Meteor Garden Reload (originally posted on Winglin)

The Story is basically a continuation from Meteor Garden 1 with my own plot, twist and some extra original characters.

This is a repost of a repost from Winglin (Pen name: Star_dust)

Before I get sue there is a lengthy disclaimer at the end of my foreword!

My original fanfic dated back to 2001-2003 on Meteor Garden this was before the drama released the second season to TV. Anyways a few years back I was rereading my own fanfic and I had realized my writing back than was so god aweful and the plot was bad so my original idea was to rewrite and repost my story hence 'reload'. It takes me a very long time to post my chapters so from 2007-2013 I had about 1/4 of my story rewritten and reposted on Winglin. but since now Winglin isn't working . I'm reposting my chapters here (and I'm actually reediting those chapters) again. I have recently started a blog and I'm also posting my story at the other new fanfic site.. but I thought I should post it on here. there's a bigger chance I'll see some of my old readers on here!


Jerry Yan–as  Dao Ming Si (Also known as: Ah Si or DMS)

He is funny, arrogant, bratty, a little slow, kinda innocent, has anger issues, known to have violent outburst, straightforward and speaks his mind, extremely rich and influential.

He is the male heir to Dao Ming Corporation, Doa Ming International and etc (anything that is owned by the Dao Ming Family he has sole or partial inheritance).

The Dao Ming family is part of the ‘rich, affluent top 10 family in Taiwan’

Vic Zhou–as Hua Zhe Lei (Also known as Lei or HZL)

He is very quiet, perspective, intelligent. Does not speak much. His ‘claims’ is he does not care about other people’s business but he will if you are his friends, family or lover or someone he admire. He gives off a mysterious vibe and on the outside may seem like he needs to be protected but that’s not true.

He is the sole hire to the Hau Zhe Corporation and anything that is owned by the Hau Zhe family when his father and grand father dies.

Hau Zhe family is of Japanese Descent. Few generations earlier one branch of the Hau Zhe family had moved to Taiwan to expand business. After inter-marriage with some Taiwanese prominent family and generations of being in Taiwan they are also part of the ‘rich, affluent top 10 family in Taiwan’  

Vanesse wu–as Mei Zou Ling

He is a very flirty, playful, outgoing playboy. He is known to switch girlfriends very often. He is very sporty and buff. He loves dancing and singing. He is known to be very manly but has sleek long hair for a guy (that reaches about shoulders)

He has a sister named Mayomi Ling whom had recently returned to Taiwan from studying abroad in United Kingdom.

He is one of two heir but only male heir to the Ling enterprise and anything that the Ling family owns.

The Ling family is part of the ‘rich, affluent top 10 family in Taiwan’

Ken Zhu–as Ximen Zhong er Lang

He is a very flirty, playful, outgoing playboy that switches girlfriend weekly;  His moto is  ‘ a women’s expiration date is a week/7 days- I will wine, dine and than sex you than discard you.'

Ximen seems to be more patient and quiet than Meizou although they are both play boys and Ximen switches girlfriends more often.

For the time being he is the only Male Heir to anything that the Zhong er Lang family owns and  his mother’s family inheritance. His parents are separated and seems to be on the verge of divorced.

He has an older brother that has left and ‘ran away’ It seems he is in love with Xiao You but will not admit and did not do anything up until the beginning of my story  

Barbie Hsu (Da S)– is Dong Sancai also known as SC

Her family is very poor but still scrapes and scratch to send her to the prestige Ying De Academy (Ying de University) in the hopes that she will catch the eyes of some rich boy. Herself however treats studying very seriously and tries to do her best in all her classes. She has a afterschool part time job the money she earns is used to support herself as her parents do not have money to give to her as allowance. It seems she gives a tiny portion to her parents to help out with necessities at home. She is a very down to earth girl and has a very positive view in life. She also has a very ‘ideal’ type of justice in mind and will not stand up to crimes or bullying. was known to made F4(mainly Dao ming Si) her enemy initially but at the end made Dao Ming Si fell in love with her.

She was known to initially have a crush on Hau Zhe Lei but they are now ‘best friends’ and she seem to have accepted Dao Ming Si as her boyfriend.She is however not quick to admit that and is very shy about the subject. She is a known virgin that get teased by Ximen and Meizou and they call her ‘hard-working virgin’. their relationship was obviously not support by Dao Ming Feng (Dao Ming Si’s mother) but supported by Dao Ming Zhaung ( Dao Ming Si’s elder sister). His father’s (Dao Ming Cheng) opinion remains a mystery. 

Ranie Yang–as Xiao You (Also known as XY)

I do not know the last name it was never mentioned in the TV drama. I Will eventually give her a last name lol.

She is very innocent, sweet, somewhat playful and could be very shy
she was working at the bakery  part timewith Sancai after school  however she did not go to Ying De Academy.

In season 1 of the Taiwanese Meteor Garden Drama, Dao Ming Feng used Xiao You and her family to threaten Sancai so she will leave her son. Xiao You’s family decided to immigrate to Canada. She is known to have a crush on Ximen. The night before she left she asked him to meet up with her at the hotel. Ximen did not want to hurt her feelings. He tried to scare her and tell her what a bad person he is, he will just have sex with her and when she leaves for Canada he would not care at all. but in reality Ximen thinks she is a nice girl and even thinks she is brave for asking him to meet up. It seems Ximen thought highly of her and might even have feelings for her but will not admit it.

Her family is a regular family not very poor but not rich, a lower middle class family. She is an only child  

Fictional Characters (that will have lots of story time) Created by me:

Mayomi Ling( also know as May)
 she’s Meizou’s sister. 21 yrs old and just came back from USA.
Her best friend is Jasmine. She is better in English then chinese so when i write her part gonna be very ” english and american”.

She’s very independent, open, childish around her family and sarcastic

Jasmine Taskeshi:

her family has very big influence in politics around the world and not afraid of DMS’s family wealth (wouldn’t this be interesting!).
She’s 21 yrs old as well. Mother tongue is Japanese but she speaks Chinese and English fluently.
She is a very sweet, kind hearted girl that is very easy to get along with. She tends to be a little more open and innocent compared to Mayomi.

Madison Wong (also known as maddie or mad in my story.)

She is 19 years old, chinese origin but born overseas in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. When she was young the family moved to Toronto, Ontario, Canada. She is very sweet and has a playful personality. Sometimes comes off as a bit odd and she  can be a bit slow as she doens't pay attention to conversation or things sometimes and because she is simple minded and easy to trust people (not saying she is dumb or retarded.. not the same thing!). She is an exchange student in the story

Vanessa Chan (also known as Van in my story)

Vanessa is 20 years old, she is borned in Hong Kong, and immigrated to Toronto, Canada when she is about 5/6 years old.
Very smart, hard working, Sarcastic and always helping others (out of maddie, nik and her she’s the best in chinese). She is an exchange student in the story.

Nikkie Wu (also know as Nik)

Nikkie is 20 years old. She is borned in New York City, USA. When she was a baby her family brough her back to Hong Kong than she immigrated to Canada when she is about 6 years old. she lived in Toronto, Canada until 18 years old than moved down to USA for University (Post secondary education). During her time living in Canada is where she met her very good friends Madison and Vanessa and eventually Xiao You.
She is playful, flirty, sometimes can be very mature , sometimes can be very childish, very opinionated, sarcastic, loves stuff animals especially teddybears.

Other Characters that will show up or be mentioned  in the story:
Teng Tang Jing
Dao Ming Zhaung
Zao Zi Ho
Yamen (like a few scenes here and there)
Baihe (one of the two mean girls that doens't liek Sancai)
Quan Hui(one of the two mean girls that doens't liek Sancai)
Dao Ming Feng
Dao Ming Cheng

Of Course other characters that weren't really in the drama but should exist and of course isn't created by me will be (and they will show up or be mentioned in the story):

Mr. and Mrs. Zong er Lang, Mr. and Mrs. Ling, Mr and Mrs. Hau Zhe   and Great master Hau Zhe (Hau Zhe Lei's grandfather)


  • I do not own any of the characters that was created by the original author/scrip writer for example I do not own Hau Zhe Lei or Dao Ming Si etc they belong to the original Manga writer “Hana Yori Dango” and “Meteor Garden”. This is a continuation fanfic from hit Taiwanese TV series adapted from the Japanese Manga ” Hana Yori Dango” therefore the elements that existed in the Taiwanese TV series Meteor Garden 2 do not apply to my story

  • I do however own I only own the plot/story and any setting I have described

  • I also own new original characters I made-please do not reproduce them, use them in anyway shape or form without my permission. These character include { Nikkie, Madison, Vanessa, Jasmine, Mayomi, Teng Tang Wei Lan and others}

  • I do not own or promote any brand-names, restaurant names I mentioned  etc. I simply used them for the development of my plot.  I also DO not gain any profit from mentioning the brand-names and etc.  I did research or had recognition of the names and places based on reading magazines or personally went shopping or whatever. If anything was wrong I apologize

  • As stated I do research to help develop my plot and setting. if I mention anything like “most expensive restaurant in Taiwan ” or ” most popular drink in Taipei” ” most expensive wine in the world” I simply goggle or read travel guide and stuff. If I am wrong. I apologize I tried my best

  • Lastly I do not gain anything (no monetary gain) for writing and posting these stories they are for my own enjoyment (writing) and it makes me happy when my reader like my story and actively comment and discuss my stories with me

  • Please any script writers/author of the ORIGINAL story please do not sue me or fine me! If any of you need to discuss legal issues with me please contact me by leaving me a comment/message and I will give out proper contact information

  • If any owners or personnel relating to Brand names, restaurants etc I have mentioned in the story and do not want to be associated /mentioned in my story please do not sue me or fine me. Please contact me and let me know by leaving a message/comment I will remove and change it! or if further discussion is needed leaving me a comment/message and I will give out proper contact information

F4, Barbie Hsu, Rainie Yang & O

Meteor Garden Reload (originally posted on Winglin) chapters
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