A ghra mo chroi - Love of my heart

This story is dedicated to all the vampires and werewolves out there.

I got the idea from ‘I’m The Vampire, That’s Why’ by Michele Bardsley. I took few names from her book (I dunno how to credit her so I credit her here). The names that I took from her book are the names that are not belonging to any artist. The story in the book ended with both Jessica and Patrick got married so I continue from the story of her daughter but I changed her name and the mother and the brother too but the vampires and werewolves and sidhe that I took from her book are the same.

Vic Zhou, Edison Chen, Ming Dao, Vicki Zhao, Gillian, Qiao En etc

A ghra mo chroi - Love of my heart chapters
1 Living independently   28-9-2006
2 A new cursing jar   2-10-2006
3 Do you have a boyfriend?   4-10-2006
4 Go find yourself a donor   8-10-2006
5 Grounded Vicki and her brother are grounded by their parents   13-10-2006
6 Job awaiting   31-10-2006
7 There is no real vampire   17-11-2006
8 My first date, my dream   8-12-2006
9 Could it be...   16-12-2006
10 I can be your donor   19-1-2007
11 Greedy is not the best colour on you   16-3-2007
12 Why can't I see him?   16-12-2010
13 My secret love   9-1-2011
14 He doesn't love you at all   3-2-2011
15 A new turn blood   2-4-2011


Alisya   (10-10-2006)
Really interesting... Very different than any story.
But can you tell me who is who??
Update soon.
Alisya   (18-10-2006)
Loving your story..
When will you update it again? hehehehe..
Crazywildberry   (2-4-2011)
alisya - oops, sorry, didnt notice the comment. i'm taking the characters from 'I'm The Vampire, That's Why' by Michele Bardsley and added new characters in it by switching Jessica's daughter to Vicki. Vicki is human but in the latest chapter I added just now, she is a vampire. Vic is her teacher but he went missing. he is turned into a vampire too. three werewolves are damian, darrius and drake. ruandan is like the king of vampire coz he is the first vampire. hope my explanation is clear. if not, ask more :D
Google   (2-4-2011)