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Cantonese Slang

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#1 pinyin753



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Posted 12 November 2009 - 12:13 AM

want to learn Cantonese slang, any example and their meaning??
if possible preferably with the chinese character too, thanks

#2 xiaolongbao



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Posted 14 November 2009 - 07:46 PM

扑街 Pok Gai. It literally means to be prostrate on the street. Or you can add 死扑街 for added effect.

#3 KangtaLuva



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Posted 13 January 2011 - 10:54 AM

Here are Cantonese slangs that I know of:

Da fei gei 打飛機 (to hit the airplane) - male masturbation
ham sup 鹹濕 (salty, wet) - dirty-minded or perverted
fei gei cherng 飛機場 (airport) - flat-chested woman
ju pa 豬扒(pork chop) - ugly chicks
gwai lo 鬼佬 (ghost man) - white guy
yum cha 飲茶 (drink tea) - To eat dim sum and drink tea.
dai lo 大佬 (older brother) - Literally means 'Big Brother' in Cantonese. Usually used by Chinese gangsters and wanksters to refer to their bosses.
chaau you yu 炒鱿鱼 (fry squid) - To get fired from a job.
sik fan 食飯 (to eat rice) - To eat dinner.
sik ling mung 食檸檬 (eat lemon) - Said of a guy who got rejected by a girl.
sik bak guo 食白果 (eat white fruit) - Describes efforts that have yielded no returns, payoff, or reward.
ham yu 鹹魚(salted fish) - dead body or corpse
hau fah fah 口花花(mouth flower flower) - Said of a guy who speaks "pleasant" things to girls; Things coming out of his mouth are like flowers.
lan ju 懶豬(lazy pig) - a lazy person
yun toe ju nou 人頭豬腦 (human head, pig brain) - a stupid person
chun ju 蠢豬 (stupid pig) - idiot; fool
dai toe ha 大頭蝦 (big-headed shrimp) - an absent-minded person.
ham ju sull 鹹豬手(salty pork hand) - a pervert
dai tou 大肚(big stomach) - pregnant
ngan hong 眼紅(eyes red) - Jealous; Eyes show jealousy with red veins; This terms can be used to make fun of someone, like saying "you're jealous!"
hak sum 黑心(black heart) - Said of someone who has bad intentions for others.
fahn woon 飯碗 (rice bowl) - Job or means of income; Similar to English "bread and butter", but for Chinese, bread is rice.
tcheet fahn woon 鐵飯碗 (iron rice bowl) - An iron rice bowl would not break, so this describes a very secure job.
gum fahn woon 金飯碗 (gold rice bowl) - Same as an "iron rice bowl", but perhaps more emphasis on "good pay".
dai sik sie 大食细 (big eat small) - Darwinism; The big fish eats the small fish; Often said of older sibling and younger sibling.
bun dan 笨蛋 (dumb egg) - dummy, fool
sor gwa 傻瓜 (foolish melon) - dummy, fool
boh deen wah jook 煲電話粥 (boil electric conversation (telephone) porridge) - Said of someone who talks a lot on the phone; It takes a long time to cook porridge (boiling rice), so if porridge has been prepared while they've been talking, then they must talk a lot.
fut hau seh sum 佛口蛇心 (Buddha mouth, snake heart) - Said of someone who appears to be gentle on the outside, but has bad intentions on the inside.
ga lei gai 咖哩雞 (curry chicken) - hickey
wu lay jing 狐狸精 (fox spirit) - a derogatory expression describing a woman who seduces a man ("gold digging"). A term used by a woman who uses that derogatory term to call a woman a "狐狸精" because she stole her husband from her.
fahn tohng 飯桶 (rice bucket) - Said of someone who is stupid - all he does is hold rice in his stomach.
foh geng 火頸 (fire neck) - Very mad; So mad your neck is red.
gie tohng ngahp gohng 雞同鴨講 (chicken with duck talk) - Often describes a Chinese person speaking with an English speaking person and not understanding each other (or Chinese speaking with those of other dialects).
gahng yeh soh 講耶稣 (talk Jesus) - Jesus is associated with benevolence and understanding; Someone who is "talking Jesus" is talking too compassionately and should be more firm.
bahn joo sik loh foo 扮豬食老虎 (pretend pig, eat tiger) - Said of someone who pretends to be dumb but is actually clever; Not really a dumb pig, just pretending to be.
yun chun mo yeuk yee人蠢冇藥醫 (person stupid don't have medicine to heal) - Said of a stupid person - because being stupid is unfixable.
gai 雞 (chicken) - female prostitute
ngap 鴨 (duck) - male prostitute
boh dai moh nou 波大冇腦 (boobs big, no brain) - Said of a dumb woman who has big boobs.
ngoh sihk yeem doh gwoh nay sihk mai 我食鹽多過你食米 (I eat salt more than you eat rice) - Said of a person who has a lot (more) experience relative to someone else.
chohng tau dah gau chohng may woh 床頭打架床尾和 (bed head fight, bed tail peace) - Said of couples (husband and wife) who recover very fast after fighting.
jum guo ham sui 浸過鹹水(to soak in salt water) - Said of someone who has had the experience of studying abroad; To have soaked in salt water (ocean water) means to have crossed the ocean.
boh jeu fahn woon 保住飯碗 - Securing or protecting one's means of making a living.
djayng yun cheut hau, bun yun cheut sau 精人出口,笨人出手 (smart people put forth mouth, dumb people put forth hand) - Smart ones say what needs to be done, and the dumb ones do it; Often said about gangsters taking orders from their bosses.
dah lahn fahn woon 打爛飯碗 (break the rice bowl) - You break your means of eating rice - this means you lost your job.
yut fun cheen yut fun foh 一分錢一分貨 (one cent money, one cent merchandise) - Same as English "you get what you pay for".
hoi sum 開心 (open heart) - To be happy.
siu sum 小心 (small heart) - To be careful.
lay gong mut gwai? 你講乜鬼? (What the ghost are you talking about?) - What are you talking about?
hak yun jung 黑人僧 (black people hate) - Despicable; detestable; contemptible; annoying.
bot por 八婆 eight woman - b*tch
go sull 高手 (high hand) - Is used for a person with skill, usually in martial arts or in baduk (the game of Go).
meen cheng cheng 面青青 (face green green) - Face is pale.
sun hun 身癢 (body itchy) - Having a strong urge to do something. Sometimes said of children desiring to do naughty things.
ngor horn geen moon teen fei ngull 我看見滿天飛牛 (I see cows flying everywhere) - You say that if someone's boasting.
chui ngull 吹牛(blow a cow) - To brag or boast.
hap cho 吃醋 (eat vinegar) - To be jealous.
dung doe geng doe cherng 等到頸都長 (neck is getting longer and longer from waiting)- Waiting for a very long time.
gwai mui 鬼妹 (ghost girl) - white girl
gwai por 鬼婆 (ghost lady) - white lady
lui keung yun 女強人 (female strong person) - A strong female.
yun san yun hoi 人山人海 (people mountain, people sea) - It basically means a place that is very crowded and overflowing with people.
ngor wiew bay D ngan sik nay tai 我会俾D颜色你睇 (I will give you some colour to see) - Meaning to beat someone up.
nay yull beng ah? 你有病啊? (Do you have an illness?) - It means "you are so disgusting!"
fah fah gong jee 花花公子 - A playboy.
mau hohk loh seu gah tchee bay 猫哭老鼠假慈悲 (cat cries for mouse) - Said of someone who pretends to cry/mourn for another person, but actually feels the opposite - like the cat who is crying but wants to eat the mouse.
ga yull 加油 (to add oil) - To cheer someone on by saying "go, go go"!
fah sum 花心 (flower heart) - It is used for men who don't have decent intentions with girls & also for husbands who cheat on their wives (花心丈夫) and you can even translate it as 'playboy'.
bak ma wong jee 白馬王子 (white horse prince) - Prince Charming
fei see 菲士 (face) - This is supposed to sound like the English word "face", as to saving face, or to give me face. Face is a very important thing to the Chinese. An example is if a gentleman holds up his wine glass to you and offers to "clink" with your glass, and you refuse, you're not giving him face! The term is exactly the same as 面子 (meen zi).
boh si 波士 (boss) - It means "boss", even the pronunciation is similar, bo-see.
dai loke mo jee 戴綠帽子 (to wear a green hat) - To be a cuckold (lit. "wear a green hat," supposedly because male brothel workers in the Tang Dynasty had to wear green hats). Strictly speaking, a cuckold is a married man with an adulterous wife, but current usage sometimes extends the term informally to include cuckqueans (women with adulterous husbands), wittols (husbands who consent to their wife's extramarital sex), and non-married couples in analogous situations.
chui sui 吹水 (blow water) - Gossiping, bragging, and talking about nothing for a long time.
lo beng 老餅 (old cookie) - Old man. A very rude term.
dai wok 大鍋 (big wok) - Oh no! Big trouble.
boh kek 煲劇 (boiling series) - Doing a TV series marathon.
ho seng 好腥 - Be careful. Could also be used to describe that fishy smell or taste.
ching yun ngahn leui cheut sie-see 情人眼裡出西施 (lover's eyes inside put forth sai-si) - A guy who is really in love thinks his girl is the most beautiful, even if she is not.
手指拗出唔拗入 (finger bends forth, not inward) - It basically means you're standing on the side of the opponent and betraying your own people.
你講乜鬼? (What the ghost are you talking about?) - What are you talking about?
頂你個肺呀 (to hit someone's lungs) - You say this when you are mad at someone/something.
十問九唔應 (ten ask nine not respond) - When someone is not really responding.
好心著雷劈 (good heart do thunder hit) - When your help is not appreciated.
如 果你够薑既話就放馬過嚟 (if you have enough ginger, let your horses come) - If you think you are powerful enough to challenge me, bring it on!
色狼 (color wolf) - A pervert.
色魔 (color devil) - A pervert.
老狐狸 (old fox) - A cunning person.
死人頭 (dead person skull) - A jerk.
開心果 (happy fruit) - Pistachio nuts. It also means a person who brings happiness.

This one is not a Cantonese slang. It's a Chinese idiom.

lai ha mo seung sik teen ngor yoke 癞虾蟆想吃天鹅肉 - (the toad on the ground wanting to eat the goose in the sky) - This idiom is used derisively on men who desire women who are beyond their station in terms of wealth, social class or beauty.