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Aaron Kwok Fu Sing (郭富城)

aaron kwok aaron kwok kwok fu sing

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Posted 19 June 2005 - 05:17 AM

Actually, Aaron did play in Gods and Demons of Zu Mountain 89, TVB production. His name was Gam Sing, and he was a lil annoying lil pest from the gnor sect sect. hehe. he was one of the few who lived until the end in that serie.

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Posted 20 June 2005 - 03:39 PM

Aaron in the event of Lion Association!

Aaron was a guest star of the Lion Association New Life on last Saturday, 18/6/2005. The attendees are Aaron Kwok, Eason Chan, Candy Lu, He Run Shi and etc.

Posted Image
Posted Image


For more pix pls click below links,

26 pix

21 pix

28 pix

From the report of HK fans, monnesss, Aaron sang altogether 3 songs last night, Love's Calling, Summer Conciousness and Fly...

Thanks to Kage from Warner Taiwan





<span style='font-size:14pt;line-height:100%'><span style='color:green'>REPOST FROM : Always Aaron Kwok, World Community</span></span>


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Posted 22 June 2005 - 05:48 AM

Here is link to download the theme song of the movie Divergence.....

Posted Image

repost from : Always Aaron Kwok, World Community


more concert pix to share.....although there are many pple said Aaron looks weird in his skinhead look, but I think he's so cool when he was there, on stage....!!!

Posted Image

thanks to doon and reminak for sharing these pix. clapclap

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Posted 25 June 2005 - 07:12 AM

<span style='font-size:14pt;line-height:100%'>Aaron's popularity attracts so many ads. agencies.</span>

After the his concert was greatly succeed and got high appraisal from the public, Aaron's popularity rises up dramatically makes him being more considerated by the ads. agencies whom he already has contract with and also being a target of many new ads. agencies as well. So now Aaron can earn more money from his commercial jobs, at the same time he also helps those dancers and who got through the hard time along with him these years to earn money by bringing them to cooperate in every of his summer promotional campainge of many products.

As Aaron planned to appear on stage in new bald look, then before shaving off his hair, Aaron had to work hurriedly to finish shooting all the commercial works in hands, such as the men casual wear product which the investment cost is about 10 millions, only the scenery set up cost is already reach 7 figuress. And Aaron himself has to finish 2 episodes of the commercial within 18 hours. Those 2 special episodes of the commercial were named as "The Hidden Pocket" and the "California Sunlight". The scene of the beach episode were set up in the biggest studio building in Guang Zhou, while the others episode was when Aaron was at the X-ray machine at the airport, and because he forgot that he put on the multi-bag trouser, so he didn't take all his belongings out of the bag causes the alarm to resound. Behind the scene, Aaron was great welcome by the foreign actor and actresses who acted as customs staff, apart from asking to take a photo with him, they also asked for his autograph. Moreover, the ads. agency also greatly admires his present hair style, therefore they arrange the new episode commercial for Aaron which will be shot in the middle of next month in New Zealand.

Source : World Journal

Thanks to AKAZ.com.

Posted Image

Posted Image Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

REPOST FROM : Always Aaron Kwok, World Community

These 2 versions of commercial are available to download now at Always Aaron Kwok, World Community.

PS. free registration is required, and 20 posts are required to access the multimedia forum.


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Posted 25 June 2005 - 07:15 AM

OMG what has he done to his hair! :shock He is better before!
Have anyone watched Zu: Warrior of Magic Mountain? I think Aaron played in this, when he was young.


:shock Yup its shocking yes I have watched Zu: Warrior of Magic Mountain he was looking good in that also in the barefoot kid he looked good

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Posted 27 June 2005 - 06:51 AM

<span style='font-size:14pt;line-height:100%'><span style='color:green'>8 digits income for Aaron's new commercial.</span></span>

Aaron earned 8 digits income for shooting the new adsvertisement picture for Physical. Day before yesterday, Aaron Kwok put on many sets of casual wear to work overnight for shooting new set of advertising photo for Physical. There are 5 versions of this new set photo under the theme of leisure, standard and fashionable. The arts director of this project is William Cheung (Zhang Shu Ping) and the famous photographer, Leslie Kee who had ever cooperated with many international superstars such as Tom Cruise, Sharon Stone and etc. takes the responsible for photoshooting. Aaron revealed, "After I know that I'll got a chance to cooperate with the great team like this, I suddenly say yes without considering about my income."
After finish shooting, all the photoes will be sent to New York for editting work, so the production cost of this project is as high as 2 million HK dollars.

Although his concert ended almost a month, but Aaron's body figure is still in best condition, therefore in this new photo, Aaron still has to show off his great body by upper body naked and wearing elegant sarong. The reporters ask Aaron if he started to gain weights, Aaron said, "After the concert, I started to eat more and stop every exercise, when I was in the recording studio, I also ate lunch box, but don't know why my weight is still unexpectedly stay the same at 121 pounds, don't know whether the balance is out of order or not."

Aaron also indicated that he is extremely lucky to work with Physical continuously for 4 years, then the reporters asked him whether he got more prise for this new project, Aaron said, "Physical treats me so well, for this project, I got almost 8 digits income, I hope that the advertising photo can catch up to launch in July, so it can be used for my concert DVD released ads as well."

Moreover there are many new products spokeperson work which are under consideration. Next month Aaron will start his world tour concert which the first station is America and Canada.

Source : Oriental Daily, Takungpo, Ming Po, The Sun, 27/06/2005


Posted Image

Posted Image



Thanks to Erin from akaz and Kage from Warner Taiwan Webboard.

Repost from : Always Aaron Kwok, World Community


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Posted 04 July 2005 - 03:00 PM

Thanks to Xiao Lai from Taiwan Warner for sharing her scanned magazine pages with us... Its the new Taiwan version UNO july's issue:

http://img299.imageshack is not allowed anymore.us/img299/1108/uno13mb.jpg
http://img265.imageshack is not allowed anymore.us/img265/1324/uno23dq.jpg
http://img22.imageshack is not allowed anymore.us/img22/9026/uno48qy.jpg
http://img249.imageshack is not allowed anymore.us/img249/5120/uno67mm.jpg

click here for more pix

REPOST FROM : always aaron kwok, world community, posted by scorpio.

http://img216.imageshack is not allowed anymore.us/img216/3769/bannerup84vf.jpg

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Posted 13 July 2005 - 03:27 PM

Aaron's hair shorter more people applaud

Aaron will be spotting a crew cut for America and Canada tour concert

Aaron will start on a journey to fly to America and Canada today to launch his world tour concert, at the appointed time will be appearing in a suave crew cut. At the Hong Kong Concert, his bald style won the praise of many, but shortly after Aaron have to shoot many advertisement, at first the advertiser was worried that his hair length might not be ideal and not able to coordinate the advertisement. But after two weeks they saw Aaron's skinhead style, all thought that it's more attractive than long hair, requests him to maintain this hairstyle, makes him to whether to laugh or cry.

Currently Aaron is shooting an advertisement for China's sportswear brand, changed 30 sets of clothes within 4 hours, and also change and pose, fully unfolded his attractive charm. In the studio the co-worker all greatly approves that Aaron is "The King of Pose", not only his facial outline is extremely fine, fully display his individual merit, enables them to catch all the right move at the right time.

repost from : Aaron Kwok, world community

http://img216.imageshack is not allowed anymore.us/img216/3769/bannerup84vf.jpg

Contact information about Atlantic City show:

16 Bowery 4th Floor
New York, NY 10013

When: July 17, 2005 - 1AM
Ticket Prices in USD: $138 - $98 - $68 - $48
Where: Convention Center @ Trump Plaza (Atlantic City) -- not sure what this means.. but they said Convention Center right next (or connected) to Trump Plaza....

Tickets will be on sale on or around end of May or begining of June

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Posted 15 July 2005 - 06:42 PM

For those who want to greet Aaron at the airport, pls check the time of arrival and departure time of below flights....wishing you all the best and pls don't forget to take many pix lol....

14/7 CX830 HK - NJ(USA)
19/7 CO1817 NJ(USA) - Vancouver (Canada)
23/7 HQ12 Vancouver - Toronto
25/7 CX829 to HK and the arrival time is = 27/7 7:00a.m

(source: www.aaronkwokonline.com - forum)

Aaron Concert Press Conference in US

Thanks to KAGE from Warner Taiwan Webboad for sharing this HOT FROM OVEN concert press conference news! And also scorpio at Always Aaron Kwok for the brief translation of the news.

Report website: http://www.worldjour..._seq_id=1203629

http://img307.imageshack is not allowed anymore.us/img307/4927/b12036294500145001036nn.jpg

Aaron attended the US concert press conference in his concert theme color GREEN. The color helps to bring out the energy in him! (this is the same green attire he wore during the praying session at the opening concert nite in HK).

Aaron mentioned that he feels that the current him is more matured than the aaron 10years back!

After being away for 6 years, Aaron return to the US performing stage with an added stage maturity and confidence! Aaron had held more than 100 concerts around the world,. However, he is most satisfied with the current world tour concert as this is the most entertaining show he had ever had. To prepare for this concert, he had lost weight just to ensure a better performance on stage and to present his best dancing skills on stage! He jokingly says that audience will not have time to leave their seats for the washrooms as every seconds of the concert will be so eye-capturing.. ha (come to think of it, out of the 5concerts i attended in HK, i had never being to the conselium toilet as well.. simply cant bear to leave my seat as worried that i will miss a second of good show from aaron on stage!)

Aaron had always view the performing stage as his LIFE!
Thus he always find ways to challenge himself and improved himself. He will put in more effort into planning his dream musical as well! Also he hope that more good scripts and movies will come his way.. and he is very confident of his acting skills by now! He believe in taking things slowly, one at a time to ensure success.

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Posted 18 July 2005 - 06:04 PM

Are there any Toronto fans that would like to wait for Aaron at the airport when he arrives from Vancouver?

His flight schedule:
HQ212 (Harmony Airline)
Departs: Vancouver, YVR Jul 23, 2005 06:30
Arrives: Toronto, YYZ Jul 23, 2005 14:00

he'll be arriving at 2pm on saturday July 23 (this coming saturday!!!!)

so if anyone is interested, pls leave a msg.

I don't know how to organize this whole thing...but just want to see how many people want to greet him at the airport and I think it'll be a nice greeting for Aaron when he arrives and finds that he has a group of Toronto fans instead of just isolated people!

repost from : Always Aaron Kwok, world community posted by Sze.


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Posted 20 July 2005 - 03:55 PM

I think Aaron Kwok is a great dancer, his singing isn't bad, but his acting isn't all that good from what i've seen so far especially in China Strike Force.  I prefer Aarons fast songs like 'Para Para Sakua' and 'Absolute Beauty'compared to his slower ones saying that i do like 'Ai Du Hu Huan'


Agree! His Para Para Sakura is so nice. I still love this song very much.To be honest, his acting skill can still be improved. I wish him all the best for his upcoming concerts. Gambate!!! clapclap

I really feel Aaron maintain himself very good. He looks like his in his late 20. I can see that his weight really changes a lot. He used to have very broad chest compare to now.No wonder the fans are so sad to see him losing weight.Don't get me wrong. I still prefer him now.Hope he gain gain some weight :lol?:

#92 gossip80


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Posted 22 July 2005 - 04:48 AM

Agree! His Para Para Sakura is so nice. I still love this song very much.To be honest, his acting skill can still be improved. I wish him all the best for his upcoming concerts. Gambate!!! clapclap

I really feel Aaron maintain himself very good. He looks like his in his late 20. I can see that his weight really changes a lot. He used to have very broad chest compare to now.No wonder the fans are so sad to see him losing weight.Don't get me wrong. I still prefer him now.Hope he gain gain some weight :lol?:


para para sakura is a really good song, i saw the music video for it and the dancing scenes are just so awesome! he really is an amazing dancer! but i do agree that he can use some work on his acting skills

haha, you know it's bad when even male artistes have to lose weight too, as long as he is healthy!

#93 aklucky



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Posted 22 July 2005 - 05:09 PM

Source taken from Always Aaron Kwok, World Community translated by ak*rock*.

Article taken from http://full.mingpaon...50722/mcj1r.htm

Aaron's concert in US was highly received
Additional seats added to comfort the fans

Aaron's whole of 20 world tour concert, finally opens in America Atlantic city Trump Plaza Convention. Because of the high respond, the concert is fully packed, at the last minute the main sponsor have to add in more seats, then they were able to comfort the audience who didn't bought their tickets.

Planned to advance his dance in New York

Aaron's performance was awesome, US fans was also very enthusiastic, regardless of anything just rush up to him wanting to shake his hand, a fight nearly break out between the security, because of that the shake hand session was cut shot, to compensate that Aaron gave out lots of prizes. Due to the respond for the concert was good, the main sponsor immediately invites Aaron to perform again in next year Spring Festival.

After the show, Aaron took advantage of the rare one day vacation, together with his staff went to shop in New York shopping and watch stage play, so to feels New York's artistic breath, he also plans to advance his dance in New York shortly after.

http://img300.imageshack is not allowed anymore.us/img300/8070/22mg016bi.jpg

http://www.imageshack is not allowed anymore.us


As all the article are almost the same content so didn't tranlate all but posted the pictures instead.

Pic taken from takungpao.com
http://img300.imageshack is not allowed anymore.us/img300/50/20050722ul371zi.jpg

Pics taken from Apple daily
http://img341.imageshack is not allowed anymore.us/img341/3582/22ec4p40ue.jpg
http://img341.imageshack is not allowed anymore.us/img341/7752/22ec4p52rw.jpg

News from


Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Aaron press conference in Vancouver.

Reposted from : Always Aaron Kwok, World Community translated by aklucky.

1 of HK 4 Heavenly Kings, Aaron Kwok will hold up his concert at Queen Elizabeth Theatre, Vancouver on 22 July and yesterday he appeared at Lansdowne Centre attended the concert press conference.

At the press conference yesterday, there were more than 100 of his fans waiting for their idol and the appearance of Aaron who was in all black costume causes the tumult, the scene brims with the excited atmosphere.

At the press conference, a Caucasian female fan expresses her admiration toward Aaron, she said that he is very sexy, charming and even asked if he's really going to hold a chapter 3 of his maga hits concert in HK.

Aaron replied in English that his concert destination is at Vancouver, Toronto, Us, Malaysia, Singapore and after finish these world tour, he is going to prepare his musical. He indicates that to perform in a musical is his dream. Apart from the stage performance, he will also star in some movies.

Aaron said that he is very busy this year, his new Cantonese album will be released next month and the new Mandarin album will at the end of this year. After the concert, Aaron is going to go to France for shooting the commercial.

As his mega hits concert is greatly succeed last year, then the chapter 2 was held during the end of May to the beginning of June, and his new skin head look surprised all the audience and became HK talk of the town. Aaron said, the concert arrangement of Vancouver concert is similar to the one in HK, and he will try his best to give all the best to the audiences.

Source : World Journal Taiwan, 21/07/05

Thanks to Kage from Warner Taiwan Webboard.

and pls check at aaroncityxp for the update pix and download files of US concert there......and here is the link.


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#94 lkwan



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Posted 29 July 2005 - 05:54 PM

Does anyone know when is the exact date that Aaron wil come to malaysia?

wow, those wings look beautiful :) but i dont really like his hair style like that though... u___u


Agree. He looks better with hair.Does anyone know will he keep his hair back?

#95 aklucky



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Posted 30 July 2005 - 03:25 PM

<span style='color:Green'><span style='font-size:11pt;line-height:100%'>Aaron was named "Dancing King of the Century".</span></span>

Aaron World Tour Concert in North America is perfectly succeed, in his world tour concert serie, Aaron took US as his first destination and then Vancouver and Toronto in Cannada respectively, the venues of the 3 concerts held in NA were fully filled with his fans, moreover, there Aaron was called "The Dancing King of the Century".

<span style='color:Blue'>1 of the best in a decade.</span>

In the NA world tour, the ticket booking was made before the concert day so long, but due to the venue was too small, escpecially in Toronto, there were many fans who couldn't get the ticket, then those fans requested the organizer the added more seats, but as the rule is very strict, so they just can't fulfill the fans needs. After the concert, Aaron held his small autograph session to please those unlucky fans, moreover, he also promised to his NA fans that he will go back with his fabulous songs again next year only if he has time. The show at Vancouver was praised to be 1 of the best show in a decade and Aaron was named as "Decade Dancing King", this proves that his stage's charm was flew over Vancouver.

<span style='color:Orange'>Was granted the overtime show exception.</span>

Aaron said happily that, "Even I haven't meet my NA fans for 3 years, but they are still very supportive and give me warm welcome, I was really touched."
After finished the concert in Vancouver, Aaron flew to Toronto, where alsog gave him a warm response, almost the audiences in the hall stood up and danced along with him, but as the strict time limitation of the hall, Aaron didn't want to cut off any shows again after 2 sessions was already emitted before the NA trip started, Aaron took the risk to perform all 8 shows, finally Aaron didn't only get the permission but also was gave the special 1/2 hour overtime show, let him finised smoothly all 8 shows. Moreover, the organizer and the hall staffs highly praised Aaron's performance as an ultra standard concert.

<span style='color:Red'>World Tour in China will kick off in October.

The picture of Aaron's Toronto concert in 2002 was hang on there in a superstar serie with Air Supply, Celine Dion and Bee Gees, this shows that how is Aaron position aboard.

After the show, Aaron and his staffs went to the sightseeing at the waterfall which gave everyone a marvelous sight of rainbow. Aaron said he hopes that his next year performance will continue with the successful. When he reach HK, he will have a day for resting and then he will again work for his ads works. And in October, he will continue his World Tour Concert in China.

Source : Wenweipao Newspaper, 30/07/05

PS. Thanks to kage from Warner Taiwan Webboard.

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image





Repost from : Aaron Kwok, World Community

http://img216.imageshack is not allowed anymore.us/img216/3769/bannerup84vf.jpg

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#96 Guests

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Posted 01 August 2005 - 02:35 AM

Some of his best all tyme songs:

- Can anyone tell me?
- Qing fei de yi li gai ni
- Why would I let u go?
- Nan dau ni xien jai hai bu je tau
- Ni se wo jui bao bei de bao bei
- Wo zhen de xie xie ni
- Mei you ni de ai
- Wo yau gei ni jien bu di ai
- Goodbye valentine
- Wo shi huan je yang xiang ni
- Dao di you shei neng gou gau xu wo
- Qing ai de bao bei
- Love dove
- I wanna hold you forever
- Beautiful girl
- I'm sorry

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Posted 02 August 2005 - 05:21 PM

News taken from : http://www.tungstar....g...38&cateId=0

Last night at 8.00, at a studio in Xi Gong, Aaron was shooting a new advertisement for the Mainland China sport wears brand which he is a spokesperson for 3 years. Although Aaron appeared in a yellow and black sport outfit without any top unless the unzipped jacket shows off his extremely fit and healthy body figure and beautiful abdomen.

Aaron indicated that , after his NA concerts, he was gaining his weight back from 112 pounds to 130 pounds which brings the most perfect condition for him but Aaron emphasized that he didn't intent to expose his body figure, "Because the concept of this ads is vigorousness, so I think the unzipped sport jacket can give us more natural feeling."

"Actually, there are 2 versions of these ads, 1 is what we've done today which will be a happy and lively version, so apart from dancing, the amusement things were added. And the others version is about the 3 elements of the metropolis including fashion, healthy and vigorousness, therefore the shooting will be done at the outdoor, maybe at the balcony of some building, the most special part focuses on 3 Aarons dancing together, it's certainly making of a special effect, moreover I'll put a new dancing which called CAPOIERA into this ads."

In recent year, apart from holding concerts, starring in movies, he also doing many advertisements, then his income must be quite considerable, Aaron was asked if he would buy a new super car to reward himself again. Aaron said, "Although my income isn't extremely high, but at the same time I won't say it isn't considerable, honestly, now I'm considering to buy a new car, and I plan to buy it next year."
"Don't you have any other investment plans?"
"To buy a car is an investment for me, because my cars couldn't be depreciated, actually, I feel that buying cars is a kind of self-encouragement."

Recently, the mainland launches a new regulation that a singer who does a lip-syncing performance up to 2 times will not allowed to do a performance in mainland again. Aaron revealed to perform lively is what the professional singer should do, except when he or she gets the health problem, but it should be restricted in 1 or 2 times. Moreover, he also said that because he loves singing, therefore he always sings lively, so the new regulation doesn't affect him.

http://img7.imageshack is not allowed anymore.us/img7/531/u1343p28t3d4dc.jpg
http://img7.imageshack is not allowed anymore.us/img7/3417/u1343p28t3d73go.jpg
http://img7.imageshack is not allowed anymore.us/img7/3836/u1343p28t3d81oe.jpg
http://img7.imageshack is not allowed anymore.us/img7/9451/u1343p28t3d98xs.jpg

Repost from : Always Aaron Kwok, World Community

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Posted 09 August 2005 - 04:56 PM

Aaron said that his new Cantonese album will be released this month....can't wait to his new song lol....and pls go to below link for the most update pix of Aaron when he was at the airport last night leaving to France.


And below are the picture of XDL advertisement.

Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image

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#99 Guest_Guest_BellaAllis_*_*

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Posted 10 August 2005 - 01:21 PM

He looks weird with bald head. I think i love Aaron Kwok more with hair. haha
What he (almost) 40? weow..He is still handsome.


He was born in 1967, so he is 38 this year.

#100 xsMiLeE_sTarZx



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Posted 11 August 2005 - 04:09 AM

He looks weird with bald head. I think i love Aaron Kwok more with hair. haha
What he (almost) 40? weow..He is still handsome.


He was born in 1967, so he is 38 this year.

he was born in 1965. it says in the first post too. ^_^ so yeah..he is turning 40 this oct.

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Posted 12 August 2005 - 03:18 PM

Aaron attended Clarins Anniversary Party

The night before last night, Aaron attended the Anniversary Party of Clarins, French cosmetic which he is a spokesperson of, as a honored guest to give out a lucky draw in the party. At the event, Aaron got high appraisal from the president of Clarins, France.

Aaron gave out the precious mobile phone to the lucky staff of a lucky draw. and most of the staffs requested to take a photo with Aaron, then anniversary party almost became to a small autograph session. Moreover, the French president of Clarins also praised that Aaron got more and more of superstar elegant demeanour in every day. And his look in Chapter 2 concert is splendid, and becomes more internationalized which gives a big help in product's promotion and this appraisal really brought happiness to Aaron. In Aaron's daily-use bag, there are numerous of Clarins products, he is definitely the professional and respective spokesman. After the president knows that Aaron will leave HK to France for his commercial shooting, he invites Aaron to visit the head office of Clarins in France.

On Sunday, Aaron went to Qingdao to particitpate a big tourism festival Concert with Zhang Nara and Liu Luoying, unfortunately there is a typhoon so the event was unaviodably cancelled. In Qingdao, we found out that actually Zhang Nara also admires Aaron and she even ask the organizer for arranging her to take photo with Aaron, but due to the cancellation of the concert, her dream coudn't come true then she has to wait until the make up of the event soon.


Source : http://www.takungpao...0/UL-439840.htm

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Posted 15 August 2005 - 06:47 PM

Hi all,

Not too sure if you gals had come across this website on aaron's car collections! Total of 10 cars. But i believe now should be 11 since he just rewarded himself with a new order last month.. correct me if i am wrong. hehe ::) Our idol is RICH!!!

Aaron Kwok and his 10 cars


Here are the 10 car models...

http://img165.imageshack is not allowed anymore.us/img165/4015/car16xg.jpg
Ferrari F50

http://img360.imageshack is not allowed anymore.us/img360/7230/car26fy.jpg
Ferrari F512M

http://img352.imageshack is not allowed anymore.us/img352/830/car3f355gts6yw.jpg
Ferrari F355gts

http://img354.imageshack is not allowed anymore.us/img354/4777/car4f3605xg.jpg
Ferrari F360

http://img309.imageshack is not allowed anymore.us/img309/8/car5enzoferrari4js.jpg
Enzo Ferrari

http://img67.imageshack is not allowed anymore.us/img67/9537/car6diablo4yx.jpg
Lamborghini Diablo

http://img357.imageshack is not allowed anymore.us/img357/3352/car7lamborghini6oi.jpg

http://img216.imageshack is not allowed anymore.us/img216/7046/car838miolamborghini1ee.jpg
3.8mio Lamborghini

http://img230.imageshack is not allowed anymore.us/img230/5959/car9porsche911turbo1uv.jpg
Porche 911 Turbo

http://img256.imageshack is not allowed anymore.us/img256/3083/car10gt3porscheracingmodel7ts.jpg
Porsche GT3

PS. Repost from Always Aaron Kwok, World Community posted by scorpio.

http://img216.imageshack is not allowed anymore.us/img216/3769/bannerup84vf.jpg

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Posted 17 August 2005 - 12:42 PM

Taken from http://orientaldaily....cgi?seq=497159

Aaron gives loyalty to Warner and rejects temptation

The contract between Aaron and Warner is going to expire soon, various Music company have been waving their hand at Aaron, current MusicNation high level Li Jin once managed Warner, consisted Aaron ex-boss. As it was know that Li Jin had an eye on Aaron, offered high price to win Aaron over, what a pity Aaron is sentiment, had decided continues to be "Heavenly King of Warner". Warner high level Chen Zhi Guang acknowledges this matter, but he expressed Aaron's manager Xiao Mei has orally complied to continue the contract, as for the price, Chen Zhi Guang was unwilling to discloses but mentioned "both sides are satisfy"!

On the other day, Aaron patted the advertisement for a sport brand, in the advertisement Aaron has to acted out three different character and compete at the top of the high building, after been exposed for few hours under 36 degrees centigrade high temperatures, the ten pounds that Aaron tried to put on was wasted in his sweat, Aaron smiles and said he will have to eat only after the job wraps up. In the advertisement three Aaron were all dancing Brazilian Capoeira, which is he? Aaron said that, "All three are him, on the scene there are two male models only there to borrow the position, and happened that they are also Aaron's fans."

Sina photos
http://img359.imageshack is not allowed anymore.us/img359/7717/12dq1.jpg
http://img359.imageshack is not allowed anymore.us/img359/3000/23rz.jpg
http://img359.imageshack is not allowed anymore.us/img359/5492/32dw.jpg

Apple photos
http://img358.imageshack is not allowed anymore.us/img358/9566/apple19il.jpg
http://img363.imageshack is not allowed anymore.us/img363/1953/apple24ez.jpg

QQ photos
http://img364.imageshack is not allowed anymore.us/img364/503/qq13ua.jpg
http://img358.imageshack is not allowed anymore.us/img358/5127/qq29zq.jpg
http://img6.imageshack is not allowed anymore.us/img6/4505/qq36gx.jpg
http://img359.imageshack is not allowed anymore.us/img359/8805/qq48xl.jpg

http://img248.imageshack is not allowed anymore.us/img248/8973/15gi2.jpg
http://img365.imageshack is not allowed anymore.us/img365/6756/27wj.jpg

TOM photos
http://img363.imageshack is not allowed anymore.us/img363/6163/tom14hy.jpg
http://img362.imageshack is not allowed anymore.us/img362/226/tom24ae.jpg

REPOST from : Always Aaron Kwok, World Community, translated by ak*rock*.
Thanks to Gina, always aaron kwok and Kage, Warner Taiwan Webboard for the pix.

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Posted 22 August 2005 - 12:34 PM

Thanks to scorpio from Always Aaron Kwok, World Community for translating this news..

This Qingdao show had been scheduled for 7th August but was postpone till 12days later due to Typhoon.

Aaron appear as the last performing artiste on stage for that night. He performed 2 tracks ~~ Para Para and Dong Qi Lai.

It was also reported that Aaron was the only artiste who brought along his own dancers. Wow.. and the audience were standing on the chairs to catch a better view of Aaron on stage!

The report:

The Photos:
http://img383.imageshack is not allowed anymore.us/img383/3071/qingdaopic45we.png
http://img381.imageshack is not allowed anymore.us/img381/9172/qingdaopic59oq.png
http://img377.imageshack is not allowed anymore.us/img377/71/qingdaopic13bs.jpg
http://img394.imageshack is not allowed anymore.us/img394/5725/qingdaopic22er.jpg
http://img394.imageshack is not allowed anymore.us/img394/889/qingdaopic30zr.jpg

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Posted 25 August 2005 - 02:31 PM

how come there is no news about his relationship....is he dating anyone right now?..or is he just gon'a concentrate in his career

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Posted 27 August 2005 - 08:50 AM

Aaron is the best chinese dancer in the history ! n ya, his songs are not bad too.
My favourite movie of him was the " Storm riders ", i think he did well playin that role of the character. It's too bad that he didn't want to be a part the the second series for that movie.. therefore they stopped plannin for that idea..

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Posted 27 August 2005 - 03:49 PM

http://img353.imageshack is not allowed anymore.us/img353/9204/en0827d17np.jpg

Thanks to ak*rock* from Always Aaron Kwok, World Community for the translation and pix.

Aaron Kwok becomes Longines's spokesman

Aaron's elegant charisma defeat all male in China, Hong Kong, Japan & Korea to become Longines Worldwide spokesman, first in the Asia Pacific male spokesman!

Aaron have always been the favorite of advertiser, earlier he received the recognition of famous watch brand "Longines", and invited among the worldwide spokesman, the first Asia Pacific male spokesman.

It was known that when Longines was searching for the spokesman they did a lot of research among China, Hong Kong, Korea and Japan these 4 places, many Korea Superstar was even eyeing to be their spokesman. But the advertiser considers Aaron to be the most suitable of all, "balancing between energetic and quite, superior elegance" concurrently lead Aaron to wins.

Beginning of this month, "Longines" even pull a large group to Paris to shoot the Cover Shoot, and even invited Artistic Director Zhang Shu Ping to create an image for the advertisement, According to Ah Shu while preparing clothes for Aaron, the only piece left out is a suit, in the end he discovered one in Aaron's wardrobe which Aaron wore when he was appointed the "Outstanding Youth Award" considered to be Aaron's lucky suit, cutting was pleasing, and extremely good-fitting, Ah Shu was extremely pleased. Aaron relayed : 'This suit considered lucky, bought it to shoot the advertisement, absolutely fit the theme!" Beside the suit is from Aaron, the rest of the outfits are all famous brands.

http://img375.imageshack is not allowed anymore.us/img375/8397/langqingbiaolonginespic0520050.jpg
http://img398.imageshack is not allowed anymore.us/img398/8803/langqingbiaolonginespic0320050.jpg
http://img398.imageshack is not allowed anymore.us/img398/8406/langqingbiaolonginespic0420050.jpg
http://img395.imageshack is not allowed anymore.us/img395/976/b7asn63tk.jpg
http://img353.imageshack is not allowed anymore.us/img353/9204/en0827d17np.jpg
http://img353.imageshack is not allowed anymore.us/img353/6299/27mb052cz.jpg

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Posted 28 August 2005 - 06:30 PM

Fashion Faux Pasby Lucia Chan

August 20, 2003

The Burning of the Eyes

I'm not here to recant any confessions, criticisms, or sneers - I'm only here to say that I might have been a little too presumptuous in declaring Aaron Kwok the triumphant winner of the heated "Battle of the Hotpants." I've been doing some research, and it seems that while Louis Koo has lost the Battle of Hotpants, Aaron has definitively lost the War of Hotpants - and will be submitted into the Hall of Fashion "HUH?" (Or, as I like to call it, the Hall of Fashion "WHY?")

It's true that Louis Koo occasionally sheathes himself in questionable outfits, even an occasional dress, but let's face it: Aaron Kwok wears hotpants all the time. He must have fifty different pairs in his closet, all lined up in their own cubbyholes, as if they were works of art and not eyesores. But it's not only the microshorts that have caused his induction - it's also his long history of wearing bad patterns with ugly designs and questionable fabrics, his odd poses while in those outfits, and the constant spit and sparkle of his clothes. How could I have ever criticized F4 with such disgust on their first sequined attempts when Aaron Kwok was already a repeat offender?

While I still consider Aaron to be the Cantopop star I'd most like to marry, that doesn't exempt him from being rational when it comes to clothes. Although there are instances in which his fashion sense is admirable, the negatives outweigh the positives. He must be destroyed, or at least stripped naked and thrown into the hands of a talented team of stylists and consultants. Take away his sparkles, his shorts, his hats, and his patterns, and let him build from his inexperience. It's the only way for us to save our eyesight and sanity. Let's hope for the best with Aaron Kwok and remember that the soapy sting felt when washing out your eyes is only temporary.

credits to http://www.hkvpradio...ronhotpants.php

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Posted 30 August 2005 - 03:33 AM

Been a fan of Aaron for years. I still remember the first movie i saw him in was called "fung Zi Dou" with Lau Si Bing. Fell in love with him ever since that series. Good lord for a 5'7 guy, he's a lil under weight, 140lbs?? he's pretty built himself.

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Posted 30 August 2005 - 06:46 PM

Aaron Kwok
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Aaron Kwok Fu-ShingAaron Kwok Fu-Shing (Chinese: 郭富城, Cantonese: Gwok3 Fu3 Sing4, Pinyin: Guō Fùchéng) (born October 26, 1965) is a famous singer and film actor in Hong Kong. The Chinese media refer to Aaron Kwok, Jacky Cheung, Andy Lau and Leon Lai as the Cantopop Four Great Heavenly Kings (四大天王 Cantonese: sêi daài tïn wong, Pinyin: sì dà tiān wáng). He is also called as "Hong Kong Michael Jackson" because of his excellent dancing ability.

Aaron shaved his head for his 2005 concert, and his new image surprised a lot of the audiences. "The Aaron Kwok Mega Hits Live In Concert 2005 Chapter II" got great reviews from the audiences and the media, due to Aaron's amazing performance and fabulous clothing.

Contents [hide]
1 Background
2 Filmography
3 Albums
4 External links


Aaron Kwok Mega Hits Live In Concert 2005 Chapter IIAaron was a dancer before he started his music career. In 1990, his debut album "the love for you will never end"( 對你愛不完 Cantonese: dêui néi ngoî bät yun, Pinyin: duì ní aì bù wán) was released in Taiwan. This album was sold more than 500,000 records in both Taiwan and Hong Kong. The song "the love for you will never end" (對你愛不完) was the biggest hit in the early 90's. The success of his first album made him one of the famous singers in Hong Kong, earning him the title of one of the Four Heavenly Kings in the Chinese music industry.

2005 Divergence
2004 Throw Down
2004 Heat Team
2001 Para Para Sakura
2000 China Strike Force
2000 And I Hate You So
2000 2000 A.D.
1998 The Storm Riders
1998 Anna Magdalena
1996 Somebody Up There Likes Me
1995 Whatever Will Be, Will Be
1994 The Kung Fu Scholar
1993 Future Cops
1993 Legend of the Liquid Sword
1993 Love is a Fairy Tale
1993 The Bare-Footed Kid
1993 A Moment of Romance II
1993 Millionaire Cop
1992 Game Kids
1992 Gangs '92
1992 Truant Heroes
1992 Rhythm of Destiny
1992 The Shootout
1991 The Banquet
1991 Lee Rock II
1991 Queen of Gamble
1991 Savior of the Soul
1990 Story of Kennedy Town
1989 Close Escape
1988 The Big Heat
See Also: IMDB entry

2004 AK Trilogy
2003 In The Still Of The Night
2002 The Power Of Love
2001 Absolute
2000 Fascinating
1999 Pepsi Aaron Kwok Live in concert 1998
1998 In The Wind
1996 Listen
1995 The Memorandum
1994 Sensational Remix

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Posted 31 August 2005 - 01:27 AM

thank you all for posting pictures/news/profiles of Aaron!! Anyone here ever saw him sing live outside? Oh gosh, hes such a great singer and dancer! I went to his concert in Atlantic City this summer. He came down to shake hands with the audience (around the stage) while he sang Para Para Sakura. I would have to admit, he looks really young in real life..like around 30..I'm not kidding. I don't have many pictures to share but you all should visit this website

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Posted 31 August 2005 - 04:44 AM

it amazing he did so much work in the past....the most memorable movie she did was para para sakura with cecilia....he's an awsome dancer n singer....wonder if he will come to the USA to perform?

#113 nuttybar



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Posted 31 August 2005 - 05:21 AM

I saw him in Toronto...wish I could see him again. The whole concert was so amazing. So lucky that you get to see him up close like that. So jealous.

only_ally_4ever -- he came to atlantic city and then up in canada during july...don't know when he'll be back again. Soon hopefully.

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Posted 31 August 2005 - 02:08 PM

what happened to him? i used to like him. he's like different now and gay?


Can confirm Aaron is not a gay. He is like normal guys.Probably sometimes he dresses quite differently, but he is definately not a gay. There have been so many rumours saying him and his girlfriends.

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Posted 01 September 2005 - 07:48 PM

Does anyone know that Aaron have been in Paris 2 weeks ago... because My friend met him in the Galeries Lafayette. He told me that he was very cool... I'm not surprised. it's a pity that I was not over there....

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Posted 02 September 2005 - 08:05 AM

hey whats the series his in atm.. is it tvb or what the one called tinh nghia anh hung or sumshit like that something like that correct me if im rong the onw about the tourist job .. and also can someone kindly take me to the link of the series site thanks pleease help

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Posted 02 September 2005 - 06:56 PM

Does anyone know that Aaron have been in Paris 2 weeks ago... because My friend met him in the Galeries Lafayette. He told me that he was very cool... I'm not surprised. it's a pity that I was not over there....


The serie is not TVB, it was produced under the supportive of HK tourism authority. The title of the serie is Romancing HK. (动感豪情)。ANd so sorry the orfficial website uis kinda inactive .

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Posted 05 September 2005 - 07:21 AM

Aaron showers praise on Rain

Compiled by LI EE KEE
Sunday September 4, 2005

Rain: Admirers aplenty.
SOUTH Korean hottie Rain will be holding his first solo concert in Hong Kong at the Convention Centre on Oct 8 and 9.

If you are looking to score a ticket, tough luck as tickets to the Rainy Day in Hong Kong shows were all sold out the day they went on sale. Those desperate to catch the concert will probably have to fork out five times the original price on the black market!

If you are lucky to secure one, do keep an eye out for Hong Kong's own superstar, Aaron Kwok, who told newsmen recently that he would attend the concert if time permitted. During the interview, Kwok was full of praise for his 23-year-old Korean counterpart.

“I have seen Rain's music videos and recorded performances. He is a tall and stylish guy who uses his body language well to convey his dance. There is no denying that there is an attraction about him,” Kwok said of the 184cm-tall Rain.

Asked to compare their dance styles, Kwok, 39, maintained that to each his own. “The dance styles I have learned are wide-ranging although Rain's moves are also good.”

credits to http://star-ecentral.com

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Posted 05 September 2005 - 05:00 PM

Aaron dances well and sings well. Wow he is getting old now :) Oh does anyone know the reason why he shaved his head? For a concert or something? But anyways his spiky hair was cooler lol

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Posted 08 September 2005 - 09:35 AM

I liked him when he started his career as a singer, he had the image of a playful boy for me and I adored him... haha.. okay at that time I was in a fan-girly-rism phase.. :P

But since he did that "GENERATION X" thing on a performance I hate him.. lol

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