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We Meet Again!   (6 chapters)  
Kenneth Ma, Tavia Yeung, Kate Tsui, and Bosco Wong  
emolori96 no rank   1228 20-1-2011
Running with the Demon   (5 chapters)  
Arron, Hebe, JaeJoong, Ella, Selina, Jiro & Chun  
no rank   799 19-1-2011
Blue Romance   (5 chapters)  
winter.028 no rank   808 19-1-2011
Wheel of Eternal Love   (32 chapters)  
Rainie Yang and Mike He  
winter.028 no rank   2469 19-1-2011
A PIECE OF LOVE “I fell in Love with my Best Friend’s Odious Ex”   (1 chapters)  
winter.028 no rank   745 19-1-2011
Ads *****   818 19-1-2011
emerheliena no rank   654 19-1-2011
HOW TO LOVE YOU (ONE SHOT)   (1 chapters)  
emerheliena no rank   694 19-1-2011
Timeless Sorrow [completed]   (43 chapters)  
Charmaine, Raymond, Ron, Tavia, Linda, Jacky

\"Love might not be eternal bu

Anonymous_21194 no rank   1379 16-1-2011
  (1 chapters)  
DevilishDesire no rank   643 16-1-2011
Freedom Of love   (1 chapters)  

S.H.E, Jerry yan, Jay chou, JJ Lin, Angela Zhang and others.<  

lunadenbo no rank   664 15-1-2011
Preview of Falling In love at First Sight   (1 chapters)  
Show Luo And Rainie Yang  
Kenxtreme no rank   718 15-1-2011
Holding onto You   (2 chapters)  
Hwang Jin-Ah or Kang Yoora (fictional)
Kim Jae Joong
Kim Junsu
Jung Yong-Joo (Nicole)  
jade_angelic123 no rank   792 15-1-2011
Don't...Love...   (65 chapters)  

Here, I listed down their respectives ages and characters.

yuhika_9390 no rank   4527 14-1-2011
Trapped Between Fantasy And Reality   (7 chapters)  
Raymond Linda Ron Charmaine Frankie  
Anonymous_21194 no rank   726 14-1-2011
Goong(Another story)   (3 chapters)  
Around90 no rank   815 13-1-2011