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Top 5 series in your TVB series Hall of Fame?

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#1 jadedreams27


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Posted 16 June 2005 - 09:29 PM

Name the top 5 TVB series in your personal TVB series Hall of fame, series that you love watching, would love to recommend to other,and then of course, list why.

Mine are:

1. Triumph In The Skies- beautiful background, fresh profession to look at, good romance
2. Twin of Brothers- good romance, nice computer graphics that are also fresh to look at
3. Cold Blood Warm Heart- big family epic pomp, lots of drama, good cast, good romance
4. Healing Hands- love watching the profession and how they have to deal with feelings
4. DIF I-III- love the cases, the chemistry between the couples/partners.
5. Looking Back in Anger- evil villian, good drama, good progress along the way.

I watched DIF I-III over the summer, and man....that is one serie I totally love. I have to push Healing Hands down.

Comments are appreciated but list the reasons why you those series are in your top 5. It doesn't have to be long answers, but it should tell others why you like them so much. If you only list them, they will be deleted.

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#2 Guests

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Posted 16 June 2005 - 10:41 PM

mine would be:

1. Greed of Man ( classic stock series)

2. Legend of Condor Heroes-80s ( great cast and plot, all time classic)

3. Return of the Condor Heroes- 80s ( watched it when i was young, this was how i first know about love, rare sequel that was good)

4. Looking Back in Anger ( great series on love and hatred, so real about life, and the theme song is classic)

5. Journey to the West Part 1 ( super cast for super story, special effects was great, part 2 was weak without dicky)

6. Burning Flames Part 1 ( don't know how many ppl thought of being a firefighter after this show, at least i did.. sigh not tall enough though)

7. Old Time Buddy ( good plot and great imitations, also very funny)

8.At the threshold of the era ( great development of the three friends, although part 2 was weaker or else would be rated higher)

9. The Bund ( classic of all, didn't watch all of it.. just some parts)

10. Mystery files ( rare sci-fi, that was actually good, they should do more series on horror and mystery)

some other honorable mention: cold blood warm heart, secret of the heart, yang's saga, healing hands, detective investigation files, file of justice, kindred spirit, survivors law, a step into the past

#3 yulitza



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Posted 16 June 2005 - 11:38 PM

1. Triump in the Skies - it was first drama ever talk about pilot... there scene is good and touching.

2. Twin of Brothers - two guys became best friend and they were like brothers... when ever one get into trouble, the other will help each other.

3. Love Bond - it about the older brother in the family care about the family before himself. It's very touching....

4. The Last Breakthrough - it about doctors, nurses, etc volunteer to help people in Africa. Even if you are very sick, there's alway hope. They try their best to save their live.

5. Just Love - I enjoy watching this drama because it's about how a husband care about the wife and does all the tours, taking care the baby, and even cook dinner like a housewife. He don't even mind doing that as long as the wife is happy.

#4 _DuCkiEz_



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Posted 17 June 2005 - 02:45 AM

lets see...
-Return of the condor heroes (1996) i loved this series so much. i thought the chemistry btw louis and carmen was so real.
-The Heaven Sword and the Dragon Saber-the version with tony leung. i watched this a long time ago so i can't remember much but this was a good series. although i hated the remake of it with lawrence ng. what were they thinking when they cast him to play truong gio ky(sp)?
-demi gods and semi devils '97-the fighting was good and there weren't that many computer animation(thank god!) loved the plot and the relationship btw felix and his lover and the friendshiip btw the 3 main character. i cried when felix accidentally killed his lover. such a sad part.
-the duke of mount deer 80s version with andy lau/toney leung. i just watched this recently and the dubbed voices cracked me up. it sounds so weird. however, andy n tony's acting totally made me forget the funny n weird dubbed voices. tony leung's character was absolutely hilarious and andy lau's acting was very good as the king.
-can't think of only one because i loved the whole Justice Bao series well except for the ones with the skinny guy. all the cases were so interesting and they weren't predictable like the ones now you see in TVB movies. i thought that some of the cases kinda taught you a lesson about life.

#5 Binbeck



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Posted 17 June 2005 - 09:57 AM

i dont watch too many tvb movies, but......here r my fave
1. at the treshold of an era 1 ---> the best, nice cast, nice story (my 1st tvb movie i guess)
2. cold blood warm heart ---> chilam was so young n handsome :D nice story as well
3. take my word for it ---> currently watching, kenix is so beautiful in here
4. secret of the heart ---> but cant they make it a bit happy ending, too many casts die (esp ada choi, i neva expect her to die. i thought she would end up with sunny chan)
5. seven sisters ---> nice story, very touching
6. witness to prosecution ---> nice story, but the ending is kinda weird, i think bobby should only end up with 1 woman. frankie also did a good job here ^_^
7. fate twister ---> happy ending. love the way lawrence loves ada
8. golden faith ---> get to know anne heung the 1st time, huahaha
9. square pegs ---> nice story actually, though the ending is lame
10. love is beautiful ---> evil anne heung is still beautiful for me :)

#6 vietnies



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Posted 18 June 2005 - 12:39 AM

hmmm... i really can't decide on order, but i'll just talk about my five favorite series...

where the legend begins: i thought the chemistry between steven ma and ada choi was fantastic, ada was also beautiful as always, the plot was nice and the romance in it was very touching

triumph in the skies: sweet story, nice scenery, and just an interesting topic

burning flame 1&2: wong hei was amazing and his chemistry w/ maggie cheung was awesome, the little girl was SO adorable and i thought the story progressed really well, especially w/ the changes in wong hei

misleading track: i thought it was pretty good, intense, and what's his face... hmm... bowie lam acted pretty well and i'm glad louisa so had a chance to play the lead female for once because she acted well

war and beauty...: i'm a little reluctant about this because i know there's a lot loose ends in it, but i felt like the story line was pretty good and the outfits and scenes were beautiful, the acting pretty phenomenal, so yeah...

#7 Guests

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Posted 18 June 2005 - 05:48 AM

My top 5 are:

1. Cold Blood Warm Heart --> My all time favourite.. Love the story with lots of drama and romance

2. The Heaven Sword and the Dragon Sabre --> Wat can you say? it's a classic

3. Return of the condor heroes (1996) --> Good story... it's been a while.. just knew i love it!!

4. At The Threshold of an Era 1 + 2 --> Great story of 3 frens having business with lots of drama between them... It's a must watch!!

5. The Last Breakthrough --> a very touching story.. it's about a group of doctors volunteer for a organisation to help ppl in need..

#8 ruku320



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Posted 18 June 2005 - 06:49 AM

1. Legend of the Condor Heroes 93 - one of the first ancient series that I watch and remember.
2. HSDS - I didn't like the male lead much but I still enjoyed the story (this was the first version that I saw)
3. Detective Investigation Files I & II - one of the first modern series that I watched and enjoyed, loved the detective stuff.
4. To Catch the Uncatchable - funny
5. Doomed to Oblivion - plot ended up being pretty good and I think the guy was an actual painter so there was some history too.

#9 LaMissy



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Posted 18 June 2005 - 09:06 AM

Triumph in the Skies - the cast is great, because it's a mix of seniors and juniors. And the storyline was so interesting :)

Twin of Brothers - Luv the cast and it was sooo exciting!!

Square Pegs - Crappy ending but overall it was a good series!

Golden Faith - one of the best series ever made. The cast was great and I liked the pairing :D

A step into the past - No one can deny this: it's a great series :)

#10 asalie


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Posted 18 June 2005 - 11:10 AM

At The Threshold of an Era 1 & 2. /Secret of the heart
Couldn't decide which one to top the list.
Both have a great cast, nice storyline (though draggy) and excellent acting as a whole

Kindred Spirit
Loved the close relationship they shared and I liked how the stories of each character is entwinced together.

Virtues of Harmony
Again, loved the close family ties they have. The cast consisted of underrated actors/actresses whose performances I enjoyed. Plus I really liked the Frankie and Bernice together.

Reaching out/burning flames 1 & 2/ Square Pegs/
I couldn't decide which three series for the fifth place.
Liked reaching out largely because of Gordon and Kenix's characters.
Burning flames 1 & 2 because of Wong Hei and the storyline.
As for Square Pegs, it's roger and the relationship between him and Jessica.

Survivor's Law
I enjoyed it a lot and was very impressed with ray and myolie's acting.
And Bernice as a blur klutz was so cute.

#11 tinley



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Posted 21 June 2005 - 12:29 AM

:rolleyes:as far as i'm concerned :

1/golden faith ==> good cast, a beautiful romance, lot of dramas...

2/untraceable evidence 1 and 2 ==> beautiful love story between bowie lam and flora chan, good theme, story, and cast

3/triumph in the sky ==> good cast, good presentation, and idea..it's original, dramas suspens... good acting ..

4/war and beauty ==> beautiful love story... wonderful costume ! really good presentation... and places...

5/eternel hapiness ==> like the scenario..quite original, beautiful story

#12 Guests

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Posted 23 June 2005 - 01:40 AM

Triumph In the Skies- Excellent series about airplanes. All the actors were awesome. That was the first series in which in I saw Ron Ng.

Shine On You- Another excellent series about Bobby Au Yeung as the pricinipal of the school and how he made the school better. Also some parts are funy.

Lost in the Chamber of Love- A Ron Ng series. It also has Kenneth Ma. They are good potential young actors. Would recommend to others.

The Academy- That is a must watch cause it talks about polices. The cast had Ron Ng and Sammul Chan

Split Second- A series about some cops catching criminals who do drugs. I havent finish watching this yet.

#13 Guests

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Posted 23 June 2005 - 11:49 AM

Mines aare:

1 The Last Breakthrough - Really nice idea to film in Kenya

2 Survivor's Law - First time i really discovered Raymond Lam

3 Twin of Brothers - Both most supported actor Ray and Ron acted as heroes in it, and the sory is well-thought

4 Triumph in The skies - Lots of work spent in it I think, and the story is really nice

5 Wong Fei Hung - A nice idea to make a come-back for the Chinese-super-hero alias Bosco! lol

And I have liked many others too... like Monkey King, healing hands or Police Academy, etc....

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#14 jukat



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Posted 23 June 2005 - 12:47 PM

for the best ever tvb series is the grand canal (the one with tony leung)

1. The Grand Canal - the cast and storyline are just too good.

2. Greed of man - i don't usually like dramas but this is just so sad and the cast is just so good esp the main bad guy.

3. Condor Heroes '82 - My favorite wuxia, i can't imgaine anybody else playing the roles as well.

4. Duke of mount deer (Tony Leung and Andy Lau) - They complement each other so well, the best partnership i have seen by far.

5. Mysterious Twin Swords 1 - Dicky cheung and Roger kwok are just funny.

#15 Guests

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Posted 23 June 2005 - 07:37 PM

1. Burning Flame
You will begin to love the main characters from the very first episode. My favorite part of the series are the four tragical deaths, and all the main character's struggles between love and family.

2. On the Edge
This is the most emotional series I ever seen so far, because this entire series are talking about the main characters' struggles, and how they facing the difficulties. This series makes you slowly walking-into the main character's shoes without realizing it. The entire series built up really well, and makes the ending unforgettable.

3. Duke of the Mount Deer (Tony version)
Two talented actors Tony and Andy, both deliver their best performance in this classic series

4. Secret of the Heart
Simply said, this is the best long series TVB ever made. I love the turning point of Nick Cheung, and how he changed completely, the most perfect transformation!

5. Greed of Man
The stock market, the two generations, the entire story-line is perfect

#16 monyi



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Posted 28 June 2005 - 03:08 AM

Hard to decide but I'll go with:

- Return of the Condor Heroes 83 - personal bias since I have to include an Andy Lau series but it's definetely a classic.
- Blood of Good and Evil - recently rewatched it, excellent acting and story.
- Greed of Man - no series tops this for craziness and Ting Hai is classic!
- Burning Flame - everything was great here, good emotional drama and touching friendship.
- War of Genders - amazing chemistry between the leads and gotta give credits to this series for making a cockroach likeable.

#17 mchu17


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Posted 28 June 2005 - 04:40 AM

Wa, only 5...haha, there's too many very very good oldies! If I had to narrow to 5:

1. DIF I - III - the storyline was great and I LOVED Michael & Kenix as a pair, they just lighted up my screen!
2. Instinct - Ekin & nNadia's performance was exceptional, the rest of the case was good too.
3. Cold Blood Warm Heart - Great drama, very good plot and superb casting!
4. FOJ I - III & Healing Hands I - these are tied...I loved these 4 series mainly because of the cast, the chemistry they had. Of course, storyline was great!
5. Burning Flames 1 - Wong He was great here, the chemistry between the cast was again exceptional, a great drama with some extremely emotional scenes!

hehe, the newer ones didn't even make my top 5...WAB or TITS is probably still further down...there are other good series like Secret of the Heart, Greed of Man & UE1-2 that I feel are better...those 80's ones by the Tiger 5 were exception as well...they just don't make series like they used to anymore...

#18 edkitt



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Posted 28 June 2005 - 06:53 PM

1. At the threshold of an era 1 - the story, the plot , the friendship and most important things is Gallen

2. Golden Faith - the plot, the character of Gallen, the ups and down of the relationship between gallen and jessica hester

3. Duke of mount deer 2000 - the best ancient drama off all time i think, because of the unexpected dicky becoming one of the govenrment top officer being what he is at the beginning of the drama, and obviously the way he win the hearts of all his wives!!

4. king of yesterday and tomorrow - kong wah as the emporer at the beginning, and how he came to the modern world and have to learn everything and fast improving(especially when he was promoted pretty quickly)

6. Square pegs - the character of Roger kwok tells it all!!

There are actually a lot of good drama at TVB. but this is the few that i have lots of impression on can still remember how the story goes

#19 suweijun



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Posted 29 June 2005 - 10:52 PM

1) The Last Breakthrough - Very meaningful series. also very inspiring and motivating. i just love this series.
2) Love Bond - i like series dealing with family relationships and lessons. i also liked Bernice and Moses together because they were funny and sweet.
3) Twin of Brothers
4) Eternal Happiness
5) Shine on You

#20 xguest



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Posted 29 June 2005 - 11:28 PM

- At threshold of an era I: Gallen Lo is top
- Country Spirit: romantic/sad/sweet story
- Condor Heroes 1995 (louis koo & carmen lee): cool
- Demi Gods Semi Devils (90s): Feel the pain with Felix Wong's character
- Plain Love 2: same with country spirit

#21 xxserenity



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Posted 03 July 2005 - 05:53 PM

5 only, this is difficult
1. Secret of the Heart- Nick is such a versatile(sp?) actor, he was great as a villain, the plot and everything was great.
2. At the threshold of an Era-Awesome performances, great casting, good storyline)
3. Cold Blood Warm Heart(Gallen was fantastic)
4. Perish in the Name of Love(Mose's performance was amazing, I cried heaps in this serial)
5. DIF series(love the cases)

Closely followed by
JTTW I(A very memorable performance by Dicky)
WTLB(Ada Choi and Steve ma was the perfect match. Ada's performance was flawless)
Burning Flame I(Louis Koo and Jade were so great)
Golden Faith
Armed Reaction III
The Conqueror's Story- history is great. lol

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#22 icibritestarz



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Posted 04 July 2005 - 12:22 AM

hmmm, i have too many but the series that i enjoy watching are:
1) Detective Investigation Files 1-4 (the storyline, cases & theme songs were good)
2) Triumph in the Skies (enjoy the theme of airplane)
3) Files of Justice 1-5 (great cast, storyline, cases, etc.)
4) Journey to the West (good performances from the cast)
5) Golden Faith (good cast, storyline, etc.)

#23 1251



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Posted 04 July 2005 - 04:58 AM

To Catch The Uncatchable...I love watching Ada and Dayo together. The storyline's hilarious and the chemistry was awesome.

Where The Legend Begins...Ada was beautiful in this. I enjoyed the acting [with the exception of Sonja...], and was really glued to the storyline.

Golden Faith...I wasn't a fan at first, but after the first couple of tapes...I was hooked. Gallen is such a wonderful actor. The storyline was good and I was hooked on the series.

Healing Hands I...The cast was so awesome, and the series was very entertaining to watch. I hated how they took it apart in the second one, though :/

Return of the Cuckoo...A lot of this has to do with Julian and his acting. I loved watching his performance here.

#24 krustytwistie



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Posted 06 July 2005 - 06:39 AM

I really been outta touch with the latest TVB series, however i personally thinks the 80's and 90's are the golden era of serial drama clapclap
- Legend of the condor Hero
- Burning Flame
- Looking back in anger
- Man in the Net
- Tian Long Ba Bu (forgot the english title)

there's just too many to list

IMHO (in my humble opinion) During the golden era, the casts are strong and full of zest unlike nowaday most of the newcomers are really put to the camera front without even knowing how to act (i.e beauty queens - okay don't kill me let me explain - lets compare Maggie Cheung, Ada Choi, amy Kwok with current beauty queen they started off as on the same footing but look into their early acting stint the former are better. All said and done I do think some of the current queens have improve a lot like Charmaine and Sonija)

#25 Guests

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Posted 06 July 2005 - 03:14 PM

Cold Blood Warm Heart - I liked this one. The first time I saw Louis Koo here. But didn't think that much of him 'cause he was still white LOL. I only recognised him as the dude who had a crush on Nnadia... But I watched this one like when I was 9 years old or something so it's like WAY long ago... But they re-aired it and I watched some episodes so all the memories came back

Journey to the West I - I watched this one around that age too and really liked it. I loved Dicky and everything. But the second one with Benny wasn't as good.

Secret of the heart - Well I hated Nick Cheung cause he was so EVIL!! But that only shows how great an actor he is!! lol... But later I watched other of his shows I liked him a lot for his comedic roles. The last one I watched was TLB really great there. SOTH is another of my childhood favourite series heh...

At the Threshold of an Era - Both my mother and I loved this series, but I didn't watch it so many times like my mother LOL. I loved Louis's villain role heheh... hoped to see more of him and Ada together.......

A Step Into the Past - Louis was great here. I loved the time travelling and stuff, but didn't like the ending....lol... He should've ended up with ONE person instead of TWO. Bleah.

I would also like to say GREEN HOPE. Stephen Fung was really good here. This series brought me to tears.

Umm, newer ones, maybe The Last Breakthrough, or Triumph in the Skies (2003 actually), Net deception or Hard Fate umm can't think of anything else...

^umm one more.. Mystery Files I think, the one with Gallen and Maggie Cheung and Nick

#26 Guests

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Posted 06 July 2005 - 05:17 PM

1. Legend of condor heroes 83 -Just love all the cast the the story was the best.
2. Triumph in the skies - the Story was very good. The plot on pilots was very new and fresh.
3. Demi gods and semi devils - great series.
4. Duke of mount deer. - Love the characters and story. great comedy.
5. Gods and demons of zu mountain. - Remember loving the fantasy story with many great characters

#27 Guests

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Posted 09 July 2005 - 07:25 AM

I guess I like the older series. My fave series are:

1. The Bund - A true HK classic. The series that made Chow Yun-Fat a star and with good reason. Overall, great acting and a decent script. Plus a memorable themesong doesn't hurt.

2. The Greed of Man - This is the most memorable series I've ever watched. Adam Cheng as Ding Hai has got to be the best modern day villain. A tragic series, but filled with many touching and also funny scenes too.

3. A Step Into the Past - The love triangles/quadrangles got a bit messy at times, but Louis Koo anchors this series well. I remember this series most for being an easy, fun to watch series.

4. Secret of the Heart - Gallen Law is the standout in this series as Dai Tou Man. Nick Cheung also shows his range when he becomes a psycho.

5. The Yang Family Saga - not really a series. But I enjoyed watching this and trying to spot all the future HK stars.

#28 CrimsonBloodTears



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Posted 11 July 2005 - 11:49 PM

Twin of Brothers- Sad, but also had a great plot and some new characters.
To Catch the Uncatchable- Ada is such a great actress! And I really enjoyed Dayo in this series. He was SO funny, XD.
War and Beauty- I must the only one who actually liked this series, XD. It had a very different kind of plot, one that we don't often see and the ending was very tragic which was a good change from the usual happy ones.
Triumph in the Skies- Also had some new characters and I really liked how the plot was different also.
Better Halves- Again, a new plot, and a new couple. I thought Steven and Maggie were so funny in that movie, XD.

Does Jewel in the Palace count? Because that's my all time favorite series, XD.

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#29 ronnknee ^^v

ronnknee ^^v

    ronnknee is the best =)

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Posted 12 July 2005 - 04:14 AM

1. The Last Breakthrough - Great storyline
2. Golden Faith - Great characters and pairings
3. Triumph In The Sky - Great cast and plot
4. Square Pegs - Interesting and funny
5. The Gateau Affairs - Funny ^^.

#30 Guests

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Posted 12 July 2005 - 08:50 AM

mine are ...

1.A Step Into The Past - great storyline and cast
2.At the threshold of an era - great cast but it will be no.1 if Louis isn't evil!
3.Detective Investigation Files IV - love pairing between Louis and Jessica and the cases also
4.Triumph in the skies - good plot but the ending sucks!
5.Journey to the west I - funny and makes me cry in the same time.

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#31 c4a7l3n3



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Posted 12 July 2005 - 06:08 PM

golden faith - the tvb series that got me addicted to TVB.. i love this one
to get unstuck in time - love the plot, the idea of talking to a beloved one who died and rewriting time .. awesome
twin of brothers - all about the characters here
legend of condor heroes 95 - classic, wong yung athena chu and geng goh goh chilam
square pegs - very funny series.. only bad thing is winnie trying to take ah wong from lo poh jai..

#32 ayczach007



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Posted 12 July 2005 - 06:30 PM

step into the past...louis koo is too darn cute not to be loved
burning flame series....wong he is cute! the show is nice as well
detective investigation files series...overall da best police/detective story i've watched
healing hands 1....ada choi n lawrence ng r da best copule! da sequel is not up to expectation
eternal happiness...mainly for da plot n da pairing of RM

#33 Guests

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Posted 12 July 2005 - 09:22 PM

1. At the threshold of an Era - greatest series EVER, most realistic story on business development and emotional development of friends.

2. Return of Condor Hero (Andy Lau one) - best ancient series ever with Andy Lau before he is as great as he is today

3. Step into the Past - very refreshing, comedical series on the past. Louis Koo is at his best here

4. Monkey King (first one with Dicky) - this one rivals the one made in the early 1980s. Truly a very funny series

5. King of Yesterday and Tomorrow - this one made the list for its wittiness and its deceptively funny lines




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Posted 14 July 2005 - 04:59 PM

not in order:
--eternal happiness --> love the story
--the last breakthrough --> the romance and story
--the academy --> the training
--my family --> the comedy
-- and not exactly favorite but maybee truimph in the sky

#35 crunchster


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Posted 15 July 2005 - 02:31 AM

My Hall of Fame TOP 5:

1. Demi God Semi Devil -- I LOVE BENNY CHAN =)

2. Love bond -- i LUV happy endings...

3. Just love -- even tho some parts were frustrating...it wuz interesting to watch

4. Return of the Cuckoo -- one of my ALL time fav classic...

5. War and Beauty -- the story...and the battles between ALL the women....=p

there are more..but these are the one that STANDS out the MOST...

#36 kevin2008



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Posted 18 July 2005 - 11:29 PM

here is my list of favorite series:
*The Last Breakthrough --> a very touching story.. it's about a group of doctors volunteer for a organisation to help ppl in need..
*Square pegs - very funny series N the casts r so funny
*Triumph In The Sky -very good series n especially romance places arround world n airplane
*The academy-the training
*Family Man- goods dad n funny family
*Shine On YOU-education
lol thats all i couldn thinkin of anything else lol ^_^'

#37 red_dragon



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Posted 20 July 2005 - 11:36 AM

My top 5 favs of TVB as of now:

1 - Golden Faith - i like Gallen Lo
2 - Twin Of Brothers - good computer graphics, great plot
3 - Last Breakthrough - very touching
4 - At The Thresolhd of an era - nice plot and exciting
5 - triumph in the skies - very nice romance!

#38 Hinako442003



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Posted 29 July 2005 - 02:02 PM

1. The Grand Canal - this movie's plot is superb. it makes history fun.
2. The Greed of Man - one of the few modern ones i like
3. Detective Investigation Files 3 - hehe, I liked Joey Leung in this series.
4. Shanghai Beach - it was emotional for me
5. Legend of Condor Heroes 82 - barbara yung rocks

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Posted 30 July 2005 - 06:00 PM

My favourites:

1> Legend of the Condor Heroes 82- Because of Barbara
2> Duke of the Mount Deer- Because of Tony Leungs great acting as Wai Siu Po
3> The Greed Man- very emotional story
4> Heaven Sword Dragon Sabre - Again Tony Leung, but this time great act as Cheung Mo Gay
5> The Justice of Life- Nice act from Ng Man Tat & Sing Yeh, funny and good story.

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Posted 31 July 2005 - 02:50 PM

My favorites and choices:

1. Healing Hands (very strong cast and great storyline)
2. Triumph In The Skies (love the cast and great scenary of different places)
3. Golden Faith (One of the best movies I've watched)
4. Journey To The West (laughed like crazy with this movie)
5. War and Beauty (Sheren Tang was robbed from last year, but I still loved her in this movie)
6. Duke of Mount Deer (Tony Leung version and loved this series)
7. Burning Flames I & II (Loved the series, had some great dramatic scenes, and sad moments)
8. Take My Word For It (Annie Man should get more opportunities for series)
9. Old Time Buddy (Comedy series I liked)
10. The Bund (Classic series and very dramatic)