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Special Agents   (32 chapters)  

Show Luo, Rainie Yang,Ariel Lin, jay Chou, Hebe Tian, Jiro Wang, Aaron Yan, Gui Gui and Xiao Xiao  

Kenxtreme no rank   3815 2-5-2011
Chasing The Untouchable Happiness   (3 chapters)  

“Love Cannot Be Controlled Nor Can It Be Decide As To Whom To Love And Wh  

Anonymous_21194 no rank   633 1-5-2011
*Takes time*   (29 chapters)  
Edison/Ron/Ray/Bosco - Gillian/Leila/Tavia/Myolie  
Fantasy Fate no rank   4436 30-4-2011
Forgotten Reminiscences   (17 chapters)  
Raymond Lam, Charmaine Sheh, Tavia Yeung, Kevin Cheng, Myolie Wu, Selena Li, Ron Ng

Anonymous_21194 no rank   865 27-4-2011
Ikaw Pa Rin Pala   (3 chapters)  

kinikilig kasi ako kaya naisulat lang :)  
butterflykisses_ac no rank   1032 26-4-2011
Ads *****   818 26-4-2011
Goong 2   (3 chapters)  
Yoon Eun Hye (as Shin Chaegyung)
Joo Ji Hoon (as Lee Shin)  
Kazumi~chan no rank   1632 26-4-2011
Together( In the midst of editing, pls read again)   (17 chapters)  

Show Luo and Rainie Yang

Kenxtreme no rank   2141 24-4-2011
A day at SHINee's dorm   (5 chapters)  
dolen899 no rank   1371 19-4-2011
Love For Eternity   (4 chapters)  
Show Luo and Rainie Yang  
Kenxtreme no rank   1379 18-4-2011
Crash & Burn   (4 chapters)  
Victor Zhou/Zai Zai  
sheepbaa no rank   614 18-4-2011
Love   (2 chapters)  
Show Luo and Rainie Yang  
Kenxtreme no rank   1197 17-4-2011
I Love You   (10 chapters)  
Raymond Lam, Tavia Yeung, Ron Ng, and Bernice Liu  
emolori96 no rank   1745 17-4-2011
Justice of the King   (2 chapters)  

King: Jaejoong

dolen899 no rank   874 15-4-2011
Duck Lake (completed)   (2 chapters)  
Tackey, Ryo, Jin, Pi and Tsubasa  
foolndreamer no rank   644 13-4-2011
Ulterior Motives (one-shot)   (1 chapters)  
Tackey & Tsubasa  
foolndreamer no rank   777 13-4-2011