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When Jaejoong Lost his PHONE!   (1 chapters)  
Kim Jaejoong, Sandara Park, DBSK, 2ne1, Bigbang  
Elora Limen no rank   846 11-6-2012
Chance   (2 chapters)  
Featuring Aaron Yan Ya Lun &Hebe Tian Fu Zhen
This is my fanfiction from winglin, but I thou  
He&I no rank   816 7-5-2012
Safety, Love and Happiness   (2 chapters)  


Key, Onew, Jonghyun

Yaoi: JongKey, OnKey

no rank   721 6-5-2012
Out of Time   (1 chapters)  
-Lee Soo Mi
-Cube Entertainment CEO, Hong Seung Song 
no rank   611 16-4-2012
The Love Of Silence~ (默默 내편안사랑~)   (3 chapters)  
Aaron Yan, Brian McFadden (Westlife)  
bluerainieheit20 no rank   831 13-4-2012
Ads *****   818 13-4-2012
Shifting Brilliance   (6 chapters)  
Wu Chun, Rainie Yang, etc.  
Edwise no rank   911 12-4-2012
Love Forever   (3 chapters)  
Show Luo and Rainie Yang  
Kenxtreme no rank   1457 22-3-2012
Destiny   (33 chapters)  
Show Luo, Rainie Yang, Aaron Yan and Hebe Tien  
Kenxtreme no rank   5381 16-3-2012
Midnight Reminisce   (5 chapters)  
Guigui, Wangzi, Aaron Yan  
sdreams no rank   802 13-3-2012
ARE YOU JUST A DREAM   (10 chapters)  

Mark Anthony Fernandez, Claudine Barretto and Heart Evangelista Fanfic

Eragon no rank   7443 19-2-2012
The Boys and I   (2 chapters)  
SM Entertainment Artists (Girls' Generation, Super Junior, etc), Fahrenheit  
ceresxiaoru no rank   913 14-2-2012
Heartfelt Brilliance   (13 chapters)  
DongHae, Ivy Chen Yi Han  
Edwise no rank   740 9-2-2012
The Troublemaker   (3 chapters)  
Hannahfarhana no rank   1202 5-2-2012
In Time With You   (7 chapters)  
Cast : TVXQ members  
zilliontin0e no rank   1670 31-1-2012
His Deceiving Look   (32 chapters)  
Park Yoochun, a secret son, a fan & other TVXQ members

zilliontin0e no rank   3612 31-1-2012