I love the way you love me.

I loved Chinese Paladin . The ending was not bad but not really the best. I'll lend all the characters and the legend but try to create another story. Hope you'll enjoy and if there is something too bad written, please tell me.

I love the way you love me. chapters
1 The beginning   27-6-2009
2 As time goes by   27-6-2009
3 Yue Lao's fault!   28-6-2009
4 Love's Debt   28-6-2009


yamu   (23-4-2007)
where can i watch this movie
Guest @   (10-8-2007)
woa... quite interesting.... hope tt u will update soon... i oso lyk chinese paladin
hellokitby89   (3-7-2009)

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Google   (3-7-2009)
asianqueen95   (23-10-2009)
OMG this seems like a good movie!!!
Can't wait!