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crochet/ knitting

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Posted 03 April 2009 - 09:31 AM

-wher/how did u lurn how 2 crochet/knit?

-wots the basic idea of it? iv seen sum vids, i think its making loops and threading things through that interlock them to make a strip/scoobie like thing,but how wud u go about making other things? any other techniques to it?

-is ther a simple project u can make 2 lurn the basics on the way, but not a scarf or strip thing? like mayb a bag or stuffed animal

-and wot do u hav 2 kno b4 u can make up ur own stuff?

-wud u say its worth learning? any bad things bout it? like does it get knotted up? and can u lose ur place? anythn frustrating bout it? im thinkn bout learning it but i hav a whole bunch of othr craft stuff i do and sumtimes leave it (like cross stitch lol. 3d origami still remains the easiest/fastest/cheapest)

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Posted 06 April 2009 - 01:24 AM

-My mom and grandma first taught me when I was young, and learned more during school. But it never got into my head until now.

-Yes, it's basically loops and interlocking threads to make a pattern out of it. There are very many techniques depending how you want the finished product to look. There are for example a LOT of different patterns and textures you can put on the thing you're crocheting/knitting.

-Amigurumi bear for crochet? Simply two spheres assembled together with arms and legs and ears. Or maybe you can make a snowman? Then you don't have to think about the ears or arms or legs lol. It's pretty easy once you get the hang of it, but I suggest you watch a video or something because if you are a beginner, you won't understand how to read patterns. But a scarf is really a great way to get used to crochet and knitting.

-You would need to know the basics. Lol.. The basic stitches is important, for example starting, single/double stitches, increasing and decreasing and binding off. And how to differ each stitches when looking at the project (in case you get lost)

-I think it's worth it. Once you've finished a project you will feel incredibly proud of yourself. Also if you are making something for someone, you are truly putting your heart and mind into this, because it takes a LOT of patience. Oh yes there are fustrating parts.. as I said you need patience, and also if you lose count of stitches or just totally lost (this is why a stitch-marker is awesome) and cannot continue. You would need to start over again if you cant go back to somewhere you can get on back on track again. Otherwise it's a pretty great way to pass time. :)

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Posted 07 April 2009 - 09:33 AM

thanx 4 bein the 1st to reply! yay i kno how 2 do it! i watched utube vids on the diff stitches, i kno how 2 increase/decrease, i made a pink head with 2 beady eyes! im gonna make an amigurumi bear, yeah it seems pretty easy sewing balls/ arms/legs 2gethr

i still needa kno how 2 change colours, iv seen sum vids, but wot do u do with the old string/colour? tie a knot? and wot if u need 2 use it again rite away? can any1 explain how 2 make a teddys white tummy? like an oval of diff colour from the body? is it like cross stitch? (make the units by rows changing colour) if so, wot do u do with the other colour thread? if u had 2 keep cutting it/knotting then starting again wen u need that colour, it wud b kinda hard.. anyway yeah, i just wanna kno hoe patterns/colour changes work, mainly wot u do with the old thread

ya i was wondering how 2 kno wen u'v reachd the end of a row, i thawt u cud see it but it seems 2 b 1 spiral. so i just count, i kinda did lose count and dunno if i did 2 stitches in each hole wen doubling but i just carried on and it looked ok, i'll use a marker nxt time.

do u kno how u wud learn other techniques? sumtimes they seem too complicated and i think mayb im just not at experience lvl 2 understand it and shud lurn stuff in a certain order? i saw this muffin with swirly frosting similar 2 underneathe octopus legs in amigurumi, thers just other techniques and i dunno wher i wud learn it from

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Posted 10 May 2013 - 03:23 AM

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