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Louis Koo will not mind if his wife can't cook

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#1 mv_288


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Posted 06 August 2008 - 06:48 PM

Louis Koo will not mind if his wife can't cook

Picture: Louis Koo has high chloresterol

The other night, Louis Koo, Nancy Sit, Jacqueline Law, Michael Lai and Renee Dai were attending the opening ceremony of a bar restaurant. Louis revealed that he has known the owners for over 20 years. They are very particular about food. Earlier he was trying out the cuisine for his friend in another branch. Louis is also very careful with his food. He doesn't eat any skin and the inside of any animal. This is because he has high cholesterol. Asked if he needs to chose a wife who can cook, he said "no, my mother can do the cooking if she can't cook."

Picture:Jacqueline Law

There have been rumour that Jacqueline Law is getting married. The other night, she went to the opening ceremony by herself. Reporter congratulated her, she replied "I haven't announced I am getting married yet. I will let you know when the time is right. ( Asked what her future plan is?) I said I am not getting married yet. ( Do you want to have baby?) I have many little friends. ( Are you going to announce it after you are married? ) No." Jacqueline told reporter her life is very calm at the moment, nothing special about it.

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#2 tbd88



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Posted 06 August 2008 - 07:00 PM

that's sweet that Louis to said that he doesn't if his wife doesn't know how to cook.. That girl will be very lucky..

#3 foreverleila


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Posted 06 August 2008 - 08:15 PM

Yeah, I agree that is sweet and cute at the same time that Louis doesn't mind his wife can't cook. I would be happy if Jacqueline is getting married soon. Too bad it's only a rumor. Hope it's true.

#4 LiToAnGeL



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Posted 06 August 2008 - 09:43 PM

Louis is soo kool =D He doesn't mind if his wife can't cook. He will be a good husband and treat his wife very good. Jacqueline Law is pretty. Congratz to her if the rumor is true =D

#5 kiwi3


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Posted 06 August 2008 - 10:03 PM

That's cool that Louis won't mind if his wife can't cook, i didn't know that Louis has high cholesterol. Jacqueline Law? I always thought she was already married, i haven't seen her in a long time. She still looks good.

#6 candy_floss



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Posted 06 August 2008 - 10:05 PM

i think it's good that louis doesn't mind if his future wife can't cook, but won't it be too much trouble if his mom have to do all the cooking? hope i can find someone that doesn't mind if i can't cook as well lol

#7 Guest_misz_alice_*

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Posted 07 August 2008 - 12:38 AM

Louis is such a caring guy he'll be a great husband and he's going to be spoiling his wife!! lol!! asking his mom to cook!!

#8 Gummi Bear

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Posted 07 August 2008 - 01:22 AM

I love him more for that statement...since I can't cook either :lol?:

#9 ht5



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Posted 07 August 2008 - 06:26 AM

lol if his wife can't cook then his mother will have to do everything!

#10 chinoischick


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Posted 07 August 2008 - 07:15 AM

That sounds like a disater waiting to happen. Nobody likes living with their mother in law and although Louis said he doesn't mind if his wife doesn't cook, i bet the mother will mind.

#11 xlinhtranx



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Posted 07 August 2008 - 09:29 AM

lolzz.. LOuis doesnt care if his wife cant cook!!! NICE....
<3 Louis Koo