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Asian views on adhd

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Posted 27 July 2007 - 01:22 AM

I was diagnosed with adhd around a year ago. I take adderall for it. I was wondering what Asian views are on it in general, or about the medication for it such as adderall? I was also planning to study/visit in japan sometime in the future and I want to know how its seen there. Im afraid I will be rejected, or looked down upon for it.
Do they beleive its just a phoney diagnosis and dont think its real? Or do they just not like how its being treated?

#2 babi gRL

babi gRL


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Posted 27 July 2007 - 03:31 AM

it depends what kind i think, if you are with ABC, they dont care, but then others are harder to accpet and stuff

#3 el_rey


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Posted 27 July 2007 - 04:06 AM

Well in my part...im ignorant about this area.

I remember back in my daiz the teachers called it ADD...lol now they just shoved a H in there to make it prettier ...

Newaiz...i have no idea if drugs work...i have no idea if neone has ADD/ADHD - no one goes hey i got this...but i generally see if theres over hyperactive people and someone who just can't cope with a silent atmosphere as a potential ADD/ADHD victim.

I have no comment, if they can get into some university and do wateva...coz really i myself haven't experienced it...nor do i kno anyone who admitted to it.

But i have seen alot of hyperactive kids back in my daiz...they go crazy and they all left school young...like i remember one would just go on the floor and scream and run around constantly...get up flip the tables over and throw everyones things around and at the teacher.

Then get in the teachers face and yell...this goes on with wateva class his in...

Im pretty sure his got ADHD LOl...and this was when we were 15...like i remember when i was a kid just 8 - there was plenty...u'd see kids screaming in class etc...haha

Its becoming more common i guess...

I don't think views should be classified asian, western, wateva u kno. Individual people have their own opinions, you mite have 50% of asians accepting it...50% avoiding it.

But in my part...i dislike anyone who is hyperactive to a degree where they have no judgement or reasoning - like one of my friends friend is very hyperactive and has no attention span - its crazy...its like his on drugs 24/7 and either his shaving peoples eyebrows or his peeing in public...

Like if the drugs work - u will never know - but i dun even kno who has it or not...u don't go around parading u got ADHD/ADD wateva u like to call it.

I personally dislike anyone who goes really unreasonable and hyperactive such as even screaming at people for fun and stuff...lol

#4 iCanFly


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Posted 27 July 2007 - 05:01 AM

sorry I can't give you any views on it. but some reactions I've seen are people thinking that it's just bs. . and that everyone has some form of it one way or another.
others are confused and dont' know what to make of it
and then there are those who somewhat feel sorry for you like you have some disease!

#5 Locke3



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Posted 27 July 2007 - 06:20 AM

It all depends on whether the people that knows about your situation is informed on the issue of ADHD. People that are diagnosis with ADHD do not mean they are not capable of performing the same or higher level than the general public. It just means that it is harder for them to focus and are much more susceptible to distraction. People that are misinformed or lack the knowledge of this issue might form a judgement upon you. It is unavoidable in all culture and society.

As long as you demonstrate that you are capable on the job that you are working on, then it shouldn't matter that you are ADHD.