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Ding Dang (丁噹)

ding dang

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Posted 26 January 2009 - 04:26 PM

Posted Image

Stage Name: 丁噹 Ding Dang
* ALL Information and Tracklists Compiled and Translated by tammiest@AsianFanatics. Additional information is welcome; please credit (and CLEARLY LINK BACK!! to this thread) if taking out.

Basic Profile
Height: 162 cm
Weight: 48 kg
Birthday: April 17
Birth Place: 嘉善 JiaShan, 浙江 ZheJiang Province, China
Hobbies/Interests: singing, dancing, exercising
Favorite Singers: 順子 ShunZi, 阿妹 A-mei Chang HuiMei, 陶喆 David Tao Che, Whitney Houston, Christina Aguilera, Mariah Carey, Tina Turner, Beyonce
Favorite Actors: 周星馳 Stephen Chow, 宋慧喬 Song HyeKyo, Halle Barry
Favorite Food: not picky... likes everything!
Favorite Fruit: watermelon, apples
Favorite Drink/Beverage: green tea, barley tea (大麥茶)
Favorite Exercise: yoga, boxing
Favorite Colors: black, white
Likes To Collect... : notebooks
Ideal Lover/"Type": 陽光 "sunshine!"
Likes: staying home alone, going out shopping with friends
Very Lucky To... : have a good mother :)
Would Most Like To... : always be a singer
Finds It Hardest To Forget... : experience on 五月天 Mayday's 2006 world concert tour
Close Friends in the Entertainment Circle: 五月天 Mayday (阿信 AShin (陳信宏 Chen HsinHung), 怪獸 GuaiShou (Monster), 瑪莎 MaSa, 石頭 ShiTou (Stone), 冠佑 GuanYou)

Posted Image

Debut, Company and Website Information
Ding Dang worked hard, taking singing lessons, practicing her dancing, etc., for four long years before releasing her debut album in 2007. It was heavily backed by top songwriters and producers such as 五月天 Mayday's 阿信 AShin and 張震嶽 Chang ChenYue (A-Yue), but it was Ding Dang's clear, captivating voice and spectacular range that brought her the successful career she'd hoped for...

Agency: 相信音樂 B'in Music Co. Ltd
Label: GoGoRock (Rock Records)
Company Webpage: http://www.bin-music...s/ding-dang.php
Blog: Ring Ring


Posted Image
丁噹 Ding Dang - 離家出走 [Run Away From Home] (2007)


Posted Image
丁噹 Ding Dang - 我愛上的 [Decisively Loved] (2008)

Posted Image
丁噹 Ding Dang - 夜貓 [Night Cat] (Della) (2009)

丁噹 Ding Dang - Fu Good: 下一站 天后 [Feel Good: Next Stop, Diva] (Self-Selected Covers and Best of) (2010)
Disc One:

Disc Two:

Endorsements and Commercials


Posted Image

東南勁爆 SouthEast Explosion (2007) - Newcomer Award
MusicRadio 中國 TOP 排行榜 (China's TOP List) (2008) - Recommended Album Award (for 離家出走 [Run Away From Home])

Must-Watch Videos

Ding Dang In the News
Ding Dang (Ring) To Release New Album; Works With American, Korean, Hong Kong, and Taiwanese Producers (2009.09.02)

AF-Related Galleries
Ding Dang

* ALL Information and Tracklists Compiled and Translated by tammiest@AsianFanatics. Additional information is welcome; please credit (and CLEARLY LINK BACK!! to this thread) if taking out.

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Posted 07 February 2009 - 08:28 AM

voice is really smooth!! she is a great singer..

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Posted 19 July 2009 - 11:41 AM

she has a very very nice and powerful voice!! i really like both her albums, and the duet she sang with Ashin was really good too!
is she going to have a new album out soon?

#4 tammiest



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Posted 02 September 2009 - 06:38 PM

News on Ding Dang's new album :) Please comment in the news thread :)

Ding Dang (Ring) To Release New Album; Works With American, Korean, Hong Kong, and Taiwanese Producers
Date: September 2, 2009
News Source: UDN, http://asianfanatics.net/forum/
Translation Credit: tammiest @ http://asianfanatics.net/

* Please credit accordingly if/when posting elsewhere. Thank you!

Posted Image

Ding Dang (Ring) has been performing in all sorts of places recently; under the arrangement of her record company, she even flew to Hong Kong for vocal lessons to further improve her own singing technique and style. Her record label is in the midst of preparing for her next album release; a slew of internationally recognized "golden" producers worked on her album, which is slated to be released at the end of September. These producers include Korean producer Jae Chong*, 林邁可 Michael Lin MaiKe, 馬毓芬 Ma YuFen, 朱敬然 Chu JingRan, and other such industry heavyweights. Ding Dang wants to prove that she can do more than just love ballads; there are all sorts of styles and "transformations" on her new album to showcase her versatility.
* Translator's Note: Jae Chong is a Korean American who has produced several hits in Korea, Hong Kong, and Taiwan... although he has been most successful-- by far-- in Taiwan, producing hits for the likes of the L.A. Boyz, Machi (of which he is a "member"), Elva Hsiao, and Coco Lee.

Ding Dang's record label even shelled out the big bucks to invite well-known dancer Sheryle Murakami, based in New York, to choreograph a hot, sexy dance for the singer's single 夜貓 [Ye Mao] [Night Owl]. In choreographing the dance, Sheryle took into account Ding Dang's personality; although the dance is, overall, sexy, parts of it are still quite cute, mischievous, and lively.

#5 catalie



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Posted 08 October 2009 - 06:01 AM

I started listening to Ding Dang's new album Della after hearing some of the tracks in Autumn's Concerto trailers and I love it! <33 She puts so much emotion into her songs, such a beautiful voice. Hmm, so far I really like 'Why Did You Lie', 'I Love Him', 'Relative' and 'Night Cat'. B`in Music has such great artists, can't believe I didn't discover her music sooner! Any recommendations from her previous albums?

Here's the MV for 我愛他 I Love Him, which is the opening theme song for Autumn's Concerto

#6 bellbell



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Posted 17 October 2009 - 03:18 PM

she is a talented singer,her voice is powerful^_^

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Posted 05 November 2009 - 08:51 AM

first time posting here! i love her voice. :) i confused 'della' to be her english name. love her voice. :)

#8 =sx.k=


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Posted 19 December 2009 - 11:09 AM

Ding Dang's live performance at "Taipei Metro 2009 Exit Music Festival" (12/12) :

Wo Ai Ta(I Love Him) (Theme song of Autumn's Concerto) :


Ni Wei She Me Shuo Huang (Why did you lie) (Autumn's Concerto Insert Song) :

credit : 481490307

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Posted 20 December 2009 - 08:47 AM

MV of "Why did you lie" (你為什麼說謊) :


credit : mengsion

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Posted 20 December 2009 - 09:14 AM

Is "你為什麼說謊" also in Autumn's Concerto? Cause it seems so familiar...

Ding Dang is a really good singer :)

Here's the MV for the ending song for Autumn's Concerto:

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Posted 20 December 2009 - 01:20 PM

Ding Dang's autograph session (12/12) :

親人(Qin Ren)(Relative) :


全世界不懂無所謂 (Quan Shi Jie Bu Dong Wu Suo Wei) :

credit : dano1fish


Is "你為什麼說謊" also in Autumn's Concerto? Cause it seems so familiar...

Ding Dang is a really good singer :)

Here's the MV for the ending song for Autumn's Concerto:

Ya..."Why did you lie" is one of the insert songs of Autumn's Concerto.

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Posted 01 January 2010 - 07:52 AM

Ding Dang's live performance at "2010 Taipei Most High New Year Countdown Concert" (31/12/2009) :

Part 1 - (Ding Dang's part Starts at 06:05) "Ye Mao"(夜猫) :

Part 2 - "Cai Bu Tou"(猜不透) and "Wo Ai Ta"(我爱他) :


Part 3 - "Ta Shuo Ni Mei Yong"(他说你没用) :

credit : sugoshow2

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Posted 05 January 2010 - 02:56 AM

Ding Dang wants a love life

Posted Image

Source : MediaCorp TV

Chinese singer Ding Dang wants a boyfriend. The petite singer lamented at having to spend her last day of 2009 working and bemoaned the lack of love in her life. After opening a concert in Taipei with her sexy performance, she later rushed down to Tao Yuan for a countdown show with fellow artists such as Mark Chao to welcome 2010's arrival.

In her latest music album Della, Ding Dang caused quite a stir with her sensual hot dance in the groovy fast number titled ‘Night Cat'. Her love ballad ‘I Love Him' also rocketed up the charts to be a hit-song at karaoke spots and won the singer an award for having one of 2009's most popular karaoke songs.

The singer will be making her first official visit to Singapore on January 9 to promote her album and hold a meet-the-fans session at Bugis Junction and this will mark Ding Dang's.

Enthusiastic about her impending trip, Ding Dang expressed her elation and promised to perform a couple of songs at the event for fans.

New thread-Comment here:)

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Posted 14 January 2010 - 08:23 AM

From tomboy to a sexy Ding Dang

Posted Image

Source : Asiaone-Diva

CHINESE singer Ding Dang does a sexy pose for the cameras with ease.

Believe it or not, the feminine allure of this 26-year-old was honed virtually overnight.

After all, in her first two albums – Running Away From Home (2007) and Decisively Loved (2008) – she's better known for her vocal prowess in crooning ballads.

But for her latest album Night Cat, released last September, she sheds her girl-next-door image.

In the music video of the titular track, she flaunts her figure and prances around in knee-high heeled boots, short black skirt and leather gloves.

So how did the Taiwan-based singer – whose real name is Wu Xian – morph into a sex kitten?

In town to promote Night Cat, she told The New Paper she was inspired by US R&B pop diva Beyonce.

Her Taiwanese label B'in Music International even brought in Beyonce's choreographer Sheryl Murakami to give her a crash course on dancing.

Said Ding Dang: “During rehearsals, the heels I wore were even higher than the ones you see in the music video. As I only had three days with her, I trained so hard that I had a stiff neck and my legs were hurting.”

Parents disapproved

She also took up a course on belly dancing from another instructor in Taiwan.

This self-professed food lover also went on a diet to get a sexy waistline.

The 1.6m-tall babe used to weigh 55kg a few years ago, but weighs only 46kg now.

She said: “I want to be a multi-faceted artiste who can constantly surprise the audience. I guess it's natural for girls to grow up and discover the sexier and more feminine side of themselves.”

Yet, she says she's a tomboy at heart – even till today.

“I'm independent and I always seek to protect others.”

When she was 18, the Zhejiang, China native ran away from home to another part of the province to pursue her dreams to be a singer. Her dad is a retired factory worker and her mum used to be a Chinese opera singer.

Said Ding Dang, who's their only child: “Although my parents allowed me to learn the piano and the violin when I was young, they refused to let me sing in pubs.”

They felt that it was improper for a girl and wanted her to be a seamstress instead.

So she packed her bags and didn't communicate with her parents while away. Two years ago, Ding Dang reconciled with them.


She sang in various pubs in Zhejiang for five years before she was relocated to Taipei by B'in Music International.

She told us she got into two fights during her days as a pub singer.

She recalled: “Once, my friends and I were in a pub. Due to a misunderstanding, three or four men became aggressive towards us. When we were about to leave, one of them tugged at the shirt of my male friend.

“Wearing a skirt and heels, I punched that man in the face.”

She was only 20 then.

Two years later, before a performance in a pub, Ding Dang bumped into a drunken man while waiting for the lift.

“He kept touching my shoulder, so I pushed him away and gave him a tight slap.”

Some Chinese reporters, however, aren't sold on Ding Dang's sexy alter ego and feel she's still sub-par compared to other singing, dancing queens like Taiwan's Jolin Tsai.

Several even accuse Ding Dang of riding on the popularity of Taiwanese rock band Mayday, who's also signed by B'in Music International.

But Ding Dang says she only uses Mayday's compositions because she's not a songwriter.

“They write wonderful songs, so how can I resist singing them?” she said.

She also said that it's necessary for showbiz newbies to depend on their seniors to gain performing opportunities.

“That's just how it works and I will try my best to help my juniors too in future,” she added.

She also admitted that there's some room for improvement in terms of ramping up her sex appeal.

“The guys from Mayday keep telling me I can be sexier.”

She added with a laugh: “Maybe I should wear less for my performances and show more confidence, which I believe will come with experience.”

*This article was first published in The New Paper.

News thread-comment here :)

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Posted 17 March 2010 - 04:51 AM

Live performance of Ding Dang singing "I Love Him","Why Did You Lie","Fireworks","Impossible To Make Out" and "He Said You’re Useless" at Della Album autograph session in Singapore (9/1/2010) :

"I Love Him" (我爱他) :


"Why Did You Lie" (你为什么说谎 ) :

"Fireworks" (花火) :

"Impossible To Make Out" (猜不透) :

"He Said You’re Useless" (他说你没用) :

credit : joannalau


Mainland Chinese singers head to Taiwan for success

Source : UDN
Credit : Pauli @ CpopAccess.com

As Taiwanese singers cross the Taiwan Strait over to mainland China in order to increase their album sales, mainland singers are coming over to Taiwan at the same time to release new albums of their own. For the sake of hopefully breaking out in the hugely popular center of the Mandopop world over in Taiwan, record labels are packaging mainland artists with a heavy dose of Taiwanese flavor in order to play down their mainland roots.

Mainland artists who are relatively well-known by Taiwanese music audiences previously included Faye Wong 王菲, Na Ying 那英, and Sun Nan 孫楠, and now include more recent artists such as Anson Hu 胡彥斌, Della Ding 丁噹, Xian Zi 弦子, Zhou Bi Chang 周筆暢, Jeno Liu 劉力揚, Yuan Quan 袁泉, and Chen Hao 陳好. While some artists are easily recognizable as mainland artists, other artists have spent a lot of energy blending into the local Taiwanese populace with the effort and strategies of their music labels.

Zhou Bi Chang: album used a Taiwan-based team

First of all, the production of Zhou Bi Chang's music heavily depended on the resources of a Taiwan-based team. For creating the lyrics to her songs, the singer sought out popular Taiwanese artists Sandee Chan 陳珊妮, Mavis Fan 范曉萱, and Mayday 五月天. When Della Ding went international, she had producers from South Korea, Hong Kong, and Taiwan. While Xian Zi is originally from Guangxi and currently resides in Beijing, it was a Taiwan-based group that flew the singer over to Beijing. Shanghai resident Anson Hu's music already have a heavily urban influence, with many of his songs created by Taiwanese lyricists. Jeno Liu went a different direction and used her experience from studying in England to expand her Britpop horizons.

Anson Hu: fashion sense heavily Taiwanese-influenced

Without exception, a majority of mainland artists that go to Taiwan inherit the country's fashion sense along the way. Before Anson went to Taiwan for his latest "Unemployment Song" album, he went to Taiwan last April for over half a month and shot an MV and did a photo shoot with the help of Mayday and Show Luo 羅志祥's hair stylist. And when Anson was growing up in Shanghai, his father was a clothing designer, so there wasn't a huge gap between his mainland and his Taiwanese lifestyle.

Della Ding: friends make fun of her for having Taiwanese accent

Posted Image

Prior to releasing their albums, Zhou Bi Chang and Jeno Liu, who got their starts from mainland talent show competition Super Girls, were first building names for themselves on the music stage and through filming MVs. Della Ding went even further with her music label arranging housing accommodations in Taipei following the release of her album, where she lived for the greater part of over half a year. By completely immersing herself in Taiwanese life during that time, when Della returned back to her native Hangzhou, her friends poked fun at her by saying "How come you have a Taiwanese accent?"

It doesn’t matter if a Taiwanese team is dispatched to the mainland, or if mainland artists are invited to go to Taiwan in advance. Either way increases production costs, yet music labels confess that when they are producing for mainland artists, it’s difficult for these artists to break the ten thousand album sales mark. So why do mainland artists still go?

Taiwan: the center of Mandopop for developing their music reputation

"Since Taiwan is the popular center of the Mandopop world, artists head over to Taiwan for a shot to make it big in the Mandopop music industry." This is the typical response that a majority of music labels offer. Although the Taiwan’s music market is seeing a decline and album sales have dipped with the rise of music markets in neighboring countries, a strong musical showing in Taiwan’s prestigious music market is seen as a mark of approval and a sign of acceptance to all Chinese language-speaking regions. This explains why singers from Singapore and Malaysia are interested in heading to Taiwan for greater fame, and why mainland artists are more than happy to assimilate themselves in Taiwan.

Furthermore, songs from mainland artists have opportunities for huge sales, such as the unexpected success of Anson Hu’s “Karaoke Men (男人 KTV)” as the catalyst to the rise of his popularity. The song ended up being requested at karaoke establishments over 2.5 million times and having staying power in the top 10 most played karaoke song for 104 weeks. Before that, Na Ying relied on a Taiwanese producer to write her song “Conquer 征服” without having to go to Taiwan and still had a huge popular hit on her hands. Furthermore, mainland artists don’t have to go through the paperwork that Taiwanese artists do in performing in mainland China, which can help the music labels reap profits immediately. This reason is why music companies are more than happy to sign up mainland artists and have them come over to Taiwan to develop their music.

News thread - comment here :)

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Posted 29 March 2010 - 07:32 AM

Ding Dang sings "我是一隻小小鳥" (I'm a small little bird) at "One Million Star" and received 24 stars out of 25. (5/2/2010) :

超級星光大道, 丁噹 - 我是一隻小小鳥 :


credit : hahawawalala

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Posted 02 May 2010 - 08:19 AM

Ding Dang on 100% entertainment - "我家也有大明星" (28/4) :

Part 1 :


Part 2 :
Part 3 :
Part 4 :
Part 5 :

credit : taiwansugoi

#18 kidDINO



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Posted 23 June 2010 - 07:29 PM

what is her new album called. so hard to find the tittle of it.ahhaa

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Posted 06 July 2010 - 02:40 PM

News clip from 100% entertainment - Ding Dang films new MV,invites Xiu Jie Kai to be the male lead again (6/7) :

"丁噹翻唱楊宗緯的洋蔥 打造我愛他的前傳" :


credit : gar0922

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Posted 08 July 2010 - 02:27 PM

Ding Dang's new MV,"Yang Cong" from her new album,"Xia Yi Zhan,Tiao Hou" :
(Original singer of "Yang Cong" : Aska Yang)

Feat. Xiu Jie Kai :


credit : dolphinhng

#21 re-nee



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Posted 15 October 2010 - 04:30 PM

I love her! the moment i heard her trying to challenge her own vocal chords in one video on youtube. she was attempting her new song I'm Just a Little Bird? :D she's a little bit like A-Mei but slightly less husky. :D and i love that song Yang Chong! i'm beginning to think xiu jie kai looks good wif her! :D

#22 orange underwood

orange underwood


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Posted 11 December 2010 - 10:09 AM

one of the best singer now.

she can sing live better than recording..:)