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Deadly Vota   (2 chapters)  
Kim Jaejoong, Jung Yunho, Park Yoochun, Kim Junsu, Shim Changmin, Gillian Chung, Bae Seul Gi, Leah D  
missfoxglove no rank   861 14-7-2011
The swordsman....   (0 chapters)  
The characters from:
The smiling proud wanderer
The swordsman series
Fictional charac  
kasuso no rank   1181 29-12-2010
Ultimate Universe   (0 chapters)  

Zhong Ji Trilogy

born2reborn no rank   940 25-6-2010
Come and Elaborate(finished)   (14 chapters)  
Ella Chen and Chun Wu  
sailortrinity no rank   2965 26-12-2009
血乱春秋 Broken Bloodties   (2 chapters)  
Steven Ma, Charmaine Sheh, Moses Chan, Tavia Yeung  
ruimin no rank   1355 18-9-2009
Ads *****   818 18-9-2009
I love the way you love me.   (4 chapters)  
ann_fang no rank   1823 28-6-2009
The Veil of Destiny   (15 chapters)  


BaBiAdOrKaBLe no rank   5689 15-12-2008
LOCH Interludes: Guo Jing & Huang Rong   (3 chapters)  

NuDaFu no rank   2525 23-10-2008
A Hero's Vow   (11 chapters)  

Raymond Lam, Bosco Wong & whoever you prefer

BaBiAdOrKaBLe no rank   3074 27-12-2007
Meant to Be (Jaeho)   (9 chapters)  
Varies from story to story, most of the time DBSK...like now...  
AngelAngel no rank   12601 26-11-2007
World's Finest- The Saga Continues. (COMPLETED)   (29 chapters)  
Wallace Huo, Michelle Ye, Li Ya Peng, Gigi Lai, Roger Kwok, Tammy Chen  
Kimmers no rank   4298 8-8-2007
Twisted Fate   (2 chapters)  
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no rank   1830 20-7-2007
Winter Blossom   (10 chapters)  
Raymond Lam, Myolie Wu, & Bosco Wong  
Kay no rank   2558 22-3-2007
Trail of the Unseen   (2 chapters)  
keybee no rank   1664 3-3-2007
Brothers of Retribution   (19 chapters)  
Nicholast Tse, Edison Chen  
LycheeTea ok ranking   3075 16-1-2007