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Bernice celebrate Birthday - Moses gave present

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#1 evodrift



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Posted 13 January 2008 - 10:27 PM

Source: http://ol.mingpao.co.../saa01/mcb1.txt
Translation by: evodrift @asianfanatics

Bernice Liu apperared in a cute pink dress for an event at Tuen Mun yesterday.

Earlier, she celebrated her birhtday in Taiwan and received many unique & thoughtful gifts
which made her very happy.

Asked if whether rumoured boyfriend Moses had also bought her birthday gifts;
She replied that he gave her a very thoughtful present but didn't want to disclose the content.

Bernice will be collaborating with Vanness Wu for a sports brand in a music item for an event.
She praised Vanness for being dedicated and hardworking.

She also bought a second home for investment. She said with a smile that if she only save up the money,
she might spent it all.

Yesterday, Donnie Yen's eldest daughter Jasmine did her first show.

At such a young age, she didn't show signs of stage fright.
Instead she performed some cute poses.

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#2 Tam.Fruzzle



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Posted 13 January 2008 - 11:57 PM

AWW!! Moses got her a gift! Thats so sweet!

They are so dating!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO BERNICE! Wish her success and luck for upcoming years!

#3 nycsfx



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Posted 14 January 2008 - 12:09 AM

isn't the news with donnie yen's daughter kinda outta place? hehe

#4 evilxsaga


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Posted 14 January 2008 - 12:20 AM

happy birthday and hope she had a wonderful birthday.... but what is fala chen wearin...looks weird...and isn't all that cute

#5 cuteeface



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Posted 14 January 2008 - 12:56 AM

bernice and fala look cute lol :]
i love them in the drama Steps !
even tho fala character was
kinda evilish in the beginning lol

#6 yian84



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Posted 14 January 2008 - 01:04 AM

er...what is donnie yen's news was included in bernice's news? ahahhaa....fala looks weird. her shoe doesnt match her dress!

#7 luvable



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Posted 14 January 2008 - 01:15 AM

Happy Birthday!!! Wonder what did Moses get for Bernice hey? Must be very special..
Bernice's popularity is rising, she get to perform with Vaness from F4. That's great to hear..

#8 jliang69



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Posted 14 January 2008 - 01:16 AM

LOL what's with the socks?! haha, the dress is nice but the socks?...
anyways, happy birthday to Bernice

#9 miz_appie



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Posted 14 January 2008 - 01:25 AM

happy birthday to bernice..that's so sweet of moses but i wonder what did he give her..they look great in that picture but i feel like fala's socks didn't fit with her dress

#10 ricenoodle



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Posted 14 January 2008 - 01:57 AM

happy birthday bernice!!!

she looks really sweet there!!!

#11 traciebo0ox3



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Posted 14 January 2008 - 03:43 AM

aww i wonder wat moses got for bernice!!! happy birthday to bernice once again!

#12 kittymaro



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Posted 14 January 2008 - 04:29 AM

happy birthday to her. i wonder why celebrities like to deny that are a couple. do it really hurt their image?

#13 PlzBHappy



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Posted 14 January 2008 - 04:44 AM

OMG happy birthday to her!!!
But I think that it is really funny that donnie yen's daughter's news was there, It was pretty random!
Well Happy birthday!!!

#14 xjeanzxx


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Posted 14 January 2008 - 05:03 AM

happy birthday to bernice...wonder what kind of gift mose give to her??? fala look weird...her dress and shoes doesn't look right...since like she doesn't know how to match her clothes to wear..

#15 cmiley


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Posted 14 January 2008 - 08:48 AM

Bernice has cute outfit, but eh Fala's socks looks weird. Fashion ma? Happy bday to Bernice.

#16 Fēi~ling


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Posted 14 January 2008 - 10:41 AM

Gesh.. bad me. i've to say Happy Belated B'day to bernice.
wondering what is the very thoughtful present that moses gave to bernice *ermm*
and i love the idea of vanness and bernice works together in an event.. they must be communicating in english since both are native english speakers :)

#17 *HellBoi*


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Posted 14 January 2008 - 11:20 AM

bernice was cute indeed *** Wish her a wonderful birthday ***
Moses gave bernice a THOUGHTFUL present ha ** it must be Sweet .lol ***

#18 thehay1



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Posted 14 January 2008 - 12:41 PM

the secrecy with the gift from moses is all the more intruging.. hehehehe.. its cute tho..
and happy belated bday to bernice! and btw.. love that pic.. such a cute couple

#19 Fanny_333


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Posted 14 January 2008 - 02:16 PM

omg...moses and bernice looks so good as prince and princess! o.O i cant wait to see what vanness and bernice worked on together =]

#20 lily89



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Posted 14 January 2008 - 03:49 PM

happy belated birthday to Benice. They make a good couple.lol

happy belated birthday to Benice. They make a good couple.lol

#21 liu33



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Posted 14 January 2008 - 03:58 PM

she looks so pretty, can't say so for fala tough. what's with the socks?? lol.
Happy bithday Bernice

#22 Guest_misz_alice_*

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Posted 14 January 2008 - 05:19 PM

HAPPII BIRTHDAII TO BERNICE!! idk why reporters always ask noisy questions...it counds like its a gift that has a lot of meaning...Bernice looks so prettyyyyyy

#23 doraemon1188



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Posted 14 January 2008 - 06:10 PM

sorry bt i jus don't see the big deal of moses giving a b/d present to bernice, i no cos their chinese stars and ppl jus love to make small things turning out to b a big thing, saying there was some meaning to the prez and stuff wen it's jus basically a frend givin a frend a b/d prez. jus that simple!

#24 foreverleila


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Posted 14 January 2008 - 08:28 PM

Bernice lookks so pretty in the picture. Happy birthday to Bernice!!! Hope all her wishes comes true this year. So cute of Moses to give Bernice a gift for her birthday. I wonder what is it.


#25 aprilgloom



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Posted 14 January 2008 - 11:55 PM

I think they are dating too but is good to let the audience and fans guess so they will always be interested in you. Good tactic by TVB and them.

#26 coffee.addicted



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Posted 15 January 2008 - 02:11 AM

happy birthday to bernice!!
it's very nice of moses to give her a thoughtful gift

#27 lilangel966



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Posted 15 January 2008 - 02:14 AM

how old is donnie yen's daughter?

#28 chinese_bird



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Posted 15 January 2008 - 06:49 PM

Happy bday Bernice! Best wishes for the new year!!

#29 tvbatvfrh



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Posted 15 January 2008 - 06:56 PM

Happy birthday to Benice, hope to watch her new series soon. Best wishes for the New Year.

#30 onting



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Posted 15 January 2008 - 08:05 PM

oooo Bernice is another year older which = another year to work = another year closer to "settling down with a fam" ;)