Title AuthorRankViewsUpdate
Ulterior Motives (one-shot)   (1 chapters)  
Tackey & Tsubasa  
foolndreamer no rank   817 13-4-2011
Marriage Aftermath   (0 chapters)  


no rank   1201 4-8-2009
A Princess of Beauty   (1 chapters)  
Suju people. i do not include all ok  
Nursyringe no rank   1194 18-1-2009
My Bodyguardian angel(finished)   (47 chapters)  
Ella Chen, Chun Wu, Calvin Chen, Jiro Wang, Selina Ren,...etc.  
sailortrinity no rank   3092 13-6-2008
Meant to Be (Jaeho)   (9 chapters)  
Varies from story to story, most of the time DBSK...like now...  
AngelAngel no rank   12770 26-11-2007
Ads *****   818 26-11-2007
The Neo-Genesis Revelation   (15 chapters)  
Raymond, Ron, Louis, Nicolas, Tavia, Athena, Bernice  
~Akane~ ok ranking   5335 2-3-2007
The Pleasure of a Knife   (4 chapters)  
origional character, and w-inds members revealed at the end  
person no rank   1708 21-1-2007
The Ironic Cupid   (1 chapters)  
Bernice Liu, Gillian Chung, Fahrenheit, S.H.E...  
miss scarlett no rank   2164 26-12-2006
Racing Hearts   (4 chapters)  
Michelle Yip, Raymond Lam, Wallace Huo, Ron Ng, Tavia Yeung, Bosco Wong, Leila Tong, Sammul Chan  
Rain_84 no rank   2627 11-9-2006
Winter Rainbow (completed)   (38 chapters)  
Michelle Yip, Vicki Zhao, Wallace Huo, Raymond Lam, Niki Chow, Victor Huang, Kenneth Ma, Tavia Yeung  
Rain_84 ok ranking   4581 13-8-2006
FEARS OF HEART   (7 chapters)  
SHINHWA [esp. Minwoo]  
ESHA no rank   1973 13-7-2006
Winter Rainbow II (completed)   (41 chapters)  
Michelle Yip, Raymond Lam, Louis Koo, Jessica Hsuan, Niki Chow, Kevin Cheng, Wallace Huo, Tavia Yeun  
Rain_84 ok ranking   4248 7-7-2006
The Other Soul--Completed   (62 chapters)  
Annie Man, Louis Koo, Steven Ma, Ada Choi, Kenix Kwok, Frankie Lam, Stephen Au  
Kay ok ranking   4427 22-6-2006
Gemini Affairs   (12 chapters)  
Ruby, Nicholas, Alec, Vicki, Edison  
sarat no rank   1914 18-6-2006
Strengthen To The Heart (I'll Die For Love)   (3 chapters)  
no rank   1300 8-10-2005