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AF needs funding again

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Carl Ng Ka Lung (吳嘉龍)

carl ng ng ka lung

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Posted 14 August 2006 - 07:28 PM

is it me or what? cause he looks like jordan chan in the picture posted by judy.
i think he looks like that guy from "3rd rock from the sun" you know..joseph gordon levitt.

#42 tally


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Posted 25 December 2006 - 10:55 AM

OMG so that's his father? i recognize him...he was so famous in the 80's doing movies with Sammo, Eric Tsang, those bunch of guys Phish mentioned. he always has that mustache....i kinda see a resemblence between the two now that u show a picture of them side by side....and i can't believe Richard Ng married a British woman!

#43 Gotta Luv Me

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Posted 31 March 2007 - 06:36 PM

hahah i really like him, it kinda sucked cuz he died in Heavenly Missions which is kinda sad..cuz it was a good movie!

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Posted 03 April 2007 - 10:36 AM

I wonder if Carl will also be with his Father at their up coming London event; i just bought my ticket! :thumbsup

Link: www.screen-power.com

Meet Hong Kong Movie Superstar Richard Ng

In conjunction with Jade Screen: The Hong Kong Movie Magazine we are putting on a special event with a very special man on Saturday, May 5th 2007. Richard Ng is a veteran of over 100 Hong Kong movies and best known for his appearances alongside Sammo Hung and Jackie Chan in films such as WINNERS & SINNERS, MY LUCKY STARS, TWINKLE TWINKLE LUCKY STARS, MILLIONAIRES EXPRESS AND MIRACLES.

This is a very rare chance to meet one of Hong Kong Cinema's best loved stars, and not only that, you'll get to watch 2 classic Hong Kong movies on the big screen (films to be confirmed), the opportunity to ask Richard your questions, receive a signed article from Richard, and have your photo taken with the man himself (don't forget to bring your camera!**)

SCHEDULE: (10am - 5pm)
Movie Screening One
Movie Screening Two
Richard Ng Question & Answer Session
Richard Ng Photograph Session
Final Words from Richard Ng

The event will be held in London with easy access to the rail/tube network and car parking.

£25.00 per person (includes everything above*). For further information and to register your interest/reserve your place(s) please email us now at: office@jade-screen.com

The event is limited to 50 people only so you can be sure you will get the chance to have any questions answered. Please are available on a first come; first served basis with payment due on or by April 23rd, 2007.

Also on the day there will be a large selection of Hong Kong Movie Merchandise, DVDs and Memorabilia for sale and everyone present on the day will be entered into a raffle to win some cool Hong Kong Movie prizes!!

We are also arranging local hotel accommodation for the event at a special rate for anyone interested. If you would like to receive any information about accommodation please let us know.

* Due to the specialist nature of this event, and if circumstances occur beyond our control, the schedule may be subject to slight change/alteration

** Still cameras only, no video or other recording devices allowed.

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Posted 16 October 2007 - 09:10 AM

Carl Wu/ Ng's father is Richard Ng... quite a famous actor in chinese shows. He married a Brit.... so Carl Wu is of mixed parentage.

He's acted in a few shows in little little parts. His most recent would be in New Police Story where he was one of the policemen who was with Jackie Chan when they raided the factory place. He was the one who got hung by the neck when the bad guys trapped him. The caucasian mixed chinese looking guy. Oh he also disturbed his colleague in the lift while going to the higher floor during that same scene.

He's also a model for some advertisements. Anyone has any pictures? Don't know how to post pictures.

nah his pichttp://img141.imageshack is not allowed anymore.us/img141/3401/ngcarl1ya1.jpg

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Posted 29 February 2008 - 04:24 AM

Posted ImagePosted ImagePosted Image

Credits: Serena @ http://asian-gossip.blogspot.com

Carl Ng Calls Stephy Tang Rape Rumor Stupid; Timmy Hung Becomes Involved

There are rumors that Stephy Tang was raped circulating on the internet forums and there are more and more speculations. During the start of February, a reporter asked Jaycee Fang (房祖名) how he became involved in a rape case. Jaycee was confused and inquired the reporter who was raped. Internet forums are hotly debating about this rape rumor. They speculate this rape case involved Jaycee and Stephy Tang. But there are different versions about how the police were notified and the sequence of events. Now the rumors involved two more people. Besides “Son of the Dragon”, Jaycee, there are other celebrities like Timmy Hung and Carl Ng. Timmy is the son of Sammo and Carl is the son of Richard Ng (吳耀漢). Timmy and Carl have no direct relationship with Stephy. Yesterday, Carl calls the rape rumors stupid. Sammo did not deny the rumor on his son’s behalf but believes that his son would not commit it.

This Lunar New Year, Stephy was rumored to be raped without any reasons. Besides Jaycee, Carl has become one of the perpetrators. Stephy is innocent in this incident. Earlier, she came out to deny those rumors but the rumors are still persisting.

Yesterday, Carl found out that he became involved in the rape rumors and said: “I understand that there are rumors that Jaycee raped Stephy on the internet. But someone responded (in the forum) saying that Carl was the one who did it. That’s how I got involved. (Are you going to swear an oath to show that you are innocent?) This never happened so I don’t need to swear an oath. I didn’t do it. The rumor is very stupid. It is entirely impossible. I believe that Jaycee got dragged down in the rumor on the internet.”

Carl said: “Rape is a very serious crime. Only a very low person would do it. These kinds of rumor are not jokes or something funny. Very senseless! I won’t do something to hurt others. I won’t commit rape.” He also said that his girlfriend heard those rumors but she understand those are rumors. He didn’t tell his father Richard about the rumors. He only saw Stephy at work. They don’t do anything outside of work. He hopes that this didn’t really happen to Stephy. Did you offend someone so they are getting back at you? Carl said: “I believe there are so many things happening in the entertainment circle for the past month. The public likes these guessing games. Maybe they are guessing who is bad or flirty. Someone is probably making guesses about me.”

Last night, Sammo was asked if his son was a suspect in the rape rumors. He said: “Who is Stephy? I didn’t talk to Timmy about it. If he has problems or questions he would come to me to discuss it.” Do you believe that your son has nothing to do with the rumors? Sammo said: “I am not completely sure. I don’t have an understanding about this. He wouldn’t have done it.” There are reports that the rumor existed last year during March. It alleges that Stephy filed a police statement at Happy Valley. Then there are allegations that Sammo and Timmy were there but the incident was never followed up.

Sammo and Jackie Chan have the same reaction to the rape rumor. Jackie had doubts. Jaycee revealed that his father questioned him about the rumors. Jackie points out that Jaycee goes out a lot so he might have offended someone; so people are getting back at Jaycee. To clear his name, Jaycee said that he would be dragged into jail (by Jackie?) if he committed rape.