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[Archive]【ArJoe】◇Joe Cheng ♥♥ Ariel Lin◇【Part 4】

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Posted 23 October 2008 - 01:27 PM

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English Name: Joe Cheng
Birth Name: Zheng Yuan Chang (鄭元暢)
Nickname: Xiao Zhong
Born: June 19, 1982
Birth Place: TaiChung, Taiwan
Height: 188cm / 6 ft. 2 inches
Weight: 78 kg
Blood Type: O
Horoscope: Gemini
Chinese Zodiac: Dog
Education: Ren-Ai Guo Xiao Elementary School
Wei-Dao Zhong Xue Junior High School
Feng-Yuan Gao Zhong Senior High School
Hsing Wu College majoring in Tourism (currently attending)

Family: Mother, Father, (older) Sister
Agency: Catwalk Model Agency

Posted Image

English Name: Ariel Lin
Birth Name: Lin Yi Chen (林依晨)
Nickname: None but some of her fans call her Yiyi or 11
Born: October 29, 1982
Birth Place: YiLan, Taiwan
Height: 160 cm / 5 ft. 2 inches
Weight: 45 kg
Blood Type: A
Horoscope: Scorpio
Chinese Zodiac: Dog
Education: Lu Chiang Elementary School
San Min Junior High School
Ming Lun Senior High School
National Chengchi University majoring in Korean Language (graduated 2005)

Family: Mother, Father, (younger) Brother
Agency: Choustar

Posted Image

Posted Image
Jun. 19 - Joe Cheng Yuan Chang was born
Oct. 29 - Ariel Lin Yi Chen was born

1983 to 2000
Joe and Ariel from toddlers to teenagers

- Ariel won the “Pretty subway girl contest” for the variety show [Guess, Guess, Guess] and gave way for her to enter showbiz
- Joe began his modeling career, the following year he tried his luck in acting by starring in [The Rose]

Jul. - Joe hosted an [E-News] episode and Ariel was a guest promoting for her series [Seventh Grade](view here)
Aug. - Ariel and Joe (with Mike He) guested on [Happy Sunday](view here)
Sept. - co-hosted an [E-News] episode(view here)
- participated in the [PUMA] fashion show event(view here)
Oct. - participated in the premiere for [American Pie 3](view here)

Feb. - news that Ariel and Joe will be the lead actress and actor for [ISWAK]
Jun. - costume fitting and rehearsal for [ISWAK] cast(view here)
Aug. - presscon for [ISWAK](view here)
- guested on Xu Wei Lun's [Happy Sunday] episode(view here)
Sept. - Begin filming for [ISWAK]

Jan. - [ISWAK] stopped filming for 3 months to give way for Ariel to film [TWFX] in China
May - [ISWAK] resumes filming
Sept. - end filming for [ISWAK]
- promos for [ISWAK] in Taiwan
- [ISWAK] premiere
Oct. - celebration party for [ISWAK] cast and crew for high ratings(view here)
- Joe (together with Jiro) went to visit Ariel in her [TJ] set location to tell her [ISWAK] reached 4 in the ratings(view here)
Nov. - filmed [Prank] MV(view here)
Dec. - attended [ASUS] event(view here)

Feb. - [ISWAK] Chinese New Year Special(view here)
May - news that Ariel, Joe and Winnie will make a movie together
- [ISWAK] promo in Hongkong(view here)
Jun. - Joe and Ariel were both in Tokyo, Japan at the same time for separate commitments
Nov. - Joe and Ariel (together with Wei Lun) were spotted watching Jolin Tsai's concert
Dec. - Ariel confirm [TKA] will start filming by March 2007

Jan. - Wei Lun got into a car accident, Joe and Ariel (with the rest of their friends) rushed to the hospital to be by her side and wait for her recovery from coma, Wei Lun passed away after 3 days
Feb. - Wei Lun's funeral rites(view here)
- Wei Lun's [Angel Wings] farewell concert tribute(view here)
Mar. - begin filming for [TKA]
- [TKA] presscon(view here)
May - [ISWAK] promos in Japan
- [TKA] casts flew to Guam to film the honeymoon trip for [TKA]
Jun. - Ariel made a surprise appearance on Joe's 25th birthday celebration with his fans
Jul. - [ISWAK] promos in Hongkong
- Both quashed the news that they don't get along well with each other
Aug. - guested in [100% entertainment](view here)
Oct. - end filming for [TKA]
- wrap-up party
- Joe defended Ariel about the issue that she's the fattest Huang Rong (view here)
Dec. - Ariel briefly came back to Taiwan to attend some promos for [Lunia] and [TKA]
- [TKA] premiere

Jan. - taping for [100% entertainment] for [TKA] Chinese New Year Special
- [TKA] promo in Taipei
- Joe and Ariel (together with Jiro and Danson) attended GTV's CNY Party
Feb. - [TKA] promos in Indonesia
- Joe made a valentines cake for Ariel(view here)
- live guesting on [100% entertainment] (view here)
- [TKA] promo tour around Taiwan
Mar. - Joe and Ariel attended a private wedding of a [H&C] crew
- filmed the last scene for [TKA]
Apr. - Joe (together with Director Winnie) attended Ariel's [NYBD] book launching
- [TKA] promos in Korea and Japan
- news that Ariel, Joe and Winnie will collaborate again for [EC]
May - participated in CTV's Sichuan earthquake telethon fundraising program
Jun. - Joe's 26th birthday, Ariel left her birthday message via VCR
Jul. - Barbie back-out on [LOB], Ariel took over her role
Aug. - begin filming for [LOB]
Sept. - [LOB] presscon in Taiwan
- Ariel recorded her guesting in [Happy Camp] (aired Oct.25)
Oct. - [LOB] presscon in China
- end filming for [LOB]
- Joe recorded his guesting in [Happy Camp] (aired Nov.8)
- Recorded an episode for [Entertainment Big Brother] (aired Nov.15) (view here), [Amanda's Life Show] (aired Nov.16) and [Diamond Club] (aired Nov.2)
- Ariel celebrated her 26th birthday on [Entertainment Big Brother] show (view here)
- attended Golden Bell Awards together, Ariel won the best actress category for [TKA]
- Joe and Ariel (with Winnie) celebrated at GTV's post-award party
Nov. - Ariel and Joe (with Shin) were spotted dinning out together(view here)
- Joe and Ariel (with Eddie) watched Ayumi Hamasaki's concert in Taipei(view here)
- recorded an episode for [$100m Student] (aired Nov.14), [Blackie Show] (aired Nov.19)
- recorded an episode for [One Million Singer]
- live guesting and recording on [100% Entertainment], recorded an episode for [Kang Xi Lai Le] (air Nov.18), magazine photoshoot (view here)
- Ariel and Joe (with Rainie) celebrated Wei Lun's birthday with her family (view here)
- [LOB] premiere
- both in Tokyo again for seperate events, "coincidentally" met in Narita airport and went back to TaiPei together (view here)
- LoB wrap-up party

Posted Image

they both love food, swimming, reading books, watching movies and travelling
they both love going to KTV bars to relax/release tension
both their first and middle name initials starts with Y and C
both are born on 1982
their favorite colors are black and white
their common favorite animal is dog
their common favorite fruit is strawberry
they are both “homebody”
they are both myopic
they both grew up in a single-parent family environment (divorce parents) and have 1 sibling
their houses are just a few blocks away from each other, Joe lives in Ren-Ai road while Ariel lives in FuXing Road
Ariel and Joe (together with Wei Lun, Rainie, Yang Jin Hua, Lin Wei Jing and Cyndi Wang) were the original members of “TaiChung Group”. Wei Lun was the head and she named them “The Seven Fairies” even though Joe is a guy
they both consider Winnie as their 2nd father/mentor
at age 18, they both had to be independent for their family
the first time they met, Joe called Ariel "jiejie", Ariel was furious(view here)
their [E-News] hosting episode was one of the highest ratings for the show
in 2003, a poll was conducted on who among the young stars they want to see collaborate in a movie or series, Ariel and Joe won the poll
Ariel wasn't the first choice to play Xiang Qin, the role was offered to Selina, Hebe and Angela but they turned it down
the poll gave way for GTV to offer Ariel the role of Xiang Qin, Ariel wasn't to keen in accepting the role coz she still has to film 2 more drama series but in the end she accepted the role once her schedules were fixed
After filming [ISWAK], Ariel's petname for Joe is "Shu"
from [ISWAK] to [LOB], they had worn wedding clothes 7 times already
in [LOB], Ariel took over Barbie's role when the latter back out on the project

Posted Image

Posted Image
Ariel calling Joe on stage to joined her in accepting her best actress award "I want to thank.... and of course Xiao Zhong" (view here)
"I am but the "little man" hiding behind the successful woman, giving her my silent support" (view here)


Ariel and Joe admitting they call each other Lao Gong (husband) and Lao Po (wife)

Hidden Text:



5 min. lovemaking scene in [TKA](view here)
rolling on the bed NG scene(view here)
BTS clip of Guam LM scene; after Winnie said cut, Joe immediately said “very hot, wo!”, Winnie asked Ariel what her feelings after filming the makeout scene in the balcony, she said ”Very passionate, very passionate...”(view here)
Ariel wanting to canoodle Joe after their very passionate MO scene(view here)
Joe striptease in front of Ariel
BTS clip, Ariel wrapped herself to Joe(view here)
On their [E-News] hosting stint, Joe nonchalantly discussed his balls experience with Ariel
the scene in ISWAK when ZS and XQ went boating by the lake and they fell on the water, when Joe was helping Ariel out of the water, he unintentionally cupped her butt
still the same scene in ISWAK, a BTS pic were Joe accidentally held Ariel “down there”(view here)
the imaginary bathroom scene of XQ in ZS's apartment
in their separate guesting on [Blackie Show] back in 2005/2006, they were asked to comment on each others lips, Joe said Ariel's tasted like candy while Ariel said Joe's lips is soft and very red
TKA presscon; Ariel had her hand on Joe's butt(view here), Joe's hand resting “innocently” on Ariel's side boobie(view here)
the scene in TKA when ZS and XQ went on a plane ride overlooking Guam, after the plane made a 360 turned, Joe embraced Ariel and his hand landed on her side booby
another Guam scene wherein they were laying on the bed in a “spiderman” position, Joe kept on glancing at Ariel's boobies
on Joe's 25th birthday, Joe said Ariel looks very sexy in her outfit
Joe admits he finds Ariel's collarbone very sexy
when they were in Japan to signed [TKA] DVD's, Joe can't help not to whistle when he saw Ariel wearing her knee-high sexy boots
when they went to Korea to promote TKA, the host asked them where is the best place to date, Joe answered “on the bed” and Ariel's answer was “in a room with a balcony, by the lake”
on GBA night, Joe asking Ariel "lao po, where should i kiss?", Ariel answered "collarbone!"
both confessed that they french kiss on [TKA], (Ariel's confession) (Joe's confession)
from [ISWAK] to [TKA], they have shared more than 100 kisses with countless unscripted ones
Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image
It Started with a Kiss (2005)
Jiang Zhi Shu ♥ Yuan Xiang Qin

Posted Image
It Started with a Kiss 2: They Kiss Again (2007)
Jiang Zhi Shu ♥ Yuan Xiang Qin

Posted Image
Love or Bread (2008)
Cai Jin Lai aka Frank ♥ Zeng Shan Mei

Posted Image

[It Started with a Kiss - OST] Jason and Lara - Say That U Love Me
[It Started with a Kiss - OST] Wang LanYin - Prank
[It Started with a Kiss 2: They Kiss Again OST] Mavis Fan - Happy Cooperative
[It Started with a Kiss 2: They Kiss Again OST] Ariel Lin - You
[TVB-J2] Justin Lo - Beating Heart

Posted Image


Note: Shipping and Skinship & Credits part still under construction...

Ok angels now is the time to shoot me! lol! i didnt manage to finish the shipping & skinship part as well as gathering all the references like articles, videos, pictures and so on in time for opening part 4.. YT and baidu are giving me headaches, as you all know YT started suspending accounts again and most of ArJoe related clips that has subs got deleted as well, for baidu's case, it seems they are no longer affiliated with todou any longer so searching for clips will be alot harder.. but rest assured i'll finished it all ASAP, kindly check back every so often to see the progress.. thanks for understanding!

lets continue supporting our golden LG and LP! ArJoe forever!!! :)

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Posted 23 October 2008 - 02:46 PM


hahahaha, sis gatchie!!! clap clap clap!!! you crazy addict! Oh goodness, just when i said i will sleep early (after editing you know what), i have this! waaahhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!! But where are my pictures?! wehe

Okay Arjoe addicts, welcome to our NEW home, hahahaha. This is will surely be filled with so much love and 'bliss' as we journey together with our dear Yuan Chang and Yi Chen!

Mwah to all you girls! Enjoy the xinfu feeling!

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#3 P e b b l e s

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Posted 23 October 2008 - 03:02 PM

YAY!!!Part 4 is up!!! :shocked:
Congratulations everyone!!!! clapping.gif clapping.gif

gogetgatchie.....hmmm...how am i gonna say it?!?.....its awesome...outstanding...amazing...can't describe how beautiful it is...
i love it.... worship.gif clapping.gif thumbsup.gif worship.gif clapping.gif thumbsup.gif ......hahahaha

♥ the scenes in ISWAK when ZS and XQ went boating by the lake and they fell on the water, when Joe was helping Ariel out of the water, he unintentionally cupped her butt
♥ still the same scene in ISWAK, a BTS pic were Joe accidentally held Ariel "down there"

its only now that i came to know that this actually happened!!!!

everyone...lets make this part full of another and new arjoe sweet moments......


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Posted 23 October 2008 - 03:09 PM

:iloveyou: wow you guys are so cool.... :shocked: thanks for the new thread.... love :shocked: you all and gatchie :shocked: :shocked: the first photo that you posted is so cute.... joe is practically touching ariel's boobs, hahahahahaha, no hesitation from ariel who is so conservative... I like your new thread thanks every for making this 4th thRead im so thaNkful clapclap clapclap

Posted Image

continue to spread their love!!!

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Posted 23 October 2008 - 03:13 PM

Thanks gogetgatchie clapclap :thumbsup
for making this new home for arjoe's fans.
I know you put a lot of effort with this, and you succeed because you make this thread more elegant.Keep up the good work!

anyways, I love the part " for pervies only" in the introductions.
is that all?! wahahaha. :rofl

Jia You to Arjoe angels!

:iloveyou: SPREAD THE ARJOE SICKNESS :iloveyou:

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Posted 23 October 2008 - 03:16 PM

hic...part 4 opened :iloveyou:
congrats ...

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Posted ImagePosted Image

thanks sis gogetgatchie

#7 ayumi82


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Posted 23 October 2008 - 03:31 PM

Yeah :yeah

Our arjoe's new home is beautiful!!! Thank you for it, Gatchie clapclap ... It's impressing the tons of infos you gathered, sis!! And i loooove the gif... its beautiful... i save it lol...
At first, i thought we might start part 4 for Ariel's birthday, but the thread moved faster than that hehe... and finally, today is a great day to start the thread, so many good news nah... :thumbsup

Anyway, i just want to post a clip... probably many of you saw it in Joe's thread already...
It was Joe and Ariel's greetings for Ah Shin's album releasing in HK...
We all know Ah Shin is one of Joe's bestfriend... but how come Ariel knows him? Through Joe most probably... His friends are her friends too :iloveyou:

Enjoy :worship

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Posted 23 October 2008 - 04:07 PM

great job on the topic starter atchie!!! a very nice start for the new home of the power couple joe and ariel! i'm sure that everyone is deliriously happy about the clip from hunan tv exploring the 'future' of joe and ariel....with the ever fast approaching airing of lob let's all fill this new home with lots and lots of arjoe lovin'!!!

:iloveyou: :thumbsup :worship clapclap :iloveyou:
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Posted 23 October 2008 - 04:30 PM

ni men hao baobeis.... :nihao :athlon :athlon
itz been so long since i posted....
i have decided to be the silent lurker till this thread entered part 4 :whatup :zipped
thanks to all the baobeis who worked so hard for this opening page...
i especially love that "only for pervies part" and the combinations of all Arjoe kisses.....
juz can't stop loving these 2...
thank you, you guys rock... :thumbsup :worship
apart from my congratulations...
i also have something to share....
no its not any pics or latest news...
juz another one of those analysis of their actions.....
1)i read in this magazine last year which issue was about platonic friendship between male and female...
included in that article were guides on what you shouldn't do when your best- friend is of the opposite gender..(this is as to stop creating misunderstanding between both parties..)
i tried to look up for this article again in my rooom but i can't find it....
but i still remember one of them very very clearly...
after seeing the pic where Joe was massaging Ariel's feet, it struck me....
These exact words...
So clearly it massaging each other is not something normal friends would do rather couples instead.... :athlon :athlon :tricky:
2) from what i know, Joe is the youngest of his siblings and Ariel's the eldest right?
So, from what i read in another magazine which unfortunately i can't seem to find it....
There was an article that wrote about the types of personality according to your position among your siblings...
And at the end of this article, there was also this guide on the most harmonious couple according to siblings position...
get this..
i don't actually believe in this thing but Arjoe's personalities do match the descriptions from the magazine...
-apparently the eldest is usually someone who is serious and responsible because their siblings will look up to them and their parents rely on them more.
-as for the youngest one they are more playful because they are the youngest; something like a baby...
- the combinations of these two is most compatible because the relationship would be balanced..
- the one which is more playful can help the other one to be more relaxed and enjoy life (fun relationship)
-at the same time the one who is more responsible and serious will put a limit to the relationship and make the playful one be serious when the situation calls for it. so basically its a balanced relationship....
this is my longest post so far...
so baobeis...
make your own judgement... :hug2 :hug2 :hug2

#10 ayumi82


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Posted 23 October 2008 - 04:31 PM

Tadaima!!! :yeah

Anyway, i just want to post the Hunan.tv clip... where Joe talks about "marriage"...
Translation by Kassy
Uploaded and annoted by Yiyi

Joe is very smart while answering those tricky questions... but this clip is awesome... Joe sounds like he is really considering :wub:...

Enjoy!!! ^_^

#11 Slydreamerr



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Posted 23 October 2008 - 05:14 PM

Hi hi~

Oh my, yay! Thread no. 4! Thanks gogetgatchie! Congrats, here are fanarts that I'd done recently.
Our Lao gong & Lao po together. *Dreamy expression*

Posted Image

More like, Zhi Shu X Xiang Qin uh.

Posted Image

<3 ArJoe. I love the large picture mixture of all ArJoe moments for the first thread post, all the lovely times!

ayumi82: I think Joe wants to scream out his love for Ariel but he can't. Haha, me and my imagination to keep myself in my lala land~ I love how he didn't deny that Ariel is his ideal dream girl/ wife/ girlfriend, and he was so cute when he said they might even get married when they film their fifth series together! Hmm, I don't mind watching 5 series of them in it, it would keep me happy all day. I just smile at the thought of seeing them together now. Talk about ArJoe obsession. ;P Oh, by the way do you still remember me? Hee, been MIA from AF for a very long time already. Was so busy, that I couldn't really come and post up replies and such. Hint: I used to post in Joe's thread`

: Hi! I agree with you! Joe seems more talkative and playful, opposite to Ariel. And, I find this very true, which was what Jiang mama said in ISWAK when she was consoling Xiang Qin. "Why would you want to find someone who is totally same as you in characters and brains (Let's not talk about ideal looks or whatsoever)? It would be like, looking into the mirror, and so boring!" That was hilarious, but also quite true. Ideal partner should be a little different from your own character isn't it.

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#12 indescribable


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Posted 23 October 2008 - 09:34 PM

Oooohhh!! Just gotta say THANK YOU gatchie for the *amazing* intro!! clapclap clapclap I was so excited coming home from school today because I knew this was coming up. :P I still haven't taken off my coat yet, heh. :blush

I loooove the timeline and the gif, and all those kiss pictures. xD Seeing ALL the pictures of them kissing on one page...it really hits me again just how many times our ArJoe has kissed before. xP Beautiful! Ariel and Joe are the first celebrity couple that I think I've ever had actual faith in them getting together someday. They're just too perfect for each other. :wub:

I keep having this weird thought...haha don't think me crazy, I'm extremely thankful for my good health, but. I thought that, if I could only suddenly become terminally ill and someone were to grant me one wish (like the Wish Foundation..don't know if all your countries have charities like that), I would hope to meet Ariel and Joe [together, of course!]. I'd beg them to tell me about their true feelings towards each other, and then I'd proceed to beg even harder for them to get married...they would be nice to a dying girl, wouldn't they? xD Am I just insane? :oro


Here's to the new home, yay for Part Four! :D :D :D I wish for...thousands of goodies for this board, lots of love from ArJoe, more new ArJoe shippers, and THE news that will make us all able to die happily. ;D

#13 autumn93



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Posted 24 October 2008 - 01:25 AM

Yayy!!!!! clapclap Part 4. Thanks gogetgatchie for the topic starter. Its really good! The picture slide you posted from their childhood till now was really cute. Joe looks exactly the same when he was little. Question: How come i can't find certain clips of them like the new year year's eve special, them on happy Sunday etc. does anyone know where i can watch these clips!!
Well to get back to the clip ayumi82 posted, i thought it was really hilarious how much the reporters were pushing the Ariel thing on him (although we all know that it already exists :iloveyou: ). It is really good to know that the media is also rooting for them like we are in here. Like you said, he was really was smart in answering those questions thrown at him one after another.

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#14 ForbiddenApple


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Posted 24 October 2008 - 06:09 AM

Wow, congratulation...now we are at new home :yeah ...hope this home will full of love, full of goodies from our golden couple :wub: ...

GATCHIE sis, this is really great job :thumbsup ..loveee all the info that you have been added, pics, gifs and all...

I so anticipating on LoB now so I couldn't resist not to post all this...hehehe...credit to LoB blog...here we see sad/angry look from Frank/Joe and Shan Mei/Ariel...contra with what we already seen in 1 minute trailer...I just amaze and adore what ArJoe give us here :thumbsup ...

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Miss their pics, clips and news together but all this will come soon :)


#15 arjoe_forevertogetherXD



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Posted 24 October 2008 - 07:12 AM

Thanks to ayumi82 for posting that clip. and to kassy and yiyi too :D

i think joe doesn't want to make anything goes very fast that's why he doesn't want to answer the question straight, but anyways, he make something obvious. I'll just wait until they admit everything

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#16 lyricalp



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Posted 24 October 2008 - 07:13 AM

gatchie, yeah! new thread!!!!!!!!! Thank you!!!!! OMG, the timeline is AMAZING!!! What a great job - I didn't even realize that TWFX was filmed in the middle of ISWAK!!! soooo much information YEAH!!!!!! OMG I'm still going down this new header, I LOOOOOOVE it! the kiss pics, yeah! so *Meg*, you did these?? I would NEVER guess it's from a drama except that there are pictures of it, LOL... and the pervie section LOL! (good for meeee!)
and thanks for the LOB pics on the last thread, sooo cute!! Can you imagine Joe covering YiChen's mouth like that in their own life? For fun, I mean :D And a guest appearance, YAH!!!!!

newyorkcitygirl, I'm sure someone will have the happy camp stuff up soon... I did hear very clearly "she's my type" :) Like the fan art!!! even their smiling faces have the same amount of weight... cuteeee!!!

slydreamerr, I know what you mean, I LOVE how he was looking at her! It was just a lovely moment...

autumn, I think the reporters were kind of squatting to get close without blocking cameras, maybe that's why...

arjoe_forevertogetherXD, THANK YOU!!! Yay, yey, yeah!! I've been dying to see that!! He says sooo clearly that he's her type, verrrry blunt, no beating around the bush, no hesitation, easy answer :) It seems this answer is becoming increasingly easy to respond to; they must ask him in EVERY SINGLE INTERVIEW. HEEEEEE I'd guess that the great majority of fans of Joe and Ariel are ArJoe fans also ;)

apple, thanks for the pics :D

yipeeyey, wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! with you!

scotchgirl, callinne, monkey, hi!

maytan, hi! I joined Fuu so I can make an ArJoe retreat Fuu house... also to see if I will be able to see Ariel's once joining.. can anyone tell me? Will post my Fuu house link when ready :)

chelsea4eva, you're right about the youngest-oldest thing, great compatibility!! oooh, nice add to all the analysis, one I hadn't thought of yet, too... SO GREAT!! :)

Meg, thanks for posting that clip in here- I was watching it last night :D Would love it subbed, but I should be able to SLOWLY translate the questions that were shown on the screen at least, and then GUESS what he said.

So here's what I'll do - since I'm learning Mandarin, I'll add some terminology to list for things to listen for, so at least you can get the gist if you don't understand. It does help to know the accent marks... but if not this should still help.

Very Key Words to know regarding Like, Love and Relationships, and what words come out of ArJoe's mouths a lot... So under the tag you'll see some key words plus my attempted translation of the questions and answers.. the questions are right (because I have the simplified chars which took me awhile to look up ;) ) but the answers... I might have heard a bunch wrong. But you can get the gist from these, I hope!)


I love the quick.. "Mmm.. (*yes*)She's my type" :D

#17 Originale


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Posted 24 October 2008 - 07:25 AM

It is about time there is a part 4 lol. YAH!!!!!!!
Cant wait to watch LOB..i think i'm gonna fit in both ISWAK n TKA before LOB..so can feel the change of interaction between XQ n ZS => their new respective characters (forgot names >.<)
Gonna be very cool.
I liked the empowerment of Ariel's character..where she pushed Joe to the wall with her foot. She seems nothing like XQ while Joe's character seems nothing like ZS..almost opposite characters.

#18 arjoe_forevertogetherXD



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Posted 24 October 2008 - 08:11 AM

he zuo (collaborate) and xi huan (like) >> i always hear this words from arjoe's mouth in their vid clips.

#19 carmy99



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Posted 24 October 2008 - 09:38 AM

u did great 4da opening post :worship :worship
love all da picz :iloveyou:
especially da compile picz of different year
feel so happy afta looking at it
good job keep up da good work
& supply us wid mor ARJOE tingz
feeling vr vr happy rite now!!!!
clapclap clapclap clapclap clapclap clapclap
:thumbsup :thumbsup :thumbsup :thumbsup

<3 ARJOE 4EVA!!!!!!:) :iloveyou:

#20 13sunshine



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Posted 24 October 2008 - 09:51 AM

Yay for part 4!, let's continue to love our Arjoe!
the clip of Joe joking about they already got married by 5th collaboration is so sweet! haha i'm seriously looking forward for it~~~ will be patiently waiting~~~

here is my contribute ^^
Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image
Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image

feel free to use ^^ <333

#21 echangtaher



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Posted 24 October 2008 - 10:13 AM

TWO-THUMBS UP! :thumbsup

gogetgatchie, perhaps I never really thank you for all your beautiful contributions and hard-work, but this time it comes from the bottom of my heart.. Thanks a lot, you really made my day after all the hectic works in the office.... And ohhh I can feel the Arjoe love every where.

I also want to be among early bird to celebrate our new Arjoe page, hope their 'love' will last forever :) Cant wait for the November 16th :) See you guys!

#22 JJen



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Posted 24 October 2008 - 11:04 AM

Thank you gogetgatchie for your great job. clapclap Arjoe part 4 really awesome & beautiful. I love every single pic of Arjoe, lovely couple.

Ayumi, thanks for Hunan.tv clip. Yes, Joe really cute and smart in answering all questions. It seems obvious he wants to keep their relationship as a low profile but as usual he didn't deny anything about ariel. All Arjoe shippers know that he's already found someone who fulfill his criteria of girlfriend, so yes… he's now considering. :whistle No wonder why he joked that they would get married already in their 5th collaboration. :loool: He's really in a good mood.

Lyricalp , haha..love yr translation, I know you put a lot of attempt for this translation for us, thanks. :hug

Hi, everyone have a good weekend.

#23 lovey_mys



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Posted 24 October 2008 - 02:07 PM

hi everyone.. am a newbie here... love this couple so much... congrats to arjoe for living in their new house.. :yeah :yeah

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#24 maytan00101



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Posted 24 October 2008 - 04:38 PM

hello angels!!!

just here to drop some schedules for Joe and Ariel

Joe and Ariel will be doing some recording for shows before november comes!!!

on 27th of October they will be recording for CTV's Life Show...8-10:30pm

on 29th of October they will be recording for TTV's Diamond Show ...2-8pm
(TTV??? when did TTV start promoting series aired on CTV??? is this for real? if it is then...wow Joe and Ariel will be together for at least 6 hours on the day of Ariel's actual birthday!!! that would be awesome!!!)

and of course

on 31st of October they will be attending the GBA together!!!

#25 kin_est



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Posted 24 October 2008 - 04:44 PM

Hi Everyone!!!

WOW. I'm stunned. Thanks gogetgatchie for making this a dazzling home for all the Arjoe lovers. I can just imagine the amount of work that must have gone into making that biography and the photo collections. And just in time for LOB premiere too. I hope that the coming few months bring more materials to keep this thread more lively than ever.

The Photo collection was amazing. It really shows you much they've changed and how they've known each other over the years. I never realized how long it has been. Since ISWAK when I fell in love with Joe and Ariel as a couple....wow. I realised I've shared in quite a few years of their life journey too...

........ How I hope JOe and Ariel can see this thread too. =)

#26 janice25



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Posted 24 October 2008 - 05:31 PM

hi everyone, im just newbie here.

thanks gogetgatchie for making and sharing your ARJOE Lovin to all of us who also love and adore our golden couple....

congratulations :thumbsup :worship for the very very good job well done for making this ARJOE thread part 4 very interesting...now i can say that i have more info about arjoe because of your ARJOE thread part 4...love the pics of arjoe especially the time line :wub:

lets share and spread our ARJOE lovin :iloveyou: :love:

#27 mei0fthevilla



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Posted 24 October 2008 - 07:09 PM

Hello Arjoe Addicts! Hahahaha

Here, subbed 20-sec trailer: http://www.overstrea...id=eluhefmyeqrk

Credit to TKA Subbers (as always) and to 08310702.

Posted Image

#28 Quest



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Posted 24 October 2008 - 09:51 PM

Waaaah. It's been a while since I've indulged myself in the world of Arjoe! I miss it so much :iloveyou: Stupid school <_<

Well, looks like Joe is practically saying he's with Ariel now in that interview. :whistle We we are getting closer to them coming out, haha!

And a new drama ! This is awesome. It's Arjoe paradise here now! clapclap

#29 chianz



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Posted 25 October 2008 - 01:37 AM

congratulations gatchie for a very excellent job.the whole thing is amazing.everybody enjoys our new home that is full of arjoe love and bliss.watta great success!i love the pervie section.so informative huh.and also the trivia!love everything.all your efforts is a great success!

the interiew of JOE.it seems like a hint for us.what if their together for real?!oh my.they better do ISWAK 3 and LOB 2 so that they will have 5 collaborations.hahaha!

cant wait for LOB..

its great that our new home is very much active ;p

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#30 xpressgirl



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Posted 25 October 2008 - 04:44 AM

ooooohh now we have part 4!! loved the introduction btw gogetgatchie...and the pervie momentss...hhahahahh.....

i am soooo happpy rt now from the video with joe cheng answering questions about whether he likes ariel or not....PLEASE DO A 5th collaboration...i want to see ur wedding soo badly! lol..

i really hope ariel lin wins the golden bell award. i cant believe in the interview they asked jiang mama which one was going to win...qiao chen or ariel? how could u ask RIGHT in front of ariel?? i feel like qiao chen has more of a chance becasue fated to love you was the tv series this year but personally i didnt really like the storyline. I REALLLYYYY hope ariel lin wins!! and that joe cheng and her look radiant together when they walk in...hehehhe.

till then!


#31 joemitzz



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Posted 25 October 2008 - 09:11 AM

Congratulations gogegatchie what a beautiful opener you've got!!!
many pictures that i never seen/videos that i never watch before...
i luv the pervies...hehehe :oro

oh my....LOB is coming....

I LOVE ARJOE :wub: :iloveyou:

#32 mei0fthevilla



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Posted 25 October 2008 - 03:58 PM

Me again! Haha

Subbed Oct. 14 2008 LoB in HCKEN: http://www.overstrea...id=autjsqslteso

Credit to TKA Subbers (again and again) and to Shuqin2007.

Enjoy! So nice of lao gong to be confident of lao po! Haha

Mwah to all Arjoe addicts!

#33 ayumi82


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Posted 25 October 2008 - 05:40 PM

Hello arjoe's angels!!!

Thank you everyone for sharing your beautiful artwork, pics, analysis and opinions *group hug*... making the thread so colorful and lively!!

Slydreamerr, of course i remember you, sis ^_^ ... come and visit us more often in Joe's thread hehe... and dont hesitate to share your artwork there!!
I know sis... Joe doesnt want to admit anything, yet he doesnt deny either... Considering the reporters obviously wants to know if Joe and Ariel are an item, Joe's answers are very smart... It makes us happy for sure!!!

Lyricalp... what are you talking about, sis? Kassy translated and Yiyi subbed the "marriage clip" i posted here (post #10)... you should rewatch it lol...
Anyway, as for Ariel's Fuu house, it didnt change, it's still the same since the last time we posted it in arjoe's thread... If you want to access her fuu house, you need to be logged in on Fuu... Then only you can see it...

And a big welcome to the newbies :hug ... hope you'll enjoy your time here... Our journey with arjoe is wonderful :wub:


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Posted 26 October 2008 - 02:22 AM

Weeee Cheers to part 4!!! yipeeee!!!
Congrats Gatchie sis for the all the hardwork..
It's nice sis!! I Love the Pics!!
You really can feel the ArJoe lovin' :iloveyou: :iloveyou:

I'm gonna die of exhilaration because of our Arjoe after knowing
that when Ariel learned that she was nominated for GBA
she went and thanked Joe.. isn't it sweet!! :thumbsup :iloveyou:
and also Joe saying that who knows maybe in their 5th collaboration
they might be married.. woah!!!
These two they're killing me with their "Innocence"!!

after being so hyped up I decided to make a pop art..
Posted Image
I included some line from my recent favorite song..
it's an old one but i felt it's suited for Arjoe (soon) hehe!!

Let's continue this Arjoe lovin!!! :iloveyou: :iloveyou: :iloveyou:

Posted Image

#35 lyricalp



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Posted 26 October 2008 - 05:02 AM

Meg, *blush* sorry, you're right! I scanned too quickly, didn't notice that it was a SUBBED version... will watch soon...

yipeeyey, thanks for posting that the subbed clips up.. back later to edit..

ETA: back.. to thank Kassy for translating, yiyi for adding the subs to the vid and Meg for posting... at last! Joe was way better at evading the questions that I thought... wanted to add two comments...

one, I still realllly feel there was a pause when he was asked "isn't that exactly YiChen" and he said Yes, she's my type... he did emphasize the Yes and have a split sec pause. And two, after he was asked to think it over and he said he would, afterwards the grin on his face was turning to a chuckle, like hahahaha....no problem!!!!

I wish some of the stuff said was more like what I mis-translated, LOL. I have a romantic mind about them of course so I am even more apt to hear the wrong stuff or choose the wrong words based on approximate sound hehe...

Meg, also, thanks for the info on Fuu - I was wondering if the round pink bed was added to her house... will peek anyway if I can LOL :) she doesn't have time to change it often.... unlike me who will happily spend time making cute imaginary places for them to stop in and hang out together, cozy pillow corners...etc etc... a computer so they can get online LOL... I'll figure out how to post mine soon, maybe I ought to clear the clutter first :) or at least I'll post more than one version...

hi to everyone else...

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#36 luvyc



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Posted 26 October 2008 - 09:49 AM

Hello all! I'm new to this forum! Actually, I have been lurking around for a while haha... I simply love the chemistry between Joe and Ariel!

I have been watching youtube clips on our favourite couple and though many people love to watch the Guam BTS where they kissed on the balcony, I thought the parts regarding their helicopter ride was also really sweet! And I wonder if this has been shared before:

(Argh. Dunno how to insert url links!) --> Youtube --> Search under BTS honeymoon in Guam Part 1 by JongYooJi

In this BTS clip, around 0:24, Joe hugged Ariel and in 0:25 it seemed like she pulled away from him but was still tugging at his hand (not seen on the video but the position of her body seemed so). It sure felt like a really ARJOE moment here!

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#37 arjoe_forevertogetherXD



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Posted 26 October 2008 - 09:55 AM

on 29th of October they will be recording for TTV's Diamond Show ...2-8pm

on 31st of October they will be attending the GBA together!!!

on ariel's birthday, arjoe will be together. sweet :D
and on 31st, they will be together again.
can't wait to see them.

#38 Slydreamerr



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Posted 26 October 2008 - 12:05 PM

lyricalp: Your fuu house sounds really cute! I want to create an account too! But how do one go about doing that? Should try to create one myself after completing my school assignment (Proposal for now). All Joe & Ariel stuffs would be inside the house man.

ayumi82: Sis, yeah sure! I do read the posts in Joe's forum when I'm busy at times, but don't have the time to post inside. ;( But still, Joe joe joe! Ariel Ariel Ariel! <3 both of them, the cuties. Since no denial is made, we ASSUME Joe likes Ariel now (Hmm, sorry correction: We assumed that they were together ages ago already didn't we?), but still, from Joe's actions it does seem like he really like Ariel, if not love. SWEET.

MAUDLIN: Thanks for your art work, the lyrics really suit ArJoe! :tricky:

luvyc: Welcome! ^^ Oh yeah, the plane BTS were sweet, more of ArJoe than ZSXQ. Haha, maybe Ariel really held onto Joe's hand for a moment? Joe was naughty, teasing Ariel, saying "You haven't see beautiful ladies before? Or is it that, you haven't seen fat ones before.." *Hilarious when Joe said in their dialect* HAHA.

arjoe_forevertogetherXD: YES, I want to see ArJoe walking down the red carpet on the day of GBA!! Lao gong Lao gong together. *Love love*

#39 arjoe_forevertogetherXD



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Posted 27 October 2008 - 04:04 AM

lyricalp: can i kn0w de url 0f y0ur fuu h0use la ?

MAUDLIN: y0ur artw0rks are s0 cool eh !

Slydreamerr: yeah, can't imagine h0w they will lo0k. have you seen the vide0 0f ariel trying 0ut her dress f0r the GBA?

ariel trying out her dress for GBA
check this vid:
upl0aded by jongyoonji @ youtube.com

#40 mei0fthevilla



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Posted 27 October 2008 - 04:51 AM

Hello Arjoe angels! Haha, here again!

Subbed LoB Sohu News in Hangzhou

Subbed LoB Arjoe in Hangzhou for prescon

Credit toTKA Subbers and Jongyoonji.

Be back for more!!! =)

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