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Louisa So Yuk Wah (蘇玉華)

louisa so so yuk wah

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Posted 22 June 2004 - 10:57 AM

Name: Louisa So
Viet. Name: Tô Ngoc Hoa
Mandarin name: Su, Yu Hua (Yuhua)
Origin: Guangdong, China
Birthplace: Hong Kong
Birthday: January 16th
Height: 165cm (5'5")
Weight: 52kg (112lbs)
Hobbies: movies, swimming, cycling
Occupation: TVB actress

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Posted 22 June 2004 - 10:58 AM


Deric Wan, Louisa So and Liu Kai Chi were filming for "Grey Tracks" yesterday at The Peak in a scene where Deric's character bumps into Liu Kai Chi who is the brother of Louisa, who has been sent to prison because of Deric. As 'Uncle Chi' is a little drunk, he takes the chance to hit Deric and in the scuffle, Deric accidentally pushes Uncle Chi down the hill, but this is witnessed by Louisa, whose hatred of Deric grows even stronger.

Uncle Chi and Deric are both great actors and gave emotional performances, even rolling around on the floor, but Deric still joked around as the action choreographer set the scene and safety equipment. Louisa also helped him to clean up after getting his clothes dirty and Deric praises Louisa for her very Westernised performances that he admires very much. He also laughs: "Working with her makes me very relaxed. (Who makes you uncomfortable?) People who don't read their scripts." Deric also says that he has action scenes over the next couple of days so it is very energy consuming and he is seeing this as slimming for free.

Deric will be playing a big bad egg in this show and his character will even kill his own twin brother. Yesterday's scene brings back memories of his train scene with So Hang Suen in "Looking Back in Anger" as Deric points out that as heartless as his character in that show was, this one will be more scheming.

Louisa will finish her scenes for this show in July and she says that this is the best script that she has ever come across in her many years of filming. Not only is the producer allowing the cast to add their input into their characterisations, he is also taking on board their suggestions and this makes her very happy.

She smiles: "I feel that this is my best performance ever, so I am really looking forward to this show being aired. (But what if they decide to air this on Pay-TV?) I don't think they will and if they do, I will feel rather helplesss. Also, this show has Bowie Lam in it, and all of his shows net over 30 points, so I have great confidence in it."

Talking of Deric's nasty character, Louisa was asked how he ends up and she says that originally she hoped that he would die, but because this show talks about how the law is fair, then those who commit crimes will get their punishment and Deric's character will end up in prison. Also, after filming "Grey Tracks", Louisa will be going to Japan for a holiday, but as her boyfriend does not have time to go with her, she will be going with another male friend. This will be the first time she has been away on holiday with a man other than her boyfriend. When asked if he is happy about this. she laughs: "I have asked him about it, so of course he trusts this man. (will you be sharing a room?) Ha, I haven't even thought about that!"

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Posted 02 August 2004 - 12:58 PM

She played Er Lang ( joe ma)'s mother in Journey to the west. I think she is cute as a fairy.

#4 X Thi Mạn

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Posted 05 August 2004 - 12:28 AM

the last series that i've seen her in was triumph in the skies, and she portrayed the character great

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Posted 25 August 2004 - 08:22 AM

[Ta Kung Pao 25/08/04]

TVB's new series "Courageous Kunlun" held its costume fitting yesterday and cast members include Ron Ng, Sammul Chan, Mandy Cho, Joyce Koi, Louisa So and Yuen Wah. When they each introduced their characters, Mandy ended up speaking in English and was met with a rather hasty reminder from co-producer of the series Catherine Tsang that this was an ancient drama. As for suggestions that this is the ancient version of "My Sassy Girl", Catherine and producter Tommy Leung denied this, saying that this story tells about brotherly love and is a true martial arts series. As for the termination of "Virtues of Harmony" at the beginning of next year, there will be a space of five or six months before the new format sitcom will be decided. When asked why this was being axed, Catherine says that with the show breaking 800 episodes, the crew need to take a rest.

Having grown up abroad, Mandy often adds some English into her Chinese speaking and when asked if she was worried about speaking English during filming, she laughs: "Of course not, but there is always a difference in the language of ancient shows, so I have to work hard on my Chinese as well as learn some gestures from 'War and Beauty'." With this her first time filming an ancient drama, Mandy smiles that she has dreamed of being an ancient person since she was young and she finds her costume very fresh and cute. In the show she plays a rich and conceited lady who is caught between Ron and Sammul. When asked if she was afraid of starting rumours, she laughs: "I am not worried, it is just work. (But it is easy to have rumours with Sammul.) We have worked together before whilst promoting the Miss Hong Kong pageant and the most important thing is working happily together."

Ron takes on another series after completing "Police Cadet Brave Heart" and smiles: "None of the other male stars are in Hong Kong, that's why! It's not too hard work because I have had two to three weeks rest and I am working with a lot of people for the first time, such as Yuen Wah and Joyce Koi, so I am quite excited." It turns out that his character not only has a speech impediment, but also has some marks on his face, so will he not be appearing with his good looks this time? He laughs: "I will only be ugly for a few episodes. (Are you making a sacrifice for your art?) I don't mind, I am quite interested. At the moment, I am practicing my lisp at home."

One of Sammul's costumes in the show makes him look like Nicky wu and upon hearing this, he was very happy because he feels that Nicky is quite stylish. In the series, he will be fighting with Ron over Mandy and he laughs: "She is not bad, Miss Hong Kong winner after all!" As well as romance, there will also be a lot of fighting scenes and as he has learned some swordplay before hand, he will be taking the chance to learn some punching this time.

Talking of him being a gossip magnet, especially with his most recent news around his arguments with Fiona Sit in "Police Cadet", is he worried about creating more gossip in this show? Sammul laughs: "Let bygones be bygones, although there will be gossip as long as there are people, I am not afraid because I am true with myself. Anyway, from another point of view, gossip can be a good thing because you can see it as promotion."

Louisa So woll be playing the bad guy in the series in a role that is outwardly good but inwardly evil. Although she is an outstanding actor, this is her first time as the evil character, so she has been watching a lot of these roles lately to get into character.


credits to http://www.tvbspacenews.blogspot.com/

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Posted 19 September 2004 - 01:51 PM

Wow so she is going to play an evil one hmmmmmmm.... can't wait for that.
She really got that special and cute look.
Looks like she don't got that much fans cause this thread is so dead.
Well hope it would change.

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Posted 29 September 2004 - 06:45 AM

louisa's such a great actress, but way underrated...:down hope tvb will promote her more in the near future ^_^

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Posted 06 October 2004 - 07:09 AM

Totally agree that she uis underrated.

Louisa is a great actress, probably even better than most leading TVB actresses. She usually gets supporting roles but she portrays them perfectly. We havent seen much of her work lately, i am eager to see all the series she is making.

Doesnt she have a theather background? (i.e began her career doing plays)

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Posted 21 November 2004 - 07:08 AM

I donT know about her background but one thing for sure she is a very talented actress and far underrated. I liked her in all her series. My favorite goes to Night Journey. She was so cute in that one. She also gives a great performance in Life for Life along with Marianne Chan. My lastest of her is also TITS. She's so cute too look at. Its so bad TVB no reckon her performance and give her more significant role.

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Posted 04 December 2004 - 10:23 AM

Very talented actress my best impression of her was in Plain Love 2.

#11 MokaGirl


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Posted 05 December 2004 - 04:34 AM

Plain of Love 2 ??!! is it the one pairing Gordon Lam and Maggie? If so I didnT watch it yet.

Like HeavenlyCharm I also saw her in Journey to the West 2. She somehow looked younger than Joe and she was supposed to be his mother ... hehehe eternal youth !!!

#12 Guests

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Posted 11 December 2004 - 08:09 AM

i think she's not bad,she has this sweet and innocent look that u'll like! her acting is ok also...!hope TVB promote her a little more and i'm sure her fans,u,will be satisfied...i'm not a fan of fan but i think she's alright so far!

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Posted 15 December 2004 - 06:55 PM

Her pairing w/ Jerry Lam in Triumph in the Skies was interestin to note in that series!

#14 forever_autumn


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Posted 18 January 2005 - 09:59 PM

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[Ta Kung Pao 19/01/05]

Louisa So celebrated her birthday earlier with a group of fans, firstly having a barbecue at the South China Club before heading off to celebrate at a karaoke. Among these fans, there are some who have been supporting her since she first started performing in theatre over ten years ago, so they are very faithful.

During the celebration, the fans opened their hearts and told of their feelings towards Louisa and the only male fan present gave her an emotional rendition of "Forever Beautiful" and leaving Louisa a little teary-eyed. When asked what presents she has received, Louisa says: "This year is a little unusual as I have not received many gifts. THis is because my fans put all the money they would have spent on a present into a box and I will donate it on their behalf to Oxfam to go towards the Tsunami Disaster appeal." As for her birthday wish, Louisa hopes for good health and no more natural disasters.

credit to Em at http://tvbspacenews.blogspot.com/

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Posted 31 January 2005 - 11:36 AM

i think she's a good actress..
seriously underrated..
she belongs to the same category as sheren..
if she had done the yu fei role, i'm sure she would have been as popular..
juz my 2 cents worth..

#16 AutumnTears


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Posted 04 February 2005 - 01:05 AM

Posted Image Posted Image
[Ta Kung Pao & The Sun 04/02/05]

Louisa So has recently been signed as spokesperson for a spar and since taking on the job, her skin and figure have improved a lot and this has attracted many men to pursue her and even asking her on a date for Valentines Day, thus raising a little jealousy in her boyfriend of ten years. Louisa laughs: "I shot another set of stills for the ads recently and I was very happy with them, so I wanted to share and admire them with him, but he complained that they were too sexy. What a spoilsport!" Louisa admits that she was a little annoyed at her boyfriend's reaction, joking: "As I have so many men wanting to date me, then maybe I should see if there is someone more suitable!" Could this be a challenge to their ten year love affair?!

In truth, Louisa is a very faithful person, so her boyfriend has nothing to worry about, but she is a woman after all and yearns for affection. She says: "My boyfriend bought me some diamond earrings earlier, so we'll see what he produces this time!"

Credits to Em - http://tvbspacenews.blogspot.com/

#17 yvonquek



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Posted 30 March 2005 - 03:01 AM

Louisa is one of the most talented actresses I have seen. TVB should be doing more to promote her. I like her in TITS, very solid character and she was so cute with Ah Paul!

#18 Guests

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Posted 29 April 2005 - 04:42 AM

She played Er Lang ( joe ma)'s mother in Journey to the west. I think she is cute as a fairy.


yeah, she was really pretty there.

i'm happy that she got a bigger role in misleading track. i enjoy watching her act.

#19 Guests

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Posted 09 May 2005 - 08:48 AM

She's great.... Sort of the same as Sheren Tang. Best of the lot but underrated. Just like now.... Sheren was popular for a period but now the spotlight is back to Gigi.... :(

Hope Louisa can be more popular..... :D

Wow.... Acting evil? That's different! Good thing too. Hope she gets the same attention as Sheren the few months ago!

[Haha.... You can tell I'm a big fan of both actresses huh?! :)]

#20 deepfan



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Posted 22 July 2005 - 06:23 PM

i watched her in misleading tracks and thought she did a great job..her character was soo different to what she normally acts as..like she always plays quite a strong and confident character but this time she played a weaker one..with some hesitation but it was good.
yup shes definitely underatted...she has soo much potential but hasnt been in many series recently..Triumph in the skies? but her charcter wasnt very big...

#21 crazy-choo


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Posted 03 August 2005 - 01:13 PM

has anyone got screencaps or pics of louisa in the tvb series 'the battle against evil'?

#22 cinseto



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Posted 30 August 2005 - 02:14 AM

Louisa Shares Beauty Secret

Louisa So was taking part in a cookery event earlier, where she shared some of her insights into beauty through diet. She says that she doesn't eat bird's nest to keep her skin white and smooth, but instead, makes some nutritious soups, such as fish stomach and sharks fin. She adds that the best thing to use is a vacuum pan because all you have to do is drop in your ingredients and it is all done for you so conveniently.

Louisa adds that although she is very afraid of oily deposits, she still has an open plan kitchen at home because it makes her home look bigger. She says she has been busy lately rehearsing for her forthcoming stage production with Tony Leung and will be heading out to Shanghai in October to perform there.

The Sun 14/08/05

credits to http://www.tvbspacen...05/roundup.html

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#23 Guest_5b1-17_*

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Posted 31 August 2005 - 08:00 PM

i like her, i think she can act and she is pretty looking and also she has confidence in herself. although i think that tvb has not given her good opportunities or roles.

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Posted 02 September 2005 - 04:09 PM

Detective Investigation Files originally aired in 1996. There are 40 episodes in this series. Michael Tao, Leung Wing Chung, Kenix Kwok, Louisa So and Amy Kwok star. Edmond Leung sings the theme song 為明日爭氣 and the sub-theme song 愛與情. Sammi Cheng sings the sub-theme song 愛的輓歌.
Chapter 1
The second part of the series opens with Cheung Dai Yung and Jessie Ko together. While shopping, Dai Yung is called to a murder scene, and of course, Jessie tags along. At the murder scene, a female is found lying in the park after she had sex. Dai Yung notices a strong perfume scent coming from the body. While returning home, Jessie is scared because she thought someone was following her. The man following her turns out to be her uncle. Dai Yung is called to a second murder scene. At the second murder scene he meets Carmen, a cop from another division. Yee Jai returns to Hong Kong while his wife Gigi is still vacationing in America. Later, a third body is found, similar to the other 2 murders. Jessie's uncle is arrested.

Chapter 2
Jessie's uncle is questioned about the murders and the incident with one of the girl he met at a bar. Yee Jai was suppose to quit his job when he returned to HK, but he still wanted to be a policeman. A witness is found saying she saw Jessie's uncle with one of the murdered on the day of the murder. However, Jessie's uncle is not willing to give an alibi. While all are assuming Jessie's uncle is the murderer, Dai Yung disagrees. This leads him to be kicked off the case. A fourth girl is found raped and almost dead. Fortunately she is not dead.

Chapter 3 and 4
Dai Yung, Yee Jai and Carmen try to figure out the commonality between the victims. They soon figure out that another common point they share, besides being clients of Jessie's uncle's photography business is that they share the same doctor's office. Gigi is keeps calling Yee Jai to get his inheritance and join her back in Canada. Yee Jai and Carmen goes to the doctors office posing as patients to get more clues. Later Carmen goes undercover for a while and tried to attract the killer. The police division follows two of the doctors. However, one of the doctors is killed in a car accident, by one of the other doctors. The other holds Carmen hostage and tried to kill himself. Carmen's brother appears. Gigi returns to HK. Carmen starts to have a crush on Dai Yung. Gigi gets mad at Yee Jai because he wants to stay in HK. In the end, Gigi agrees to stay in Hong Kong. Dai Yung and Jessie get into a fight over Yee Jai and Gigi's argument over if they should stay in HK or immigrate to Canada. To have Jessie not be mad at him anymore, Dai Yung pretends to hit his eye on a bar on the side of the street and Jessie forgives him because he was acting so silly. A burnt body is found.

Chapter 5
A co-worker of the deceased recognizes a necklace found near the body. Jessie goes to interview a woman. The woman disappears on her. Jessie finds out that the woman's daughter was killed by the deceased a few years back. When Dai Yung and Jessie go to that person's apartment, no one is there. Dai Yung keeps on asking Jessie to marry him. Gigi and Yee Jai plan on moving next door to Dai Yung. Dai Yung gets really annoyed with that fact. It turns out that the person thought to be deceased is not really dead.

Chapter 6
To lure the killer out there, Jessie writes a "story" about the situation. The woman who was supposedly deceased is slashed and taken to a hospital. Because she is a mistress, the male's wife kills her husband because of it. Then the mistress tells all. Yee Jai and Gigi's house is finished with the decorating. When Yee Jai returns to his village in the New Territories, they find out that the government does not want to buy the land anymore. That means no $30 million (HKD) for Gigi. Gigi gets mad because she doesn't have any of the money Yee Jai had promised her. While in the village, Yee Jai sees his old friends, Keung and Chow Ping and they go visit their Bak Leung. Gigi, Yee Jai, Jessie, and Dai Yung decide to go to Japan. Upon hearing about a vacation, Jessie's mom decides that she wants to go too. Madam only lets either Yee Jai or Dai Yung take a vacation. Dai Yung lets Yee Jai go. While at the airport ready to board the plane, Yee Jai sees a person he knows from childhood in the village who was suppose to be dead for 5 years, her name is Lai Hau (Daisy).

Chapter 7
Yee Jai tells Daisy that a person killed her 5 years ago. He brings Daisy to the village and explains to her that Tin Sheng was blamed for her death. On their way back, they bump into Chow Ping, a friend of theirs, and gives her a scare. Everyone in the village is shocked to see her because all assumed she was dead. They go to Daisy's Bak Leung's house and find her trying to commit suicide. Bak Leung says that she never received the letters that Daisy had written to her over the years. Tin Sheng was accused of murdering Daisy 5 years ago. They had found a jacket with matching Daisy's blood type the night she disappeared. Chow Ping tells Daisy that her husband knows acupuncture. Gigi calls screaming and yelling at Dai Yung asking where Yee Jai is. Madam hands over a pile of unsolved cases to Dai Yung and his team to solve. Jessie goes to Carmen's house and sees a picture of a window that Carmen had drawn. Yee Jai and Daisy go to find Fook Bak, Tin Sheng's father, but he is found dead. Appearing to have committed suicide. Yee Jai finds out that a robber who had robbed a bank died in his village.

Chapter 8
Chow Ping thinks that Keung is having an affair. Yee Jai and Dai Yung investigate to find out why a few people in the village suddenly got rich. The team follows the suspected people and run into each other. Carmen finds half of an acupuncture needle at Fook Bak's house. Madam allows Yee Jai and the rest to excavate Fook Bak's body to find the other half of the needle. There is an uproar in the village because of this. Yee Jai figures out that Keung makes the same knot as the one found at the suicide scene of both Tin Sheng and Fook Bak. Chow Ping kidnaps Daisy because she knows that Keung knows acupuncture. After Keung and his accomplices find out that Yee Jai knows the truth, they try to murder him too by hanging him on a tree.

Chapter 9
Luckily, Dai Yung gets there on time. Keung confesses to everything. Keung had seen Tin Sheng with the robber's loot. He took the money and the others found out about it. Gigi returns from Japan thinking Yee Jai was getting together with Daisy. Dai Yung gets a mysterious phone call from a girl telling him to meet her somewhere. At the location, the girl faints. The girl turns out to be his half-sister, Shiu Yao. She has dinner with Jessie and her sister and recognizes Jessie's Sister as a singer she and her mother likes. Carmen tells Jessie that she likes someone, but he loves someone else (Dai Yung). Carmen tells Dai Yung that she likes him.

Chapter 10
To avoid embarrassment, Carmen tells him it was a joke. Dai Yung runs into Ah Gun. His son is missing, but soon is found. A rich person's son is ransomed. Ah Gun is brought to help Dai Yung's team to help solve the case. Shiu Yao and Dai Yung talk about people fighting over them. The kidnappers said that the money should be brought to Kowloon Park, but they don't show up. They said that they were suppose to go to Kowloon City Park instead. The people tell them to bring the money somewhere else, but someone else takes the money. The next time, the money is taken, but they escaped.

Chapter 11
The family gets mad at the cops, but soon receive a phone call telling them to pick up their child. While returning home, Dai Yung hears from the child that he heard planes fly over. The team finds out who the person who took the money is. Shiu Yao practices in order to enter a singing contest. Gigi asks Dai Yung to open a bar with her, Yee Jai and Thomas. However Dai Yung doesn't want to because he has no money. So he asks Jessie to have a share in it. Dai Yung figures out that Ah Gun's son was also kidnapped at the time of the other kidnapping.

Chapter 12
Cheung Bak Chuen goes to HK, but Shiu Yao doesn't want to leave. Dai Yung talks to Ah Gun about the kidnapping, and then Ah Gun admits his son was also kidnapped. He then confesses he kidnapped the rich person's son in order to get money to give to his son's ransomers. Shiu Yao tries out for the singing contest and gets in. Dai Yung, Jessie, Yee Jai, Gigi, and Thomas's bar opens. A dead body is found.

Chapter 13
Carmen tells Dai Yung she really likes him. Dai Yung tells Carmen that he only loves Jessie. Dai Mui is seen with Tse Fung, another movie star/singer. She agrees to make a movie with him. While buying food, Jessie and her mother run into an old lady, Lan. Jessie & Dai Yung ask Jessie's ex-boyfriend, Calvin for help with the dead body case. They want to use a computer to figure out how the person use to look like 7 years ago, Lan's daughter ran away and her son (Fong Sir the coroner) doesn't care for her much. Fong Sir blames his mother for his sister, Wai's runaway. The model head of the dead body is stolen off Calvin's desk.

Chapter 14
Fong Sir's mom recognizes the drawings of the head. His mom is later found lying on the floor with gas on the house. Dai Yung and his team suspect Fong Sir knows something and tried to kill his mom. Dai Yung, Jessie and Jessie's mom open a box that Lan had given to Jessie's mom before. Fong Sir is taken into questioning and the team goes through the house. They find the missing model head and checks made out to a nursing home. Fong Sir confesses to killing Ah-Leung, the deceased. Dai Yung & Carmen find out that someone else was there on the day Lan was found almost dead.

Chapter 15
Ah Lan wakes up and finds out that her son is in detention for attempting to kill her. She then tells Dai Yung and Carmen that someone else was there. Yee Jai and Carmen try to force the lady to confess that she tried to kill her. In the end, she does. Carmen figures out who the girl who lives in the nursing home is. It is Fong Sir's sister Wai. As a teen, she was raped by Ah Leung 7 years earlier, and then stabbed him to death. Wai goes to the cops and confesses. Fong Sir gets out and then marries his girlfriend. Ah Mun tells Fung that she had a childhood dream of being surrounded by lanterns. Jessie does a story about hooking up with foreigners. At the restaurant, Carmen sees Jessie with one of the escorts for her story and ruins it by exposing her. Dai Yung finds out from Carmen about that incident and then gets into a big fight over it with Jessie.

Chapter 16
Carmen confronts Jessie. Jessie thinks that Dai Yung should go to Carmen since he cares for her so much. Dai Yung gets pissed off at Carmen. Carmen wants to quit, but Dai Yung talks her out of it. Mun (Jessie's sister) and Fung start production on the film. An actress, Lily, gets jealous. Mun and Fung go to a shooting range to practice. At night, Fung decorates his place with lanterns just for Mun. A reporter, Muk Chi Wa, is found dead. His house is trashed. Mun and Fung almost force Dai Yung and Jessie to get engaged. Dai Yung later forces a ring onto Jessie's finger. Gigi is missing with the bar's money. Gigi is arrested for gambling. Gigi and Yee Jai get in a fight because of it. Gigi lives at Dai Yung's place for a while. At the movie studio, Lily falls and is crushed.

Chapter 17
Lily dies from being crushed. Dai Yung keeps asking Yee Jai to get Gigi back in his house because she is annoying him. Gigi sees Gary, Hung Hung's real father. Yee Jai doesn't know what to do. Gigi packs up and leaves. Shiu Yao goes to the singing contest and makes it to the finals, but looses. She gets drunk and sees Yee Jai drunk also. Dai Yung sees Yee Jai and Shiu Yao in Yee Jai's bed together. Yee Jai finds out that Gigi went with Gary. Shiu Yao becomes Mun's assistant. Fung asks Mun to marry him. On the day of the engagement party, Fung says it was all part of a promo for the film. Mun says that she wants to kill Fung. While shooting the film, Fung is shot by Mun as part of the script and really dies.

Chapter 18
The team investigates Fung's death. Jessie and Mun go back to the crime scene. Dai Yung finds the "fake" gun in Mun's car. Yee Jai gets sick. Yee Jai wants to get a divorce from Gigi. Mun is arrested for killing Fung. Shiu Yao was knocked down, and the bag was let go from her hand on the day when Fung died. Mun is let go. The team investigates all of Fung's ex-s. As part of his will, Tse Fung had left Mun half of his fortune. Someone tries to run over Mun and Tong Tong.

Chapter 19
Dai Yung recalls how Lily died and how someone might have wanted to kill Mun instead. Shiu Yao makes food for Yee Jai, but he doesn't appreciate it. Yee Jai later says sorry and gives flowers to her. At the film's premiere, the team is there to protect Mun. Dai Yung questions Jessie why reporters have two cameras. She tells him that one of the cameras is for backup. Turns out Fung's assistant was having a fling with Fung. He tried to kill Mun to get her out of the picture. He tried to frame Mun for Fung's death. While trying to protect Dai Yung, Carmen is shot in the back.

Chapter 20
A male body is found. Dai Yung requested vacation time to see Carmen. Yee Jai and Fun Lui, one of the CID team members go to investigate the murder. The security guard of where the male lived is questioned and said there was a lady in red. Yee Jai and Fun Lui go question the wife. Carmen has no feelings in her legs. Because of this, Jessie and Dai Yung get in a fight again. Another wife of the deceased male is found. Both of the wives had alibis. Jessie wants to break up with Dai Yung.

Chapter 21
Wai On, Jessie's boss helps Jessie by talking with her. He tries to talk her out of things. Yee Jai and Man Bau (another CID) go investigate. Dai Yung ask Jessie to register to get married. Yee Jai finds a guy who also saw a lady in red. Carmen's brother calls Dai Yung which leads to him being late for registering for marriage with Jessie.

Chapter 22
Everyone finds out that Dai Yung and Jessie didn't register to get married. Yee Jai finds out that the two wives knew each other. The two wives had been patients in the same hospital few years earlier. They then confess to the murder. Carmen still isn't able to walk. The doctors say that it may be because of emotional problems. In the end, with Dai Yung's encouragement, she is able to walk again.

Chapter 23
Jessie and her boss Wai On talk. Dai Yung wants to be with Jessie. Later, he tells Yee Jai and that he and Jessie split. Jessie does a story on Dr. Lau, a pediatrician. She writes a touching story on the babies that Dr. Lau cares for. A man is found murdered in a hotel room. The male is traced back to a bunch of hookers. An old man brings a lot of money to Jessie to give to the baby for surgery. Dai Yung and Yee Jai question a hooker, she said that she was with the guy that night. Fun Lui sees Dai Yung buy Carmen a flower. Shiu Yao gives Yee Jai a belt that said "I LOVE YOU". Gigi returns.

Chapter 24
Yee Jai asks Hung Hung what Gigi was thinking of doing. Hung Hung says he doesn't remember clearly, " it was something like, think about it... follow him..". With Hung Hung's unclear message, Yee Jai thinks that Gigi wants to get back together Gary. In reality, Gary is already married. Gigi and Hung Hung go live at Jessie's place. Jessie tells Yee Jai the truth. The baby's (that Jessie wrote about) mother is also a hooker, Ching. Another male body is found.

Chapter 25
Carmen almost gets run over, but Dai Yung saves her. Ching, the hooker mother wants to buy life insurance for her child. Yee Jai wants Gigi to move back into their house. She agrees only if he isn't there. Yee Jai and Dai Yung find out the hooker was lying. Ching dies. Jessie tries to figure out if she was murdered or committed suicide. Jessie pretends to be one of Ching's hooker "sisters". Shiu Yao gets Hung Hung an "I LOVE YOU" belt also. Shiu Yao thinks that Gigi is going to go back with Gary. She tells Yee Jai. Yee Jai gets to go back in the house, but has to sleep on the couch. Jessie gets attacked by someone who says he is Ching's boyfriend.

Chapter 26
When Jessie returns home, Dai Yung is there and frightens her. Dai Yung later finds out that she was attacked by Ching's "boyfriend". At Ching's house, she is attacked by the mastermind of the whole plan. Jessie finds out that Ching had committed suicide. She wanted her baby to be taken care of. Dai Yung also goes to the house. Jessie tells him the truth. Carmen sees the both of them getting off the ferry and gets mad.

Chapter 27
Carmen tells Dai Yung that she doesn't want to see him with Jessie again. A co-worker of Jessie, Jo Jo sees Carmen and says that she is really Rachel. Jo Jo says that when she was in England, she killed her sister and her sister's fiance. Carmen says that she has never seen her and doesn't know her. Jo Jo goes to the police station and confronts Carmen, but she denies all. Jessie gets into a car accident and Dai Yung is there and he hugs her real tight. Madam uses a Bar-B-Q as an excuse to get Gigi and Yee Jai back together. Carmen's brother, Wing, forces Dai Yung and Carmen to get engaged. Jessie walks into Dai Yung and Carmen's engagement party. She gets into a second car accident. Shiu Yao leaves. Dai Yung goes to the hospital and hears Jessie say that she still loves him. Jo Jo is found dead.

Chapter 28
Carmen is questioned of where she was on the night of Jo Jo's death. She begins to have nightmares. The cops suspect Man, Jo Jo's fiance. Fun Lui wants Wing to teach her to cook. Man calls Jessie up to tell her he has evidence, but doesn't show up. Gigi tells Jessie not to go to China for a story. Man is found dead. Dai Yung gets drunk and drives to Jessie's. He stays there till the morning. Jessie sees him. Dai Yung goes home because he looked sick. Carmen sees a picture of Jo Jo's sister and recognizes her from her nightmares. Jessie goes to Dai Yung's. She tells him that in her heart, there is only him. Carmen walks into them hugging each other. Dai Yung tells Carmen that he loves Jessie.

Chapter 29
Carmen gets nightmares again. A friend of Jo Jo goes to find her at her office. Carmen is also at the office. Jo Jo's friend also says that Carmen is Rachel. Carmen points a gun at Jessie. Carmen personality totally changes (PSYCHO!). Carmen finds out that she was in England before. The friend tells Jessie of Carmen's past. She shows her pictures and stuff about Carmen of when she was in England. Jo Jo's sister Alice and Alice's fiance Paul died in a fire. Carmen was blamed by everyone for killing them. Carmen and her brother Wing"go to Canada", however Carmen stays. Carmen tries to kill Dai Yung and Jessie. Luckily Yee Jai is there to stop it. Fun Lui finds out that Wing used her as an alibi.

Chapter 30
Fun Lui confronts Wing on the roof top. Wing holds her hostage. Wing had killed Jo Jo, Man, Alice and Paul. He accidentally falls when Fun Lui tries to escape. Carmen leaves. At night Gigi thinks that Yee Jai was sleeping on the sofa, but he had snuck into the bedroom. Hung Hung is awakened. He thinks his parents are "fighting". He goes to Dai Yung so Hung Hung sleeps at his place. In the morning, all is well for Yee Jai and Gigi. Carmen returns. Everyone decides to go to a vacation home to party. Dai Yung and Jessie are there early. Carmen follows them there. While fighting (Dai Yung, Jessie, and Carmen). The place accidentally starts on fire.

Chapter 31
Dai Yung and Jessie are knocked unconscious. Carmen rescues them from the burning building. Carmen finally leaves. A man, named Chi To, says someone wants to kill him and his wife. Gigi changes (wants to be a loving and caring wife). Chi To's wife Wing Lum is dead. The sister, Wing Yun becomes hysterical. The cops suspect Wing Lum's brother Dai Chi. While at the office, Dai Yung recognizes Ivy Yip, an old classmate. While shopping, Gigi & Jessie see Ivy and Dai Yung together. Dai Yung explains everything to Jessie. Dai Yung forces a ring on Jessie again. On Yee Jai and Gigi's anniversary, Gigi is hit by a car.

Chapter 32
Gigi's dying words to Yee Jai were to say that she's sorry she can't have a baby for him. She dies. :( Yee Jai puts on a necklace he had bought for their anniversary on her. He says "Don't go!" and not to leave him. Dai Yung is there to "wake him up". Dai Yung says to him that he still has to take care of Hung Hung. Hung Hung keeps repeating that he wants his mommy. Yee Jai doesn't want any help or eat. Madam makes Yee Jai take a vacation. The team suspects that Chi To has a mistress. While with Dai Yung, Ivy "faints" because she doesn't have a high enough sugar level in her body. Dai Yung takes Ivy home and sees a bracelet. Yee Jai is busy trying to figure out who killed Gigi. While suspecting Chi To was the killer, he dies on Dai Yung and Fun Lui from poisoned coffee. They now suspect Ivy. Yee Jai gives the team information about the car that had killed Gigi, but it doesn't help. Dai Yung recognizes a bracelet that he saw at Ivy's from Gigi's jewelry box. Dai Yung goes to Ivy's to confront her. Yee Jai finds out that Ivy matches the description. He goes there and sees Dai Yung there. He thinks that Dai Yung wanted to him away. Yee Jai arrests Ivy.

Chapter 33
Yee Jai is pissed at Dai Yung. Ivy admits that she had an affair with Chi To. She also says that she didn't kill Gigi. Ivy tells Dai Yung what happened between her and Chi To. Dai Yung discusses with Yee Jai that there might be a second mistress. Dai Yung figures out that Chi To's second mistress is Wing Yun. Dai Yung and Yee Jai catch Wing Yun. She confesses all. Yee Jai says sorry to Dai Yung. Yee Pau and Gary return. Gary wants Hung Hung back.

Chapter 34
Hung Hung goes back to Yee Jai on his way to the airport with Gary. He stays with Yee Jai. Dai Yung and Jessie decide to get married. Yee Pau stays to look after Hung Hung. Jessie decides to take cooking lessons at a learning center. At the center, she meets up with her friend Ying Ying. Jessie also meets Miss Hong. A mysterious woman wrapped in black named Duen Mook Chi signs up for all the courses at the center. Jessie calls Dai Yung to look for that mysterious woman. When she gets down, Dai Yung tells her, he didn't see a woman matching that description. Jessie looks her up. Duen Mook Chi had committed suicide half a year ago. Dai Yung's old colleague investigated in that case. The girl committed suicide and was smiling when she died. She use to live in Ivy's current apartment. While attending class, the teacher faints. Jessie tries to get info about Duen Mook Chi's past and her boyfriend Chris. Jessie has Dai Yung tell Ivy about the job opening at the center. Ivy was attacked at her place and her apartment was trashed. One of the teachers at the center, Kwok Sir is dead after presenting a movie.

Chapter 35
Jessie stops the people from leaving the room. The team arrive and the murder weapon is found. The team finds about Duen Mook Chi. Jessie tells Dai Yung how she had suspected Kwok Sir as being Chris. Duen Mook Chi's past and her father's info are found. Ivy Yip is investigated by Kwok Sir. Yee Jai finds out that Ivy has been peeked in her bathroom. Deng Sir, another teacher is dies from poisoning. Ivy is attacked in the elevator. Ivy stays at Dai Yung's apartment. They suspect someone at the center is the killer. Turns out to be Chung Sook, Duen Mook Chi's father.

Chapter 36
Duen Mook Wun (Chung Sook) tells all. Someone had pretended to be his daughter. He says he doesn't know who Chris is. Ma Sir is murdered. Ivy quits her job and finds a new one. Jessie helps find out who Chris is. Dai Yung Yee Jai suspect that Chris is a girl. Dai Yung and Jessie figure out that Chris is Miss Hong. While searching for Miss Hong, they find out that she lives upstairs to the center. They go to her apartment and find her there waiting for them.

Chapter 37
Chris found out about the 3 teachers raping Chi. She worked with Duen Mook Wun to plan to kill them. After telling everything, she commits suicide. Jessie meets up with her friend Shelly. Ivy makes Jessie's wedding dress. Yee Pau says that Hung Hung stole his classmate's money. Hung Hung meets Ivy and she buys a computer game for him because he gave her candy. Yee Jai yells at Hung Hung thinking he stole money. Yee Jai finds out that Ivy is Hung Hung's friend. Shelly dies. It appeared to be a suicide. Dai Yung draws a picture for Jessie on the beach. He also gives her a flower crystal. He says, "I don't want to give you fresh flowers because they will die easily, I'm afraid that the paper will turn yellow. So this represents my heart, it will never change." Shiu Yao and Cheung Bak Chuen return for Dai Yung's wedding. Dai Yung and Jessie finally get married. After, while preparing for pictures, Jessie is poked in the back. She bleeds a little. When they take the pictures, she faints.

Chapter 38
A doctor, Ai Bok Yin, (a chief of staff at a hospital) is there and tells them to bring Jessie to his hospital. Ai Bok Yin says that she has brain cancer. Jessie is in a coma. Dai Yung tells Jessie to wake up. He watches his wedding tape over and over again. Ivy has a doctor friend Benny. Dai Yung notices that Yin is there waiting. Benny tells Dai Yung, Yee Jai, and Ivy that the X-Rays weren't Jessie's. After giving a check-up of Jessie, he tells them that Jessie was given a drug for mental patients non-stop, which explains for her comatose state. Ai Bok Yin is found murdered with a wire around his neck and a $1 million dollar check. The wife said that someone said that her husband killed his wife (malpractice). Dai Yung says that he doesn't want to do anything withthe case anymore. Yee Jai yells at him to "wake him up". He thinks about it and joins back again. Dai Yung goes to find Hou Sing Choi, whose wife who died recently. Wong Chung Shun's (the chief of staff's son-in law) body is found. Dai Yung meets up with an old classmate, Chow Wing Geen. Dai Yung remembers the fight between "Biggie" and "Smallie" of when he was in school. "Biggie" is Choi and "Smallie" is Geen. Ivy asks Yee Jai to pretend to be her boyfriend in front of Benny.

Chapter 39
Geen goes to find Dai Yung and tells about killing Choi's bird when they were little. He used a wire to kill it. Dai Yung goes to visit Jessie everyday. Jessie wakes up, but has amnesia. She doesn't remember anyone, including Dai Yung. Everyone tells her about her past. Dai Yung finds out that Geen's wife has cancer (terminal). Jessie complements Dai Yung (use to never do that). Yee Jai and Ivy has a snack together. A man is taken in for "blackmailing" Ai Bok Yin's wife. He gets this money because of malpractice. A male body is found in the same condition as the other doctors. Geen verifies that it's "Biggie". Dai Yung and Yee Jai figures out that Geen was lying all along. Dai Yung and Yee Jai capture Geen and he confesses to all.

Chapter 40
Jessie is back to her old self (except she doesn't remember anything). Jessie goes home (Dai Yung's). However, in the middle of the night, she returns to her mother's. Dai Yung didn't know. Jessie's mom tells Dai Yung that Jessie will be immigrating with them. Dai Yung disappears while having a drink with Yee Jai and Ivy. Ivy "faints" and Yee Jai gives her candy. In return, Ivy gives Yee Jai a ticket to her fashion show. Man Bau takes the ticket while Yee Jai was deciding whether or not he was going to go. Man Bau goes. Yee Jai and Hung Hung goes to see computer games and sees Ivy. Everything is then fine. Dai Yung brings Jessie to the beach to see if she remembers the flower crystal, but doesn't remember anything. Jessie leaves to go immigrate. At the airport, all try to have Jessie stay. Dai Yung brings the picture that he drew for her and the flower crystal. He says to Jessie, "If you remember me, return" (Don't go) . . .

#25 Guests

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Posted 17 September 2005 - 04:08 PM

Thanks for the very long synopsis! :)

A pity I can't watch it.

Enjoy watching the series, everyone!

#26 Simaz



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Posted 22 September 2005 - 12:05 AM

i was quite shocked and saddened that her character dies in the series, especially since she was gonna turn over a new leaf!

#27 Sabby


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Posted 24 September 2005 - 03:52 PM

I prefer her in ancient series because she is one of the few actresses that actually looks good in ancient clothing! She should be promoted by TVB more! =)

#28 Simaz



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Posted 29 September 2005 - 09:01 AM

the only ancient-type series that i've seen her in is A Coulorful Life! which i really liked her character in that series!

#29 psyduck03



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Posted 11 November 2005 - 08:28 AM

anyone have a compilation of the series shes been in through the years? i remember her from.. detective investigations 1 and 2.. kindred spirit.. triumph in the sky..guts of man.. misleading tracks.. i feel like she has starred in more series than that..

#30 Guests

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Posted 18 December 2005 - 07:04 AM

anyone have a compilation of the series shes been in through the years? i remember her from.. detective investigations 1 and 2.. kindred spirit.. triumph in the sky..guts of man.. misleading tracks.. i feel like she has starred in more series than that..


You can try going www.soyukwa.com. That's her official website. There's an entire list of her TV shows and some other stuffs like theatre works. =)

#31 ActressStars1



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Posted 12 March 2006 - 11:24 PM


#32 shortyxdd



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Posted 05 May 2006 - 01:19 AM

I saw her in NYC today! I was coming back from classes and I saw her walking with a guy and I recognized her. She was kinda dressed down though, wearing a baseball cap and everything. I am definetly sure it was her because I recognized her voice! She's very pretty =)

#33 o__o



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Posted 20 June 2006 - 05:33 AM

she's a pretty good actress and she looks pretty good, like 10 years and she still looks the same didnt show any signs of aging, but why does she always get paired with old guys? (eg. Damien Lau, Adam Cheng, Chun Pui off the top of my head)
BTW, how old is she?

#34 asiandotkom



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Posted 27 June 2006 - 06:04 AM

Does anyone have more pictures of her? I can't seem to find a lot of pictures.

#35 Guests

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Posted 18 July 2006 - 01:36 PM

i think louisa's a really cool actress...loved her in grey tracks and men in pain!!! totally different characters but she pulled them off superbly..she was really adorable in the latter..and her stage play with tony leung ka fai was pretty awesome too..although i am a bit disturbed that she always gets paired with guys who are much much older than her...

i just saw her in beautiful cooking and was really surprised that her cooking is so awesome that she got full marks!!! haha..i think she is one of those actresses who get prettier with age too..looking forward to new series with her...

hmm..btw does anybody know her age?

#36 doyzoe



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Posted 22 July 2006 - 10:12 PM

I saw The Awakening Story a long time ago and now I want to watch it agn. I remembered she was great in it, that's when I started liking her. :iloveyou:

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#37 pinkypiggy



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Posted 23 July 2006 - 04:52 PM

She becoming more pretty and gorgeous. She's a pro and talent actress.

#38 TAKE4ever


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Posted 16 August 2006 - 06:46 AM

She becoming more pretty and gorgeous. She's a pro and talent actress.

i agree. im glad that tv is paying mroe attention to her, cuz she really does have the potential to do so much mroe for the business :D great actress ^_^

#39 doyzoe



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Posted 05 September 2006 - 02:08 AM

she's awesome on Beautiful Cooking.. can someone recommend some series of hers?? thanks

Men in Pain, The Awakening Story, Plain Love 2!!!

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#40 Bashful;


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Posted 06 September 2006 - 07:57 PM

So happy that she won in Beautiful cooking. She looks so cute in there