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GIRLS: Describe your dream guy.

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#41 Thongvilay



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Posted 29 September 2008 - 12:27 AM

My dream guy...
1. height: 5'5+
2. I like slightly tanned skin
3. lean/athletic build
4. slightly muscular arms
5. cute smile/smirk
6. dark hair, black or dark brown, and it has to be soft
7. their eyes light up when they're happy
8. can look sexy even in glasses
9. I like them ASIAN.
10. bigger hands than me
11. wears nice clothes/stylish/knows how to dress up
12. a nice sounding voice

1. intelligent
2. hardworking
3. self-confidence
4. supportive/caring
5. goofy yet knows when to be serious
6. charming/gentlemanly
7. someone I can be myself around
8. loves his parents
9. doesn't cuss every time he opens his mouth/respectful
10. honest/trustworthy
11. patient
12. will respect my religion, even if it's different from his
13. not a picky eater
14. protective
15. well-mannered/gets along with my parents & friends

...and it doesn't hurt if they enjoy dancing (even if its goofy)
...and I'd like it if they could sing or play an instrument. (because i'm musically challenged)

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#42 SwishSweeper16



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Posted 29 September 2008 - 03:48 AM

wow... a lot of people have the same kind of dreams.

I don't have much preferences ^^;
Uhm... lets see though

- nice hair past the ear (it would be fun to play with!) XD
- nicely toned, especially super sexy stomach hehe
- sorta slim- i dunno why, but big muscular football dudes kinda freak me out...
- normal brows 'cause people picking them is so superficial.... and freaky o.o
- well educated, good university
- well off
- outgoing and athletic
- understanding
- into making out hahaha
- dresses decently
- multilingual- uber cool man! ;D
- good cook, or at least a food lovur like me!
- well shaven, 'cause lots of hair= gross!
- can't be a picky eater! :P
- preferably tan (doesn't have to be)
- At least my height which isn't hard at all because i'm 5 feet....
- smiles a lot
- laughs at jokes
- optimistic
- plays a musical instrument or is a singer ;]

Thats not hard right?
I mean, theres lots of people who meet my requirements B]
more selection for me! XD

and a question to the people reading this-

guys: do you think you fufill those requirements?
girls: would you like the guy i described?

just curious! thanks in advanced!<3

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#43 Catstreet



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Posted 30 September 2008 - 09:17 AM

-Asian or White/European (sometimes Mexican, but in very RARE cases)
-cute accent
-doesn't have to be GOOD LOOKING, but not hideous either
-thin-chubby (I don't care lol)
-well shaven! I hate facial hair...
-Funny and can take jokes and doesn't get offended
-Smart, but doesn't make fun of me in an arrogant way
-Is nice to me and my family cause they mean everything to me
-Spends money on me but doesn't buy me EVERYTHING
-Knows when to be serious
-Like history or read
-and sends me sweet text messages for me to wake up too.

This is a lot and I'd probably never find it. HHAHAHA :cryoutloud:

I wish they had most or at least some of these and some are more important then others. :))

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#44 idyll



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Posted 30 September 2008 - 08:16 PM

I have a thing for tall guys (like Vince Vaughn tall - 6'4"), but as long as he's taller than me (5'6") then that's ok
-dark hair
-dark eyes
-good shoes (after checking out their looks my eyes always go to their shoes)
-good style
-goals/direction in life (sorry no managers of mcdonald's or call-center-worker-for-life for me)
-family oriented
-sense of humour (super goofy would be a bonus)
-thin to fit body (I hate 'spartan' bodies - unnatural, but if you're a runner or play sports and are fit from that, then that is ok)
-good hygiene

#45 iireney



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Posted 30 September 2008 - 09:04 PM

My dream guy:
-RICH! ( everyone wants a rich guy, but to be honest most rich guy cheats)
-atleast my height 5'7 +
-brownish black hair
-brown eyes
-sexy eyes (not chinky eyes)
-nice big lips
-cute cheeks
-toned shoulders
-have goals
-asian (korean)
-nice natural hair not with alot of gel

Thats about it. I am describing my bf.

#46 bebe2019


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Posted 30 September 2008 - 09:32 PM

My dream guy would be:

Sweet/ Romantic
Height 5'6" or taller
Has a car/ house
Went to College

#47 Guest_music note_*

Guest_music note_*
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Posted 03 October 2008 - 07:46 AM

seriously??xDDD long list

- cute
-smart(doesnt have to be like a nerd though)
-pretty eyes=big
-nice smile
-real=not plastic
-serious/when need to be
-good manners
-guitar/piano/drums/violin (or any string/percuson instrument)
-honest/not blunt to the max xDD
-tall like mabe around 5'8-6'
-commited/i hate cheaters
-brave/really dont like guys that ask girls out by text message,phone or on any kinda technology has to ask me out n PERSON
-strong/as in like can protect me

#48 cheesytaco



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Posted 03 October 2008 - 11:01 AM

2 things would describe the GIRL of my dreams,

1. she can cook good western food.
2. she likes to have sex every day with me.

you ladies are ridiculous for your demands for the " PERFECT GUY"

#49 kennySnk



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Posted 04 October 2008 - 12:31 AM

My dream guy..........


He's famous, sexy, cute, stylish, confident, talented, a fine dancer n singer....

I know its probably unlikely... but a girl can just hope!!! ^_^

But if any lads here think that u look like this sexy mofo..... it'll do... message me..... :whatup

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#50 Midnight.Fantasy



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Posted 04 October 2008 - 08:27 AM

It's fun to read what other people like =D
My perfect guy:
- Tall (i'm 5'7 so they have to be atleast 5'10)
- Lean, muscular
- Has complementing facial features
- Stylish hair (oh so important!)
- From Hong Kong, Taiwan or Japan
- Has fashion sense but doesn't spend all day worrying about his appearance
- Likes eating (because it's cute and I like cooking!)
- Plays an instrument (preferably guitar or piano) or can sing
- Has a goal in life
- Is sensitive and intuitive
- Is humorous
- Is romantic
- Is kind
- Likes pets
- Has confidence
- Is not clingy and respects my freedom
- Does not have to be overly smart but has to be someone I can have a coherent
conversation with
- Loves me unconditionally

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#51 mushroomcheese


    Leehommmmmm :)

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Posted 04 October 2008 - 11:34 AM

If these guys are half as perfect as you girls expect them to be... why in their right mind would they go out with you? lol :buahaha sorry, i just had to say this

that's why it's DREAM GUY. it doesn't matter if he exists or not, all those long list, i bet there isn't any or so fewwww of them.

Here's my longgggg list!

- nice hair that suits him
- nice eyes (single or double eyelid, small or big eyes doesn't matter)
- killer smile
- nice skin, no skin problems, tanned or not doesn't matter
- dimples!!! (line-type)
- 180cm or taller
- toned body
- nice arms
- broad shoulders
- good looking

- educated
- good sense of humor
- a little jealous, understanding and trusting
- romantic at times
- can read my mind sometimes
- far-sighted and wise
- rich yet modest and down to earth kinda man
- well-educated and smart
- passionate
- responsible
- knows how to dress
- well-mannered
- respect people
- have filial piety
- charming
- outgoing and adventurous
- not too childish, at times is good
- adaptive to change
- loves only me, no matter how many seductive and flirty women surround him LOL
- confident but not arrogant
- handy-man.. love it when a guy can fix things around the house
- decisive

- plays several musical instruments
- can sing well with good voice
- speak many languages, esp english, mandarin, japanese, french and more!
- can cook well
- wide knowledge of many things
- can kiss well with kissable lips LOL

I can order my robot now.. lol this reminds me of zettai kareshi.
and leehom possess most of these qualities :iloveyou:

#52 phailyur



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Posted 05 October 2008 - 03:38 AM

Since there are already multiple descriptions of the dream guy on this thread, I'll add a description of a dream girl in my own opinion.

- Any height is fine, unless she is freakishly tall.
- Not too skinny or fat, just right would be perfect.
- Preferably Asian or white, but race doesn't really matter that much.
- Tanned, slightly tanned, or light skin.
- Doesn't wear incredibly revealing clothes all the time to get random guys on the street's attention.
- Is seen as really cute and beautiful.
- Not demanding or someone who needs to know where you are and what you are doing at all times.

- Intelligent or smart. (Not really, but she can't be dumb.)
- Able to laugh at everything and turn a bad situation into a fun one.
- Is not a sex-hungry sl*t in any way, shape, or form.
- Is honest and caring.
- Can cook/bake fairly well.
- Romantic at times when it is necessary.
- Is not arrogant or only in it for the money.

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#53 Duke_Darcy



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Posted 07 October 2008 - 01:50 AM

I LOVE black and white movies. Many people don't like it because they say that its old and has no color but I love watching those movies.

Anyway, back to the topic about dream girls or guys but in my case, it's the dream girl lol. Two words: Sarah Palin. She has executive power and she's a VERY attractive woman. Tina Fey's so good at portraying Palin-REALLY good on SNL. You should really invest in watching it-it's worth it and it's funny.

#54 ft island

ft island


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Posted 10 October 2008 - 02:29 PM

o.k. - my dream guy/s:

white or asian
[if white: blue or green eyes
blonde scruffy hair]
tall, over 5'9
skinny but toned
good fashion sense
sense of humour
can surf ... love the beach
fun, but can also be serious
plays sports esp. soccer
likes the outdoors
educated .......
and is a fairdincum peoples bloke

#55 Fatgit



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Posted 10 October 2008 - 02:54 PM

Around 5'4-5'7
Dark hair
Green eyes
Olive coloured skin
Nice big breasts
Hourglass figure
Long slim legs
Think cross between Eva Mendes and Jessica Alba, ahhhh yeah!

#56 Duke_Darcy



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Posted 16 October 2008 - 01:08 AM

I love surfing and the outdoors. THanks for bringing it up. Adding on to the list.

#57 MatchStick



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Posted 16 October 2008 - 05:50 AM

1. no eye-bags
2. no non-slit eye-lids
3. no over 200 lbs
4. no over 5'11
5. no frumpy-features
6. no children
7. no chewing-gum
8. no flip-flops
9. no gymn, (outdoors)
10. no swimming
11. fishing ok
12. no coffee
13. no chocolate
14. no cats
15. no gardening
16. no poker
17. no highlights
18. no mustache/beard
19. no necklace
20. no reading
21. quick showers
22. likes black & white movies
23. doesn't whistle
24. no junk-food
25. likes puzzles
26. less inheritable diseases
27. not a role-player
28. a pacifist
29. housekeeping & chore-dutiful
30. rich, attractive (no small faces, except when sharp enough to look bigger)
31. never married before
32. having children will be optional
33. doesn't like traveling, stays indoors
34. middle or youngest
35. knows how to knit
36. can't cook
37. doesn't need air-conditioning
38. interested in wood-working
39. speaks many languages
40. serious/less emphasis on humor
41. no piercings/ tattoos
42. messy
43. no cursing
44. can do tricks
45. an artist
46. with elderly parents (no nagging)
47. religion unspecified, & convert --- able to those i will believe in
48. tosses & turns in sleep
49. listens to music at night
50. not hi-tech
51. decorates his room with sparkly posters & not picture-frames
52. skinny wallet & lot of substance in it
53. will sit thru an auction with me
54. likes origami

LoL, i just wanted to comment on these descriptions, they're so funny. My all time favorite is number 7, no gum chewing. Another favorite would be 36, can't cook! omg, i couldn't stop laughing at most of them.

#58 xmikkix3



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Posted 18 October 2008 - 01:04 AM

my dream guy would be sum1 who is 5"5 or taller, asian, nice hair, can cook, athletic, smart, honest, caring, romantic, loyal, understanding, trusting, a lil funny, outgoing, gentleman

#59 2easy2love



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Posted 18 October 2008 - 01:46 AM

;] i like boys:

-taller den me
-kinda nice
-dance good
-polite to elders
-i like him <33 n he has 2 b fun. xD

haha pretty weird. haha dun have to be smart or rich. iono really have a dream guy < mayb Se7en(jk xP)

haha yeahh and outgoing xP.

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#60 AkimotoMitsuki



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Posted 20 October 2008 - 01:29 AM

Height: Taller than me (I'm 5'5)
Hair Length: No preference, as long as it's not to the point that people can't tell he's a guy from the back
Eyes: No preference
Body: Tone or athletic (as long as he's not fat)
Ethnicity: Asian (just my preference)
Financially: Doesn't have to be rich but can't be a lazy bum
- Athletic
- Musically talented (vocally or instrumentally)
- Loyal
- Funny
- Active
- Attractive *v* (I'm not shallow but we're talking about our "dream guy" here)
- Confident but not too arrogant
- Smart

something like that :iloveyou:

#61 aaron2289



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Posted 20 October 2008 - 03:34 AM

My dream girl would be...
2. cute personality
3. shorter than me, im 6-1..
4. loyal
5. outgoing because im a little shy...
6. easy to talk to
7. good looking, haha

#62 Grayson



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Posted 23 October 2008 - 08:36 PM

Simple! I am biracial fabulous! My dream guy is SE7EN!!!!! That's it!

#63 poesje



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Posted 26 October 2008 - 11:51 PM

my dreamguy, but nobody is perfect:

- around 183, so he would be longer than me, even when i wear high heels ^^
- not younger than me, and not more than 5 years older than me...
- it can be any race... (but i'm really chinese-tired at the moment)
- good looking, handsome, sexy looking (looks does count, my eyes needs to be satisfied :x)
- looks nice/sweet/cute when he's sleeping (i don't know why, but it attracts me)
- dark hair (brown to black)
- good hairstyle (which fits his face well)
- kissable lips and a nice smile
- speaking and sparkling eyes
- not too skinny, not to fat, not to muscular
- has bigger hands than me...
- knows hot to dress (cause i love fashion)
- knows what i like, when we go shopping ^^
- neat/good hygiene (but don't shave armpits or legs :x and not wearing make up :x)
- don't smoke
- loves games (cause i love them too)
- has a kind hart, friendly
- knows what he wants
- has goals in his life (and motivation to work to it)
- can solve problems, with or without any help (at least his own problems)...
- has confidence (can be a little bit arrogant in a funny way)
- intelligent (so he knows and understands the things i do and say)
- sweet, caring and protective...
- gentleman... carries my bag, when ever it's needed (even if he doesn't like my bag, or the color of it - for example pink :P)
- naughty ^^ hehe :P
- responsible
- manly and brave
- strong enough to carry me... to protect me and himself...
- a little bit romantic (not too cheesy :s)
- creative, has many ideas
- loyal, honesty and trusting
- not too jealous
- good manners/polite and doesn't curse too much...
- serious when it's needed
- funny (can make me laugh)
- has patient
- believes in his own hands (just like me)
- loves to eat, likes good food and can cook
- loves animals
- spider and scary bugs killer :P
- silly at times :)
- can keep me warm (in the winter or whenever it's needed)
- knows how to enjoy!
- works hard and doesn't give up easy
- not afraid to try out (new) things...
- family type and respects elders (even when they are not always nice)
- knows where to stop and what not to do...
- makes a funny mean face when i call him cute :P

can't think of any more :P quite a long list :x

#64 ilovecandiee



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Posted 27 October 2008 - 12:26 AM

Dream Guy ^-^

-taller then me [not hard at all I'm 5'1 =.='']
-Asian [or else my parents will freak]
-No facial Hair
-A bit muscular yet slim
-Good Taste in clothing

-Romantic a must!
-Gets jealous at times
-Loves animals [puppies kitties and such]
-Not sex-crazy!! =.=''
-No smoking
-Loves Joking around but knowing when to stop
-Music Lover
-Loves to either sing/play guitar or piano/ dance hip hop!
-I love it when guy are kind of intimate
-Fun to be around

#65 u13e12



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Posted 27 October 2008 - 01:59 AM

sigh im a guy but you girls referencing celebs for looks is ok but i think you can't use them to reference personalities.

also question what wrong with being muscular?

#66 bin



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Posted 27 October 2008 - 02:33 AM

my dream guy:
- around 5'7 or a tad bit taller
- down to earth
- honest
- understands
- able to read my facial expression
- charming
- caring
- good looking
- toned body
- socially smart
- knows what he wants in life
- has a positive attitude
- great smile
- confident
- listens well/easy to talk to
- isnt clingy

this is smwhat of an idea of my dream guy. im sure the list will go on.

my bf:

um....i think i might of have just described him as my dream guy ^^" maybe thats why i cnt think of my dream guy bc im thinking about him...ahahah nah, my bf is smwhat of my dream guy. it just kinda seems fake, dsnt it? bc NO ONE is perfect! but ill stick w/ this guy bc as of right now, he is my too-good-to-be-true bf.

#67 ilovecandiee



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Posted 27 October 2008 - 02:40 AM

some girls dont like the muscular kinds,
because sometime they tend to be too muscular
where you can see veins popping out its kind of freaky.
But when they only have a bit and they have a rather slim and toned body its more hot

#68 chineseleon



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Posted 27 October 2008 - 03:35 AM

HOw come i possess some of these qualities and yet i dont have a girl?


#69 Kiwi_Swty



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Posted 27 October 2008 - 04:50 AM

ouu okay

i would want him:
1. to be taller than me not like an inch or two. more like at least a head taller than me...
2. chinese preferably, Hong Kong or Cantonese
3. good looking FOR SURE! hahaha or maybe cute. either one
4. talkative. not so talkative that i would want him to shut his trap. but ya
5. funny, he can NOT be boring. my life is boring enough with school, i don't need to spend time with a boring guy
6. promise me something and would actually follow through with it. NO EMPTY PROMISES...hahaha
7. can't be bossy. ya i had experience with that..scary and annoying and sad too...
8. edcuated. can't be stupid. i mean if he makes a stupid comment once in awhile is okay but not always and so stupid that you want to tape his mouth shut
9. fit. don't want him to be overweight or anything, but i also don't want a boyfriend with like skin and bone. seriously, those guys scare me. all my friends are like THEY NEED TO EAT
10. good sense of fashion! MUST!

i think thats it...hahahahah

#70 melodyboo



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Posted 27 October 2008 - 10:40 PM

funny, cute, snmells good XD
come on . why be so specific and find out certain things you like
just live life, flirt wit guys and find out what you like, if you lways look for one type of guy
dating gets boring and you woint learn anything !!

#71 wcshang



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Posted 28 October 2008 - 01:51 AM

My dream guy is pretty much Takeshi Kaneshiro. :D Well, younger so closer in age to me.

And since it's my dream guy some parts (like his occupation) are totally not realistic.

He has to be:
- Asian, or even mixed Asian since I am Taiwanese and Korean.
- the classic tall, dark, and handsome
- exactly 6'0 so he's not too tall and not too short. I'm 5'5 and I wear heels, so altogether, I'm maybe 5'7 to 5'8. Basically, he has to stand out from other guys, but not stick out like a sore thumb.
- dress well. I'm not talking brand name stuff, BUT ABSOLUTELY NO SKINNY JEANS! I HATE SKINNY JEANS ON MEN WITH A PASSION! lol And I hate the whole baggy hoodies, caps, baggy jeans halfway down his ass, and "bling bling" look. He must dress classy and sophisticated, like clean jeans and a nice shirt with maybe a leather jacket.
- scupted and fit, but not "too" fit that he looks like a macho bodybuilder.
- accept his inner nerd. :D Or at the very least, accept MY inner nerd. Like he has to be cool, but likes (but is not obsessed by) nerdy things like anime and video games.
- have black hair. I actually dislike dyed brown or yellow hair on Asians with a few exceptions like Ayumi Hamasaki and Kim Jaejoong.
- hairstyle can't be the typical Asian emo hair with spikes everywhere.
- rich and successful - lol But he has to become rich and successful by himself, not leech off parents.
- generous - always pays for me when we go out for dinners and movies, etc. I pay for my own stuff when shopping though!
- devoted to me - only has eyes for me! :D And does whatever I say since I'm his queen! LOL
- sweet and romantic - I want to receive roses once in a while! lol
- intelligent - I want to be able to discuss with him on anything.
- a good conversationalist - again, I want to be able to talk about anything with him, even serious, philosophical talks about the way of universe! lol
- have a big cock! :D But must know how to use it! Preferably 9 inches.
- good in bed and knows how to love his woman! ;)(doesn't even have to be in bed)
- have good breath and good personal hygiene!

#72 BlackCoffeeee



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Posted 28 October 2008 - 02:31 AM

Its pretty hard to put my finger down on all the exacts, but here are a few ..

- Sweet in a way thats not lame
- Able to act his true weirdo-self without being embarassed
- Able to kid around and be childish with me
- Able to be comfortable around me
- smell good all the time ;)
- Devotion x3
- preferably taller
- preferably asian [LOL I sound racist ;_;]

#73 kevpanda



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Posted 28 October 2008 - 05:09 AM

my dream girl
:shorter then me (im like 5ft9)
:great personality/outgoing (cos im a lil shy)
:beautiful and cute to me
:loyal and honest
:thin but not stick thin
:a smile that will melt your heart

if i cant find her then i guess leah dizon or eun hye will do...

btw it's funny to see guys with very short lists and girls with very long lists ahhhaahah

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#74 Annjhelica


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Posted 26 November 2008 - 06:37 AM

well, i dont actually believe in this thing.. coz as what heenim said.. when you love him, he is already your dream guy..

but if ever i had the chance to have him, i would ask my fairy to give me a guy who's

*taller than me
*not whiter than me
*not fat/thin
*bad boy looks

*slightly boastful
* caring

*and mostly, supports my decisions and respects my womanity. (is that a word?!lol)

#75 bluejeans914



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Posted 27 November 2008 - 02:28 AM

A guy whose(who):

- taller than me but not too tall
- decent looking
- smart but not too smart that he's arrogant
- funny
- likes some/most of the stuff i like and can tolerate some things i like but he doesn't
- nice&caring&honest&respects people
- protective&responsible
- a cute smile
- know how to cook
- romantic
- in good shape(not so fat but not so thin)
- i can look at him all day, everyday, and still think he's cute
- has an accent; a British one :]
and most importantly it has to be someone I like and who also likes me back.

#76 동갑내기



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Posted 27 November 2008 - 09:42 AM

i'd have to say i met my dream guy this year except he doesn't know it :/ ill check the parts he matches tho for my own recordkeeping sake ;)

taller than me 59-511
X around my age preferably older
X works out / athletic
X science major
X broad shoulders
X thick
X speaks twnese and mandarin
X not too religious but considered buddist
X looks cute to me.
X nice smile
X likes to tease me... has good sense of humor
X smart but doesn't admit it
X compliments me
X has his own ring of buddies as well
X isn't fobby but secretly likes asian films
X seems white washed but actually is willing to speak in another language with me

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#77 ♥ ying

♥ ying


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Posted 27 November 2008 - 05:20 PM

My dream guy~

Tall, around 170cm
cute, big eyes
irresistible lips
fair skin tone
stylish hairstyle
good sense of fashion
understand me; easy to communicate
respect me and my family
has aims, targets and goals
either good in art or music <33
charming smile
not a control freak
not a drug addict or a smoker;
loves me

is there someone like that? I'll definately fall for him...

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#78 hopscotch darling

hopscotch darling


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Posted 27 November 2008 - 05:44 PM

my dream guy would be:

- 1 or 2 inches taller than me, so probably 5'10 and up (but not too tall like yao ming or that super tall person in china or somewhere
- sweet looking (super duper handsome in a cute way)
- lean...? (sorta on the skinny side, but not skinny... fit i guess) and likes to stay that way
- fair skinned
- emotionally deep but doesnt show it to anyone but me :)
- someone i can talk to about any random thing i think of
- outgoing
- dresses well. not preppy stuff
- smiles alot, especially when he sees me
- actually nice (not fake nice just to get something from you)
- not a player/not flirtatious except towards the person that he likes
- nice laugh
- good humor
- doesnt tease me too much
- polite
- loyal
- brave
- NOT a poser
- NOT afraid to be what he is
- smart, but not too smart like stuck-up smart or hard-to-talk-to smart
- not: petty, easy to get jealous, stuck up, selfish, or clingy
- romantic (in a manly way)
- doesnt try too hard, except for the person he likes
- verrrry nicee hair :D
- older than me. but at most 5 yrs older. (unless if his name is Hu Ge lol)
- cares more about spending time with me to talk than to spend time with me to do... other stuff ;)
- not lazy
- ohhhh and asian (like asian asian, not middle east Asian or watever)
- or white (but not blondes)
- orrr asian and white combined

wow... i didnt know i was so picky

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#79 aznsilly



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Posted 28 November 2008 - 12:05 AM

- chinese
- 5'10 or taller but not taller than 6'2
- well educated
- decently wealthy
- organized, neat
- respects me, my family and friends
- kind hearted
- down to earth
- honest
- have goals and ambitions
- confident
- intelligent
- reliable and dependable
- supportive
- hot body-toned
- decently good looking, could be hot, cute, or handsome
- serious
- fun to hang out with
- well dressed
- well mannered
- protective
- someone that loves me more than i love him...
- not too spendy but not too cheap either
- good with technology stuff
- good with cars
- has the will to learn
- becomes sad/mad when i am sad/mad

im sure theres more...

#80 XiaoRaining



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Posted 29 November 2008 - 10:57 PM

We're not exactly saying this is what we expect, but this is our ideal. That is to say, if we ever had a child (son), this is the type of man we would want him to grow up to be. And no, we're not lesbians. Basically, he must be, or rather, we hope our ideal man to be:

-Smart, but will not ridicule me because I'm less smart that he is. Now, by no means are we stupid, so he should be pretty smart.
-Tall, or taller. In the 5'9 to 6'4 range.
-Athletic, so as is not a stick and is not obese or chubby. Fit, but not extremely buff.
-Musically talented, someone who would be willing to play piano improve with me.
-Is not addicted to drugs, cigarettes, alcohol, gambling, etc.
-Is respectful to my friends.
-Has his friends be respectful to me, if not they don't respect me in the first place
-Will be loyal to me. Will not look at other girls while we're dating.
-Is great in bed.
-Is respectful to elders.
-Will respect my parents even when I don't.
-Will stand up for me.
-Take good care of himself; personal hygiene.
-Smells good without artificial expensive cologne or AXE.
-Is a good cook so I don't have to be.
-Will have deep conversations with me instead of just telling me to shut up or disregarding my thoughts.
-Is somewhat obsessed with music, enough to sing KTV with me.
-Will get off the computer of the couch to hang out with me.
-Is content with just cuddling or snuggling, instead of making further sexual advances.
-Doesn't have blondes as his favorites.
-Isn't entirely mainstream, will have independent thought and tastes in media culture.
-Doesn't have his mother dress him, and isn't completely obsessed with brands such as A&F , Hollister, American Eagle, etc.
-Preferably artistically talented.
-Witty and clever.
-Has a sense of sophisticated humor.
-Has a sense of style.
-Drinks with me whenever I want to.
-Indulges in junk food with me, but will remind me when to stop.
-Doesn't spend all his free time watching porn.
-Takes my opinion into consideration about the people he hangs out with.
-Will respect my friends, but offer advice when they're b*tches.
-Will huddle with me in the cold.
-Watch dramas with me once in a while and doesn't make fun of me and myromance novels.
-Doesn't tease me in a mean way.
-Is man enough to admit that he's wrong.
-Is hospitable to strangers.
-Is polite and has good manners.
-Has nice and soft hair.
-Little or no acne.
-Surprises me with affection.
-Doesn't walk ahead of me but next to me.
-Doesn't mentally or physically abuse me.
-Doesn't leave immediately after sex.
-Isn't stingy.
-Calls me, and thinks of me at least once a day, but not a control freak.
-Respects me for me, not my accomplishments.
-Doesn't complain about materialistic things, such as money or clothing.
-Independent, financially, so he doesn't rely on friends or family.
-Doesn't expect me to change only.
-Hugs me when hugs mean more than kisses.
-Forgives and forgets when it is necessary.
-Isn't a complete pushover and knows when to be in command.
-Doesn't waste money on unnecessary things.
-Has an education equal to or more than my own.
-Is cute and blushes when necessary.
-Gets jealous, but only when it's called for.
-Would never cheat on me, no matter the circumstances of our relationship.
-Is man enough to break up with me face to face.
-Doesn't hate my guy friends.
-Is one of my best friends.
-Willing to sacrifice things for my sake.
-Shaves at my request.
-Isn't a clean freak, but isn't a slob either.
-Isn't a mommy's boy.
-Remembers important dates, such as my birthday and our anniversary.
-Is a good kisser.
-Will get a piercing at my request.
-Uses a condom when we have sex, unless I say otherwise.
-Is willing to go out and buy tampons or pads for me when I can't.
-If he's Asian, won't be completely whitewashed.
-Knows how to speak his native language, or the language of his parents.
-Can speak more than two languages.
-Knows when to speak and when to listen.
-Calls me even when he's busy.
-Has skin that I will love to touch.
-Isn't a complete nerd.
-Doesn't say nasty things about people unnecessarily.
-Can relate to some situations that I go through.
-Has a great smile.
-Likes how I smell.
-Doesn't mind me in casual at-home clothing.
-Won't laugh at me if I fart.
-Gives me an honest opinion.
-Isn't boring.
-Is happy to be with me and isn't depressed.
-Has interesting places to take me.
-Isn't a horny bastard.
-Maintains a friendship with me, even if we break up.
-Buys me presents when he thinks of me.
-Jokes around, but not obscenely so he still has dignity even when he's kidding.
-Won't pinch my fat.
-Will do small favors for me when he sees that I don't have the time or I'm just too lazy.
-Won't mind my obsession with [male]celebrities.
-Comforts me when I feel insecure.
-Has dignity, integrity, and a conscience.
-Good looking. [can't believe we forgot]
-Is a gentleman, even when others aren't.
-Will sing to me.
-Will protect me.
-Most importantly. Loves me.

Whoot! Thats alot, we know. The chances of us ever meeting a guy like the aforementioned? Never. Zero. Nada. Ling. >> xD
But a girl can dream, cant she? ^.^