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[Philippines] John Lloyd Cruz & Bea Alonzo

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Posted 28 May 2006 - 02:08 PM

Lloydy and Bea: from reel to real?
by: Cora Llamas

If one prominent showbiz soothsayer is right, the millions of fans of John Lloyd Cruz and Bea Alonzo in the Phlippines and overseas won't have long to wait.

According to this famous psychic, 2006 is THE year when Lloydy and Bea will finally come out in public and admit what fans had been suspecting all along, and what they had been praying to be made "official" -- that Lloydy and Bea are finally a couple.

Time and again, the couple have admitted that they are just "good friends". Nothing but pals who will be there for each other through thick and thin--but simply platonic, non-romantic friends. There was a time in the very early years that the Lloydy-Bea die-hards felt their hopes sag when the couple nonchalantly revealed in a magazine interview that they didn't even have each other's cell phone number. How un-romantic can you get?

Still, hope burns bright, especially now that reel couple have another movie opening this February, tentatively titled (as of press time), Close To You. In a case of art imitating life, the movie has two bosom buddies denying their repressed feelings for each other--until another guy comes along (Sam Milby as Lance) who threatens to take Bea's character, Marian, away.

But what is it about this clean-cut guy with the rakish smile and this innocent lass who shows a bit of flair and spunk that audiences can't seem to get enough of?

Starting Out

First of all, both young stars come from the school of hard knocks. Though they are pretty much enjoying the fruits of their success right now, they weren't exactly born with the proverbial silver sthingy.

Bea Alonzo entered showbiz as one of ABS-CBN Talent Center's (now Star Magic) Star Circle Batch 10. The stories of how she'd fork out transportation money just to commute to her guestings from her Taguig home is now legendary. So was her backbreaking schedule when she'd go to school the whole day then rush to acting workshops from 7pm to midnight. She'd catch up on sleep on the road and do her assignments late night or early morning.

During her early interviews, Bea would emphasize that she had to become independent at an early age because the family was going through rough times.

Maybe that's why John Lloyd impressed her when they started working together in their first teleserye Kay Tagal Kang Hinintay. At that time, Lloydy was dating Ciara Sotto, which Bea gamely acknowledge in interviews. However, she did admit that his sense of responsibility and ability to make commitments were qualities that ladies looked for in their boyfriends.

Family did seem important to John Lloyd. In his early interviews, he confessed how much he missed his siblings who were working in the US. He would have the opportunities to visit them twice--and he took note of the hours they put in, the kind of dedication they gave, all without the comforts of family and the benefit of a maid that is so commonplace in the Philippines. Lloydy would later use this experience to cement his portrayal of an emotionally lost OFW who was adjusting to his new home in Dubai in the movie of the same name.

When he first met Bea, Lloydy was struck by her openness, honesty, and youthful innocence (Bea was 16 by the time she started appearing in Kay Tagal). He said that he always stand by her as a very good friend.

Undeniable Chemistry

Bea first gained audience attention as the law student Katrina, the younger sister of Helena (Rica Paralejo). Helena was originally written and cast as the love interest of Yuri, the hotshot lawyer portrayed by Lloydy. But the onscreen chemistry of Bea and Lloydy sizzled--and soon became THE most-talked about tandem in Kay Tagal.

Showbiz insiders and the watching public soon tagged them as one onscreen couple to watch for.

It also helped when Lloydy admitted that Bea helped him heal when he broke up with Ciara. But again, this was followed by the oft-quoted statements that fans didn't want to hear: they were just friends.

Still, the die was cast. And not long after, another teleserye was born, It Might Be You. Whether intended to or not, the title was a not-so-subtle dig that highlighted the possibility that John Lloyd and Bea were meant to be.

In this teleserye, feuding families got in the way of the onscreen romance, which made fans even the more adamant in getting the two together. The clans of the characters portrayed by Lloydy and Bea were mortal enemies. Bea's character was even promised by her uncle, the elected governor portrayed by Gardo Versoza, to the son of the Philippine president. And in that timeless storybook romance straight out of Romeo and Juliet, the prince and princess of the embattled families fell in love.

And against the machinations of their parents and other would-be suitors and partners, they prevailed-culminating in a historic TV wedding set in Pampanga that cost P2 million ($32,000 approximately)x3.

The teleserye ended on a hight note, which was one of the most-watched walks down the aisle in TV history.

The Big Screen

Given their huge following and that onscreen spark, it was only a matter of time before they were given a chance to pair up on the big screen.

For the first time, they were one couple of a twinbill movie entitle My First Romance.

The first major Lloydy-Bea starrer was entitled-tah-dah!--Now That I Have You. The titles of their screen tandems seemed to suggest that the chances of a real-life romance were getting higher. The probability indicated by It Might Be You become more certain with Now That I Have You. Fans were excited.

This time, in the movie helmed by Laurenti Dyogi, the couple played temperemental opposites. Bea played a sweet if hopeless romantic while Lloydy essayed a more realistic down-to-earth guy. They accidentally meet on a ride on the Metropolitan Railway Transit (MRT), bond, feel that elusive "What if--" in just a matter of seconds before they go their merry way. Bea's character believes it's love; Lloydy's character takes a more careful approach.

Fortunately, what was meant to be happend, as the two lovers couldn't deny their attraction to each other.

Later on, Bea appeared with hunky Piolo Pascual in Dreamboy, and Lloydy made passionate love to Claudine Barretto in Dubai.

Those movies were hits at the box-office, but the fans still cared--deeply, devotedly, persistently--about their number one team-up.

They were soon rewarded. The duo's laterst teleserye, Ikaw ang Lahat sa Akin, recently ruled the airwaves, especially because of a powerhouse cast that starred Claudine, Diether Ocampo, and Shaina Magdayao (Bea's bestfriend). Bea's Jasmine was the sy, insecure but lovely girl at school, suffering from the wounds of a broken home. This poor little rich girl is soon targeted as the center of pranks by a very roguish but inwardly sensitive rebel kid from another elite family, Oliver of the Ynares clan, played naturally by John Lloyd Cruz.

The Real Score

But what about an offscreen romance? That's what fans are dying to find out.

In one StarStudio interview, both stars repeated that now familiar line--that they're just "good friends"--but this time Bea acknowledge that Lloydy is now one of her closes male best friends.

Meanwhile, Lloydy says that he has grown protective of Bea and would be very happy to see her blossom in her career.

What's more, the two finally have each other's cellphone numbers, and those who had the privilege of watching them interact offscreen say that Bea has cracked through Lloydy's former "loner" exterior.

Yet, both stars also say that they value their special friendship so much that they don't want to do anything that would damage it.

But as they say, nothing ventured, nothing gained.

Actually, that's the dilemma that John's character, Manuel, will be wrestling with in Close To You, as another handsome hunk makes come-hither-looks at Marian (Bea).

Time will only tell if the fortuneteller is right. But as we catch that movie and watch those conflicting emotions play on the faces of John Lloyd and Bea as they take on their movie alter egos, we might as well be watching their own possible struggles as, hopefully in the near future, they venture forward to make their reel-life romance all too real.

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Posted 29 May 2006 - 11:05 AM

By: the Lloydy and Bea Lovers

How do we start a love tribute?

“I love being with her…

I love making her laugh…

I love seeing her smile…at me.”

So said John Lloyd Cruz about Bea Alonzo.

It did not start out to be that way. In 2002, John Lloyd Cruz was a young man at 19, already 5 years in the entertainment industry waiting for his big break. Just a year earlier, he was awarded Best Actor in a Drama Series by the Star Awards for Television for his portrayal as Rovic in Tabing Ilog, a long-running afternoon soap opera. Despite the recognition and the soap having its gaggle of loyal fans, he only said a few lines in the first movie he did as a grown up headlining Jericho Rosales and Kristine Hermosa. He played a wide-eyed suitor to Kristine who was wildly in love with Jericho. If years earlier, John Lloyd did not ask to be paired with Kaye Abad, with whom he had a very big crush on and who eventually became his girlfriend, and instead gave in to management decision of pairing her with Kristine Hermosa, would he have been in Jericho's place now? Hoards of product endorsements, a very successful soap opera that changed night time television and a series of hit movies. Jericho and Kristine, at that time, were the biggest stars at the ABS-CBN firmament. But, looking back now, nothing happens by accident.

John Lloyd began his stint in primetime in forgettable roles, one of which as a younger brother to Judy Ann Santos. His character was promptly killed off. He was eyed to play the son of Ms. Lorna Tolentino in her first ever teleserye, Kay Tagal Kang Hinintay. Yuri Orbida came into being…a poor boy living with his father, going to college on a scholarship, in love with a rich kid named Helaena whom he takes out on dates at fishball stands. Helaena, by the way, has a geeky, braces-wearing sister named Katrina and a younger brother named Nikos. Perhaps, at that time, it was just another role to play for John Lloyd. Or, perhaps, was this the big break he had been waiting for? If only he had a looking glass at that time and could see the future, he would have known that the 15-year-old he had a few scenes with would change his life and his future. Inevitably. Forever.

That 15-year-old was Bea Alonzo. In her former life, she was Phylbert Angellie Ranollo, daughter to Mary Ann and a British man named Philip who met in Macau, China when Mary Ann worked there as a saleslady. When Bea was 4 years old, her British father left her and her mother and was never heard from since. Mommy Mary Ann married Carlos Ranollo and they had a son whom they named James. Bea now has a family…a mother, a father and a younger brother. Their family only had enough for what was needed. They didn't have much for extras. At a young age, Bea had her future in sight. She would study hard and support herself through college. She had also one burning ambition. She wanted to be an actor. So, as fate would have it, she joined a beauty contest. She didn't win that one but she was destined for a much bigger prize. She caught the eye of a talent agent who brought her to the offices of Johnny Manahan who made sure she had the guts to be an “artista”. She was launched as part of Star Circle Batch 10. Her first TV show was K2BU. Although the show was short-lived, it would prove to be significant. That was where she met Shaina Magdayao, two years younger than her but already a showbiz veteran. They would call each other “cousin”, their word for best friend. Like most actors at the beginning of their careers, Bea experienced rejections. But her persistence paid off. Finally, she was cast as Rica Peralejo's geeky sister wearing a cumbersome brace in a soap opera entitled “Kay Tagal Kang Hinintay” starring Ms. Lorna Tolentino and John Lloyd Cruz. It started out to be a forgettable role. Definitely, it was not a role that would take her places. Wearing very large eyeglasses and a brace and hardly having any scenes at all were not tickets to stardom. But nothing happens by accident.

The first chapter of Kay Tagal Kang Hinintay ended. It was time to start Book II. They needed a screen partner for John Lloyd Cruz, a character that would serve as a point of contention for Yuri and now ex-girlfriend Helaena. They had actresses lined up for a go-see. They asked them to stand beside John Lloyd Cruz's picture and looked for whatever it is that people who know look for in this instance. This was not going to be a big role. There was already Rica Peralejo playing the younger female lead. But big role or not, the actress must match John Lloyd Cruz in some way. So, Bea Alonzo, the one who played the geeky sister in Book I went to the go-see, stood beside John Lloyd's picture and she was looked at. She was only 15. The character was a 21-year-old law student. Maybe, if she wears a little more make-up? So, she did and she went on to deliver the now unforgettable valedictory address in primetime television.

The first meeting of Katrina Argos, law student and Yuri Orbida, debonair new young lawyer, was electric. The first meeting of Bea Alonzo, 15-year-old showbiz newbie and John Lloyd Cruz, 19-year-old veteran of various soaps and movies, was not memorable. He asked her how old she was, she answered and they hardly spoke behind the camera after that. He saw her as a child and saw himself as considerably older even if the 4-year difference in their ages is infinitesimal compared to eternity. He stayed in his corner, she stayed in hers but on-screen, they have sparks fly off each other and they light up the room. The whole nation was riveted. The soap opera which was to end soon was extended to give in to the clamor for more Yuri-Katrina scenes. The role that was not a ticket to stardom started to give Bea Alonzo notice. For John Lloyd Cruz, it was as if Yuri Orbida was the first character he ever played. The most beautiful loveteam on Philippine television was born.

The sparks on the small screen was tested if it had the same intensity on the big screen. John Lloyd and Bea starred in their first ever lead role as part of a twin-bill entitled “My First Romance.” Enzo (John Lloyd), was a soccer player who received a heart from Bianca's (Bea) boyfriend who perished in a car accident. These two were entirely different from the feisty Katrina and the intense Yuri. Enzo is a simple guy who fell in love with the girlfriend of the one to whom he owes his heart and his life. Bianca is a heartbroken fresh college graduate who tries to resist the affection of Enzo and is confused about whom she is in love with. Is it still Jojo, played by Dominic Ochoa, the kind-hearted doctor who is now deceased or this Enzo, the recipient of her boyfriend's heart? In the end, it was all about Enzo and Bianca. The movie was a hit. Although another pair was in it, there was no doubt which pair made an impact in the thousands of viewers' mind and heart. Bea won the award, Best New Movie Actress for this movie from the Philippine Movie Press Club's Star Awards for Movies.

The on-screen romance didn't quite translate to real life as fans would have hoped. John Lloyd, at that time, was very much committed to a long-time girlfriend wearing their promise ring on his right hand even during promotions of the movie. To preserve the illusion of the movie, Ciara Sotto's name was not permitted to be spoken during press conferences and TV guestings . Although John Lloyd and Bea gave the audience the requisite hand-holding during their TV guestings and mall shows, there was no doubt that their relationship was purely professional. It was evident in their body language, in their answers to questions, in their awkwardness when they were required to do more. They didn't profess to be close friends and were quite honest to say they don't know each other all that well. They don't even oblige to the usual demand for a kiss. Still, the movie was a hit and the audience accepted the fact that while the pair sizzled playing characters in front of the camera, they don't have much to do with each other behind the camera. Still, the audience was enchanted.

After the success of the Yuri-Katrina tandem on television and Enzo-Bianca in the movies, ABS-CBN struck while the iron was hot. Almost immediately, John Lloyd and Bea were given a soap opera of their own. “It Might Be You” aired December 8, 2003 with Jean Garcia, Gardo Versoza, John Prats, Maja Salvador, Miko Palanca and Tirso Cruz III to support them. They played star-crossed lovers, Lawrence Trinidad and Cielo San Carlos, who fought for their love until it culminated in a wedding in a beautiful church in Pampanga. It was also during this time that rumors were rife that Miko Palanca, brother to Bernard and ex-boyfriend to Joyce Jimenez, was courting Bea. The rumors turned out to be true. Bea, in an interview months later, admitted that there was a time she and Mico exchanged text messages. The teleserye did well in the ratings, proof that John Lloyd Cruz and Bea Alonzo have a pull on viewers and that ABS-CBN did not make a mistake of giving them their own soap opera.

2004 was a pivotal year in the career and lives of John Lloyd Cruz and Bea Alonzo. They started the year busy with “It Might Be You”, starred in their first solo movie, “Now That I Have You”, ended “It Might Be You” as 2004 closed . During this time, too, John Lloyd broke up with Ciara for good, it appears and John Lloyd and Bea started talking to each other. It was during this year too that drug addiction rumors began to hound John Lloyd, rumors which he vociferously denied. There were talks of him dating Heart Evangelista which he also denied. John Lloyd and Bea were awarded the Most Popular Love Team of RP movies from the Guillermo Mendoza Foundation, an award recognizing the strength of the tandem.

“Now That I Have You” wrought many changes in John Lloyd Cruz and Bea Alonzo as co-workers and John Lloyd Cruz and Bea Alonzo as human beings. The movie was also a litmus test for their ability to draw crowds into movie theaters. “Now That I Have You” reunited them with neophyte director, Laurenti Dyogi, the man who nurtured Yuri and Katrina during the “Kay Tagal Kang Hinintay” days, the man who was responsible for choreographing Bea Alonzo's first on-camera and real life kiss with John Lloyd Cruz. The first of the many, it turned out. “Now That I Have You” saw John Lloyd playing Michael Morelos, a certified public accountant who was not really on the lookout for love. He was pursued doggedly by Betsy Rallos, a hopeless romantic working at a call center. In a script written by Jose Javier Reyes, John Lloyd and Bea gave life to Michael and Betsy so convincingly that the movie was not only a blockbuster hit but a critical success as well. It was awarded Best Picture Comedy by the Golden Screen Awards. They were awarded “Prince and Princess of RP Movies” by the Guillermo Mendoza Foundation for this film. John Lloyd realized that he can be friends with Bea and Bea realized there's another side to her brooding co-star. John Lloyd said, “She brought out the kid in me, the side of me that I've missed for a long time,” the first of many pronouncements that signaled their evolving relationship. At the end of “Now That I Have You”, they have each other's cell phone number.

While the fans rejoiced in this new development, they were taken aback by the news that Bea will soon be paired with Piolo Pascual and they will be making a new movie. John Lloyd confirmed this in his interviews and though not apparent, this move by the management caused him considerable concern. They finished “It Might Be You” and during their interview in “The Buzz” to herald the end of the teleserye, John Lloyd quite honestly admitted that he is not ready to be paired with anybody else. He expressed with a hint of sadness in his voice that there will be somebody else who will fill the spaces he will leave behind in Bea's life. They obliged for a kiss after the interview after which John Lloyd made a surprising comment saying he had enough of kisses on the cheeks. Would he like to plant a kiss somewhere else? Was this portent of things to come? Sometime in 2004, John Lloyd Cruz ceased seeing Bea Alonzo as a child and perhaps, he saw something more.

Bea went on to make “Dreamboy” with Piolo Pascual. It was the Valentine date movie of Star Cinema. She was a girl named Cyd who fell in love with Phillip, then Eboy, then Jaime, all played by Piolo. The movie went on to make money but this was overshadowed by the fact that the movie made by the rival network made more. There were a lot of moments in the movie which were cheered on by the audience but the loudest cheers came in the end when John Lloyd made a cameo appearance. It was clear who the audience wanted as a leading man for Bea Alonzo.

In March of this year, John Lloyd and Bea did a series of shows in the United States. It was the first time that Bea set foot in the US mainland. Many saw the growing friendship between them, the subtle and not-so-subtle touches that made those who saw them think there's more to these two than what they were saying. They proceeded to Dubai as guests of the Champions and more of the same stories kept on surfacing although not publicized. They went back to the Philippines and proceeded to work on “Ikaw ang Lahat sa Akin”, the new soap opera they will star in with Claudine Barreto, Diether Ocampo, Angelika de la Cruz and Shaina Magdayao.

“Ikaw ang Lahat sa Akin” was eagerly awaited by their legions of fans who waited for 5 months without seeing them on television together. A new John Lloyd Cruz and Bea Alonzo seemed to have been born after almost half a year of not seeing them. In their interview in “The Buzz”, the answers were guarded. When Bea was asked to define their relationship, she said, “I'm happy when I'm with him and I hope that he feels the same way.” One can sense there's more to it than that. There was a visible sense of relief when the interview shifted from “what they have now” to the promotion of the new teleserye. In the new soap, John Lloyd played Oliver who was an extrovert given to playing pranks at the expense of Jasmin whom he adores and Bea played Jasmin who was an introvert and a fodder for Oliver's pranks and her classmates' bullying. The chemistry was still there and the mystery why it was there was still left unanswered. In “Ikaw ang Lahat sa Akin”, John Lloyd and Bea was seen reacting to each other more spontaneously. It's as if they have reached a level of comfort and knowledge of each other that watching them was like watching a well-choreographed ballet, except that one doesn't notice the choreography, only the beauty of the dance. It's as if they could read each other's mind. There too, was the spontaneity of physical affection. There were more kisses on this soap than all previous soaps and movies combined.

September of this year proved to be a thrilling month for John Lloyd. “Dubai,” the movie he starred in with Aga Muhlach and Claudine Baretto, opened in theaters. John Lloyd, of course, was honored to work alongside Aga Muhlach, without question the best actor of his generation. More than that, perhaps he saw in Aga what he wanted to be in the future…a loving husband, a good father to his kids, a responsible family man blessed with a fulfilling career. Happiness embodied in one individual. Perhaps, he saw in Aga a man who has paid his dues in life and who now deserves to partake of his blessings. John Lloyd found a role model. At the premiere night, fans were thrilled to see Bea's name on the reserved seats behind the movie's stars alongside Claudine's sister and Aga's wife. Perhaps, it was prudent of her to come in after the lights were off and not to take the seat reserved for her. But her name was there. “Dubai” was an astounding success.

“Ikaw ang Lahat sa Akin” ended its 6-month run in the first week of November. Credit was due to the directors, writers, staff and crew of the soap that despite having many actors, who are stars in their own right, there still was an opportunity for all of them to shine. John Lloyd and Bea played their characters so well with just the right texture, the right feel, the right nuance, that there was no doubt they are the heirs apparent.

It has to be remembered that before there was John Lloyd AND Bea, there was John Lloyd and there was Bea. Individuals. October marked the month that Bea turned 18. Instead of having a grand debutante's ball, she celebrated with a television special that showed her enormous talent and the bigness of her heart. The dance numbers with Carlos Agassi, Rafael Rosell, Rayver Cruz, Vhong Navarro and no less than Mr. M himself showed different aspects of her, aspects of her that the fans seldom see. She treated twenty orphans to Enchanted Kingdom and visited a rehabilitation facility in Cebu City. It took courage to do that. She partied with Bamboo, her favorite band and was immediately reported in the tabloids that she and the band's lead singer have something going on which was, of course, a fabrication. And, there's John Lloyd in his funny music video. It's good that he's an actor and not a singer. In the television special, Bea was shown being surprised by her best friend Shaina. Their friendship was touching.How many actors in showbiz today enjoy a real and pure friendship? Bea and Shaina are lucky to have each other.

Bea, from all accounts written of her and from all the impressions of people who met her, is a down-to-earth and kind-hearted girl. She is a good daughter to her parents, an authoritative sister to her brother, a sincere and trusted friend, a grateful star to her fans, a respectful and charming young woman to those she worked with, a faithful child to her God. She is extremely talented and now has the confidence to really show what she's capable of. Rather than play the prima donna card which she has every right to, she knows when and when not to speak. She chooses to be quiet most of the time about issues that concern her but speaks up when warranted. She's introspective and careful not to hurt another person's feelings. There's not a mean bone in her body. She's sincere and honest and does not hanker after the glare of the spotlight.

Recently, John Lloyd won the award for Best Actor in a Drama Series from Enpress for his performance in “Skating Rink”, an episode in “Maalaala Mo Kaya” and Best Actor in a Drama Series from Star Awards for Television for “It Might Be You”. The boy who was born in St. John the Baptist's Feast Day 22 years ago is slowly and surely reaping the rewards of his labor. These awards are well-deserved. And, there will be more to come.

John Lloyd is a good son to his parents Cito and Aida, a good brother to his siblings, and a good friend, as he claims, to Bea Alonzo. He is a very private person. Although at ease during interviews, one can sense that he draws a line that shouldn't be crossed and there are questions he wouldn't answer. Except when it comes to Bea's love life where he volunteers, almost always, false information or incoherent statements. From his partying days of old, he appears to have grown up and found his center. He is a young man wise beyond his years, thinks too deeply and lately, seems to have found the license to relax and to just enjoy the moment. There is more to watch out for in this young man.

They claim to be good friends to each other, saying they are each other's best friend who is only after each other's happiness. But it seems they are who make each other happy. They give each other a certain glow that seems to radiate from within. Their body language seems to say there's more than friendship here. The way their eyes light up when they talk to each other suggests that there's something else. There's an incandescence about them when they are together. They seem to be so into each other and just into each other that they inhabit a world of their own. A cocoon of happiness seem to enclose them, their joy oozing from the pores of their being that looking at them makes one happy too.

The Greeks have three words for love, Eros, Philia, Agape, connoting love's different levels. Seen from any angle, looked at any side, what John Lloyd Cruz and Bea Alonzo have for each other is love. Whether Eros, Philia or Agape…still love. Love between two beautiful souls.

“Halos araw-araw na ba naman kaming magkasama, naubusan na kami ng pag-uusapan.” Bea Alonzo on John Lloyd Cruz, Star Studio Magazine, June 2004.

How untrue…those words now.

credits to Eunice

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Posted 11 October 2006 - 03:57 AM

John Lloyd & Bea are so sweet together....

I've watch them in Kay Tagal, It Might Be U and Ikaw Ang Lahat Sa Akin series... :iloveyou: :yeah :iloveyou:

I really hope I can watch tehm together again.... Is there any other series that they are acting together?

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Posted 13 October 2006 - 04:18 PM

Bea Alonzo admitted that she got hurt and also got affected with John Lloyd Cruz having a non showbiz Girlfriend.

WHAT do John Lloyd Cruz and Dominic Ochoa have in common, except of them both being handled by ABS CBN?

the answer;: both have non showbiz Girlfriends and also both have Chinese blood. both also have surnames in Chinese.

Liz Uy, John Lloyd's Girlfriend for less than a year is an assistant fashion editor of a glossy magazine.

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Posted 08 August 2007 - 09:53 PM

Please show your support and sign our petition to bring John Lloyd and Bea together in Vegas on the Wowowillie Meets the Heartthrobs on Sept. 8, 2007. Bea, together with Piolo, Sam and Pokwang, is the only one included since John Lloyd's inclusion was retracted by Willie REvillame a few days after his announcement.


Thanks in advance for your support!

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Posted 21 October 2007 - 12:25 PM

An Old Article, but nevertheless informative.

John Lloyd Cruz & Bea Alonzo: If he were, If she were

If Jestoni Alarcon and Lara Fabregas had a daughter (which is impossible because they're married to different partners, Jestoni to non-showbiz wife Lizette and Lara to Raymond Bagatsing from whom she's separated), she would be, yes, Bea Alonzo.

That, I suppose, is the most graphic way of describing Bea who plays Katrina in the hit ABS-CBN soap Kay Tagal Kang Hinintay, a cross between Jestoni and Lara. In short, very pretty.

And how would you describe John Lloyd Cruz, 19, who plays Yuri in the same soap (topbilled by Lorna Tolentino and, among others, Rica Peralejo)? Well, he's very decent, very wholesome. He should have been a seminarian instead of an actor. Very saintly-looking.

No wonder Bea and John Lloyd blend beautifully together in Kay Tagal like two scoops of Magnolia ice cream, vanilla flavor, and tele-fans have been going gaga over television's newest hit loveteam (coming after the likes of Kristine Hermosa and Jericho Rosales of Pangako Sa'Yo fame, etc.).

There lie the wonder and the magic of it all. If truth be told: John Lloyd has been going steady with Ciara Sotto for more than one year now; while Bea, although she looks mature, is barely out of her teens (age “confidential,” according to Bea) and deems herself much too young to have a boyfriend.

And yet, they click as a loveteam even if the “love” between them is for reel, not for real. Which simply means that as Katrina and Yuri, they look good together and are convincing and credible as sweethearts. Ask avid followers of Kay Tagal.

Fifty-percent British and 50-percent Filipino, Bea is Fhylbert Angellie Fagestrom in real life and is not, contrary to what many fans believe, related to Chinggoy Alonso (with an “s”). She stands 5'7″ and is a Scorpion (Nov. 17). Bea and her only sibling (a brother) grew up with their mom, Mary Anne Renollo, who broke up with her British boyfriend when Bea was four years old. She hasn't seen her father since then.

Bea studied here (she has never been to England, her estranged father's native country) and she's now in third-year high school through the DECS home-study program.

“I have always wanted to be in showbiz,” said Bea who was launched last year as a member of the ABS-CBN Talent Center's Star Circle Batch 10 along with 23 other starry-eyed aspirants. “Although I was underaged, I joined the Miss Pasig contest last year, even if we're living in Taguig, and I finished third runner-up.”

That was her one-way ticket to showbiz. A talent scout spotted her and brought her to the Talent Center auditions. She barely made it to the deadline.

Although she has appeared in A.S.A.P., MTB and K2BU, Bea got her big break in Kay Tagal where she blossomed from a nerd (complete with thick glasses) into a head-turning charmer who initially wanted to take revenge on Yuri, a playboy-lawyer, only to end up falling for him – and vice-versa.

On the other hand, John Lloyd is a “veteran” of soap operas having done three (Sa Puso Ko Iingatan Ka, Tabing-Ilog with Kaye Abad who is his former girlfriend and Sa Dulo ng Walang Hanggan) before he was cast in Kay Tagal which is getting for him all the attention that the three other soaps have not. (He has done three movies, all for Star Cinema, which haven't sufficiently tapped his acting talent – no wonder I can't remember the title of even one of them).

A Cancerian (June 24), John Lloyd was a member of the Star Circle Batch 5, launched in 1997, along with Baron Geisler, Marc Solis and Tanya Garcia who was later “pirated” by GMA 7. He's one of three children and the only one remaining here with his parents (the rest are abroad).

John Lloyd is so believable as a cocky young lawyer in Kay Tagal that you wonder if he ever dreamed of becoming one instead of an actor.

“I never dreamed to be in showbiz because I used to find it so baduy. Natutuhan ko na lang mahalin ang profession na 'to. I wanted to be a soldier, a marine, and then a scientist. I've always been fascinated by Ernie Baron. When I was younger, I thought he was a scientist. But my fond dream is to be a pilot. Until now, I still dream of flying a plane. When I go back to school,” added John Lloyd who had to temporarily quit school, “maybe I should take up a course in flying.”

There you are, Katrina and Yuri.

Meanwhile, let's put the Kay Tagal lovebirds to a “compatibility test” and find out how they fare. (Find out for yourselves at the end of the “test”.)

So what would Bea and John Lloyd be if she were, if he were…

John Lloyd: Lovebirds. They are happy together, aren't they? Take one away and the other sulks. But I don't want to be cooped up inside a cage. Gusto ko, lovebirds (kami) na lumilipad, malayang-malaya. Just the name, ang ganda na – lovebirds. It's nice to fall in love. . . to love and be loved.

Bea: A dove. God used a dove to check if the big flood had subsided during the time of Noah, remember?

John Lloyd: Tulips. Very elegant ang tulips, di ba? Especially white tulips.

Bea: Rose – white rose. A rose can convey a lot of meanings, depending on its color.

John Lloyd: Acacia tree, so I can let many people rest in my shade. Care-giver ako, e.

Bea: Coconut. It has many uses – for food, for shelter, for a lot of other things.

John Lloyd: The type sung by Cynthia Alexander. Very poetic, very deep, maraming meanings. You listen to a Cynthia Alexander song and you'll know what I mean. Her songs are subject to different kinds of explanations, depending on who's listening to the song(s). Motorbykle is one of them. One line goes… This is the game and this is the cycle. I interpret that line in many ways.

Bea: R&B. It's cool, di ba? My favorite song is I'm Real by J.Lo. Sobrang pang-bagets. Every line in that song para bang speaks for me.

John Lloyd: Sorry but I'm not much of a bookworm. I'd rather read mga discovery magazines. But I do like inspirational books, like Conversations with God. Books na mga eye-opener.

Bea: A romantic novel, like A Walk to Remember. But I really prefer to read magazines than books, especially magazines with lots of pictures. But if I were a book, I'd be a coloring book because my life is full of colors.

John Lloyd: No sci-fi for me. I go for love stories. I'm romantic by nature. I also like movies with uplifting themes, such as Patch Adams (starring Robin Williams).

Bea: Drama. I don't go for comedies; at saka, hindi ako pang-sitcom. My favorite movie is Castaway. Awang-awa ako kay Tom Hanks doon sa movie na 'yon.

John Lloyd: A BMW 7 Series. I love big cars ever since I was a kid. If a car is small, it gives me a “suffocating” feeling. I like big cars because they have a lot of space; you can breathe freely. Right now, I'm driving an Expedition; before, a CRV. But my dream car is a BMW 7 Series. When I get rich, I'll buy one.

Bea: A sports car. I'll save and buy one.

Another Actor/Actress
John Lloyd: Johnny Delgado (his co-star in Kay Tagal). I like his attitude. Iba siya, e. He's in the business for the craft; hindi takot sumubok kahit anong role. He's at home in any role.

Bea: Julia Roberts. I've watched all her movies and I love them all. She looks carefree, parang walang problema sa buhay.

John Lloyd: Daredevil (played by Ben Affleck in the movie). At night, he's blind but he's a fighter. Ayoko lang ng name niya. Parang devilish. Maybe a Dark Angel?

Bea: Gabriela Silang. Ang tapang niya, di ba?

John Lloyd: I'm a renewed Christian and I don't believe in saints. I believe only in Jesus.

Bea: St. Anne. The high school where I studied was named after her.

John Lloyd: Among those that I've visited… yes, L.A. It's so laid-back. Leisurely ang pace, unlike New York where everything and everybody moves fast, as if forever racing against one another and against time. Nakakahilo!

Bea: New York. I haven't been there, I've only been reading a lot about it, but that's the kind of city that I want to be in. A city that never sleeps. Siguro if I had a chance to go there, I'd stay awake 24 hours a day. I won't sleep, just like the city, because there are lots of places to go and lots of things to do.

Video Game
John Lloyd: I'm not a computer freak, so I can't say which one or which video game character I'd like to be.

Bea: I'd be Renoa, the character in my favorite video game, Final Fantasy. She's very pretty. I wish I were like her. I keep wondering how somebody could have created such a beautiful face.

Part of the House
John Lloyd: The bathroom. I spend long hours in the bathroom. Inside the bathroom, ang feeling ko ang layo-layo ko sa mga problema, walang ka-stress-stress! I do many things in the bathroom: I bubble-bath, I read scripts, I memorize my lines, I talk to friends on the phone, I take my time. Next to the bathroom, I want to be the dining area because that's the part of our house where I want to entertain my friends and visitors.

Bea: Garden. I love plants and colorful flowers. When I'm in a garden, everything seems to be at peace with me and the world.

A Man/Woman
John Lloyd: I'd be prim and proper. Ako, when I started in showbiz I was prim and proper but I have loosened up since then.

Bea: It'd be makulit pero a gentleman.

John Lloyd: Extreme (Bvlgari). Perfume can add to a romantic atmosphere, it can enhance romance, so you should be careful about the kind of perfume that you wear. When I visit Ciara, I wear Crave (by Calvin Klein). That's the scent that she wants to smell in me.

Bea: I won't ever be a perfume because I don't use one. Hanggang baby cologne lang ako. The scene is very subtle. My favorite is Victoria's Secret cologne.

John Lloyd: Native dishes. My favorite meal is breakfast – sinangag, tuyo or tinapa, carabao milk, scrambled egg with mustasa (”invented” by my Dad).

Bea: Pasta. But I'm on a diet now so I can't eat as much pasta as I want to.

John Lloyd: Black. It reflects my personality. Extremes ako, e. I function better in the dark.

Bea: White – symbol of purity.

An Animal
John Lloyd: A cat. It's very gentle, di ba?

Bea: I won't ever be an animal, especially not a dog. I have a phobia for dogs because when I was a kid, I was bitten twice by a dog. If you want to scare me, bring a dog close to me.

Part of the Planetary System
John Lloyd: The moon. I like kasi to appear big and bright at nighttime. Watch a full moon on a quiet night. Ang ganda tingnan, di ba?

Bea: I'd be the sun. It's the sun which gives light to the world, di ba? I want to be a light-giver.

If Not Himself/Herself, Who Would He/She Rather Be?
John Lloyd: A male counterpart of Lady Di. She helped a lot of people. Nasa puso niya ang pagtulong sa kapwa and I love her for that. I'd be Lady Di's male version. Matulungin ako, basically. I'm happiest when I help somebody.

Bea: My Lola (Luzviminda Doblon). She's my role model. I grew up with her. Lola's Girl ako, e!

Source: FUNFARE by Ricardo F. Lo, Philippine Star


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hai! i'm new here.. i really enjoyd watching bea and john acting together.they really look nice,cute and sweet together.i hope they can be a couple even outside the set.hehehe.

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