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#7022596 [AF Editorial] MC Jin interview on asianfanatics. Uncensored, uncut, unpolished.

Posted by athlon on 12 December 2011 - 12:04 AM

When the series Lives Of Omission 潛行狙擊 aired, AsianFanatics got visited by an unexpected guest, namely the current hot newcomer (and the recent winner of the TVB Most Improved Newcomer 2011-award)McJin (Jin Au-Yeung)

Posted Image

Of course, AsianFanatics took the opportunity to conduct an interview with this rapper turned host turned actor. It took McJin awhile to answer back, (who can blame him, with all those new jobs his role as Yerng Lop Ching brought him?). But he finally squeezed some time to answer our questions.

So here it is. Unedited. For your uncensored reading pleasure:

(mugshots provided by tha man himself)

Posted Image

Took me some time.. but here you go..

Questions about TV series / movies / acting career:

.> It sounds like you had alot of fun filming "Lives of Omission", the first 'official' TV series where you had a significant role. How was it like working with that particular cast (Laughing Gor, Bosco, Fala, Damian, etc.)? Did you feel more connected with the other newbies or with the veterans?

The entire experience was surreal even up to this moment where the film version is soon to be released. Cast wise, I truly believe that I was real lucky to be working alongside such a group for my first drama as there were definitely some truly experienced individuals to learn from. In regards to connection, it's interesting. Naturally, with the newbies (CIB group) we all got along since we were all relatively new, with me being the newest.

Even Mandy has several dramas completed. In regards to the veterans, I think they were all extremely professional and great figures to gain experience from. With Laughing, I think I was able to get the most in-depth advisory from as our roles of big brother/little brother required that type of interaction. It wasn't until I watched the entire series for a second time that I realized I had some pretty intense scenes with Madam Jo (Fala) as well and I think she did a great job. For sure, every single time I was on set with Damian it was super eye opening and rewarding.

.> What is your take on the character that you play in the series, Yeung Lap Ching? Did you feel it was difficult to portray this character? If so, why?

I really really want to thank the producer and script writers for creating such an amazing character and allowing me the opportunity to deliver this performance. The fact that they named him Lap Ching, which is a breakdown of my actual Chinese name, in order to explain the tattoo on my neck is something I am truly amazed by.

I think that was a great scene, where Lap Ching gets expelled from the academy and the instructor reprimands him for getting a tattoo after being accepted. This is such a great way to early on indicate what a rebellious and self absorbed individual he is. As far as challenges in portraying the character, once again, I thank the writers for creating him with such a clear direction. Lap Ching's agenda is simple and plain: Follow and support Laughing Sir no matter what circumstances arise. His loyalty defines him.

Posted Image

.> During the filming of “Lives of Omission”, were there any funny situations / stories that occurred that you can tell us about?

Lots of great experiences and memories thru out the whole filming process for sure. I think one funny thing was early on, once everyone got comfortable of course, I would be on set and start doing these random rhymes (in Cantonese) about characters being killed in the drama's storyline. Everyone on the set would laugh.. including Laughing.. and eventually he would join in and come up with these random rhymes.

.> You’ve had some success in acting so far, as the feedback regarding your roles in “The Gallants” and “Lives of Omission” have been largely positive. Was acting a direction that you’ve always wanted to try? Or was it something that you went into by chance?

Well, some readers may know that my true first foray into acting was about 7 years ago in a little film called 2 Fast 2 Furious. Now that was truly a surreal experience. I was about 2 years or so into my Ruff Ryders career and here comes an opportunity to be a part of a super successful franchise film.

As much I was able to learn about film making thru that project, especially on a Hollywood scale, I think that was really a small taste of what the acting world really involves. I played a mechanic, who raps. You get my point. Quite frankly, after 2F2F, I didn't really do much more acting because the opportunities just didn't present itself. Between Gallants and LOO, I definitely see that acting is something I want to continue to explore and develop in.

.> You are given the opportunity to create/design a character for yourself to portray (whether in a TV series or in a movie). What would the character be like? How would this character be similar/different from the real MC Jin?

I think any actor would want to approach a role that they find challenging and as far removed from who they really might be as possible... or maybe the opposite, someone who is exactly identical to their true self. In either case, I'd love to attempt a break thru role that would really require me to push the envelope.

.> On the subject of TV series, there are obviously many fans of TVB drama series overseas (outside of HK). Unfortunately, many of those who reside overseas don’t get the same opportunity to watch the series on TV at the same time that most Hong Kongers do, which perhaps contributes (in part) to the rise in downloading of the series on the internet. How do you feel about this?

You can't fight technology. I totally understand the point you are making with internet viewership, however.. With LOO, it's my first time seeing how TVB in households outside of Hong Kong is actually on the rise. For example, my wife and all my family back in New York were actually watching the series simultaneously as it was aired in Hong Kong, with a time zone difference of course.

Questions about Music career:

.> In terms of your music, you've been quite successful the past 2-3 years especially in bringing your signature rap / hip hop style music into the HK Cantopop world and giving the sagging HK music industry a much needed 'boost'. What are your thoughts on this? What motivated you to move to HK and launch a career there?

I wouldn't dare say I gave anything a boost. If anything, I've just been lucky to do something I love with a positive reception for the most part. One of the biggest misconceptions is that I moved to Hong Kong to launch a career.. I'm telling you, never did I imagine what I've been able to experience in the past 3 years actually happening. When I landed in Hong Kong on 6/10/08.. It was with the mindset of "Okay, I'll do some promotion for this ABC album.. At most a few months.. and if things don't seem to be working out.. New York, here I come!" Who would've thought so many doors would continuously open up one after another? God has been more than kind to me.

Posted Image

.> What are your thoughts on being named by Time Out Magazine as one of the “Changing Faces of Cantopop” (along with 3 other HK artists – Khalil Fong, Denise Ho, and the group Rubberband)? Do you agree? Also, any thoughts on the other 3 artists named?

The other 3 parties involved in that article are all beyond my stature quite honestly. As far as musicians and talent go. That's just my humble perspective.. It's an honor to be included in such a conversation. Once again, I just do what I love and love what I do. For it to be embraced is very encouraging and inspiring.

.> Your music when you were in the U.S. tended to focus on your experiences as an Asian American. After you moved your career to HK, how were you able to make your music relevant to an HK audience, especially given the different cultures? Did you have to make some significant changes in order to accommodate the HK audience?

My music has always been a reflection of my own thoughts and experiences. This holds true in my English and Cantonese material. This means the move to Hong Kong didn't really affect that creative process much. The only difference is the language. Of course, my command of the Cantonese language is limited so it may not compare to what I may be able to express in English. The beauty in my eyes is that there's times when I feel like Cantonese can best describe what I want to express as well as times when I can only say what I want to say in English.

.> When you are invited to appear in shows or at events, it’s almost inevitable that you’re asked to do some type of rap sequence at some point. Do you have to come up with these rap sequences by yourself ‘on the fly’ or is it actually scripted? Do you feel that you’ve been typecasted into the role of “that rapping dude” and thereby had limitations placed on your singing career?

For the record. I don't sing. Not in the traditional sense. Brian McKnight. Jacky Cheung. Mary J. Blige. Those are singers. In regards to the high demand that I always incorporate a bit of rap into whatever appearance I may be attending, it's understandable and the circumstances are never the same. Sometimes it's on the fly, sometimes it can be previously planned and scripted. Whatever the situation calls for.. As long as I'm comfortable with it.

Questions about Future projects / personal questions / other general questions:

.> Since you were born and raised in the U.S., how did you learn Cantonese growing up? As a non-native speaker of Cantonese, how do you cope with the language issue, especially now that you’ve expanded your career into movies and television (and thereby having to deal with scripts written completely in Chinese)?

I didn't learn Cantonese. It was spoken in my household growing up.. so I spoke it. It definitely helped that I was really into TVB (and HK films) at a young age so I picked up lots of what I know today from years of watching these films and dramas. Too late to regret it now.. but I definitely wished I learned how to read and write it as well as a child. It would save a lot of time in Hong Kong that I spend translating and writing Pin Yin.

.> Having experienced both the American and Chinese entertainment industries, what is the biggest difference between the two, in your opinion? In terms of logistics, having lived in the U.S. as well as HK (both places seem to have a different pace and lifestyle), how are the two places different for you? Was it difficult adjusting to life in HK?

The biggest difference to me.. is that Hong Kong is rather small. As a city and naturally as an entertainment circle. This is not necessarily a negative. It just creates an environment where it can feel kind of condensed at times. You go the events and its the same artists.. same media.. etc. From a business and creative standpoint, this can naturally restrict any type of growth or expansion.

.> Besides your music career, you’ve also had quite a comprehensive experience in HK so far, as you’ve had opportunities to host variety shows, film movies as well as participate in TV series. Which of these ‘roles’ (singer, host, movie actor, television actor) do you like best? With such a multi-faceted career, what were some of the biggest challenges you faced? Are you planning on continuing down this ‘singer/host/actor’ path in the near future or will you be focusing more on one over the other?

It's definitely been an experience of new experiences. There's definitely a newfound passion and love for acting. With this also comes the realization that a big part of pursuing an acting career really boils down to opportunities. Film acting is definitely different from television dramas. There's a new challenge in both and I'm looking forward to exploring all aspects. Music wise, one of the biggest things I'm looking forward to for 2012 is releasing a new English album. It's actually been about 6 years since I've released an English project.

.> Who do you feel has been the biggest influence for you in terms of your career so far (in singing as well as acting)? Is there anyone in particular whom you’d like to thank? Are there any other artists whom you are particularly close friends with?

If I had to thank someone, it would be the supporters and anyone who's encouraged me in any way shape or form these past 10 years.

.> With the multi-faceted nature of your career, you probably don’t have a whole lot of free time compared to other artists. On the occasions when you do have some free time, what do you enjoying doing most?

If I could, I would spend more time with my wife and family. There's a challenge in that of course being that they're all in NY while I am in HK. Besides that, I'm relatively low key. Reading. Basketball...

.> The entertainment industry is known for being a ‘pressure cooker’ type environment. Have you encountered any particularly stressful situation that you’d like to share with us? In general, how do you deal with all the stress that ‘comes with the territory’ of being a celebrity?

Here's my head on way of dealing with what you are referring to. I don't allow myself to become a celebrity. Without a doubt, there's a certain element of pressure that comes with being a public figure.. Especially in the entertainment field. However, whatever changed perception that the public may have, this doesn't need to affect ones own state of mind. More importantly, I put God first.

.> In the few years that you’ve been in the HK entertainment industry, you’ve become quite recognizable. In fact, you seem to be everywhere in HK – on billboards, in TV commercials, on variety shows, etc. How do you feel about your ‘ubiquitous’ presence in HK?

Recently, more than ever, I've developed a whole new grasp of what gratitude is. Maybe it's because before I came to Hong Kong, my experience in the business has been filled with it's fair share of ups and downs. This definitely reinforces my mentality of "what is here today may not necessarily be here tomorrow", so I must treasure every opportunity and learn to let go.

.> Over the years, the U.S. entertainment industry (aka Hollywood) has seen some growth in terms of the presence of Asians / Asian Americans in the industry (whether in music, movies, or television). What are your thoughts about opportunities for Asians / Asian Americans in the U.S. entertainment industry?

Any opportunity is a great opportunity! I'm all for progression and advancement, Asian or not.

.> What are your thoughts on your latest album HomeComing?

HomeComing is special to on a very personal level because it is pretty much an audio documentary of my last 3 years in Hong Kong. If I had to describe the overall project in one word it would be: growth. It is definitely a big step ahead from the ABC album in all aspects.. from my usage of Cantonese to the content.

To end this interview: are you a cats person or a dogs person?

I was born in '82. Year of the dog. That says it all.

God bless you,

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#6948046 One Day After Grandmotherís Funeral, Raymond Lam Went Clubbing and Hungrily K...

Posted by donkeykong on 19 July 2011 - 08:56 AM

So Raymond flees the scene and let's his friend threaten a female reporter??

Didn't his grandma die like a week ago? And doesn't he have a 'busy' schedule... rehearsals for his concert etc? And didn't he hurt his leg rehearsing? He has time, strength and mood to party til 5am. Also related and not in the above translation, the same night that Raymond were in the club, he was snogging up with Kibby Lau 劉俐 (she was 'Blueberry' in Beautiful Cooking - the tallest one) and sneaked out the back door one after another. Kissing, holding hands, dirty dancing - you get the jitz ...not sure if they continued 'partying' at his place privately afterwards though .. most likely. both happy happy. Many RL fans gonna start crying again........ =/

[Full Article here:http://et.21cn.com/star/zhuixing/gangtai/2011/07/19/8651199.shtml]

Can't help but notice that she looks a LOT like Mavis Pan - Raymond's ex-gf. >.<
Long hair, big boobies and hot

Anyone want to bet on whether this is a casual one night stand relationship or something 'serious'?

Posted Image

Credit: kuangaiTVB and 21cn
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#7023074 [AF Editorial] MC Jin interview on asianfanatics. Uncensored, uncut, unpolished.

Posted by mcjin on 12 December 2011 - 07:46 PM

Took me a while to get the answers back to the AF, but it was something I told myself I'd accomplish before Year of the Dragon!!! clapclap clapclap

Thank you all for taking the time to read it. More so, I appreciate all the encouraging words as well as insight and critiques!

Happy holidays everyone!
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#7203698 [Archive]Kenneth Ma & Tavia Yeung

Posted by labio on 25 February 2013 - 05:34 PM

OMG! KenYi in this pic is so cute, they 're very closed and playful :D.
Posted Image
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#7206341 [Archive]Tavia Yeung Yi (楊怡) Part 9

Posted by Anon1234 on 03 March 2013 - 01:20 PM


How can they NOT be a couple in real life?? Huh HUH? Posted Image
Posted Image
credit as shown

Posted Image

Congrats to our Tavia- another win yet again!


Posted Image
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#7088469 [Archive]Tavia Yeung Yi (楊怡) Part 8

Posted by dvd123 on 13 May 2012 - 07:17 PM

Welcome to
Posted Image TAVIA YEUNG YI, 楊怡 Posted Image

Thread Part 8

Part 1 II Part 2 II Part 3 II Part 4 II Part 5 II Part 6 II Part 7

Posted Image

Above Graphic credits: Lynne @ tvbhorizon.blogspot.com

Name: Yeung Yi (楊怡), Yang Yi (杨怡)
English name: Tavia Yeung
Nicknames: Ah Yi, Yeung Me Yi (Yeung Me = Goat), Sui Bo (Sleeping baby), Sheep Baa, 羊咩 (羊咩咩), Princess Saturn (土星公主)
Fans are known as: Barleys or part of the Saturn family
Profession: Actress
Career Path: Started from TVB 13th Branch Training Class (September of 1998)
Date of Birth: 30 August 1979
Birthplace: Zhanjiang, China
Height: 166cm
Star Sign: Virgo
Chinese zodiac: Goat
Family: Mother and Sister Griselda Yeung (Actress/TVB Host); [father passed away when she was 2, step-father passed away in 2005, during the filming of Land of Wealth]
Pets: rabbit (passed away), currently owns 2 dogs
Languages: Cantonese, Mandarin, and English
Education: Chiu Chow Association Secondary School (Form 5 graduate)
Favorite Subject: History, The Arts
Hobbies: Watching Movies, Reading Books, Cleaning and Shopping
Favourite Food: Rice, Cheesecake, Sesame Biscuits
Disliked Food: Fatty and very sweet food
Favourite Flowers: Roses, Lilies, Carnations
Most Like to Work with: Zhou Xun, Takeshi Kaneshiro
Favourite Actors: Maggie Cheung Man-Yuk, Tony Leung Chiu-Wai
Favourite Singers: Jacky Cheung, Faye Wong, Wang Lee Hom
Favourite Sports: Cycling
Favourite Colours: White, Blue, Bright colours
Disliked Colours: Deep Red and Purple
Favourite Countries: France, Japan, and Canada
Favourite Season: Autumn
Favourite Cartoon Characters: Winnie the Pooh
Favorite phrase: "唉... 梗係唔係啦!" / "Ai... of course not!"
Favorite item: Childhood toys (especially ones that she and her sister made)
Sunrise or Sunset: Sunrise
Dislikes: Being Wronged or Misunderstood
Good Friends: Meini Cheung, Olivia Fu, Christine Ng, Claire Yiu, Sharon Chan , Joel Chan, Lai Lok Yi, Steven Ma, Ron Ng, Raymond Lam, Fala Chen, Kenneth Ma, Louis Yuen, Linda Chung, Moses Chan, Bond Chan and more!

Posted Image

Above Gif Credits: labio @ AF

Tavia suffered from an inflammation in the lower back leading to an irregular curvature in her spine. Tavia has a tendency to suffer from problems in air pipes and also has an imbalance of fluid in her ears.

Tavia tends to playfully hit people, and most are accustomed to it. Tavia also likes to make play on words from time to time.

Humble, but doesn't lack self-confidence.

The most vulnerable part of Tav is often revealed when her family is forcibly tied in with her career. Such as, the ordeal she had to go through after her father's death, her break-down in an interview when she was suddenly handed a long-sought childhood, hand-made, plushy doll made from her sister; her opening of a crafts store to support what her mother/sister loves doing. She realizes the importance of ambitions, dreams to a person so she does the best to her abilities to let them always enjoy what they love doing.

- bittersweetdevil @ AF

Mailing address: Artists Department (Attn: Tavia Yeung)
TVB City

77 Chun Choi Street,
Tseung Kwan O Industrial Estate,

Tsung Kwan O,
Kowloon, Hong Kong
Email: tavia@star.tvb.com

TVB blog: http://artiste.tvb.c...st&u=taviayeung

Sina Weibo: http://www.weibo.com/taviayeung

Posted Image

1999 - A Kindred Spirit (Cameo)
1999 - Detective Investigation Files IV (Cameo)
1999 - Ultra Protection (Cameo)
1999 - Game of Deceit (Cameo)
1999 - At the Threshold of an Era (Cameo)
1999 - Face to Face (Cameo)
1999 - Side Beat (Cameo)
2000 - Ups and Downs (Cameo)
2000 - When Dreams Come True (Cameo)

2000 - The Sky is the Limit (Cameo)
2000 - Heavenly Sword and Dragon Sabre (Cameo)
2000 - The Legend of Lady Yang (Cameo)
2000 - War of the Genders (Cameo)
2000 - The Legendary Four Aces (Cameo)
2000 - Street Fighters (Cameo)
2000 - Return of the Cuckoo (Cameo)
2000 - The Green Hope (Cameo)
2000 - Crimson Sabre (Cameo)
2000 - Lost in Love (Cameo)
2000 - A Taste of Love (Cameo)
2000 - FM701/Broadcast Life
2001 - Seven Sisters (Cameo)
2001 - Gods of Honour (Cameo)
2001 - The Awakening Story as Suen Hing Yun
2002 - Eternal Happiness as So Ying Suet
2002 - Golden Faith as Kiko Chung Chu Yi
2002 - Good Against Evil as Siu On Kei
2002 - Whatever It Takes as Mou Yung Suet
2003 - The W Files as Wong Hung Hung
2003 - Vigilante Force as Kelly Wan Ka Li
2003 - Find the Light as Lee Yuen
2004 - The Vigilante in the Mask as Chung Wan
2004 - Twin of Brothers as Lee Sau Ling
2005 - Shades of Truth as Hong Chi Sin
2005 - The Prince’s Shadow as Yu Yee
2005 - The Academy as Ho Fa
2005 - Yummy Yummy/Food for Life as Lemon Chow Zhi Yan
2006 - A Pillow Case of Mystery as Tsang Gak Ming-Chu
2006 - Face to Fate as Yip Mung Sik
2006 - Land of Wealth as Kiu Chun
2006 - Dicey Business as Mimi Tam Chu Mei
2007 - Heart of Greed as Jackie Cheuk Man Lai
2007 - On the First Beat (Guest star) as Ho Fa
2007 - Fathers and Sons as Joey Law Sei-Hei
2007 - The Building Blocks of Life as Freeda Cheung Man-Jing
2008 - Moonlight Resonance as Suen Hou Yuet
2009 - Sweetness in the Salt as Dau Sing-Suet
2009 - Beyond the Realm of Conscience as Yiu Gam Ling
2010 - Cupid Stupid as Twinkle Kan Ngo Lam
2010 - A Fistful of Stances (Guest star) as Au-Yeung Wei Lan
2010 - The Mysteries of Love as Tsui Siu Lai
2011 - The Rippling Blossom as Choi Si Lung
2011 - Men with No Shadows as Fong Siu Fong
2011 - Yes Sir, Sorry Sir as Ho Miu Suet
2011 - The Other Truth as Mavis Hong Tze Yan
2011 - The Emperor's Harem (Mainland Production) as Imperial Consort Wan
2011 - Three Kingdoms RPG as Song Yau
2011 - The Hippocratic Crush as Fan Chi Yu
2011 - Silver Spoon, Sterling Shackles as Hong Chi Kwan
2012 - Justice Attack as Fong Tin Lam

2012 - A Great Way to Care II as Lam Chung Yan ---- Currently filming

2001 – Blue Moon
2003 – Happy Go Lucky




Posted Image



Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image



She mentioned that she likes acting a lot and even if she gets married she would still continue to act the only thing that would change is the type of contract she would have signed to have more time to herself.


Posted Image





Posted Image


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AF Threads

FungYi: Raymond Lam & Tavia Yeung

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YiYi: Lai Lok Yi & Tavia Yeung

TavNice: Bernice Liu & Tavia Yeung

Congratulations fans on reaching Part 8!

Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image

-Special thanks to previous Tavia thread starters for organization & format, Tavia sites for the info, translators, and Tavia supporters for enabling us to get this far.

- Please remember that this thread is dedicated to Tavia.
- No artiste bashing or condemning of any kind is acceptable.
- Please support us and Tavia by leaving your comments.
- Let’s aim to maintain the positive atmosphere.
- Lastly, have fun!


I hope it's okay. If you guys have any suggestions/corrections, feel free to comment.
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#7287729 Kenneth Ma & Tavia Yeung Part 2

Posted by chency on 28 November 2013 - 05:31 AM

Here comes the translation!

Ma Guo Ming said, “My mom loves Yeung Yi to the extent that she pretended to visit me when filming but actually she just wanted to see Ah-Yi.”
Yeung Yi said, “For BA contest, no matter what I will definitely vote for Ma Guo Ming.”
Ma Guo Ming said, “Collaborating with Ah-Yi makes me very happy, even just able to stare at her already makes me very happy …don’t say I say this, so long she’s not married….”
Yeung Yi, “Hey you crazy.”
(You aren’t interested in this hot property Ma Guo Ming , we all know the reasons.)
YKT and YZ, in OC 36 hours as a married couple; Ma Guo Ming and Yeung Yi, in reality is an extremely good friend. Below is their dialogue, basically both just chatted non-stop (without reporters asking much questions to lead them).

From lovers to husband-wife
Y: Don’t know why, I feel he and I already very very sweet.
M: Everytime when I film with Ah Yi I feel extremely sweet!
Y: To be honest, being able to costar with MaMing, even not as husband/wife or lover is already pretty good, plus this time our sweetness isn’t the hot intimate type, but the type where we support each other.
M: Both of us are willing to put in effort, if viewers pay attention will notice we are indeed very sweet.
Y: I have a lot to say.
M: I just love that you’re bubbly and talkative. But for our bed scenes, we only chatted, I'm so disappointed!

The plot revealed YKT’s anxiety index reading is considered high.
M: Actually many HK people have high anxiety index reading, it’s a type of city-disease. For eg, after we left home, we kept doubting if we’ve turned off the lights, this is already considered a type of anxiety, the problem is whether our anxiety index is high or not.
Y: I’m scared when my alarm will strike during filming period, I’m worried I’d oversleep and be late for filming.
M: Ah-Yi sets high expectation for herself, will give herself a lot of stress, I always tell her not to be so worried. I’m not the type who worries a lot, I’m pretty laid back.
Y: Not really, he does have some hidden stress, like sometimes I’ll tell him to be like this and that, he will respond, “Can or not? I’m worried this may not work!”. He’s stubborn. But I’m also very stubborn, both of us will fight since we’re both so stubborn, but if we’re really together, then we have to accommodate each other. Even being coworkers we have to tolerate others too.
M: You get to see through/know a person well when filming together. She and I have filmed too many dramas together, which makes me really understand her very well. We film so many hours per day, sometimes we are so tired we can’t control our temper, but I have never see Ah-Yi throws tantrum, she’s such a goddess!
Y: I have my stubborn side, but if I were a guy then I’d argue with others but for girls, we’d probably think it’s better to avoid the hassle to argue.

Ma Ming’s mommy pretended to visit him but actually she wanted to look at Ah-Yi.
M: Ah-Yi definitely is a very good wife. Good wife doesn’t mean good well body-figure well…instead it means both persons can get along very well and feel comfortable with each other. We’ve filmed many dramas together before, we can really get along well and feel comfortable. If I have the fortune to have her as my wife, then I’ll be really very lucky.”
Y: He? No need mention, my mother likes him very much.
M: My mother also likes Ah-Yi (reporter asked if both have met each other’s parents?). Yes, she did. There was once we both were filming in Shanghai for SSSS, my mom purposely came visit but I know she purposely went see Ah-Yi.
Y: The most matching part of us is we both prioritize our family highly, he loves his mother, he talks to her on the phone softly and gently, “Where are you? I’ll come pick you up later.” Whoa! Treating her like his gf.
TV-King & TV-Queen
M: Every year is the same, I try my best, you see there’s Chilam, Ah Mo, Sheong Zai (Wayne), beginning of the year has On-Zai (Roger), then later also has Ruco and Edwin….think about it,this year’s list is really scary, then we also have Zhen-Yu Gor (Francis Ng), Kai-Wa Gor (Lawrence) and Zi-Wa Gor (Dayo) all these excellent veterans who haven’t been back to TVB filming….wah! This is even better, I do not have stress. Wei Ma Guo Ming losing is expected, otherwise I’d just take it as I’ve stolen a chicken successfully. If I can steal the chicken based on OC, that means I’m just lucky. But OC is an anniversary show, it airs near the award ceremony, viewers will have impression so this is a bonus for me.
Y: My vote has already gone to you! No matter where I go, I will vote for him (MaMing). Give me five!
M: I also vote for Ah-Yi. I hope she will win BA based on Yu-Zai, because I have very strong affection with Yu-Zai (reporter said if both win will be happy). I will become crazy, really I will be crazy! If I can win together with Yu-Zai, I will give her a deep kiss!
Y: I will cry! Wet kiss with tongues touching/stacking!

Photo caption: If can collaborate together again, when roles you want to play with each other? MaMing replied, “I want to have more intimate scenes with her as a lover. (not afraid of Mr Law), I’m not afraid, don’t say I say, one day not yet married…” Yeung Yi teased, “He always thinks about this in his mind.”

Posted Image
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#7203611 [Archive]Kenneth Ma & Tavia Yeung

Posted by Anon1234 on 25 February 2013 - 01:03 PM

I Literally squeeallled when I saw this...r@@#$c@c$!c!#c$!!!! SO EXCITED! ARE YOU GUYS READY?? :D

Posted Image
credit as shown
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#7081309 [Archive]Kenneth Ma & Tavia Yeung

Posted by storyforestcn on 25 April 2012 - 02:27 AM

Hi Everybody!!

I LOVE KenTa too! Since there's been so few news and pics of them recently, I figured I'd post a little MV I made of them here. I compiled a bunch of interview clips and footages of them together to showcase their AMAZING relationship. It's to show my support! Let me know what you think!


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#7024782 Anti-Raymond Lam Thread

Posted by Ivyjj on 15 December 2011 - 10:20 PM

i said 5 nights bcoz it was planned 5 nights n reduced to 3. Lols, indirect way buy ticket? Juz bcoz i buy a pair of shoes and i got raymond lam concert mean i buy for his concert ticket, lols. N satisfied or not? LOL, it stil dun change my opinion tat he's not tat famous outside HK.

You stated this.

Maybe you should change your wording. "He's not famous outside the non Chinese community."

I came into this whole conversation CORRECTING your statement. I never said Raymond is FAMOUS in Cambodia, India or Spain because that's not a fact. I DO NOT BELIEVE he's famous OUTSIDE the Chinese Community. But I BELIEVE he's famous AMONGST the CHINESE COMMUNITY. Not ALL Chinese lives IN HK. That's as stupid as saying ALL JAPANESE pop stars are only famous WITHIN people in Japan. Japanese people living in USA/Canada/UK would NEVER know who those pop stars are because they don't live IN Japan.

Chinese r everywhere n u dun c he's tat famous in Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand n more countries.....

Thanks for stating the obvious and backing up my statement. Chinese is EVERYWHERE in the world, so no matter WHERE they are, there's a community of them. And within those communities, they rely HEAVILY on entertainment from China AND Hong Kong. Chinese people in USA/CANADA/UK would KNOW who Raymond Lam is because they HAVE Internet, they READ Chinese newspapers, they LISTEN to CHINESE radio shows, goes to his concerts AND YES they WATCH TVB. What's wrong with CHINESE people watching TVB? Is there a crime with Chinese people watching TVB?

Wat evidence? Wat did he win outside HK? I mean an award ceremony tat not meant for tvb dramas or tvb actors so dun tell me rubbish how he won sumthing tat is meant for them. Did ppl (a non chinese program show) use his song in their show? Did his song top other countries' chart? How many (non chinese) magazine tat mention him?
do u mean urself? juz bcoz i haven replied n u guys gather here gossiping mean ppl sked of u guys? Tololnya.

YOU constantly bring up the AWARDS up. It's stupid to ask which of Raymond's song was used in another drama because OBVIOUSLY there was none. Even if there was, it's probably WITHIN the CHINESE community. And what's wrong with that? Raymond Lam IS A CHINESE ARTIST, his market is WITH THE CHINESE COMMUNITY. As another member have stated, Raymond's cds AREN'T being sold EVERYWHERE, so htf do you expect his songs to be in a chart? That's as stupid as saying GOOGLE isn't as POPULAR as Baidu in China.

talk wif raymond fans really can make my life shorter.
I' dun shout by using capital letter but juz to make it clear bcoz sum ppl cannot read. Raymond fans r pathetic. They know they cannot win or duno how to talk back they purposely make everyting confuse.

You are obviously making your own life shorter by being ignorant. Over and over again people have proved Raymond Lam IS famous within the CHINESE COMMUNITY.

I just think it's stupid for anyone to say an artist isn't famous WITHIN their own race BECAUSE they haven't received global recognition, awards, showed up in some magazine or whatever COREA'S logic is. There's only a HANDFUL of artists that will ever make it to where MJ is. I AGREE that Raymond Lam will probably NEVER reach that level. But for a HATER to say he's ONLY famous WITHIN HONG KONG is one of the stupidest thing I have ever heard of.

Also one thing I want to add, the CHINESE community is one of the strongest AND biggest markets out there. They account for close to 20% of the population in this world. So to say the CHINESE market means NOTHING is purely your ignorance.
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#6980444 Michael Tse criticizes Steven Ma is being immature

Posted by llwy12 on 16 September 2011 - 07:14 AM

What an arrogant and cocky response from Michael! I don't know what it is, but ever since he became popular with the Laughing character last year, it seems to have gotten to his head.....as I've said before, I've never understood the hype over Laughing anyway and I consider Michael 'lucky' that his character happened to appeal to majority of the audiences...instead of reacting with grace, he starts to take on a cocky attitude? WTH? Sorry, but based on everything I've read so far, I feel that the 'immature' one in this situation is Michael, not Steven...
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#6953981 Anti-Korean wave tweets cost Japanese actor's career with his agency

Posted by luv4dawave on 29 July 2011 - 04:27 PM

I thought that he quit after the reports--he didn't get fired.

Honestly, I'm glad Sousuke Takaoke said something. Korea is being a little ridiculous sending half of the Korean population over to Japan to promote their music.
I understand bands like DBSK, Big Bang and SNSD promoting in Japan, but now Korea is sending newbie bands that no one even knows or heard of.

I'm pretty sure the Japanese broadcasting stations had a little to do with this too, so I'm not accusing Korea of trying to take over Japan entertainment or anything....(or are they...)
But I would be pretty annoyed if Korean entertainment came to my country and was every channel I turned. Yes, it's great to intermingle cultures, but Japan is still Japan. I don't think we need 2 Koreas. Or 2 of any other country in general.

I duno y everyone blame hallyu wave, kpop, hallyu wave, kpop, HALLLYU WAVE AND KPOP! It's japanese tv station tat choose to broadcast korean drama. Blame Japanese tv station for broadcasting korean drama n not whinning here lik a loser! Tis guy deserved it!!! clapclap

"Whinning lik a loser?"

The only loser here is the one who can't spell properly.
Why are you calling a Japanese actor a loser? He makes more money than you any day.

That's the problem. People can't state their opinions. I don't believe Sousuke Takaoke was whining. He was annoyed and stated this annoyance. Yes, there are people here who don't agree with his actions and think he's being racist, jealous, whatever. But this is his stance. So get over it.

And what did he deserve? So are you saying that people who state their opinions deserve to be jobless and rejected?

Judging by your username I'm guessing you are Korean or a KPOP fan. Breaks your heart to realize that not everybody appreciates KPOP huh?
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#7231185 [Archive]Tavia Yeung Yi (楊怡) Part 10

Posted by chency on 16 May 2013 - 11:13 AM

Ah-Yi is so naughty!! She is openly teasing all of us on her weibo by posting this!

"魚頭"終於結婚啦*heart* 還有*kiss*
YuTao finally is getting married *heart* and also has *kiss*

Posted Image
PS: She just posted this at around 4.40pm 16th May 2013 and in less than 2 hours, there were already more than 1600 messages flooded the entry!
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#6919881 Gillian Chung in a heated controversial argument with mainland actress Shao X...

Posted by ♥ Charlenebaby on 28 May 2011 - 02:03 PM

I'm not surprised with Gillian fighting with others on her weibo. Prior to her incident with Shao Xiaoshan, Gillian has also falsely accuse and attack a reporter on her weibo but ended up embarrassing herself considering that he was indeed a reporter and Gillian didn't know the entire situation. This fight is just one of the many other fights that did occurred on Gillian's Weibo but media usually don't report much about Gillian's fights on Weibo since many of the people she fight with are not famous. I don't know if Gillian enjoys fighting with others or does she just have too much time on her hand?
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#7290269 George hu & Annie chen (weini) PART 2

Posted by yukielim on 06 December 2013 - 07:19 AM

Hey guys, I am back with some news Posted Image actually this magazine interview was out yesterday however, i was really busy yesterday with my exams and school work so I couldn't do the translations. Now i have some free time, i will translate the sweet article for you all Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image
Question: what are your strengths and weaknesses when it comes to being a lover?

George says" my strength is i am willing to forge ahead unflinchingly even if i have to go through fire and water (meaning he will do anything for his girlfriend,even to lay down one's life). Because i wish to protect my other half ( laughs) As for weaknesses, i think it maybe i tend to work very hard for the future of both of us. Because i wish to earn more money for her, and therefore I put a lot of my time at work. Not much time to accompany her. Because i feel that, if i want a better future ahead of us, now i need to work hard, earn more money, secure our future , if not i will feel worrisome/unsecured.

Posted Image

Question: since you have come to the suitable age to date, and if you have not found your partner, will you go for blind dates?

george says: nonono, i will not go for blind dates, (then reporter asked "what about friends introduce people to you?") friend introduce, getting to know others is not a bad idea, but i will only began "my chase" myself. But if it is blind dates that gathers unmarried people together or blind dates set up by the elders, i will feel very weird and uncomfortable. i don't like to be set up by people. love is something you need to pursue on your own!

George is such a sweet guy Posted Image so glad annie chen had him as her boyfriend. Can see that george is really trying to earn more money for the future of both of them.
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#7278686 George hu & Annie chen (weini)

Posted by Faniuk on 29 October 2013 - 11:37 AM

just watched the final few minutes of the ending of LA. was so touched by XS last few words where she wishes everyone a Live Time of Happiness and full of Happiness in this life time.

I would also like to wish everyone in this Forum a live time of Happiness and thank you for all the contributions into this forum. It has been a wonderful journey with you all in the last few months. It is amazing that Weini can bring us all together from all parts of the world and of a wide range of ages.

I would like to share my happiness and my own love story with you all. In fact my hubby and I are in Paris celebrating our 20 wedding anniversary. Our journey began when I was 19 years of age. In my first year at university of London, I was swept of my feet by my prince charming who was then a 20 years old tall and handsome medical student. During the last 27 years, by each other side we both graduated as professionals, married at the age of 26, became proud parents to a wonderful son at the age of 28 and then a beautiful daughter at 30. We were very lucky to have found each other. Our journey so far has been a very happy one....... Hopefully this fairy tale of mine will continues and looking forward to growing old together .......

It has been 25 years ago since our first trip to Paris as a couple, our love for each other has definitely deepen over the years... We are more in love now than our very first trip to Paris as a young couple.

I wish those who are looking for the LOVE or Mr prefect or Mr right, i am sure there is someone there waiting to be found. Just remember, once you have found him. Grab on tight , love and adore each other.........a life time of Happiness will soon follows......

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#7278015 George hu & Annie chen (weini)

Posted by suaib on 27 October 2013 - 02:12 PM

LOVE the 2nd pic...

Posted Image

Posted Image

Source:譚艾珍 FB

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#7261054 [Archive]Tavia Yeung Yi (楊怡) Part 10

Posted by keanubaby on 29 August 2013 - 05:15 AM

credit as shown
Posted Image
Posted ImagePosted Image
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#7138445 [Archive]Raymond Lam Fung (林峯) Part 13

Posted by ~ ♥ Malec ~ on 23 September 2012 - 06:41 AM

ε...LUCKY FUNG...з

Welcome to the 13rd part of our 3 1/2 baby LF. Because 13 means bad luck to we must have Lucky Fung to bring us a lot of luck with this part. Together, we can overcome any bad luck 13 brings.

The path we go with LF

LF: However ups and downs, you guys are always there for me. You're happy I'm happy.

ONE || TWO || THREE || FOUR || FIVE || SIX ||

All about LF

LF: A person told me that I should write my name as 峰 to avoid the mountain on my head, but I said, let mountains after mountains be there so that I have to climb over them. This is why my name is


Chinese Name林峯
English Name Raymond Lam
Date of birth8th December, 1979

Nickname: LF, 3 1/2 years old
Place of birthXiamen
Constellation Sagittarius
Zodiac Year: Sheep
Weight 70kg
Height 5' 11
Blood type B Type
Language Cantonese, Mandarin, English & Taiwanese
Family Members Father, Mother, younger brother & sister
Pet Siberian Husky~ Mimi & Cooper
Education University (majoring in architecture, Minor Music)
Primary School: Kiangsu & Chekiang Primary School
Secondary School: St. Paul's College
University: , Xiamen University; University of Southern California, USC
Entry of entertainment business 13th TVB artists training class ~ from September, 1998
Record Label Emperor Entertainment Group., Ltd.
FoodChocolate, Japanese food & Vietnam food
Fruit: An entire piece of Banana (not half, not quarter!)
Dessert: Pudding
Drinks Aloe vera, Water, Chrysanthemum tea & Natural drinks
Colour Blue, White & Green
Country Italy & Japan
Season: Winter & Summer
Animal Dog & Horse
Ex-partners (known to public): Rain Li (2002) and Mavis Pan (2010)

Current partner (admitted to public): Karena Ng (2013)
Mailing Address: Attn: Artist - Lam Fung, TVB City, Chun Choi Street, Tseung Kwan O Industrial Estate, Hong Kong


LF: If people are unable to accept me then no matter what i say or do, it wouldn't make any difference. I can't please the world and needless to please the world.


After 13 years of hard-working in either small screen and silver screen, LF has the title of youngest Best Drama Actor with Asian Television Awards 2008 and many other awards for his acting

"Actors are people with the most emotions and passions because we are using our feelings, betraying it, even to the point of deceiving ourselves just so you will be entertained."

Posted Image


Short movies/Radio show


Posted Image



Up to Self-Portrait, the 6th Cantonese albums, he is able to sell more than 1 million discs in Hongkong and nearly 100 awards. He is also the youngest Asian-Pacific most loved singer and set a record of three continuous successful concerts in Hongkong Coliseum.

'CHOK is not relied on the outermost appearance and look but instead, it is about the self-confidence inside a person.'



Solo Concerts

Tours around the world:


Concert DVD



Posted Image
Concert Name: A Time 4 You Concert 2013

♫ Themesong - Subsong



His advertisements fee from 2007 onwards is one of the highest among HK artists.



His own clothing line: L.For (Light up my live, LF world tour, Choksta.)


During 13 years in the entertainment industry, he received more than 130 awards not only from Hongkong but also China, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, US, etc. His efforts is recognized by many. However, to him, the most important thing is the recognition of the audience.

LF: "Artists are very passive, each company has their own mechanism. Each year, I carry a joyous mood to the award ceremonies. After all as an artist, it's best to just do my own part. To me, awards are not important, the most important is to have recognition from audience.



Comments of others about LF

10th December 2006
Gallen Lo's Assessment on LF
Gallen on LF: "Ah Fung's acting improved in 'La Femme Desperado.' When we were filming 'Golden Faith' together, Ah Fung looked up to me as a big brother and would call me on the phone. He treated me with respect. Ah Fung has to cherish each opportunity. I really look forward to his performance in 'The Drive of Life!'"

17th November 2009
Kwok Lun Lee gave compliments to LF's diligent attitude towards work
When Kwok Lun Lee was asked to pick the best younger generation of actors with the biggest potential to succeed, he immediately answered: LF. "He's my son in the storyline of the new TVB series 《談情說案》. His diligent attitude towards work and acting skills will help him succeed in a variety of ways."

22nd September 2010
Dominic Lam thinks highly of LF

Dominic Lam has worked with many first-line siu sangs. He said, "Lam Fung; I've worked with him in two series. During 'The Four', I feel that he performed the role of "Emotionless - Mo Ching" very precisely. If you ask me about 'Growing Through Life', I haven't been able to watch much of it, as I've been filming. From what I've watched--precise! If you want me to choose one, I choose Lam Fung".

6th November 2010
LF gets a personal encouragement letter from Mona Fong - http://simg.sina.com...58/0684/2/p.jpg
Ms. Lok handed him a folder and said that it was from Fong Yat Wa. Lam Fung opened it and was surprised to find a personally written letter from Ms. Fong. It said "Don't be afraid of gossip, waves of good reviews, achieve good performance again." He was obviously touched and stressed that he was not displeased over Wong Ka Hei's comments. He would try to improve from elders' review of himself.

8th November 2010
Ray Lui Will Accept Criticisms by Netizens; Praised LF for his good acting skills
Ray was asked who he thinks is the best amongst the new generation of artsites, he said "I think Lam Fung is good, I have watched the series (Master of Tai Chi) in which he acted with Vincent Zhao, he has good martial arts skills and good acting skills."

27th March 2011
Sammi Cheng praises LF as the Live Singing King
Last night the two big winners took pictures together backstage, Sammi was jumping with joy as she quickly uploaded her photo with LF on Weibo. She joked and said it's "Fung and Mi", and greatly praised LF's good singing. She said: "When I was waiting to go out on stage, he was performing, I listened carefully, his live performance level is certainty good."

30th March 2011
Ron backs up LF

Ron and LF are known as best buddies for all these years. Definitely Ron support Raymond, "I have known Ah Fung for over ten years. I know him as a righteous person who values others and treats friends well. Perhaps due to his family upbringing, he has a very high emotional quotient (EQ)."

9th September 2011
Men with no shadow 's producer (Poon Ka Tak) strongly supports LF
Men's producer (Poon Ka Tak) strongly supports Raymond. He praises Raymond absolutely has the power to take the TV King title. He said: "Lam Fung's performance this time greatly differs from his roles in the past. The style is different from the usual him and also he has tremendous changes. He is very mysterious and unpredictable. Lam Fung really has the talent for performing and has great capabilities to express the characters."

8th November 2011
Wayne Lai supports LF

Wayne has another chance to get the TV King title once again, but he personally supports LF. Wayne said: "I would pick Lam Fung because the devil role really suited him. In the recent year, Lam Fung's accomplishments could be even better, should give more opportunities to the younger generation. I am his fan and I completely support Lam Fung."

12th September 2012
HK famous comedy director Vincent Lok praised Raymond Lam as being more than just Chok
Director Vincent Lok worked with LF on a comedy film and praised his abilities. He said: "Lam Fung could do anything, he could be either Chok, not Chok or non-handsome."

17th September 2012
Veteran actress Teressa Mo praised Raymond Lam to have unlimited future
Teressa Mo worked with LF in Love is... Pyjamas. She praised his good acting and believe his future is unlimited.

20th September 2012
Famous music arrangement Alvin Leong praised Raymond Lam
"Working with him is very pleasant. He is understanding and hardworking. I can't believe he can understand the mood of the song that fast."

25th October 2012
Producer Lam Chi Wah praised Raymond Lam and ranked him AA+

"AA+. He can be into the character immediately and being an unique actor. I think Ah Fung has feel in acting and he can act it out. Don't think that he seems to be laid back normally, when he is acting, he is very serious. He has his own style of acting"

29th January 2013
Actress Michelle Yip praised Raymond Lam as a pride

"10 previous years, 10 next year, there won't have anyone like you. Series, movie, dance, sing are superb. You are a pride!."

17th March 2013
Famous Producer Stanley Tong praised Raymond Lam

"I know Lam Fung for a long while but we have never had chance to collaborate. I think he is a very potential actor. His acting skill is very very good"

25th March 2013
Actress Michelle Yip confirmed that Raymond Lam's value is very high

"His value is always high."

25th March 2013
Famous actor Adam Cheng praised Raymond Lam as an actor that use heart to act

"My first collaboration with Raymond was 10 years ago, that time he put great effort into the fighting and horseback riding scenes. Hard work is a form of Chok! Back then, I thought Raymond's fighting scenes looked like he's gone crazy, but now he does everything with ease."


LF: I will continue to work hard, continue to make the best of my works, because of you, for you.

LF: All of you are my honeys.

LF: They are my family. My honeys. They give me energy. I don't care about my personal feelings, the thing i care the most is the feeling that i give them. They are my motivation. They give me the guts and energy to continue climbing. I won't let them them down.

LF: Having you, I'm good

LF: I will try my best to reply to my fans.

LF: I will do better for everyone who are supporting me.

LF: You are all my good lucks.

From fans to LF with love

❤ You are our Fung, we are your Honeys
❤ You are our beloved 爱豆
❤ Thank to you, we are good
❤ Being spoiled by him too much, we all forgot that other artists won't wait for 3 hours to meet fans, won't bow himself to take the cellphone for fans, won't ask your name to sign for you carefully, won't eat the food you bring to him, won't always smile to you despite the injury, won't walk to see you even when he is very busy... There are many things he spoiled us, his fans. We care for him, not like an artist, but a brother.

Visit LF's fanclub:
In Hongkong: FungForever
In China: FMH

Visit LF's official TVB blog: Raymond Lam's Official TVB Blog

Some fanpages for him:
Raymond Lam.Org
Baidu Bar
Wikipedia page
The Honeypot
Weibo page

If you haven't known about LF, let's stay here together with us, we are sure that you will become a Honey soon. If you want to know more about LF, the family of Honeys will always welcome you. If you know about LF, let's share the love together. Here, our family is small, but our love is big. Because of you, we are all Honeys.
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#6919843 Gillian Chung in a heated controversial argument with mainland actress Shao X...

Posted by Yuunhaa on 28 May 2011 - 11:43 AM

Who is Gillian Chung to interfere with other people's business? She's so annoying <_<
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