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xxxYunho & Bae Seul Gixxx

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#121 Seoshi.love.


    freaky freaky boom track

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Posted 03 July 2007 - 11:44 AM

Yeah that was so adorkable of Yunho :) he tripped while carrying his bride huahahaha!! The cool guy was so embarrassed afterwards :P

#122 yunholuver



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Posted 09 August 2007 - 11:12 PM

i luv them together! totally a yungi fan! they look so cute together, and they seem to have that chemistry

#123 mai_luv_is_u



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Posted 11 August 2007 - 10:34 PM

i had a very weird dream that they got married...>_< but i think yunho and seul gi do, in fact, make a good couple.

#124 xiaoxiongmao14



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Posted 13 October 2007 - 03:07 AM

i used to really like shiwon and seul gi together cause of love letter, but after seeing this picture on this website, i was split. I actually like seul gi with any cute guy, but now i like her with u know. If you go on this site, and scroll down to the bottom, you'll see a picture that has really looks like it has uknow and seul gi in it!!! i know that uknow in the picture but i'm not sure about seul gi, but it looks a lot like her!! here's the site
-live urls are not allowed in your usergroup-

-live urls are not allowed in your usergroup-

ahh i can't post the website!!! wait maybe this will work:

h t t p : / / k o o k k o o . v o x . c o m / p o s t s / t a g s / y u c h u n /

sorry bout that, but just take out the spaces...

#125 laura huynh

laura huynh


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Posted 30 November 2007 - 05:37 AM

I dont know what to said !! I think It is he decision .. and fan cant choose for him ... but if you said who is better match with YUNHO !! i will Pick Stephanie .. dont why .. but i love this girl with YUNHO more

#126 MillexD



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Posted 30 December 2007 - 08:56 PM

Hmm, to be honest I like BSG and choi shiwon better :lol?: I think they suit eachother best :D Not because Yunho and BSG isnt sweet :D
I really don't know why I think that :)

#127 jojolin



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Posted 22 January 2008 - 01:47 AM

(after suyin of course) haha
But the way they interact in xman n love letter I was totally obsessed with them!!!
BUT then why did BSG get paired up with that other guy =.= < i forgot his name haha he's funny and all, but i wanted YUNGI!
i was so mad when i read the comments from youtube from some yuphanie fans!!!
you can't just judgebsg n us yungi fans like that.

#128 rafi_dmg



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Posted 17 March 2009 - 05:18 AM


anyways.. ppl.. ive just started a YunGi forum .. yes an ENTIRE FORUM dedicated to our fav couple ... there are suyin forums.. but no YunGi .. blehh .. so i was like watdaheck and atarted one on my own .. its stull a baby forum, and Im hiring mods and other admins .. send me a PM if ur interested..

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