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Meeting Mike He (completed)   (53 chapters)  
Starring: Rainie Yang, Mike He, Ariel Lin, Cyndi Wang, Ken Zhu  
fan123 no rank   20073 9-6-2014
Meteor Garden Reload (originally posted on Winglin)   (3 chapters)  

F4, Barbie Hsu, Rainie Yang & O  

stardust299 no rank   2026 26-5-2014
One Last Chance   (2 chapters)  
Cast: (as themselves)
Barbie Xu X  
LaughingHyeina no rank   648 14-5-2014
Keep on Loving You (Completed)   (83 chapters)  
Rainie Yang & Mike He  
raike23 no rank   16033 9-12-2013
The Night Sky   (12 chapters)  
no rank   1281 16-10-2013
Ads *****   818 16-10-2013
LOVE ME AGAIN   (16 chapters)  
A dark love story involving Jaejoong, Micky and Lena.

Secrets awaits...
emerheliena no rank   1531 14-10-2013
BORROWED FROM GOD   (30 chapters)  
Love story featuring Micky  
emerheliena no rank   1922 14-10-2013
A RACE TO MY HEART   (44 chapters)  
Micky, Xiah, Jaejoong, U-Know
emerheliena no rank   4387 14-10-2013
Clue (Halloween Special)   (4 chapters)  
Myolie, Bosco, Raymond, Tavia, Kenneth, Bernice  
magnolia_sara no rank   805 23-9-2013
The knife game   (1 chapters)  
Cast: Sonia Ellen ( protagonist) 
         Lydia (antagonist)
katy45 no rank   645 23-9-2013
Zelo's First Love   (1 chapters)  
Cast: Zelo, B.A.P and Kimberly Lee 
Quote: "Love is all but a foreshadow of the Autum  
katy45 no rank   722 22-9-2013
Ad Astra   (6 chapters)  
Ron Ng ❇ Raymond Lam (Slash)  
amelioratedays no rank   1070 30-8-2013
Forced Love   (1 chapters)  
-Ma Fuya
a 16 year old scholarship student at one of the best schools in Beijing. After many ev  
fefelrefel no rank   990 21-8-2013
life force   (1 chapters)  
niicky no rank   1035 12-8-2013
Cupid Sister [BeBu]   (1 chapters)  
Genie Zhuo, Hebe Tian & Aaron Yan  
XibiYan no rank   1358 8-6-2013