei's chubby cheeks...and Ella dear, take note of what Chun said "so chubby..I want my baby to be like him!" Chun, is it an indirect way of saying "I want to have a baby with you!' and Ella, carrying the baby pic implying "Chunnie Honey, I would always love to be a mother to all your children"...hehehe...


It's feels so good to be back home!...Again, what a fresh start...guys we are on again for another journey...hope to be with you until the next one! and our battlecry???..NO ONE CAN BEAT CE AND CE ANGELS!

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#24 Niki3E



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Posted 21 September 2010 - 12:14 AM

Every1 says i should post in Part 12
so im trying (for the 3rd time)

I noticed since H's Solo album
our Lovely Ella and Selina are lyk amazing and H keeps messing up (<3 Ella)
i guess it will b soon S.E. - (Side Note Selina and Ella would be an amazing duo band- not a h fan)
(CHUN and Da Dong would LOVE That)

Super Hot??
I read an eng sub verison that was so not Fei Fei(it wuz lyk :thumbdown )
If CE is dating (which they are hehe) then if i were ELLA, i might b mad at CHUN 4 that MV

The bread post was so cute CE and bread :)
In math i hav to keep hav 2 writing CE and i see peaCE everywhere
ChunElla lives on FOREVER :iloveyou:
“I, Niki, do solemnly declare that I am one of CE fanatics and nothing in the world could give me doubts about CE. Anyone who dismisses CE's interactions will deserve a good kicking by me”
I think that all, well i gotta go do homework, ill try to stay out of the lurking mode and post more.
Bye CE Angels
Posted Image

eep. it posted finally :) :iloveyou: :iloveyou:

Edited by Niki (CE), 21 September 2010 - 12:16 AM.

#25 mizuki1121



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Posted 21 September 2010 - 01:32 AM

yaaaay!!!!! We are finally back to PART 12!!!!! Let's make our xinwo happier and merrier!!!

First of all,

Dear mods, Thanks for your big help!! We really appreciate it!

waaa~ CE Angels~!! Do you know how much I missed you all and our xinwo? I totally missed discussion about CE!!

Posted Image

Betty~!! You beat me!..lol..The pics of mussshhrooommm and the one Chun with the chubby baby!!! You know, he dropped a mega hint for us again!!

Just read his comment under the pic, he said "so chubby..i want my baby to be like him..hahaa!"

Then Betty~ Do you remember our convos before he uploaded the pic?

Yup, I think he also mentioned he like round girls and very comfortable to touch! Just take it that Ella in Hana Kimi, she actually has those chubby cheeks isn't it? The scene where Quan kissed Rui Xi, I can actually see her little chubby cheeks so adorably… hehe… Ella's cheeks has always been a little chubby to me… not exactly like baby fats but something like baby fats that can't disappear because in the beginning she already has those chubby cheeks. Sometimes I always imagine Chun imagines kissing and hugging his baobei...

yep,yep, not only you and me, but also Chun and all CE Angels love Ella's chubby cheeks in HK..lol..can't help but kiss her cheeks if I could..lol...So I really understand how Chunnie feels when he glues to her. Looks like he has to fight against his desires like he wanna hold her tight and kiss her whenever looking at her..lol..

OMG! I couldn't have more confident that Chun visited Part 11 and read our convo, then he replied! Or how come did he upload the pic suddenly? yep,yep..In my yying, there're two meanings. One is his reply for us and the other is obviously his message or request for his wife...lol..

aww.. have to go. CE Angels~ have a lovely day!

Jo~ May~ pepper~ Niki~ burn~ I'll reply later, ok?

Edited by mizuki1121, 21 September 2010 - 04:45 AM.

#26 lourence(^.^)



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Posted 21 September 2010 - 02:57 AM

yessssssssssssssssss!! finally :yeah :yeah :loool: clapclap

I love the latest blog posts of our dear CE!! "HINT HINT HINT!" OMG!.. I really missed being in a P-CE mode!
well,..it came back! ahaha....I'm sooooo inlove!! :iloveyou: :iloveyou: :iloveyou: :iloveyou: :iloveyou:

btw, I just want to share this cute mv made by xianel! I'm so inspired lah! ♥

here's the other one..it was shared in the previous thread already but it's really cute!~ I love watching it!

_goshhh.....Chunnie's BIG DAY is coming soon! OMG!!! I really hope for a BIG happening too!~ :iloveyou: :iloveyou:

_off to do some other things! I'll be back later :)

Edited by lourence(^.^), 21 September 2010 - 03:23 AM.

#27 enairam11


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Posted 21 September 2010 - 03:22 AM

Woohoo!!! We finally reached part 12!!! Finally!!! :yeah :yeah :yeah Sorry that I have been MIA and didn't help push Part 11. I've been busy with school and all that. =P

I`ve taken my path already but I want to take it again because of Part 12`s reopening =D

“I, Mariane, do solemnly declare that I am one of CE fanatics and nothing in the world could give me doubts about CE. Anyone who dismisses CE's interactions will deserve a good kicking by me”

Betty, thanks for sharing those pics!!! Mushroom soup again!!! Awww, I'm sure Chunnie misses his own "mwuashroom". Hehehe. :P

Haha, that's s cute of Chun wishing to have a baby as chubby as the one he took a photo of. CE are very fond of babies. They should just get married faster so they could make lots and lots of adorable little Chunnie and little Ella. :pleh Chun, go marry Ella now and have a baby as chubby as that one! XD

starburn, thanks for the pics also! Love the firts one! CE are so adorable pouting! Is Ella making Chun jealous by showing the food? LOL. :lol: And the second pic :loool: Ella looks really sexy with the bunny ears but Chun just looks so hilarious and cute at the same time! XDDD

And wow, CE now have a copycat of eating/biting bread also? Haha! =DDD

Niki, I like the collage you made. So pretty. :)

Mizuki, we're finally back to our home eh? XD Love your work too! Love the quote you used~ :D

So before I go here's a new MV that I made. Though It's kinda a sad MV, I still hope you like it! =DDD


credits: kimuchi08

#28 Peppermint_618



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Posted 21 September 2010 - 04:59 AM

YAY part 12 is unlocked, about time now. Good job everyone for keeping CE strong as ever and sharing an spreading CE love all around. So DWL didn't get nominated for the GBA, I wonder why because I thought it was good.
So the latest I heard about Ella's movie was that it would be a black martial arts comedy (what's a black martial arts comedy anyways?) and Ella will be somewhat like a Cinderella of the Ming dynasty participating in the Concubine Election. Originally they were supposed to start filming next month but it's going to be postponed again. Maybe my wish and Leslie is coming true and they're waiting for Chun to finish SA so he can film with Ella in her movie. I really wish for Chunella to meet again and have interactions. Have a great day CE Angels!

News Credit to: selinahebeella news blog spot.

#29 mizuki1121



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Posted 21 September 2010 - 05:52 AM

CE Angels~ Hi again,I'm back..lol..seems like I have a lot of things to talk with you..lol..actually I realized myself how much am into CE, CE Angels, and our xinwo when I waited for reopening here.

BTW, Angels~ you know what..

Here're my reps from Part 11

yeah, I really hope CE will go out together like Japanese idol couples do.

lour~ Thanks for sharing the vids! waa...really love them!! Both vids are sooo sweet!

May~ ooh, your first post here?! I understand how you felt when you waited part 12 to be unlocked.I agree with your suggestion! yep, "Calling the Attention of CE!" is really suitable for part 12!

Jo~ Where have you been? I missed you a lot! Keep on posting, OK?

Niki~ ooh, you did it!! I really love your collage like I said in part 11. They are all sweet moments of CE!

burn~ Thanks for sharing the copycats of CE!! The first one, haha..CE pouting lips are soo cute. Then, ooh, CE with bunny hairbands! the last one, I've never seen it. CE with toasts are posing in the same way..lol..the pics made me laugh..lol..

mariane~!! yep,yep, really happy we are finally back to our amazing home you made! OMG!! Your new vid is super lovely! I totally love it! sad..but sweet. Chun's expressions from his new MV and Ella's from her MVs are definitely matching! Thanks for sharing!

Speaking of Chun's new MV with Patty, I just read an article about it. While writing the story, he decided about the ending like the two were separated in the end. I wonder why.. why Chun? How about Ella's 2 MVs? They did not have happy endings, either. For CE, it's only my personal Angel with happy ending, right? Isn't there any meaning there?..lol...

just wanna share this lovely work found somewhere,
Posted Image
credit:original uploader

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#30 purplemonster101



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Posted 21 September 2010 - 10:29 AM

ANGEEEELLLS! It's as if I'm slowly slipping away from all of you already....NOT. :harhar

I actually don't know where to start already. Somehow missed posting here and so many thinmgs changed. Well sort of. Like for example, the newbies aren't newbies at all already. And the CE Language/Encyclpedia thingo that you guys were doing. Haha!

Btw, Congrats on the unlocking of our Part 12! Finally. We moved in again in our new homey. I'm pretty sure there'll be more to come and we'd stay strong as usual.

Betty!Betty!Betty! :excited I'm so excited. Haven't talked to you for like centuries already. Saw that in Chunnie's blog! How I missed seeing mushroom soups and everything related to mushrooms. You don't know how much torture it is for me not to be able to update myself that much already and not to see CE stuffs just because I need to force myself in viewing school textbooks and assignments. Haha! BUt I'mm glad now. And the babies. LOL. Can't help but get hyper.Seeing those babies makes me wanna do JMM's mission of kidnapping them and making the two of them do the you know what thing.

Ate Jo! Ate Jo! Ate Jo! Not missing you... :innocent Joke. Just kidding. LOL. But I always see your posts in FB that's why. But even though. I miss my CE talks with you. Especially about the kidnapping project! Speaking of which, Mira! Where are you? Look at me, I'm technically present today. Hah!

Mariane! Mariane! Mariane! LOL. Thank you so much for sharing that MV. It was really an awesome one. Seeing CE vids such as those literally completes my day. As always. I mean, who wouldn't be happy seeing those? Though up to know, I'm really, and still and will too be hoping for a CE collab or a CE BTS or whatsoever. Really miss them.

Mommy M! Mommy M! Mommy M! Please help me get over of such hyperness of repeating all of your names for my indi replies to you. Haha! But tell me, who wouldn't? Anyway, was skimming over Part 11 and saw your shout out. Didn't actually notice at all that I was visible under the online list. haha! Missed you so much! Oh! And first, I'M BACK! :yeah :yeah Somehow..Haha! But I guess the JMM mission and the other stuffs are still in hiatus. :innocent You see, CE, both of them, the chairman of the agency assigned us to other tasks first, to spazz over stuffs and imagine things. I kidna have a feeling they're planning something. *hints* :loool: LOL. Just kidding. Btw, congrats on your work! I feel so proud of my mommy seeing that Chun posted your work. I was actually boasting it awhile ago to my friend. Haha. Okay, too much happiness.

Am I too late for this? Haha, Wanna share my insights with Patty's MV with Chun. All I can say is that the MV was super duper amazing. Seeing it made me contented since both did their jobs well in portraying their respective characters. Though it would have been nice if both CE were the leads, I still would prefer the two of them having a movie/drama together than in an MV. LOL. But from the looks of it right now, I think I should sleep first and dream about it. We never know, it might come true. Just need to possess the heads of their company and make CE do some work together. Joke. Haha!

Such a short reply. I feel ashamed of myself. :whack

Anyway, still need to do tons of works. Angels! Till the next time I post!

#31 am_starstruck2CE



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Posted 21 September 2010 - 08:42 PM

Good morning CE Angels!

Mizuki: Yeah! I'm really glad part 12 was already unlocked......

Betty: Whhooaa, so fast (you could beat Ruixi as the fastest track and field runner in Hanakimi...hehehe)...imagine beating us all in posting that mushroom soup and CE with the baby pics ....

Pepper: So, Ella's filming of her movie will be postponed????...hhmmm, could they be waiting for Chun's sked???...


Niki: Glad that finally, you made it (posting your collage!)...just like CE, NEVER GIVE UP!

Mariane: Yes, finally were on part 12...before anything else, I would like to congratulate you for the lovely Xin Wo you made for part 12...great job!!!

Burn: Thanks for the CE copycat pose especially the one showing CE eating the bread!

Here's my CE Convo Pic (CECP) for the 3 pics you posted:
Pic 1:
Ella: Hey Chunnie, can you see this dumplings???
Chun: Yah, you're so lucky you got to eat one of my favorite food..
Ella: Don't worry, I'll cook one for you when we see each other...
Chun: Promise???
Ella: Of course…Muhwaah!
Chun: Mmuhwaah!

Pic 2:
Ella: (with her sexy stares to Chun) Hey Chun, how do I look with this bunny head dress???
Chun: Well, let me see….You look sexy as ever...how about me???
Ella: Oh, you look like Ah gui…
Chun: WHAT!!!
Ella: JOKE…Chun, with or without that bunny head dress…you are the most handsome guy I have ever met here on Earth…I LOVE YOU!

Pic 3:
Ella: Hey Chun, wanna bite this bread??
Chun: Nah, I have mine…
Ella: I think your bread looks tastier…
Chun: Do you think you so???
Ella: Yah, 'coz I can see butter spread on it…
Chun: I think there's more tastier than this bread…
Ella: What is it??
Chun: SECRET!!!
Ella: C'mon, I want some of it…
Chun: You can't!
Ella: Why not???
Chun: ‘Coz the one more tastier than this bread is none other than YOU…YOU…AND NOTHING ELSE BUT YOU!!! (My note: Oh Chun, you're so sweet to your Baobei!)

HEY guys…I hope you don't mind …you would notice me and some other CE Angels, if I'm not mistaken (it's Mizuki) already tried to post CE Convo Pic (CECP) in Part 11, so I might as well formally introduce this other project which I will call CE Convo Pic (CECP) here in Part 12:


Description/Definition: CE conversation/talk (reel or real) which could relate, describe or depict the CE pictures or photos posted….(Note: The CE conversation or convo topic may be made up as long as it suits the picture)…JIA YOU, everyone, I know we can make it since CE Angels are very creative and delusional…hehehe….



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Posted 21 September 2010 - 09:45 PM

Mizuki: Oh my goodness! Chun really notice you doesn't he? Did you posted your creation here or somewhere else? That really proves that Chun really does visit our thread and read our posts and our little conversations with each other. Come on Angels let's keep urging him to marry Ella. Hahah just kidding, I knows Stars are always busy and pressured so when he's ready, he'll reveal it. I would be really excited if a big star caught their eye on my art work so congrats to you. Looks like you have good luck with stars since Chun took notice of your artwork and your posts about Okinawa before. Keep encouraging CE so that when Chun notice your posts again, he'll be more encouraged to officially be with Ella or even share his secret with us.

#33 myinfan26



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Posted 22 September 2010 - 12:55 AM


Congrats to our 12th Xinwo! clapclap :thumbsup

Hi Angels! hows everyone? still remember me? hehehe...
Before anything else i would like to to my oath.

“I myinfan26 do solemnly declare that I am one of CE fanatics and nothing in the world could give me doubts about CE. Anyone who dismisses CE's interactions will deserve a good kicking by me

BTW, I`ve always visit AF veryday before starting work though i hardly post and for that sorry.. hehe... and FINALLY the new thread is open! I`ve been always looking forward for this.. and for more updates of course..

Like everyone im very happy to see lots of hints given by CE couple though indirect but really hitting something like the Continues wearing of their couple watch.., the mushroom pics and the lates was the bayby pics... looks like they been planning to have bayby one in the near future..

it seems that we're now waiting patiently for the latest MN's BTS to be released and that our beloved CE are still the main lead for the new CF clapclap
Hope to see it.. when will it be..

thats for now angels...

Angels!! keep on posting

I Love CE..

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Posted 22 September 2010 - 02:10 AM

Good morning CE Angels~ How nice to be here in our xinwo! Anyway, just dropped by with some reps before I'm offPosted Image

Oh, really? DWL wasn't nominated in the Awards? that's a bit disappointing..then, CE didn't attend there?Posted Image

marika~ marika~ marika~!!!!! You're back!!Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image yep, I knew you sometimes visited part 11 since I saw you below but you didn't show upPosted Image What's going on your partners? Jo~ is back though, how about mira?
aww..forgot to give this to her yesterday..Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image ←here' re Jo~'s, please send her..lol..anyway, I really miss our convo about the CE kidnapping project by JMM. We made those posters, right? Maybe, we have to produce another project for CE since Part 12 started. Or JMM will be disbanded? ooh, thanks for congrat me. I'm really happy that he liked my fanart..lol..on the flip side, feeling a bit sorry since he can't pick up my CE works. I wonder CE will upload my CE works someday when admit their relationship in public..but how soon will it be..huhu..

May~ I love your ideas for CE!yep, I'm willing to join "CECP"..but I don't think I will do as nice as you do because of my poor English..still, I'll try to do my best..lol..BTW, your new CECPs with pics shared by burn~ are soo cute and funny..lol..


yeah, maybe, he recognizes me by the fanarts of CE and of him..lol..I have to urge him to marry to Ella asap..lol..CE jia you! Gamba~!!

infan~ Welcome back! Let's keep on posting!

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#35 mcleen


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Posted 22 September 2010 - 03:57 PM

hello all CE Angels .... wahh!! finally , we're on our 12th thread ... huhuh...am soo sooo soo happy ... am really sorry for "disappearing" for such a long time .. had very hectic life just before the fasting month till now ..by the way , though I haven't post anything , I've always lurk in this thread and am very grateful to all our beloved Angels that post dilligently so that we can be here by now ... :) . Betty , Keleisha , Sis May , Leslie , Mariane , Marika , Meepee , Mizuki , Peppermint and everyone..thanks .. :) .

actually , I've just logged in and checked out ce.cn ... ehehe .. have just read something that actually made me smile ... huhuh .. oh , I'm soo happy that Chun updated his album with those pictures of the chubby cute baby ...ekekee.. thanks Betty for sharing them right here .ehehe ..and then somehow , I saw Ella updated her weibo with picture of her holding a chubby baby too today ..ehehe, I just can't help giggling , is this just a co incidence again or what ...here's the picture that Ella posted in her weibo today ..

Posted Image
credits : ce.cn

ehehe .. I was even thinking , is it the same baby because of their chubbiness ....ekeke ..just pure yy'ing right here ...


another thing is , I've just read the news about Chun and rabbit yesterday ..I seriously don't understand the content of the news because it's the news published by Apple Daily and it's written by one the reporter that I hate the most ..she has always wrote not so nice things about Chun and Ella before .. there's also a picture of Chun wearing the "rabbit mask" ? (haha , sorry , I don't know the appropriate term for this item) , and then somehow today Ella also updated her weibo wearing such cute mask too ... ekeke.. is this another co incidence or Ella was teasing Chun right there , I don't know coz I don't understand anything but then I really find both of them are very cute with the rabbit thingy ...

here's the picture of Chun wearing it
Posted Image

also the news accompanying the picture


I'm pretty sure the reporter made fun of Chun coz CE fans of ce.cn are very mad about this news .. and oh the picture that Ella posted in her weibo

Posted Image


credits : ce.cn

since I don't understand anything , I guess I have to wait for Betty or Keleisha to translate briefly what the news said about Chun and also what did Ella say about her rabbit picture .. ehehe . who knows there maybe some connection between Chun's news and Ella's latest message..err , but then if the news really said not so nice things about Chun , just include the nice thing that reporter said ... .btw , just wanna share that Chun once again made CE fans very happy during one of the "Super Hot" promo event few days ago .. :) .

Mizuki~ huhuh...Chun posted your artwork! congratulations , dearie! yerp , he sure reads the things that we've discussed in our postings....thanks a lot for sharing your conversation about baby and I do believe it somehow encourages him to post up the baby's picture ..ekeke.. love love love it when he said that he wants his baby to be chubby like that too (ehehe.. when he said "baby" , could it be that he was also referring to "Baobei" ? :P).. there are so many times already Chun dropped hints indirectly that he knows what we've discussed right here and I am absolutely happy with his hints ..

Mariane~ your latest CE MV is soo nice ..though it's a sad MV , I love the sequences that you include in it ... :) . good job , dearie!

Betty, Marika and Mizuki ~


Sis May

before I log off , just want to let Angels know that I'm very happy of how we're still right here rooting for CE for more than 4 years .. I don't care about what other people say anymore , what I know is , I believe in what I see and what I've "gone through" being a CE fans ... love you all Angels!! ok then , have to go right now ..have fun and happy posting ...

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Posted 22 September 2010 - 04:03 PM

Halu ANGELS! g`evening to all. :'>

Mariane!~ i major major love the MV, i already watched it yesterday. Though is kinda sad, I still loved it. <3 and because of that MV, i missed CE together. >.<

mommy!~ hehehe.. i dunno where..hehehe..jk. okay mom, i`ll try my best to keep in touch here with you guys..hehe.. and ahahaha! i received my bum smacks already. I thought you forgot..hehehe.. NO NO! JMM will NOT disband.. (marika! tomooh ba english koh? lol) and yea, before anything else.. hahaha.. i just saw your spoiler up there mom! and i was.. WAHHHHH... chun posted your fan art in his blog! chunnie love you!!! harhar.. major major love it! hehehe...

marika! marika! marikaaaa!!!~ hahaha! i hate you for not missing me! (charot!;))) hahaha! yeah, i`m active in fb. hihi..;) yea me too, tho we always see each other in fb, we did not talk because your too busy! LOL!:))

may!~ hey..love the convo of CE in the pic.. i was smiling all the time I`m reading it. How sweet..i imagine something! lol!

mira!~ baby! where are you? we just chat in fb yea? hahaha! IMY!

good night angels.. mwahhh!

signing off

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Posted 22 September 2010 - 04:19 PM

HELLOOOOOOO ANGELS! OMAIGODDDDD, all thanks to one of my evil partner, Jo for IM-ing me in fb. lol XD so today.. i decided to make my comeback here, not really a comeback though, maybe just saying hye, and taking oath, before someone strip my clothes off :tricky: and ohh, before i take my oath, i'm gonna say this out loud!

Posted Image

and now, time for taking my oath, hiks :tricky:

“I, Mira, do solemnly declare that I am one of CE fanatics and nothing in the world could give me doubts about CE. Anyone who dismisses CE's interactions will deserve a good kicking by me

now, time for the sweetest reunion with my angels!

Mariane , thanks a lot for starting off our xin wo part 12. im smiling widely reading throughout the starter thread. even all the projects done were included. and was blushing too reading CALLING ATTENTION OF CHUN. lol XD omg.. ive been abandoning our home for sooo long :((( i'm so damn sorry!

Mizuki Jie , ohhh my beloved jie.. how could you disband JMM? plis nooooo! :( we're just on hiatus. lol. now i dont care anymore how many lovesmacks you're gonna give out to me since i know i deserved to be punished. huhu. i miss you so much. and yup, congrats that chun posted your fanart! this makes me remember once he posted in his blog someone's fanart you posted here.. hehehee, you remember right? hehe~ :tricky: i hope he's still spying on our xin wo =D

Marika & Jo jie, , omg dearie. haha. how could both of you make your comeback without even telling me? :noclue and yup, i'm feeling the same way as you too. seriously.. i dont know what to post, and i keep clinging to Jo jie about this. haha. lol.. CE language/encyclopedia, seems like i'm really really LOST!! could somebody mind to explain to me what's this project's all about? :unsure: pretty pleaseeee?

Betty baby
, oh oh my baby! lol. i dont miss you that much since we've just on convos last week right? keke XD im so proud since you're still here posting. keke~ thanks for sharing the updates on chun's album. haha.

ohhhh and hye to precious, kak leen, lourence, and all angels. didnt forget to newbies too. hope you guys didnt forget me!! *bows*


Jo jie
, hahaha i'm here already lahh!! =PP

Kak Leen , akakkkkkkkkkkkkkkk! omg.. rinduu gila! huhu.. thanks for sharing ella's pic with the baby, as well as bunny chun ella pics too.. coincidence.. i think not, but if it's still a coincidence, this is what we called as fate.. intuition should we call it? both of them looks soooo damn cute being the bunny. tehheeee :tricky:

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#38 ~Betty~



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Posted 22 September 2010 - 04:24 PM

Hi CE ANGELS~! I was not supposed to post for today as well because I am very busy but I can’t help after seeing a video of Chunnie and Ella’s latest photo in her weibo!

Posted Image
Fahrenheit has this event of celebrating mid-year autumn celebration with fans and all four of them had to act as a character… Chun happened to be the rabbit! What most surprising is that Chun even added in, ‘I want to be rabbit lah~!’ in a ‘I love rabbit’ tone and then added an excuse, ‘Because Aaron had experience it already…’. Look at how cute Chunnie jumped in the screencap! Haha~!

Chun: I jump. I jump. I jump jump jump! Baobei, am I cute?(LOL~!)

Edit: Since this one has been shared above, I've changed it into a link...

As for Ella, look, she ‘happened’ to take a pic of a rabbit of herself too. Maybe some would say it’s only a coincidence Chun happened to be a rabbit but why do Chun had to say ‘I want to be the rabbit.’ as if he REALLY wants to show someone wearing that rabbit ears? Fishy huh?

By the way, look at Chun who was jumping in the capscreen above. Look at his mouth shape. I can't see clearly but it seems that his shape mouth is the same shape as Ella did in this rabbit picture! Haha!

Edit: Since this one has been shared above, I've changed it into a link...

And this one~! Is this a reply to Chunnie, ‘I want to have a baby with you too~!’? Haha, I’m yying so much but this is just too cute! Both CE just obsessed with babies and rabbits lately huh?

Edited: just realized mcleen shared it already... hehe…

Peppermint, every word of yours, I agree with it! As simple as it seems, Rainie and Chun will seem to be impossible to be with each other in real life of course. Although Rainie said before she had always wanted to work with Chun, I do not think she had wanted to go further than co-worker. It’s pretty obvious that they haven’t produced any sparks yet for now.

starburn, hehe. I was shocked either… we posted on the same timing! Lol! And love the Copycat Effects of CE! So similar!!! Haha, love the rabbit ears! CE are so addicted to rabbit lately!

joselle mommy, I missed you mommy~! Yup… our Chunnie posted that in his blog! Surprised isn’t it? He can’t help but always post mushroom soup to tell us how much he missed his baobei! And he missed her so much that now he wants to have a baby with her! Love your new siggy mommy! Welcome back MOMMY!!!

Ate May, yup… Chunnie misses his wifey every single day! Can’t help but keep on posting hints non-stop! Haha.

Mizuki, of course I remembered our previous conversation!!! Hehe! Yeah, Chunnie must have read our thread by using an account we don’t know! Yup! Come on, just after I mentioned chubby, he used the word chubby too~! And just after Rainie said she’s mad of him calling her round, which can means chubby, he immediately posted a baby pic and called him chubby which relates to Ella who also carried babies recently! Haha!

I viewed Chun’s album yesterday and also finished watching the pics he uploaded. So this is the pic you did? Wow, so lucky! That’s because you posted it in Chun’s thread right?

Mariane, love your video! Yes… Chun’s hint lately is a way to express that he wants to get married and have a baby soon as he cannot wait any longer! 10.10.10 is coming!!! I remembered some CE fans used an online graphic to make a CE baby right? Haha, who knows Chun secretly used an online graphic software to merge his pic and ella’s pic to create a baby for himself? Haha!

Marika, WAH!!! I missed you so much! I was wondering where you’ve been… I understand it’s because of your studies… and school stuffs… yup!!! I was thinking how many times Chunnie had posted mushroom soup in his blog already? So many times I can’t even count or remember anymore!

mcleen, Ahhhh! I was typing almost till the end when I refreshed and saw you shared it in here too! Haha! The CE rabbit COUPLE! Hehe, as I mentioned above on this post, Chun happened to got the character of rabbit… but he added in saying he wants to be rabbit when he’s already the rabbit as if he is giving a hint! Now look at Ella, updating her pic like this! Haha!

mira mommy, I missed you too!!! Yeah... we didn't have much conversation... no problem! Hehe, now I'm as if I'm stalking Chun cause I can't help but think that he might give more hints lately as 10.10.10 is coming. Haha, really, he gave hints! Even Ella too!

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#39 am_starstruck2CE



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Posted 22 September 2010 - 07:17 PM

Good morning CE Angels: Whoaa, so many posts…I'm so happy to hear from you guys!

CE Angels (Jo, Marika, Mira, Leen): Welcome back! we're glad to hear from all of you....we all miss you here!...surely Part 12 is becoming sort of a reunion for CE Angels…..good luck on your studies and other fields of endeavor!

Leen: I'm just curious about your post “just wanna share that Chun once again made CE fans very happy during one of the "Super Hot" promo event few days ago…”…is it okay to share it here???

Mariane: Great video, yeah very well executed, though it's so sad, I still love it 'coz CE's the lead!..


Mizuki: OMG, congratulations....you lucky girl, isn't it???....you've been doing a good job that's why Chun notices your artwork and post so often and because of this, kindly make some artwork which will compel Chun to marry Ella....the CECP???...of course you can do it also….well since you're very good at P-CE Pics, I wonder if I can make some CECP on them…hehehehe…or shall I put it in the spoiler???

myinfan26: I agree...until now, CE Angels are waiting for the latest MN's BTS to be released...surely CE will still topbill any new MN CF, isn't it that MN is also one of the ardent CE Cupids????

Betty: really????...Chun did say “I want to be the rabbit”….could it be that he first saw Ella wearing the rabbit ears…so he decided to play the role of a rabbit???...well he has the options of playing other characters, but why of all characters/animals, he chose a rabbit???...Chun's mouth shape is not clear but it's kinda imitating the rabbits mouth (like what Ella did)…usually rabbits have this bucked tooth wherein the front teeth are supposed to be bigger that's why they can not close their lips completely…same with you, I have a feeling that Chunnie could have been referring to his Baobei based on his remarks “he wants his baby to be chubby like that too”….is Ella being to skinny nowadays that he has to remind her to take care of her health???...thereby reminding her that she should preserve her chubby cheeks….there are so many possibilities….so many yyings to be generated in these endless hints…but at the end of the day,it still boils down to CE missing each other so much!!!

Hello also to Pepper, Lour, Niki, Burn and other CE Angels...C'mon just say hello to the re-opening of our new Xin Wo...NO ONE CAN BEAT CE AND CE ANGELS!

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#40 Peppermint_618



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Posted 22 September 2010 - 09:16 PM

Hello Angels! Good afternoon to everyone! I just wanted to stop by to say HELLO like May said. Glad our new Xin Wo is open again and we can refuel our CE power. And wow so many Babies are appearing these past few days. Jerry posted a picture of a baby who is his newborn nephew, and then CE each posted a picture of themselves carrying a baby. Maybe this week is the baby explosion week. So CUTE CUTE CUTE!!!

Jo, Mira, Leen, and Marika: Glad to see y'all! I missed y'all terribly and glad to see you guys again!

Mizuki: Yes since you caught Chun's attention now, you must continue to urge him to reveal more hints to us and get with Ella or even start posting here and share his secrets with us about his secret love with Ella. I think Yamada Yu is okay, I'm not a big fan of hers but she's decent I think.

Betty: Hey Betty, thanx for sharing that bit of news with me. I'm a bit disappointed about that news though, but hopefully they're just playing around. Maybe she's happy being nominated for Best Actress therefore she's hyper, who knows.
By the way, that pic you posted with Ella holding that baby, I got the translation for it from the selinahebeella news blog again. In that weibo message Ella was saying that's her Godson and she's a Godmother now with a face full of acne. I think Ella still look bubble beautiful even with acne, she's still human so getting acne gotta happen sometimes. Chun still loves her nonetheless and that's all that matters.

May: Yeah from that same news blog that I visit, it said that Ella's movie that was supposed to start filming next month have been postponed again. I'm really wishing for CE collaboration for the movie. I'm a bit sad that it'll take longer for me to see Ella on the big screen but I guess I just have to be patient like everybody else. I'm not a big JE fan but I like anyone who is nice to Ella therefore I don't mind the JE friendship. I was a bit sad that DWL didn't get much recognition for GBA since I liked Ella's acting in there. I must agree that the plot wasn't one that was serious so maybe next time I guess. Ella still has many opportunities to act in the future.

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