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Agnes Monica The Most Commendable Artist 2008

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Posted 04 January 2009 - 09:37 PM


2008 perhaps one of those bright years of Agnes Monica –as she always takes and gives the best times each year in her career- all things considered, this year could be quiet different and extraordinary for the Indonesian Pop Princess.

Given that she only released her first two singles Matahariku and Godai Aku Lagi in the middle of the year from an album not even been released yet, she already grabbed awards such as Most Favorite Singer and Wannabe Special Award on Nickelodeon Indonesia Kids' Choice Awards 2008, and Most Favorite Female on MTV Indonesia Music Awards 2008.

Not to mention Matahariku was certified platinum ever since it reaches over a million ring-back tone activation, and the limited edition of her mini album sells well not only in Indonesia, but also in Malaysia and Singapore. In addition, Matahariku became one of the most watched Indonesian female singer videos on Youtube, which garnered over one million viewers less than 5 months.

Apart from that, Agnes also proves her great showmanship in every show she performs on local and international stages. Having successful performance in Asia Song Festival 2008 on October in Korea, the dancing queen flew to Brunei by the beginning of November to perform before 2,000 people including the Brunei officials and the Royal Family of Brunei –which local newspapers called this as “against all odd”, and then early November she headed to Singapore for another successful private concert. Despite the private concert, Singapore fans still could find out her visit and waited at the airport just to cheer the once-child-prodigy. Her sparkling performances in both Brunei and Singapore concerts fed wonderful reviews as well from local viewers and media.

So given all the facts, it's not a big revelation when Agnes Monica notches on Yahoo! Indonesia Top 5 Most Searches Celebrity 2008. Of course had she wore some itchy b*tchy yellow polka dot bikini, the result could have been better. But she is Agnes Monica. And she doesn't do that thing. In fact, Agnes proves popularity comes best from achievements. And with the achievements she's attained during this year, Indonesia's biggest and number one newspaper KOMPAS reveals their year-end opinion poll result, declaring Agnes spots rank #2 after Rossa the ballad queen, as Most Favorite Female Singer 2008.

Considering Rossa who just held her first and successful big solo concert, won Best Female Singer 2008 in Indonesia's Grammy-like AMI (Anugerah Musik Indonesia) -thanks to her multi-platinum soundtrack album- plus Best Foreign Singer 2008 in Malaysian Music Awards. Sure Rossa deserves to lurk on the first place, and -in the other hand- being the runner up after her is not a bad thing at all.

Among those year-end surveys, one of the most fascinating polls comes from one of the biggest entertainment sites Kapanlagi.Com.

On Saturday, 27 December 2008, Kapanlagi.Com released their research based on the amount of commendable, complimentary and appreciative comments from visitors of the website all through 2008, to formulate what they call as 10 Most Commendable Artist 2008.

Whether this could be a big surprise or not, Agnes slashes number #1 or sits on top of the list. In short, Agnes Monica is The Most Commendable Artist 2008. The million-dollar baby became The Most Kissable Artist 2008 in Kapanlagi.Com Kiss & Punch Celebrity Game as well.

Besides Agnes Monica, the other two Indonesian heartthrobs Gita Gutawa and Luna Maya –who's also on Yahoo! Indonesia Top 5 Most Searches Celebrity 2008- ranked #3 and #6 respectively in 10 Most Commendable Artist 2008.

The website states, in reality the best virtue artists gain more praises. During 2008, numbers of Indonesian celebrities have been giving positive inspiration to their fans. Not only is the beauty or the fine looking, but the achievements of the works which gain positive respond from the people, is a form of an accomplishment too.

These appreciations of admiration are expressed through commendable, complimentary, and even thankful from the people by Kapanlagi.Com site. And after gathering all these comments, Kapanlagi.Com finally released 10 Most Commendable Celebrities 2008. The rank is based on the number of appreciation comments to those who have touched the heart and moved sympathy of public. And here is the complete result:

[b]1. Agnes Monica[/b]
As an energetic young lady, Agnes Monica has abundant of obsessions. She's been engraving her achievements ever since she was a little child artist, and for all the time the ambassador of anti-drugs reinforcement for Asia Pacific region keeps sharpening her position through creditable works. She deserves to be a person who can give teenagers the inspiration to raise their spirit of creativity. Around 2,377 admirable comments are given to the 22 years old girl, which put her on the top list, thus the most commendable artist.

Agnes is also mentioned as a star who never obtains cheap or negative gossips, and far off from sensation which could cast away her own popularity. In fact, being called as an ambitious girl has delivered her positive spirit and brings the star to prove her obsessions, including the go-international dream.

Projected to be the next member of Channel [V]'s Asia Music Platform, the girl -who duet with Keith Martin in previous album, also duet live with Taiwan idol Jerry Yan and Malaysia songstress Siti Nurhaliza- is also cited as an artist whom other Asian countries singers want to collaborate with.

Recent possibility came from Philippines number one band Rivermaya, as they stated last Tuesday, 30 December 2008, on Today Online: As for plans in 2009, the band said they're looking to work on their new album, and they want to collaborate with more artistes. “We did a song with Electrico two years ago (All the World) and we'd like to do more of that,” said Escueta (drummer). “Maybe people like Peter Pan from Indonesia or Agnes Monica — she's amazing."

Agnes Monica definitely still has lots amazing things to show in the upcoming years.

[b]2. Afgan Syah Reza[/b]
His first album ‘Confession No.1' released on January 2008 has instantly made this 18 years old cute boy with big voice a new big star. The complexity of songs he conveys, including pop, soul, R&B and jazz in the album, was like a new fresh air for Indonesian music industry in the male singer category that has been dominated by bands for years. His single ‘Terima Kasih Cinta' could be the national anthem of 2008. Around 1,683 admirable comments come especially from women to the Best New Singer and Best Album winner on Indonesian Music Awards 2008.

[b]3. Gita Gutawa[/b]
This teenager almost got everything, good grades at school, the youngest and the only pop-opera singer in Indonesia, the Grand Champion of International Children Song Festival 2008, the winner of several music awards, and a TV star. The 15 years old soprano Aluna Sagita Gutawa receives 1,658 praises and makes to number 3 of the poll.

[b]4. Bunga Citra Lestari[/b]
BCL, as people call her, has kind of complicated career path. Her love adventure once made bad name for the actress cum singer. Thanks to her romantic easy-listening singles, she's cited as one of the popular and rich artists, and reaches 1,395 congratulate comments from the visitor of Kapanlagi.Com.

[b]5. Pasha Ungu[/b]
Pasha, the lead vocal of famous Ungu band, could be the image of productive man in his career, as a person or personnel of the big band he leads. Lots of women admire his handsome face and religious personality. Therefore, around 1,194 people compliment him on the website.

[b]6. Luna Maya[/b]
The sultry star Luna Maya is more infamous as the productive silver screen actress. Not only is good in acting, apparently she also a good comedian on TV. She became a model who holds brand ambassadors titles the most in 2008, including Toshiba, XL, and Kapanlagi.Com itself. Besides clinging on Top 5 Yahoo! Indonesia Most Searches Celebrity 2008, the Bali born acquires 1,066 admirable comments, mostly from men. Despite the controversy of her relationship with Ariel Peterpan, Luna keeps shining as she never let loose any comments about the gossip.

[b]7. Ungu[/b]
Ungu band has been giving inspirations through their commercial hits, including the consistent religious albums released every year and copious music awards. Ungu scoops 1,042 complimentary notes. Their hits ‘Tercipta Untukku” and “Kekasih Gelapku” became the most watched Indonesian band video on Youtube, garnering millions of viewers, and the band also wins KOMPAS poll as The Most Favorite Group 2008.

[b]8. Ariel Peterpan[/b]
Ariel, the lead vocal of multi-platinum Peterpan band, gets plenty of admiration because of his good-looking face, talent, and tremendously successful hits with the band, which has reached million fans across South-east Asia region. Despite his complicated personal relationship, around 1,040 admiration comments still fall to his lap.

[b]9. Asmirandah[/b]
The 19 years old sinetron actress Asmirandah Zatman gets 623 praises from the visitors of Kapanlagi.Com, mostly because of her sexy TV advertisement for Axe perfume, and the protagonist roles she plays in sinetrons.

[b]10. D'Masiv[/b]
Even though D'Masiv is just a new comer, with sweet love songs they can snatch 603 good comments from the visitors.

source: [url="http://www.asianbite.com/default.asp?display=2372"]asianbite[/url]
credit: indonesianheartthrob

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